Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3C

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APRIL 20 – JUNE 8, 2009

This is Monday morning. I am just so sick of this computer work, so tired that I don’t want to wake up every Monday morning. Last night, I couldn’t sleep well while thinking of Barenboim’s Divan-Project 2009 and I was tired to death… until I found additional answers from Egypt. And I keep making new collections.

(Updated on APRIL 21, 2009)
Please… I promise that this is my LAST message during Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal!!!
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(STILL… Updated on MAY 13, 2009)
Let’s just finish it.
Seriously, I need time. Simple as it is. Already now, I received enough stuff from AlWafd: Arts and Stars. I can make everybody fall in love with my very last message.

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🙂 From Barenboim in Egyptian Media > Barenboim in Al-Ahram Weekly Newspaper
A hard note to play Apr 22 2009 / Al-Ahram Weekly, Nevine El-Aref
(…) Novelist Ibrahim Aslan agrees, suggesting that the Arab Writers Union should hold a meeting to reconsider normalisation. “It saddens me deeply,” he says, “that no one was able to share in the Palestinians’ celebration of the choice of Jerusalem as capital of Arab culture this year.” (…) Yet there remains the question of the word “normalisation” itself and what it entails. El-Ibrashi, for example, says he is staunchly against normalisation, but points out in the same breath that this position is in dire need of practical clarification: “What exactly should it entail to be against normalisation? At any given time, what are the rules?” Visiting Ramallah was once normalisation, now it is not. (…)


It’s been month. You’ve followed this open message since APRIL 13. How much have you finished reading my previous writings either in Knesset-blog or in Music-blog? Though tired, writing Dear-Arab-Readers or Welcome-to-Jerusalem or Section: Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch or Phoenix-Bibi was an easy work. It was much easier than supporting Daniel Barenboim from all kinds of INSULTING. In Barenboim’s case, one can’t say that he is criticized by his detractors. Always, they insulted Barenboim and I did everything to keep them quiet. Part of them even became Barenboim’s fervent supporters after reading my computer work. Now, you know the rest of story. Should I write more… more about Barenboim’s Angels or ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’? I am not interested in ‘who wins’ or ‘who loses’ or ‘the winner takes it all’ or ‘the winner rules the losers’. I just want to die after finishing this dirty business. I just NEVER want to see those ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’ for the rest of my life, even in my next life. Have you checked Kippah-I & Kippah-II, by the way?

Beethoven’s Fidelio is almost always given as an opera about liberation and the triumph of good over evil. Enough in the work seems to justify that view, not least of which is that Florestan’s wife finds her ways disguised as a boy into Pizarro’s dungeon and by a combination of spunk and bravery interposes herself sublimely at the opera’s climactic moment between her husband, the threatened Florestan, and Pizarro’s weapon. The almost miraculous trumpet call that signals Don Fernando’s fortunate appearance just as Pizarro is about to kill Florestan adds to the final scene’s jubilant festivity when all the prisoners are released and Beethoven’s excited music signals a new era of the defeat of injustice. And yet, the opera is deeply problematic, or so Beethoven seems to have felt. Three different versions of it exist plus four different overtures. It was his only opera, the work on which he lavished more time and effort than any other and, most ironically, the work he felt he never could get absolutely right.
Edward W. Said (1999 )

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According to Waltraud Meier’s Performance Schedule (Last update on May 13, 2009)
(Fidelio – Concert Performance; sung in German, with English narration by Edward Said)
August 3: WEDO in Spain.
August 12: WEDO 1 – Fidelio in Salzburg.
August 15: WEDO 1 – Fidelio in Salzburg.
August 22: WEDO – Prom 50 in London.

According to British Music Festival (One must check the full program. This is called the Educational Program. SIC!)
West–Eastern Divan Orchestra – Prom 48
West–Eastern Divan Orchestra – Prom 49
West–Eastern Divan Orchestra – Prom 50

According to Daniel Barenboim’s Performance Schedule (Last update on May 11, 2009)
June 29 – July 2: Barenboim in Europe with Filarmonica della Scala.
July 4 – 8: Barenboim in Milan with his Egyptian(?) lover Aida.
July 10 – 12: Barenboim in Spain with Berlin Pigs.
July 14 – 17: Barenboim in Israel with Egyptian(!) lover Aida.
August 6: WEDO in Spain.
August 12: WEDO 1 • Fidelio in Salzburg (Sold Out)
August 13: WEDO 2 • Barenboim’s Master Class in Salzburg (Sold Out)
August 14: WEDO 3 • Orchestra Concert
August 15: WEDO 1 • Fidelio (according to Salzburg Festival) or WEDO 3 • Orchestra Concert (according to Barenboim) in Salzburg. (Sold Out)
August 16/ 15:00: WEDO 4 • Chamber Concert I (All-Boulez)
August 16/ 19:30: WEDO 5 • Chamber Concert II
August 17: Lied Recital with Anna Netrebko in Salzburg (Sold Out)

THIS IS CALLED A Bimbo-Battle, AND THEN Section: Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch ALWAYS GOES FURTHER.

(Updated on MAY 15-18, 2009)
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🙂 From JIWON: Dear Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel Apr 22 – May 15, 2008
(…) Dear Yitzchak and Rosenblum and Others,
JIWON: Thanks for your article, really, and please let me believe in your professionalism. Now, I can understand the reason of incomprehensible behavior of Haaretz, the left-wing media, who suddenly supported Bashkirova and didn’t mind destroying Barenboim’s everything while calling me something-vermin. (I have to find this article from my computer file…). After sending the draft, I thought I finished my research until something hit my brain. (…) 1. Beinisch brought a libel suit against the IBA.
(…) Anyways… Still, whoever’s CSO is none of my business. I just want to know who has been supporting Bashkirova’s performance schedule in Chicago. They must belong to Beinisch’s Branja. I tried to search more, but whenever it comes to Beinisch, the information is sealed and I now know why.
I’ve hardly seen a dirtier shit than Yechezkel Beinisch. He has known me ever since his picking-up Bashkirova as his Artistic Director. They have been enjoying my battle with the participants, who joined Bashkirova to make fool of Barenboim. Did you read his interview? I dropped my jaw… what a shit!
(…) We’ll see… if SEE’s chairman Robert Asher (Arts and Science Academy) has been the real, poor victim of Beinisch-scandal in Chicago.
(…) Dear President of the Supreme Court of Israel,
Dear Government Officials of the Banana Republic,

(…) Please… I have other requests, too.
1. The Strad (July 2007): Beinisch recalls: Elena and I decided that since we both have so many friends who are musicians we should try to merge them. We asked our friends to come to Israel to play, just for fun, for ourselves, private concerts. She brought her friends and I brought my friends. It was a very nice bunch of people that liked each other and it took off from the first concert. Those friends include Gidon Kremer…
2. JCMF: Program 2005-2007
JIWON: I totally lost my words while reading this big mouth. Who are their friends? Most of them came to Jerusalem to make fool of Barenboim. Why is there no program before 2005? Those so-called real friends appeared during the early period and never returned to Jerusalem. This is why I was supposed to spread my Barenboim-message all over the world so that Bashkirova’s real friends should hurry to join Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival for another decade. I promised everyone that I will take care of Bashkirova’s professional career until and even after her death. Hence, it would be better if you give me the list of exact members, who are Bashkirova’s friends and who are Beinisch’s friends.
Secondly, could you help me to create a certain law to rule the music society? (…)

🙂 From Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008
JIWON: From Dear Barenboim’s UN, EU, and First Lady of Israel (My Knesset Mail on Mar 10, 2008): (…) I happened to advise Bashkirova to behave as a true Jew if she still, really wanted to remain as a Jewish Muse. Please click Boulez & DB (Feb 20, 2007): “Mr. Kremer is also a Jew. Whether Bashkirova is Kremer’s second ex or a mother of Barenboim’s illegitimate kids, she can remain as a Jewish Muse as long as she wants to. There are still so many things for an artistic director of Bashkirova Festival to do for the beggars, who desperately need her music for nothing. Planning three concerts a day in all the orphanages, kindergartens, music classes of all the schools, the soldiers’ camps, and senior asylums. Even in the Knesset, where the genius politicians, who are suffering from the general dementia, hunger for the mental therapy through music. I don’t understand why she just roams the world and destroy all Barenboim’s fame, instead of sticking around her Jerusalem market and contribute the music business there.”
(…) From Dear European Countries (From August 13 to Present) & Dear Barenboim’s Son (Dec 8, 2008): Who knows? The Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival, Elena Bashkirova, and Supreme Court President, Dorit Beinisch, would want to be reborn a real Jew, a Real Jewish Muse. Who knows? The Settlers might be blessed by Bashkirova’s Power of Music and peacefully unite under Beinisch’s Romantic Leadership even before they face Barenboim’s Government’s ‘Evacuation’ Orders… Why don’t we chase their future behaviors together? So sick of those B-I-T-C-H-E-S.

Elena Bashkirova in BERLIN 1: Who will buy this concert ticket without Daniel Barenboim’s PHOTO? Aug 2, 2008 / By Stiftung Schloss Neuhardenberg GmbH
On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, the Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival is once again making a guest appearance in Neuhardenberg. (…)The festival is attended by increasingly young audiences. (JIWON: More exactly, Wannabe-Pro music students, who want to find a job in Berlin, and their family) (…) Supplementing the concerts, Russian X will speak with Nobel Literature Prize Laureate and Holocaust survivor Y on the topic of “If music be the food of love…” (…)
Elena Bashkirova in BERLIN 2: Who will buy this concert ticket without Daniel Barenboim’s PHOTO? Aug 3, 2008 / By Stiftung Schloss Neuhardenberg GmbH
The title of the talk, taken from the first words of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, “If music be the food of love, play on!”, points to a peaceful use of the musical art. It makes a logical reference to the two programmes of the festival ensembles, corresponding to the basic principle of the Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival (…)

Elena Bashkirova in SPAIN: Jewish Sephardic Museum hosts the Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival May 9-10, 2009 / By (Newspaper in Madrid)
(…) JCMF is an initiative founded in September 1998 by Elena Bashkirov and Daniel Barenboim. Since its inception, this concert was very well received both in Israel and abroad. (…) According to its organizers, “the festival’s success is due largely to the love of music and enthusiasm to unite cultures and knowledge.” (…) entry is free until seats.


🙂 From Dear Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel Apr 22 – May 15, 2008
(…) Dear Yitzchak and Rosenblum and Others,
JIWON: (…) After sending the draft, I thought I finished my research until something hit my brain. (…) 1. Beinisch brought a libel suit against the IBA.
(…) 6. Meanwhile I found out that Bashkirova appeared as a special guest, even in this situation, with Radio-Shalom, which is a radio station in the Canadian Jewish community. Still, there is no hint of guilt in this voice, with a firm belief in Jerusalem Festival 2008, which also means WEDO 2008. She even expresses her wish to run or direct a theater. It was after my sending Barenboim-message to American Jews and right before sending the draft of part of this message, Beinisch-scandal. It was also one day before Muti’s CSO. Anyways… Still, whoever’s CSO is none of my business.
(…) Dear President of the Supreme Court of Israel,
Dear Government Officials of the Banana Republic,

(…) Please… I have other requests, too.
(…) Secondly, could you help me to create a certain law to rule the music society?
(…) The comment above is what appeared in the world of Internet. The employees resumed their job as I did my computer work, and in recent days, their appearances are regular in various forms. As Berlin politics is in progress, there will be more, the dirtier things. Please… let’s make it simple. Whether Matthias Glander or X or Bashkirova herself, it is definitely from the participants in Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival. Could you please figure out who’s who? Bashkirova will pay you, if her love of Barenboim has been the only thing that caused her betrayal of Kremer. Beinisch will pay you, if his respect of Barenboim has been the only thing in his professional mind while inviting Barenboim’s only-enemies into his Jerusalem Festival. I’ve been wondering… Bashkirova used to boast that all the participants come to Jerusalem for nothing, and then why so many sponsors are needed in this two-week-long event?
Anyways, no matter what Bashkirova does and will do in Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival is none of my business. I just want to fire all the members of “Bashkirova & Co.” and take care of my musicians. This is the only way to protect the real pros.

🙂 From Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008
JIWON: From Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag: According to the Rule of this Bimbo-Battle, (…) This is what I am sure of. Elena Bashkirova and Gidon Kremer will be in a hurry to invite this whole group, which will rush to Jerusalem for NOTHING, and Barenboim would have to accompany/conduct their music, because President of Israeli Supreme Court needs to enjoy this happening to clear her husband’s criminal record. Maestro Mehta knew how to support this yearly event by clearing the IPO’s September schedule. (…) Meanwhile, Bashkirova’s another Jewish pig was waiting for the golden opportunity to take over Meier’s Lindenoper in case Barenboim announces his departure. (Am I writing a novel? Why do you think Meier was able to provide Barenboim with a sudden contract to perform in Italian Wagner Festival, even after (…) All their concern was to aggravate my anger and made me write my open analysis of Barenboim, who will play FOR them in all the planned events. This is why I had to request Barenboim to fill his Staatskapelle with the members of Bashkirova’s WEDO before his departure, or to FIRE ALL BASHKIROVA’s MEMBERS.

Warum Berlins Stardirigenten so oft scheitern Apr 21, 2009 / By German Media
Dirigenten werden am euphorischsten gefeiert (…) Aber in einer Stadt mit allein sieben großen Orchestern ist es fast unmöglich (…) Das Ergebnis: Alle amtierenden Orchesterchefs – mit Ausnahme des genialischen Daniel Barenboim an der Staatsoper Unter den Linden – haben sich hinter ihre Agenturen und ihre künstlerischen Programme in die private Unnahbarkeit und kulturpolitische Verschwiegenheit zurückgezogen. Sie sind gesellschaftlich kaum präsent. So gesehen ist Berlin eine Orchesterstadt der Anti-Diven geworden. (…) Maestro X verhandelt gerade stillschweigend über seine Vertragsverlängerung. Das ist weise. Auch Sir Simon Rattle, der bereits von seinen Philharmonikern in die Verlängerung über 2012 hinaus gewählt wurde, bevorzugt die leise Attitüde. Allerdings wurde bereits öffentlich, dass Rattle seine Anwesenheitszeiten in Berlin verkürzen will. Aber das sind normale Vorgänge. Dagegen ist ein Dirigent, der seine Verhandlungen öffentlich führen muss, bereits Vergangenheit.

The Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival 2009
Husband of Dorit Beinisch (Supreme Court President of Israel), Elena Bashkirova, Gidon Kremer, MICHAEL BARENBOIM, the BPO’s Jewish Concertmaster and PART of DIVANS from Spain/Germany/Israel. (Several CORE members didn’t join for the very-specific reasons… perhaps for fear of losing their job.)

Daniel Barenboim & Members Of The Staatskapelle Berlin – Carnegie Hall May 11, 2009
Collection of Bashkirova’s Poops and Pees…

JIWON: My ‘Unposted/Secret’ Messages to the READERS 1
JIWON: My ‘Unposted/Secret’ Messages to the READERS 2
JIWON: My ‘Unposted/Secret’ Messages to the READERS 3
1. MAY 12, 2009: (…) As you know, I already wrote ‘part’ of its reasons. This performance was televised all over the world. Anyone can check this again since I already start checking different embouchure of his colleagues. By the way, FOLKS keep talking about ‘portamento in the strings’. (I am pretty sure that Barenboim really loved some VPO members’ ‘portamento’ and wanted to hear the same sound from Berlin. I would say… give up.) Look at Schwarz’ hand and fingers, which are NOT naturally connected into the rest of his body. When this guy makes this technique with his typical sound, it will sound… Then, ‘Schwarz & Co.’ never know what means balance. They just want to ‘stand out prominently’ and then smile at the conductor so that Barenboim could do nothing. Have you ever seen any ‘modern conductors after Furtwangler’, who dare to spit at smiling faces of orchestra members? In sum, I just couldn’t understand why Barenboim keeps asking something during the rehearsal when absolutely NO one listens to these words & words… (…) Of course, I didn’t report everything last night. ‘Bashkirova & Co.’ always goes further and there is a clear reason, either from the BPO or from Dorit Beinisch. Hence, I will now start writing the full name of Bashkirova’s son. MICHAEL BARENBOIM. I’m pretty sure that this sh*t is now going to appear as a leader of this team, ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’.
2. MAY 14, 2009: Cellist X… hum… this is one of Bashkirova’s Poops and Pees. Now, I can understand everything (…) It is not that this is Mahler No.2. Nor is that all those pigs joined Barenboim’s Mahler or even Carter. It is simply because they still didn’t give up and they are asking Barenboim’s generosity. Did Barenboim promise that he will anyway save their Berlin job if they show their willingness to follow him? This is exactly why they become more and more energetic ONLY when they play with Barenboim and there are more and more gap between their ‘Prominent’ brilliance and the rest of the members whenever Barenboim stand in front of them. Anyway, I just wanted to watch Youbube: Boulez’ Staatskapelle’s Mahler. See… they just sound like a castrated X locked and fed in a cage. And you can still hear raw sound from this interpretation. (I’m still looking for the exact animal. Not lion, nor tiger, nor fox, nor mouse, nor hedgehog. BTW, my hedgehog does love music.) What the hell: I accidentally clicked Boulez’ VPO’s contemporary music while searching for more of Staatskapelle. It sounds more classical than Boulez’ Staatskapelle’s Mahler. They sing… But still, those FOLKS praise Boulez while encourage those sh*ts (…) Please check Jerusalem Festival 2009. Those human-trashes are desperately waiting for YOU to insult Barenboim more and more so that they could take over Unter den Linden until it finally closes its door. They have anyway no place to go. Haven’t you still heard this b*tch’s interview? This Canadian radio posted MICHAEL BARENBOIM’s photo after receiving my Barenboim-message, yet it didn’t reveal the real member. When they first announced this year’s plan, I thought Mrs. Rattle was behind X. Perhaps…
3. MAY 15, 2009: I accidentally found MICHAEL BARENBOIM while searching for Politics in Spanish Government. I need to think more and change my plan. After several years of these and those insane involvement in the most inferior chamber music groups, is this what is left for this poorest boy? (…) That Jewish Pig originally had NO-tone but technique-only when he joined the BPO as a Concertmaster, (a typical Mehta’s boy), but then EVERYBODY, including Fiddler X or the Cello-sh*t, who stole du Pre’s instrument, lost their freshness-or-talent while enjoying their partnership with this b*tch with their hilarious faces. Then what about this poor boy (…) We’ll see if Elena and Gidon Kremer really want to see this poorest boy grow up an independent fiddler. (…)
3. MAY 18, 2009: Just in case… I can’t think of a better FACE+VOICE than X in this piece, Arnold Schoenberg’s “A Surivor from Warsaw”. (I know nothing about this music, though…) What do you think about this? What does everyone think about this? Not only his personal life… this performance will be LONG memorized as a VIDEO-version of MUSIC, won’t this? This is just my personal wish… which has nothing to do with Barenboim’s Berlin-contract. (I also want to save Meier’s Y, though… And the New President of Meier’s Fan Club will never know why this whore used to destroy the entire ensemble, including this one… with just ONE note, because this guy is called Glauce Kalisch from Brazil. I need to write his exact name so that he could find his posting and ask me to erase his name. Praising his favorite girl, especially after reading my analysis, is no one’s business, but this Brazilian’s real intention is to interfere with my computer work and destroy Barenboim’s Mideastern vision, we’ll see…)

Rattle to stay at Berlin Philharmonic until 2018 May 15, 2009 / By Gramophone
(…) all now agreed on the deal, which will see the partnership ?incredibly popular with Berlin concert-goers ?continue for almost another decade. There had been rumours in past years about tensions between Rattle and some of the orchestra’s musicians, though a spokesperson confirmed that the renewal was a collective decision. (…)

“Aufbruch und Aergernis” – The never-ending Story of the Berlin Opera Crisis TIMELESS until May 11, 2009 / By German Media
(…) The “crisis of opera” has become a standing phrase in the ongoing debate on Berlin’s cultural developement for almost twenty years. It served as analysis and apology; as rational for demand and decline. Yet, what it this crisis all about? On the one hand, so it was stated at the top level panel discussion, everything seems to work out very well: The “Staatsoper unter den Linden” is celebrating international success; under its star conductor Daniel Barenboim, the “Staatskapelle” became one of the most distinguished orchestras in Germany.
(JIWON: Elsewhere Barenboim goes, this is what he heard from the German Pigs and then British Pigs, which started praising du Pre’s ‘Flirting-Husband’ only after they succeeded in Rattle-Project in Berlin’s BPO. SO… Where did I find the real report that Barenboim’s Staatskapelle has NEVER entered the European Top-Ten?)

Please check
Kurz nach der Wahl des neuen Bundespräsidenten bzw. der neuen Bundespräsidentin erklingt dort Beethovens Neunte, gespielt von der Staatskapelle Berlin unter der Leitung von Daniel Barenboim. Es singt der Chor der Staatsoper Unter den Linden, ergänzt von einem Solistenquartett von Weltklasse: der Mezzosopranistin Waltraud Meier (…)
(JIWON: With No doubt, German media is united to zip their big mouth about this Meier’s concert in Berlin, which was at the request of German chancellor Merkel. Basically, this and that German Media-or-Pigs have been offering the same Barenboim-article since… there are others PIGS, though. And it was quite recently that I learned that their business was dying despite all those commercial Barenboim-article, which is full of SEX. And I still didn’t finish my business with those PIGS. We’ll see.)

Merkel lädt Stars zum Konzert am Brandenburger Tor Apr 3, 2009
Daniel Barenboim and the Staatskapelle will be on 23 May occur at the Brandenburg Gate – a newspaper report at the request of the Chancellor.
60 Jahre Bundesrepublik: Das Programm für das Bürgerfest in Berlin steht
After the controversy over an appropriate celebration of the 60-year existence of the Federal Republic, the Federal Government has now the program for a public celebration on 23 May in Berlin. “We Germans have every reason for us over 60 years of Federal Republic of Germany look and on 23 May birthday to celebrate together,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU).
Im November fällt die Mauer noch einmal Mar 18, 2009
Barenboim: Elena’s best friend will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is all to preserve Meier’s Wagner. I almost cried in awe when this VOICE killed all the members of the La Scala on Feb 22, 2009 Apr 24, 2009
(…) At first, says Mr. Barenboim, he was asked to play Beethoven’s majestic Fifth Symphony, but he decided instead on a varied program that will do justice to the complicated role the date Nov. 9 has played in German history. (…) Mr. Barenboim, who will perform the free concert in front of the Brandenburg Gate, plans to choose pieces to commemorate each of the four occasions. The concert will include the prelude to the third act of Richard Wagner’s “Lohengrin,” which was composed in 1848, and Arnold Schoenberg’s “A Surivor from Warsaw,” a jarring six-minute piece for narrator, men’s chorus, and orchestra that honors the Jewish victims of Nazism.

Not surprisingly, not ‘DANIEL BARENBOIM’ but ‘ELENA BASHKIROVA & GIDON KREMER’ are found in ARTISTS of ‘BERLIN – Stiftung Schloss Neuhardenberg GmbH’, in which this Russian Whore is introduced as Barenboim’s Partner im Leben und in der Musik (Aug 1, 2007).
And then… always… not ELENA BASHKIROVA but WALTRAUD MEIER finishes the story.
THEREFORE, German audience can NEVER be blessed with real GERMAN DIVAS until or even after Meier’s death… perhaps for the couple of generations after Meier’s patriotic death, because Meier’s male partners will kill all the female seedlings.


Please check
🙂 From JIWON: Dear Spanish Government Officials, (Regarding Government Fund / Spanish Culture / Barenboim’s Involvement in Spanish Politics) Aug 5-13, 2008
JIWON: Unlike previous mails, today’s mail recipients include Opposition party, Partido Popular (PP) and Congreso de los Diputados. I hope them to forward this mail to Spanish First Lady, Mrs. Zapatero.
(…) This is Spain I’ve known for years:
1. Madrid Train Bombings led the current government to win 2004 election. They won 2008 election again.
2. Zapatero’s Economic policy during his first term was based on populism, and his government might suffer from its aftermath during the second term.
3. Spain was not happy when they failed to join Quartet and its Roadmap as an active member to meddle in Mideast affairs.
4. Whenever Ms. Rice (USA) made the most intelligent decision to handle Foreign affairs, the most sickish criticism came from Spain. They all compared it with Barenboim’s Divan-project.
5. After receiving my report about in Spain and its members’ sickish behaviors, particularly in Middle East, its local event has become a national ceremony.
6. A private letter from Spanish King Juan Carlos I to his son was so well-written that it spread throughout the world. Quite naturally, this Spanish family education was exactly opposite to what the WEDO members received from Bashkirova’s Spanish Mentors.
No matter what… Whoever misused public fund, everything was up to Barenboim. Result says that Barenboim wanted to be actively involved in Spanish politics. And he is soon going to appear in Jerusalem again as Beinisch’s puppy and insult Israeli politicians again.
I hope ALL the Spanish politicians visit my two blogs and think of the best way to lead Spain in the right way. (…) Does Spain still want to play an active role in Mideast affairs? Please do so, however… with the exact information kept in their international-mind… PLEASE. There are things that European politicians should not interfere in, while both Israel and Palestine desperately need help from all EU members.
(…) How in the world European officials can do a better job when the Egyptian mediators cannot? Do the European intermediaries know better than Egyptians do, about what exactly happened to the three sides, Israel, Hamas, and Egypt, in recent days?

🙂 From Section: Italy-Belcanto > JIWON: Dear Mr. Silvio No.1’s ALL friends and foes, (Music & Politics) Feb 6 – 24, 2009
JIWON: (…) Curiously, Arab money was the only thing that frequently appeared in Spain-related articles whenever I checked international headlines. How come Spain is the only European country, which kept wooing Arab funds?
(…) Elsewhere you go, Barenboim’s Divan-project has become nothing but Zapatero’s propaganda concerts or anything but Barenboim’s Mideast Vision. Basically, when I had to meddle in Barenboim’s Spanish life, I never planned to criticize Spain’s pure intention to support Barenboim and Said’s pure friendship. But the result says what I see and what I hear. Just like what happened in Kippah-I & Kippah-II in my Knesset-blog, I only see Arab money pouring into Spain and I feel what I feel.
Spain has a dream of reviving the Golden Age when Jews and Muslims lived together?
Hum… I am searching for the better description than this proverb.
‘It is not the beard that makes the philosophers.’
Spain hits back at Berlusconi’s ‘too pink’ comment Apr 16, 2008
JIWON: Spain must have been busy. Just one week later after my PINK mail hit Spanish First Lady, another musician, Silvio No. 1 or 2 or 3, tossed TOO PINK message to her husband. My problem is that I still didn’t get their DIRECT answer. They just said that Spanish Foreign Minister can’t read English. What did I say?
I just said that if Spain wants to be truly involved in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, she should not insult Ms. Condoleezza Rice’s hard working in the name of Daniel Barenboim. (Do those Spanish Pigs know how hard WE had to work and work? Go to hell! They should work instead of talking… and everybody knows that I was not for Bush administration. I was for Mrs. Bush and Ms. Rice.) I said that being a First Lady never means that an inferior musician has a right to destroy her country’s music society in the name of Waltraud Meier. I said that it’s not a good idea for the Spanish government to meddle in Mideat affairs by throwing the wrong advice to UN’s Ban, who is famous for dozing off during (Barenboim’s) classical music concert, which is sponsored by Female First Vice President of Spain.
And… I am going to say that the most disgusting Female Politician seems to be found in Spain. Who is the Female Principal of Queen Sofía College of Music, which is the headquarters of Members of Bashkirova-Gang? What is her exact identity? Principal or Dmitri Bashkirov’s bimbo or WHAT?
For the first time in my life, I can’t chuckle while reading Berlusconi-Joke. And I am going to ask Spanish Queen Sofia what’s wrong with my Spanish problem. Has Spanish Politicians also joined Matthias Glander’s Berlin circle, pretending that Daniel Barenboim is the ONLY ONE, who should be blamed?

🙂 From Arab-Short > Music in Palestine: Daniel Barenboim, Tania Nasir and The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (also in Gaza…)
🙂 JIWON: Dear Palestinians, (Concerning Barenboim’s Divan-Project) (From Sep25 to Present)
JIWON: (…) Venezuelan El Sistema (…) According to the rule of this bimbo-battle, Barenboim has to collect all his Angels to rush to South America, Guatemala in particular. How long will it take for the entire Latin America to become another Trashbin? I promise… a couple of years will be enough. Curiously, Elena Bashkirova has already planned her Latin Tour as a Jewish muse, so I decided NOT to send my further message to Argentinean neighbor countries. Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008 & Dear Barenboim’s Argentine (May 27, 2008). It was on May 27, 2008 when I ‘spammed’ the entire Argentine to explain the reason of Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival. If they really considered Barenboim as their Maestro, they must have known the best way to show their respect during this b*tch’s Latin tour. Or vice versa. The more inferior, the dirtier game they would want to play… all despite my legal warning. The more inferior, the louder… Which country will fall into the victim or which music society will prove its most inferiority?

SPAIN: Orchestra season Sep 11, 2008
The course starts with symphonic big surprises in a year with worrying signs of crisis (…) Elena Bashkirova bla-bla-bla

Elena Bashkirova in SPAIN: Jewish Sephardic Museum hosts the Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival May 9-10, 2009 / By (Newspaper in Madrid)
(…) JCMF is an initiative founded in September 1998 by Elena Bashkirov and Daniel Barenboim. Since its inception, this concert was very well received both in Israel and abroad. (…) According to its organizers, “the festival’s success is due largely to the love of music and enthusiasm to unite cultures and knowledge.” (…) entry is free until seats.
1. Feb 10, 2006: Elena Bashkirova with Spanish Orchestra with a Jewish Conductor, who has been a special trainer in
2. Jan 2, 2009: SPANISH politicians’ dream to attend the VPO’s ‘New Year’ Concert: Those who have been fortunate to be present this year at Musikverein are the Female-President & Male-Deputy-Director of Jewish Conductor’s Symphony Orchestra (…) The audience is not clear whether they paid their tickets or invited by Barenboim. (…) Daniel Barenboim found a moment of solemnity to commemorate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to include your wishes for 2009 to “justice in the Middle East.”
3. May 15, 2009: Two years after her debut with in concert version “Tristan and Isolde”, the German mezzo-soprano, Waltraud Meier, and again to show the public why SPAIN… Moreover, the increasing public demand has led to the Jewish Conductor has a new fertilizer for professionals university teachers. It is a cycle including “Parsifal” by Wagner, performed by Waltraud Meier, accompanied by X, (JIWON: who proved the cheapest voice along with the most comical, disgusting facial muscles in Meier’s WEDO 2008), and Y, (JIWON: who will participate in Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival 2009).
4. May 15, 2009: Waltraud Meier’s Big-Mouth in Spain: If there is a lyrical name of woman that is associated with the Wagner Waltraud Meier (…) their prior experience with SPANISH ENSEMBLE was excellent and if something is found is its ability to adapt to the German repertory. Meier confesses, “We notice that they feel it and breathe it.” (…) “A singer has to feel comfortable with all that singing. I actually feel that way. When I choose a role I am aware that this is a masterpiece and I feel privileged. My favorite role is always that I’m singing at that time.” (…) in Seville in August with Barenboim. Meier says she is at the peak of her career both technically in terms of knowledge. “I have reached maturity and this is reflected in my way of addressing the various characters. What I find important is to deepen the increasingly important role. It often act out a role, each time discovering new things, you enter your deeper meanings. It takes years and years to understand why a character does not understand that singers today always want something new, no time to go. Lack of patience and is very necessary in our profession. We need to grow and mature with each the characters,” Meier concludes.
(JIWON: Just in case, please check Barenboim’s interview, which was in fact an answer to my ‘Hidden Message’ to my Readers on May 5, 2009. So sick of this BIG-MOUTH: “Classical music means maturity… Not exactly… Classical music starts with kids’ favorite HOT quality and ends with adults’ maturity. That’s exactly what I wanted to write last night.”)
5. Please check Meier’s FASHION. This German Whore poured her everything into this NEW Spanish market. No more need to wear something RED with her WEDO members.
6. Cultura: La crisis se deja sentir en la música: La ópera tampoco se escapa de la crisis. (…) la realidad parece ser mucho más dura de la que é preveía. (…) Domingo vaticinaba que quizás los cantantes no lo iban a sufrir tanto pero sí los teatros. Meier, en cambio, ya ha notado las consecuencias del parón económico.
7. FUTURE: The story will keep going with the SAME Jewish conductor and Waltraud Meier… Besides, quite ROTTEN POLITICS are found in this area, regarding Zubin Mehta, Public Fund, Musicians’ Complaints, and so on… First of all, what does it mean? “No es va arribar a cap acord concret perquè va ser “una presa de contacte” però es va pactar que “Zubin Mehta i Conductor-X interpretarien alguna obra d’autor valencià i que hi haurà una pròxima reunió amb els mestres per a elegir les peces”.
7. Sometime during 2011: Another important announcement in 2011 maestro Barenboim returns to (…)

Waltraud Meier in SPAIN: El gran día de Wiesbaden May 10, 2009 / By Diario Vasco ‎
The Chor closed its German tour with a magical concert in the church market (…) “We will be in August in Seville with Barenboim,” Spanish X emphasized

SPAIN – Andalusia News: Challenges of a Government in Times of CRISIS Apr 26, 2009 / By
(…) The new government is not starting from scratch (…) ubiquitous battle against the economic crisis: the reform of the administration. (…) Culture (…)There is NO SUPPORT for the CONSERVATORY, in the WORST state ever since the creation of musical quarry, while spending 3 BILLION EUROS a year on projects such as the Foundation for effect Barenboim.

Zapatero and the Kings opened today for the bicentenary commemorations of the Latin American independence May 10, 2009 / By Europa Press
(JIWON: All the politicians involved in this story are from one political party, Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE). Well… I used to think they are BOURGEIOS.)
Spain stresses his willingness to accompany these events, because the leadership for its partners across the Atlantic. Kings and the President of the Government today opened the acts with which Spain will accompany the celebrations of the bicentenary of Latin American independence. (…) Bolivia beginning next May 25. (…) The former president, (JIWON: who is a VIP member of, will be responsible for opening the series of conferences that will take place in three workshops on political, economic and cultural issues. (…) Foreign Minister will offer (…) The Government’s First Vice President, (JIWON: who planned Barenboim’s UN concert), will deliver (…) The Culture Minister will moderate the second round table, entitled “The strength of the Spanish” (…) The Government started preparing the actions of the Bicentennial celebrations in May 2007 when it established a National Committee – chaired First Vice President – to design a program of political and cultural ties with Spain that accompany these celebrations. Within this program will include a tour of the Argentine orchestra conductor Daniel Barenboim for Mexico, Chile, Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Argentina throughout the next year ending in August 2010 in Buenos Aires, birthplace of the musician.


Had I found its Spanish version first instead of wasting my time on the English site… It was on APRIL 23, 2009 when Andalusian 4th President Griñán (PSOE) became this institution’s NEW CEO, but still… the entire events are in honor of Russian Bashkirova family and Israeli Arab Ahkar family, who’s been sucking Palestinian bloods to feed its members’ professional career.

What’s the difference between Venezuelan politicians such as Dr. José Antonio Abreu in El Sistema and the Spanish politicians in Whatever happened in the Venezuelan Government, their first criterion has never betrayed educational goal to train the youngsters and lead them in a right way. What was Spanish politicians’ main concern?

When they received my Barenboim-message, this local event has suddenly become the national festival. Then… after reading my analysis, the ENTIRE members in ‘Bashkirova & Co.’ start being treated as VIP of VIPs in the Spanish music society. Now, Spanish national level is even inferior to that of Asian local ensembles but they don’t care.

Did they want to get rid of me?
Now, I can ‘truly’ understand the reason of Bashkirova’s Barenboim-interview in ARGENTINE, which was supported by musicologist in ITALY.
Have they thought it would be a piece of cake for the Spanish politicians to keep their Barenboim-project by then… until not only Arab world but also the entire Latin America are ruled by ‘the Cultural Strength of Spain’? What kind of strength when its national level sounds even below Asian local one? I’ve hardly seen better youth ensemble than the Latin ones, even though there is a huge gap between its string section and winds.

Though it took the entire day to search for POLITICS in SPAIN, I feel NO need to write a thing about this. Just funny… Has the Spanish Government played the game with me while using their youngsters as humanshields? I have NEVER played the game with anyone, and now… please look at the present Spanish Music Scene. It literally sounds like a huge trashbin. What a country… Should I feel pity on them?


FACEBOOK: Barenboim-Said Foundation Ramallah
Feb 12, 2009: Elena Bashkirova with the BPO’s Jewish Concertmaster. It is followed by Concerts of Jerusalem Festival’s member and Israeli Arab Ashkar Family.

Happenings in Palestinian territory. If you follow Foreign Names sticking around Barenboim, it is easy to figure out what The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music wants and where they are heading. With NO doubts, Barenboim’s involvement in these and those Foreign-or-Spanish-or-German-or-Israeli-or-Ramallah Names has been destroying Palestinian independent, pure vision.

It was NOT enough for those DEVILS of GREED to suffocate Jewish Local Musicians; starting from Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. But then, it was great to find that those Palestinian Pigs wanted to collaborate with Israeli Arab Ashkar-family rather than sharing Barenboim’s MONEY with their Palestinian friends-or-rivals. Just funny…

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT NOT ONLY SIR. RATTLE’S BERLIN PHILHARMONIC BUT ALSO SEE’s chairman Robert Asher in Chicago (Arts and Science Academy) JOINED THEM. (Gidon Kremer is OK, because he didn’t sign Daniel Barenboim: Please listen, before it is too late (Feb 5, 2009).)

Please check
🙂 From Dear Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel Apr 22 – May 15, 2008
(…) Dear Yitzchak and Rosenblum and Others,
JIWON: (…) After sending the draft, I thought I finished my research until something hit my brain. (…) 1. Beinisch brought a libel suit against the IBA.
2. Couple of years later, Beinisch’s Bashkirova appeared as IBA’s heroine, not only in entire Israel but also in Chicago. I now know it was to congratulate Dorit Beinisch on becoming the president of banana republic. (But then… what a fun it was to real the Jewish souls’ volcanic insulting Barenboim after this happening! A terrific country.)
3. Not only Bashkirova-Gang totally destroyed music of Barenboim’s CSO, but also Barenboim himself finished his Chicago era with his thorny relationship with the administration and most of orchestra members. (In this story, different opinions from all viewpoints should be published, because their subject deals with music and I know how to explain their each different reason.)
4. Even after Barenboim ended his career in disgrace, Bashkirova was able to plan her further appearance in Chicago’s main performance schedule, and Chicago is where German pigs can be praised as a German fame, simply because they never heard this sound before.
5. After sending the draft, I couldn’t sleep with so many thoughts and woke up with heavy brain to find out something more. I just wanted to work for Barenboim’s music-lovers at La Scala, then Italian Muti, who has been the subject of their political uproar, suddenly joined Mehta’s IPO. It was months ago. Then, I found out that Barenboim’s enemy started to support Muti’s CSO. And then, Muti was CSO’s choice right after reading the draft of my Beinisch-writing. I am speechless… how come everybody, whether politicians or musicians or even forumites, is quick to read my message, though a draft, when I only send it to a mere, powerless musician? I know all my private e-mail is under the watchdog, but are they hacking even my USB stick?
6. Meanwhile I found out that Bashkirova appeared as a special guest (…) It was also one day before Muti’s CSO.

🙂 From Friedmannism > Is “Friedmannism” Good for Israel?
🙂 Supreme Court to Yaakov Ne’eman: This dog would not be allowed to leave deep scratches on the furniture. (May 09, 2004 to Present)

🙂 From Banana-Republic > Section: Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch
🙂 Supreme Court after Olmert (Beinisch should get rid of Friedmann as quickly as possible) From Sep 3, 2008 to Present
🙂 Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel From Jul 25, 2008 to Present

🙂 From Phoenix-Bibi > Section: Nationalist-Govn’t-Please
MARCH 15 – 20, 2009
JIWON: FAQ 1: Is he a corrupt-or-prosperous politician, who is threatened by Supreme Court?
(…) How many times should I write more… that I am not a part of rebel? I am perhaps the first advocate/devotee of GUILD SYSTEM, which usually dubbed ‘Secret Society’. This is the best way to preserve golden tradition in its purest form, if it sure exists. Thus I am also perhaps the best one to understand reason of furious reaction from the Jewish Branja, who wants to protect Legal Secret Society at any price… in their favorite way. (…) What’s the difference between my computer work and Prof. Friedmann’s Knesset work? Do FOLKS want me to play the devil’s advocate? Still no problem with me. Now that this bimbo-battle is only staring, it will NOT be fun if Dorit Beinisch gives up her precious title, Supreme Court President. She should live the longest life and watch how many (non) Jewish brains enjoy reading all the happenings in Banana-Republic, starting from Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003).
I know. Just like Waltraud Meier in German Wagner Society, this female Jew can’t live without enjoying public attention. I can help her more. Remember? I promised Italian prime minister to contact all his electorates and it will take years. Then, I won’t give up Jewish part until I contact the last Diaspora/Israeli Jew.
Just out of curiosity…
Why doesn’t Dorit Beinisch do her favorite, old trick any more… regarding media as a tool for manipulation?
This B*TCH used Barenboim as a human shield to protect her family from KACH members?
We’ll see. (…)

Elena Bashkirova in SPAIN: Jewish Sephardic Museum hosts the Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival May 9-10, 2009 / By (Newspaper in Madrid)
(…) JCMF is an initiative founded in September 1998 by Elena Bashkirov and Daniel Barenboim. Since its inception, this concert was very well received both in Israel and abroad. (…) According to its organizers, “the festival’s success is due largely to the love of music and enthusiasm to unite cultures and knowledge.” (…) entry is free until seats.

The Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival 2009 September, 2009
Husband of Dorit Beinisch (Supreme Court President of Israel), Elena Bashkirova, Gidon Kremer, MICHAEL BARENBOIM, the BPO’s Jewish Concertmaster and PART of DIVANS from Spain/Germany/Israel. (Several CORE members didn’t join for the very-specific reasons… perhaps for fear of losing their job.)

Court unmoved by demand for probe into 2004 IDF Gaza op May 6, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post ‎
Study: Supreme Court President Justice Dorit Beinisch is the most averse to using Jewish sources May 7, 2009 / By Arutz Sheva ‎
JM Neeman: I do not feel bound by the understandings that ex-JM Friedmann reached with Beinisch May 6, 2009 / By Haaretz
Neeman and Beinisch pick court presidents May 11, 2009 / By Haaretz
Beinisch’s Gideon Sa’ar: I’m Likud No.2. I’m vocally oppose the PA state May 18, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Beinisch’s Bennie Begin: I joined Bibi’s Likud only to protect Dorit Beinisch. Why should I support establishing the PA state? May 18, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post

Dorit Beinisch at Princeton University in USA: ‘International law not prepared to fight terrorism’ Apr 17, 2009 / By Haaretz
Israel’s top judicial official said Thursday that the goal of the Supreme Court is to respect human rights while maintaining security during a permanent state of emergency. (…) Beinisch, who has served on the court since 1995 and became its first female president in September 2006, declined to take questions from the press Thursday. (…) As such, Beinisch said her job is to ensure that basic human rights – from the length of a detention to a detainee’s access to clean water or health care – are respected. She said that sometimes conflicts with the Israeli military’s desire to hold those it suspects of plotting terrorist activities, even if they fall short of the evidence burden the court requires. (…) Beinisch has focused much of her legal career on examining how government institutions can uphold the law while protecting human rights. (…) She says during her time on the Supreme Court, its justices have dealt with almost every issue in Israeli life.

(Updated on MAY 19, 2009)
What if I start my LEGAL business with those Spanish Pigs? Under the normal circumstance, I will… I promise. This newspaper, Jewish Sephardic Museum hosts the JCMF, which was found by Daniel Barenboim (May 8, 2009), is a national daily newspaper founded in Madrid, which is the third largest general-interest newspaper in Spain. When did I ‘spam’ the Spanish Music Society and Media? It was NOT my first time when I contacted the Spanish government with my OFFICIAL message, JIWON: Dear Middle Eastern Music Society & Spanish Government (Apr 3, 2008).

When Hansjörg Schellenberger (Ob) wanted to rule the BPO and the Jerusalem market, he collected his members and hurried to join Dorit and Yeheskell Beinisch’s Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival with Elena Bashkirova as a bimbo of straw. What did Barenboim do either in Berlin or in Jerusalem? Daniel Barenboim even made an official interview that he wouldn’t join Beinsich’s institution. Couple of years later, this Jerusalem Festival was beginning to collapse and then… Barenboim started breaking his promise (with me) and finally appeared in Jerusalem as a Conductor of Matthias Glander’s Wind Ensemble. Now, I clearly know that it was all because of this f*cking Divan-Project. I used to think that Barenboim, who detests anything management business in his Opera/Symphony Company, can do nothing without those Berlin Pigs’ involvement in his performance schedule.

Youtube: Extrait DVD Daniel Barenboim 50 years on stage (with Waltraud Meier) Apr 30, 2009 / By glaukalisch who joined this place on June 06, 2006.
Waltraud Meier Blog: Who am I? Am I a Brazilian in Paris? From June 14, 2008 to Present / By Glauce Kalisch

Very interesting… This guy has been real busy in recent days; getting busier and busier. Not surprisingly, there are always ANONYMOUS communicators answering this Meier-posting. In this country, it is now easy to investigate who is behind Anonymous-Internet-Postings after the society suffered from Internet-crime, which took several entertainers’ lives. This DVD was released on Feb 22, 2005, according to Amazon. When did I have to give up my computer work and when did I resume it? It is also AFTER Meier was dumped by MR. RIGHT… according to Meier’s Interview, isn’t it? Now, what about this?

German Media: Sie haben niemals Weihnachten gefeiert? Dec 24, 2005 / By German Media
[Barenboim: (…) In Berlin in diesem Jahr bin ich mit meiner Frau über den Weihnachtsmarkt gegangen. Ich finde das ganz lustig. Einer unserer beiden Söhne wird Weihnachten in Berlin sein. Wenn er Zeit für seine Eltern hat, werden wir ihn sehen. Ein ruhiger Tag.]

This article disappeared from its search-engine after I resumed my computer work, so I had to find it from Google. (Basically, I was searching for one missing article, in which Barenboim kindly explained how he became Mr. Megalomaniac-Generosity.)

Please look at Waltraud Meier’s victorious smile. I just couldn’t die without finishing this dirty business. By then, this hilarious big-mouth became the Owner of Unter-den-Linden and her performance schedule was packed… all thanks to Barenboim’s DIVAN-PROJECT. Then what about Zubin Mehta and Gidon Kremer? Always… unlike Daniel Barenboim, they are PURE… and FULL OF MUSIC. One can find NOTHING about Mehta’s illegitimate kids from Israeli fiddler or countless mistresses during his heydays, which used to encourage du Pre’s dying husband, and there is only ONE source reporting Gidon Kremer’s privacy. One might ask German media about Kremer’s interview, in which Bashkirova’s MR. RIGHT kindly explained why he had never cared his own kids.

Haaretz: Wikipedia editors: Coverage of Israel ‘problematic’ according to the Jews
Gidon Kremer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia with NO information about his private life
Zubin Mehta – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia with FULL of FULL report on Mehta’s love of music
In October 2006 he opened the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia in Valencia with LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN’S FIDELIO (with WALTRAUD MEIER), followed by a three year project (…)
Gidon Kremer is already 55 now… Only 55! He is still bubbling with new ideas realizing them in ever new concert programs, in a festival he regularly holds in Lockenhous, Austria, in the books he writes about music and himself coming out in many languages and which are immensely popular with music lovers everywhere. Gidon Kremer is a happy man, always surrounded by loving friends and fans, living with a loving wife who is a real beauty, and keeping close contact with his children from different marriages. He lives a fascinating and action-packed life and, above all, he is always in demand…

No matter what, this has been Daniel Barenboim. Please look at Barenboim’s comfortable, delighted smile in Meier’s DVD. (Actually, the real heroine of this DVD is X… Please ask my READERS about all the behind stories. I had to do this because this commercially fattycatty voice was supposed to sing Wagner.) Is there a happier man than this guy? GANZ LUSTIG… It was all after I gave up my computer work. GANZ LUSTIG… UNTIL…
JUNE 19, 2006: An item from our local press: A copy of an article that Bashkirova’s Journalist wrote for the Chicago Sun-Times:
CSO lauds departing Barenboim as ‘conductor for life’
Musicians’ statements at Barenboim’s CSO Farewell
Now, THE FACTS, quoted from a response from Chair of the CSO players’ Members Committee.
“Thank you for forwarding the articles. I am sorry to tell you that the facts of the situation are very different than what you presented in your article. First, DB appointed himself something that the Members did not vote to him. It is very embarrassing that from the stage DB blurred an important distinction and that a small cadre of devoted supporters has provided misinformation to you. The motion as you have it was amended by the inclusion of ‘consider in our hearts and minds’ because frankly, there was not consensus to appoint him Honorary Conductor for Life. It may seem a small distinction but, in fact, it carries significance.
Second, not so much weight should be place on this honorific. It was an emotional expression for the purpose of saying good bye and even that was very controversial. Trying to get the orchestra to approve something that does the right thing by saying good bye and thank you is difficult when there is so much history and ill feeling in the orchestra. The meeting was held with only fifty members in attendance, and only 40 voted, and the vote was far from unanimous. A significant number did not attend, wishing to avoid controversy and the wrath of this vocal divisive minority.
Third, everyone at the meeting was asked to keep, as we always do, our business private, and not discuss this in the press. Obviously, our confidence was compromised by someone in the orchestra. Not only that, but misinformation was provided by someone. It is unprecedented and unethical that you would have and publish the wording of a motion made in one of our meetings. And it is incorrect that you should assume that anyone can speak for the orchestra who is not an elected representative. Should this happen in the future I hope you would give us the courtesy of checking your facts.
I would be happy to discuss this sutation in detail with you, as I know you would agree that these are important concerns. Sincerely…”


Bimbo-Battle in Chicago

Bimbo-Battle in Chicago

This is from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Why do you think they posted this? I am still looking for someone to give me the CSO’s OLD brochure during the early 1990s. A real, disgusting photo of Dale Clevenger and this bimbo used to decorate its Front Page when they realized that I was a sincere reader during the concert. (What else I could do in a place where I am alone… except reading something?) Without this Sh*t, my student life could have been purely happy. Everybody thought that I could become Another-Alice… sic. Is this Big-Mouth now taking care of her instrument before the performance… without spending her entire time on chatting in the cheapest voice with her typical arrogant attitude?

Chicago Symphony Orchestra agrees to pay cut May 18, 2009 / By American Media

Did they finally go back to those days? Please ask the CSO how they got a rise in their salary years ago. Of course, you’re welcome to ask something more… to its rival Music School, where the students were only interested in joining the Civic orchestra and never willing to follow its academic classes. (Do they know that it was in American Music School, where I learned how to make orgasm posture on the stage/class-room? All the female students wanted to follow in the footsteps of the CSO’s bimbo and their main concern was to offer free-sex to their male boss, who is promised a Civic job. Then, they wanted to report their prostitution to all their female rivals.)

If I am allowed to give one advice to American leader, I want them to know that one of issues that trouble American adolescents is… “To be a gay or not”. The problem is that those who, especially sensitive boys, don’t want to join gay society do their very best to resist being captured by sensitive gay culture and therefore they run to the place where they don’t belong to; unnecessarily aggressive… and they never find their own, sensitive ego.

I am curious if American First Lady Michelle Obama has ever suffered Chicago Homesick as I did when I left Chicago. The beauty of Lake Shore, the typical smell…
In Chicago, it felt as if I was waking up from a lifelong sleep. (My English is the best example to show that the students should study while young…*.*) I grew up with the weekly concerts of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

In sum… what I learned in Chicago was Jacob’s Theory and this statement; “Go For It!”
Now, I don’t miss Chicago any more. But I am still asking. WHO IS MY TEACHER?

If you check the same CSO’s Barenboim-tour, you can find Elena Bashkirova in a RED dress sticking around Barenboim. When was it? After giving up this computer work? Or before resuming it? It was in fact in order for the Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival to prepare her performance schedule with Gidon Kremer and their Jewish Pigs, aka DIVANS, in this local area, Washington. I don’t understand why this b*tch can’t make more performance schedule in this area in these days. Since the CSO still offers its photo-service, anyone can find it.

When was Bashkirova’s first appearance in Chicago and why? Please ask FOLKS about WHY. Since Barenboim didn’t want to show up with this whore, there had to be another pianist. Also, I was required to listen to Bashkirova’s Salzburg performance on the radio. You are welcome to imagine Music-Scene in Salzburg in those days. Are Musicians really born with NO brain? After all, Bashkirova’s father, Dmitri Bashkirov, couldn’t find a professorship in Salzburg and settled in Spain.
Chicago audiences have caught quick glimpses of pianist Elena Bashkirova, who is also Daniel Barenboim’s wife, onstage with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in recent years. Joined by X and Barenboim, she made her CSO debut in 1996 in Mozart’s Concerto for Three Pianos. During the 1998 Ravinia Festival, she shared the spotlight with Adolph Herseth in Shostakovich’s Concerto for Piano, Trumpet and Strings. (…)

Please, please ask this legendary American bugler how he became Barenboim’s supporter. I never want to see this old guy in my life again. Now, I think this man just didn’t want to retire when everybody wanted him to rest. Curiously, Meier’s fan or another Meier, aka ANONYMOUS, always posts what I need. Please check the date Meier is mentioning.

Waltraud Meier Blog: Ninth symphony of Beethoven: “Alle Menschen werden Bruder” (all become brothers) Apr 28, 2009 / By Glauce Kalisch, who claims to be a Brazilian in Paris
Comment: Anonyme a dit… (Originally written in Spanish): Hello Glauco!, I promised to write and here I am. I love the picture you post of Waltraud, I think his face reflects the spirit of this obra.Ya I have ever commented that attracts me a lot of the facet joint Waltraud, is not one of those singers who are full of these for macroconciertos suck on camera when it has to go to a show always stays in the background, and if you go to a concert that is good because pena. En Madrid in 1996, he was singing at a gala with Baremboin outdoors to seek the solution pacifica to the Palestinian conflict, was among the artists who atrvieron to say in public that they do not like what Bush was doing in Iraq, and last year was one of the signatories of the manifesto Baremboin. As a German, Waltraud has always loved his country from scratch and not to repeat his historia.Debemos pleased to be a committed person, and not just a diva in search of easy fame. Thank you for this text so beautiful!

With this posting and just a little bit of research on ‘Elena & Gidon’ Kremer’s performance schedule, one can easily figure out when and how Waltraud Meier’s prostitution started and ended. Also one should NOT forget Barenboim’s tears on his lonely face while mentioning his late wife, du Pre. It was INBETWEEN… perhaps due to Meier’s suddenly-busy worldwide schedule with famed maestros…

How many years have I followed Barenboim? WEDO was not Barenboim’s only humanitarian event. As I wrote before, (Please ask my READERS when), I literally stalked this German whore and I’ve NEVER seen this very female, Waltraud Meier, participate in anything humanitarian. There was only one case, in which this musician hurried to join. It was to prepare her performance schedule in her NEW German market.
Comment 83. On May 6, 2009 at 8:09 pm, Rheinlover yelled: On the one occasion that I met Waltraud Meier after a performance of Venus at the MET she was most gracious. She gave me her autograph and chatted for a moment and was in very good humor. She also chatted with the other people in line. My friend asked her to sign a copy of a novel by Thomas Mann and she lit right up and started talking with him about Mann. I was most impressed. A gorgeous singer and a kind person with wit and intelligence.
Comment 84. On May 6, 2009 at 8:15 pm, Icantbelieveitsnotbutter retorted: Backstage is a tricky business. For every sweet and non-confrontational autograph seeker, (…) Some nights you’re exhausted and you know you didn’t sing well, and it’s just plain hard to face people. (…)

Interestingly enough, the same thing is happening AGAIN. Apart from Meier’s RED dress whenever she is in need, Waltraud Meier is the most active to take care of her fan-club after the performance, compared to other singers who want to protect their voice especially during the cold winter. It happened in Japan, where Japanese concertgoers complained about the REAL singers while praising Meier’s Wagner. It was when I returned to this f*cking country. Barenboim ‘comically’ interviewed that he wanted to stop by Korean airport while Meier just-ignored all Barenboim’s conducting, which was ‘dreaming’ Furtwangler. What Meier’s Japanese fan-club heard from their favorite musician? I just don’t understand.

As usual, ALL of these and those stories end with and Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival

RED Meier with WEDO

RED Meier with WEDO

Reddish Elena & Gidon Kremer in Barenboim's Jerusalem

Reddish Elena & Gidon Kremer in Barenboim's Jerusalem

Actually, there is a better photo of Reddish Bashkirova but it’s now impossible to find them. FOLKS are united to hide it. This is from Jerusalem Festival 2006. Now everybody knows what a historical period the year of 2006 was. While Dorit Beinsich was succeeded in her lifelong project to become the Supreme Court President of Israel, Beinisch’s Muse wanted to show Barenboim that this whore is now a great pianist to accompany Gidon Kremer. I was supposed to post ONE more photo of MICHAEL BARENBOIM, which ‘Bashkirova & Co.’ posted after receiving my Barenboim-message, but I decided NOT to.

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🙂 From Dear Barenboim’s Son (Dec 8, 2008)
JIWON: It all started with you. It all started after I asked Daniel Barenboim to take care of his son if his marriage to du Pre was (…) It was ten or eleven years ago, and you are the best one who knows what’s been happening to Barenboim, your brother and you since that day. But then… you are still the only one who doesn’t know what means ‘Garbage and Sh*ts’ around you? Do you really believe that your father knows nothing about it? Now, I clearly know the most disgusting thing I’ve done in my life was to ask Barenboim to take care of Elena Kremer’s whatsoever belongings. No matter what, Gidon Kremer and his members were supposed to take care of their inferior pianist. Then, why they have never done the same thing to their boy? Have Zubin Mehta or Pinchas Zukerman done something for Barenboim’s son while they were damn busy at communicating with Gidon and Elena Kremer behind the scenes?
(…) Time has passed, and I found your troublesome life again, so I had to make a short report and ask Barenboim AGAIN to pay attention to the situation around you and happenings inside you. But then…
(…) I know the relationship between mother and daughter is never same as the one between father and son. I have quite shocking experiences while being raised as a foster daughter of my late Korean teacher. I used to feel pity on his son, who knew nothing about father’s lifelong professional story, but I never want to resume my relationship with him not because he is whose son but because of all the pigs around him.
(…) What I feel funny while watching your life as Barenboim’s Divan is that all the pigs around Barenboim and their fiddling techniques don’t work for you. (…) Who is your grandfather? Enrique Barenboim or Dmitri Bashkirov? Answer me, please. (…)

Months have passed and I don’t think this boy will join me. Nor am I expecting anything from this fiddler. I had to do this because… Perhaps, this poor boy and I are the most cursed characters in this decade-long story/novel, Bimbo-Battle.

If you go to Internet, quite information about WEDO can be found, about how they practiced or how they spent their free time or how they behaved in front of the internationally top-rate maestro or… all those stuffs just make me speechless. But then… there was always MICHAEL BARENBOIM, who looked very tired, very…; the only one who showed the typical symptoms of sensitive musician in this insane situation. Then, I find something more…; ELENA BASHKIROVA always standing right next to him and making a big smile on her happy face. This is called mother. Just sick of everybody.

The Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival 2009
Husband of Dorit Beinisch (Supreme Court President of Israel), Elena Bashkirova, Gidon Kremer, MICHAEL BARENBOIM, the BPO’s Jewish Concertmaster and PART of DIVANS from Spain/Germany/Israel. (Several CORE members didn’t join for the very-specific reasons… perhaps for fear of losing their job.)

For the first time in his life, MICHAEL BARENBOIM will share the same stage with Gidon Kremer. What do you think about this? Kremer is the one, who made a public interview, in which he explained why he didn’t care his own kids. THUS, I had to make a short report on everything that has been happening to MICHAEL BARENBOIM to the members of Barenboim-Fan-Club so that Barenboim’s real lovers can follow their boy. We’ll see… if Elena Bashkirova and Gidon Kremer really want to see this poorest boy grow up an independent fiddler.


(Updated on MAY 20, 2009)
I give up today. Too tired. Even this computer seemed to overwork. I had to write everything because I need to explain the exact reason of Waltraud Meier’s involvement in Barenboim’s Fidelio in Chicago. Tomorrow, I want to contact German Government first.
Thanks for today’s articles. Thanks, really.

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As usual, ALL of these and those stories end with and Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival

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