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Tel Aviv Not Happy With Jewish Pianist Barenboim Playing at the Egyptian Opera Apr 20, 2009 / By Almasry Alyoum, Mohamed Aboud and Fatheya Al-Dakhakhni
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1. Complaining & Whineging / By G.Abi Nader Date 22/4/2009 39:9
Why is it that Israel always complaing & whineging & interfering in other countries affairs, but do not tolerate any criticism from others ?
2. Always Complaining…. / By G. Abi Nader Date 22/4/2009 26:9
Why is it that the entity of Israel always comlaining & whineging about almost every thing.Since the peace agreement with Egypt which kept all conditions without any inter- ference in Israeli affairs.The same cannot be said about Israel.
3. Doctor / By Dr Victoria Date 21/4/2009 11:1
Yawn!!! Here we go again…yet another accusation of anti-semitism aimed at anyone who speaks out against the occupation of Palestine.

Yisrael Hume newspaper yesterday said the Israeli officials have boycotted the concert of the Israeli pianist Daniel Barenboim in Cairo, in line with the Israeli position that rejects the nomination of Farouk Hosni for UNESCO Secretary-General.
“We are very angry at Barenboim giving a concert aimed at increasing Hosni’s opportunities,” said sources with the Israeli Foreign Ministry, pointing out that Hosni gave statements that were hostile to Israel, notably his promise to parliament that he would burn any Hebrew books that may be found in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
Barenboim, who does not live in Israel, is severely attacked by the Israeli press for his anti-occupation position that calls for the establishment of an independent Palestinian State.
Limor Livnat, the former Israeli education minister, accused him of anti-Semitism.
For his part, Hossam Nassar, Advisor to the Minister of Culture, said the concert has nothing to do with Hosni’s nomination. Date of Issue April 20, 2009 From Front page or Hot issues (Google-Translation)
Tel Aviv, is angry with the participation of the Jewish composer «Barenboim» in the opera
كتب محمد عبود وفتحية الدخاخنى ٢٠/ ٤/ ٢٠٠٩ Mohammad Abboud, Fathia Aldechacheny 4-20-2009
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1. Did not, nor are aware of what we read / Suspension and the date of the Order of 20/4/2009 15:21
Agreed with the comment, Dr. Radi, one hundred percent, and thank you for typing in Arabic is very accurate and simple bit
2. Is Anaadi Zionism or Judaism?! / Mona suspension date 20/4/2009 45:19
Is Anaadi Zionism or Judaism?! If this is not a Jewish musician living in Israel, rejecting Israeli policy … Why Naade Valrcol peace be upon him used to deal with the Jews and improve their treatment of Muslims in Andalusia and do good to the extent that the treatment of Jews opened on this day and age the golden age was the Lao Judea Jewish writer, poet and minister of the House money in Andalusia
3. Confirmed to Aajp and confirmed Aajp / Ahmed Sakr comment history 20/4/2009 41:17
Many here have attacked the ceremony and Barenboim Now personally attacked Israel – and the left in front of him, but the (share of Hdovernm).
4. I do not defect to Israel / Ehab comment history 20/4/2009 11:17
Israel remains is what we are sad Ajaiib generally tolerate Sktnaloa Bhmaroh sufficient income, and yes, the agent
5. I do not defect to Israel / Ehab comment history 20/4/2009 9:17
Israel remains is what we are sad Ajaiib generally tolerate Sktnaloa Bhmaroh sufficient income, and yes, the agent
6. Why do not you are aware of what we read / Dr. Radi comment history 20/4/2009 45:16
Towards the world and the good test for the music, Daniel led the Cairo Symphony Orchestra and attacked Farouk Hosni note that this is music to break the siege of Yasser Arafat to play in Ramallah in solidarity with the Palestinians against the Israeli occupation and has granted the Palestinian Authority, a Palestinian passport. Then, when Israel declared his outrage at the attack in Cairo you promised to Will Farouk Hosni has also become a way of Egyptians attack anyone without cause so that one wonders what the commentators, we headed back Farouk Hosni for UNESCO and, of course, no comment!! Oh Dear I’m not a staff member in the Ministry of Culture Farouk Hosni Erbtuny I link to one of the intellectuals say that Farouk Hosni is one of the Kulil who have enriched the cultural life is in Egypt, such as Dr. Tharwat Okasha, and an honor to be chaired by UNESCO’s a descendent of Egyptian pharaohs of the first civilizations and an honor to be the Farouk Hosni, and hello to all the Israelis who reject Israel’s policy and continue with them to be a thorn in the side of arrogant Nazi State
7. Suffice God / Comment mohamd farwk Date 20/4/2009 36:16
Fear of God makes you a way out. Haraam and you. De bug must need a few
8. — / Comment – Date 20/4/2009 11:16
Saboh confusion and work for what was attacked Jews pigs deliver true
9. To Akhchoa Mato / Comment Mahmowod Date 20/4/2009 55:15
Zaalanyen violin – and what we do – as the saying Ianhalp Atqrchini not want to Aslk (thickness)
10. Why??? / Mohamed comment history 20/4/2009 9:15
Why is angry …. End Zolha !!!!!!! Jdorha go of the neck …
11. No comments / The date of the suspension of anyone 20/4/2009 57:14
What do you want to normalize the hopes of normalizing want without criticism is true the Jews
12. Why??? / Mohamed comment history 20/4/2009 11:14
Why is angry …. End Zolha !!!!!!!
13. What is the interest / Suspension of a member of the Democratic Front Date 20/4/2009 48:13
I do not know what benefit is the average Egyptian citizen to win the post of Farouk Hosni UNESCO, the interest may be the only change in the Minister of Culture, which runs behind with Almakhldin positions. I would ask the Egyptian people, Farouk Hosni said, did not win the UNESCO to resign from his Cabinet post to leave an opportunity for new staff. Immortalizing positions in the way against the principles of democracy and does not give the opportunity for creativity and development. And I hope that the selection of the minister and other leadership positions are elected by members of the relevant trade union, and not appointed by the president, who was also appointed.
14. We like Blhm / The date of the suspension of a regular citizen, 20/4/2009 39:13
We like the ideals behind me and concern Blhm Radi mean I do not oppose the participation of two musician Filtp and being all of Egypt would kill herself if not rocked the musician plays Filtp Mqtoatp Ikhyeekm you God is involved in this farce, this time in the Great
15. Big disappointment / The suspension of Egyptian history 20/4/2009 48:9
Jtkoa disappointment … Israel is angry that??! God you Yamsr
16. Yashikh / Sami suspension date 20/4/2009 10:9
Yeah, what Israel uniforms angry de Maicon Matarafc need God, and the strange

كشفت صحيفة «يسرائيل هيوم العبرية»، أمس، أن المسؤولين الإسرائيليين قاطعوا حفل الموسيقار وعازف البيانو الإسرائيلى دانيال بارينبويم فى القاهرة، اتساقاً مع الموقف الإسرائيلى الرافض لترشيح الوزير فاروق حسنى أميناً عاماً لمنظمة اليونسكو. Newspaper «Hume Yisrael Hebrew», yesterday, the Israeli officials boycotted the ceremony, the musician and the Israeli pianist Daniel Barenboim in Cairo, in line with the Israeli position that rejects the nomination of the Minister Farouk Hosni as Secretary-General of UNESCO.
ونقلت الصحيفة عن مصادر فى وزارة الخارجية الإسرائيلية قولها: «نحن ننظر، بغضب بالغ، لمشاركة الموسيقار الإسرائيلى دانيال بارينبويم، فى حفل يستهدف تعزيز فرص وزير الثقافة المصرى للفوز بالمنصب الدولى»، مشيرة إلى أن فاروق حسنى أدلى، فى السنوات الماضية، بتصريحات عدائية تجاه إسرائيل، من أبرزها وعده لأعضاء البرلمان المصرى بحرق أى كتب عبرية يتم العثور عليها فى مكتبة الإسكندرية. The newspaper quoted sources in the Israeli Foreign Ministry as saying: «We are looking, very angry, for the participation of Israeli musician Daniel Barenboim, in a ceremony aimed at promoting opportunities for the Egyptian Minister of Culture position to win the World», pointing out that Farouk Hosni made in previous years, statements that are hostile to the Israel, notably the promise to the members of the Egyptian parliament to burn any book in Hebrew is found in the Library of Alexandria.
يذكر أن الموسيقار اليهودى دانيال بارينبويم لا يعيش فى إسرائيل، ويواجه حملات عاصفة فى الصحافة الإسرائيلية، بسبب مواقفه الرافضة للاحتلال، والداعية لإقامة دولة فلسطينية مستقلة، حتى إن «ليمور ليفنات» وزيرة التعليم الإسرائيلية السابقة، تجاهلت أنه يهودى الديانة، ووصفته بـ«الموسيقار المعادى للسامية». Is noteworthy that the Jewish musician Daniel Barenboim does not live in Israel, and the campaigns face a storm in the Israeli press, because of his anti-occupation, and calling for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, even if it is «Limor Livnat» The former Israeli education minister, he ignored the Jewish religion, and as b «musician Maadi Semitism ».
من جانبه، رفض حسام نصار، مستشار وزير الثقافة، التعليق على كلام وزارة الخارجية الإسرائيلية، مؤكدا أنه «لا توجد أدنى علاقة بين حفل بارينبويم وبين ترشيح حسنى لليونسكو». For his part, refused to Hossam Nassar, Advisor to the Minister of Culture, to comment on the words of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, adding that «there is no relationship between the minimum and the ceremony Barenboim Hosni nomination for UNESCO».
وأوضح نصار، الذى يرافق وزير الثقافة فى زيارته إلى باريس، لحضور اجتماعات المجلس التنفيذى لليونسكو، أن فكرة تنظيم حفل لبارينبويم فى القاهرة «بدأت منذ ما يقرب من عامين ونصف خلال فترة تولى أورسولا بلانسيك منصب وزيرة خارجية النمسا»، وقال «إن إقامة الحفل فى هذا التوقيت متعلقة بتوفيق المواعيد مع الموسيقار العالمى». The Nassar, who is accompanying the Minister of Culture, in his visit to Paris, to attend the meetings of the Executive Board of UNESCO, that the idea of organizing a ceremony in Cairo Barenboim «began nearly two and a half years during the period of Ursula Blansec took the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria», said «The establishment of the ceremony in this time on the musician to adjust the dates with the world ».

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I’m against Tel Aviv Racism: Israeli Conductor Barenboim Apr 18, 2009 / By Almasry Alyoum, Mohsen Mahmoud and DPA
Controversy over the world conductor Daniel Barenboim, who is of an Israeli nationality, reflected on the Cairo Opera House party two days ago. The party witnessed heavy security measures and a big gathering of crowds.
Some ambassadors and foreign society in Egypt attended the party. The 1200-seat theater hall was overwhelmed with the audience. Barenboim got a standing ovation after playing his famous Eastern–Western Divan Orchestra for which he is famous.
Egyptian actor Omar Sharif was the party surprise. He introduced Barenboim to the crowd filled with Egyptian high society and foreign diplomats, saying, “I love his work and his opinions. He is a man who cultivates tolerance.”
Sharif said it was an honor for him to introduce the world pianist and conductor irrespective of his nationality or religion. He said the conductor established his East-West orchestra with the late intellectual Edward Said. Sharif then took a seat next to Culture Minister Farouq Hosni who kept clapping throughout the event.
Barenboim carries Israeli, Palestinian, Argentinean and Spanish passports. He got an enthusiastic welcome for 5 minutes not only as praise for his talent but for his stance toward Israel and his call for building an independent Palestinian state beside Israel.
He played several symphonies then addressed the audience by saying, “I know some oppose my presence in Egypt and some do not. And everyone has their opinion of me and is fully free to express his opinion.”
Barenboim, 66, said he is against racism and incidents in Palestine. He said he had said that in Israel. He said the Palestinians and Israelis should live side by side in peace. He admitted he was educated in Israel but said his music is not Israeli.
He expressed happiness for visiting Egypt. But, he delicately criticized the Arab sides which he said used to put all the Israelis in the same basket and boycott Israel. He called on Arab diplomats in Tel Aviv such as Egypt, Jordan and Syria to present their viewpoints in Tel Aviv itself instead of the policy of boycotting. Date of Issue April 18, 2009 From Hot issues (Google-Translation)
Israeli musician Barenboim: I am against racism of Tel Aviv and the Arabs to put her position instead of the province
محسن محمود و(د.ب.أ) ١٨/ ٤/ ٢٠٠٩ Mohsen Mahmoud (d. B. A) 4-18-2009
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1. All this because of UNESCO / Mohamed Barakat, the suspension date 19/4/2009
By God, you wrong me what is happening in the country, this is true we are in the last decade Zahd Israeli plays Libby on the opera grounds to call it peace .. We can not say, but truth of God and of you, you are Kzpettm that God has told us that they do not want peace, not war, but other
2. Dear musician / Mohammed Saeed comment history 18/4/2009 54:10
Arabs are required to unwind Ibulgoha on Israel, because the two do not know that the Arabs in the conference announced that the only solution is peace, I do not know for Yeh I have to unwind and have my brother Itbawa normalization of them are governed by the length of the Israel Peace Sheinpaaadae
3. God have mercy on Iasadat / Suspension of Dr. Fathi Jabali Date 18/4/2009 53:10
God bless his soul after President Sadat Masamat speech has exposed this, uh, Sadat was a man very advanced ideas about the age of 40 at least where the Arab rulers and hear Ischofoa
4. Farouk Hosni to accept a token of the international organization / Reza comment history 18/4/2009 30:10
This invitation to the Israeli is a token of the success of Farouk Hosni UNESCO-called
5. Israeli musician Barenboim / Comment Vecdi pasture date 18/4/2009 59:9
I am astonished to host the Ministry of Culture and the Israeli composer Matlekaya Barenboim and the support of the Ministry of Finance, while the Ministry of Finance reduced the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture and the fear of the spread of bird flu and Thorha and kill us or Stajawnna Bmusiqa 00 Israeli musician Barenboim 0

The controversy on the musician world «Daniel Barenboim», who holds Israeli citizenship, was reflected in the ceremony held in the Opera House, Thursday evening, marked by strict security measures and severely busy to attend a number of ambassadors and foreign communities in Egypt, and accumulated large theater hall, which had a capacity of about 1200 spectators clapped all very warmly to Daniel, who played orchestra «Court East West», for which he has.
كان الفنان عمر الشريف مفاجأة الحفل، حيث تولى تقديم دانيال، مؤكداً أنه فخور به وبفنه، بقوله: أنا فخور بتقديمى للفنان العالمى «دانيال» ولا دخل لى بجنسيته أو دينه، لأن الفن ليس له وطن، وفخور أيضاً بتقديمى له فى أوبرا بلدى، لأن دانيال له جهود كبيرة من أجل السلام، وأنشأ أوركسترا الشرق والغرب مع الأديب والمفكر الفلسطينى الراحل إدوارد سعيد، ثم عاد للجلوس فى صفوف الجمهور إلى جوار فاروق حسنى، وزير الثقافة، الذى لم يتوقف طوال الحفل عن التصفيق. Omar Sharif, the artist was a surprise ceremony, which took over the provision of Daniel, saying he was proud of him and Bvenh, saying: Sir, I am proud of the painting «Daniel» Lee had nothing to do with nationality or religion, because art has no homeland, and also proud of him, Sir, in my opera, because Daniel had great efforts for peace, and established the East-West Orchestra, with the writer and the late Palestinian intellectual Edward Said, and then returned to sit in public next to the Farouk Hosni, Minister of Culture, who did not stop for the applause of the ceremony.
وبمجرد ظهور دانيال الذى يحمل جوازات سفر إسرائيلية، وفلسطينية، وأرجنتينية، وإسبانية على المسرح، قابله الجمهور بتصفيق حار لمدة ٥ دقائق ليس إشادة بموهبته الموسيقية فقط، وإنما لموقفه السياسى من إسرائيل، ودعوته لإقامة دولة فلسطينية مستقلة إلى جانب إسرائيل، وبعد عزف أكثر من مقطوعة موسيقية تحدث إلى الجمهور قائلاً: أعلم تماماً أن هناك مَنْ يرفض وجودى فى مصر، وهناك أيضاً من يتقبلنى، وكل شخص له رأيه الخاص ولديه مطلق الحرية فى التعبير عن رأيه. As soon as Daniel, who carry Israeli passports, and Palestine, and the Argentine, and Spanish on the stage, are in the public warm applause for a period of 5 minutes is not only a musical tribute to his talent, but for the political position of Israel, and his call for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, and after playing more than one piece music, speaking to the public, saying: I know full well that there are those who reject my stay in Egypt, and there is also Itqublny, each person has his own opinion and has the absolute freedom to express an opinion.
وأضاف دانيال: أنا ضد العنصرية وضد ما يحدث أيضاً فى فلسطين وقلت ذلك فى إسرائيل، والفلسطينيون والإسرائيليون يجب أن يتأقلموا ويعيشوا فى سلام، ولا أنكر أننى تعلمت فى إسرائيل وعشت فيها، لكن هذه الموسيقى ليست إسرائيلية. Daniel said: I am against racism and against what is happening in Palestine and also said that in Israel and the Palestinians and the Israelis must adapt and live in peace, I can not deny that I learned in Israel, where I lived, but the music is not Israeli.
ورغم إعرابه عن سعادته بزيارة مصر، وجه دانيال بعض النقد للأطراف العربية التى تضع جميع الإسرائيليين فى سلة واحدة، وتتخذ موقف المقاطعة، ودعا فى الوقت نفسه ممثلى الدول العربية مثل مصر والأردن وسوريا وغيرها إلى السفر إلى تل أبيب لطرح وجهات نظرهم هناك بدلاً من اتباع سياسة المقاطعة. Despite expressing his happiness to visit Egypt, Daniel in some criticism of Arab parties, which put all the Israelis in one basket, and take the position of the province, and called at the same time, representatives of Arab countries like Egypt, Jordan, Syria and others to travel to Tel Aviv to put their views rather than a policy the province.

02 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=* Date of Issue April 16, 2009
Impossible to find Barenboim-article from ANY section.

Israeli Musician Kicks off Visit in Cairo and Says He’s Proud of His Palestinian Citizenship and Edward Said Apr 16, 2009 / By Almasry Alyoum, Wafaa Bakry and Mohsen Mahmoud
Amid tight security measures and high media coverage, the musician Daniel Barenboim held a press conference yesterday at the Austrian Cultural Center in Cairo after arriving in the Egyptian capital on Tuesday evening. He is due to hold a concert today at Cairo Opera House for the first time.
During the conference, he refused to comment on the campaign against his visit to Cairo.
He said that, as the visit was controversial, this meant he was making serious and real steps toward the goal for which he had formed the orchestra in collaboration with late Palestinian thinker Edward Said.
The latter, for his part, had praised his role in the formation of the orchestra and said he was proud of being his friend.
Barenboim said he knew his visit to Egypt was difficult and that not everyone accepted it. Yet, he affirmed he was happy of the way his orchestra had been welcomed when he arrived in Cairo.
He went on to say that the orchestra members came from most Arab countries, as well as Turkey and Iran, and that he was trying to solve the Palestinian issue in a different way.
He then affirmed that not all Israelis should be considered as the same, adding that his first visit to Cairo was no normalization but indeed showed the belief that this artistic project could achieve peace.
He went on to say that the Israeli government had to understand that Israel would achieve peace and security only by accepting its neighboring countries and letting their people enjoy their rights, especially the Palestinians.
Diplomatically, he avoided answering a question about the passport he had used to enter Cairo.
He said he had an Israeli, a Palestinian, an Argentine and a Spanish passport and thanked both the Palestinians and the Israelis for accepting him.
As for his Spanish passport, he said that it was a diplomatic one and that he obtained it when he went to Ramallah several years ago.
He then pointed out that he did not represent any government when he traveled to any country and did not know anyone at the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

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Israeli Maestro Daniel Barenboim in Egyptian Opera mid April under Austrian Initiative Apr 10, 2009 / By Almasry Alyoum, Fathia al-Dakhakhni, America in Arabic
The Israeli musician Daniel Barenboim is scheduled to give his long-awaited first performance in Egypt at the Cairo Opera House on April 16, the Austrian Embassy in Cairo said.
Barenboim, a conductor and pianist, had planned to make his Egyptian debut in January as part of a world tour with the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, the Arab-Israeli group he founded with the writer Edward Said. But that concert was canceled out of concern for the performers’ safety because of the fighting in Gaza.
The Austrian Embassy said that at the April 16 concert, an initiative of the former Austrian foreign minister Ursula Plassnik, Mr. Barenboim would play piano pieces and conduct the Cairo Symphony Orchestra in Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. An advocate of Palestinian rights, he announced last year that he had accepted honorary Palestinian citizenship, the New York Times said.
The Egyptian Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni had not opposed that Barenboim would lead a concert in Egypt, especially as he is a supporter of peace. Hosni added that Barenboim is known in the world that he opposes the Israeli acts. He is a peace-lover and supports the Arab and Palestinian stances against the Israeli schemes.
Commenting on the controversy over allowing an Israeli maestro to perform in Egypt as a kind of normalization, Hosni said: “Many countries gave this Jewish artist their nationalities because he opposes the Zionist and Israeli acts against the unarmed Palestinian people in the occupied Arab territories.”
Hosni added that Barenboim attacked the Israeli policy against Palestinian women, children and the elderly. He also called for renouncing violence and stopping the settlements when he was honored in the Israeli Knesset. Therefore, the Israeli Minister of Culture called for withdrawing the Israeli nationality from him. Date of Issue April 10, 2009 From Hot issues (Google-Translation)
Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim to play in the middle of the month the opera .. تنفيذًا لمبادرة نمساوية Implementation of the initiative of Austrian
كتب فتحية الدخاخنى وأمريكا إن أرابيك ١٠/ ٤/ ٢٠٠٩ Fathia Aldechacheny wrote that America ARABIC 4-10-2009
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1. Farouk Hosni and UNESCO / Essam Fayed comment date 10/4/2009 5:17
Anna Aahb Farouk Hosni is to things, I not know him personally but for other reasons, the most important cultural trends of the Walt Atergueny often, but not to write but I write this visit Maestro Alasiraiilyalkl knows that Farouk Hosni is ready to do anything, up to the UNESCO, even if the normalization of relations with Jews. And tell him if he sincerely hope that this Amoosaq against the actions of Israel and the Arab right to be the musician to be announced publicly at a press conference before going to the opera
2. Any problem !!!!!!!! / Salah comment AbuZayd Date 10/4/2009 43:13
Since the establishment of the Zionist entity and they are playing so far over our heads and Azvhm increased after the peace agreement must be of the order we went to the Opera House and singularity in accordance with the instructions to see and hear the latest innovations in playing the Zionists, we
3. Israeli conductor / Comment Baha’eddin Date 10/4/2009 40:13
Are we Kaarab Flalm we work is the most dangerous to visit Hdaalmaystrmmen Hanhattabie relations with Israel
4. Welcome / The date of the suspension of a dentist 10/4/2009 24:12
Welcome To the cries of children playing and howling Nsainawanin crawling all Kws and drink the blood of our martyrs, we Blakramh Azizi
5. Israeli conductor / Suspension of the poet Said Sawi Date 10/4/2009 29:10
And if God had written in this article are welcome, true in Egypt. Because in this case does not represent Israel, but is the same as human beings.

بعد الجدل الذى دار حول الموسيقار الإسرائيلى دانيال بارنبويم، أعلنت السفارة النمساوية بالقاهرة أن بارنبويم «سيعزف أوركسترا الديوان الشرقى الغربى يوم ١٦ من الشهر الجارى بدار الأوبرا، بمبادرة من وزيرة الخارجية النمساوية السابقة أورسولا بلانسيك». Following the debate that took place on the Israeli musician Daniel Barenboim, the Austrian Embassy in Cairo said that Barenboim «Siezv East West Diwan Orchestra on Feb. 16 at the Opera, at the initiative of the former Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Blansec».
وقالت صحيفة نيويورك تايمز الأمريكية إن بارنبويم كان من المقرر أن يقدم حفلته فى شهر يناير الماضى كجزء من رحلة عالمية، «لكن تم تأجيل الحفل بسبب العمليات العسكرية الإسرائيلية فى قطاع غزة التى بدأت فى نهاية ديسمبر الماضى»، مشيرة إلى أن بارنبويم أعلن العام الماضى أنه يقبل الجنسية الفلسطينية دفاعا عن حقوق الفلسطينيين. The New York Times that Barenboim was scheduled to submit Hfelth in January as part of a global, «but the ceremony was postponed because of Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip, which began at the end of last December», pointing out that Barenboim announced last year that accept Palestinian citizenship in defense of the rights of Palestinians.
كان فاروق حسنى، وزير الثقافة، قد أكد أنه «لا يمانع فى قيام المايسترو بارنبويم بقيادة إحدى حفلات الأوبرا، خاصة أنه من المؤيدين للسلام»، موضحا أن بارنبويم يحضر إلى مصر بدعوة من السفارة النمساوية ليقود الأوركسترا فى هذا الحفل الخاص، وهو معروف فى العالم أجمع بأنه ضد الأفعال الإسرائيلية ومن المعتدلين والمؤيدين للسلام، والداعمين للقضايا العربية والقضية الفلسطينية العادلة ضد المخططات الإسرائيلية». Farouk Hosni was, Minister of Culture, has emphasized that «no objection to the Maestro Barenboim led a concert opera, especially as it is a supporter of peace», pointing out that Egypt Barenboim come to the invitation of the Austrian Embassy to lead the orchestra in this concert special, which is known in the world that the world is the Israeli acts against the moderates and pro-peace, and supporters of Arab causes and the just Palestinian cause against the Israeli schemes ».
وقال فى بيان صحفى تعليقا على الهجوم على إقامة حفلة لمايسترو إسرائيلى بالأوبرا واعتبارها نوعا من التطبيع، إن «العديد من دول العالم منحت هذا الفنان اليهودى جنسيتها نظرا لدعوته إلى السلام ومواجهته الأفعال والمواقف الصهيونية الإسرائيلية فى الأراضى العربية المحتلة ضد الشعب الفلسطينى الأعزل». He said in a press release commenting on the attack on the ceremony for the establishment of an Israeli opera conductor as a kind of normalization, that «many countries of the world that the artist was granted the Jewish nationality in view of the call to peace and respond to acts of the Zionist and Israeli positions in the occupied Arab territories against the unarmed Palestinian people».
وأضاف أن «بارنبويم هاجم السياسة الإسرائيلية والاعتداءات الإسرائيلية ضد الفلسطينيين من النساء والأطفال والشيوخ، ودعا للسلام ونبذ العنف ووقف المستوطنات عندما كان يكرم بالكنيست الإسرائيلى، الأمر الذى دفع وزيرة الثقافة الإسرائيلية إلى طلب سحب الجنسية الإسرائيلية منه، وهو مقيم حاليا فى ألمانيا». He added that «Barenboim attacked Israeli policy and the Israeli attacks against Palestinian women and children and the elderly, and called for peace and renounce violence and stop the settlements when he was honored the Israeli Knesset, which prompted the Minister of Culture to the request of the Israeli withdrawal from the Israeli citizenship, which is currently residing in Germany».

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