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AUGUST 5-7, 2009
Dear ALL the Political Parties in Germany,
Please check my recent work. Isn’t it terrific to know that Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkels Mann was Mr. Right for your German Diva Waltraud Meier? NOW, I am NOT going to beg or warn any more. I did my best to report exactly what is essential for the German Culture. Unlike other countries, such as Israel or Spain, I did my best to respect Waltraud Meier’s Politicians. It was purely because I wanted to be a part of German Culture so much that I was afraid of losing their willingness to support Jewish Barenboim’s hard working in Germany. Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel knew the exact details of my computer work and my daily life. She also knew how much I am sick of this work but why I can’t quit. THEREFORE… I hope ALL the German Politicians use this computer work in the most effective way to prepare your political future. I am now starting contacting other European countries with the issue of PUBLIC DIVORCE of Bundeskanzlerin Merkel. I will let you know whenever I finish each writing. Please check Mail Recipients in Germany. Thanks.

AUGUST 2-3, 2009
WEBMAIL: Daniel Barenboim, WEDO, Bayreuth, and PLUS (Something-Celibidache)
The mail sender is JIWON. I hope everyone to expect my Barenboim-message by now. As you may suspect, the first part of my writing started with the issue of PUBLIC DIVORCE of your Bundeskanzlerin Merkel. As you may expect, it ended with the issue of Maestro Thielemann’s successor at your Munich Philharmonic. Meanwhile, I hope you to find the most important issue from this Barenboim-message: Israeli Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch’s Settlement Plan and its WEDO 2009. I hope all the German politicians NEVER to be deluded by what you call MUSIC. Just ask those Jewish members to freeze Complete Settlements and anounce East Jerusalem as the Palestinian Capital. Please click this link to read the entire text. Thanks.


Please check
🙂 From Germany-Heldentenor
🙂 Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich! (Jul 30, 2009)

The mail sender is JIWON. I hope everyone to expect my Barenboim-message by now.
Is it on AUGUST 19, 2009? West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra? As a part of Bayreuth Festival? Since I’ve already finished all the parts, from Egypt to Spain, this mail was supposed to be very short… until your Munich City was boiling with the issue of Maestro Thielemann’s successor at the Munich Philharmonic. Everybody surely knows what my mail was supposed to be like.

🙂 From Spain-SIC >
🙂 El alma de Granada… recuperar al Barenboim pianista… (Jul 7-25, 2009)
Poor Palestinians and their Arab brothers and their Jewish friends will express their gratitude to ZAPATERO’S SPANISH GOVERNMENT… from the bottom of their hearts.


Thanks to Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich!, I had to update my Music-blog and set this section, Germany-Heldentenor, as Front-Page after deleting all my previous writings on MUSIC and German Sound. What was the last sentence in the previous section, German-Heldentenor (Old Posting until Sep 18, 2008)?

No matter what,
God Bless Your REAL German Sound.
Dirigent Thielemann verlässt München im Streit Jul 22, 2009 / By Yahoo! Nachrichten
Eine Frage des Takts Jul 23, 2009 / By ZEIT ONLINE
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ZWISCHENTÖNE: München beschädigt sich selbst Jul 28, 2009 / By
Causa Thielemann: Im Geiste ein Dorf geblieben Jul 17, 2009 / By Merkur Online
München, klassisch Jul 11, 2009 / By WELT ONLINE

If I were Bundeskanzlerin Merkel and had been supporting Dorit Beinisch’s Settlement Plan and its WEDO 2009 simply because Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich!, I would send a direct order to both Bankrupt Berlin and Prosperous Munchen to share Barenboim, who will be kicked out of La Scala. Because Barenboim will be chained to Celibidache-phrasing after Meier’s WEDO 2009 and so on… Ten years later, which ensemble the Europeans will consider to be more inferior?

After all, all those German Music Critics or Professionals can’t recognize the difference between Furtwangler and Celibidache even if the entire German land turns into Members of Bashkirova-Gang’s Utopia, which is neither for Furtwangler nor for Celibidache.

At the same time, if I were Bundeskanzlerin Merkels Mann, Prof. Joachim Sauer, I would effectively use this computer work and openly express my opinion about how much I’d been sick of my social status as something-Bundeskanzlerin and would ask Public Divorce in order to spend the rest of my life with my pure lover, Waltraud Meier.

Please check
🙂 Dear Berlin Mayor / Israel / Palestine, FINALLY… (Aug 29 – Oct 6, 2008).
JIWON: (…) Germany’s supporting Hamas (…) ‘Staatsoper fuer Alle’ (…) I found out that it was under the auspices of German Chancellor Angela Merkel after receiving my previous warning(?) mail months ago. I believe that Merkel’s German Government will pay for it, if Meier can’t. No matter what, I feel no need to cancel my respect of German Chancellor. (…)

I didn’t know that there was a real reason behind all those incomprehensible/disgusting happenings. It’s been months that FOLKS are talking about Public Divorce of Italian Prime Minister. If you were Italian First Lady, would you want to risk your life and lose everything, including your and your kids’ dignity, in this way?

IF… if both Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel and Prof. Joachim Sauer want me to help them announce their PUBLIC DIVORCE in the most blatant way, it will be my honor to assist their business, Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich!

MUNCHEN has been the weirdest place… in terms of MUSIC.

(Updated on AUGUST 3, 2009)

Basically, my writings on Celibidache should start from my life 25 years ago. When did I hear that political happening at Munchen Musik Hochschule? I heard this story for almost 6 years, but never believed it. It was in American Music School, where I started realizing the exact meaning of Music School Politics. Now that I no more want to violate someone’s privacy, I can’t write this again. (I already wrote this Mental-Hospital story, so anyone can find it from my previous postings.) 25 years later now, not only I can understand what kind of feeling had been growing between the professor and his student, but also it is easy to imagine musical situation there. I think I can explain both from the professor-side and from the student-side. If I want to side with the student, this is not because I don’t approve the professor’s music but because I can’t accept the professor’s dirty politics after his student wanted to study with another MUSIC. That’s because I know what kind of brain the student was. Perhaps ten times brighter than mine. And the student’s musical will was still more serious than today’s mine. Of course, I also heard another story at another German Music School, and it is Furtwangler-story. Why should I write this?

Still, this story can’t vanish from my memory, because Celibidache is considered to be Barenboim’s one important mentor and this Munich story can also become more interesting if I want to use this German name to interpret it. Why should I write this? Is there someone in today’s Germany, who can read my poor English? HENCE, the only thing I want to mention is the Professor’s German Pride, which was by then too high to accept his foreign student’s serious request or free will. In those days, Munchen was notorious for this kind of German Pride.

Is this German professor still alive? Celibidache could be his favorite sound. Celibidache could be his favorite interpretation. Both may NOT share the same musical taste, according to what I heard about this German professor. However, I can say that the TWO had the exactly same German Pride whenever they approached their favorite music. I also wonder. What would happen to Celibidache’s interpretation if he went to another place but sill proved his untiring efforts to train his orchestra members? His interpretation worked for the Munich Philharmonic.

Whether this German professor is my favorite music or not, whether Celibidache is my favorite interpretation or not,

25 years later now, I rather miss this German Pride. Please look around now. Elsewhere you go, there is NO hint of German Pride. Foreign sound, foreign power is the only thing you hear. Presently, how many Members of Bashkirova-Gang are found in this place? Now, I rather miss this German Pride.

However, MUNCHEN is still the weirdest place. Whenever I count the numbers of Members of Bashkirova-Gang there, and whenever I think of the LAWS of NATURE, (…please imagine Meier’s big-mouth and Mehta’s happy face there…), not Berlin but Munchen should become the most inferior place by now. But still, unlike Berlin, where its failing sounds bottomless, Munich music hardly goes down beyond a certain level. Is it because its ‘HUGE’ music society still wants to accept ‘LIMITED’ numbers of Russian performers? Is it because this German Pride is still breathing its life at the bottom of their German heart?

Please check
🙂 From Germany-Heldentenor > Garbage & Sh*ts in Berlin (sic!) (Mar 6, 2009 – Present)
🙂 Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich! (Jul 30, 2009)
🙂 Andalucian Regional Cultural Minister & Barenboim’s WEDO 2009 (Jul 25, 2009)
🙂 Dorit Beinisch, Elena Bashkirova, Rattle’s Jewish Concertmaster, and Jerusalem-Festival in Germany (Jul 17, 2009)
🙂 Barenboim: Whenever I return to Israel, I have problems with Politicians & Media!!! (Jul 16, 2009)
🙂 Has Daniel Barenboim really boycotted in Ramallah? Who are PSC or PACBI? (Jul 14, 2009)
🙂 Berlusconi’s Minor-Scandal, Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal, and Salzburg Festival (Jun 13 – Jul 1, 2009)
🙂 Dear Bankrupt Berlin (May 22, 2009)
🙂 La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg on May 19, 2009 (… after failing in Berlin…) (May 19, 2009)
🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt on April 16, 2009 (Apr 13 – Jul 3, 2009)

While working to update Germany-Heldentenor, I myself was suprised at how much all the events were well-organized in order to prepare Waltraud Meier’s WEDO 2009, which is designed to work for Dorit Beinisch’s Settlement Plan. Now, what is happening to Barenboim and ME?

🙂 From Barenboim, Flagstad, Beethoven, Wagner, WEDO, Imitation, and Interpretation (Jul 27-28, 2009)
Barenboim en el atril de la paz Jul 30, 2009 / By El País (España) ‎
Barenboim interveiw sound… (I am now using different computer/internet until this weekend. So I can’t click Spanish or German or British articles. I can’t allow this computer receive another virus. SIC!)

🙂 Barenboim & Berlusconi: Prostitute & prostitute… They are all same
Barenboim en el atril de la paz Jul 30, 2009 / By El País (España) ‎
Please check Meier’s bigger-mouth after my report, Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich!

🙂 From DEAR BARENBOIM’S FANS (Jul 28, 2009)
🙂 Barenboim in Facebook: Did you call me ‘A Complete Idiot’? (Aug 2, 2009 – Present)
JIWON: Very interesting to know each creator’s behavior after receiving my Barenboim-message.
1. Diaspora Jews: Are those human beings working for Dorit Beinisch?
2. Diaspora Arabs: Very similar to the answer from Mrs. Mariam Said, who still wants to steal Barenboim from The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music. Do they prefer to encourage Bloodshed between Israel and Palestinian or TWO Palestinians if it is better for their family to settle in foreign countries?

🙂 From Barenboim in Facebook: Did you call me ‘A Complete Idiot’? (Aug 2, 2009 – Present)
🙂 Event: Daniel Barenboïm and the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra in Geneva (Diaspora Arab (creator))
🙂 Daniel Barenboim for Nobel Peace Prize : 3,390 members until Jul 29, 2009 ((Unkown Character (France) (creator))
🙂 West-Eastern Divan : 433 members until Jul 29, 2009 (WEDO Member (London) (creator))
JIWON: (…) Whatever you think about me is none of my/your business. Just as you wrote, I will finish this computer work and dedicate the rest of my life on something more productive. However, I also think there is a LEGAL institution called the British Government and you should contact them first if you read all my Arab-reports and really want to interfere with my computer work in order to work for Dorit Beinisch’s Settlement Plan. When did I write about Barenboim’s idea? I reported WEDO members’ behaviors and their reason. Are you illiterate? You can never insist that my English is too poor to make you…, since all your f*cking British media have been busy at answering my Barenboim-message. So, you also want Barenboim to receive death threats from everybody, Israeli settlers or Palestinian youngsters or Egyptian Brotherhoods. Do you?
P.S.1: Did you mention ‘All That Hatred’? Sure it is. It’s the exact reason of my Voodoo-doll project for Palestinian Kids. Did you write ‘Shalom’? Why don’t you ask your PM Netanyahu who was able to prevent/reduce ‘Rockets from Hamas’? Despite his usual big-mouth, it was NOT his diplomatic/security finesses. It was my computer work. I never expect a hint of ‘THANKS’ from your Jewish Pigs, but… While you were busy at Lip-Service chatting about Peace-or-Divan-or-Whatever, I hardly went outside, organized all the possible happenings inside Israel/Palestine, and reported it to the outsiders. It was only to save Barenboim’s dying professional life and his hopeless patriotism. The more I think of my hard working, the more I believe You Jews deserved Gas Chamber. So do Israeli Arabs or Palestinian Pigs, who stick around Barenboim only to receive International Fund and feed their pro-careers outside Palestinian National Music School, The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music.
P.S.2: Presently, my honest feeling is that both sides should never give up fighting until one side disappears. This situation has been what Barenboim’s Divan-project actually resulted in, and this is exactly what Dorit Beinisch wanted when she was able to send her Jewish Kids into Barenboim’s WEDO 2009 in Spain. This Human Trash was sure that Israel will be the final winner in the end. Perhaps, this female Israeli Supreme Court President is right, and it should be remembered as a true Jewish Patriotism. You surely knew I much prefer Settler Noam Federman, whose Jewish Spirit is much purer than yours or Beinisch’s. When you insulted me in this place, you surely knew that I was NOT a normal poster and there was a special reason of your posting. Did you call me ‘A Complete Idiot’? What a disgusting human nature. What I feel funny is that Beinisch’s Facebook no more meddles in my work here. Is it because it is too late anyway?

BARENBOIM is welcome to echo my writings in Barenboim, Flagstad, Beethoven, Wagner, WEDO, Imitation, and Interpretation.
FUNNY is that it’s NOT my first time to write this.
FUNNIER is that Barenboim, after killing ALL the real talents in his headquarters, now wants to join and prove my analysis, while EVERYBODY wants him to work for Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich!:

“When NO-talent and REAL-talent make the same melody together, they don’t use the same part of their physical ability. They want to play the same interpretation, but they don’t get along. Either one should die.”

Please check
🙂 From Germany-Heldentenor > Garbage & Sh*ts in Berlin (sic!) (Mar 6, 2009 – Present)
🙂 Dear Bankrupt Berlin (May 22, 2009)
JIWON: (…) I’m still wondering. Where is the bottom line for this German Journalism or Eurotrash? (…) You all know the reason of my message today. How come your German FOLKS, including BUNDESKANZLERIN and BERLIN MAYOR, are united to zip your mouth on this issue? Have you decided to kill all your German seedlings (…) Please let me help you on this issue. The moment Waltraud Meier opens her mouth and kill ALL her singing partners, Barenboim is NOT bound by any of his Berlin Contract. Moreover, I will be able to do ANYTHING to handle ensemble members in Barenboim’s Berlin. I know this very female, Waltraud Meier, will NEVER cancel her Barenboim-performance. When have you seen this German whore care about her ensemble members or orchestra employees or Palestinian kids? This human trash only cares about her stage appearance. (…) If you don’t trust my project, why don’t you… (…) 2. Before starting this concert, there should be an explanatory title. Or if a program host explains the reason of this concert, it will be better. “German Government is seeking for MR. RIGHT for this German whore, who never plans to retire until her marriage to the wealthiest man. We are tired of watching our German golden tradition, ALL our German talents being destroyed by this disgusting VOICE. Please look. This whore still looks sexy. Dear MR. RIGHT… Please, please save our Germany from Waltraud Meier.” (…) P.S.: I still don’t plan to cancel my respect of BUNDESKANZLERIN ANGELA MERKEL. I don’t know why… (…)

Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel also read my report and this was an answer from Germany’s Leader No.1: Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich! (Jul 30, 2009) I just didn’t know that HER HUSBAND was MR. RIGHT for this German Whore.



Please look. Everybody is ready.
Your MUNCHEN is now ready to prove its bottomless failing.

If your German Pride joins them, your artistic level can sink deeper than that of your Berliner counterpart.

Why don’t you wait a bit more until Waltraud Meier’s WEDO 2009 is welcomed by Standing Ovation at the Bayreuth Festival and finishes its tour in London with Meier’s VOICE.? There, why don’t you call Barenboim and ask him what means Barenboim’s Celibidache?

As usual, Barenboim will quickly recover his happiness during his tour with those WEDO members. This legendary musician will answer you: “Orchestra Against Ignorance.”

This is NOT something new. Please pick up Barenboim’s first book and find his Celibidache writing. Barenboim wrote that he had to buy another lunch to think of Celibidache’s reason on his way back home (to Paris). When I found out this sentence, Barenboim’s Chicago Symphony Orchestra had to cancel its usual concert. Please ask the members why. Then, my analysis went further, and this is how one of my Quiz appeared.

Please check
🙂 From Germany-Heldentenor
🙂 JIWON: How come I can’t send my Barenboim-message to the READERS? (JIWON: I might change its title…)
May 19, 2009 (written on the same day but without knowing all the politics around Barenboim, La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg on May 19, 2009 (… after failing in Berlin…))
JIWON: (…) And then… whenever I read normal concertgoers’ comments, I can’t help suspecting if Barenboim is now too old to listen to certain decibels or if he is going deaf… especially when I check Barenboim’s performance schedule. But whenever I actually hear this performance, Barenboim’s imagination is suddenly there and this hopeless guy keeps asking things to those hopeless members, who will anyway never make it. If I simply call it ‘imagination’, you described it as ‘architectonic structure of a score while allowing the music to emerge with seeming naturalness’. Since my English is still not that high, I still want to call it ‘imagination.’ It explains everything… at least to me.
May 25, 2009
P.S.: BY THE WAY… if you understood my analysis of your article, Barenboim’s Maher at Carnegie Hall, you must have found the right answer to one of my Quiz. Solti and Furtwangler. If you still have no idea… here is one more clue. Mr. Megalomaniac Generosity.

This Quiz could be reserved for ‘Furtwangler and Celibicache’ , but it doesn’t explain everything about why Waltraud Meier’s WEDO is doomed to fail to join Barenboim’s Furtwangler Dream or even Barenboim’s Celibidache Schooling.

WEDO’s motto, “Against Ignorance.” only works for Dorit Beinisch’s Settlement Plan.

Please think of those Jewish and Palestinian Pigs, who never minded showing up after EVERYBODY read my Arab-reports. Please look this Palestinian boy, who seemed to receive a special instruction from his Palestinian boss that he should approach Barenboim as many times as possible. Then what about another professional musician, who hurried to join Waltraud Meier’s WEDO 2009 after boasting that his involvement was purely due to Barenboim’s begging? How much am I waiting for him to join Members of Bashkirova-Gang in Jerusalem? If I start analyzing his MUSIC, I can literally conquer all THREE places; from Berlin to Munchen thorugh Bayreuth… I am just waiting. Besides, he knows that I know him. It will make his performance at WEDO 2009 more aggressive. Perfect!


Please check
🙂 Barenboim, Flagstad, Beethoven, Wagner, WEDO, Imitation, and Interpretation (Jul 27-28, 2009)


I always wanted to tell this.
The last moment or late months/years of Maestro Celibidache is a bit different from usual Celibidache. Musically speaking, I mean. (To write the exact details, I need to figure out the exact date of that Munich performance.) THUS, I used to believe that Celibidache’s successor should start from where Celibidache left.

Whoever you pick up as Maestro Thielemann’s successor…
I wish you GOOD LUCK. ^.*

Sincerely yours,

(Updated on JULY 29, 2009) – Message to Readers
Spielplan wird Flimms größte Baustelle in Berlin Jul 25, 2009 / By Berlin Media
Does Barenboim know the real reason behind Flimm’s everyday conversation? Simply because I finished this part reporting Gerard Mortier’s criticism? Andalucian Regional Cultural Minister & Barenboim’s WEDO 2009 It seems that only German politician, Munich culture secretary Hans-Georg Küppers, knows it. I myself didn’t know until I went to bed three o’clock at midnight or in the morning. Just funny… I got the clue from Thielemann’s interview, in which he introduced himself as Barenboim’s assistant… for the first time since…
Im Gespräch: Christian Thielemann Jul 26, 2009 / By FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ‎
Munich City Council: No New Contract for Munich Conductor Jul 26, 2009 / By New York Times
Mr. Thielemann said: “It can’t go on that I have, say, over 30 concerts and the intendant over 60. That would negate my position as chief conductor.”

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02. Bavaria (Bayern) : Munich : Ministerpresident Horst Seehofer (CSU) (2008-?)
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02. Bavaria (Bayern) > Urban district City : Lord Mayor
01. Amberg : Lord Mayor Wolfgang Dandorfer (CSU)
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02. Ansbach : Lord Mayor Carda Seidel (BAP/FWG/ödp)
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03. Aschaffenburg : : Lord Mayor Klaus Herzog (SPD)
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04. Augsburg : Lord Mayor Kurt Gribl
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05. Bamberg : Lord Mayor Andreas Starke (SPD)
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06. Bayreuth : Lord Mayor Michael Hohl (CSU)
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07. Coburg : Lord Mayor Norbert Kastner (SPD)
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08. Erlangen : : Lord Mayor Siegfried Balleis (CSU)
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09. Fürth : Lord Mayor Thomas Jung (SPD)
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10. Hof : Lord Mayor Dr. Harald Fichtner (CSU)
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11. Ingolstadt : Lord Mayor Alfred Lehmann (CSU)
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12. Kaufbeuren : Lord Mayor Stefan Bosse
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13. Kempten (Allgäu) : Lord Mayor Ulrich Netzer (CSU)
-2. Buerger-buero > Webmail ; ;
14. Landshut : Mayor Hans Rampf
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-3. This email address is because of the absence of the recipient until abdem 1st September 2009 enabled. Your message is not automatically redirected or saved. In urgent cases please contact us via email or to the anteroom of the Mayor, please call 0871-881215 or 881216th Inquiries from the media during this time please contact Ms WieslawaWaberski under or Telefon0871-881381.
15. Memmingen : Mayor Ivo Holzinger (SPD)
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16. Munich : Lord Mayor Christian Ude (SPD)
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-2. Rathaus > Webmail to Mayor Impossible to send ; ; ; ;
-3. Rathaus > Kulturreferat > Kulturreferent Dr. Hans-Georg Küppers ; ;
17. Nuremberg : Mayor Ulrich Maly (SPD)
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-2. Nernberg > Webmail ; ;
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18. Passau : Lord Mayor Jürgen Dupper (SPD)
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19. Regensburg : Lord Mayor Hans Schaidinger (CSU)
-2. Contact ; ; ; Oberbürgermeister Hans Schaidinger ; Bürgermeister Gerhard Weber ; Bürgermeister Joachim Wolbergs ; Kulturreferent Klemens Unger ;
20. Rosenheim : Mayor Gabriele Bauer (CSU)
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-3. Stadtrat ; Fraktion CSU: ; Fraktion SPD: ; Fraktion Freie Wähler/UP – Geschäftsstelle: 1. Vors. Robert Multrus ; Fraktion Bündnis 90/Die Grünen – Fraktionsvorsitzender Franz Lukas ;
21. Schwabach : Lord Mayor Matthias Thürauf (CSU)
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22. Schweinfurt : Lord Mayor Gudrun Grieser (CSU)
-2. Impressum ; ; ; Redaktion: Holger Laschka Lic.rer.publ., ;
23. Straubing : Mayor Markus Pannermayr (CSU)
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24. Weiden in der Oberpfalz : Lord Mayor Kurt Seggewiß (SPD)
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-4. Kultur ; ; Max-Reger-Halle ; ;
25. Würzburg : Mayor Georg Rosenthal (SPD)
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02.Bavaria (Bayern) > Region of Oberpfalz > City of Regensburg
19. Urban District Regensburg : Lord Mayor Hans Schaidinger (CSU)
Das Rolandseck Festival für Kammermusik hat begonnen
-1. Jul 17, 2009 / By Neue Musikzeitung, Regensburg
-2. Contact : ; Chefredaktion : Andreas Kolb ; Dr. Juan Martin Koch ;

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EVERYBODY, including MEDIAMEN in this area, has been playing games with me. Why should I waste my life on this useless job to search more on so-called MUSIC-CRITICS or WAGNER-EXPERTS, who can’t manage their professional life without supporting Waltraud Meier’s Slavery Singers? I’m just curious. WHO are threatening them to cut their salary? OR… are those Germans really blind and deaf… just like Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich!?


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