Barenboim in Chinese Media

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From CCTV (En) (Search-Barenboim)

3 Barenboim-articles until Apr 30, 2009

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CCTV: Beijing Music Festival is ten! Jul 27, 2007
The list of celebrated performers in long. There will be international artists like Daniel Barenboim…

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From Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Tenth Beijing Music Festival opens Sep 19, 2007
(BEIJING, September 19) — The tenth Beijing Music Festival was declared open on Wednesday at a press conference featuring famous musician Daniel Barenboim and young Chinese piano star Lang Lang.
For maestro Barenboim, music director of Germany’s Staatsoper, this will be the first appearance on a Chinese concert hall. He told reporters that he felt honored to be able to take part in the event and believed that this would be a golden opportunity for foreigners to know China better.
Lang Lang, who will play ten piano concertos for the festival, said he has been studying with Barenboim for the last six years and was overjoyed to play together with him in Beijing.
Sponsored by China’s Ministry of Culture and the Municipal Government of Beijing, the 10-year-old festival (BMF) is one of the leading classical music festivals in the world. The annual event has seen world-known musicians and orchestras play symphonic music, chamber music, recitals, opera and jazz.
According to Yu Long, chairman of BMF Arts Foundation, since Beijing won the bid for the 2008 Olympic Games in 2001, BMF has grown into an international art event where people from home and abroad get to know each other through the medium of music. It has become an important event in Beijing’s cultural calendar and contributed to enlivening the city and raising its art and culture standards.
From September 21 to October 26, 2007 BMF will present 14 symphonic concerts, six Chinese music concerts, three chamber concerts, one opera, one jazz concert and one free concert for kids.

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