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PALESTINE Palestine Video
Interview with Maestro Daniel Barenboim Apr 18, 2009
Youtube: Daniel Barenboim as UN Messenger of Peace Uprooted Palestinians
On gaza’s jailers Apr 14, 2009
(…) The egyptian collaboration with the zionist enemy is why many egyptian people refuse to normalize with israeli terrorists of any stripe in spite of its government’s normalizing policies. for instance, egyptians oppose a concert of israeli conductor daniel barenboim: (…) Inviting barenboim also violates the cultural boycott campaign of israel. that boycott campaign is necessary in order to help fight for the liberation of palestine especially given the severe economic problems that the israeli-egyptian imprisonment of palestinians of gaza are suffering as sherine tadros reported for al jazeera: (…)

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In Alphabetic Order: EGYPT Agypten-Urlauber
Ägypten Forum :: Friedensstifter BARENBOIM in KAIRO Apr 16, 2009 Egypt Then and Now
After cancellation, Barenboim to perform in Egypt Apr 9, 2009 Egypt Time
the Concert on the Mount Apr 18, 2009
(…) In some happy news, last week the Beethoven Concert put on by the Cairo Symphony Orchestra at the famous Cairo Opera House sold out. I say this is good news as Daniel Barenboim, the famous Israeli musician and conductor was performing for the first time in Egypt, (…)

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LEBANON Lebanese Campaign for the Boycott of Zionism (in solidarity with the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions)
Call to academics & cultural workers in Lebanon to endorse our campaign
If you are a professor, lecturer, or doctoral student, please send your signature and institutional affiliation to Rania Masri
Israeli conductor’s Egypt visit causes stir Apr 6, 2009 Pierre’s Middle East Issues Blog (Located in Daytona Beach, Fla / USA)
Beethoven Under Barenboim’s Israeli Baton in Cairo Apr 20, 2009
Why can’t we be friends? (…)What’s wonderful is that regardless of the timeline, it happened (…)Naturally, the event in Cairo could not possibly go off without a hitch. Amr Moussa, secretary-general of the Cairo-based Arab League (…)and Mohammed Amin of Egypt’s Al Wafd, supposedly the country’s opposition newspaper, made this startling declaration on al Jazeera, in opposition to Barenboim’s visit: “Egyptians firmly reject cultural normalization through art.” Really? Can one newspaper editor speak for 82 million Egyptians?

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