Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3A

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APRIL 20 – JUNE 8, 2009

This is Monday morning. I am just so sick of this computer work, so tired that I don’t want to wake up every Monday morning. Last night, I couldn’t sleep well while thinking of Barenboim’s Divan-Project 2009 and I was tired to death… until I found additional answers from Egypt. And I keep making new collections.

(Updated on APRIL 21, 2009)
Please… I promise that this is my LAST message during Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal!!!

Please check
🙂 From Barenboim in Egyptian Media > Barenboim in Al-Wafd Newspaper
Man of peace and war, set the opera: Agent resigned objection to – Jlaitp – Israeli conductor Apr 20, 2009 / By Al Wafd (Google-Translation)

I am going to SPAM the ENTIRE members of Arab League. Not only I have a special request, regarding Barenboim’s Divan-Project 2009, but also I’ve never heard of more comical joke than Daniel Barenboim’s Edward Said’s Omar Sharif Story by Facebook: Mahmoud Saad. I’m still giggling. At the same time, I thank AlWafd newspaper again for their report. I am still reading it and still trying to smell the exact atmosphere in Cairo after Barenboim’s departure.

Weird that NO Egyptians answer my curiosity when I asked its English version. I don’t think I will make a perfect understanding in this case. But there are couple of issues that I can answer in a clear voice. I know how to answer their furious criticism. I know how to thank for their detailed report. WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE, BY THE WAY?

FIRST, they complain about ‘the special piano in the hotel’. Hum… It reminds me of my previous computer work to defend Israeli 12th prime minister Olmert, his luxurious life and gym work.

Please check
🙂 From Dear-Arab-Readers
THIRD OF ALL, (on JUNE 20, 2008 08:00)
JIWON: Perhaps, male critics only collect kosher Hebrew porn and no one knows where they are hidden. (Please click here and there.) I don’t know why it is easy to find sex-related articles whenever I start my research. I was searching for more information on ‘Shas and institutions’ but ‘Netanyahu and sex’ was what I got instead:
Israel demands soccer sex scandal inquiry Nov 18, 1999 / By BBC
(…) the country was looking for reasons for the defeat and sex has become the prime suspect. (…)
JIWON: As for Olmert’s gym work. (…) I know Olmert’s critics never exercise. If they do, they must have known how important it is to find a gym during international tour, during which an aging man is required to run successful business as planned. (…) May I add two cents? In IBA news, there were Effi Eitam (b. 1952, NU), Yisrael Katz (b. 1955, Likud), Nir Barkat (b. 1959, going to join Likud), and Palestinian Saeb Erekat (b. 1955). Let’s assume that a negotiating table is set in front of the groups of international media. I heartily recommend those Jewish Folks not to enter this open room. None of those can beat Saeb Erekat. This Palestinian sounds much healthier, and therefore more reasonable. This guy won’t lose his temper during his debate with Likud’s Yuval Steinitz. If they still want to join the negotiating team, especially on Jerusalem issue, and win the Palestinians, they’d better close the door, turn off the camera, and use all kinds of dirty tricks.

Please… I know Barenboim’s Cairo Scandal is NEVER like this Jewish case. I wanted to show this part to the Egyptian readers just for fun. I know my whatsoever answer won’t hush up their criticism. Let’s just hope them to understand what a hard life sensitive musicians, Daniel Barenboim in particular, are managing during their international tour.

Have you heard of internationally renowned Pianist X and his Piano-Scandal at the American airport, where he lost his precious piano after FOLKS bombed it? For musicians, instrument is like another himself, yet the pianist can’t carry his own instrument during his international tour. THUS… should I write more? But in this case, Barenboim’s situation even differs from other usual pianists’. Pianist Barenboim also conducts and his conducting is not among mediocre level.

Conductor’s professionalism requires a different lifestyle. For a sensitive musician, it is very difficult to simultaneously maintain two different careers. This guy is workaholic but at the same time famous for taking performance hall as a practice room. FOLKS used to say, “When Barenboim is ON, he is very good, but when he is OFF, he is worse than disastrous.” Please check Barenboim’s physical shape. (Please click this to check Berlin’s Barenboim on Apr 4 and compare the same Barenboim in Cairo two weeks later.) He lost his weight in Berlin, but is quickly getting FAT AGAIN(!). It means that whenever he feels tired, he eats a lot instead of sleeping.

The Etyptian complainers listened to Pianist Barenboim. Did he sound disastrous? Rather, Conductor Barenboim sounded ‘healthy & fresh’ on the piano. It means that this musician took his Cairo debut very seriously and wanted to present the Egyptian music lovers with his BEST. I presume that Barenboim’s supporters or foes in this place are mostly journalists. In these days, they write on the computer, but how they used to prove their brilliant professionalism? It’s a well-known story or common sense that a special pen is always hidden inside his pocket.

Perhaps, Conductor Barenboim should have begged the Cairo officials to allow him to find good practice time with the proper instrument… outside hotel. In any case, I must apologize, if Barenboim’s naive-or-arrogant(?)-or-bourgeous behavior hurt sensitive feeling of Etypian observers. (BTW, why should I apologize them? It is Barenboim, who should do this job. Brrr…)

SECONDLY, they are talking about… I think it is about the German television camera on the stage during the rehearsal and it is against the tradition-or-rules of Egyptian Opera House.

Did Barenboim really threaten to quit? Did Barenboim really say that it was important for the camera to portray his face? This is part of what I couldn’t understand. Also, this is the weirdest situation I’ve seen about Daniel Barenboim. I’ve followed all the Barenboim-scenes since the mid 1990s and Barenboim rather detests this kind of crowd scene encouraged by international media. In addition, please check Barenboim’s opera productions, even orchestra performances. For some reason, (Though Barenboim actually wrote his reason, I can’t write this in this open place…), he doesn’t quite enjoy his life as a TV-star maestro to garner media attention. It was not long ago that he even openly begged that he would be happier if he lived in the world of NO-media. (It was all due to those B*tches’ getting-dirtier-behaviors in public places and my open, getting-louder insulting them, though.)

This Egyptian scene rather looked weird for Barenboim, whose Anti-Israeli life was hunted by international media and has finally become accustomed to this noisy situation. And this maestro really wanted to finish things as fast as possible so that he could rehearse his orchestra more. While watching their live performance, it was clear that Barenboim was so happy about the orchestra members, who followed his ‘singing’ interpretation with their warm, gentle sound, that he wanted to show-up(?) more and more. (I mean… wanted to be proud of his Cairo performance…)

Anyway, I don’t think it is good for any Egytian to sacrifice his professional career after Barenboim’s Cairo appearance. I hope them to find the best solution so that Barenboim could respect Egyptian tradition more next time when he visits.

Please… I didn’t finish THIS PART. It is only starting.

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🙂 From Barenboim in Egyptian Media > Barenboim in Almasry-Alyoum Newspapaer
Tel Aviv Not Happy With Jewish Pianist Barenboim Playing at the Egyptian Opera Apr 20, 2009 / By Mohamed Aboud and Fatheya Al-Dakhakhni
Yisrael Hume newspaper yesterday said the Israeli officials have boycotted the concert of the Israeli pianist Daniel Barenboim in Cairo, in line with the Israeli position that rejects the nomination of Farouk Hosni for UNESCO Secretary-General. “We are very angry at Barenboim giving a concert aimed at increasing Hosni’s opportunities,” said sources with the Israeli Foreign Ministry (…)

How come the Egyptian Almasry Alyoum (Mar 9, 2009) is the only place where I can find information about the Jewish newpaper, ‘Yisrael Hume’? O.o*~ Israeli Foreign Ministry? What the hell are they talking about? Israeli Foreign Ministry is angry at WHAT?

Please check
🙂 From Section: Nationalist-Govn’t-Please
MARCH 3, 2009 (8:00)
JIWON: I kept thinking… What should I call all those old, inferior, impotent (Jewish) male politicians whenever they change the words? Chameleon or Snake or Same Old Bullsh*t? This is what Talkbackers called Livni’s rival male politician.

🙂 From Section: Dieharddoves-&-Settlement
Netanyahu: Likud-led coalition wouldn’t build new settlements Jan 26, 2009 / By Haaretz
Talkbacks for this article 76
34. Our Chameleon-like Politicians Change Color 10:43 / Tzfonit
47. Beware of Bibi`s charms – he has not changed, still a snake 14:29 / hopeful
50. Same Old Bullshit 15:38 / Yaakov Sullivan

🙂 From Barenboim in Egyptian Media > Barenboim in Al-Wafd Newspaper
1200 ‮ ‬artist and writer who attended the ceremony: Amr Musa the most critical. Farouk Hosni refused to attend the ceremony, the Israeli musician Apr 20, 2009 / By Mohamed Al-Nimr (Google-Translation)

Please look elsewhere in the Egypt part in my blog. While I made clear whether Normalization or Whatsoever is NONE of my business, I’ve tried real hard to show Barenboim’s Egyptian audience that there ARE jewel-like Jews, who are worth chatting with the Egyptians. I know those are snakes. I know the snakes are illiterate. But are they really mentally ZERO?



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🙂 From Section: Arad-&-Shalit
JIWON: Hum… What a fun it is to ‘choke’ BIBI’s Knesset on every(!) issue… especially after choking down my rage for years. Now that Hamas’ list includes hundreds of murders/terrorists with blood on their hands, what is 13th PM Netanyahu going to do? Also, I never knew that it was Bibi who released Yassin. Then how come this IDIOT behaved like Phoenix-Bibi on every prisoner case during Seventeenth-Knesset? I know this is the thickest skin, but still speechless…

You are now welcome to ‘STRANGLE’ Bibi’s Knesset on EVERY issue. ‘CHOKING’ Bibi’s Knesset on Shalit’s case won’t be enough.

(Updated on APRIL 22, 2009)
The lust for office beat the national interest: A ceremony of the Israeli side of the face, officials and artists!! Apr 22, 2009 / By Al Wafd, Amjad Mustafa (Google-Translation)
A hard note to play Apr 22 2009 / Al-Ahram Weekly, Nevine El-Aref
Zvi Bar’el: Neighbors / Fiddling with the devil Apr 22, 2009 / By Haaretz

I’m just tired out!!! HOWEVER… these are exactly what I needed to finish this writing. Do they already know what I’m going to write?

Lieberman: Arab initiative ‘a recipe for Israel’s destruction’ Apr 22, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Lieberman to Russian newspaper: U.S. will accept any Israeli decision Apr 22, 2009 / By Haaretz

Google-Search: Bashkirova+Avigdor+Lieberman
(JIWON: You can find quite postings in my blog through Google-Search. Below is one of them.)
JANUARY 29, 2009
Dear EU,

1. Avigdor Lieberman finished his deal with Dorit Beinisch by supporting Elena Bashkirova. It was months ago. (I reported it in my previous Knesset-mails.) However, Beinisch’s first choice is Bibi’s Likud, so no one knows what will happen to Lieberman-case in Banana-Republic during Bibi’s era.
2. Hadn’t this Russian immigrant Liebermann supported Elena Bashkirova, I would have openly supported part of his opinions. This guy is honest and direct, so supporting this guy rather means curing chronic disease in many ways. And I promise that Dorit Beinisch will make things dirtier by endlessly supporting Phoenix-Bibi behind the scene until all the vacant positions in higher/lower court are filled with her followers.

West-Eastern Divan Workshop 2008 in Zapatero’s Spain From Jul 23 to Aug 4, 2008
Taking Mariam Said’s initiative, a literary and a film seminar were organized within the workshop. The writers David Grossman and Elias Khoury participated on the literary seminar, where professor Jacqueline Rose was the moderator. The musicians, who attended this seminar, had the opportunity to read The Book of the intimate grammar and The Yellow Wind by Grossman, and Yalo , by Khoury. The films Forget Baghdad and Since you left were screened at the film seminar, which was commentated on by Samir Jamal Aldin, director of Forget Baghdad and chaired by the writer and professor Ella Shohat.

Avigdor Lieberman – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
NAME, Lieberman, Avigdor Levi. ALTERNATIVE NAMES, אביגדור ליברמן. SHORT DESCRIPTION, Israeli politician. DATE OF BIRTH, 5 June 1958 …

Lieberman’s Orchestra: Special Programs – Marathon with Israeli Violinists
Feb 15, 2009: Jewish Concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra as Soloist

Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival in Bologna, ITALY
Mar 8, 2010: Elena Bashkirova, Jewish Concertmaster of the BPO, and Others, who are called Barenboim’s Divans

🙂 From Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008
JIWON: (…) I happened to advise Bashkirova to behave as a true Jew if she still, really wanted to remain as a Jewish Muse. Please click (Feb 20, 2007) Boulez & DB (…) Who knows? The Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival, Elena Bashkirova, and Supreme Court President, Dorit Beinisch, would want to be reborn a real Jew, a Real Jewish Muse. Who knows? The Settlers might be blessed by Bashkirova’s Power of Music and peacefully unite under Beinisch’s Romantic Leadership even before they face Barenboim’s Government’s ‘Evacuation’ Orders… Why don’t we chase their future behaviors together? So sick of those B-I-T-C-H-E-S.

I can’t understand WHY it’s real hard to find information about Music-Lover Avigdor Lieberman. It was Jerusalem Post on Apr 1, 2008 when it reported Avigdor Lieberman is a (Jewish-or-Settler’s) Orchestra board chairman.
Yet I spent hours of hours to find his another name, Avigdor Levin or Levi, but this information also disappeared when I clicked this link.

Egyptian Musicians or Politicians or Journalists? Israeli Musicians or Politicians or Journalists?

🙂 From Section: Italy-Belcanto > JIWON: Dear Mr. Silvio No.1’s ALL friends and foes, (Music & Politics) (Feb 6 – 24, 2009)
JIWON: You don’t have to take Mehta’s interview seriously to figure out what a life Zubin Mehta wants to enjoy in Spain. Fast-reading once will be enough. He easily succeeded in his Spanish plan and why do you think so? Please check all my open messages to Spanish government, in which I expressed my respect of Spanish Royal Family and its family education despite all my anger toward Queen Sofía College of Music, which is the headquarters of Members of Bashkirova-Gang.
Zubin Mehta: In Israel, Money is endless. I have a list of people who can pay for ‘Renovation.’ Oct 23, 2008 / By Haaretz
Zubin Menta playing for the Royal Family of Spain at the Queen Sofia College of Music November 2008
JIWON: The concert was broadcasted both on TVE Television and Classical Radio. Of course, Mehta’s story can always go further… in terms of MUSIC…always… never goes with POLITICS nor with PEACE.
Zubin Mehta & Waltraud Meier to stalk Daniel Barenboim: ‘Please Listen, Before It Is Too Late’ Feb 5, 2009
Zubin Mehta at Al Ain Classics Festival under the patronage of HH Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Feb 22, 2009 / By BI-MiddleEast
Zubin Mehta & VPO Visits Beijing for 4th Time Mar 8, 2009 / By China

JIWON: What do you think about this?

🙂 From Music in Middle East > Barenboim in (Diaspora) Mideastern Blog
Beethoven Under Barenboim’s Israeli Baton in Cairo Apr 20, 2009 / By Diaspora Middle Eastern Soul
Why can’t we be friends? (…) What’s wonderful is that regardless of the timeline, it happened (…) Naturally, the event in Cairo could not possibly go off without a hitch. (…) Really? Can one newspaper editor, (Al Wafd), speak for 82 million Egyptians? (…) That was the year when, months later, 170 musicians from the the Israel Philharmonic and the Bavarian State Orchestra combined under the direction of Zubin Mehta to play Gustav Mahler’s No. 2 Symphony, the “Resurrection”–beneath the hill where the Buchenwald death camp once stood.

Please… I’m not here to mock innocent music-lovers, who want to believe in the Peaceful Middle East. I’m just here to report the exact stories all behind the scenes; about how those so-called MUSICIANS used to take advantage of Barenboim’s Middle East Vision. Their only reason was to advance their professional career. Does it have anything to do with CULTURAL NORMALIZATION? First of all, what has happened to the German music society since Mehta’s IPO members’ joint performance with Mehta’s German musicians?

Zvi Bar’el: Neighbors / Fiddling with the devil Apr 22, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) UNESCO Executive Board (…) “Hosni brought in this Zionist symbol through the back door, and that’s just the start. Tomorrow we’ll see another entire Israeli orchestra performing in Egypt,” said MP Mustafa Bakri, accusing Hosni of being ingratiating to the Israelis in order to attain the lofty position. Ingratiating or not, Israel is still opposed to his election, claiming that (…)


I am NOT interested in this word, Cultural Normalization. NOR do I care weather Israel boycotts or supports the Egyptian Cultural Minister Hosni’s position to the chairman of the UNESCO Executive Board. I am only interested in CULTURE in EACH COUNTRY. I am only interested in whether the MUSICIANS from each side are enough QUALIFIED or not.

Please ask the Jewish Concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra where he was right before/after his performance with Lieberman’s Jewish Orchestra. This Jewish PIG was in Palestine with Russian whore, Elena Bashkirova, if they didn’t cancel the performance.

Lieberman to Russian newspaper: U.S. will accept any Israeli decision Apr 22, 2009 / By Haaretz

Please compare Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s attitude toward the WORLD with the Israeli musician, the Concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and his DIVANS’ attitude toward the WORLD. Is there any difference? Is there something that the Egyptian Politicians or Musicians can learn from those Israelis? They share the same music. They share the same political mind and I definitely appreciate Lieberman’s candid remark more. That’s the power of MUSIC. Who calls it CULTURE?

(Updated on APRIL 22-24, 2009)

Amazon: How many books has Daniel Barenboim written?
Ideias wagnerianas – Confissoes a Waltraud Meier: Mergulhando no coração da Waltraud… com Daniel Barenboim Apr 17, 2009 / By Meier’s Fan called Brazilian in Paris,
Diving in the heart of Waltraud … with Daniel Barenboim.
After reading the fascinating book of Daniel Barenboim, “Everything is Connected: The Power of Music or Music Quickens Time,” could not fail to share with you a very exciting piece he wrote on the subject of our dear Waltraud … Spoke about the West-East Divan Orchestra, where they discussed the possibility of playing Wagner or not. Decided to play it, and there is more jumping in the words of Daniel own …
“… In the summer following, Waltraud Meier was in Pilas us to participate in the activities and repeat the Ninth Symphony of Beethoven, who sang with us five times this summer. The afternoon after his arrival, asked to warm up your voice before the orchestra to repeat because we had a surprise for her. She thought to hear a repeat of the First Symphony of Brahms, the program also on our tour of concerts and it was difficult to contain his curiosity. When she heard the beginning of the prelude to Tristan und Isolde, was visibly moved; and, while the room was full of repeat visitors who are interested in the program, apart from some journalists – who formed a kind of public – it turned them back, and looking in front of the orchestra, began to sing the Liebestod . All – Waltraud, the orchestra and I – we were very moved by the experience. Living the experience of listening to this wonderful singer German, communicate with Arab and Israelianos through the music of Wagner, was a release from the oppressive influence of so many minds, both of taboos.”
Daniel Barenboim’s words touch me too and gives us the opportunity to immerse a bit of Waltraud Meier in the heart … where you can find someone very sensitive, simple, that is not afraid to donate, by contrast, gives up with all the strength and love of your soul. Thanks Daniel Baremboim his wonderful book!

Amazon: How many books has Daniel Barenboim written?
Everything is Connected: The Power of Music or Music Quickens Time, November 24, 2008 / By American in Salt Lake City, Utah
As in: The NEW YORK TIMES, dated November 24, 2008 offered an overview of a new book entitled “Music Quickens Time” Verso Books) by Daniel Barenboim. I recently read a book by Daniel Barenboim entitled “Everything is Connected: The Power of Music” (published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson-London). ATTENTION TO SHOPPERS…..these two books are exactly the same book. Don’t purchase them twice!!! Although Mr. Barenboim is worth reading twIce, even many times, be cautioned that there is a confusion in the purchasing approaches to this item. There is no musician more impassioned with the gift of music to the world than Daniel Barenboim, and no more committed to peace that music is capable of bringing to all nations and the world. Such maxims as: “when you teach, you learn and when you give, you receive” are entwined in the process, the actions and life of this great individual and superb musician.

When were both books published? When did I resume my computer work? Everything was to prepare future professional career of ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’ around Barenboim. Is their main theme ‘EVERYTHING WAS CONNECTED…’? Who decided to steal all my computer work? Daniel Barenboim or Waltraud Meier or DIVANS?

Please check
🙂 From Music in Middle East > Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO
🙂 Meier’s Interview

First of all, who wrote this? Please ask Waltraud Meier who wrote this book. Daniel Barenboim or professional writers hired by WEDO’s Berlin mentors or Meier herself? What is typical Barenboim’s writing or speaking style?

ISRAEL AT 60: MY LAND, MY PAIN (‘Music gives me hope’) May 14, 2008 / By Guardian, Daniel Barenboim
Daniel Barenboim: Sound & Thought MQT.Chap1
Daniel Barenboim: I firmly believe that it is impossible to speak about music. (…)

This is how those PIGS, from German or Spanish to British, used to manipulate Workaholic Barenboim’s professional career. It seems that this title, WEDO, could provide them with business funds enough to achieve their commercial success whatever they do, whenever they count on Barenboim’s international fame.

This article, ISRAEL AT 60: MY LAND, MY PAIN (May 13, 2009), was published in International Herald Tribune with this title. It was in fact Barenboim’s answer to my report on Dorit Beinisch’s Banana Republic: Dear Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel (Apr 22 – May 15, 2008). One day later, it appeared in the British media with a different title, Music gives me hope. It was to prepare WEDO 2008 at the British Music Festival.

Especially during this period, in which my open insulting ‘Those B*tches and even Barenboim’ was getting harsh and harsh…, Barenboim’s MUSIC sounded very cold, dry or lonely… even empty. Barenboim didn’t care any READ dresses around him whenever he sat on the piano, but his pianism still sounded emotionally dry. (I myself realized it after checking several Youtube-videos. Those READ b*tches just wanted to be spotted among the public whenever they were in front of Barenboim…)

Until quite recently, Barenboim was just barely managing his responsibility as a professional musician, whose performance schedule is filled couple of years ahead of time. And while encoring my computer work, which naturally makes workaholic Barenboim more energetic, those ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’ filled Barenboim’s schedule with ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’ plus DIVANs only.

Anyway, this very-female, Waltraud Meier, is still busy at checking all the public forums and private bloggers in order to post Concertgoer’s Comments, such as ‘I-Agree-With-You-Meier-Is-Fantastic’, with her multiple IDs, one of which is ‘ANONYMOUS’.
(I’m not talking about this blog. Please check )

Please look at the present Musical-or-Cultural situation in Barenboim’s Israel. Also, you are welcome to listen to MUSIC in Berlin. (I’m now suspecting if the Berlin Musicians invented NEW instruments, Wind & Brasses in particular, to easily master all kinds of contemporary repertoire after Wagner… I’m not talking about Berliner Staatskapelle only, BTW. They now sound very aggressive with out-of-tuned instrument, which performers NEVER listen to each other. If you listen to their MUSIC very carefully, it is not that difficult to figure out which instrument is leading Out-Of-Tuned ensemble.) Then, what about Spanish music society, Madrid in particular? No wonder Gidon Kremer’s second ex was hailed as a Jewish Muse. It just makes me drop my jaw.

I believe. If two countries want to share the same MUSIC or want to exchange a look of intelligence through MUSIC, both sides should respect each other, should help each other, and should be able to learn something GOOD from each other.

(Updated on APRIL 27, 2009)

Please check
🙂 From Music in Middle East > Barenboim in Pan-Arab (Youth) Orchestra
Young Arab Musicians Celebrate Schumann Aug 17, 2007 / By EIR, Muriel Mirak-Weissbach
(…) Prof. Fawzy El-Shamy, former director of the Cairo Conservatory, travelled throughout the Arab world, holding auditions at conservatories, and selected a group of 50 musicians, between the ages of 18 and 28. Although initially, they thought they could start out in Egypt, this did not work out. (…)

I’m not sure if this Bonn concert is that Bonn-concert I’ve followed in those days. I thought I’ve saved that(?) Bonn-article but couldn’t find it from my computer files. This article is not. There was no information about Cairo Conservatory or Egyptian Professor in that Arab-Youth-Orchestra article, in which German music school in Bonn appeared as a host to invite its special guest, (local) Arab ensemble. No matter what, that was exactly what I wanted to see from Barenboim’s Divan-Project, along with happenings in Palestine with ‘The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music’, so I quickly reported this happening to my READERS. Since it was among my daily ‘short’ message and I only mentioned this ONCE, I am not sure if Barenboim knows or remembers it. (This workaholic musician always picks up what he wants to read from my daily message, while those ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’ always, carefully study it and think of new strategy to ‘brainwash’ Barenboim…)

Please check
🙂 From Section: Germany-Heldentenor > JIWON: Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag (From September 10-18, 2008).
2. Maestro Barenboim still wants to believe that his past years of Divan-project was not meaningless. He was trying to teach what means ‘Against Ignorance,’ ‘School of the Ear,’ ‘Sound and Thought,’ ‘Listening and Hearing,’ and his mentor Pierre Boulez’s ‘Sound and Structure’ in particular. I want to help this poorest guy on this issue, as well. There are still WEDO members, who don’t plan to give up their big mouth. They will directly send me their answer. I will post everything, from Mrs. Said’s answer to Divans’ academic achievement. I promise. If I find ONE real divan, I will invite ALL his WEDO friends into Barenboim’s future Divan-project. Surely, technical perfection is not what I used to pick up. And then, I always check their big mouth through their MUSIC. I’ve NEVER heard more disgusting ensemble business than Bashkirova’s WEDO 2008. Ensemble Against Ignorance? F*CK-U

🙂 From Section: Italy-Belcanto > JIWON: Howdy Partners! (Zeffirelli, Imola, Bel-Canto and Eurotrash) Dec 16-31, 2008
DEAR Filarmonica della Scala,
🙂 Franz Xaver Ohnesorg, Gidon Kremer, Dmitri Bashkirov, and Dorit Beinisch (This collection is not finished. I’ve been too tired to mention this sh*t.)
JIWON: (…) If you follow this name, Franz Xaver Ohnesorg, you always meet all the garbage and sh*ts in classical music society, in which Elena Bashkirova is appointed as Ohnesorg’s Queen.
So, it’s quite natural that Bashkirova’s managerial style to run Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival was just like this. (Its format looks like Kremer’s Lockenhaus Festival, though.) Masses of mere musicians rush to Jerusalem to work like her slaves but they still consider it the highest honor in the hope that someday they could sneak into Barenboim’s performance schedule.
Not surprisingly, this is also how Berlin/Spanish Pigs wanted to run Barenboim’s Divan-Project. Those pigs have been treating most participants as slaves of several core members, who joined Barenboim’s international fame only to realize their professional dream. This is why I promised that I will accept ALL THE FRIENDS OF ONE MERE MEMBER, if he finishes his assignments in Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO, while I’m never going to allow Bashkirova’s musicians to join Barenboim’s future Divan-project.

Why do you think I had to write this again and again? Do you know how hard Maestro Barenboim worked in order to keep his promise to his friend, late Prof. Edward Said? In Spain, this internationally top-rate maestro didn’t mind working as the lowest-paid conductor for the Spanish local youth orchestra. Do you know how typical lifestyle of internationally top-rate maestros looks and sounds like when they are invited to ‘inferior’ countries, such as Korea, as the highest-paid, special guest maestro to conduct ‘local’ symphony orchestras? No matter how high they are paid, no matter how normal(!) their actual performance sounds, they don’t dedicate their full time during the rehearsals, pretending to be very ‘expensive+busy+heavenly’.

Do you know how inferior the Spanish ensembles are, even its National Orchestra? What do you think was the most disgusting happening in Zapatero’s Spain, where their national leaders were pretending to support Barenboim’s Divan-Project in order to woo Arab Fund?

Please check
🙂 From Music in Middle East > Music in Palestine: Daniel Barenboim, Tania Nasir and The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (also in Gaza…)
🙂 JIWON: Dear Palestinians, (Concerning Barenboim’s Divan-Project) (From Sep25 to Present)
JIWON: With this ‘wunderschoenen’ character, Dr. Abreu (Venezuela), you don’t have to read this article very carefully in order to figure out why Barenboim’s Divan-Project in Spain had to be doomed to failure. (I need Dr. Abreu’s generosity if my choice of this word, ‘savvy politician,’ hurt his pure pride. I have to… because Barenboim’s most favorite word was ‘No-Politics-Around-Said’sDivan’ while all Bashkirova’s so-called-divans have been excellent in dirty politics.)
Wrong place, wrong idea, wrong management, and so on. First of all, wrong (local) leaders, whose only concern has been ‘fame and quantity’ rather than ‘quality.’ And then… I am still curious. How many alumni of Venezuelan youth ensembles are managing their practical life as professional orchestra members? Internationally famous figures are only in their twenties, and there is still a long way for each of them to go. Can a normal Venezuelan professional orchestra manage its household with concert tickets ranging from free to US$ 4.50?

In Spain, those local pigs used to boast how they trained Mideastern youngsters and how their KIDS(!) found professional position in their Mideastern colonies. After my report, those local Spanish pigs suddenly disappeared from Spanish homepage of Barenboim-Said and Mr. Barenboim and Mrs. Said have been the only one who should be blamed. Though I am still waiting for an Answer from Mrs. Said, are they the real ones? Please listen to Elena Bashkirova and Waltraud Meier. If you follow their performance schedule, it is easy to figure out what kind of Spanish pigs are behind WEDO 2002-2008, in which Spanish Youth Ensemble was a leading force, and therefore, which sounded vulgar-and-technically-perfect and technically-perfect-and-vulgar as time went by.

Please check
🙂 From Section: Italy-Belcanto > JIWON: I can’t help writing… (Tristan/Scala-2007, German Sound, Wagner and Belcanto) (Dec 7, 2007)
Want to read? Please click “La Voce del Loggione.” – Daniel Barenboim from 20051227-20071105
JIWON: For the first time in my life, I read what was exactly the same as my opinion about those divans, who are hardly young and whose professional mind has nothing to do with the Middle East Peace. Now, I feel like I am really sane, and I don’t have to feel guilty about criticizing the wrong relationship between Barenboim the music-director and Said the quasi-musician. But do they know that the real headmaster of Divan Orchestra is neither Barenboim nor Said, but Matthias Glander and his Berlin fellows, including Waltraud Meier, whose Staatskapelle wants to hire Barenboim for nothing? Do they also know that the worst sounds of the Divans are just like their leaders from Berlin? Do they certainly know that those fellows from Berlin take advantage of Barenboim’s real patriotism to let Barenboim conduct for their favorite music? This has been how Barenboim achieved so little despite of his workaholic daily life, despite of all my hard working. And now, those fucking inferior musicians, aka Divans, joined “Glander & Co.,” which has been the worst sound in any of Barenboim’s performance and hardly followed their maestro.

Until this moment, I was the only mentally ill peace-hater. When was it? When did I create this place, The Art of Criticism? Since then, Barenboim’s REAL fans started gathering around in ONE place. But no matter what happens in the world of Daniel Barenboim, those ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’, aka DIVANS, never planned to give up. THUS, I wanted to show Maestro Barenboim what really means the Youth Orchestra, what really means the Members of Youth Orchestra.

Please check
🙂 From Dear Barenboim’s Son (Dec 8, 2008)
JIWON: It all started with you. It all started after I asked Daniel Barenboim to take care of his son if his marriage to du Pre (…) In some ways, happenings in youth orchestra can sound dirtier than the ones in professional orchestra due to the relationship between the members and then between the members and their teachers. That’s what I heard from the members of ‘special’ youth orchestra. They told me that the first thing they learned there was how to survive politics and how to politically eliminate their future-rivals. And then, your WEDO sounds exactly like politics of human trashes.
(…) Do you think ASSIGNMENTS for DIVANS was my revenge to Whoever-Wrote-Bashkirova-Article? In case Barenboim’s son wants to behave as Barenboim’s son, who will play the most important role in Barenboim’s future Divan-project, I have been looking for the best way to train young musicians. Who knows? The difference between Zubin and Zarin Mehta could have proved another terrific subject. Whoever he is, Barenboim’s successor should know what kind of music has been destroying his professional dream; whether it is to join Furtwangler’s utopia or to Said’s Mideastern vision or du Pre’s imagination or whatever… No matter what, I can NEVER accept trashy, arrogant big-mouth from all the pigs around Maestro Barenboim. I wish everyone good luck in their assignment. I also hope you to learn many things while cleaning all the Garbage and Sh*ts around you.
(…) What I feel funny while watching your life as Barenboim’s Divan is that all the pigs around Barenboim and their fiddling techniques don’t work for you. How come someone can claim to be your teacher when he has no clue how to give you the right information? (…) Who is your grandfather? Enrique Barenboim or Dmitri Bashkirov? Answer me, please.

🙂 From Section: Italy-Belcanto > JIWON: Dear Mr. Silvio No.1’s ALL friends and foes, (Music & Politics)
(FEBRUARY 21, 2009)
JIWON: What do you think will happen to Barenboim’s son if part of my writings appears? It was already months ago when Barenboim made clear about his future relationship with this young musician, so everything was up to Elena Bashkirova. And the entire Italians saw how this human being behaved after receiving my warnings to her son. This is called mother.
As a matter of fact, this was my warning to Elena Bashkirova. Since Gidon Kremer dumped her pianism, has there been a moment of real-pianist-or-accompanist’s life for this female musician? Will there be an artistic future for this comical human being? During this decade-long bimbo-battle, has there been a moment of Bashkirova behaving as a mother, whose son should survive his professional life after father’s death? The more and more I drove Daniel and Michael Barenboim into the corner, the more and more this female proved hilarious mental state, endlessly inviting all the pigs into her circle. Even now, this sh*t is busy at planning her tour-schedule as a brilliant soloist, who is honored to play under Zubin Mehta’s toy-conductor, who has no place to go after his current contract expires (…)

Please look.
How many so-called DIVANS finished ASSIGNMENTS for DIVANS? Those pigs even deleted my posting in Facebook: West-Eastern Divan right before they resumed their tour schedule. They were sure that they could ‘brainwash’ Musician Barenboim AGAIN during their international TOUR. It was to celebrate Bashkirova’s tour schedule in ITALY, too.
I promise. Absolutely NO ONE will be able to finish IT. In fact, there will be absolutely NO ONE interested in THIS WORK. That’s what I can promise in the name of BIBLE. Our poorest, the most naive musician, Maestro Daniel Barenboim has never been in the world of education-department of music school, and therefore, never been able to smell the rotten atmosphere among the young Sh*ts, the real face of the members of youth orchestra, while training Spanish youngsters, aka DIVANS.

It originally started in Chicago.
Please listen to Barenboim’s Chicago recordings during this period, Lang-Lang’s Tchaikovsky in particular. Chicago is where, you can hear great performance as well as surprisingly mediocre sound from the orchestra members. Please check who got involved in Divan-project. The great ones had never been interested in Mideastern monkeys. Always… either in Chicago or in Berlin… the mediocre ones hurry to join DIVANS in order to secure their professorship in local areas. BTW, who are great members in Berliner Staatskapelle? Despite Barenboim’s workaholic conducting, they have NEVER proved European Top-Ten. Is this purely because Glander’s Clarinet and Schwartz’s Viola have never given up their chamber ensemble with Elena Bashkirova?
1. As usual, Kremer’s former manager, the dirtiest Eurotrash, proudly announced his Divan-Festival right after my report, Section: Italy-Belcanto
2. Jun 8, 2009: Bashkirova & Meier’s-Most-Favorite-Male-Voice in Kremer’s former-manager’s Divan-Festival
3. As usual, Gidon Kremer quickly disappeared from the SCENE.
4. Jun 14, 2009 (11.00) in Berlin: Konzertmatinee: Barenboim & Said with ‘Mitglieder des West-Eastern Divan Orchestra’
5. June 14 (20:00) in Kremer’s former-manager’s Divan-Festival: Barenboim Father & Son with ‘Solisten des West-Eastern Divan Orchestra’
6. WEDO 2009 in Spain
7. Apr 4, 2010 in Berlin: Hommage à Pierre Boulez zum 85. Geburtstag with ‘Mitglieder des West-Eastern Divan Orchestra’

I promise. If those Mideastern Monkeys, aka DIVANS, ever make a hint of improvement after ‘devouring’ this performance schedule with Barenboim-only or even Boulez, I will contact the ENTIRE members of Wikipedia: List of Symphony Orchestras and plead for their performance schedule.

Fortunately, Kremer’s former manager has NO ear, and therefore, he will proudly produce DIVANS’ recording, as he did in JIWON: Dear Middle Eastern Music Society & Spanish Government (Apr 3, 2008). We’ll see.

Of course, the story of Elena Bashkirova and Gidon Kremer always goes further.

(Updated on APRIL 28, 2009)
Performances in Violinist X’s 2008/09 season include engagements with the German Orchestra under Bashkirova’s Spanish Maestro (…) As a keen chamber music player, he is invited by Elena Bashkirova to appear at German Music Festival and by Gidon Kremer to his Lockenhaus festival.
1. Dec 20, 2008: Bashkirova with Spanish local-local orchestra under Foreign Pig/Conductor, who wanted to draw media attention through my computer work. Bashkirova even planned a press conference but cancelled it after I posted her Argentine interview in ASSIGNMENTS for DIVANS. Despite this, this Spanish Music Society insisted that they belong to Barenboim’s ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’. If you read their horn section’s favorite fortessisimo, it’s easy to imagine this conductor’s ability.
2. Mar 22, 2009: Bashkirova with European local orchestra under Conductor-Dec20, who still wants to draw media attention through my computer work. This time, this pair brought Spanish Soloist.
3. Mar 25, 2009: Bashkirova with European orchestra under Spanish Maestro.
4. Sometime during 2009-10: Bashkirova with German orchestra under Mehta’s toy-conductor, who has no place to go after his current contract expires
5. From time to time until Mar 8, 2010: Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival in Bologna, ITALY with Jewish Concertmaster of the BPO, and Others, who are called Barenboim’s Divans

Please check
🙂 From Dear Barenboim’s Son (Dec 8, 2008)
JIWON: It all started with you. It all started after I asked Daniel Barenboim to take care of his son if his marriage to du Pre (…)What I feel funny while watching your life as Barenboim’s Divan is that all the pigs around Barenboim and their fiddling techniques don’t work for you. How come someone can claim to be your teacher when he has no clue how to give you the right information? (…) Who is your grandfather? Enrique Barenboim or Dmitri Bashkirov? Answer me, please.

This is called MOTHER.
Since Violinist X was so proud of his relationship with this Russian whore, you’d better imagine what a big mouth Elena Bashkirova has been even after THE DAY. Who do you think this young fiddler has known? The Artistic Director of Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival or Kremer’s Second Ex or Still-Heroine of Barenboim ’s Sex-Scandal in Paris?

With no doubt, it is NEVER enough for this historically unique PIANIST to make the entire SPAIN a huge trashbin. This time, I have NO clue how to make Combined Keyword Searches. Is Chinese Lang Lang the one?
1. May 2, 2009: Bashkirova with China Philharmonic Orchestra in Peking
2. May 6, 2009: Bashkirova with Taipei Symphony Orchestra in Taipeh

Chinese pianist Lang Lang used to make a proud interview, in which he kindly explained how inferior Chinese Orchestras are. However, CHINA is where I’ve found very unique quality in its string section sound, (perhaps due to their Ping-Pong like language… *.*), and where I wanted to make Pianist Barenboim travel all over the country. It was several years ago that I first heard one anonymous Chinese orchestra.

I don’t know anything about Taipei Symphony Orchestra, but I’ve followed China Philharmonic Orchestra since couple of years ago after reading one interesting article about Chinese favorite interpretation. We’ll see.
See… Lang Lang’s Piano sounds cheaper than this Chinese orchestra. This orchestra sound is not what I heard several years ago, though. Compared to Chinese Lang Lang, this Russian whore is famous for NEVER knowing what means ‘TOUCH’ whenever she sits on this expensive instrument, PIANO. In those days, the European music society was busy at supporting this typical bimbo-sound and this whore didn’t have to practice a lot. In these days, Kremer’s second-ex risks her life to imitate Barenboim’s pianism and practices the entire day. The result: A light version of hysterical sound followed by stupid mentality.

ALWAYS… always… whenever I introduce something-good or some place to Barenboim and recommend him to explore, this B*TCH is in a rush. When Barenboim arrives, this place is already a huge trashbin and Waltraud Meier finishes the SCENE. This time, we’ll see.

This part will be sent to the Chinese government and music society. So it will be better to show what Korean concertgoer heard days ago in Bashkirova’s Paris. Months later, EVERYBODY will compare this review with Chinese one.
(JIWON: I’m not sure if this reviewer wants his blog published in this open place… I need to translate part of its text, anyway.)
Mar 28, 2009: Last Thursday at Salle Pleyel (…) Compared to previous concerts, there was no famous names and it was rainy weekday, so I was able to get a very-very good ticket with 10 Euro only. (…) It was very interesting to find Bartok-article in Le Monde next morning. (…) However, I must confess that this Bartok Piano Concerto was boring. No particular interest-or-fun-or-inspiration. Pianist was Elena Bashkirova. She was so-so average, but I don’t know… she sounded somewhat stupid-or-empty. Perhaps, I didn’t concentrate enough. But I do remember ‘flamenco’ very well. Unusual costume (…)

Why don’t you compare this review with the one of ‘Secretary General of the Société Wilhelm Furtwängler’, who can’t expect better satisfaction from other pianists than from Kremer’s second-ex? Since this guy desperately needs public attention through my computer work, I can’t post his article. The result: A perfect ensemble between Elena Bashkirova and Spanish Maestro, according to this French Music Critic. No different from Italian Musicologist in Section: Italy-Belcanto. Whose political reason stinks more?

What will Chinese Reviews sound like? Damn curious.

OF COURSE, the STORY between BERLIN POLITICS and DANIEL BARNEBOIM always goes further… always sounds dirtier than before…
1. Apr 5, 2009: (…) Staatskapelle and Mahler (…) Just as the previous night, the brass section were the worst offenders – too many mistakes to count. But the strings sounded rough too – all playing the right notes at the same time, but with little unanimity of purpose. (…)
2. Apr 8, 2009: ANONYMOUS said…: I have just finished reading the review of X, who says almost exactly the contrary (in very simple words: up Barenboim, down Herheim). Where is something that can be considered more or less the truth about this production in general and about Herheim in particular? (For what concerns Barenboim: at La Scala is considered superficial (he rehearses very few and badly) and his nickname is “Il marchettaro”, so I think your judgment is correct) (JIWON: I found this from the Blog of Former President of Meier’s Fan-Club.)
3. Apr 16, 2009: It is true that only Barenboim produce sold out houses – even X cannot fill the Staatsoper. (…) The houses are less than full because three houses is simply too many for a city this size, even with its many visitors. The writing is indeed on the wall – I am sure one will have to go sooner or later. (…)

Please check
🙂 From Section: Germany-Heldentenor > JIWON: Dear Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel (Apr 22 – May 15, 2008)
Dear President of the Supreme Court of Israel,
Dear Government Officials of the Banana Republic,

JIWON: Honestly speaking, the first thing I want to do is to find a legal way to put Bashkirova into jail. Why… how come this b*tch is born to destroy Barenboim’s everything, especially his Jewish patriotism?
Please… I have other requests, too.
(…) Secondly, could you help me to create a certain law to rule the music society?
(…) Mussbach and Barenboim (Apr 18, 2008): ANONYMOUS said…: “you have missed the point of this opera, you don’t know your luck. You have never seen a cast like this one, everyone… and the performance can only benefit from JEWISH MAESTRO X’s interesting and energetic leadership. X has fellow singers who are worthy of him here, and Barenboim may be fantastic, but he’s not the only conductor who is.
JIWON: This is perhaps the last request in this mailing. I may add more in my next one, please. The comment above is what appeared in the world of Internet. The employees resumed their job as I did my computer work, and in recent days, their appearances are regular in various forms. As Berlin politics is in progress, there will be more, the dirtier things. Please… let’s make it simple. Whether Matthias Glander or Jewish Maestro X or Bashkirova herself, it is definitely from the participants in Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival. Could you please figure out who’s who? Bashkirova will pay you, if her love of Barenboim has been the only thing that caused her betrayal of Kremer. Beinisch will pay you, if his respect of Barenboim has been the only thing in his professional mind while inviting Barenboim’s only-enemies into his Jerusalem Festival. I’ve been wondering… Bashkirova used to boast that all the participants come to Jerusalem for nothing, and then why so many sponsors are needed in this two-week-long event?
Anyways, no matter what Bashkirova does and will do in Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival is none of my business. I just want to fire all the members of “Bashkirova & Co.” and take care of my musicians. This is the only way to protect the real pros.
(…) Could you please forward my open letter to the president of banana republic to all your European friends, all the members of EU? I still can’t believe what I read. I want to know what’s wrong with my senses, including common sense. I will anyway contact each of them. They will come up with the better Mideast policy whenever they receive and forward my further report.
(…) Could you please read my posting, Mussbach-Barenboim, in my Music-blog? Don’t you think I did a terrific job with the president of Supreme Court of Israel? Mussbach-scandal? It is only starting. As a matter of fact, it already started with a forumite called ‘Beth’ in Google-group or Wagner-forum. This time, more things will appear in various forms. They will become much dirtier. (…)

Barenboim’s nickname at La Scala is ‘Il marchettaro’?
Do you really think this is from MILAN, ITALY? Unlike Berlin Pigs, La Scala members didn’t hide their name while they were expressing their clear opinion about Muti-Scandal. Please check the ENTIRE TEXT of Section: Italy-Belcanto.


This is called MOTHER.
They are called MUSICIANS.
This is called CULTURE.


Please check
🙂 From Section: Italy-Belcanto > JIWON: Dear Mr. Silvio No.1’s ALL friends and foes, (Music & Politics) (Feb 6 – 24, 2009)
JIWON: Anyway, this is Zubin Mehta’s Haaretz (Israel) interview on Oct 21, 2008. As I wrote in In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH, it was Mehta’s secret message to Dorit Beinisch that Daniel Barenboim will anyway behave under his detailed instruction:
1. In Israel, 1/3 population can’t afford essential food items (Mar 31, 2008).
2. ‘In Israel, One in 5 needy considers suicide’ (Dec 10, 2008).: Latet organization warns humanitarian aid network could collapse in 2009.
3. Zubin Mehta: In Israel, Money is endless. I have a list of people who can pay for ‘Renovation.’ Oct 23, 2008 / By Haaretz

Mehta’s IPO is one thing. Why don’t you check other Jewish orchestras, most of which can’t run their business without hiring ‘Poops and Pees’ of Members of Bashkirova-Gang or Participants of Section: Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch’s Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival or Spanish West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra?

Whenever I ‘actually’ heard those ‘Poops and Pees’, they always sounded worse than my analysis, dirtier than my expectation. BUT AGAIN, I myself was surprised at WEDO 2008, a perfect version of Waltraud Meier’s Opera/Symphony Orchestra.

When I announced that JEWISH PIGS WILL NEVER JOIN Barenboim’s future Divan-Project unless I find the real one, those FOLKS hurried to plan audition-schedule in Israel, Spain, and Berlin. It was only after I finished my report to Italian government, Section: Italy-Belcanto, that I heard Barenboim’s sudden schedule with the Cairo Symphony Orchestra planned by Spanish and Austrian politicians.

NO MATTER WHAT, I will keep my plan. I am NOW contacting the ENTIRE members of Arab League and asking each government to BAN their youngsters from participating in this POLITICAL affair. We’ll see… what kind of f*cking youngsters will join this Spanish event?

I promise… FOLKS will still be able to form ONE Festival Orchestra to travel all over the world in the name of DIVAN. In Israel alone, there are more than 40 music schools. Moreover, our poorest, the most naïve musician, Daniel Barenboim, will NEVER figure out the real reason of happy faces of Turkish participants, who joined WEDO purely because their artistic standard can’t be accepted in any other European Youth Orchestras. How many Turkish youngsters are presently studying in German music schools? It was twenty five years ago that I heard of their German study.

ONCE AGAIN, the international media will hunger MORE and MORE to hunt their prey and NEVER give up spoiling those youngsters.

I’ve lived in a country, where a citizen learns how to deal with those who work for Kim-Dynasty in North Korea. According to COMMON SENSE, Arab participants, from Lebanon/Syria/Iran in particular, should openly interview what kind of (hopeless) life they’ve lived under LEADERS XYZ. They will return to their country in order to actively be involved in POLITICS and raise their voice higher against the Hizbullah, which is the proxy of Iran and Syria in Lebanon. Who knows? Lebanon will not be able to be controlled by Hamas’ terrorism… all thanks to Barenboim’s Divans’ active political campaign.

FOR A WHILE, Maestro Barenboim was SICK of this media attention and endlessly begged international media NOT to interfere with his Divan-Project. Then, as time passed by, it was rather those DIVANS, who welcomed this and enjoyed public attention. I’ve NEVER seen more thicker skin than those young Sh*ts’. If you go to Youtube, there are TOO-MANY video-clips about them. Please check their boring faces whenever Barenboim addresses Middle East Issues. Please check their sincere faces with Out-of-Tuned ensemble, Winds & Brass in particular. Then please check those hilarious faces/voices whenever they get a chance to stand in front of camera. Do they talk about MUSIC? They only talk… You should really check one Israeli Arab’s thickest skin, which is after My-Request-to-Barenboim. In these days, those TWO bloods, Bashkirova Family and Ashkar family, suddenly split up in order to stalk Barenboim’s performance schedule and I never know why.

Please check for the rest of this message
🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3B (Apr 30 – May 13, 2009)
🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3C (May 13-20, 2009)
🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3D (May 20 – Jun 3, 2009)
🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3E (Jun 3-8, 2009)
🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3F (TIMELESS)
🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3G (PS) (Jul 2-3, 2009)

🙂 Berlusconi’s Minor-Scandal, Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal, and Salzburg Festival (Jun 13 – Jul 1, 2009)
🙂 El alma de Granada… recuperar al Barenboim pianista… (Jul 7-25, 2009)

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