Dear Arab & European Countries

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Please check
🙂 JIWON: Dear Arab Countries (Short Web-Mail) (Additional messages to each country)
🙂 JIWON: Dear European Countries (Short Web-Mail)
🙂 Banana-Republic in my Knesset-blog (This is where you can find collection of articles.)


My mailing started on Jan 3, 2009. Are you still in the middle of reading Dear-Arab-Readers? It will take time… so… it will be easier if you follow this order.

1. Curiously, one Jew wrote a short novel, about what kind of powerful coalition of law and media brought Israeli 12th PM Olmert down. When I found it, it was all after I finished Dear-Arab-Readers. If I organized all the possible Jewish articles, this Jew wrote a simple novel in excellent English. Why don’t you read it first? Please click this, Master of Discourse: Sages Rule.

2. Below is a format of this section, Dear-Arab-Readers. Fifth of All is where a real story starts with TWO Jewish Sex-Scandals; one from ex-Justice Minister Ramon and another from ex-President Katsav. But Seventh of All is where Israeli 13th PM Netanyahu’s porn-video appears. (Bibi is his nickname!) I hope you to enjoy this comical Jewish story. It is not a novel. If you check Banana-Republic in my Knesset-blog, you can find collection of articles and it will be easy to imagine all the stories about Dorit Beinisch without reading this part, Dear-Arab-Readers, such as
🙂 Beinisch Politics has nothing to do with LAW or
🙂 Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel or
🙂 Settlers are above LAW or
🙂 Dorit Beinisch toward/during/after Yitzhak Rabin’s Assassination or
🙂 Dorit Beinisch had a story with KACH members! So, this female jurist used Barenboim as a human shield to protect her family!! SIC!!!:

2-1. First of All: Incomprehensible collaboration between the Jewish left-Branja, Bibi’s secular right-wing guys and Religious groups, in order to attack PM Olmert’s Corruption or Winograd-Report on Second Lebanon War.
2-2. Second and Third of All: PM Olmert as Jerusalem’s inferior ex-mayor. His luxurious life.
2-3. Fourth of All: Religious Parties, Supreme Court and Mr. Netanyahu
2-4. Fifth of All: Dorit Beinisch (president of Israeli Supreme Court), Daniel Friedmann (PM Olmert’s Justice Minister), Sex-Scandal and Corruption. -> Beinisch’s Secret Society Can’t Accept Olmert/Friedmann
2-5. Sixth of All: The Identity of Commenters in Jewish Newspaper.
2-6. Seventh of All: Poverty in Israel, Netanyahu legacy, and Supreme Court (Beinisch’s left Branja) + “Benjamin Netanyahu: Sex, Lies, Videotape, & BIBIGATE
2-7. LAST of All: MY REAL MESSAGE, “in defense of Jerusalem.”

3. Unfortunately, the story didn’t end with Dear-Arab-Readers, so I had to write and write. You can find them in Banana-Republic too. As time passed, Music and Politics started to merge into one story, Bimbo-Battle, which was born in Chicago but grew up in [Berlin + Jerusalem + the entire Spain] and is now going to end up at Silvio’s La Scala in Barenboim’s Italy. Do you want to check what a similarity can be found in both cases? Please click this,
🙂 When bimbo got a power: Whoever she is, no matter how high her IQ is, bimbo was a bimbo:

3-1. JIWON: In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (Oct 2 – Dec 19, 2008).
3-2. JIWON: Dear Germany / Israel / Palestine, FINALLY… (German Sound & Eurotrash) (Feb 17, 2008 to Present)
3-3. JIWON: Dear Palestinians, (Barenboim’s Divan-Project) (Sep 25, 2008 to Present)
3-4. JIWON: Dear Italian Government, (Barenboim, La Scala, Belcanto, Heldentenor, and Eurotrash) (Feb 12, 2008 to Present)

In between, there are quite MUSIC writings and you can find them in Banana-Republic too. I hope you Arab guys to enjoy all those comical Jewish stories. It sure sounds comical. But what are you going to do when all those disgusting stories resulted in Massacre of Palestinian Kids during Operation Cast Lead starting from Dec 27, 2008? It will happen again. Do you think it still sounds comical? Who wants to blame me when I write my wish to build the most beautiful gas chamber to burn Ahron Barak and his bimbo, Dorit Beinisch, and her Jewish Pigs?

I also hope Italian 81st Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to make a great success in his political reform, which should exist for the better future of Barenboim’s La Scala and its beautiful Italy.

One thing must be added at the end of this introductory part. Please check what kind of human beings tried to interfere with my computer work. Do you know how much Zapatero’s Spanish Government welcomed my decision when I deleted Palestinian side of information from Knesset-blog? JIWON: Dear Spanish Government, (Government Fund / Spanish Culture / Barenboim’s Involvement in Spanish Politics from Apr 3, 2008 to Present). Please check their recent behaviors. Those musicians, Members of Bashkirova-Gang, starting from Zubin Mehta (Israel Philharmonic Orchestra) or several members of Berliner Staatskapelle or Gidon Kremer (Bashkirova’s ex) or Jewish Concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, were nothing compared to those Spanish Politicians. Presently, Italian 81st Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is the only one who knows the real picture of Daniel Barenboim’s Mideast vision and his real intention. Therefore, my future computer work will entirely depend upon his Italian decision about Daniel Barenboim’s professional career. German and Spanish Government will have to follow Barenboim’s Italian life. Of course, I will let you know what it is. By the way, I am still in the middle of talk with FACEBOOK in Obama’s America. DEAR FACEBOOK (Why is it so hard to follow FACEBOOK RULEs?) Do you think this place also works for Dorit Beinisch’s Banana Republic? If you were me, what would you do? I am tired out but can never accept all those trashy happenings in this small/huge place.

In sum, I hope you Arab guys to join me. I really hope you to help me build the healthiest Palestinian State. Thanks.

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Please check
🙂 JIWON: Dear Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel (Apr 22 – May 15, 2008).
🙂 JIWON: Dear European Countries (WEDO in Europe) (The original version, which was written on Aug 13 – 18, 2008. It was sent to some EU members to honor European tour of Barenboim’s WEDO)
🙂 JIWON: Dear European Countries (From Nov 29, 2008 to Present)
🙂 JIWON: Dear Arab Countries (From Jan 3, 2009 to Present)

MARCH 4, 2009
♥ DEAR GUYS, (Israel, Palestine, EU, etc… & ARAB countries) ♥

My mailing to European countries started on Aug 13, 2008, but it was on May 15 that I asked Berlin Mayor to forward my mail to all EU members. It was to report the exact happenings inside Israel. It’s almost been a year since then, and now, I believe EVERYBODY should share the SAME information. I decide to make ONE message to Arab and Western countries.

This is my work so far. I know I can never satisfy both sides at the same time, so I just tried not to harm either side. If you want me to write more, please let me know. This section will be updated whenever I receive something new.

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PART 1: Dorit Beinisch and Daniel Friedmann

Please check
🙂 From JIWON: When is the best time to join FACEBOOK? (Regarding my Legal Business with Yeheskell Beinisch) (My Knesset Mail from Apr 22, 2008 to Present)
🙂 JIWON: In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (My Knesset Mail on Oct 2 – Nov 24, 2008)

Please let me know if there is something wrong with my conclusion. Just in case, Dorit Beinisch is Supreme Court President in Israel. I promised both Israel and Palestine that I will make Israeli 12th Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann the most famous figure in international community. While pondering why Israeli 12th prime minister Ehud Olmert is destined to fail in all his Palestinian policies and finally announce his resignation, I had to read and read all the possible Jewish articles to organize them. Please check various collections of articles in;
🙂 Banana-Republic in Knesset-blog

PART 2: Pro-Hamas politicians among the EU members

Basically, when I decided to create my Knesset-blog, I wanted my work to be focused on the Palestinian suicide bombing . Life doesn’t always go as planned. And then, I started to realize that Israeli 13th PM-to-be Netanyahu is not the only European politician, who had been funded by Hamas. To be honest, I don’t care who will become a true leader in ONE Palestine. I just want to make the list of Pro-Hamas politicians among the EU members, instead of wasting my time by counting ‘Two-Digit-Numbered IQs’ among the International Humanitarian Volunteers, whose diligent behaviors had been supporting Hamas but still firmly/naively believe in their Anti-Hamas ideology. In addition, what kind of f*cking German officials know better than Egyptian negotiators to handle the case of Schalit-plus-Alpha in this area? I received a permission from German Chancellor Angela Merkel on this issue.

Please check
🙂 Dear European Countries (WEDO in Europe) (The original version of this mail on Aug 13 – 18, 2008)
🙂 Dear Berlin Mayor / Israel / Palestine, FINALLY… (Aug 29 – Oct 6, 2008)

PART 3: After-Gaza-Truce

Please check
🙂 After-Gaza-Truce & Operation-Cast-Lead

Could you please check JIWON: Dear European Countries (Short Web-Mail) while reading my report on Operation Cast Lead starting from Dec 27, 2008? What will happen if Hamas violates cease fire truce again? How many Palestinian civilians will suffer again?

After Gaza Truce happened on Jun 19, 2008. It will happen sometime soon. It will happen in West Bank too. As I organized what happened during the SIX MONTH TRUCE between Hamas and Israel, am I a nut if I insist that EVERYTHING was up to HAMAS? Is there more diligent human being than I in this case? There are only 24 hours a day, and I literally stuck to the computer to organize, organize and organize all the happenings during this period. Do you have a better idea? I just hope…

PART 4: Israeli 13th PM-to-be BIBI and his Nationalist-Government

Please check
🙂 From Banana-Republic in my Knesset-blog
🙂 Bibi-&-Two-State-Solution
🙂 Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Settlers are above LAW (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present)

Please check
🙂 Abbas rejects Olmert’s concessions (‘We rejected Israeli proposals that stipulated making concessions including on Jerusalem and the refugees. We either get all six points – Jerusalem, settlements, borders, refugees, water and security – or nothing at all.’)
🙂 PM Salaam Fayad seeks steps against settlements (The Palestinians won’t make any more concessions.)
🙂 Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat fumed, “The time to speak about economics and fragmentation is over. It seems to me that if Mr. Netanyahu thinks this is the course, he is closing the door to any chance for peace.” (Bibi pledges to continue talks with PA, insisting on ‘Economic Peace’ plan (Nov 17, 2008))

Could you please, please check Phoenix-Bibi and Dorit Beinisch’s Banana Republic at every each moment during Operation-Cast-Lead? Don’t you think Phoenix-Bibi should be responsible for what he had done as an Opposition Leader no matter who becomes Israeli 13th or 14th or 100th prime minister? Please check his Settlement comments. Please check his Jerusalem comments, too. If I were you, I would simply ignore Kadima’s Livni, who will anyway lose in Israeli election. You INTERNATIONAL guys have been doing a terrific job to destroy Livni’s fate. Why not more? If I were you, I would just focus on all the details of Phoenix-Bibi again and again until NO Jewish Opposition Leader dares to imitate Phoenix-Bibi. There should be countless Israeli prime ministers, who should survive no longer than months until Palestinians receive what they deserve. This is the only way. It was not a difficult job to create my Knesset-blog, but during this job, I almost saw bloody stool in morning toilet. I can never accept this in my future again.

As I wrote and promised in my writing, In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH, I already gave up persuading FOLKs and decided to enjoy watching their FIGHT until ONE side gives up. I still believe that my job as Knesset-Watchdog is NOT to meddle in their political affairs to decide something BUT to organize all the ‘comical’ happenings inside both Israel and Palestine.

Why don’t you join me? You never know what a fun it is. Please make sure one thing. If you happen to be visited by Israeli 13th PM-to-be Netanyahu, could you please kindly advise him to SHUT UP about his so-called ‘Economic Peace Plan’ and just sit on the negotiation table and address his favorite Settlement plan AFTER forming his favorite Nationalist-Government? Whether it is to replace Olmert-or-Livni’s present political talks with Palestinians or to create a foundation and positive atmosphere that would augment those talks from the very basic, his Palestinian partners already threw a furious answer to Bibi’s Big-Mouth. Thanks. ^.*

PART 5: BIBI, Palestinians and Settlement Issue

Please check
🙂 So many information on this issue in my Knesset-blog

Palestinians want to raise Settlement Issue during/after the Israeli election. I want to help them too. However, I’m still in trouble to figure out what really means illegal outposts. Much to your surprise, I am not the only one in Israel. Please check my report. If you were a normal Israeli, who would you consider a true Jewish leader? A penniless Noam Federman, who poured all his private fortune to Government-or-Court to protect Hebron, or Beinisch’s left-wing Pigs, who have been famous for their corrupt private life and hypocritical Palestinian policy? During this mailing business, I hope to find brilliant Jews or Palestinians or International-Negotiators to solve this problem from the very basic.

🙂 From Operation Cast Lead starting from Dec 27, 2008 (Please check ♥ PART 10, ISRAEL – 4. BANANA REPUBLIC ♥)
11. Attacks on Jewish Settlement… (No. of wounded in attacks from Gaza more than doubled in ’08 Jan 5, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Shootings, stabbings, rocket and missile fire, and a bulldozer attack by Palestinian and Arab terrorists killed 36 Israelis and tourists in Israel in 2008, compared to 12 in 2007 and 29 in 2006. (…) The organization also reported a sharp rise in the number of injuries by Kassam rockets, Grads and mortar fire compared to the past two years. These attacks on Jewish settlements within firing range of Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, wounded 947 in 2008.

See… Whenever I start another collection, I face the same problem again and again. What means legal or illegal settlement?

PART 6: Palestinian ‘Criminals’ in Israeli Court vs. Israeli ‘Criminals’ in Palestinian Court

PFLP leader sentenced to 30 years Dec 25, 2008 / By Jerusalem Post
An IDF military court on Thursday sentenced the leader of a Palestinian terror group to 30 years in prison. That is despite the fact that he was acquitted earlier of planning the assassination of an then-minister Rehavam Ze’evi in 2001. Ahmed Saadat is the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The PFLP took responsibility for Ze’evi at the Hyatt Hotel. Two members of the group were sentenced to long prison terms for the shooting. Saadat was sentenced to 30 years for other attacks, the army said. The sentence dates to when Israel took Saadat from a Palestinian jail in 2006. Palestinian official Saeb Erekat denounced the sentence, noting that Saadat is in the Palestinian parliament.

As I promised Palestinian side, I hope to find someone to help me to understand this issue in a right way. This is not that I am against it. I just can’t understand. This is what I wanted to know for years. Why there is no court in Palestinian side? Why only Palestinian ‘Criminals’ receive a certain sentence in Israeli Court? Is there something wrong with my curiosity?

PART 7: Israeli 13th Prime Minister

In case I keep this work… more sections will be added in my Knesset-blog. I realized it after creating Kippah-I & Kippah-II. Please… I’m just tearing all my hair out at this moment and there is only one thing that I am sure of.

The first and foremost job for Israeli 13th prime minister will have to be cleaning all the Garbage and Sh*ts Phoenix-Bibi left during the past years. Do you think Kadima’s leader Tzipi Livni can do this? Please check what kind of f*cking job Labor and Meretz MKs have done in the name of Dorit Beinisch. The recent happening in Hebron (evacuation) is just a part of DM Barak’s Election Show. Labor’s Barak will behave as Bibi’s puppy No. 1 again after devouring all Livni’s voters, while Meretz’s voters will follow Bibi’s money as usual. We have to prepare its aftermath. Already now, the situation is getting worse, in terms of long-term-solution. If Kadima’s Livni happens to win, those guys will only make more mess under Bibi’s sacred leadership. Kadima party has proven no ability to solve its own problem when their leader Ehud Olmert was attacked by all sides.

This is why I kept refusing to help Kadima’s female leader by joining FACEBOOK even before Israeli February-Election. I just wanted to work to prepare EVERYTHING for Likud’s Bibi, who firmly believed in his terrific job as an Opposition Leader and therefore his victory in coming years.

I know I should NOT lose my temper while writing something official… but sometimes, I just can’t help it whenever think of Bibi’s Big-Mouth. However, who knows? Mr. Netanyahu could be a real Jewish Patriot, who has been dreaming of Greater Israel. Bibi’s Nationalist-Government knows how to realize it… with the consent of its Palestinian partners. Whoever he is, I want to help real Jewish Soul. Jewish members in FACEBOOK will tell me who he is. Thanks.

01 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*


Please check
🙂 Dear European Countries (WEDO in Europe) (The original version of this mail on Aug 13 – 18, 2008)
🙂 JIWON: Dear Germany / Israel / Palestine, FINALLY… (German Sound & Eurotrash) (Feb 17, 2008 to Present)
🙂 JIWON: Dear Palestinians, (Concerning Barenboim’s Divan-Project) (Sep 25, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO (Nov 28, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008
🙂 JIWON: Dear Italian Government, (Barenboim, La Scala, Belcanto, Heldentenor, and Eurotrash) (Feb 12, 2008 – Present)
🙂 Dear Spanish Government Officials, (Regarding Government Fund / Spanish Culture / Barenboim’s Involvement in Spanish Politics) (Aug 5 – Dec , 2008).

1. I promise. All the Jewish and Palestinian pigs, so-called-divans, who have proved the happiest face during their performance with Elena Bashkirova and Waltraud Meier and who didn’t mind working for Dorit Beinisch to clear her husband’s criminal record, won’t be able to find their job in my MUSIC company, whether Opera-House or Opera-Orchestra or Symphony-Orchestra. If you happen to adore their performance and whatsoever mentality, please, please find better paid jobs for those arrogant folks. Thanks.

2. I still remember unique moments I heard during my teenage years. My brain has never proved the genius’ IQ. Nor was my grade in music class, especially sol-feggio, among the top. Rather, I was below the standard. But I still remember what I heard during the live performance of anonymous BPO, anonymous VPO, Jullni’s LA-Phil, anonymous La Scala, anonymous ensembles, and quite soloists. Most of them sounded weird, and this is why I remember. I now know their reasons, whether their reason was legendary or cancerous. Am I the only one? I don’t think so. As I wrote in My Requests to Barenboim, I was not the best ear wherever I went. I promise. There are music students who will recollect all the unique moments during their teenage years when they are old enough to remember their golden youth. Whether they become professional musician or not… I always thought. How much have I invested to study the relationship between music and me? How many years have I wasted only to learn my limited talent? Had someone told me what I had to learn during the past couple of decades, I wouldn’t have had to be lost during my golden youth. I hope all my writings in my Music-blog to help poor music students, who need outsiders’ advices.

3. Could you please check the original version of this message, Dear European Countries (WEDO in Europe)? While writing this sentence, ‘The moment happens when they accompany good soloists,’ I’ve never thought of the fact that Pianist Barenboim ‘mastered’ all the Beethoven sonatas. I was too tired to think of… or I must have been a fool. As a matter of fact, most European ensembles sound different from the present German ensemble. Once they have string section sound, its attractive quality can prove a perfect marriage with Barenboim’s pianism. They can lead each other into the better place. Of course, Maestro Barenboim can travel all the European countries as a guest conductor. What if Pianist Barenboim travels the same place? What if Palestinian ensemble follows Maestro/Pianist Barenboim? Renting a concert hall one more day will be enough. If your country is generous enough to invite Barenboim’s ‘Pianism-plus-Mideast-Vision,’ Please let me know.

4. Please check my mailing to Italian government. I’ve never seen more terrific happening than this Milan Scandal. A music scandal should sound like this. Is this a cultural problem of Italy only? I don’t think so. In no time, all the European cultural institutions will suffer from the same problem. What will happen in Barenboim’s Italy? We’ll see…

(Undated on DECEMBER 9-19, 2008)
5. Please check my mailing to Spanish government. If His Excellency Sonsoles Espinosa’s Husband wants to join Quartet as they did weeks ago when Spain’s Zapatero took Extra Seat at G20 Summit, those cowardly characters should appear in the front line to ZIP Phoenix-Bibi, instead of being busy behind scenes and therefore destroying ALL Barenboim’s contributions to Middle East Peace between Israel and Palestine. Just sick of Zapatero’s government!!! I still don’t think that being elected for the wife of the Leader of Country doesn’t mean that an inferior musician receives a permission to behave as a top-rate diva. I don’t think her personal taste to worship Waltraud Meier as a Wagnerian Voice doesn’t mean that she has a right to drive her homeland into a huge Trashbin. Who knows? Spain is now famous for female power, all of whom are members of Meier-Fan-Club. When I deleted Palestinian side of information to express my anger, the Spanish government rather welcomed my decision. I’m just amazed at those unbelievable female power, which made the entire Spain a huge garbage can. However, there is still no change in my admiration for the Spanish Royal Family and their family education. Therefore, I will invite all the Spanish members of Meier-Fan-Club into Barenboim’s Mahler concert on July 10, 2009. I will prove what kind of f*cking country Her Majesty The Queen of Spain has been living in… right in front of Queen Sofia. Hope you to enjoy watching this historical music happening in Spain.

(Undated on DECEMBER 15, 2008)
6. Please check additional assignments to Barenboim’s Divans on Dec 15 in Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO. I was supposed to send a short message to German Chancellor on this subject and give a simple advice how to handle those Bimbos’ future behaviors and its aftermath, and now, this is a better idea. Do you expect those pure Mideastern souls to work for PEACE only? I promise. Barenboim’s Divans will save music societies all over the world. We’ll see. If you want to join this project, just take care of Meier and Bashkirova’s performance schedule, please. At the same time, I must let you know that I will take all the ‘political’ Bimbo articles/comments, in which the authors mention Daniel Barenboim in order to catch a public attention, as LIBEL actions against Maestro Barenboim. Thanks in advance.

7. Hope your Music Students to learn many things while reading Academic reports from Barenboim’s Divans.

(Undated on DECEMBER 23, 2008)
8. Thanks to Google: Barenboim, Flimm, Berlin, Opera on Dec 22, 2008, I realized that I forgot to write one very important message. In Italy, things are getting worse despite the successful renovation at La Scala in 2004. In Berlin, it even didn’t start, (… it is to undergo for at least 3 years from 2010…), and one can’t smell stinker atmosphere than the present situation, in terms of pure artistic management and achievement. Germany has neither Money nor Cultural Minister. (Do they have IT now?) Already now, couple of PIGs rushed to join Workaholic Barenboim to publicly express their generous(?) involvement in helping Bla-Bla-Bla. However, this is in fact part of their purely political project to devour all Barenboim’s performance schedule, particularly in Milan. The more time goes by, the more Barenboim’s Berlin Opera will suffer and the more PIGs will be hurry to join Berlin Cultural scene. Hence, I decide to make EVERYTHING in PUBLIC so that those PIGs can receive public attention as much as possible and realize their professional dream elsewhere they go, EXCEPT MY PLACE. As you know, public attention has been their only concern. All you have to do is to check updated information in my Music-blog, if you want to know all about those PIGs. Thanks.

♥ DEAR EVERYBODY, finally ♥

Please check
🙂 Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008
🙂 Dorit Beinisch had a story with KACH members! So, this female jurist used Barenboim as a human shield to protect her family!! SIC!!! (This collection is not finished yet)

Who knows? The Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival, Elena Bashkirova, and Supreme Court President, Dorit Beinisch, would want to be reborn a real Jew, a Real Jewish Muse. Who knows? The Settlers might be blessed by Bashkirova’s Power of Music and peacefully unite under Beinisch’s Romantic Leadership even before they face Barenboim’s Government’s ‘Evacuation’ Orders… Why don’t we chase their future behaviors together?

So sick of those B-I-T-C-H-E-S.

Sincerely yours,

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