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JUNE 29, 2009
To: Anna Netrebko
From: Jiwon

Finally, I found you. Your recital with Elena Bashkirova. Are you also going to join Jersualem Festival as a special guest? I’ve been suspecting this partnership since the moment I found you from Waltraud Meier’s private-connection. And I was waiting for this performance because you will sound worst in the Russian repertoire and this Russian whore will make you even worse… or hopeless. And then… I am NOT allowed to criticize Barenboim’s diva, especially in this situation, no matter how much she stinks. Could you please, please record this performance? (It would be perfect if Bashkirova posts this video-clip on Youtube.)

Sorry about saying this… but there was NO exception in Bashkirova’s case, and I don’t think you used to treat yourself as another Callas. THEREFORE… I’m now suspecting if your professional career is already dying after having a baby. I now know why Foruminte questioned about your Lucia at La Scala… (I even suspect if Barenboim himself wanted to find a good replacement through my open insulting your Bashkirova-recital.) I feel funny… because I always wanted to help you since the moment I heard your voice and your personality on the radio, and I didn’t care your Barenboim-like dresscode, which rather made you look cheap. Anyway, I never support Bashkirova’s friend, and I will always remember this concert and reaise this issue when your audience start forgetting your attractive outlooks. I’m thinking… if you want to keep singing Lucia like your recent days, you don’t have to cancel this performance. NEVER… Thanks in advance.

P.S.: You don’t have to answer me. And will you reply that you don’t know me? You can answer me, of course… since I will post this message in my blog. And your answer, too.
August 12, 2009
Rosengarten Mozartsaal, Mannheim
Anna Netrebko
Mannheim, Rosengarten Aug 12, 2009
Klassik: Sopran-Diva singt in Mannheim in der Muttersprache
Netrebko mit Russischem
Endlich ist das Geheimnis um den Mannheimer Abend mit Anna Netrebko gelüftet. Lange haben wir uns gefragt, was die Südrussin am 12. August im Rosengarten singen wird, hieß es doch von Anfang an, sie komme ohne Orchester und “nur” mit Klavierbegleitung zu einem Liederabend. Solche Abende sind selten und sehr intim. Nun hat der Veranstalter BB Promotion das Programm bekannt gegeben. Demnach wird Netrebko ein russisches Programm singen: elf Lieder von Nikolai Rimski-Korsakow und neun von Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowsky. Ihre Klavierpartnerin ist die in Moskau geborene Elena Bashkirova, die sich als Kammermusikpartnerin und Solistin internationalen Ruf erworben hat. dms

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