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Melodía para todas las creencias Jul 24, 2009 / By El País (España)
La Orquesta West-Eastern Divan prepara en Sevilla su gira de 2009
Melody for all faiths
The Argentine-Israeli musician Daniel Barenboim and Palestinian writer Edward Said created with the support of the Board, the orchestra and the foundation that bears his name with the intention of breaking barriers. His dream was to end the violence that erodes the Middle East.

Below two articles are in fact what appeared on JUNE 2, 2009. How come I am force to find them again on JULY 24, 2009?

Barenboim y la Orquesta Divan volverán a la Plaza Mayor de Madrid con Berlioz hace 7 horas / By epa – european pressphoto agency ‎
In this context, two free concerts are a contribution “POLITICAL-CULTURAL.” “What they have in common is that a huge demonstration of public interest and affection,” said Barenboim.

Barenboim asegura que “sería útil” que Obama presione para poner fin a los asentamientos hace 6 horas / By epa – european pressphoto agency ‎
Barenboim says that “it would be helpful to press Obama to halt settlements
By AFP – 02/06/2009
Vienna, June 2 (EFE) .- The Argentine-Israeli maestro Daniel Barenboim believes that “useful” than the U.S. president, Barack Obama, put pressure on Israel to stop settlements and end the occupation.
“If the government of President Obama is now using a little more pressure on the Government of Israel to stop settlements and end the occupation, it would be helpful in the long term not only for Palestinians but for Israel,” said Barenboim today EFE in Vienna.
“I’ve been quite critical of many things from the various governments of Israel, because there are certain things that are unacceptable to me,” said Barenboim five months after the January 1 sent a “message of peace for the Middle East” from the New Year’s Concert in which he led the Golden Hall of Vienna’s Musikverein.
While the current situation is different from the violent crisis in the Middle East then, the famous director and pianist born in Argentina insists on criticizing the policy of occupation and settlement construction.
“The occupation of Palestine is unacceptable, and the building of settlements is something that impedes the peace,” he stresses.
“I think it is very important that people understand that Israel is not enough to say that we want peace. We must know the price of peace. And the price of peace is our history and see everything with a sense justice,” he adds.
The musician expressed this position in a press conference at which he presented the agenda of the “Concert of Europe” which on Thursday sent to the front of the Vienna Philharmonic.
“There is something you can not forget, is that the fate of the Palestinian people are inextricably to the fate of the State of Israel and therefore can not have a solution that is good for some and bad for others,” he insisted.

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This kind of criticism is always welcome. This is in fact far valuable than FLATTERY, which is the main characteristics of ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’ around Barenboim. Even if this guy insults Barenboim, I wouldn’t mind as long as reasonable criticism is found. HOWEVER,

Please check
🙂 From Germany-Heldentenor
🙂 Garbage & Sh*ts in Berlin (sic!)

Barenboim is not the one. Berlin politicians are the one, who can’t merge opera houses. Whoever starts this project, they will lose the election. What’s more, do you think the Great German Land has enough money to renovate Unter den Linden in full degree? Let’s assume that their high proud can’t bear being laughed at this writing and finally they will rebuild it. Can it still become German Opera House No.1? Or at least Berlin Opera House No.1? After Barenboim’s death? The Spoken Theater will be enough for their title. They even can’t become the opera house for Mozart. Perhaps, they should play contemporary music only.

During the Bayreuth Battle, he teamed up with Nike Wagner and was beaten by ‘Eva Wagner-Pasquier and Katharina Wagner’. I clearly remember how Eva Wagner-Pasquier enjoyed my computer work when she was chosen by the Bayreuth Officials but couldn’t enter the Green Hill because of WoWa’s second wife. I sided with Eva Wagner and did my best by insulting X in my Barenboim-message. How Mr. Wolfgang Wagner had to react? Then, this is what I received in return.
🙂 La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg on May 19, 2009 (… after failing in Berlin…)

I supported her because she was chosen by the German Officials. I always had my own opinion but have NEVER expressed it because I always wanted to respect the German Decision. Now, I am so sick of everyone involved in this dirty story, La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg on May 19, 2009 (… after failing in Berlin…), that I told someone what was really in my mind. Everybody knows who someone is. I always wanted to know more about Wieland Wagner’s daughter, who, in my view, looks like a genius, just like her father, but lacks performance practice, and therefore, seems to live with legendary Wagnerian voices and show no hint of friendship with Meier’s Slavery Singers.

By then, this guy, GERARD MORTIER, had already done a terrific job by insulting Barenboim… but without providing any reasonable explanation, so I hit back and insulted Mortier that he made a big mistake by insulting Barenboim because I wanted to work with Nike Wagner. Then, this article appeared. (There is another reason, though.) I am pretty sure he heard my insulting. How come? Through whom? I know the rumor flies faster than the flight. But still… I just hope this guy not to be lost between the Spanish and the French sound, which now sound exactly opposite. If he has imagination, he will find where to go… instead of mixing two bad characteristics to make things worse.

Gerard Mortier: Barenboim… mehr in der Scala als in Berlin 09. Juli 2009, 18:46 / By Der
Der Exintendant der Salzburger Festspiele nimmt Abschied von Paris – und übersiedelt nach Madrid, wo er 2010 das Teatro Real übernimmt
Im Gespräch mit Joachim Lange zieht der Querkopf Bilanz.
The Exintendant the Salzburg Festival, takes leave of Paris – and moved to Madrid, where he was 2010 the Teatro Real on
In an interview with Joachim Lange pulls Querkopf of the balance sheet.

Standard: So wie in Salzburg?
Standard: As in Salzburg?
Mortier: Nein – in Salzburg war das nicht so schlimm. Peter Ruzicka hatte gute Ideen, und auch Intendant Jürgen Flimm ist ja ein brillanter Kopf. Aber er hat sich zu wenig bemüht, er hat wohl geglaubt, dass das kein Vollzeitjob ist.
Mortier: No – in Salzburg was not so bad. Peter Ruzicka had good ideas, and Intendant Jürgen Flimm is a brilliant header. But he has too few tries, he probably believed that this is not a full-time job.
Standard: Aber in Berlin wären Sie schon gerne Intendant geworden?
Standard: in Berlin, but would you ever like to become manager?
Mortier: In Berlin war ich immer für die Zusammenlegung der Opernhäuser. Aber ich hätte gerne auch die Staatsoper allein übernommen, wenn Barenboim einverstanden gewesen wäre, schon deshalb, weil sie umgebaut werden soll. Das hätte mich interessiert – ich habe überall umgebaut. Aber gegen Barenboim kann man nicht ankämpfen. Er weiß natürlich, dass ich genau durchblicke, was er macht – mit über 30 Konzerten und nur 17 Opern und mehr in der Scala als in Berlin. In diese Strategie habe ich nicht gepasst.
Mortier: In Berlin, I was always for the merger of the opera houses. But I also would like the State alone, if Barenboim would agree, specifically because they will be rebuilt. That would interest me – I’ve rebuilt everywhere. But against Barenboim can not fight. He knows that I durchblick exactly what he does – with over 30 concerts and only 17 operas, and more in the Scala than in Berlin. In this strategy, I did not pass.
(DER STANDARD, Print-Ausgabe, 10.7.2009)

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How come all these articles appear in Google-News-Barenboim even if there is NO Barenboim in all the Bayreuth-articles?

¿Nueva era en Festival wagneriano de Ópera de Bayreuth? Jul 23, 2009 / By Deutsche Welle Español ‎
두여자 인터뷰
Comienza nueva era en Festival de Bayreuth con presentación de … Jul 23, 2009 / By El Comercio (Ecuador) ‎
사정자세히 나옴
Las Wagner se estrenan en Bayreuth y perpetúan el culto al … Jul 24, 2009 / By epa – european pressphoto agency ‎

Festival de Bayreuth se libra de la huelga tras un acuerdo con los sindicatos Jul 23, 2009 / By ‎
The opening of the Bayreuth season of opera is an event and social personalities who came from public life and politics, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, a great fan of opera. (…) Over in favor of her daughters ended a long dispute between several descendants of the direction of Wagner and Bayreuth ousted a third candidate, Nike Wagner, Wolfgang niece and daughter of Wieland.

Las hermanastras Eva y Katharina Wagner abren una nueva era en Bayreuth Jul 19, 2009 / By AFP ‎
The demonstration will be given halftime, a new opportunity to ‘Ring’ ( ‘The Ring of the Nibelung’) of the German Tankred Dorst, whose musical direction is in charge since 2006 Christian Thielemann, a true ‘leader of the orchestra of the festival, but weakened for distribution. The new leadership faces the challenge of attracting, or bring back, the most important Wagnerian singers, some of which-like the German soprano Waltraud Meier, fled to the endless reign of Wolfgang Wagner. Eva Wagner, who until recently was the expert of the ‘casting’ of the Festival of Aix-en-Provence (southeastern France), a special care to observe the choice of guest singers.

Festival de Bayreuth se libra de huelga tras acuerdo con sindicato Jul 23, 2009 / By
Orquesta palestino-israelí de Baremboim estará en meca wagneriana de Bayreuth Jul 23, 2009 / By
(…) The youth orchestra will come to the city at the initiative of one of the great-granddaughter of Richard Wagner Eva Wagner-Pasquier, who will premiere this year as co-director of the festival along with her sister Katharina Wagner. (…) Barenboim and Said created as a gesture in favor of coexistence between Arabs and Israelis and to help overcome the trauma of the protracted Middle East conflict. The director will also receive the Award Markgräfin Wilhelmine 2009 Bayreuth Festival, which will distinguish their commitment to tolerance, humanism and cultural diversity. (…)

Strike averted at Bayreuth Festival (Roundup) Jul 23, 2009 / Monsters and
(…) The month-long extravaganza begins on Saturday afternoon with a a performance of Tristan and Isolde.
Conductor Daniel Barenboim’s Israeli-Arab orchestra is to appear for the first time at this year’s festival, the ‘Friends of Bayreuth Opera’ society announced earlier Thursday.
The performance by the young musicians, scheduled for August 19, was one of the society’s most important projects since they became the fourth partner of the Bayreuth festival, organizers said.
‘For the first time since the founding of the opera, Israelis and Arabs will play in the historically tainted city of Bayreuth,’ the society said in an oblique reference to Wagner’s much-debated anti-Semitism.
Argentinian-born Israeli pianist and conductor Barenboim founded the symphony orchestra together with the late Palestinian literature expert Edward Said in 1999.
The aim of the orchestra is to enable an exchange between Israelis and Arabs, based on a vision of peaceful coexistence for the people of the Middle East.
Barenboim conducted at Bayreuth from 1981 to 1999, where his performances included Richard Wagner’s epic Der Ring der Nibelungen.

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FOTO: Los ensayos de la Orquesta West-Eastern Divan en Sevilla / By Juan Carlos Muñoz
La Orquesta de la Fundación Barenboim-Said inicia en el Maestranza el 2 de agosto una gira por su décimo aniversario.

Please look. Are they ages between 9-17? Look at those old members, who joined WEDO with a dream of entering Sir Rattle’s Berlin Philharmonic or Muti’s Chicago Symphony Orchestra, but can’t find a job even in their birthplace. Check Arab old members, who are now professionals in Lebanon-or-somewhere, and their problematic musical ability, including postures. See.
MICHAEL BARENBOIM is there. This musician surely lost his purity long ago and has never shown a hint of imagination. But unlike previous years, he is leading his ensemble, finally. It will be very interesting to check his string section sound. It will be ******* ****. Of course, don’t forget to check his dancing(?)-or-swaying posture during the performance. In his case, it doesn’t happen during the rehearsal. It always happened during the performance when he was on the stage as a leading figure in the large orchestra, aka WEDO. If he doesn’t move-or-dance, he will sound very tensed. Don’t worry, please. Bashkirova’s son will be offered a membership of Sir Rattle’s BPO no matter what. This is why this young musician had to ignore all my advices, warnings and begging, and decided to destroy his father’s everything. I am done with this boy and his ensemble partners will be fired from my orchestras. All my writings about MICHAEL BARENBOIM start appearing from the last part of Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3C (May 13-20, 2009)

Who is teaching? Staatskapelle Oboe Gregor Witt? This is the guy, who first approached Maestro Barenboim when he preferred to give up all his privilege in order to be with his members. This is why I couldn’t criticize his cheap oboe sound with unstable pitch until he joined Elena Bashkriova. It was long ago that I promised that this one will be fired once I receive a power to rule the Berlin Music Scene. Have you ever heard of this kind of cheap oboe sound from any of Furtwangler’s or even Wand-like German ensemble? Thanks to this oboe sound, Barenboim’s Staatskapelle can’t enter the European Top-Ten. There were Korean Oboists, who used to play like this one and they sounded real cheap, because acoustic is much drier than that of Europe, and their sound never matched with the strings. Why did he delete his legendary chamber performance from the Youtube? Isn’t he the perfect partner of Dale Clevenger in Jerusalem? As a professor of MICHAEL BARENBOIM’S GERMAN MUSIC SCHOOL how many students he was able to steal from the Arab and Spanish Music Society?

After checking all those rehearsal scenes, then read this article. Is this Art of Language? Just in case, below is the ensemble of the REAL Palestinian kids from the Palestinian National Conservatory. IF YOU WERE DANIEL BARENBOIM, WHICH ENSEMBLE WOULD YOU WANT TO CONDUCT AND TRAVEL WITH?

🙂 From Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3B (Apr 30 – May 13, 2009)
🙂 From Music in Palestine: Daniel Barenboim, Tania Nasir and The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (also in Gaza…)
VIDEO: Spring of Culture 2009 in Bahrain March – April, 2009

Melodía para todas las creencias Jul 24, 2009 / By El País (España)
La década prodigiosa del Taller del Diván Jul 23, 2009 / By El Correo de Andalucía
JIWON: Lebanese Cellist Nassib Ahmadieh? This guy is the one who introduced Mrs. Mariam Said’s political project and vowed to travel all over the world, including Gaza, as Barenboim’s Divan. So he and his WEDO friends brought their students… despite anti-Barenboim feeling across the professional music society in Arab world. In 2005, he wanted to join Major German Orchestra. Did he give up and now does he want to be a king of Lebanese Music Society?

Diez años de un hermanamiento Jul 24, 2009 / By Diario de Sevilla

Ten years of a twinning
The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra rehearses in a new tour Batteries summer training performs two separate programs in the Maestranza, one of them in a concert version of ‘Fidelio’ Beethovenl of West-Eastern Divan. Concerts in the Teatro de la Maestranza, 2 and August 3, at 21:00. Tickets are available between 17 and 45 euros (for 2 days) or between 25 and 65 euros (for 3 days).
Braulio Ortiz / SEVILLA | Actualizado 24.07.2009 – 05:00

In one room, Gregor Witt, soloist of the Berliner Staatskapelle, runs eight teenagers dealing with their wind instruments of wood, a passenger Fidelio. The scene occurs not far from where Beethoven placed his only opera, set in Seville in Residence Lantana in cells. In another room, the musician Axel Wilczok tested with a group of first violins, but it is known and observed a shift is allowed to pose mocking, baton in hand, to the photographer. Opposite him is a boy often little more than ten years, given to the score with virtuosity. A Wilczok, which received first-class violin from his father at the age of five years, should not surprise early.

The building of the old seminary Cell is, as every summer, the witness of those flashes between musicality and magic: the workshop of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, the Barenboim-Said Foundation, rehearse for another year its summer tour. And it does so with reasons to celebrate: the project is now its tenth anniversary.

Two different programs will open the tour in the Maestranza, on 2 and August 3: 2 will offer a symphonic repertoire that includes Les Preludes, Liszt, Prelude and Death of the opera Tristan and Isolde in Richard Wagner, and Symphonie Fantastique of Berlioz, the 3 days rest with the role in concert version of Fidelio, which the West-Eastern Divan was accompanied by the Choral Donostiarra. This last evening promises to be particularly moving, not just the universe’s return to Seville Fidelio: during the night read some stories of the late Edward Said, Palestinian writer and promoter of the foundation along with Daniel Barenboim. Juan Goytisolo thinker defined in many texts as a reference within the Islamic world, an intellectual whose free speech should not be lost, and the citation in the Maestranza proposes a reunion with rigor, “close call”, which analyzed the Said environment.

After the start of the tour, the schedule of the group is completed with two stopovers in Spain-Madrid on August 5, San Sebastian, 6 – before the international launch of the training scenarios as Geneva (7 days) Salzburg (12, 14, 15, in the Grosses Festpielhaus and 16, in the Mozarteum), Bayreuth (19 days) and the Royal Albert Hall in London (August 22 and 21).

In its tenth anniversary, the orchestra is designed as a meeting point for musicians from Israel and other Middle Eastern countries, brings together 42 Arab, 37 Israelis and 20 Spaniards, 12 of them Andalusians. To the Minister of Culture Rosa Torres, who yesterday visited the Lantana Residence, the workshop is “a common place where you can combine studying and training with mutual knowledge and understanding of cultures faced historically.”

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Please check the Young Participants’ opinion. And compare this situation with what the Spanish Politician is doing after checking all my computer work. Do her children know where Israel and Palestine are located? Do they know how many Palestinians died during the Operation Cast Lead? Do they know why they died and when? First of all, does she want her children to receive this kind of music education and become professional musicians? Or which career does she want from her kids’ future? I promise. Her only concern is successful professional career as Spanish Minister and her happy family business.

🙂 From El alma de Granada… recuperar al Barenboim pianista… (Jul 7-24, 2009)
(Updated on JULY 15, 2009)
Next year in Damascus: How Barenboim’s Ramallah concert affected Israeli musicians Aug 24, 2005 / By Haaretz
(…) “I think most of the people are going (to Ramallah) only because of their desire to please the maestro. They’re more afraid of Barenboim not calling them again than of being in Ramallah, and maybe they’re in denial because it is hard to admit it. When he asked me, I had only a second to decide, and I admit I said yes because I didn’t want to disappoint him. I’m not going happily – except for the happiness I will have playing with Barenboim.” (…) “Can’t we get off the political business a bit?” sighed X. “We are not politicians, and in my opinion, music is something not political, and the project could have been made a lot less political and a lot more musical and human: looking at the people there as equals – after all, people are the same everywhere, and want the same thing.”

Arranca gira musical Jul 24, 2009 / By la estrella ‎
El taller de la Orquesta West-Eastern Divan, de la Fundación Barenboim-Said, cumple sus primeros diez años Jul 23, 2009 / By ‎
(…) The Minister of Culture, Rosa Torres, today visited the musical workshop at its headquarters in the town of Lantana Residence sevillana Cell. Rosa Torres stressed that this music is the common place where you can combine studying and training with mutual knowledge and understanding of cultures faced historically.”
(…) One of the principles of the Foundation is to integrate music into the social fabric of different cultures, an area that is moving away due to the increasing specialization of musical studies. Finally, in Andalusia, the orchestra gave concerts in the provinces of Seville, Cadiz, Granada, Malaga, Cordoba, Huelva and Almería.

West-Eastern Divan celebra su X aniversario con gira europea de 12 conciertos Jul 24, 2009 / By

La orquesta West-Eastern Divan, de la Fundación Barenboim-Said, celebrará su décimo aniversario en 2009 con una gira europea de doce conciertos que comenzará el próximo 2 de agosto en Sevilla y finalizará el día 22 de ese mes en Londres.
La orquesta iniciará su gira en el Teatro de la Maestranza de Sevilla con un concierto sinfónico en el que el taller de jóvenes músicos dirigidos por el maestro Daniel Barenboim interpretará las obras ‘Les Préludes’, de Liszt; ‘Preludio y Muerte’, de la ópera ‘Tristán e Isolda’ de Richard Wagner; y la ‘Sinfonía Fantástica’, de Berlioz.
El 3 de agosto la orquesta, cuyos responsables han presentado hoy a los medios informativos esta gira, ofrecerá una nueva actuación en Sevilla pero con un programa distinto, en la que interpretará por vez primera una ópera en versión concierto.
The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, the Barenboim-Said Foundation, celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2009 with a twelve-concert European tour beginning next August 2 and ends in Seville on 22 December in London.
The orchestra will begin its tour at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville with a symphonic concert at the workshop of young musicians led by maestro Daniel Barenboim will perform the works’ Les Preludes’ by Liszt, ‘Prelude and Death’, the opera ‘Tristan and Isolde’ by Richard Wagner and the “Symphonie Fantastique” of Berlioz.
On August 3 the orchestra, whose leaders have presented today at the media tour, will offer a new action in Seville, but with a different program, which will perform for the first time an opera in concert version.

Se trata de la ópera ‘Fidelio’, de Beethoven, que para su ejecución en Sevilla contará con el acompañamiento del Orfeón Donostiarra y de solistas como Waltraud Meier, Simon O’Neill, Peter Mattei, John Tomlinson, Adriana Kucerova, Stephan Rügamer y Viktor Rud.
Además, durante la interpretación de la ópera se incluirán narraciones de Edward Said, escritor y ensayista de origen palestino y fundador junto con Daniel Barenboim, compositor argentino de origen judío, de la orquesta y de la fundación que lleva el nombre de ambos.
Tras los dos conciertos en Sevilla, la orquesta se trasladará a Madrid y a San Sebastián, donde actuará los días 5 y 6 de agosto, respectivamente, y un día después lo hará en Ginebra.
Dentro de la gira europea de 2009, el West-Eastern Divan actuará también en el Festival de Salzburgo, los días 12, 14, 15 y 16 de agosto; en el Festival de Ópera Richard Wagner de Bayreuth (Alemania), el 19 de agosto; y cerrará su programa de actuaciones en el Festival BBC Proms de Londres, los días 21 y 22 de agosto.
This is the opera “Fidelio” by Beethoven, for his performance in Seville with the accompaniment of Orfeón Donostiarra and Waltraud Meier as soloists, Simon O’Neill, Peter Mattei, John Tomlinson, Adriana Kucerova, Stephan Rügamer and Viktor Rud.
In addition, during the interpretation of the opera will include stories of Edward Said, a writer and essayist and founder of Palestinian origin with Daniel Barenboim, Argentine composer of Jewish origin, the orchestra and the foundation that bears the name of both.
After two concerts in Seville, the orchestra will move to Madrid and San Sebastian, where he worked from 5 to August 6, respectively, and a day later it will do so in Geneva.
Within the European tour of 2009, the West-Eastern Divan also act at the Salzburg Festival on 12, 14, 15 and August 16 in the Richard Wagner opera festival in Bayreuth (Germany), August 19 and close its program of action in the BBC Proms Festival in London on 21 and August 22.

En esta edición, la orquesta está formada por 103 músicos de distintas nacionalidades, de los que 37 son israelíes y 42 de origen árabe, de países como Palestina, Egipto, Siria, Jordania, el Líbano, Irán y Turquía.
Además, participan en la gira 20 jóvenes músicos españoles, de los que doce son andaluces.
This year the orchestra consists of 103 musicians from different nationalities, of which 37 are of Israeli origin and 42 Arab countries like Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran and Turkey.
They also participate in the tour 20 young Spanish musicians, of which twelve are Andalusians.

Dentro de un proyecto que la consejera de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucía, Rosa Torres, ha calificado como “formativo”, los jóvenes participantes en la edición de 2009 del taller West-Eastern Divan recibirán clases instrumentales y orquestales de profesores de la Staatskapelle de Berlín, en la localidad sevillana de Pilas.
Además, Rosa Torres ha destacado durante la presentación de la gira ante los medios la vertiente de “convivencia” que tiene el proyecto no sólo a través de la música, sino fomentando el “debate” y la “discusión” en un entorno en el que los músicos prepararán y ensayarán las piezas de su gira veraniega.
Within a project that the Minister of Culture of the Junta of Andalusia, Rosa Torres, has described as “training” the young participants in the 2009 edition of the West-Eastern Divan Workshop classes will be instrumental and orchestral teacher of the Staatskapelle Berlin, in the town sevillana Cell.
In addition, Rosa Torres has stressed during the presentation of the tour for the media side of the “cohabitation” with the project not only through music, but promoting “debate” and “discussion” in an environment where musicians developed and tested parts of their summer tour.

La orquesta West-Eastern Divan será la “estrella absoluta” de la Fundación Barenboim-Said durante el mes de agosto, ha asegurado la consejera, quien ha recordado además otras iniciativas de la Fundación como las guarderías musicales en Ramala, en Israel y en Andalucía, y la puesta en marcha de una ópera con músicos palestinos y españoles.
The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra will be the “absolute star” of the Barenboim-Said Foundation in August, said the adviser, who also reminded of the other initiatives such as childcare Music Foundation in Ramallah, in Israel and in Andalusia and the launching of an opera with Palestinian musicians and Spanish.

El West-Eastern Divan, que desde 2002 tiene su sede en Andalucía, se concibió en 1999 con la voluntad de constituirse en un referente de conciliación entre culturas.
The West-Eastern Divan, which since 2002 is located in Andalusia, was conceived in 1999 with the intention of becoming a reference point for reconciliation between cultures.

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What is the reason of these useless articles, which original date was weeks ago? NONE of those should not appear on JULY 24. They all know how tired I am. They’ve played the game for months… pretending that and trying to make me believe that Barenboim’s WEDO 2009 will be a real thing. I don’t care who is their favorite voice, what is their favorite music. Just go to hell.

West-Eastern Divan celebra su X aniversario con gira europea de 12 …
epa – european pressphoto agency – ‎hace 12 horas‎
Los BBC Proms vuelven este año con un programa superlativo
epa – european pressphoto agency – ‎hace 12 horas‎
El estreno del “Carmina Burana” de la Fura abre la Quincena …
epa – european pressphoto agency – ‎hace 12 horas‎
Barenboim culmina su participación en el Festival de Granada con …
epa – european pressphoto agency – ‎hace 12 horas‎
Barenboim dirige la Staatskapelle en los tres últimos conciertos …
epa – european pressphoto agency – ‎hace 12 horas‎
El festival wagneriano de Bayreuth premia a Daniel Barenboim
epa – european pressphoto agency – ‎hace 13 horas‎
Gruberova abre el 58 Festival de Granada que invita a “sentarse y …
epa – european pressphoto agency – ‎hace 13 horas‎

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🙂 El alma de Granada… recuperar al Barenboim pianista… (Jul 7-24, 2009)

Los más de cien jóvenes músicos de Barenboim aterrizan hoy en Sevilla
El Correo de Andalucía – ‎21/07/2009‎
… solistas de prestigio internacional como Waltraud Meier, Simon O’Neill, Peter Mattei, John Tomlinson, Adriana Kucerova, Stephan Rügamer y Viktor Rud. …

El Festival de Salzburgo, en transición, busca sortear la crisis …
AFP – ‎22/07/2009‎
El director israelo-argentino Daniel Barenboim volverá a Salzburgo con los músicos de su West-Eastern Divan Orchestra para un ‘Fidelio’ de Ludwig van … Meier

Salzburg Festival, club for the super-rich feels economic pinch
AFP – ‎hace 16 horas‎
And German mezzo Waltraud Meier, New Zealand tenor Simon O’Neill and veteran British baritone John Tomlinson head the cast of Beethoven’s “Fidelio”. …

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