Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3D

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APRIL 20 – JUNE 8, 2009

This is Monday morning. I am just so sick of this computer work, so tired that I don’t want to wake up every Monday morning. Last night, I couldn’t sleep well while thinking of Barenboim’s Divan-Project 2009 and I was tired to death… until I found additional answers from Egypt. And I keep making new collections.

(Updated on APRIL 21, 2009)
Please… I promise that this is my LAST message during Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal!!!
(Please click Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3A & Part 3B & Part 3C to read the entire text until MAY 19, 2009.)

(Updated on MAY 20, 2009)
I give up today. Too tired. Even this computer seemed to overwork. I had to write everything because I need to explain the exact reason of Waltraud Meier’s involvement in Barenboim’s Fidelio in Chicago. Tomorrow, I want to contact German Government first.

Please check
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My blood is boiling now. Bibi’s idea of normalization WHAT? We’ll see.

U.S. pressing Israel for gestures to Palestinians before June 4 May 20, 2009 / By Haaretz
On the settlements, no agreements were reached, but the two leaders agreed to set up working groups on this issue, as well as on Iran and normalization with the Arab world. Netanyahu returned to Israel last night.

(Updated on MAY 25, 2009)
Jewish intellectuals oppose UNESCO nominee May 22, 2009 / By Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Cultural Minister Farouk Hosni bla-bla-bla (…) Daniel Barenboim bla-bla-bla (…)

Netanyahu lifts objection to anti-Israel Egyptian minister as head of UNESCO May 25, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Exact details of the “arrangement” between Netanyahu and Mubarak were kept secret and were not reported to the media, even though such practice would constitute a radical change of Israeli policy. However, a senior source in the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed the development, but insisted the decision was made following a personal request by Egypt’s president and several European leaders. Moreover, the source said Israel’s gesture was part of a broader set of understandings, in which Egypt will respond in similar fashion at a future gesture. “We received a substantive and worthwhile return. We would not have done this unless Israel’s interests benefited,” the source said. (…) Netanyahu has said on several occasions recently that he is interested in normalizing ties with the Arab world. However, Hosni has stood at the forefront of Egyptian opposition to a normalization of ties with Israel. (…)

As usual, Daniel Barenboim will become the only victim no matter what happens to either Israel or Egypt. While I firmly believe that UNESCO nominee has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING Barenboim, including his DIVAN-workshop…


Please check
🙂 From Phoenix-Bibi > Section: Nationalist-Govn’t-Please
MARCH 15 – 20, 2009
JIWON: FAQ 1: Is he a corrupt-or-prosperous politician, who is threatened by Supreme Court?
(…) How many times should I write more… that I am not a part of rebel? I am perhaps the first advocate/devotee of GUILD SYSTEM, which usually dubbed ‘Secret Society’. This is the best way to preserve golden tradition in its purest form, if it sure exists. Thus I am also perhaps the best one to understand reason of furious reaction from the Jewish Branja, who wants to protect Legal Secret Society at any price… in their favorite way. (…) What’s the difference between my computer work and Prof. Friedmann’s Knesset work? Do FOLKS want me to play the devil’s advocate? Still no problem with me. (…)

The story sounds entirely different when it comes to the CULTURE in ISRAEL. Please look. The worldwide story around Diaspora Jew Barenboim is getting dirtier and dirtier. Has Elena Bashkirova, the Artistic Director of Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival, given up?
Sticking around MICHAEL BARENBOIM, there is no bottom line for those very females, DORIT BEINISCH, ELENA BASHKIROVA, and then WALTRAUD MEIER. No matter what I did… the more I worked for Barenboim’s Jewish Patriotism, the more it encouraged Dorit Beinisch and her Jewish Musicians, including IPO’s Zubin Mehta, to take advantage of Barenboim’s naivety and it eventually made the entire (Diaspora) Jewish Cultural Scene all messed-up.

EVERYBODY… ALL THE JEWISH YOUNG TALENTS failed to grow into mature professionals. Yet, Israel is where the Jewish music lovers still remember and still miss British du Pre’s Judaism and her Music. Whenever they miss Israel’s du Pre, they used to insult Barenboim only. You never know how attractive Jewish youngsters are supposed to sound. So… I promised the Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival that I won’t touch anything her Jewish belongings. It was a decade ago. Now, I need to keep my promise.


Please look. When I started this project, Section: Nationalist-Govn’t-Please, NO one sided with me, President Peres in particular. Now, who is the busiest guy, who wants to take advantage of my grand project, Section: Nationalist-Govn’t-Please?

Don’t you think those real Jewish Patriots are doing a terrific job? Who can prove more patriotism than those Jewish Souls? I promise. Labor’s Barak and Kadima’s Mofaz will destroy everything. Even President Peres… unless his real intention lies not in the next election but in Bibi’s settlement plan, which is toward the two-state solution.

Right urges PM: Don’t give in to Obama May 14, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
“There were elections, which gave a mandate to the nationalist camp and not to a Palestinian state.” The MKs who attended the event made a point of saying it was intended to “strengthen” Netanyahu and not protest against him. (…) But Arens cautioned against undermining Netanyahu even if he shifted Leftward. “We have to support this government,” Arens said. “If it falls, whatever government would follow it would be much worse. We can’t shoot ourselves in the foot.”

Lieberman and Barak aren’t that different, officials claim Apr 24, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Mofaz: Kadima must join coalition to advance diplomatic process May 21, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
PM Bibi refused to make any commitments (settlements) during his USA trip May 20, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Settlers: We hope, with God’s help, to rebuild it, not like before but bigger May 21, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
PM Bibi to face opposition from the Right on removing outposts May 25, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post

Peres: Israeli concessions brought on rockets May 25, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(JIWON: President Peres’ quick reply after checking the draft of this part… Oh, well…)

Israel evacuates West Bank outpost in gesture to Obama May 21, 2009 / By Haaretz
(JIWON: It stinks… No violence, no arrests made in eviction of settler-families. Who will believe Bibi’s DM’s left-wing claim? Barak: We didn’t bow to Obama on West Bank outpost evacuation)

Amos Harel: Evacuating outposts is easiest gesture May 21, 2009 / By Haaretz
Barak, in particular, stresses how the continued existence of outposts undermines the rule of law. Many of the outposts are built on Palestinian land and require the state to act. But Barak has made such statements for almost two years. In order to carry out a substantial evacuation of outposts, authorities must draw up a detailed plan (…) Such an operation will have a high political price for Netanyahu. (…) At the same time, Jewish settlers are expanding outposts and taking over more land. (…)

PM: NEVER stop accomodating NATURAL growth in the SETTLEMENTS… though no new ones in West Bank May 25, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
PM Bibi made clear in the US last week that it will not stop construction in JERUSLAEM or building to accommodate natural growth in the settlements.
(…) the US State Department reissued its response to a question posed to it last week regarding Netanyahu’s stance that all of Jerusalem will remain under Israeli sovereignty. “Jerusalem is a final-status issue. Israel and the Palestinians have agreed to resolve its status during negotiations. We will support their efforts to reach agreements on all final-status issues,” the State Department said.
(…) Overall there are some 101 unauthorized outposts in Judea and Samaria that were built from 1995 to 2005.
(…) Dani Dayan, who heads the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, said he was not satisfied with Netanyahu’s words in support of settlement construction. (…) The words sound good, but the proof was in the pudding, Dayan said. What was needed, he said, was action on the ground, where so far, “nothing has happened.”
(…) Hagit Ofran of Peace Now said that the government was looking for every way to continue building in the settlements and was using the excuse of natural growth in order to appease the settlers. In talking about removing outposts, it was trying to divert attention away from continued settlement construction, she said.

Moshe Ya’alon (Likud): We’ll go on building in settlements May 24, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
“Settlements are not the reason that the diplomatic process failed. The settlements were not an obstacle to peace at any point [in the talks]. Even when Israel evacuated swathes of land, terrorism continued. Even when we uprooted communities, all we got in return was ‘Hamastan’. This is why I suggest we think it over – but not with slogans or dictates.”

Aluf Benn: For Netanyahu, settlements are harder than Palestinian state May 20, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Even the most leftist governments have never declared a settlement freeze. Sharon didn’t either, even though he actually evacuated settlements from Gaza. So how can one expect the Netanyahu government, of all governments, to generously offer to satisfy the United States on this issue? The Yesha Council of settlements has already launched a campaign demanding that Netanyahu (…)

TIME TO WATCH Youtube: Extrait DVD Daniel Barenboim 50 years on stage (with Waltraud Meier) AGAIN…

Why do you think I had to mention female members’ sexual morality in ASSIGNMENTS for DIVANS? Please watch Barenboim’s Ramallah concert. Ramallah is known for the most westernized city in Palestinian territory, yet you can still find female audience wearing hijab.

Please check Barenboim’s public behaviors in Meier’s DVD. This is in fact a typical French-style greeting. Moreover, Musician Barenboim is famous for hugging female partners to express his gratitude to his soloists… especially during a press conference or dinner party. (Somehow, I wonder why the GOOGLE was hurry to delete Barenboim’s kissing scene after…) MORE… moreover, I was speechless when I found hopeless Barenboim, who was eager to show everybody, whenever Elena Bashkirova was standing and smiling next to MICHAEL BARENBOIM & DIVANS, that he prefers to ‘flirt’ with other females.

Based on this information, please check ALL the RED females, who were stalking Barenboim’s Divan-workshop. It’s easy to imagine atmosphere among the youngsters. What do you think when I found anonymous RED female sitting right next to Barenboim in Ramallah?

I grew up in a very Asian country and it was one and a half decades ago that I promised NEVER to send my daughter to the international tour or month-long summer festival of the youth orchestra. When a girl has an abortion in secret, everybody knows it and they never blame a boy, who is flirting with another girl in the same youth orchestra, in which the adult trainers are already armed with very-westernized moral sexuality.

Egyptian court: Egyptian-Israeli marriages a threat May 21, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Study: Quality of Israeli men’s sperm down 40% in past decade May 11, 2009 / By Haaretz
Study: More teenage Israeli girls having sex Apr 5, 2009 / By Haaretz

I’m damn curious. If the Egyptian case is like this, what about other, normal Arab countries? This is a year of 2009 and NONE of teenage girls around me are allowed to join this kind of youth-project. No matter what happens in Israel, Jewish parents and their kids education is very similar to Korean or vice versa. I promise. Israeli high-society members never allow their girls to join Barenboim’s DIVAN-project. Please check private life of Jewish male participants, starting from the Jewish Concertmaster of the BPO.

If you don’t agree with me, why don’t you check inferiority of the Jewish girls appearing in Youtube-DIVAN? If you go to internet, there are quite information about those girls, from the string to the winds. Not surprisingly, those girls enjoy public attention and I see no hints of talents from their big smile.
GOOGLE: From now on, NO one will be able to find this blog, Barenboim Loves the Knesset~ ^.*

El Negocio del Poder: Así viven los políticos con nuestro dinero May 23, 2009 / El Confidencial
The Business of Power. So living politicians with our money (…) Barenboim-Said Foundation (…) Zapatero’s trip to Berlin (…) Spanish Politicians from Zapatero’s party (…) El Negocio del Poder. Así viven los políticos con nuestro dinero, es un libro de Federico Quevedo y Daniel Forcada (Editorial Altera) que llegará a las librerías el próximo 25 de mayo.
Homage to Edward Said: On March 19th (…) Mariam Said participated in a colloquium about his husband’s figure and work.
Volunteering Programme: The Barenboim-Said Foundation shall soon launch a new Volunteering Programme to select volunteers to collaborate in the organization of the Foundation’s activities.
West-Eastern Divan Orchestra Auditions 2009: More than 500 candidates from several Arab countries, Israel and Spain registered to audition. (…) The Jury was made up of Mr. Axel Wilczok (Bashkirova’s Violin) and Mr. Matthias Glander (Meier’s Clarinet), (…) All candidates selected from these auditions shall participate in this summer’s workshop and concert tour. (…)
Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo Foundation: 10th Anniversary Concert: (…) Michael Barenboim were invited to offer a recital at this event (…_
Concert of Daniel Barenboim in Cairo: On April 16th (…) This concert was organized by the Embassies of Spain and Austria in Egypt. Daniel Barenboim played several Franz Liszt’s pieces for piano and conducted the CSO. (…)
West-Eastern Divan’s Chamber Music Concerts: Next June 14th (…) Berlin and Essen (…) This piece will be also played at the orchestra’s summer tour 2009.

This is newsletter of 1/2009. When was Barenboim’s Cairo Concert? They released it after checking my blog. When I started this Egyptian part, its version was NEWSLETTER 3/2008. I am just tired of reporting this endless dirty story about Daniel Barenboim. WHY the GOOGLE started blocking my postings? Are they worrying about losing Barenboim’s fans? Anyone who reads this report can’t respect this musician. Right? Anyway, I didn’t know Barenboim played ‘several Franz Liszt’s pieces’ during his Cairo-scandal.

Now that this is becoming an issue in Spain… it will be interesting to follow POLITICS in SPAIN. claims that More than 500 candidates from several Arab countries, Israel and Spain registered to audition.

If you go to internet, you can find very-professional musicians claiming how much Barenboim begged them to play for the WEDO’s tour schedule because the WEDO couldn’t just find enough Arab members. I promise. If I can survive this situation, I will ask them to give me the full list of candidates and figure out what kind of f*cking youngsters came from Arab countries in order to join the Spanish summer camp in this situation, which is getting worse and worse… for their Palestinian brothers.

(Updated on May 26, 2009)
EVERYBODY welcomes my announcement that

JM Neeman denies planning to increase powers of rabbinical courts May 19, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Justice Ministry fesses up over plan to increase rabbinic courts’ power May 26, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Report: PM offers Dan Meridor (Beinisch’s best friend) Schalit case May 26, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post

Including prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu! For the first time in my life, I appreciate this Israeli leader. Dan Meridor joined Likud in order to protect Beinisch family. So, it will be interesting for Schalit’s friends to see how this guy saves IDF soldier Schalit’s life by respecting ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’ of Beinisch’s Palestinian partners. Since Beinisch’s Meridor is a supporter of Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival, he might even use the power of MUSIC in case of Section: Arad-&-Shalit. Who knows?

Every Jewish youngster should know how hard Egyptian mediator has been working for their friend:
Egypt holds suspect in Schalit kidnapping (May 19, 2009)
It’s now Dorit Beinisch’s turn.

What I feel funny while reporting this dirtiest story among Israeli history such as Banana-Republic or Section: Bimbo-Battle or Section: Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch or Friedmannism or Dear-Arab-Readers or…

Wikipedia: Daniel Friedmann (b. 1936)
Wikipedia: Aharon Barak (b. September 16, 1936)
Wikipedia: Ya’akov Ne’eman (b. September 16, 1939)
Wikipedia: Dorit Beinisch (b. 1942)
Wikipedia: Ruth Gavison (b. 1945)

Please check the age of each character in this disgusting novel, In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH. How come Prof. Friedmann can be called Beinisch’s RIVAL? Since Aharon Barak was born in September, this Israeli jurist is likely above Beinisch’s boss. Anyway, my original announcement should have been like this.


With this statement, I am free to work for Barenboim’s Jewish Patriotism, including Madoff Loss Hits Art Aid for Young in Israel.


Barenboim to Berlin Media: Ich finde das ganz lustig… mit Elena Dec 24, 2005 / By German Media
Youtube: Extrait DVD Daniel Barenboim 50 years on stage (with Waltraud Meier) Posted on Apr 30, 2009 but released on Feb 22, 2005 / By glaukalisch who joined this place on June 06, 2006.
Youtube: Extrait Symphony n°9 Beethoven D.Barenboim, W.Meier, and WEDO May 12, 2009 / By glaukalisch (Basically, Youtube has a better clip to show the most comical scene from the WEDO members.)
Youtube: Anything about Waltraud Meier and Fidelio

Please ask German Media about ALL Barenboim’s hugging/kissing scenes with female partners. Then, please compare those with Meier’s DVD. Unlike other kissing scenes, in which Barenboim rather looks like a boy kissing famous movie stars, Meier’s DVD looks like a real stuff between two mature lovers. Emotionally, I mean… This casual scene is even different from Barenboim with Bashkirova in public places such as World Cup 2006, in which the couple looks like a mama’s boy nursed by aunt. (Please ask Elena Bashkirova about WHY Daniel Barenboim rediscovered his interest in soccer.)

What I feel funny is that Waltraud Meier had done her best to avoid any kind of skinship with Barenboim during my computer work. I am just curious. EVERYBODY wanted me to find this after I gave up this decade-long work. Who is behind the production of this DVD? Was it a ‘Bye-Bye’ present from by-then president of Chicago Symphony Orchestra?

Please check
🙂 From Section: Italy-Belcanto > JIWON: I can’t help writing… (Tristan/Scala-2007, German Sound, Wagner and Belcanto) (Dec 7, 2007)
(JIWON) Finally, a forumite called himself “BETH” appears again and works for Waltraud Meier. This person is not a forum-character, yet stalked me elsewhere even to the German forum to insult me. I’ve been wondering if Henry Fogel’s CSO or Matthias Glander’s Lindenoper hired a part-timer or Meier herself posted it. He disappeared from the scene when I lost my health and had to quit this computer work. Now, I resumed it and he reappeared, but this time, he doesn’t use his ID. Still, I want to appeal to the law to investigate the real identity of this forumite. Whoever he is, he was/is working where the string section of his orchestra consist of Mehta’s protégés; the ugly-spread or Mudblood. There is another case in the Google Group, which lunatic mystery I want to deal with according to the law.
Thanks to the resurrection of BETH, it’s time for Henry Fogel, the president of Meier-Fan Club.
Want to read? Please Click Henry Fogel

Please ask my READERS about all the stories between Daniel Barenboim, Henry Fogel, and my computer work. When was Wagner Festival in Berlin? When was Meier’s Fidelio in Chicago? Where did I find Henry Fogel’s terrific remarks on Barenboim, who should not be called Maestro? When did I find this?

🙂 From Barenboim in Egyptian Media > Barenboim in Al-Ahram Weekly Newspaper
Al-Ahram Weekly | Leonora centre stage 1998/379

MusicalAmerica – Other Feature Articles 2003
Farewell, Symphony: Henry Fogel is to leave the Chicago Symphony but continues to chair the American Symphony Orchestra League.

Orchestral Organization by Henry Fogel
Henry Fogel stepped down as President of the League of American Orchestras at the end of June, 2008 (…)

After her successful plan to remove my computer work, Elena Bashkirova needed Waltraud Meier more and more… because there was still something she had to steal from Barenboim’s du Pre but couldn’t allow NEW female, whose real music could make Barenboim alive. (Please follow du Pre’s all instruments and check Bashkirova’s performance schedule. I’m pretty sure that Barenboim has no idea about this.) Paris-Scandal was NOT enough for her. (I’m not talking about Opéra Bastille. I’m talking about Barenboim’s thorny relationship with his orchestra members. When was it? When du Pre finally died? My first discovery in Chicago was Barenboim’s miserable, lonely, angry face, which couldn’t ask anything to his orchestra members… especially to Sound-X… and the story started. Please ask Elena Bashkirova WHEN and WHY Meier’s prostitution started.) Chicago-Scandal was also NOT enough for her. Bashkirova wanted MORE.

Please imagine those TWO females’ busy life when I resumed my computer work and found Barenboim fan’s comment: “Barenboim is not cheap enough to stay in Berlin. He deserves La Scala.” (Too tired to find this from my previous writings. It must be somewhere in my Music blog.)

This is how those ANGELS encouraged my computer work. Already now… who is the real owner of La Scala? Daniel Barenboim should not be the one, because what they needed from my computer work was NEW Italian market and their headquarter should remain in Berlin, where I will never accept anything Matthias Glander and this disgusting clarinet sound.

When Elena Bashkirova announced her Jerusalem members’ worldwide tour, Paris concert with Lissner’s toy conductor’s orchestra, and Italian tour schedule under the name of Daniel Barenboim, this female pianist wanted me to find all the information and was sure of her VICTORY both in MILAN and BERLIN… UNTIL…

Please check
🙂 From Section: Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala > Dear Italian Cultural Minister
MAY 22, 2009
JIWON: You never know how much I thank Italian Hot Shot No.1 for blocking B*tch-articles during Bashkirova’s Italian tour. I am still working on this issue. Clearly… there was someone behind this performance schedule and it was planned after they read everything. They wanted to get rid of me… Especially in ITALY, someone enjoyed my computer work for his professional success in Milan and then wanted to get rid of me… in order to ‘own’ Daniel Barenboim for their professional business. No matter how long it takes, I’ll figure out. We’ll see.

🙂 From Section: Germany-Heldentenor > Dear Bankrupt Berlin
MAY 22, 2009
JIWON: First of all, I must apologize for my rude writing, if it ever hurts your German pride. I never wanted to start it in this way until I wasted couple of days on this another, NEW dirty politics around Barenboim. Now, I don’t have much time until next Monday. I’m still wondering. Where is the bottom line for this German Journalism or Eurotrash? (…) NEW king of Salzburg Festival (…) La Scala’s Lissner (…) Bayreuth’s Eva Wagner (…) Daniel Barenboim (…)

ELENA BASHKIROVA or WALTRAUD MEIER or MATTHIAS GLANDER or WHAT? This is in fact part of my previous writing in this Egyptian part. After reading these postings, please check those faces, which will appear in Barenboim’s concerts and begging for Barenboim’s generosity.
(JIWON: Both postings are found in two Blogs of Former Presidents of Meier’s Fan-Club. Meanwhile, Elena Bashkirova interviewed on May 4, 2008 that she has many talents and is interested in running the theater.)
1. Apr 18, 2008: ANONYMOUS said…: You have missed the point of this opera, you don’t know your luck. You have never seen a cast like this one, everyone… and the performance can only benefit from BASHKIROVA’S JEWISH MAESTRO X’s interesting and energetic leadership. X has fellow singers who are worthy of him here, and Barenboim may be fantastic, but he’s not the only conductor who is.
2. Apr 8, 2009: ANONYMOUS said…: I have just finished reading the review of X, who says almost exactly the contrary (in very simple words: up Barenboim, down Herheim). Where is something that can be considered more or less the truth about this production in general and about Herheim in particular? (For what concerns Barenboim: at La Scala is considered superficial (he rehearses very few and badly) and his nickname is “Il marchettaro”, so I think your judgment is correct)

I am still working on this. Let’s just hope that La Scala’s General Manager Lissner is not the one. If he’s not, he will explain why all his toy-conductors gathered around Waltraud Meier and all Barenboim’s Wagner productions at La Scala should be remembered as the most inferior music business in Wagnerian history. This very fact has nothing to do with another fact that La Scala’s Lissner has already achieved worldwide notoriety while treating the SINGERS in a certain way at La Scala. If he is the one, I promise… this Foreigner will have to work like a dog until his Italian contract expires and leave La Scala as quietly as possible.

Without Waltraud Meier, who is an ideal female of both Henry Fogel in Chicago and Stephane Lissner in Milan, Barenboim’s CSO’s Fidelio could have remained as LEGENDARY in the world of classical music. Barenboim interviewed that he’s NEVER listened to his own recordings. It’s OK. Then what about consumers’ taste? Who would remember this useless recording/music when there is NO Leonora in Fidelio? Even NONE of Meier’s Fan-club members appreciate their sex-symbol… except the former President of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the current General Manager of the La Scala.

Whether Youtube: Extrait Symphony n°9 Beethoven D.Barenboim, W.Meier, and WEDO or not, whether Youtube: Anything about Waltraud Meier and Fidelio or not, the moment Waltraud Meier opens her mouth, the entire VOCAL ensemble collapses. Am I the only one who has ears to pick up this out-of-music VOICE?

PORTRÄT Stephane Lissner: Der Ämter-Multi May 18, 2009 / By Die Presse, Austria
(…) 2008 war er auch für einen Posten an der Berliner Staatsoper Unter den Linden im Gespräch – genau für jenen Job als Nachfolger von Peter Mussbach, den der derzeitige Intendant der Salzburger Festspiele, Jürgen Flimm, nun übernehmen wird. Auch ans spanische Teatro Real hätte Lissner gehen können, er entschied sich aber für Mailand (den Posten in Madrid hat Gerard Mortier übernommen). (…)
(JIWON: Herr Gerard Mortier insulted-or-criticized-or-blamed Barenboim during this Berlin-battle, by the way, and settled in Spain.)

(Updated on MAY 27, 2009)

NEW Artistic Director of the Salzburg Festival found May 19, 2009
(…) Jürgen Flimm, who has run the festival since October 2006, threw in the towel after a bitter dispute with the festival’s drama chief over the standing of SPOKEN THEATRE within the month-long festival of music, opera and theatre.
1. Conducted by Daniel Barenboim, it is sung in German, using the English narration written by the orchestra’s co-founder, the late Edward Said, in which the opera’s heroine describes the events of the day in which she single-handedly rescued her husband from illegal incarceration and summary execution.

Google Books Result: Edward Said and the work of the critic: speaking truth to power
(…) Page 4: There is no disjuncture between the study of Fidelio and the critique of Arafat, and the critic who insists there must be cannot understand the virtue of intellectual responsibility. Moreover, Said belongs to a great tradition of historical thinkers extending from Vico to Benjamin and beyond. We should always read Said with (…) (JIWON: Just a headache!)


How long have you been in orchestra? I remember to read your biography. You also worked in German ensemble. Have you ever seen any orchestra members, who play better after reading all those headache stuffs? I am just writing all these… and the only reason is to work for Barenboim. But I still think I can express just a bit of my private opinion. Ever since I found this name from the Berlin-Battle, I’ve been following his interest in SPOKEN THEATRE, because one of my favorite issues has been SINGER’S (ugly-in-most-female-cases-or-unique-in-male-case) SPEAKING VOICE or SINGER’S NARRATION IN (attractive) SINGING VOICE or MONOLOGUE IN WAGNER’S MUSICDRAMA. However… Said’s special Fidelio? Just a headache…

To be honest, I also think Barenboim’s conducting this special version of Fidelio is rather… to express his friendship with late Edward Said. I just can’t find any specific reason why the performers should ignore its original version and choose the specific Fidelio. Is it easier to play?

HOWEVER… I promise that Herr Jürgen Flimm is damn interested in Said-version of Fidelio. MOREOVER, Flimm’s Fildeio 2000(?) was a real thing and I promise that any version of this production will be long remembered by intelligent music lovers. Somehow, I can’t help suspecting if this German guy is the only one who is willing to study SAID’S NARRATION all night long. *.*

Just in case… This is how the Jewish Concertmaster of the BPO behaved after I finished My-Request-to-Barenboim. If you click this link, you can watch HAPPY-Barenboim on Aug 15, 2008. Please compare this with Depressed-Barenboim in London-concert, during which he was required to start the WEDO tour after reading all my reports. It just took one day for this guy to regain his happiness. And the moment those SH*TS were able to invite Barenboim in their headquarters, Waltraud Meier appeared in Berlin interview with her typical big-mouth. (Barenboim completely lost his conducting posture after finishing this tour schedule, by the way, because he had to wave and wave his arms to conduct those garbage.)

They still believe that once Barenboim is on tour with their WEDO schedule, they will be able to achieve anything they want. Please check their performance schedule outside Berlin. Has this concert anything to do with Barenboim’s Mideast Vision or DIVAN-project? See… his sex-partner is from the WEDO. And this Jewish Pig is still making a public interview, while playing with Bashkirova’s Jerusalem+WEDO members, explaining that Barenboim is behind everything. Now, this guy is publishing a list of their Arab members.

Anyway, this Jewish Pig can NEVER join anything Barenboim’s PROFESSIONAL world. Please check any chamber music of his group, Youtube: Jewish Pig. Whenever this sound takes a leading role, the lower strings are getting uglier and uglier. Very interesting is that after Barenboim Fans received my detailed report about MICHAEL BARENBOIM, this guy started his NEW project and Elena Bashkirova joined it. JUST FUNNY…
1. Since 2006, Elena Bashkirova’s Jewish Concertmaster of the BPO is the music director of X-festival in Germany.
2. Until Jan 15, 2008, NO significant happenings in X-festival in Germany.
3. January 15, 2008 in Germany-X: Das Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival zu Gast in Kooperation mit dem Südwestrundfunk (Participants: Elena Bashkirova, MICHAEL BARENBOIM, Jewish Concertmaster of the BPO, and so on…)
4. July 11-18, 2008 in Germany-X: Chamber Music Festival 2008. (NEW name appears as Künstlerische Beratung, Israeli Fiddler Y, who is a father of WALTRAUD MEIER’S NEW conductor in Spain. But the article says that he is a co-founder and longtime director of the festival.)
5. August 15, 2008 in Germany-X: Das West-Eastern Divan Orchestra auf Besuch
6. May 15, 2009 in Croatia: The Berlin Philharmonic and The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra Soloists (Participants: Jewish Concertmaster and Principal Viola from the BPO, and Concertmaster’s Israeli girlfriend.)
7. May 26, 2009 in Berlin: Heute gibt er ein Konzert zugunsten der Deutschen Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft. Besonders geprägt wurde er durch sein Engagement in Daniel Barenboims East-West-Divan-Orchestra, in dem Moslems und Israelis Seite an Seite musizieren.
8. May 28, 2009 in Germany-X: Immergent Concert, which title is ‘Benefiz-Konzert’. Interviewed about HIS WEDO… ‘Es ist deshalb absolut folgerichtig, dass er für das nächste Festival in Germany-X im Juli nicht nur gestandene Musikerpersönlichkeiten wie from-A-to-Z, sondern auch 14 junge Musiker des West Eastern Divan Orchestra. Eine handverlesene Gruppe, ausgewählt von Bashkirova’s X selbst und Barenboim. “Wir sind da nicht nach Proporz vorgegangen, sondern entscheidend war allein die musikalische Qualifikation der Musiker”, sagt Bashkirova’s X. Gleichwohl ist eine ausgesprochen bunte Gruppe zusammengekommen: Die Nachwuchsmusiker kommen aus Israel, Syrien, Palästina, Iran, Ägypten und aus der Türkei.’
9. July 14-23, 2009 in Germany-X: Chamber Music Festival 2009. Little brother of Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival, but disguising itself as the WEDO Music Festival. It says… “In Kooperation mit der Barenboim-Said-Foundation: einem Meisterkurs mit 13 jungen Musikerinnen und Musikern aus dem West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra von Daniel Barenboim – aus dem Iran, Palästina, Ägypten, der Türkei, Syrien, Jordanien und Israel – unterrichtet von Y, who is a father of Waltraud Meier’s Jewish Conductor in Spain.
10. July 20, 2009 during the Festival: MICHAEL BARENBOIM and WEDO members
11. From July 21 to August 28, 2009: Waltraud Meier’s DIVAN-workshop according to
12. Please check WALTRAUD MEIER’S INTERVIEW inbetween… either in Berlin or in Spain.

They announced that their WEDO members will play Alban Berg – Chamber Concerto during their summer festival. Why Berg? They can boast much more difficult stuff. Basically, it was one of two assignments, which I was supposed to give to MICHAEL BARENBOIM. I cancelled, though.

How many wind instruments are accompanying piano and violin soloists?

Please listen to Barenboim’s Bayreuth Ring. Not only Waltraud Meier is the most inferior ‘singer(?)’, Matthias Glander is the only sh*t, which never followed Barenboim’s orchestra ensemble; always out-of-tuned and always trying to ‘stand prominent’ like the third-rate soloist. Now, many German orchestras sound like active participants in Matthias Glander Chamber Music Festival. Yet, they sound real natural with its string section sound.

Have you ever heard of Hungarian born Maestro Ferenc Fricsay (1914 – 1963)? This conductor is one of my most-favorites. Could you please listen to his Tchaikovsky? It was LIVE performance recorded in the year of 1957 in the city of Berlin. Have you ever heard of more attractive, more sensuous, more organized string ensemble than this music business? Yet, there is a huge gap between the strings and the winds. I have to raise my eyebrows whenever they never know how to match real-in-tuned string section sound. Perhaps… is this because I am NOT a perfect pitch while they are?

However, today’s Glander’s winds sound uglier, more aggressive than those old Berliners. And there is absolutely NO gap between the strings and the winds. Altogether, they make a perfect ensemble. And then, no once can boast technical perfection than those performers do. It seems that playing instruments are the easiest job in their life.

Is this the only music from Berlin? Furtwangler’s BPO was also from Berlin. You don’t have to listen to this music very carefully to make an easy criticism of the brasses, especially horn section, which frequently makes mistakes. Yet… if you listen to their interpretation very carefully, you know that this is the most difficult technique or music business. You can’t help raising your respect of those old Berlin guys. The same story happened in Vienna… with the conductor Richard Strauss.

Now, there is no need to explain why I expect NOTHING from this WEDO’s Alban Berg – Chamber Concerto. In my previous writings, I explained everything… except TWO. I saved them for MICHAEL BARENBOIM. I still don’t want to write the LAST ONE, for the very special reason, but I can write THIS ONE… before they finish their performance schedule and wait for my analysis. They’ve always sounded worse than my expectation and dirtier than my analysis.

Who is Trombone in this concert, Alban Berg – Chamber Concerto? In Chicago, EVERY student was able to play this piece, or more difficult stuffs, with a technical perfection. Who was able to find a valuable job after leaving Chicago? I promise… NONE. I don’t know why. Perhaps, we should ask the EMPLOYERS.

Now, here is my analysis. Please pick up the loudest, the ugliest one in Chicago and compare this Chicago one with that WEDO one. According to their report 2008, there is a high possibility that this special guest is from Venezuela. Then, why don’t you study instrumentation in orchestra just a little bit and listen to this instrument whenever those youngsters lose their grouping mentality, or string section sound, under the hilarious leadership of dancing conductor. I promise… this one will be the first one to be fired when they suffer from the Venezuelan Politics and need to reconstruct their ensemble.

I grew up with this statement. It was the most favorite teaching method of one brass-conducting professor, who never went to the foreign country for his degree: “The BEST ear can play the trombone. The WORST ear can also play the trombone.” When I left for foreign country, I just couldn’t understand why NO one had ever heard of this teaching…

Whether Matthias Glander ‘intentionally’ chose this piece in order to mock my computer work or not…
I have to write this in this open place, because… do you know how many f*cking trombonists boast their foreign degrees and destroy everything about orchestra ensemble after boasting technically perfect recitals, which can take place every month? You are welcome to read Matthias Glander’s biography when I gave up this decade-long computer work. He is boasting specific names of GREAT MAESTROS. Why don’t you compare clarinet sound in their recordings and how they were treated by the same GREAT CONDUCTORS?

Am I insulting Matthias Glander? He’s never proved ensemble-technique. He’s never listened to his ensemble partners. He’s never followed his maestro, Barenboim. So, I wrote he didn’t. I wrote that he was born a soloist. Who is a liar in this case?

🙂 From Barenboim in Egypt > Barenboim in Egyptian Media > Barenboim in Al-Wafd Newspaper
– Shami – tells the details of a plot – Barenboim – normalization to impose on students Alkonsrvetoar: Certificate MUFFLING tongues and the poisoned pens Apr 23, 2009 / By Al Wafd, (Perhaps) Dr. Fawzi Al-Shami (Google-Translation)
(…) We wonder ‮: ‬ why and how to circumvent this Barnebojm planted in the minds of these young people the values of such ill – deception and forgery of passports ‮ ‬ improper entry to Israel, ‮ ‬ did not leave it until such time the appropriate and normal days are ‮ ‬ ‮. ‬ must not forget also that ‮ ‬ Barnebojm him during his personal ambition of the Cultural Award ‮ ‬ 2000 ‮ ‬ granted by newspaper ‮ -‬ Das Bild ‮ ‬ Das Bild ‮- ‬ Israeli newspaper which is published in Germany and received by the President of the German ‮ -‬ Rao – ‬ expounded to me a journalist, a friend of the Germans I Barnebojm is seeking Nobel Peace Prize for his project through the orchestra, and recommendations from many European destinations for this purpose‮. ‬(…)

You never know how much I cried after finding this article. I had to watch this sickening event for years. Elena Bashkirova even planned a huge party after reading how much I detest this kind of orchestra members who actively enjoy party life and then completely forget their yesterday-performance on the stage never listening to their party-partners. So, I had to promise Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival that I will fire EVERYONE involved in this party. Those human trashes still call it Educational Project.

Guess what? After reading your article, I had to think more… There are Barenboim-Fan-Clubs in FACEBOOK and I allowed only ONE, though I didn’t like its title, FACEBOOK: Daniel Barenboim for Nobel Peace Prize. This was run by a student and I thought the administrator was an innocent victim. Now, I need to think more. This is what I received from the core member of this group. When I received it, it seemed that they didn’t read anything in my Music blog. They were just quick to send it and then ‘brainwashed’ their members with more official postings while slandering my work.

Creator’s Friend who sent me a message & Creator
(JIWON: I just found out that FACEBOOK deleted this message… SIC!… Anyway, there are more Barenboim-WEDO-Nobel Groups created in this place in these days.)

It would be terrific if Barenboim receives the NOBEL PRIZE. Then what about Peace Now Members? While Barenboim only works during the summer, they work day and night… everyday… 365 days a year. What I feel funny is that no matter how many NOBEL PRIZES Barenboim receives, this ultimate fame won’t give him further contracts with the major Opera/Symphony Orchestras and those SH*TS desperately needed my computer work to explore NEW and another NEW commercial market.

Not surprisingly, it was from Elena Bashkirova’s German concert, in which we found NOBEL-something. I clicked ALL Barenboim-related websites, including private blogs and reported what I found. Have I found anything-NOBEL from those?

(Updated on MAY 29, 2009)
Gosh… FOLKS never give up. When are those mentally ZERO things going to realize that Egyptian Cultural Minister Farouk Hosni’s UNESCO nominee has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING Barenboim? Or… do they already know my writing plan? I had to create another collection. Tired…

🙂 From Egyptian CM Farouk Hosni during Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal
Arab favourite for Unesco’s top job apologises for ‘book burning’ remarks May 27, 2009 / By U.TV
Egypt’s culture minister has denied he is racist, amid outrage over comments that Israeli books in Alexandria’s library should be destroyed (…) Hosni today wrote: “I am a man of peace, I know that peace comes through understanding and respect.” He said that if any of his remarks had appeared harsh, they should be placed in the context of the suffering of the Palestinian people. He described how he had personally invited Daniel Barenboim to conduct Egypt’s symphony orchestra this month, despite “violent attacks” from “the most intolerant milieu in my country”.

POOR Facebook: Mahmoud (Mohammad) Saad

🙂 From Phoenix-Bibi > Section: Nationalist-Govn’t-Please
MARCH 10 – 16, 2009
JIWON: I am the one who used to think that “Lieberman, Ben Ari and Shas leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef at Netanyahu’s side are the most destructive lineup Israeli politics has ever known.” I thought so… until I organized articles about
🙂 Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present), in which Noam Federman, the most notorious Settler appeared in
🙂 Settlers are above LAW (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present) with his unique private life as a behind story.
Frankly, I’ve never seen a purer, more patriotic spirit than this Jew. More frankly, I respect his wife Elisheva more. This is the most worthless husband for a housewife with several children. Who would want to live with a man, who poured all his private fortune to something ideal? If someone should sit at the negotiation table, THIS JEW is the one. Is there no way to honor Federman and his Kahanists with exclusive rights to appear on the front line as Negotiation Partners from the Israeli side no matter who becomes prime minister? Why is there no English version of Noam Federman’s Weekly Hebrew Program? If this JEW is so sure of his ideology, he should be able to travel all over the world with the same WORD, the same FACE, the same HEART, BELIEF and PROUD. I am not the only one, who believes in this.

This Jewish Soul still has NO money to run English version of Noam Federman’s Weekly Hebrew Program. So does poor Egyptian Soul Facebook: Mahmoud (Mohammad) Saad. Hum… And then, my blood pressure is about to explode!!! Bibi says what? One must read the entire text. Should I answer Israeli 13th prime minister with this word, “YES SIR!”? It’s OK… except… Mr. Big-Mouth just didn’t give up economic-something. Is he mentally ZERO-something?

Netanyahu: Arab states should normalize Israel ties now May 27, 2009 / By Haaretz
Netanyahu added that he was eager to “bring Arab states into the circle of peace,” a goal he says is shared by the Obama administration.

Zvi Bar’el: Neighbors / Fiddling with the devil Apr 22, 2009 / By Haaretz
However, before the performance, in an interview with the Saudi television network MBC, Hosni explained that he had not changed his views, and that he “agrees with all the Egyptian intellectuals that normalization with Israel will come in good time” (in other words, not now).



I’ve hardly seen more modest, more intelligent, more perceptive educational mind than your Egyptian Musician. Perhaps next to Enrique Barenboim, who knew how to educate his only son, Daniel Barenboim. And then, I can NEVER understand why he was unable to perform his educational program for the Arab youngsters in his birthplace and had to roam around your Arab neighbors begging for support. Perhaps, Egyptian Cultural Minister loved Egyptian radio too much… which is always full of MUSIC. ^.*

Please check
🙂 From Music in Mideast & Asia > Music in Palestine: Daniel Barenboim, Tania Nasir and The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (also in Gaza…)
BAHRAINI – Celebrating Jerusalem: A special performance for The Palestine Youth Orchestra March – April, 2009
This concert comes after the great success of “Celebrating Jerusalem” concerts. The tour has visited Jerusalem, Ramalah, Jericho, Jordan and Syria in the summer of 2008. “The tour was a great success and well accepted by the Palestinian and Arab audiences. However, the members of The Palestine Youth Orchestra were not able to rehearse before last summer due to the Israeli occupation. This is a dream that has been in our hearts for more than 5 years and it’s now a reality in Arab countries. This was well received by the Arab and Palestinian media (…) In addition to the concert, Spring of Culture is organizing an educational gathering between the members of Palestine Youth Orchestra and children from Bahrain to let the children know more about the orchestra and its elements of players, musical instruments and their different roles. The Palestine Youth Orchestra was established in 2004 through the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music. This conservatory receives more than 600 new students each year. The conservatory wanted to establish the orchestra, which was a dream for all Palestinian musicians, using all the Palestinian musical capabilities in Palestine and abroad, so they can put Palestine on the world musical map.

As you see, Palestinian youngsters can manage performance schedule all by themselves. Barenboim’s international fame is the only thing they need to ‘put Palestine on the world musical map’. It’s been years since I’ve followed Palestinian Mentality of The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, and quite naturally, I used to firmly believe that those youngsters need NO foreign interference… until I watched Barenboim’s Cairo Symphony Orchestra. It was just… too precious to ignore.

🙂 From Section: Italy-Belcanto > JIWON: Dear Mr. Silvio No.1’s ALL friends and foes, (Music & Politics) (Feb 6 – 24, 2009)
What really means annual workshop or tour concerts for Barenboim’s Mideastern musicians? In fact, there are many ways to run this project, because so many countries want to coexist in Arab world, where everything is changing so fast in each music society. In reality, many different versions should be practiced and performed.
In Palestine, its student orchestra alone can fill the performance schedule. Birzeit University is known as Palestinian brain. Is there more valuable project than supporting this youth ensemble until the Palestinian Unity Government is formed… until the Palestinian State is established? Until the DAY comes, this ONE Palestinian music ensemble needs united, broad support from Arab and western world.
Just out of curiosity, I wanted to know if this project could be related to Italian Muslim Culture, because I read that Movimento per l’Autonomia (MpA) is from Sicily, where one can find something, along with the third largest opera house in all of Europe. To my surprise, ‘Denunciation of Islamic Terrorism’ was my main discovery during my research with these keywords, Google: Italy + Muslim + Culture. Italian Muslim Association was one of them. It was a real discovery, because Barenboim’s Muslim-articles used to befriend Anti-Israel-or-Peaceful-Mirage-therefore-Pro-Hamas journalism. (Especially in Britain…) Barenboim’s Peace-Concert was always sold-out and therefore its great success used to result in Hamas’s terrorism in Palestine and Phoenix-Bibi in Israel. What a country!
Do we need to think of something special? Why don’t WE work together until the Italian electorates finally choose or abandon Lega Nord’s ultimate dream to split Italy in TWO; Padania and anti-Padania? (…)


🙂 From my previous writing, Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3C
WEDO 2009: Performance schedule (…) bla-bla-bla

Some performances are already SOLD OUT, while some are not. Waltraud Meier wants to claim that German whore sold all DIVAN’S tickets? Thanks to this female human trash and its biggest-mouth supported by German/British media’s foul play, I used to think that Barenboim’s Berliner Staatsoper can’t fill the concert hall without this German whore. It was through my research on Berlin-Forum that I realized that only Barenboim-Alone or Barenboim’s Diva-X can fill the hall. It means that even the Berliners want to hear VOICE or MUSIC.

First of all, DIVAN’s audiences don’t expect MUSIC from the Mideastern Monkey Show. All they want to taste through Barenboim’s live performance is a festive mood toward PEACE and sneak into bed with a sweet illusion after drinking beer outside the concert hall after contributing their energy to minutes-long standing ovation. WE MUSICIANS can do whatever we want. Sorry if this writing bothers those innocent audiences. But this is what’s been happening inside the concert hall.

(Updated on JUNE 1-2, 2009)
Please check
🙂 From Section: Italy-Belcanto > Howdy Partners! (Zeffirelli, Imola, Bel-Canto and Eurotrash) Dec 16-31, 2008
(Updated on DECEMBER 29, 2008).
JIWON: (…) NOW, THIS IS WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING AT LA SCALA. (…) OH, WELL… no wonder this B*TCH was so sure of ALL her projects… Ho! One of Elena Bashkirova’s foremost concerns in ‘recent years’ has been to find female victims, either female pro-performers, who have enough fame but could play for her piano-sound, or female musicologists who could play the PR role for her ‘academic(!?)’ pianism, after realizing that all the male-chauvinist supporters wanted to bid farewell to her performance schedule, or after realizing that I deliberately refrain from criticizing female professionals unless they appear in a red dress code and try to hook Barenboim’s attention without ever proving their native talent. (…) I TRUST NO ONE.
🙂 JIWON: Who keeps sending me this f*cking message?

🙂 From JIWON: Who keeps sending me this f*cking message?
JIWON: Keep writing Bashkirova’s NEW project to make MICHAEL BARENBOIM a LEADER of ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’.
May 13, 2009: (…) it is easy to understand what the Palestinian National Music School wants or where they are heading. (…) As usual, Barenboim’s involvement in those Ramallah-pigs has been destroying their Palestinian vision. (…) Was it also part of Zapatero’s politics or Barenboim-project from Spain? Should I feel vomiting? Or Should I be left speechless? Just sick of everything-Barenboim.
May 16, 2009: Who keeps trying this f*cking call on my Korean cell-phone?
May 19, 2009: La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg.

🙂 The 2009/2010 Season
JIWON: Let’s just hope that Sir Rattle has a limited power to rule his BPO’s performance schedule. OR…
SIR SIMON RATTLE: Please use the search button and figure out how many Jewish Pigs are running this cultural institution. Without supporting Dorit Beinisch’s Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival, I can’t become the members’ leader. Let me just hope my wife’s Jewish conductor to suck Barenboim’s blood more and more right here in Berlin. BTW, Meier’s little sister, who had to be frequently ill in Barenboim’s Berlin or New York to honour Waltraud Meier will NEVER be ill in my Berlin. Who knows? She will give me another Grammy award…

They are still busy…
Has those Jewish Pigs already started their NEW plan,
JERUSALEM FESTIVAL 2010, in the name of Daniel Barenboim? For the first time in my life, I am waiting for the phone-call from this Korean sh*t. I’m not ready, though. (I need to ‘record’ this phone-conversation.)

See… the Jewish Concertmaster of Rattle BPO appears as a core member in their 2009/2010 Season, either as a soloist or as BPO’s leader or as a chamber ensemble member. Who do you think led the Berlin members to vote for Sir Rattle as their ‘permanent(?)’ conductor during Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal? There was a young female fiddler, who was willing to follow all my analysis when I started my ‘insulting’ Anti-Furtwangler’s BPO after they mocked my Barenboim-writing. Now, I find that this naïve, diligent musician joined this Jewish Pig. Then, it is easy to imagine what kind of atmosphere this Jewish Concertmaster has been creating among his Berlin members, who have been openly dealing with my open analysis.

As I wrote in My-Request-to-Barenboim, I’ve never allowed this Jewish Pig in Barenboim’s BPO concerts, but I’ve never wished his ousting from Rattle’s BPO. I needed them, because this is the best way for Barenboim to beat the British musician, Sir Simon Rattle, in Berlin.

Have I ever mentioned their NEW bassoon, which is also from Bashkirova’s ‘Jewish’ WEDO, during my open analysis? I never did… and why do you think so?


Have you ever seen more inferior, more superficial, more never-in-tuned Bassoon Player than this Jewish one in Rattle’s BPO? You know better than I do. Now, can you understand WHY your Egyptian members were destined to fail, no matter how ‘haughty’ they become, after participating in this disgusting Summer Music Camp in Spain? Please ask this Jewish Bassoon how many years he has been training his Mideastern slaves.

4th German Chamber Music Festival Brings World-Class Musicians 14-23 July 2009 May 28, 2009 / Canadian Media/Blog
Elena Bashkirova, the BPO’s Jewish Concertmaster, the BPO’s Flute Principal are among the artists. (…) Meier’s Spanish conductor’s Israeli father will be in charge of the festival’s master class. (…) The revival of the master course tradition is a highlight of this year’s festival. (…) Formerly classes were largely dominated by young Israeli musicians, but this year 14 members of Daniel Barenboim’s West Eastern Divan Orchestra from Israel, the Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Iran, Egypt and Turkey will be instructed. This enterprise occurred in cooperation with the Barenboim Said Foundation. (…)

You probably checked each Arab members’ full biography after receiving my ‘secret’ report. I myself was surprised at their inferiority. I didn’t check everybody, but so far, they even lied about one, who was NOT from Arab country but from Venezuela. No matter who they are, they are representing Arab musicians. What do you think about this?

How many years have I followed this Jewish Pig? Very interesting is that it is impossible to find Jewish followers around this fiddler, except Bashkirova’s poops and pees. And he kept complaining that his international status deserves more respects in his birthplace, Israel.

Now, may I introduce the BPO’s Principal Flute?

Minuets, Sonatas and Politics in the West Bank Jun 1, 2009 / By New York Times
(…) Jenin-Holocaust-Scandal (…) But the music teacher, an Israeli Arab, scoffed at the complaint. “I don’t think it should be a problem,” she said. In another incident a music school in Jenin was heavily damaged by arson. (…)
Just how complicated things can become is made obvious by the third classical music presence, the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music. It has ambitions to sponsor a Palestine national orchestra. The conservatory is putting up a modern glass-and-concrete building in Bethlehem about twice the size of its quarters there. Though they share Mr. Said’s name, the conservatory and the Barenboim-Said Foundation no longer work together. A joint youth orchestra fell apart. (…)

As usual, Palestinian musicians are blaming Barenboim-only, while never mentioning Mrs. Said in RED during the WEDO’s international tour. They say that was siphoning off the best musicians for the WEDO.

“Siphoning off the best musicians for the WEDO” Really? Is this their real reason?

Please check
🙂 From Music in Palestine: Daniel Barenboim, Tania Nasir and The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (also in Gaza…)
Spring of Culture 2009 in Bahrain March – April, 2009

If you click this link, one can easily figure out what a quality Palestinian Youth Ensemble has achieved in recent years. Who is a better musician in Palestine? Somehow, the New York Times tried to protect the WEDO’s Arab members, and I don’t know why.

The most comical statement I’ve ever heard from the boss of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra was this: “After you study with me, you will be offered a better job when you return to Korea.” (This story can go further with his NEW student… in fact, it sounds more comical since the NEW student, who was considered to be nothing in Korea, mocked his promise and left Chicago…)

Should I write more? I’m sure that everybody in Mideastern Music Society, including Egyptian professor El-Shamy knows why.

The Principal Flute of Rattle’s BPO… is he still insisting, (on June 1, 2009), that he was personally invited by Barenboim to teach his Palestinian students? Is he now going to say that he has NOT been interested in Barenboim’s Mideastern Vision?

When I first found this Flute in Abbado’s BPO, there were con and pros in his flute performance. The only reason why his orchestra performance looked promised was that he listened to NOTHING while playing. This is why I recommend Hansjörg Schellenberger’s BPO members to follow this flute sound. What happened as a result? Everybody failed…

When I introduced This Flute to the Korean readers, they were surprised at this musician’s childish, cheap personality and even questioned History of Music… wondering if the Mozart interpreter should become this kind of cheap personality.

Then, he left the Berlin Philharmonic after being sure of his ‘heavenly’ talent. Somehow, he couldn’t make a living as the Internationally Renowned Soloist… despite my open analysis… and returned to his BPO job. Then, he suddenly became the most active participants in EVERYBODY’s Music Festivals, starting from Dorit Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival. This musician cared NOTHING. He only cared his performance schedule and international students at his MASTERCLASS, either in Jerusalem or in Ramallah. With Bashkirova’s support, he was able to beat local flute professors in Jerusalem. Right?

Please click this to watch his masterclass. Somehow, the New York Times tries to protect the WEDO’s Arab members, and I don’t know why. Then compare this Palestinian Music Scene with that of Palestinian National Music School, The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music.

Students improve during their weekly lessons in THEIR music school. Is there something to learn from this famed musician, the BPO’s Principal Flute? Besides, this guy has NEVER fixed his problem and will be aging and therefore failing only… even in this situation. And then, this trashy body language, which has been ‘Teaching Philosophy No.1’ of Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival during their early days, is now playing the cancerous role in anyone’s Berlin Philharmonic.

Barenboim conducting Carter’s Flute Concerto Jun 11, 2009 / By Berlin Philharmonic
(…) Commissioned jointly by the BPO, Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival and BSO European Première (…) Berliner Philharmoniker’s principal flutist first played the flute concerto under Barenboim in Jerusalem in September 2008. Carter kept putting off a flute concerto for a long time, because he felt that the instrument could not produce the sharp attacks that he loves so much in his music. Finally he succumbed its agility and the sheer beauty of its tone, and dedicated this concert to the wind instrument.

I am now thinking to cancel my previous writing about Carter. (Please check Section: Italy-Belcanto.) It has nothing to do with JERUSALEM FESTIVAL 2009, which will promote Carter’s NEW vocal music. Carter’s thorny sound… this has been my problem with this American composer, whenever music-critics had never approved Barenboim’s supporting this American music in Chicago. The only reason of my posting Barenboim’s Youtune-Carter was that there was Barenboim’s imagination while sitting next to Carter and I haven’t seen this since… I am now thinking that only JERUSALEM FESTIVAL MUSICIANS can perform Carter in Carter’s favorite way. OR… I need to listen to his interview MORE, in which he will explain all the reasons of his relationship with JERUSALEM FESTIVAL.

HOWEVER… do I want to study more of Carter after JERUSALEM FESTIVAL 2009? Hard to answer…

Elsewhere you go, every youngster has a dream. They should have. However… in case of ART or MUSIC, dreaming a false dream is more dangerous than dreaming nothing. Professional life never means enjoying pastime.

Please look how those international pigs are giving false dream to those naïve Palestinian youngsters. Did I call it ‘Hallucination’? Please look how international (local) music schools, which are already finished with Asian girls, are now hungry for Arab students. I’ve never heard of French X or German Y or American Z music school until my research on WEDO’s Arab members, who left Arab Music Society for Foreign XYZ schools after mocking their Arab professors and now dreaming to return to their birthplace as a brilliant member of Barenboim’s WEDO.

When did I leave Chicago for my further degree? Where did I go? How all my mails to Chicago returned to the music school there through the FAX-machine so that both Music-Professor and I fell into trouble? Please ask the CSO’s Bimbo, ALICE CLEVENGER about who, how and why, since they were not her private belongings… nor her husband’s. I only remember this b*tch’s hilarious voice on the phone; “Bye-Bye!”

Everything was hard in a place where Music Professor knew nothing about how to teach me or ‘the student from the CSO’… and even started collaborating with my Chicago Boss’ Chicago Enemies. But the hardest thing I suffered was the music students’ suddenly different behaviors. Finally, I got so sick of their trashy behaviors that I had to write something in my mail to Chicago. It returned to the music school there, of course, and everybody shared it: “Only those who follow all the instructions in their local music school can be appreciated by great teachers in Chicago.”

Suddenly, all the students started behaving normal. Part of them even became more obedient to their professor than they did before. I had to do the same thing in another music school… and I did this right in front of the music students there instead of borrowing the power of FAX-machine.

But this is what happened to me and the music students, who roamed around me. Then what about happenings to all the youngsters sticking around Daniel Barenboim? As I reported in Section: Italy-Belcanto, it was already in 2005 that Barenboim openly announced that those DIVANS should not need him.

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🙂 From My-Request-to-Barenboim
JIWON: I promise. Only when Barenboim doesn’t join Bashkirova’s WEDO 2008, including Amman concert, this famed musician will help the Mideastern music society to construct its proper system, in a real professional way. Only then, professional musicians from each country will be able to set up a real, professional Mideastern Festival Orchestra.
Even now, each professional organization is run by its own leaders. Even in the desert, there is a certain kind of social hierarchy. Barenboim should NEVER destroy it. At the same time, Maestro Barenboim is not that cheap. Everything should be planned under the auspices of HEADMASTERS of each professional organization, and Barenboim should be contacted by them, never by the rebellious members. PERIOD
Proms concert? They already knew my computer work when they planned something further under the detailed instruction of Elena Bashkirova. Under the normal situation, this dirty commercial business, including ALL the sickish British pro-articles written on Barenboim’s privacy since his involvement in my headache life, can be brought into the legal case. STILL, I never understand why this b*tch wants to sell British fame of late Jacqueline du Pre whenever she is hungry.

When did I write this? It was NOT my first time to mention ‘a certain kind of social hierarchy in Mideastern Music Society’. Who has been listening to me? I was the only mentally ill peace-hating female, who was blind with jealousy.


Why don’t you call Barenboim now and ask him about all of these? I promise that this human being knows NOTHING.

Unlike Muti-Scandal in Milan, in which the music director of La Scala enjoyed the media-play and even hired the media to play the most effective role to protect his professional life, Barenboim in Chicago didn’t know WHAT or WHY… when his orchestra members furiously rebelled against their departing maestro. Being upsetting and wondering everything was the only thing he could do. He still doesn’t know why he is not welcomed in Chicago, where everybody, including maestro Boulez, has been taking advantage of Barenboim’s hard working to rebuild the CSO after its self-destruction during/after Solti’s era.

I promise. This poor guy is still trying to refuse to smell the exact atmosphere among the Professionals in Palestinian National Music School and why they are furiously blaming Barenboim-only, even after reading this report, which Barenboim will eventually value as a jealous female’s very-private opinion.

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🙂 From Section: Italy-Belcanto > Howdy Partners! (Zeffirelli, Imola, Bel-Canto and Eurotrash) Dec 16-31, 2008
DEAR Filarmonica della Scala,
🙂 Franz Xaver Ohnesorg, Gidon Kremer, Dmitri Bashkirov, and Dorit Beinisch (JIWON: This collection is not finished. I’ve been too tired to mention this sh*t.)
JIWON: Franz Xaver Ohnesorg… a core member during Elena Kremer’s sex-scandal in Barenboim’s Paris… This guy is a real sh*t. I don’t want to waste my time to write more about this dirty name. Have you heard his bloody fame in New York? Should I call it bloody scandal? Americans tried to restrain their feelings and just called it European style. (I need more time to find the exact word in his American articles…)
Is it true? It’s now been years since I read European articles, but this style still sounds inferior and dirty. I find beautiful European styles as well.
(…) In Berlin, people called it Ohnesorg’s aggressive and abrasive managerial style and this is what had made him a Star in Koeln. Whoever says whatever, music in Koeln started to sound like a pure German orchestra after his departure. If you follow this name, Franz Xaver Ohnesorg, you always meet all the garbage and sh*ts in classical music society, in which Elena Bashkirova is appointed as Ohnesorg’s Queen.
So, it’s quite natural that Bashkirova’s managerial style to run Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival was just like this. (Its format looks like Kremer’s Lockenhaus Festival, though.) Masses of mere musicians rush to Jerusalem to work like her slaves but they still consider it the highest honor in the hope that someday they could sneak into Barenboim’s performance schedule.
Not surprisingly, this is also how Berlin/Spanish Pigs wanted to run Barenboim’s Divan-Project. Those pigs have been treating most participants as slaves of several core members, who joined Barenboim’s international fame only to realize their professional dream.
What’s the funniest thing in this story? Not that they were treated as Bashkirova’s slaves but that they believed that they were more talented than Elena Bashkirova. This is why their big mouths were getting louder, noisier, and trashier…
I used to call it Eurorash. What about you?
Is this merely one human trash or just a typical example of Eurotrash? While reading and analyzing Muti or Milan-scandal, I started suspecting… I was curious if Maestro Muti used to prefer to work in this ‘Ohnesorg-System’ and therefore his orchestra members had been feeling of being treated like his slaves and their cumulative anger toward their boss forced them to cross the red line. Even now…
If this is their main reason, I hope them to stick to their gun… until they receive what they deserved, including the bigger share of the opera house’s earnings from broadcasting. I know what an important issue it is for the mere members of La Scala.
(…) Ohnesorg & La Scala’s Lissner (…) OH, WELL… no wonder this B*TCH was so sure of ALL her projects…
(…) DEAR Filarmonica della Scala or FIALS,
See… wearing vampire masks is not enough. Please contact your American counterparts and learn how they were able to overcome Ohnesorg-system. I think it was a certain sentence written with BLOOD. I believe. At the La Scala, it should be written in three languages; in Italian, German, and French. Also, please contact the BPO staff members and ask them how they solved Ohnesorg’s Legal Case. You can also contact a German Female Politician and ask HER what kind of sh*t this dirty name means. They will tell you everything-plus-MORE about this Eurotrash. I also believe. If La Scala wants to reborn a healthy private foundation, both of Filarmonica della Scala and FIALS should play the most important role to start this Italian tradition. I wish you GOOD LUCK…

I am just tired out writing the same stuff again and again, which is all about EUROTRASH… HOWEVER… EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED… according to Barenboim’s Book.

🙂 From my previous writing, Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3C
According to Daniel Barenboim’s Performance Schedule (Last update on May 11, 2009)
August 13: WEDO 2 • Barenboim’s Master Class in Salzburg (Sold Out)

Escuela para el Oido: 25/05/09: Film&Arts May 25, 2009 By Film & Arts TV or Argentinean Media (English-Translation)
After the success of “Master Classes”, Film & Arts presents “School for Hearing” with Daniel Barenboim (…) The programs presented here were recorded at the Salzburg Festival 2007 with WEDO. (…) “School for Hearing” shows the development of three workshops held in the last three days of residency in the orchestra at the festival.
Episode 1: On the first day of the workshop, which was titled “Sound and Thought” shows Daniel Barenboim, with the help of the whole orchestra, the physical properties of sound. (…)
(…) Film & Arts can be seen (…) in Latin America.
You are not authorized to view this page: The Web server you are attempting to reach has a list of IP addresses that are not allowed to access the Web site, and the IP address of your browsing computer is on this list.

WEDO 2 • Barenboim’s Master Class again in SALZBURG… and it is SOLD OUT.
‘SCHOOL FOR HEARING’ (…) ‘SOUND & THOUGHT’ (…) ‘SOUND & STRUCTURE’ and so on and so on…

Please… this is NEVER my criticism. I am just curious… since I’ve NEVER seen any orchestra members who can play better after participating in this Masterclass. Yet, this is a real professional stuff, which can hardly be understood by music students. Am I the only one who thinks like this?

Especially in Salzburg… which language Barenboim will use? English or German or Spanish or Arabic? Which language the Palestinian students can understand?


What about you? Have you ever seen any orchestra members who play better after participating in this kind of Work-shop? Please look at the Vienna Philharmonic members. What did they sound like after the members ‘chatted or discussed about MUSIC’ with Barenboim in Bashkirova’s Spanish party? It was among the worst in their history. (Please check Germany-Heldentenor > JIWON: Dear Berlin Mayor / Israel / Palestine, FINALLY…)

Nowadays, any professionals, especially maestros, can’t achieve commercial success without joining this kind of business. Some are hunger for this fame, as a matter of fact. Furtwangler detested this idea claiming that MUSIC can’t be learned in this way. Not surprisingly, Barenboim tries, tries to explain that MUSIC is NEVER a simple matter, but he just gives up after a couple of seconds during the interview. Therefore, it is a valuable project ONLY WHEN the orchestra members receive a certain fee after this recording material is released in commercial market. This was in fact one of issues when Filarmonica della Scala and FIALS never planned to give up their STRIKES.

Provably, there will be a certain professional in recording department, who can’t make a living without chasing Barenboim’s DIVAN-workshop. Provably, Barenboim’s DIVAN-project used to be enjoyed by those professionals only… along with couple of Mideastern Monkeys, who are still travelling all over the world as Film-Stars in ‘Knowledge is the Beginning’, without finding a permanent job.

Since the international media and the members of WEDO 2007 boasted their big mouth so much that I wanted to check if Barenboim was ever succeeded in his three workshops.

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🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3E (Jun 3-8, 2009)
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🙂 El alma de Granada… recuperar al Barenboim pianista… (Jul 7-25, 2009)

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