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Scala, tagliati sette milioni: “Il governo ci aiuti” il Giornale – ‎26-mag-2009‎
Scale, cut seven million: “The government will help us”
Letizia Moratti plant trees to Claudio Abbado and launched an appeal for the return of Riccardo Muti. Bruno Ermolli focuses on the economic and calls for a signal of attention to the government. Missing seven million euros, reduced funding from the state, which has reduced the funds of Fus (the single of the show), Piermarini removing the 20 percent contribution. The result is the shift from 35 million contribution announced in 2008 to 28 in 2009. Ermolli, vice president of the Foundation Scala, presentation of the next season which starts with Carmen, is confident that a solution will be found, but calls for funds and the status of a national theater for Piermarini, “I have taken up the promise of the Minister Sandro Bondi and in coming weeks we will see a Fus-based as perceived in 2008. If so, it would be for us a sigh of relief. Otherwise, we will have to seek other solutions to avoid the enormous danger of having to reduce the artistic program. ”
No alarmism, however, why exclude Ermolli minute cancellation: “It is a question of international credibility, we have signed agreements with the artists and we can not afford to give a bad signal by erasing something.” Bondi, reports Lissner, has also promised the status of a national theater at La Scala, which would allow more autonomy and therefore contracts and engagements more freedom, including the superintendent, Stéphane Lissner, who Ermolli want to block for a long time: “I expect by Lissner Verdi only a year in the world in 2013. (…)

Un 2010 passionale per conquistare anche i più giovani CronacaQui Milano – ‎26-mag-2009‎
A passion to win in 2010 even the youngest
(…) Ermolli also cautiously optimistic that he wanted a confirmation of the funds of Fus equal to those in the season 2008/2009 and it was hoped that the reform of the foundations Scala opera recognize the status of theater “national“ (now regional) to give ‚autonomy bylaws more consistent with its international nature.“

Alla Scala il ritorno di Abbado E per Carmen una vera debuttante Corriere della Sera – ‎27-mag-2009‎
Multiply the previews for ‘Under 30’, created a website and a community for them. Lissner passion, finally. In his fifth year at the helm of the first opera house in the world, the superintendent signature French finally turning the season: “The one closest to my idea of the scale, a point of arrival, which opens a second phase of our journey.” That on the one hand takes into account the tradition of the theater, the other opens it to new experiences. Stéphane Lissner cites Greens: ‘He wrote: we return the old, will be a step forward. ” But, warns in his letters is perceived extreme intolerance toward clichés. “Greens do not ever confuse tradition with the Convention.”
Bruno Ermolli, vice president of the Foundation Trusts Bondi minister. “We are committed to bridging the gap of seven million cut from the cuts. I have no reason to doubt his promise. ” But if not? “We will do everything possible to not touch the artistic program. Including the generosity of private shareholders. ” “La Scala remains our greatest cultural engagement,” reassures Corrado Passera, chief executive of Intesa Sanpaolo, the main sponsor of the theater. “If the scale goes wrong, goes wrong to Italy, ‘he confided to Le Monde Lissner. The first hope is that reform bodies lyrical ports awaiting promotion: La Scala Opera House. Among the many names dream it still lacks one. After you review Abbado at La Scala Riccardo Muti, which also went away beating the door in 2005? “We do know what they want, I hope his return,” replied the mayor Letizia Moratti. ‘I sent a letter inviting him for 2013, “added Lissner. For now, no answer. “But perhaps – the superintendent jokes – is guilt by the Italian post office.”
Giuseppina Manin
May 27, 2009

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Apre «Carmen» Abbado sul podio dopo 24 anni il Giornale – ‎26-mag-2009‎
Scala MilanoAnche the crisis is felt and you pull the strap. Not as elsewhere, disagree. For the next season, made yesterday, in fact, expect seven new productions of works by five shots, and six ballets, including two new brand. Parade beautiful items, wands, directors and dancers. The superintendent Stéphane Lissner admits, however, that he had to slip away a few years el’Incoronazione Luisa Miller di Poppea “to avoid blow productions per season started,” she explains.
Adjustments and shifts in part, Lissner yesterday finally presented the bill in his head once you enter the threshold of the Scala in May 2005, but that required a long period of time so that we could achieve. Why artists should be requested well in advance, “they want to be sure to work with colleagues estimate that,” says Superintendent pulling the ball into the sound reasons of ethics and sentiment. Those same artists also fly in the desert Abu Dhabi and Doha catalyzed dunes of petrodollars. The family of artists expected by next December 7 has its maximum leader Claudio Abbado, who after 24 years of absence from Milan again in June by virtue of an eco-blackmail: he wants the trees. And the trees are. Letizia Moratti, Mayor of Milan and President of the Board, confirmed the proposed planting of trees. And the other big missing, ie, Riccardo Muti? ‘I sent him a letter, but I did not have answers. Perhaps they have not received, you will blame the Italian post office ‘joked Lissner.
Among the directors who Lissner will take on the next edition, stands Daniel Barenboim on the podium of Carmen by Georges Bizet, the opera dell’inaugurazione with Anita Rachvelishvili, Georgia, 25 years old, just out of the oven dall’Accademia Theater, in the shoes of the protagonist . Already, a dazzling promise rather than a solid guarantee for a first scaligera: the times are changing. A Carmen who predicts that it will be considered explosive Emma Dante to have it directed. A Pierre Boulez the honor to inaugurate the season Symphony, with pianist Maurizio Pollini. The twentieth century offers two new productions at La Scala and returns Daniele Gatti, engaged in Lulu by Alban Berg, directed by Peter Stein, and the Finn Esa-Pekka Salonen, never before in Piermarini, From the podium for a house in the dead of Leos Janacek with director Patrice Chéreau. Another superlative direction, that of the Lithuanian Eimuntas Nekrosius, signed by Faust.
The list of fine rods include the name of Zubin Mehta, director of Tannhauser in the new production of La Fura dels Baus. As for the band edge, this is with the Vienna Georges Pretre, the London Symphony with Daniel Hardin and the complex of Santa Cecilia conducted by Antonio Pappano. Address entries: spotlight on tenorissimo Placido Domingo, which is celebrating its 40 years of Scala, December 9, with the first act of Die Walküre conducted by Barenboim. That the head and in the spring of 2010, in Simon Boccanegra. To represent the latest generation of the levels there will be Rolando Villazon (vocal cords permitting), Juan Diego Florez, Conte in Rossini’s Barber. Jonas Kaufmann is Don José in Carmen inaugural and hoping that escape the curse that has marked the levels of the last openings, induced to leave by Piermarini (Roberto Alagna and Joseph Filianoti).

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La Scala to open next season with “Carmen” Tue May 26, 2009 12:48pm EDT
La Scala to open next season with “Carmen”
(…) “This is the season closest to my idea of La Scala, a turnaround season that consolidates the goals that have been already partly net,” such as an increase in the number of performances, La Scala General Manager Stephane Lissner told a news conference.
However, Vice Chairman Bruno Ermolli warned that La Scala faced red ink next season and possible program cuts if the government failed to confirm financing for it and other theaters. La Scala relies on government funding but has ended four straight seasons in the black.
The season starts on December 7. It will also include Verdi’s “Rigoletto,” Gioachino Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville,” Wagner’s “Tannhauser” and “Lulu” by Alban Berg.
(Reporting by Ilaria Polleschi, writing by Ian Simpson)

La Scala, ecco la nuova stagione TGCOM – ‎26-mag-2009‎
La Scala, here’s the new season
(…) Bruno Ermolli, vice president, said the four-year budget in balance and have increased the assets available to 3 million. Attese against the government because in the 2009-2010 budget of 115 million provided in balance, to the lack seven million for the reduction occurred from the Fund for the Unique Entertainment for Foundations Liriche.
The Minister Sandro Bondi has promised to submit in the coming weeks a Single Fund for the Foundation for Entertainment Liriche that is based on the La Scala received in 2008-2009. It should also start a reform of the foundations that provide Liriche that Scala is a National Foundation. “Il teatro alla Scala di Milano is the largest commitment in the cultural and artistic heart of Intesa San Paolo – AD for Corrado Passera -”La Scala is the largest theater in the world. He knew how to surprise, combining a wealth of great programming to a great innovation”. Significant commitment of the bank, Scala privileged partner, especially for the project renovated and expanded the “La Scala under30” with special facilities for young people and two premieres.

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AGI – Agenzia Giornalistica Italia – ‎26-mag-2009‎
(AGI) – Milano, 26 mag. – Vice-President of the theater at La Scala and Bruno Ermolli ‘waiting to know if the level of the single for the show will be’ restored to the levels of 2008, as the e ‘was prefigured by the Minister of Culture Sandro Bondi: after cutting announced last autumn, in fact, on a target budget of 115 million less than 7 would not appeal. If this’ is not the case, explained Ermolli during the conference presentation of the next season of La Scala, “despite the help of founding sponsor, we should seek other resources to avert the risk of having to cut the season.” Ermolli reminded that, thanks to careful management of the last 4 years, have accumulated 3 million of reserves. In addition, the Government expects the scale of being “promoted” to the theater “national”, with greater autonomy than other foundations lyrics.
“It would be unacceptable to cut even a title of the season – said Lissner – perche ‘ho gia’ had to anticipate the difficulties’ referring to the economic production of Luisa Miller and removing another new creation from the calendar.” This year, however, has reminded the superintendent, “We closed for the fourth consecutive draw. We forget that the 2008 and ‘a lot more’ big crisis of the postwar period and the 209 is not ‘easy, but we want to continue to bring young people to the Scala. ” The theater in Milan, said Corrado Passera, chief executive of Intesa Sanpaolo, which even in the next season will be ‘the’ privileged partner ‘of the scale,’ and ‘one of the great things Italian are working better “means cuts Fus” not should make sense if there was a vision, we must do everything because ‘do not reduce the season. ”

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