Complete List: Mail Recipients in Mideast & Asia

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I only wish all the Arab countries offer Webmail-site.
Kremlin: I am not sure if this site is working. It did work but was strange.
Arab League or Wikipedia: Arab League: It’s working now… but still has NO English page nor contact information.

Algeria: Embassy in Washington ( – President) + Bahrain Gateway ( – Kingdom) + Comoros + Djibouti + Egypt: Cultural Minister ( – FM; – CM) + Iraq: F-Ministry ( – President) + Jordan: HM Queen Rania Al Abdullah ( – CM) + Kuwait ( – PM; – Amir) + Lebanon: Governmental Portal ( – President; – FM) + Libya: Embassy in London (NO-email) + Mauritania: Government ( – Embassy) + Morrocco: Royal ( – Embassy) + Oman: F-Ministry ( – FM) + Palestine + Qatar: HH Sheikha Mozah ( – FM) + Saudi: Embassy in Washington ( – CM) + Somalia ( – Government) + Sudan: Government ( – Government) + Syria ( – Government; – Parliament) + Tunisia: Government (FM) ( – CM) + UAE: HH Sheikh Mohammed (PM) ( – HRH; – Embassy) + Yemen: Parliament ( – CM)

1. Finally, Kingdom of Bahrain works and I got this e-address, . Ooops, tired! Thanks for sending me this link, Bahrain Gateway. ^.*
2. Tunisia has neither Israel nor Palestine in the list.
3. I must say… why do Arab women look so attractive? I feel privileged whenever I contact Jordan: HM Queen Rania Al Abdullah and Qatar: HH Sheikha Mozah. (UAE: HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein doesn’t offer webmail… ^.*)
4. Whenever I contact UAE: HH Sheikh Mohammed (PM), I feel strong urge to click ‘Category: Poetry’. But Palestinian Casualties or Human Shields never belong to this part, alas. What should I do?
5. Please check these e-addresses, since they are the only way for the outsiders to contact the governmental institutions:
Iraq ( – Government; – FM) + Jordan ( – FM) + Morocco ( – Kingdom) + Somalia ( – Government) + Tunisia ( – FM; – CM) + UAE ( – FM; – CM) + There are others too… but they mostly belong to individual e-addresses.

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(In Alphabetical Order)
EGYPT: Mail Recipients in Egypt
JORDAN: Mail Recipients in Jordan
PALESTINE: Mail Recipients in Palestinian Area

CHINA: Mail Recipients in China

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🙂 Wikipedia: Arab world media
🙂 Wikipedia: List of Symphony Orchestras (Countries)
🙂 Wikipedia: Orchestra stubs (Names)

🙂 From Dear Middle Eastern Music Society & Spanish Government Apr 3, 2008


Music Institutions:
Le Conservatoire libanais national supérieur de musique or The Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music: No-Contact
Lebanese National Symphony Orchestra: No-contact
The Baalbeck International Festival (BIF);
The Al Bustan Festival:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants:
Lebanese Ministry of Culture:

Media: (No-Barenboim-news but there are MUSIC-articles)
Daily Star



Music Institutions:
ECHO and its friendly institutions or musicians:
Opera House (Dar AlAssad):
Syrian National Symphony Orchestra: Under Construction
French Culutre Center in Damascus: NO-Contact
Solhi AL WADI institute of Music:
Gaswan Zerikly, Syrian Pianist:
Kinan Azmeh, Syrian Clarinetist:
Malek Jandali, Syrian pianist:

Government: (Weirdly enough, it was impossible to find the information…)
Embassy of Syria in Washington DC:

Media: (No-Barenboim-news but there are MUSIC-articles)
Syria Times:
What’s on Syria:


Barenboim’s Divans in Middle East: Some of them now live in outside their country. In case they don’t have their own e-address, I sent my Barenboim-message to their boss.

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