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Please check
🙂 Wikipedia: Jordan
🙂 Wikipedia: Arab world media > Jordan
🙂 Minister of Foreign Affairs > Useful Links

JIWON: Could you guys please check these e-addresses? They don’t work… *.*
1. The King Abdullah II: Webmail-Feedback (JIWON: Impossible to send webmail. It says I’m coming from an unauthorized domain.)
2. Minister of Foreign Affairs: FM Nasser Judeh (2009-?) ; (NOT-working) ; (JIWON: How come Foreign Ministry’s official e-address can’t work? This is the only one they offer…)
3. Minister of Culture: ; (JIWON: It didn’t work one year ago. Now, it looks like working… not sure of.)

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1-1. Amman Symphony Orchestra (b. 2006 but NO-website): Mohammed Uthman Sidiq (b. 1962) as Permanent Conductor. (Also Assistant Director for Academic Affairs – Piano Teacher at NMC.)
1-2. Contact: Mohammed Sidiq – ; ; ;

2-1. King Hussein Foundation (KHF):
2-2. Contact: general enquiries – ;

3-1. King Hussein Foundation (KHF) > National Music Conservatory
3-2. The National Music Conservatory (Arabic Only):
3-3. Contact: ; For more information about Music in Me (Not working)

4-1. Yarmouk University: (JIWON: There was Music-Department under Fine-Arts and I could read biographies of each professor. Impossible to find it now.)
4-2: Contact: Faculty of Fine Arts – ;

5-1. King Hussein Foundation (KHF) > National Center for Culture and Performing Arts: Lina Attel as Director General. Rania Kamhawi as Deputy Director / Director of Dance Department.
5-2.: Contact: ; ; Lina Attel – ; Rania Kamhawi – ;
5-3. Feel NO need to contact

6-1. Arab Alliance of Women in Music (NGO) > Report of AAWM for UNESCO: Lina Attel as President (2008-09)
6-2. Contact: ;

7. Minister of Culture:
Ministry festivals
Festivals Committee
1. Cities of Culture of Jordan (Plural)
2. For Jordan
3. By the Ministry of Culture (Plural)
4. Cultural development in Jordan (Plural)
5. Structure Altntimi (구조)
6. Cultural Centers (Plural)
6-1. Cultural centers of Jordan
Performing Arts Center / Noor Al Hussein Foundation.
The home of the arts.
Abdel Hamid Shoman Foundation.
House of Hair Jordan.
Zaha Cultural Center.
Haya Cultural Center.
Princess Salma Cultural Center.
King Abdullah II Center for cultural heritage.
Citadel Cultural Center.
Hassan Cultural Center.
Al-Hussein Cultural Center.
Royal Cultural Center.
6-2. Cultural centers of Arab and foreign
The Spanish Cultural Center (Cervantes): Founded in 1979.
Turkish Cultural Center: Founded in 1969.
American Cultural Center: Founded in 1954.
French Cultural Center: Founded in 1964.
The German Goethe Institute: Founded in 1961.
The British Council: Founded in 1948.
7. Cultural bodies
The Jordan Society for the German culture and science
The Jordan Society for Science and Culture
Cultural Association of Youth and Children: University of Jordan
Association of Arab women musicians: Noor Al Hussein Foundation
Party Jordan Performing Arts
Korean Cultural Center
Children’s Choir and Orchestra IRBID
Youth Orchestra Alquesmp
Jerusalem Cultural Forum
The work of the Women’s Cultural: Irbid Directorate of Culture
Cultural Club Jerusalem: Directorate of culture of Madaba
8. Authors and writers
9. Arts (Plural)
9-3. Music (설명 빈칸)
10. Regulations and instructions (Plural)
11. Services (Plural)
12. State prizes for 2007 (Plural)
13. Books (Plural)
14. Modern issues (Plural)
15. Cultural sites
Music Forum (Women in Music): Located in Italy
Jordanian Artists Union (Weird website???)
16. Events and activities of the department of culture in the provinces (Plural)
17. Library family of Jordan (Plural)
18. Mobile Children’s Library (Plural)
19. Creative time (Plural)
20. Important declaration to the cultural institutions: ;
21. Announcements (Plural)
22. Contact Us
23. Jerusalem is the capital of Arab Culture 2009
24. Jordanians call for a book
25. Guest Book
26. Archives
27. Jordanian theater festival XV (Plural)


8-1. > The Hills Are Alive (Dec 12, 2007)
8-2. Contact: ;
8-3. Feel NO need to contact

9-1. Calendar of Events in Jordan
9-2. A New Season For The Amman Symphony Orchestra Oct 25, 2007 / The Black Iris
[Q] – I will be in AMMAN and I want to hear the AMMAN Symphony Orchestra! Please direct me to any source that would provide information regarding the concerts, the tickets, etc!
[A] – You can sign up to the National Music Conservatory’s mailing list to receive their what’s on:, and tel +962 6 476 7221. Also check out a general calendar of events in Jordan on:

1. Symphony Arabica: Located in Netherland. ; Web-Mail (I’m not sure of this web-mail, though it worked. Somehow, I couldn’t send it for a while.)
2. The Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts: NOT-working

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1. The King Abdullah II: Webmail-Feedback (JIWON: Impossible to send webmail. It says I’m coming from an unauthorized domain.)
2. Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah: Webmail-Feedback (JIWON: To my surprise, no Israelite could send a message to Jordanian Queen. Then, I am not a Korean while working for Barenboim, so I had to be a Palestinian to send my Barenboim-message.)
3. Government of Jordan: Webmail-Ask ;
4. Minister of Foreign Affairs: FM Nasser Judeh (2009-?) ; (NOT-working) ;
5. Minister of Culture: ; Dr. Sabri Rabihat (CM) – ; Grace divine (Secretary-General) – ; Maysaa Shreim (Coach) – ;

1. Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan => (KHF): (NOT-working) ;
2. Noor Al-Hussein Foundation = King Hussein Foundation (KHF): (OLD)

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1-1. The Jordan Times: 7 Barenboim-articles until Apr 16, 2009
1-2. Samir Barhoum – Editor-in-chief
1-3. Contact: ;

2-1. Petra News Agency (official news service): NO-Barenboim articles
2-2. Contact-Webmail (Arabic) (FullName-전화-Mobile-Email-Attachment-Comment): ; Director-General – ; Directorate of News – news @ petra. ;
2-3. Feel NO need to contact

3-1. Jordan Radio & Television (Arabic)
3-2. Contact-Webmail (Arabic) (Name-Email)

4-1. Ad Dustour (Arabic) (Google-Translation)
4-2. Contact-Webmail (Arabic) (Name-Address-Phone-Email-Title) ; ;

5-1. Al Arab al Yawm (Arabic) (Google-Translation)
5-2. Contact (Arabic): ;

Al-Ra’i (Arabic)
Al-Anbat News Paper
ALghad Newspaper
Meg – Magazine

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