Barenboim in Jordanian Media

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From The Jordan Times

7 Barenboim-articles until Apr 16, 2009

barenboim urges Arabs to visit Israel Apr 16, 2009
Israeli-Argentinian conductor Daniel barenboim on Wednesday called on Arabs to visit Israel, urging them not to put all Israelis “in one basket”.
AT A GLANCE Jan 7, 2009
UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres called for strict adherence to humanitarian principles in the ongoing conflict in Gaza, including respect for the universal right of those fleeing war to seek safety in other states, according to a statement received by The Jordan Times yesterday.
AT A GLANCE Dec 30, 2008
Bahraini state television on Sunday aired confessions from six of the 14 men arrested for plotting attacks on the tiny Gulf island’s capital.
Lebanon may be liberal, but… Apr 18, 2008
Lebanon is a liberal Middle East country with unfettered Internet access, but state censorship is also rife on any topics that touch upon Israel or sensitive issues such as religion.
Peaceful coexistence is possible Jan 24, 2008
The award of a Palestinian passport to Daniel barenboim, the world-renowned Argentinean-Israeli pianist and conductor, is controversial in his adoptive homeland. But barenboim does not shirk controversy. He stands up for what he thinks and for what is right.
AT A GLANCE Jan 14, 2008
Bomb blast kills three children in Somalia
MOGADISHU (Reuters) – A bomb blast killed three children in southern Somalia and wounded four others on Sunday, witnesses and doctors said.
Princess Haya named United Nations Messenger of Peace Sep 23, 2007
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has honoured HRH Princess Haya by designating her as a UN Messenger of Peace.

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