Barenboim: Deborah Voigt

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JUNE 9-10, 2009

Please check the comments. May 26, 2009 May 19, 2009

How come Waltraud Meier dares to plan this recital? No wonder…
Very interesting to check the date of Lissner’s announcement: May 19, 2009 (or couple of days before), on which La Scala’s Lissner was supposed to rein Salzburg in the name of Eva Wagner-Pasquier and Waltraud Meier, who sleeps at Barenboim’s feet… according to the forumite’s comment. Lissner failed, though. Who was first, by the way? Eva Wagner-Pasquier or Waltraud Meier or BOTH? This is my only concern…

Of course, Waltraud Meier will be welcomed with Elena Bashkirova and those golden couple should appear in NUDE. However, I believe it was to prepare Meier’s Wagnerian role at La Scala. So is Angela Denoke. (After checking Youtube, I now realize why this German voice was OK to sing with Bashkirova and ran to Jerusalem Festival. I now know how to understand blogger’s questionable comments. Though never planned to accept her in my world, I used to think that this was an innocent victim. Now, I feel no need to sorry for this German diction. I am pretty sure what kind of self-admiration she used to enjoy in Meier’s Unter den Linden, where Barenboim can find Meier’s copycats or foreign dictions only. Did she learn this vocal technique and cheap acting in Cabaret? A perfect singing in a Beer hall. Anyway…) Now, I clearly know this singing level and Karita Mattila’s are entirely different…

Jesus… I found one comment on Denoke’s recital after sending this draft… cool!

Curious… Karita Mattila is going to join Jerusalem Festival after reading this? According to the rule of Bimbo-Battle… Therefore, I now decide to post EVERYTHING with REAL NAMES.

I am now serious.
Can Deborah Voigt have a recital at La Scala?
It was purely out of curiosity when I started my research… but suddenly I realized everything.

Before writing this…

It’s just my personal taste and no one can blame me since I am one of innocent consumers. (I never plan to make a living as a film star, so this is the end of my story. No one can blame me. *.*) Have you ever seen any TV soap operas or screen films, in which ugly-looking females dominate the scenes? Even while the female characters are being judged by acting ability, I’ve never seen their outlooks under the standard. At least, they should look intelligent or charismatic or uniquely bla-bla-bla…
Perhaps… this is why I’ve never been interested in the world of opera. I still hate watching that boring thing. All my voice-writings were purely due to the fact that it is a disaster to watch Waltraud Meier’s ACTING and purely to disprove all those professional’s f*cking theory that Waltraud Meier is a Wagnerian voice. And then, I’ve finished analyzing ‘Orchestra’ long ago and all those orchestras have never planned to make enough improvement to ask my further analysis and so on and so on…

Then… I started studying human body or physical ability in the world of music. Then, there became one more reason not to accept FAT SINGERS in my list.

Fat singers usually don’t utilize their entire body to sing. Their voice doesn’t ring the entire body. This is a limited ability. (Studying Pavarotti is very interesting… BTW. How many Pavarottis are found during his lifespan? It is a sad fact that most of his fans remember Pavarotti as a voice of past his prime.) Furthermore, fat singers are usually physically bigger and famous for their big volume. This bigger volume destroys his/her ensemble partners when it leads average-sized or tiny singers, who are required to use the entire body to ring their voice or vice versa.

Anyways… I still can’t accept ugly looking Opera singers for the very commercial reason. And if I were among the CEO of Opera Company, I will fire ALL the fat singers… except Mr. and Ms. Fatty-Cuties. Even in the film industry, they can be valued as commercial jewels and who can blame my management skills?

Finally, time for Deborah Voigt.

I knew people, Americans in particular, kept trying to introduce this name whenever I write something Wagner but I kept ignoring.
Waltraud Meier is disgusting… but I never wanted to accept this name in Barenboim’s professional career too. WHY?

Of course, this German whore was frequently looking for ugly-looking fat females in order for her to become a final winner in Barenboim’s home whenever I started my insulting… because this b*tch knew that innocent public would praise her sexism more and my analysis would only result in igniting fat singers’ anger. But this was not the real reason. Barenboim has already been allowed to play with inferior females only. Nothing matters when my weapon is with or without Deborah Voigt in Barenboim’s Opera Company…


1. Opera lovers kept writing that her Wagner is ‘casual’. What does it mean? ‘Casual’ is a nickname of Mehta’s interpretation. It means ‘never-sensitive’. In America, I was in shock. So many fat Americans… then I was in shock again. Unlike Korea, those fat ladies and gentlemen were very sensitive. In my view, they were too sensitive or too nice or too weak and therefore frequently failed to control themselves, including their weight. Then what about ‘casual’ Voigt, which means ‘Never-Sensitive’ Wagnerian Singer? Oh, well…

2. Then, I read her interview. More exactly, I read forumites discussing her interview during their debate of FAT-WAGNER. There, she insisted that unlike other fat singers, she can move easily on the stage. What does it mean? A ‘foreign’ German diction, which interpretation is ‘never-sensitive’ and whose voice is able to ‘move’ very easily on the stage? It simply means that this singer never relies on her spine while singing. That’s the end of story. NO need to listen to her voice.

Therefore, it was my nicest version of ‘NO-THANKS’ when I quickly replied your previous article on June 11, 2008. I didn’t read, felt no need to read the article, of course: Second Date With a Little Black Dress. I think it was not my first reply… I remember that I also mentioned her hair style, which needs a drastic change after surgery.

As I wrote before, it was only after her fashionable outlook in RED hooked my attention that I suddenly started my curiosity about her VOICE: Onstage, an Alceste-Like Struggle (as Alceste)

Too tired to check all those Youtube clips again. When I did couple of days ago, I never planned to make a message and I was already tired by then after barely finishing Egyptian part… and it was all after I checked her different voices that something suddenly hit my brain. Gosh… already too tired to write…

To cut the long story short,

I used to think that she lost ‘support’ or ‘supportive muscles’ (in her legs or hip or diaphragm or whatever…) after surgery, which took all her fats-therefore-healthyvoice.
It was not. (True that female singers really need physical training in special ways… Do the fat singers exercise? I just hate their fat-voice, which lacks fresh air.)

The real problem was her acting.
More exactly, everybody around her, who tried to imitate Waltraud Meier, and kept destroying her concentration.
I just can’t understand… How come they just can act like this? Don’t they feed-back their own performance when they go home and prepare their next performance schedule? Or has been this the only way to survive in the world of opera since Meier’s prostitution?

I’m now curious if this is why Waltraud Meier was dismissed in Munchen and decided to suck all Barenboim’s bloods in Berlin and then Milan in the name of D-I-V-A-N… I can’t help thinking this whenever I read commenters, who travel Europe and compare the quality of opera houses. Whenever there is a shadow of Waltraud Meier, the entire stage looks noisy, unorganized, untrained, ugly, messy…

Apart from this problem, I also suspect if Voigt herself wanted to ‘move more easily’ on the stage, especially after the surgery, to please all those f*cking stage directors, whose ideal VOICE is Waltraud Meier.

Then… here come her vocal problem.
I recommend her to practice in front of mirror, (… it will be difficult to sing in front of mirror…), or video-tape her practice and check her… um… behind her neck… from her head through her spine and down to her hip and all to her toes… but watching around her neck or ‘feeling it’ will be crucial to check if she ‘always and equally’ opens her throat. And then there is a need to check her facial muscles, but this will be a next step for her. Intensity? It simply means to drive all her airs to the core of her body with the interpretation of proper(?) German diction. (I can’t say ‘exact’… because I know how difficult it is in this situation. Please look Nilsson how much she concentrates on her diction on every each word. Then… I only hear wannabe-singers imitating Nilsson’s diction instead of her air-and-air-and-air. What’s wrong with them?) It will be entirely different from Meier’s intensity, which sounds like F-U-C-K-Y-O-U and destroys EVERYTHING… but… which used to be worshiped by presidents of Meier-Fan-Clubs especially in European countries.

Basically, it was the very basic of Birgit Nilsson. True that it is the common characteristics of all the legendary divas, but it is especially prominent in Nilsson’s case… compared to Kirsten Flagstad.

After realizing everything… I just couldn’t understand.
How come no one was talking about this? I am not an opera expert while you and all the commenters are. They attend all kinds of operas as frequently as possible. Among them, there are more accurate ears than I. I just can’t understand. Had they talked about this problem just a little bit, I could have started my research earlier. I just felt no need to listen to her until couple of days ago.

It’s terrific to find productive comments on La Scala. Then, it would be more terrific if those sensitive ears recommend specific singers, whose Milan performance Barenboim could greet with his whole heart and support their talent with his whole brain. Still, I know nothing about opera and its singers.

By the way, this vocal and physical training is venerable to attacks from (swine) flu. Need to be very careful.

Curiously, this voice is scheduled to sing with Asher Fish in London. We’ll see how this ‘casual’ conductor makes things all messed-up and then… will she join this Jewish Pig’s Jerusalem Festival after making an improvement through my analysis? According to the rule of Bimbo-Battle…

One more…
I think I should make a sincere apology for my previous comment… about her getting too fat… (I read her biography and learned that it was due to her painful divorce. During the research, I just couldn’t understand why she became so fat like that… because Voigt in those days rather looked fatty-cutie, which looks better than bony-skinny singer…)
Now, I understand another reason of Maestro Solit’s comical remark. Have you ever seen this guy talking to ugly-looking females?

P.S.: I need some more work before writing Italian Part. Now, I’m thinking to include ‘Ezio Mauro, direttore di Repubblica’ in my list of VIP in Italian Part, since there are too many opposition parties and leaders in this lovely country. Whenever I barely remember opposition leader’s name, he is replaced by new one. This is horrible! Now, I really feel pity for those Italian Crying Babies as much as I worry for President Silvio… Sigh…

P.S.: With NO doubt, all the members of ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’ will be busy at demonstrating Voigt’s vocal training. Let them practice day and night. Musicians are physically born. Imitating is easy and NO garbage can make its physical-then-mental training. Let them try. Why not?

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MAY 29, 2009
Seriously, I need to listen to her recent performances. (Too tired to check Youtube. But after sending my previous mail, in which I didn’t expect this singer while writing something DIVAN, something suddenly hit my brain.)
I know I have to be very careful, but I know her personality. IMHO, the best thing Maestro Soli did was to throw a comical advice to this female singer. See… it did and does help her professional career… even her private life. Once she looks in the mirror and check her another body shape, she will be the first one, who would fall in love with her.
Now, this is my analysis. She used to be criticized as ‘casual’ Wagner. And I thought it was due to her ‘fat’ personality. (I mean… nice and cool personality in private life can suddenly become ‘fat’ thing in professional world.) Now, I need another way of thinking. Though I really need to listen to her ‘diction’, this is what hits my instinct. Her vocal technique is very unique. She is not Callas. (I mean… the vocal technique.) It means… she needs to ‘activate’ upper part of her facial muscles much more while singing. Then, the right posture of her upper body is crucial for her right-diction or sensitive interpretation. Last time, I didn’t read your article, but now when I check, I find that you also wrote the same thing…

Today, no more time for this. By the way, it just took two weeks for this ‘mouse-brain’ to remember her old habits. Since no one gives her (my girls’ hedgehog) during the weekend, I left enough food and this little thing ate everything and lost all her instincts, where to poop or how to exercise or etc… Then, I was too tired to train her and this ‘mouse-brain’ just forgot how to respond my ‘tickling’. She is normal now. When I tickle her arm pit, she start stretching one of her arms to ask more and she looks like one matchstick sticking out of a thorny ball. It’s almost impossible to show this cattiest scene to outsiders, even my girls, who are hardly quiet while playing with her.

Have you checked my report to Egyptian Prof. about those Mideastern Monkeys? Now, it is easy to imagine Bashkirova’s NEW project to make Michael Barenboim worse than ever before. Is this b*tch really a mother? I’m done with this boy, but I worry… I know it’s none of my business. He will NEVER be able to join Barenboim’s future Divan-project. Probably, the boy himself doesn’t want to experience THAT miserable situation again and want to live as Guy Braunstein’s second fiddler. He looked real happy with them. This was what Glander wanted to see from Barenboim’s private life when he rushed to take care of this boy after being insulted by my analysis. I’m still curious. Does Glander have a family? He doesn’t look like. Or this is the most disgusting human trash, who never thinks of outsiders but his kids only.

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MAY 28, 2009
Something added in Egyptian part…
Onstage, an Alceste-Like Struggle (as Alceste)
Deborah Voigt
P.S.: See… finally, she looks fantastic. There is still something wrong with her standing posture, though. Gosh… I still don’t know which hair style is good for my new physical shape. When are you going to answer my QUIZ???

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Still looking for my old writings on Deorah Voigt.
Should be somewhere in my computer files.

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Part of Wagner Diction on 20071207

Deborah Voigt

JIWON: When can I watch her recent singing? I just saw her photos after the surgery, in which lots of supporting muscles are still needed to regain her healthy voice.

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Voigt’s new fashion on February 2, 2007
Part of Who are YOU? American Big Five (NY-Sun)

P.S.: (February 2, 2007) Voigt revels in her new profile:

JIWON: As usual, she is honest. I doubt if her favorite hair style and fashion is working for her. I’ve never thought about this when she was HUGE…, and now I have to ask my eyes again and again. In my case, my physical shape is not same as years ago. I mean… it always changed since my graduation from university. But there was something basic that used to hole my physical shape in the same way; it was still same while I was working as a member of Korean professional ensemble and while I was surviving my further study in Chicago. Even though I have many things to achieve more, my body is different now. As a result, all my old fashion doesn’t work for me, and I still don’t know which hair style or which clothes fits me best. So, I never went to the beauty shop nor I bought new clothes. Korean royal fashion hasn’t worked for me, so it was OK that I was penniless. Now, I feel that her case is similar to mine. Unlike me, her job is to appear in public, then she knows who she should hire for the best result. So, I say, “Good Luck!”

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Recording-Technique, Playing w/Meier, Kundry on November 6, 2006

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