Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 1

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APRIL 13-5, 2009
(I am also sending the same message to JORDAN. Please check Complete List: Mail Recipients in Middle East.)

To whom am I sending this message?

(Updated on APRIL 17, 2009)
1. Amyad Mustafa: A famous music critic of AlWafd (Arabic Only), who accused Barenboim for cultural normalization activity!!!
2. Nabil Abdel Fattah: A political analyst at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS), who said Barenboim’s concert marks ‘a change in Hosni’s policy — which opposed normalization with Israel.’
3. Mahmoud Saad: A popular TV host and Editor-in-Chief of Al Kawakeb Magazine, which is NOT wealthy enough to support its official homepage. Facebook: Mahmoud Saad is late Edward Said’s hater-or-lover, and therefore, he called Omar Sharif an Israeli Spy. THUS, he urged ‘every journalist in Egypt not to allow THIS to happen.’
4. Amr Moussa: A Secretary-General of Arab League, who refused an invitation to attend from Egypt’s culture minister to express his act of protest. (JIWON: When will his Arab League offer English page as well as contact information?)
5. David Stanford, Yasmine Saleh & Joseph Fahim of Daily News Egypt.
6. Samir Farid: A famed journalist of Almasry Alyoum, who barely(?) recalled Barenboim’s Palestinian passport… ^.* (Is this guy that famous Wikipedia: Film Critic Samir Farid, BTW?)
7. Omar Sharif: A Screen Legend, who interviewed with The Daily News Egypt and said those who criticize Barenboim are ‘idiotic’.
8. Since Apr 16, Musicians such as Pianist Ramzi Yassa (b. 1948), Composer Omar Khairat (b. 1949), Tenor Hassan Kami, Three Heads of the Opera House, Abdel-Moneim Kamel (President) & good CAMI (Adviser to President Kamel) & Dr. Inas Abdel Daim (Manager), start appearing… I can’t understand Arabic article about ‘good CAMI’, though. *.*

10. Cultural Minister Farouk Hosni and all his supporters and foes,
11. And finally, President Hosni Mubarak and all his supporters and foes,

(Returned to original date on APRIL 13-15, 2009)
Who am I? Please ask Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit. You’re also welcome to ask My Previous Mail Recipients in Egypt, who received my Barenboim-message on Apr 3, 2008. It was one year ago… and I am now just tired out.

I hate sending today’s Barenboim-message to Arab countries. I was supposed to do this work ONLY AFTER contacting Ambassador of Israel to Korea, but this is my only choice whenever I see Maestro Barenboim falling into LIFE-or-DEATH situation.


I am here to inform you that Daniel Barenboim’s Cairo Concert on Apr 16, 2009 has nothing to do with CM Hosni’s policy as to whether it opposes NORMALIZATION WITH ISRAEL or not. In fact, this concert has nothing to do with the Israeli government. NOR has it ANYTHING to do with the members of West-Eastern-Divan (Festival) Orchestra.

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I am afraid that it will take more than a month for you to read my Barenboim-messages sent to FOLKS, from private bloggers to the Arab government officials. And I hope NONE of Egyptian readers to be lost between my Music-blog, The Art of Criticism, and Knesset-blog, Barenboim Loves Knesset. Though my Barenboim-message originally started in Music-blog, Israeli politicians honored my work as a Knesset-Watchdog so much that taking care of Knesset-blog has become my daily concern. So I had to move part of my writings from Music-blog to Knesset-blog. This message will also become another example as you can find it from…

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MARCH 31 – APRIL 3, 2009
(Updated on APRIL 3, 2009)
Zeev Sternhell: You call that the left? (Why are there no more worthy Zionists?) Apr 3, 2009 / By Haaretz
JIWON: Please… I did stop. My USB is now so messy that I need some more work. Then I want to collect ALL my decade-long RAGE and pour it into Barenboim’s Berlin-contract, and then contact Ambassador of Israel to Korea as soon as possible. Or I can’t resume my FACEBOOK work.

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APRIL 6-10, 2009
JIWON: (…) Basically, I wanted to make ONE message AFTER finishing my writing to the German Government. In this situation, however, I need to go to Egypt first, then this report should be done in order to prepare my message to Egyptian Music Critic, who accused Barenboim for cultural normalization activity. (…) Do Maestro Muti or Maestro Abbado follow music? Do Italian Politicians follow music? I only follow money. So-sorry. Is Maestro Muti talking about NO Governmental Fund supported by countless music schools paired with bourgeois lifestyle? Is Maestro Abbado talking about National Budget of 23-million dollars a year? Is Maestro Muti talking about MUSIC in Rome? Is Maestro Abbado talking about MUSIC in Milan? Whatever… I wish all Italian Politicians, from Rome to Milan, GOOD LUCK! I am just collecting WORDS and WORDS: Criticism with/without Better Ideas

This is my latest work and I was supposed to finish my open messages to the German and Spanish government last week. I couldn’t do this… ALL THANKS TO YOUR REPORTS FROM EGYPT. ^.*

How much do I thank EGYPTIAN MUSIC CRITIC AMYAD MUSTAFA for his detailed report? Had he written all the details about stinky behaviors of the WED Festival Orchestra members, there would have been no better version of Art of Criticism than his Barenboim-Article in AlWafd. YES… It would be much better if he wrote in English… *.* How long do you think it took for me to find his Arabic article? ^.*

Barenboim didn’t ‘brainwash’ his Mideastern youngsters. It was rather those young musicians, who pretended to be brainwashed and the only reason of their incomprehensible behaviors was to advance professional career under the wing of Barenboim’s international fame and their only concern was to earn enough power to dominate Mideastern music society, Egypt in particular, as a kind of rebel or Barenboim’s protégé.

If you finish reading all my previous messages, it will be easy to understand that everything was part of Spanish prime minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero’s political project to woo ARAB FUND. BERLIN musicians or even politicians joined Spanish government in order to operate their bankrupt opera company for NOTHING. Musician Barenboim was merely a lowest-paid-conductor for this joint-project. First of all, it was all manipulated by Dorit Beinisch, Supreme Court President, through The Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival. It was to clear her husband’s criminal record.

If you follow all my previous messages sent to ALL Government officials, it will also be easy to figure out why the same Spanish government is behind Barenboim’s Cairo performance, during which La Scala’s Future(?) Music Director Daniel Barenboim is honored as a special guest to conduct Egyptian National Institution No.1, instead of being hired as a mere conductor of WED Festival Orchestra.

Since it is still hard to figure out why the Austrian government is behind to support this Cairo concert, I just hope Egyptian guys to give me ALL the details about Who’s Whose Who. Who knows? Cultural Minister Farouk Hosni and his UNESCO-dream is really behind this…

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🙂 From Music in Middle East

🙂 From Music in Palestine: Daniel Barenboim, Tania Nasir and The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (also in Gaza…)
🙂 JIWON: Dear Palestinians, (Concerning Barenboim’s Divan-Project)

When was Audition-Schedule for the WED Festival Orchestra 2009 planned and for whom? March 3, 2009 in Cairo? When was usual timing for their annual audition date? When did I finish my writing, in which I made my announcement very clear that Maestro Barenboim’s future Divan-project will be with The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music and ALL his future activities will be toward the Palestinian Unity Government? Then, Spanish government and Berlin musicians hastily organized this audition schedule. I am still curious what kind of young Egyptian students are willing to join this Spanish project despite all these and those happenings in their birth place. How come those Mideastern youngsters could join this international tour schedule when their government officially banned their participation? I grew up under the military government and can NEVER understand this disgusting situation HERE and THERE.

Still, NONE of so-called divans plan to do ASSIGNMENTS for DIVANS. What’s the problem with them? What do you think about this?

Daniel Barenboim speaks out about performing in Egypt Apr 8, 2009 / By Guardian
The conductor writes about the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra’s tour to Cairo next week. I attach a note circulated by Daniel Barenboim, whose trip with the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra to Egypt next week has drawn some controversy. An original trip to Cairo was postponed in January as a result of the crisis in Gaza.
(JIWON: Please ask the author when he deleted his favorite words, WEDO… without apology for providing false information. As usual, international readers care for nothing.)

This article is from The Great Britain. Please compare this with Barenboim’s REAL interview with the Egyptian media. As usual, this British media is full of lies and false information and their only concern is British Music Festival 2009, which commercial success can’t be achieved without drawing public attention. As usual, its professionals, whether musicians or politicians or journalists, want to take advantage of Mideastern Monkey-Show to make their business thrive, rather than supporting Barenboim’s real intention to contribute to the Middle East Peace. I am also suspecting if the Austrian politicians joined Spanish project to support its Salzburg Festival 2009 behind the scene, which dying music business can’t survive without making fun of internationally renowned issues such as Operation Cast Lead and Palestinian Causalities in Gaza.

FOLKS keep chatting about Barenboim and WEDO. How many participants have been from the REAL Mideastern music society? Orchestra can’t exist without politics among the members and how many hierarchies exist in this multi-national organization? How come NONE of Mideastern Monkeys used to mind behaving as slaves to serve their Jewish bosses? Still, I can never understand the reason of this DEAD sound and that f*cking interpretation-or-imitation from the members of WEDO 2008, because I can hear attractive quality from Arab language, which sounds equal or even superior to some western-or-eastern languages. Is it simply because this ensemble is operated by several Jewish and Spanish members and trained by Berliner Staatskapelle musicians? Why don’t you check this from Barenboim’s Cairo Symphony Orchestra? The present Berliner Staatskapelle sound is even inferior to… thorny, tensed, and raw…

It was already in my previous mail to Egypt on Apr 3, 2008 that I wrote how much I respected golden tradition of Music Criticism in Egypt. (I’m very curious who is working as the successor of late Amal Choucri Catta (1934-2008).)

May I add two cents?

Who is the Dean of the Cairo Conservatoire, who is also the Director, (acting General Manager), of Cairo Symphony Orchestra? What is her ideal music? Please listen to the Solo Flute of WED Festival Orchestra. According to this bimbo-battle, this Jewish pig will want to prove his Big-Breath-Techniques, and his sincere face will quickly become a shortcut toward the ugliest, cheapest flute sound you’ve ever heard. Not every musician is talented to make a full, warm sound while taking a big breath. I learned this while reading various reports about ‘Concert for Two Peoples’, which was organized by another Jewish pig, the Concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, who sounds even inferior to the mere members there. Please ask him how he got this job. Please ask him what means male version of Promotion Canapé.

Based on this, please listen to the perfect ensemble by the members of WEDO 2008 and pick up each instrument; the most inferior oboe, the cheapest bassoon, the most useless clarinet. Have you ever heard more aggressive brasses than those? It all started with the DEAD sound from the string section. What is amazing in this story is that they make a perfect ensemble with techniques as brilliant as possible, yet I’ve NEVER seen any instrument survive in major or even minor leveled orchestras. This DEAD sound doesn’t get along with usual members in any other professional orchestras. From HERE and THERE, I keep reading professional reports, in which how that unique interpretation causes tensed atmosphere among the members.

The fact is that the cycle will continue during the summer schedule of the WEDO 2009.

Please check
🙂 From Banana-Republic (Please follow SECTIONS on the left side.)
🙂 Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch > Dorit Beinisch had a story with KACH members! So, this female jurist used Barenboim as a human shield to protect her family!! SIC!!!

The Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival (JIWON: Those pigs deleted updated information about 2009 participants after my report to Italian Cultural Minister.)

Please check how many Jewish and Spanish pigs joined this yearly event by Dorit Beinisch, Supreme Court President. International media still call them Barenboim’s Divans. After the Cairo concert on Apr 16, Daniel Barenboim is likely to receive DEATH threat AGAIN when he visits Israel. This issue is now getting serious and I am just sick of this name, Dorit Beinisch.

Please check
🙂 From Music in Palestine: Daniel Barenboim, Tania Nasir and The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (also in Gaza…)
🙂 Events & Articles in East Jerusalem

Still, I need some more work to finish all my planned writings before contacting Ambassador of Israel to Korea; to Germany-Heldentenor and to Spain and More assignments to Barenboim’s REAL Divans . Would you wish me good luck, please? If you help me just a little bit, I can make Barenboim’s Divan-Project 2009 a real international event to openly prove that there is a Palestinian Unity Government and how much the Palestinian civilians are hungry for NON-violent demonstration.

As I promised the Leader of ONE Palestine, I want to make the Palestinian Culture Festival in East Jerusalem a HUGE International issue. By then, Israeli 13th PM Bibi’s Nationalist-Government will be left with no choice but to follow its Palestinian partners.

In sum, I hope you Egyptian Music Society to take this historical event as a golden opportunity to build a bridge between Barenboim’s La Scala and Cairo Opera Company.


You may still want to treat Musician Barenboim as a Political Figure, who dared to visit Egypt as a Jew in order to support Mubarak government’s ‘sneaky normalisation’ with Israel. Why not?

Please check
🙂 From Phoenix-Bibi (Please follow SECTIONS on the left side.)
🙂 Section: Nationalist-Govn’t-Please

If you still want to… please do so. Why don’t you take Daniel Barenboim as the Opposition Leader in PM Netanyahu’s Eighteenth Knesset? Daniel Barenboim is going to work on Settlement and Jerusalem issue and he is not alone. I’ve just managed to let all the left-wing Israeli politicians sit in the opposition bench. (In these days, NO one trusts Labor’s Barak as the Leftist.) You never know what a hard job it was.

I am still trying to figure out who is the Opposition Leader in Egypt. Is (New) Wafd Party’s chairman Mahmoud Abaza the one? Internet says that there are 24 political parties in Egypt now, and (New) Wafd Party currently appears to be in crisis.

Please… I am NOT going to be involved in Egyptian politics. Israel and Palestine and Italy and Germany and… I am just tearing all my hair out! I feel no need or don’t want to collect articles about happenings between Egypt and Hezbollah: starting from Egyptian reports about uncovering of Hezbollah’s network in Egypt and Nasrallah’s speech admitting it and hinting that its real enemy is Egyptian regime. Should I? Please…

This is the only FACT I’ve known and I can write this in this open place.

Egypt and Jordan are not like other Arab countries. Each country has a border with Israel and Palestine. Just like Israel and Palestine, who are destined to learn how to share ONE Jerusalem, neither Egypt nor Jordan can live comfortable life while ignoring Israeli Palestine or Palestinian Israel. Was it possible for Egypt to keep her reputation as a leading Arab power without respecting her neighbor’s rights?

I know Opposition Groups have been echoing Tehran and Hezbollah’s call for Mubarak’s regime to help Palestinians more whenever…

Guess what? I just feel pity on Gazan civilians, who are destined to BE KILLED whenever anonymous(?) Arab groups take advantage of this Palestinian issue and make an excuse for their political behaviors. This is NOT whether or NOT I do NOT agree with Anti-Mubarak politicians. Is there more than one way for the entire Egyptians to help Palestinians? Who said this?

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams meets Hamas leader during Gaza trip Apr 8, 2009
(…) What happened here (GAZA) is totally wrong. Israel said it launched the offensive because the Islamist group Hamas, which rules Gaza, was firing rockets daily at Israeli towns (for EIGHT years). The Palestinians say 1,417 residents were killed in the three-week war, mostly civilians. Israel says 1,166 Palestinians were killed, mostly armed fighters. All actions by all the combatant forces should cease – that’s by the Israeli government as well as everyone else. If there is one lesson out of Ireland, that is that dialogue works, and dialogue should commence, genuine dialogue, should commence, and a genuine process should be in place. I wouldn’t draw too many parallels between the situation in Ireland and the situation here. I came to the Gaza Strip, after visiting Israel, with no ‘prescriptions’ for ending the bloodshed. (…)

In Israel,
They say that collecting left-wing politicians in the opposition bench was an impossible happening in Israeli history. However, I keep saying. Calling part of Israeli politicians, especially Kadima MKs in recent days, the LEFTISTS is a bull sh*t. Is there more than one way to find a solution toward ONE Israel and ONE Palestine?

Let’s assume that Egyptian Opposition Leader will take over Mubarak’s regime. Is there more than one way to work for Egyptian national security? Is there more than one way for Egypt to keep her international status as a leading Arab power? Will the new leader encourage Egyptian Muslim Suicide Bombing across the country? As I write and write, Hamas’ mothers never want to see Hamas-kids end up their life as suicide bombers. And below is what quickly appeared after series of happenings. Please… it is well known story that Cairo has long lost its patience with groups trying to play the role of states, whether Hamas, Hezbollah or the Muslim Brotherhood. So does ONE Israel. So does ONE Palestine. So does PEACEFUL Jordan…

‘Hizbullah arrests haven’t affected Hamas-Egypt relations’ Apr 12, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Lebanon-based spokesman Osama Hamdan said “Hamas has never been an element which threatens Egyptian national security.” (…)

Abdullah urges unified Arab effort to focus on the Saudi Peace Initiative Apr 12, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post

Some ago, I contacted President Hosni Mubarak and Cultural Minister Farouk Hosni, because they are the leaders of Egypt. I will keep my contact with the LEADERS of Egypt and the Egyptian public will decide whom I should contact. I won’t care whether or not their main concern is War-with-Israel. Let’s just hope my Barenboim-message to contribute to the better Egyptian future. Have you ever seen more stupid remarks than this Israeli politician’s, beside Lieberman’s ‘Go-To-Hell’?

Lieberman’s Deputy FM: Obama’s Ankara speech did not favor Annapolis Apr 10, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Yisrael Beiteinu MK rejects interpretations of Obama speech as warning against Netanyahu policy. (…)

Please check
🙂 From Phoenix-Bibi (Please follow SECTIONS on the left side.)
🙂 Section: Nationalist-Govn’t-Please
MARCH 31 – APRIL 3, 2009
Egypt to boycott Lieberman unless he apologizes Apr 2, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Egypt: Israel has made no efforts to renew Shalit negotiations Mar 20, 2009 / By Haaretz
Palestinian youth orchestra disbanded over concert for Holocaust survivors Mar 29, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) JIWON: I am not Daniel Barenboim. I don’t belong to Israel or to Palestine. I’ve followed Mideastern affairs through the eyes of third person, and therefore, under the normal circumstances, I have a perfect brain and heart to openly criticize Egypt in Shalit-case and Hamas or even PA in this Holocaust event. But now… I can’t. I know the Operation Cast Lead was an inevitable happening between Israel and Hamas. I also know the IDF Soldiers’ Unbelievably Aggressive Behaviors during the Ground Operation and Civilian Excess Death Toll was also unavoidable happenings. I know.
Despite all these and those FACTS that I can simply prove by organizing the articles in chronological order, I can’t. And this is all because of Phoenix-Bibi. I can NEVER defend Israel on any issues especially after Phoenix-Bibi strategically succeeded in bringing ‘SHAS & Co.’ at any price and Labor’s Barak joined it at any price.
True that I preferred to watch Labor’s Barak accept Bibi’s invitation whenever FOLKS threatened Kadima’s Livni. I needed time; time to contact all the possible (Diaspora) Jews with my Barenboim-message until the next election. (…)

Please look. This is my present situation. Barenboim’s Cairo Concert is in fact the golden opportunity for me to openly criticize Egypt on this Shalit-issue, but I can’t. I just hope Egyptian negotiators to choke Hamas as much as they do Bibi’s Knesset.

Don’t you think Israeli 13th PM Netanyahu should put his money where his mouth is? This heroic Jew keeps insisting that Israeli PM will cooperate with Palestinian Abbas. Has Phoenix-Bibi’s Palestinian partner changed his word about the deal? Don’t you think this sentence should be Phoenix-Bibi tells Likud-voters, FM Lieberman, Kahanists, and THEIR SETTLERS: I WILL COOPERATE FOR PEACE”?

Netanyahu tells Abbas: I will cooperate for peace Apr 13, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) King Abdullah of Jordan is also planning to visit the White House at the end of the month to urge Obama to move ahead with the Arab peace initiative. Abdullah would be the first Middle East leader to meet with Obama in Washington, ahead of Abbas or Netanyahu. A Jordanian source told Haaretz that the king would assure Obama of Jordan’s commitment to a two-state solution, and would encourage him to support a united Palestinian government. Abdullah has recently criticized the lack of progress in talks toward a final-status agreement, Israel’s settlement policy and the destruction of Arab homes in Jerusalem. He has sought international intervention on these matters. Abdullah has also expressed disappointment that the Israeli cabinet has not discussed the Arab peace initiative, of which Jordan is a key supporter.

Meanwhile, this is what is STILL happening in Bibi’s Israel. Why don’t you keep following my computer work? How many years do you think it will take for my Barenboim-message to contact all the possible (Diaspora) Jews in the world of internet?

Akiva Eldar: Shamir believed that SUPPORT would allow him to get without giving, Clinton was cold and Bibi lost his election. (If we give, we’ll get.) Apr 13, 2009 / By Haaretz
Journalist Nahum Barnea reported in Yedioth Ahronoth that Netanyahu had a “cordial and friendly” chat with U.S. President Barack Obama. “The most important question raised was when Obama asked what his political constraints were,” Barnea wrote, deducing that Obama won’t push Netanyahu beyond the limits of his coalition.

In sum, I hope ALL the Egyptians, from the Musicians to the Politicians, to attend Barenboim’s Cairo Concert on Apr 16. Don’t you think you should listen to first before judging Cultural Minister Farouk Hosni’s ‘SNEAKY NORMALISATION’ with Israel ? Still, no one knows what Musician Barenboim wants to tell through the language of MUSIC. Who knows? You might hear strong desire of WAR-with-ISRAEL from Barenboim’s MUSIC. This is what Nazi’s Hitler succeeded in through Power of Music. Who knows?

Sincerely yours,

Please check for the rest of this message
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