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Please check
🙂 Wikipedia: Egypt
🙂 Wikipedia: Arab world media > Wikipedia: Egypt
🙂 Worldpress: Egyptian Newspapers and Magazines

JIWON: Could you guys please check these e-addresses? They don’t work… *.*
1. Cairo Opera House: (mailbox is full) ;
2. Wafd Party (Arabic Only): ;
3. Almasry Alyoum: (Mailbox is full) ; (Mailbox is full) ; (Mailbox is full) ; (Mailbox is full) ;
4. Daily News Egypt: (NOT-working) ;

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1-1. Cairo Opera House or Wikipedia: COH or Facebook: COH: Dr. Abdel-Moneim Kamel as Chairman of the National Cultural Centre
1-2. Contact: (mailbox is full) ;

2-1. Cairo Symphony Orchestra or Wikipedia: CSO: Marcello Mottadelli as Principal Conductor and Dr. Inès Abdel Daim as Director & acting General Manager (Also Dean of the Cairo Conservatoire)
2-2 Contact: Dr. Ines Abdel Daim – ; Dr. Azza Madian – ; Osama Abdallah – ;

3-1. Cairo Opera Orchestra: Homepage but with NO-Information (Nader Abbassi as Principal Conductor and Artistic Director)
3-2. NO-contact

4. Wikipedia: Academy of Arts, which is a main body of Wikipedia: Cairo Conservatoire: NO-Website

5-1. Egyptian Philharmonic Society or Facebook: EPS : Located in Giza. Ahmed El Saedi as Music Director
5-2. Contact: ;

6-1. Arab Youth Philharmonic Orchestra: Located in Cairo(?). Rachid Saouli (Algeria) as Conductor
6-2. NOT-working since Apr 16, 2009

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1. President Hosni Mubarak: Under-Construction

2-1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit.
2-2. Contact: ; Citizens’ Complaint – ; Foreigners and Legalization Affairs – ;

3-1. Ministry of Culture (Arabic only): ;
3-2. Supreme Council of Culture: ; ;
3-3. Ministry of Culture (Arabic only) or Wikipedia: Farouk Hosni or Farouk Hosny: Cultural Minister since 1987 ; Webmail ; ;

4-1. National Democratic Party or Wikipedia: NDP: President Hosni Mubarak is the party chairman.
4-2. No-contact.

5-1. Wafd Party (Arabic Only) or Wikipedia: (New) Wafd Party: A nationalist liberal party in Egypt. One of the main opposition parties. Mahmoud Abaza is the party chairman.
5-2. Editor in Chief: Dear Citizen: Send us suggestions. The thoughts of you, and your contribution and participation. In building a free nation for a better tomorrow for future generations. ; ;
5-3. Contact: ;
5-4. Clinic; ;
5-5. People in trouble: Dear Citizen please send us your complaint whatsoever to the work of a soon to be published ; ;

6-1. Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS) or ISN: ACPSS : Since 1968. Dr Abdel Moneim Said is Director. An independent research organization whose original focus on Zionism and Israeli society has broadened to include developmental issues of the international system. ACPSS undertakes multidisciplinary research dealing with regional and global developments as well as Egyptian strategic, political, economic and social affairs.
6-2. Nabil Abdel Fattah: Political analyst, who said Barenboim’s concert marks “a change in Hosni’s policy — which opposed normalization with Israel.”
6-3. Contact: þ ; ;

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1-1. Al Kawakeb Magazine, Government-owned film weekly in Cairo, which is NOT wealthy enough to support its official homepage.
1-2. Mahmoud Saad: A popular TV host and Editor-in-Chief of Al Kawakeb Magazine. Late Edward Said’s hater-or-lover, and therefore, he called Omar Sharif an Israeli Spy. THUS, he urged ‘every journalist in Egypt not to allow THIS to happen.’
1-3. Contact: Facebook: Mahmoud (Mohammad) Saad: (JIWON: I never dare ‘directly’ to contact this famed Egyptian. Scary… *.*)

2-1. AlWafd (Arabic Only): or Wikipedia: AlWafd – Daily: A daily newspaper published by the Wafd (‘Delegation’) party in Cairo, Egypt. As the house organ of the liberal-democratic neo-Wafd party, the paper is considered an opposition paper, although both party and paper have oscillated between support and opposition for the regime.
2-2. Amyad Mustafa: A famous music critic, who accused Barenboim!!!
2-3. Mohammed Amin: Deputy Editor, who is worrying about situation in Egypt. “If Barenboim is here on a Spanish passport as he says, then, perhaps, it’s no problem”
2-4. Contact: Chairman of the Board – Mahmoud Ahmed Abaza, Editor in Chief – Abbas Trabily ; ; ;

3-1. Almasry Alyoum or Wikipedia: Almasry Alyoum: A daily, privately-owned newspaper since 2005. (…) The paper initially circulated primarily amongst Cairo’s intellectual elite, providing objective news coverage in the belief that good news would beat sensationalist reporting found in other Egyptian print media. After 2 years, Al-Misri al-Yawm was challenging al-Ahram for the status of national paper of record. (…) Al-Masry al-Yom, was successful because it responded to the Egyptian media market as a whole and not a single political party, like typical Egyptian opposition papers, and was unafraid to take on hard-hitting topics, like governmental news outlets. Further, it harnessed the energy of young journalists, giving them incentives to produce good work. (…) The current editor in chief is Magdy Al Galad.
3-2. Samir Farid: A famed journalist, who barely(?) recalled Barenboim’s Palestinian passport… ^.* (Is this guy that famous Wikipedia: Film Critic Samir Farid, BTW?)
3-3. Salah Diab: A board member. “I am against normalization with Israel, as it is the enemy of Arabs and Palestinians, and nobody is happy about what is happening to our brethren in Gaza. Such incidents are absolutely unacceptable,”
3-4. Contact-Webmail (Arabic Only): (Mailbox is full) ; (Mailbox is full) ; ; (Mailbox is full) ; (Mailbox is full) ;

4-1. Daily News Egypt or Wikipedia: Daily News Egypt: The only independent English language daily in Egypt. It is affiliated with the International Herald Tribune.
4-2. David Stanford: Journalist, who interviewed Barenboim. (Is this guy an Egyptian? I don’t think so…)
4-3. Yasmine Saleh: Journalist, who reported Nabil Abdel Fattah’s analysis.
4-4. Contact – Webmail ; (NOT-working) ;


1-1. Wikipedia: Al-Ahram (b. 1875) One of the most widely circulating Egyptian daily newspapers, and the second oldest after Al-Waqae’a Al-Masreya (“The Egyptian Events”, founded 1828).
1-2. Al-Ahram Weekly: Though countless Barenboim-articles… NO-Cairo article.
1-3. Contact: Webmail: Editor-in-Chief / Assem El-Kersh – ; Deputy Editor-in-Chief / Mona Anis – ; Managing editor / Galal Nassar – ; Feel NO need to contact on Apr 16, 2009.

2-1. Middle East Times: Located in Washington (100 Barenboim-articles found through Search-Barenboim Result until Apr 16, 2009. But NO-Cairo article.)
2-2. Feel NO need to contact on Apr 16, 2009.

3-1. Egypt Today: (Though there are MUSIC-articles, NO-Barenboim-articles until Apr 16, 2009.)
3-2. Feel NO need to contact on Apr 16, 2009.

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