Participants in Lissner’s SEX-scandal at La Scala

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Korean Connection
1. Myung-Whun Chung in 2008/2009, 2009/2010: Simply, how many performance schedule were this Korean conductor offered in return for his work to threaten me, strangle me?
2. Dmitrij Kitajenko in 2008/2009: Great to find this name. I promise. He will never forget how he played the game with me when he took over Korean ensemble. Is it called ‘Art-of-Microphone’? Everybody appreciated his modest demand after being sick of Chung’s unbelievable request for the annual salary. However… after supporting couple of Russian power, this maestro destroyed the very basic of this Korean orchestra, and now, nothing work for this ensemble… except when they play for this Russian interpretation. No matter what… his Korean performance was always highly appreciated and his members still miss their Russian sound. Why doesn’t he return to where he belongs instead of taking advantage of MY hard working in MY ensemble?

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🙂 From Members of Bashkirova-Gang
1. Robert Holl in 2008/2009
2. Mischa Maisky in 2008/2009: Gidon Kremer’s Cello
3. Daniele Damiano in 2008/2009: Sir Rattle’s Bassoon
4. Angela Denoke in 2008/2009, 2009/2010
5. Hélène Grimaud in 2007/2008: I hate to mention this name. I am still curious who is ‘French B*tch’ in Paris Conservatory, whose teaching/advice/analysis she openly insulted in Piano magazine in the name of Daniel Barenboim. Now, she introduces Dmitri Bashkirov as her mentor, yet she never plans to join Jerusalem Festival. WHY?

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Elena Bashkirova Supporters

1. David Robertson in 2008/2009: This conductor has a long story, and I thought he would steal Chicago Symphony Orchestra from Barenboim after supporting Artistic Director of Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival. Somehow, he gave up right before I gave up my computer work, and settled in St. Louis. And now, is he hunger for Barenboim’s La Scala? Basically, his success is none of my business, but I don’t understand why this guy kept receiving brilliant reviews from American music critics… Just weird. The best analysis to describe his music is Mr. Metronome, who is quick to follow famed-X or Jewish connection. Now, this guy has earned enough fame and doesn’t have to sell his old-relationship with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra to feed his professional career in Jewish America or Jewish Europe. Let’s just hope this pseudo(?) Jewish maestro to return to his JSO, which is desperately need volunteer musicians if he truly cares for his Jewish orchestra as its former director.

2. Fabio Luisi in 2008/2009 (with Staatskapelle Dresden): Now that my memory is dying… I hope my memory is correct. This conductor was perhaps the nicest person during the Berlin-battle, and quickly gave up after my open work to protect Barenboim. However, I didn’t know that this guy has been supporting Elena Bashkirova behind the scene. (This is what Bashkirova claims… So, blame this whore, please.)

3. Semyon Bychkov in 2008/2009: I didn’t know that he was also Bashkirova’s maestro. Was it with WDR Symphony Orchestra (Cologne)? He is anyway going to appear Guy Braunstein’s maestro in Rattle’s BPO. Right?

4. James Conlon in 2009/2010: Please ask him why he didn’t stop his support of Elena Bashkirova after her Ravinia Festival and went to Germany with her since this happening was considered special among his professional life. (‘Musiktriennale’ Cologne at Guerzenich Orchestra) What happened in this area after supporting this sh*t?

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Waltraud Meier Supporters
1. Semyon Bychkov in 2008/2009
2. Valery Gergiev in 2008/2009
3. Philippe Jordan in in 2007/2008: This J-Family originally has a story with Elena Bashkirova in Swiss.
4. Daniel Harding in 2009/2010
5. Franz Welser-Möst in 2009/2010

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1. Zubin Mehta of course.
2. Maestro(?) Gidon Kremer in 2008/2009
3. Has Lang Lang proved Barenboim’s teaching?
4. Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía in 2008/2009
6. Lisa Batiashvili in 2009/2010: Core member of Guy Braunstein’s Chamber Music Festival. Also a wife of Bashkriova’s French Ob, François Leleux.

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