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Just in case… This is how the Jewish Concertmaster of the BPO behaved after I finished My-Request-to-Barenboim. If you click this link, you can watch HAPPY-Barenboim on Aug 15, 2008. Please compare this with Depressed-Barenboim in London-concert, during which he was required to start the WEDO tour after reading all my reports. It just took one day for this guy to regain his happiness. And the moment those SH*TS were able to invite Barenboim in their headquarters, Waltraud Meier appeared in Berlin interview with her typical big-mouth. (Barenboim completely lost his conducting posture after finishing this tour schedule, by the way, because he had to wave and wave his arms to conduct those garbage.)

They still believe that once Barenboim is on tour with their WEDO schedule, they will be able to achieve anything they want. Please check their performance schedule outside Berlin. Has this concert anything to do with Barenboim’s Mideast Vision or DIVAN-project? See… his sex-partner is from the WEDO. And this Jewish Pig is still making a public interview, while playing with Bashkirova’s Jerusalem+WEDO members, explaining that Barenboim is behind everything. Now, this guy is publishing a list of their Arab members.

Anyway, this Jewish Pig can NEVER join anything Barenboim’s PROFESSIONAL world. Please check any chamber music of his group, Youtube: Jewish Pig. Whenever this sound takes a leading role, the lower strings are getting uglier and uglier. Very interesting is that after Barenboim Fans received my detailed report about MICHAEL BARENBOIM, this guy started his NEW project and Elena Bashkirova joined it. JUST FUNNY…
1. Since 2006, Elena Bashkirova’s Jewish Concertmaster of the BPO is the music director of X-festival in Germany.
2. Until Jan 15, 2008, NO significant happenings in X-festival in Germany.
3. January 15, 2008 in Germany-X: Das Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival zu Gast in Kooperation mit dem Südwestrundfunk (Participants: Elena Bashkirova, MICHAEL BARENBOIM, Jewish Concertmaster of the BPO, and so on…)
4. July 11-18, 2008 in Germany-X: Chamber Music Festival 2008. (NEW name appears as Künstlerische Beratung, Israeli Fiddler Y, who is a father of WALTRAUD MEIER’S NEW conductor in Spain. But the article says that he is a co-founder and longtime director of the festival.)
5. August 15, 2008 in Germany-X: Das West-Eastern Divan Orchestra auf Besuch
6. May 15, 2009 in Croatia: The Berlin Philharmonic and The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra Soloists (Participants: Jewish Concertmaster and Principal Viola from the BPO, and Concertmaster’s Israeli girlfriend.)
7. May 26, 2009 in Berlin: Heute gibt er ein Konzert zugunsten der Deutschen Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft. Besonders geprägt wurde er durch sein Engagement in Daniel Barenboims East-West-Divan-Orchestra, in dem Moslems und Israelis Seite an Seite musizieren.
8. May 28, 2009 in Germany-X: Immergent Concert, which title is ‘Benefiz-Konzert’. Interviewed about HIS WEDO… ‘Es ist deshalb absolut folgerichtig, dass er für das nächste Festival in Germany-X im Juli nicht nur gestandene Musikerpersönlichkeiten wie from-A-to-Z, sondern auch 14 junge Musiker des West Eastern Divan Orchestra. Eine handverlesene Gruppe, ausgewählt von Bashkirova’s X selbst und Barenboim. “Wir sind da nicht nach Proporz vorgegangen, sondern entscheidend war allein die musikalische Qualifikation der Musiker”, sagt Bashkirova’s X. Gleichwohl ist eine ausgesprochen bunte Gruppe zusammengekommen: Die Nachwuchsmusiker kommen aus Israel, Syrien, Palästina, Iran, Ägypten und aus der Türkei.’
9. July 14-23, 2009 in Germany-X: Chamber Music Festival 2009. Little brother of Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival, but disguising itself as the WEDO Music Festival. It says… “In Kooperation mit der Barenboim-Said-Foundation: einem Meisterkurs mit 13 jungen Musikerinnen und Musikern aus dem West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra von Daniel Barenboim – aus dem Iran, Palästina, Ägypten, der Türkei, Syrien, Jordanien und Israel – unterrichtet von Y, who is a father of Waltraud Meier’s Jewish Conductor in Spain.
10. July 20, 2009 during the Festival: MICHAEL BARENBOIM and WEDO members
11. From July 21 to August 28, 2009: Waltraud Meier’s DIVAN-workshop according to
12. Please check WALTRAUD MEIER’S INTERVIEW inbetween… either in Berlin or in Spain.

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