Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 2

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APRIL 17, 2009

I’m done with this part. So many articles, private bloggers to check after sending my previous message to Egypt. Tired… However, I must say that it was worth trying. And I am still waiting for an OFFICIAL answer from Facebook: Mahmoud Saad: Google News: Mahmoud Saad + Barenboim

I know how to send my Barenboim-message directly to this famed Egyptian Journalist’s Facebook-Mailbox, but I decided NOT to. Also, I didn’t want to post anything in Egyptian Music Groups in Facebook. Perhaps, I will want this work during Barenboim’s SECOND visit to Egypt. Not this time. I just hope Egyptian music lovers to follow their mentors in their birthplace. Below is Maestro Barenboim conducting Cairo Symphony Orchestra. Right? Though NO information about the ensemble, I know several members, which appeared in various photos of the interntaional media.

(Updated on Apr 20, 2009)
Youtube: Israeli conductor sparks Cairo controversy Apr 17, 2009 / By By AlJazeeraEnglish
For me, the orginals one is better. But I believe stage performance of Barenboim’s Cairo Symphony Orchestra is what hooks international readers. So, here it is.

(Returned to orginial date on Apr 17, 2009)
Youtube: Daniel Barenboim in Kairo – ein Friedensappell Apr 17, 2009 / By afpde
Youtube: Barenboim’s music, a bridge across Palestinian-Israeli divide Apr 16, 2009 / By AFP
Hum… Members XYZ deserve better posture. They can play better. Much, much better. I really hope Pianist Barenboim to play the chamber music concert with the CSO members next time when he visits the Cairo Opera House, which is one of the most beautiful buildings of modern architecture of the Egyptian capital.


See… Now, I can clearly hear the attractive quality of Arab language from this warm orchestra sound of the Egyptian professional ensemble. Please compare this warm characterisitcs with the present Berliner Staatskapelle. If you go to Youtube, you can find them. If you use the search button with the keyword, Waltraud Meier, it will be easier to find them. Then, you should search for their Mahler performance.

No sooner had I contacted Eqypian Music Society with detailed report about happenings in bankrupt BERLIN than those German pigs announced Meier’s Tristan 2010 and Divan’s Boulez Cocnert, in which the Jewish Pig, concertmaster of the BPO, is leading his Egyptian musician. (Please click this.) Now that I actually heard Egyptian ensemble and I am more than happy to find this rough, but real diamond, I will let you know if this German-Egyptian guy ever finishes his ASSIGNMENTS for DIVANS.

Daniel Barenboim at Met: In His Met Debut, Barenboim Drives ‘Tristan’ Nov 30, 2008 / By New York Times
Waltraud Meier at Met: Wagner’s Tale About Absolute Power’s Limits Apr 7, 2009 / By New York Times

Please listen to both Wagner performances by the same opera orchestra. If you listen to Barenboim’s Met-ensemble, it is easy to imagine what kind of Wagnerian voice Barenboim desperately needs from his Isolde; full of warm, feminine characteristics from the DIVA’s VOICE. Then, please check again how Meier’s from-hysterical-to-psychopathic voice destroys her ensemble partner despite the fact that the recording technique, or placement of microphone, protects this disgusting German diction. (Please… Meier’s fan-club claims that this German diction sounds ultra-sexy. To be honest, you should go to Youtube to find Meier’s Berlin performance in order to hear the real version of psychopathic screaming. Whenever this female appears in RED dress, especially in recent years, it means that Barenboim is sick of this voice.) Whether sexy or trashy, have you ever heard of this extraordinary extraterrestrial German diction from any legendary Wagenrian singers? To support this VOICE, the opera-orchestra needs to learn very unigue sound; from tensed, thory to raw… This is what those Mideastern Monkeys learned from the Berliner Staatskapelle musicians.

I don’t want to provide Audio or Video clips to show you WEDO’s performance. I know what will happen to the members if I show them to the profesionals in their birthplace. Just go to Youtube and you will find lots of them. The international media call them music students. Don’t you think those sincere, but stupid-looking faces should practice BASIC stuffs more, before they join any kind of orchestras to learn ensemble techniques? This is what I wrote in ASSIGNMENTS for DIVANS. Absolutely NONE of those brave-or-arrogant youngsters plan to do their work while EVERYBODY keeps insisting that they plan to end up their life as professional musicians.

I keep writing. What they presently need is NOT Maestro Daniel Barenboim BUT Elementary School Coach. How come NONE of those music students learned how to communicate with their instruments first before watching their conductor? This ensemble technique is what made the Venezuelan Kids and their Youth-Orchestra so legendary… (In fact, the less they watch their conductor, the more they sound legendary. *.*) At the same time, this is exactly what they learned from their Berlin mentors; the exact combination of Meier’s f*cking facial expression and Glander’s Schwarz’ comical body language. (Please check my ‘final’ message to the German government on this issue.) What do you think about this? Do you think I am the one who should shut up? This is what those Berlin Pigs keep insisting.

Las ternas de la critica musical Apr 17, 2009 / By La Prensa (Argentine)
Los especialistas en ópera y el rubro clásico dieron a conocer los artistas que integran las distintas ternas. (…) LOS NOMINADOS (…) Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival Ensemble (Elena Bashkirova) (…) El cuerpo directivo titular de la Asociación de Críticos Musicales de la Argentina está integrado por Héctor H. Coda (La Nación), Carlos Ernesto Ure (La Prensa) y Graciela Morgenstern (El Refugio de la Cultura ), Juan Carlos Montero (La Nación), Juan Gelaf (Música Hoy), Néstor Echevarría (La Capital y La Prensa) y Betty von Brunow (Música Hoy).

Please check
🙂 Dear Barenboim’s Argentine (May 27, 2008)
🙂 Members of Bashkirova-Gang

Meanwhile, this is what is happening in Barenboim’s Argentine. When has the Argentinean music society received my Barenboim-message? Argentine was the country, where I could find perhaps the BEST version of Music Criticism. It was several years ago. Argentine is also the country, in which Dorit Beinish, Supreme Court President of Israel, has a connection through the Argentinean Israeli Media-man. After receiveing my Barenboim-message, their politics behind the scene became dirtier and dirtier. Now, please look recent happenings there. Also… when I watched Barenboim’s Argentinean professinal orchestra, they boasted superior quality to Berliner Staatskapelle with their typical warm characterisitics. (Untrained, though…) THUS, it will be very interesting to follow their performance as Members of Bashkirova-Gang are trying to ‘teach’ Argentinean youngsters through their UNIQUE chamber music ensemble techniques.

I am curious. Is the Egyptian music society going to follow in the footsteps of Argentine? I am also curious. How much have they finished reading the lifelong love story between Gidon Kremer and Elena Bashkirova? Frequently, I am confused. Is my Music-blog the place to explain who I am or what kind of musician Barenboim is… or to report how much Gidon Kremer cares about his second ex?

While doing my research on the Egyptian musicians, who appeared in Barenboim-articles, I couldn’t believe my eyes. What a tradition! What a history! Then, I strongly recommend them to listen to the present German ensembles and to compare them with the same German ensembles of Old Good Days. Am I a nut, if I say…

If you follow Members of Bashkirova-Gang, you can analyze ALL the reasons of the present German ensembles and their dying music. I promise. This Egyptian old generation is the first one who knows why I had to write Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag (From September 10-18, 2008). They are the first one who would know what really means real German sound; with typical German color, pure German timbre.

Should I write more?


Omar Sharif as Israeli spy? Ha-Ha-Ha! Ho-Ho-Ho!
The silliest joke I’ve ever heard of. Then, it was a real fun to read Omar Sharif’s answer to Facebook: Mahmoud Saad. I think this article deserves a HUGE international attention. According to my experience with the Israeli politicians, there must be only two reasons. This Egyptian is either a real Patriot or Egyptian version of Phoenix-Bibi. Then, I appreciate Egypt more than Israel. This is far superior, much more democratic country. In Israel, this biggest, cheapest mouth called Phoenix-Bibi actually won the national election while Egyptian big mouth couldn’t. I am damn curious how much you’ve read my report on the real face of Barenboim’s Israel; Banana-Republic or Bimbo-Battle or Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch. Please let me know if there are any Egyptians, who disagree with me, when I say…
In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (Oct 2 – Dec 19, 2008).

Sharif says those who criticize Barenboim are ‘idiotic’ Apr 14, 2009 / By Daily News Egypt, Joseph Fahim
(…) When asked whether he’s concerned about a possible media backlash resulting from his involvement in the concert, Sharif said; “I don’t care. I’m above these people. These people are small people. You don’t answer to small people. You’d spend all your life doing that. I have other things to think about.
“I’m not interested in small people who write in small papers. Who reads these papers apart from in Egypt and in some desert somewhere? Nobody. However, everyone has his opinion; it doesn’t bother me at all.

Ha-Ha-Ha! Ho-Ho-Ho!
I am waiting for an OFFICIAL answer from Facebook: Mahmoud Saad. I still believe this is one of real Egyptian patriots. However, I was a bit scared… when I read this;
“They’re trying to make friends with the extremists so that they’d never get killed. I’m not afraid to be killed. They’re afraid.”

As I wrote in my previous message, I was supposed to send this one to JORDAN and you know why. But I was not sure of Syria and Lebanon. I’m still not sure of this mailing, but I feel strong desire and even responsibility, when I read FOLKS’ report about Amr Moussa, a Secretary-General of Arab League, who refused an invitation to attend from Egypt’s culture minister to express his act of protest.

Syrian envoy to U.S. says he prefers Lieberman over Livni Apr 13, 2009 / By Haaretz
“At least Lieberman is candid. He exactly says what he believes in. Tzipi Livni and her colleagues were talking all the time about their desire to make peace while committing the atrocity in Gaza or doing other similar things in the Palestinian territories.”

Obama wants Israel to hold parallel talks with Palestinians and Syria Apr 17, 2009 / By Haaretz

To be honest, I know which Arab coutnries are rather welcome Israel’s preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear program. They would respond harshly to an Israeli offensive, of course, but they would grin behind Israeli back while Isareli hard working won’t serve her true national interests.

What if I spam all the members of Arab League with this same message? Since I am still not sure of this mailing, let’s check more answers from MY READERS… I will follow their advice. By the way, what is Supreme Council of Culture? I used to mistake this institution for Ministry of Culture.


Could you please, please allow our poor IDF soldier Gilad Shalit to return to his family? It’s now past 1,000 days and his mother cried every day and night. All his Israeli friends only believe in you. Dear Egypt…

Sincerely yours,

Please check for the rest of this message
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