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1. Al Kawakeb Magazine, Government-owned film weekly in Cairo, which is NOT wealthy enough to support its official homepage. THUS, Facebook: Mahmoud (Mohammad) Saad will write his Barenboim-article in AlWafd (Arabic Only). ^.*
2. Egypt Today: Though there are MUSIC-articles, NO-Barenboim-articles until Apr 16, 2009.
May 20, 2009 Gamal Ghitany, chief editor of the cultural weekly Akhbar al-Adab, who wrote

Please check (in alphabetical order)
🙂 Barenboim in Al-Ahram Weekly Newspaper
🙂 Barenboim in Almasry-Alyoum Newspapaer
🙂 Barenboim in Al-Wafd Newspaper
🙂 Barenboim in Daily News Egypt

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From AlWafd: Arts and Stars (Arabic) (Google-Translation)

Please check
🙂 Barenboim in Al-Wafd Newspaper

(Updated on Apr 25, 2009)
Israeli conductor topical: Israeli opponents of channels describing – Daniel – enemies of peace!! Apr 24, 2009 / By Al Wafd, (Perhaps) Anas Radwan (Google-Translation)
(APRIL 24, 2009 – JIWON: Dear guys,
It’s not difficult to follow each sentence. But then… what’s the real reason of this Barenboim-article? To insult or protect Barenboim the Jew? What’s the real subject of your debate? Musician Barenboim or CM Hosni? This is where I got lost and I don’t think questioning each sentence won’t help my better understanding.

I have a simple question.
Why Egyptian opposition parties are so concerned about their CM Hosni’s appointment to the UNESCO chairman? Is your Cultural Minister a token to represent Corruption, such as Bribery or Sex, instead of being Cultural Icon? If so, you guys seriously need a new face. If not… Isn’t that better for your national interest? Isn’t this exactly why Israel is equally concerned while firmly opposing it?
Is the exact reason to topple Mubarak’s government?
Hizbullah is going to win Lebanese parliament majority. Considering my experience with Israeli politicians, Snakes in particular, it means that those Egyptian Crying Babies are funded by Hamas’ Hizbullah’s Iran, aren’t they? How come MP Mohammed Hamdi Zaqzuq’s proposal, Egyptian MP urges pilgrimage to Jerusalem, can be interpreted as ‘normalization with Israel’? The more I learn about Egyptian Crying Babies, the more I am speechless… Are you among those stupid accusers? If you are, you’d better find other issues such as IDF probe: White phosphorus use legal or ‘PM Bibi wants moderate Arabs involved’ (Snake Jews believe Egypt, Jordan should play enhanced role in the ME peace process). If you really care for your poor Palestinian brothers. You Dumb Folks! Brrr…
IF… if those Egyptian Crying Babies want to take advantage of Barenboim-article to win public attention until next election… WHY NOT? You never know what a fun it is to watch Israeli-then-Italian politicians’ big fight. Where do you think I learned all these comical personal nouns, Pigs and Monkeys and Snakes and Chameleons and Same-Old-Bullsh*t? Heh-heh…
HOWEVER… my only concern is what will happen to Barenboim’s safety during his next visit to Egypt if Israeli Barenboim becomes a hot icon through this kind of media-campaign. Presently, my only issue is East Jerusalem ruled by Palestinian Unity Government , apart from Settlement issue. What if Palestinian Barenboim invites Palestinian kids to the Egyptian music school for his Divan-workshop? Please check Mr. Mustafa’s previous article. I am just surprised at what a security had to be prepared to protect Maestro Barenboim during his accidental, but short tour of Opera House. I worry… I really worry, after reading Omar Sharif’s remark about Death Threat in Egypt. To be honest, I feel pity on Facebook: Mahmoud Saad.
Anyway, your dearest concern about your FRIEND-or-ENEMY Hosni’s whatsoever future is NONE of my business, so this part can’t appear in my LAST message. After finishing Mr. Mustafa’s all previous articles, I had a very good sleep last night. I now want to focus on my work and finish it as soon as possible. If I can’t finish it by tonight… it’s all your fault and I have a perfect right to say: “Go-to-Hell!”
(APRIL 25, 2009 – JIWON: Thanks guys…
When I checked it this morning, there was NO-update. Have you heard of my health condition? Whenever I can’t watch the computer monitor, I have to sleep again. Couple of hours later, Barenboim-article was gone. Now, I must apologize for my rude writing last night. Apart from my health condition, I am very slow… especially when I need to think. Meanwhile, I just couldn’t understand why Arts-section of Almasry-Alyoum Newspaper (Google-Translation) was always same. Then I realized my mistake and had to track back all their precious issues since April 1. Now, I know how to find their Barenboim-article in original language. To my surprise, there were Arab comments by Egyptian readers. I have to turn off the computer. BYE. P.S.:
My present blood pressure is very high! BIBI’s pretend-to-be-solemn face, (oops-sorry… PM Netanyahu…), was on the Front Page of Almasry-Alyoum Issue 1363 (Apr 02). The moment I saw this photo, my blood pressure soared. I can’t help it!!!)
(APRIL 25, 2009 – JIWON: By the way…
Do you know why I was so interested in checking your Arab newspapers? While checking Barenboim-articles,
I happened to see Lebanese and Syrian artists appearing in your Egyptian newspapers. You know the rest of the story… I saw this happening again while checking Almasry-Alyoum: Issue 1383 (Apr 22) – Arts: Opera singer Iman Abdul Ghani returned from Syria. Anyway, have a beautiful weekend. So does Facebook: Mahmoud Saad. Is this guy the same Mr. Saad? Just wondering… Issue 1382 (Apr 21) – Arts: Saad is preparing to film a small “hospital”)

– Shami – tells the details of a plot – Barenboim – normalization to impose on students Alkonsrvetoar: Certificate MUFFLING Tongues and the poisoned pens Apr 23, 2009 / By Al Wafd, (Perhaps) Dr. Fawzi Al-Shami (Google-Translation)
(APRIL 23, 2009 – JIWON: Dear Dr. Fawzi Al-Shami,
I finally found you!!! You were in Mustafa’s first article but I couldn’t find your information, except ‘Fawzi AlShami in Facebook (1066461785)’. But this young Egyptian couldn’t be the one. You were
Dr. Fawzi El-Shamy, who is among Work Shops Professors of AYPO. Yes, this sounds like a typical Barenboim-scandal. More will be in my LAST message. See ya ^.* (P.S.: See… FOLKS in Israel used to be sick of Barenboim’s notorious naivety. Still, few knows exactly how those ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’ have manipulated Barenboim’s naïve dream of Utopia(?!). Whenever Barenboim expresses his pure intention, the first thing they do is to close all the doors around Barenboim so that the blind+deaf maestro has no option but to follow their order…))
(APRIL 23, 2009 – JIWON: Dear Dr. Al-Shami,
After finding this article, I wanted to read Mr. Mustafa’s all previous articles. Though I am still not perfect, I can get a clear picture. Guess what? I also mentioned this issue perhaps one year ago. It will take time, even for me, to find this part from all my previous writings. (I might not have posted it in my blog.) It was after I found Barenboim-articles in Al-Ahram Weekly. There was one interesting article about how Egyptian music school answered Prof. Said’s request and got involved. Then, I couldn’t find further report about its aftermath, but it was clear that Egyptian music society cut its ties with Barenboim. Yet so-called students from Egypt, (this is what they claimed), kept appearing and so on. By then, I was just SICK of those young sh*ts. (You now know that international media have been playing the game with me ever since the birth of WEDO.) Those (German-British) pigs kept insisting that Barenboim is blessed with Mideastern students and so on and so on… THUS, I had to directly send my Barenboim-message to CM Hosni’s homepage when I started my official contact with the Egyptian government. Now, you know the rest of story. Could you tell Mr. Mustafa that I posted something for his articles? He knows what something is.

The lust for office beat the national interest: A ceremony of the Israeli side of the face, officials and artists!! Apr 22, 2009 / By Al Wafd, Amjad Mustafa (Google-Translation)
(APRIL 22, 2009 – JIWON: Dear Mr. Amjad Mustafa,
You should really write in English, since I always find my favorite issues from your opinion and I desperately need the exact information. Yet, I just can’t understand it perfectly, and in this tired-out situation, my brain frequently stops working while reading Google-Translation. THUS, I will write what I want to write. After finishing my LAST message, I will contact you again to report which sentence I failed to understand. I hope you to compare my opinion with yours… about so-called cultural normalization with Israel. Thanks. P.S.: Could you please tell your friend, Nevine El-Aref of Al-Ahram-Weekly, that I will post his article in my blog after finishing my work? Just tired out.

Man of peace and war, set the opera: Agent resigned objection to – Jlaipt – Israeli conductor Apr 20, 2009 / By Al Wafd (Google-Translation)
(APRIL 20, 2009 – JIWON: WORKING… 끙끙… 애고고힘들어라… )

1200 ‮ ‬artist and writer who attended the ceremony: Amr Musa the most critical. Farouk Hosni refused to attend the ceremony, the Israeli musician Apr 20, 2009 / By Mohamed Al-Nimr (Google-Translation)
(JIWON: What does it mean? ‘also avoid ‮ »‬ Møse ‮« ‬ phone contacts from the Office of’) Hum-Hum…)

Where? Apr 20, 2009 / By Mohammed Amin / Deputy Editor (Google-Translation)
(JIWON: Dear Mr. Amin, I found you!!! I saw your interview. What if Musician Barenboim visits your Cairo Opera House with his Palestinian passport? Have you also seen joyful faces of your Egyptian musicians at the end of concert? It was awesome!!! Don’t you think so? What if Maestro Barenboim travels European countries with your members? I think they deserve standing ovation. What do you think about this? Anyway, I am busy again… Tired. I might not check your paper for a while. I will let you know when I resume it. See ya ^.* )

Mohamed Saad ‮ ‬ talking by telephone to Amr Abdul Jalil (Arabic) Apr 18, 2009 / By Al Wafd (Google-Translation)
(JIWON: Dear Mr. Saad, could you please write your Barenboim-article in this newspaper? I can’t read Arabic, but if you allow me to find Barenboim’s photo written by your name, it won’t be difficult for me. I can check your answer almost-daily until Barenboim’s NEXT visit to Egypt. See ya ^.*)

Israelis more than the Israeli: Officials at the opera with a ‮ ‬ ‮ »‬ Daniel ‮« ‬ theaters to watch Apr 16, 2009 / By Amyad Mustafa (Google-Translation)
(JIWON: Thanks!)

The health of defenders ‮ »‬ Israeli conductor: ‮« ‬ Barenboim ‮« ‬ promotes normalization of Islam and is accused of being retarded Apr ?, 2009 / By Amyad Mustafa (Google-Translation)

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From Almasry Alyoum (English) (Search-Barenboim) / Almasry Alyoum (Arabic) (Google-Translation) > Contact (Name/Email)

Please check
🙂 Barenboim in Almasry-Alyoum Newspapaer
There are TALKBACKS in this Arab Newspaper.

(Updated on Apr 25, 2009)
Tel Aviv Not Happy With Jewish Pianist Barenboim Playing at the Egyptian Opera Apr 20, 2009 / By Mohamed Aboud and Fatheya Al-Dakhakhni
Yisrael Hume newspaper yesterday said the Israeli officials have boycotted the concert of the Israeli pianist Daniel Barenboim in Cairo, in line with the Israeli position that rejects the nomination of Farouk Hosni for UNESCO Secretary-General. (…)
(JIWON: How come the Egyptian Almasry Alyoum (Mar 9, 2009) is the only place where I can find information about the Jewish newpaper, ‘Yisrael Hume’? O.o*~)

Barenboim Challenges Arabs to Be Heard in Israel Apr 19, 2009 / By The Media Line, Joseph Mayton
[Cairo, Egypt] Israeli culture is not usually welcome in Egypt, and many have charged that until Israel changes its political course towards the Palestinians, normalization of culture will not occur. This did not, however, stop world-renowned conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim from performing at Cairo’s Opera House on April 16. (…) “I don’t think it is right. We must maintain a strict policy that does not allow Israelis to perform in Egypt no matter how liberal they may be… because we must continue to support the Palestinians against their aggressors,” said Khaled, a student activist who asked not to reveal his full name. Other Egyptians believe that Barenboim is first and foremost a musician and that his nationality – Israeli, Spanish and Argentinian – makes no difference. “He’s here to conduct an orchestra. I don’t see how his nationality is relevant,” said Egyptian Yasmin El Rifae. (…) Before the concert, one of Hosni’s top advisers said that although the minister would not officially meet with Barenboim, he would be attending the concert at Cairo’s Opera House. “He will be there close to the front, and the minister is excited about the music,” the official said. Although Hosni has been opposed to cultural normalization with Israel despite a peace treaty between the two nations, it appears he is willing to cut corners in order to allow an Israeli who has often spoken out against his own nation. (…) “I am against normalization with Israel, as it is the enemy of Arabs and Palestinians, and nobody is happy about what is happening to our brethren in Gaza. Such incidents are absolutely unacceptable,” according to Egyptian daily newspaper Al Masry Al Youm board member Salah Diab. (…)
(JIWON: Dear Mr. Salah Diab, I found you this morning, but forgot about this article while organizing Barenboim-articles in your newspaper. Now, I remember… How come I can’t find your article, “Dear Danny, Go to Hell!”, from anywhere in your website? I even tried Arabic Arts section but failed. Anyway, I will honor your NAME in my blog… tomorrow. Damn tired tonight… See ya ^.* (BTW, can anyone write English version of Al-Wafd article this morning? I’m still reading it, but can’t quite understand part of it. Did someone resign? WHY? What means agent reza?))

I’m against Tel Aviv Racism: Israeli Conductor Barenboim Apr 18, 2009 / By Mohsen Mahmoud and DPA
(…) Barenboim got a standing ovation after playing his famous Eastern–Western Divan Orchestra for which he is famous. (…) He played several symphonies then addressed the audience by saying, “I know some oppose my presence in Egypt and some do not. And everyone has their opinion of me and is fully free to express his opinion.”
(JIWON: How come false information are found even in the Egyptian newspaper? O.o*~)

Israeli Musician Kicks off Visit in Cairo and Says He’s Proud of His Palestinian Citizenship and Edward Said Apr 16, 2009 / By Wafaa Bakry and Mohsen Mahmoud
Israeli Maestro Daniel Barenboim in Egyptian Opera mid April under Austrian Initiative Apr 10, 2009 / By Fathia al-Dakhakhni, America in Arabic

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From Daily News Egypt

Written or Interviewed By Daniel Barenboim
Exclusive interview with Daniel Barenboim Apr 12, 2009 / By David Stanford
Israeli and Palestinian Feb 4, 2008 / By Daniel Barenboim
“Protecting” may be insulting Oct 11, 2006 / By Daniel Barenboim

During Barenboim’s FIRST visit to Egypt on Apr 16, 2009

A symphony of goodwill Apr 17, 2009 / By David Stanford
Sharif says those who criticize Barenboim are ‘idiotic’ Apr 14, 2009 / By Joseph Fahim
Exclusive interview with Daniel Barenboim Apr 12, 2009 / By David Stanford
Hosni making strides towards UNESCO bid Apr 7, 2009 / Yasmine Saleh

From 2006 to 2008

Arab-Israeli orchestra stops shows in Qatar, Egypt Jan 7, 2009 / By Daily New Egypt
Actress Charlize Theron appointed UN peace envoy Nov 17, 2008 / By AFP
The power of a Jewish-Muslim narrative Aug 18, 2008 / By Jan Hjärpe
Islamic finance in Tel Aviv? Aug 17, 2008 / By Ariel M. Ezrahi
CENSORED: Lebanon may be liberal, but… May 4, 2008 / By Rana Moussaoui
Slowly but surely, hearts are turning Apr 10, 2008 / By Dvir Abramovich
Back from Darfur, George Clooney takes on new role as UN messenger of peace Feb 1, 2008 / By John Heilprin
Music is a messenger for peace Sep 8, 2007 / By Cesar Chelala

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From Al-Ahram Weekly

NO-Barenboim article during Barenboim’s FIRST visit to Egypt!!!

From 2007 to 2008

Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture | Music for the United Nations 2008/926
Daniel Barenboim, one of the most distinguished musicians of the world, founded the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra in 1999 with the late Palestinian writer …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Front Page 2008/926
By Daniel Barenboim. Entertainment: • Egypt through a smokescreen. By Rania Khallaf. Interview: • Abdel-Rahman El-Abnoudi: an Upper Egyptian Odyssey …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture | Plain talk 2008/894
The Observer describes it as Barenboim’s big adventure and one critic writes that … But who is Barenboim and what, apart from his virtuosity, creates this …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture | Hail the hero 2007/866
He also won several prizes and worked with the famous Daniel Barenboim and the soloist Yo-Yo Ma in 1999. As for the bassoonist, Tamer Kamal, he pursued his …

From 2003 to 2005

Ignace Tiegerman (1893-1968) was a Polish pianist who in 1931 … 2005/769
Sednaoui with Said in Cairo in 1993 (top); and with Said and Barenboim in Weimar in 1999. parent page (17 – 23 November 2005, issue #769)

Al-Ahram Weekly | Books Supplement | Notes from a life of music 2005/769
“He was a great admirer of Glenn Gould, and also of Daniel Barenboim, … She told me that Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said had had the idea of an orchestra …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Books Supplement | Letter from the editor 2005/769
… his decision to form the East/West Divan Orchestra with the musician Daniel Barenboim. Sednaoui remembers the young Edward Said as being a “self- …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture | For a Fistful of Dust: A Passage to … 2004/709
Nadine Gordimer was there, as was Danny Glover, Vanessa Redgrave, Salman Rushdie, and Daniel Barenboim. But all through the service, presided over by our …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture | Remembering Edward Said 2004/715
In his article Daniel Barenboim writes that Edward Said was many things for many people, but his was a musician’s soul in the deepest sense of the word; …

Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim talking of music with Michael … 2004/715
Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim talking of music with Michael Kimmelman (centre) at the New School in New York, winter 2002 …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture | The Maestro 2004/715
Below Daniel Barenboim writes that Edward Said was many things for many people, but his was a musician’s soul in the deepest sense of the word; …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture 2004/715
Two events marking Edward Said’s birth anniversary last Monday: a concert by Daniel Barenboim at the Carnegie Hall in New York and the screening of The Last …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Front Page 2004/715
by Daniel Barenboim. Intimidating Columbia University. by Joseph Massad. Sami Yusuf: new voice of European Islam takes Egypt by storm …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Reader’s corner | Letters to the editor 2004/696
Barenboim played Wagner in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and still got the Israel prize, despite the protestations of Holocaust survivors and opportunist and …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Books Supplement | A year in review 2003/669
… Mahmoud Darwish, Mohamed Sid Ahmed, Hanan Ashrawi, Anouar Abdel-Malek, Ferial Ghazoul, Daniel Barenboim, Samir Amin and Mourid Barghouti. …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Opinion | The artist of our dream 2003/659
… lectures and speeches, but also by founding with his friend, fellow musician and world-renowned composer, Daniel Barenboim, a joint West-Eastern Divan, …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Reader’s corner Letters 2003/658
With Said, Palestinians and Israelis had a vision for a better future, personified by the long cooperation with the Jewish musician Daniel Barenboim, …

In the year of 2003

Al-Ahram Weekly | Tributes to Edward Said 2003/658
Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said’s last concert. By Tania Tamari Nasir ….. Daniel Barenboim Perhaps the first thing one remembers about Edward Said was …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Front page | ‘What are we waiting for, assembled … 2003/658
Daniel Barenboim, Chief Conductor for Life of the Staatskapelle Berlin and a … Bahnan’s anger and the serenity of Barenboim’s piano-playing embodied the …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Articles by Edward Said 2003/658
Barenboim and the Wagner taboo — ( 16 – 22 August 2001) On the occasion of his playing a Wagner extract at Israel’s premiere musical event, Edward Said …

Al-Ahram Weekly | The death of Edward Said 2003/657
Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said’s last concert. By Tania Tamari Nasir … Barenboim and the Wagner taboo — ( 16 – 22 August 2001) …

Al-Ahram Weekly | The death of Edward Said | Obituaries 2003/657
Either way his final act, that riveting joint symphonic concert with Daniel Barenboim reached for hearts and minds in deeply moving terms. …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Reader’s corner 2003/655
Sir– ‘No ordinary concert’ by Tania Tamari Nasir (Al Ahram Weekly, 4-10 September) tells a moving story of how an Israeli concert by Daniel Barenboim …

The inspiration of art: the Barenboim- Said partnership; (left … 2003/654
The inspiration of art: the Barenboim- Said partnership; (left) Barenboim practising with partner Jacqueline du Pré (source:

Al-Ahram Weekly | Features | No ordinary concert 2003/654
Edward Said and Daniel Barenboim’s friendship has inspired numerous creative … The article was an interview with Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said, …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Front page 2003/654
Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said No ordinary concert • Theatre CIFET 2003: Thespian fever • Sports: squash Climbing the squash ranks …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture | Of joys and sorrows 2003/649
… one of the most important international conductors, a celebrated musician who belongs with Sir Simon Rattle, Zubin Mehta and Daniel Barenboim. …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture | ‘Being among difference’ 2003/627
5 Mar 2003 … Since their chance meeting at a London hotel, Said and Barenboim have … And Barenboim was currently training two Palestinian prodigies, …

From 1998 to 2002

Al-Ahram Weekly | Focus | Laudatio for Said 2002/615
Predictably, the words and the notes mix and harmonise: he has collaborated with Daniel Barenboim and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in a new production of …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture 2001/547
Barenboim and the Wagner taboo. On the occasion of his playing a Wagner extract at Israel’s premiere musical event, Edward Said explores possible political …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture | Barenboim and the Wagner taboo 2001/547
On the occasion of his playing a Wagner extract at Israel’s premiere musical event, Edward Said explores possible political implications of Daniel …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Opinion | Too much work 2001/519
I know two contemporary prodigies, the awesomely gifted musician Daniel Barenboim, the brilliant linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky: they could not be …

Al-Ahram Weekly | West Bank diary 1998/407
I recalled that in West Jerusalem last March, Daniel Barenboim and I had met with an Israeli Jewish group who were also concerned with secularism, …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture and conflict 1998/386
Agreeing with the Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim’s perception that “the ….. And yet, at the same time, he agrees with Daniel Barenboim that “the only …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Leonora centre stage 1998/379
A NEW, semi-staged performance of Fidelio, Beethoven’s opera, was premiered in Chicago yesterday, conducted by Daniel Barenboim, directed by Alexander …

Al-Ahram Weekly | Scenes from Palestine 1998/1948/370
Born and raised in Argentina, Barenboim came to Israel in l950 at the age of … What I found extremely heartening is that Barenboim, one of the world’s …

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