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AUGUST 8-10, 2009
WEBMAIL: Anna Netrebko Liederabend in Mannheim with Elena Bashkirova on Aug 12
The mail sender is JIWON. I hope everyone to expect my Barenboim-message by now. On Aug 7, I started reporting my daily life to German Political Parties because PUBLIC DIVORCE of Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel has become the core issue in my Barenboim-message. I am now curious how many German politicians are enjoying this computer work and what kind of political future they are dreaming of. My present honest feeling is that, regarding Bundeskanzlerin’s Barenboim-project, I don’t think German politicians are quite interested in Mideast Peace. Please click this link to read my Barenboim-message. Thanks.


Anna Netrebko Liederabend in Mannheim with Elena Bashkirova Aug 12, 2009
Anna Netrebko Liederabend at Salzburg Festival with Daniel Barenboim Aug 17, 2009

The mail sender is JIWON from Barenboim’s Israel/Palestine and La Scala. I hope everyone to expect my Barenboim-message by now. How many of you plan to attend Anna Netrebko Liederabend in Mannheim on Aug 12?

Please check
🙂 Dear Bavarian Government (Aug 2-3, 2009)
🙂 Dear Swiss Confederation (Aug 6, 2009)

Yesterday, I started reporting my daily life to Political Parties because PUBLIC DIVORCE of Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel has become the core issue in my Barenboim-message. I am now curious how many German politicians are enjoying this computer work and what kind of political future they are dreaming of.

Please check
🙂 From The Art of Criticism > Voice
🙂 Barenboim: Anna Netrebko
JIWON: Finally, I found you. Your recital with Elena Bashkirova. I’ve been suspecting this partnership since the moment I found you from Waltraud Meier’s private-connection. Are you also going to join Jerusalem Festival as a special guest? And I was waiting for this performance because you will sound worst in the Russian repertoire and this Russian whore will make you even worse… or hopeless. And then… I am NOT allowed to criticize Barenboim’s diva, especially in this situation, no matter how much she stinks. Could you please, please record this performance? (It would be perfect if Bashkirova posts this video-clip on Youtube.) Sorry about saying this… but there was NO exception in Bashkirova’s case, and I don’t think you used to treat yourself as another Callas. THEREFORE… I’m now suspecting if your professional career is already dying after having a baby. I now know why Foruminte questioned about your Lucia at La Scala… (I even suspect if Barenboim himself wanted to find a good replacement through my open insulting your Bashkirova-recital.) I feel funny… because I always wanted to help you since the moment I heard your voice and your personality (…)

🙂 From Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala >
🙂 Berlusconi’s Minor-Scandal, Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal, and Salzburg Festival (Jun 13 – Jul 1, 2009)
(Updated on JUNE 29, 2009) – BREAKING NEWS – 1
🙂 Barenboim: Anna Netrebko
JIWON: (…) Will she answer me? Will she insist that she didn’t check her Facebook mailbox until her Barenboim-concert at Salzburg Festival? Curious…
I’m pretty sure that Daniel Barenboim is behind this Bashkirova-Netrebko recital after checking all the rumors about her recent performances. Now that this naïve musician is so worrying about Chorus of ‘BUUUUU’ from La Scala’s Die-Hard Loggionisti… True that I am here to protect poor singers at La Scala. But at the same time, I can’t help suspecting if those Die-Hard Loggionisti are sick of listening to Russian Voices killing Italian Repertoire while they royally fail to pick up the hopeless Wagnerian voices, which characteristics are all same. What a weird human nature… (…)

Please check
🙂 From Barenboim Loves the Knesset~ ^.* > Dieharddoves-&-Settlement
Gideon Levy: Netanyahu, put your money where your mouth is Feb 19, 2009 / By Haaretz

🙂 From Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala >
🙂 Berlusconi’s Minor-Scandal, Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal, and Salzburg Festival (Jun 13 – Jul 1, 2009)
(Updated on JUNE 24, 2009)
Gideon Levy: Netanyahu, put your money where your mouth is Feb 19, 2009 / By Haaretz
🙂 La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg on May 19, 2009 (… after failing in Berlin…)
JIWON: (…) I BELIEVE. EVERYBODY, whether ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER or LA SCALA’S LISSNER or JERUSALEM FESTIVAL’S ELENA BASHKIROVA, should put their money where their mouth is. La Scala’s Lissner even interviewed that his Milan contract is nothing special in case it overlaps with his Salzburg one. Is there something wrong with my understanding of this German article?
🙂 Participants in Lissner’s SEX-scandal at La Scala
JIWON: Basically, I should start this research from the very beginning or at least 2006, during which EVERYBODY, ISRAELI SUPREME COURT PRESIDENT DORIT BEINISCH in particular, was busy at his/her Barenboim-project. Even Gidon Kremer debuted as La Scala’s Maestro? How much has EVERYBODY received from La Scala’s Lissner? More than A or less than A? This is how Elena Bashkirova used to collaborate with EVERYBODY, including Barenboim’s rivals/enemies. The more Barenboim’s friends and supporters wanted to accept his painful past through their unbelievable generosity, the more this whore took advantage of her situation, and as a matter of fact, this human trash enjoyed her political gathering with Barenboim’s rivals/enemies more and more… and then stole all my hard working… and wanted more and more while enjoying Barenboim’s bottomless failing. Hadn’t this trash boasted in her interview that her professional career had nothing to do with Barenboim, I didn’t insult this whore like this…
Since the moment or even before Daniel Barenboim was appointed as Lissner’s toy conductor at La Scala, EVERYBODY has known Barenboim’s hard working. They knew how delicious it was, how delicious it would be to devour Barenboim’s orchestra. (…)


1. Whether this Russian diva is a pure victim or not, Anna Netrebko also joined Elena Bashkirova, Waltraud Meier and their WEDO members’ politics to block Barenboim’s career at La Scala. Furthermore, after giving her birth to her son, this voice is failing only. I’ve read quite comments, of course, but to be honest, I don’t have to listen to her recent performances to check my analysis. The fact that she loves her baby too much tells me everything. A Greater God never gave female musicians this kind of miracle. I just wish her good luck. I am just surprised to watch the fastest change in her vocal bodyshape… all due to her lovely-looking motherhood.

2. Whether this Russian diva is going to join Dorit Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival or not, Daniel Barenboim is now busy at supporting East Jerusalem as the Palestinian Capital and Complete Settlement Freeze, while Mrs. Mariam Said still never plans to address her Palestinian Audience, never mentioning the important issues such as Wikipedia-Category: Palestinian Corruption, or HRW: Hamas rocket attacks ‘war crime’, or Schalit demo held at Ashkenazi’s home.

As usual, Elena Bashkirova will NEVER give up her stage appearance on AUGUST 12. Please tell her Gideon Levy: Netanyahu/Bashkirova, put your money where your mouth is. Please remind her of her Jerusalem-Project with her Jewish members. Ask this Russian whore when she will be reborn a REAL Jewish Muse. Ask her when she will settle in Gidon Kremer’s Israeli home, where all her Settler-Fans are dying to listen to her MUSIC and waiting for POWER of her MUSIC, without which NONE of them plans to evacuate their settlement outposts. Ask her to stick around her Jerusalem market and fulfill her responsibility as Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival.

NOTICE: Israeli Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch’s Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival is to clear criminal record of Beinisch’s husband, Yechezkel Beinisch. They just named Elena Bashkirova as their Artistic Director, and everybody now knows WHY. Beinisch’s Husband Won’t Stand Trial (Dec 23, 2007). If anyone still wants to know more, please click Bimbo-Battle or Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch.

3. Let us hope that our Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel has enough courage to follow the case of her fellow politician, Baden-Württemberger Ministerpresident Günther Oettinger. Let’s hope that she will be reborn a REAL politician after this painful scandal. As everybody knows, it is her husband, Prof. Joachim Sauer, who is providing her with the reason of this PUBLIC DIVORCE. Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich! (Jul 30, 2009)

4. This message will be meaningless if without my analysis of MUSIC. I strictly recommend you to make a commercial recording of Anna Netrebko Liederabend in Mannheim with Elena Bashkirova. Have you ever seen all those singers, who used to appear with this Russian whore during their Lieder-recital, releasing their commercial recordings with this legendary musician, Artistic Director of Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival? Anna Netrebko should do. She will… if she is so sure of her talent and her future professional career. It will be more commercially valuable if you make two different versions of Video. One with real Netrebko and the other with anonymous ugly female replacing this Russian beauty. You can do anything with the computer-graphic technology.

Before starting this writing…
Please, please compare Elena Bashkirova with ANY of Russian pianists, whether legendary or not, who received normal education from the Russian Music Schools. I just feel disgusting whenever I have to call this human trash a Russian whore. Calling this legendary pianist a Jewish/Berlin whore makes much more sense in this case…

Whenever her voice fits Bashkriova’s piano sound, pick up this moment and remember it. Especially timbre and color. That’s the exact characteristics of Meier’s voice and her WEDO members’ strings during their Melody. Once you realize this same characteristics, you will realize why I am so sick of bottomless failing of Barenboim’s Berlin ensemble.

Beware of imitations. It’s been long time since this legendary pianist lost her bimbo-sound, (… please listen to her Kremer-recordings…), and she now sounds hysterical whenever she imitates Barenboim’s touch on the piano. This Russian whore will risk her life to venture her voyage into pianissimo-ssississimo. However, it will be in fact the most terrific analysis for the music students, whose talent lies in ‘Accompaniment’. Why do you think there is a separate department at the Music School, and it is called ‘Accompaniment’? This Russian whore wants to fill her performance schedule with Chamber-Music or Lieder-Recitals, not only because her life lacks enough music education but also because she can’t manage her SOLO-recitals. Have you ever seen this Russian whore master Beethoven Sonata Cycle while imitating everything-Barenboim? Perhaps, this is better for everybody, who is required to fill Bashkirova’s concert halls. After memorizing all the notes in Beethoven Cycle, her pianism will become catastrophic… all due to countless notes of Beethoven’s fortississimo-ssissississimo.

As usual, Elena Bashkirova will emphasize that her pianism is based on lyrical quality-or-quantity. (Her lyrical SOLO performance sounds rather stupid to the normal concertgoers, though.) Remember every each moment and analyze her sound. This is why Waltraud Meier and her WEDO members’ imitating all Barenboim’s techniques is doomed to fail to enter either Furtwangler or Celibidache. Why don’t you check this MUSIC with the Lebanese cellist, who has been boasting one of the biggest mouth as Mrs. Mariam Said’s devoted follower, if you happen to attend his WEDO performance either at Bayreuth or at Salzburg or at London? Why do you think he couldn’t realize his dream of joining the German major orchestra and hurried to return to his WEDO?

Celibidache phrasing…
In case of German Pride on Celibidache’s Munich Tradition, it doesn’t mean MELODY or Something-Lyrical.
Please ask Barenboim, who had to eat additional lunch and got fat during his analysis of Celibidache phrasing.


Please check again
🙂 Dear Bavarian Government (Aug 2-3, 2009)

If that German professor is still alive, could you please ask him if his least favorite was the cheap French ‘local(?)’ sound of Members of Bashkirova-Gang? Whenever I listen to your local performance, I can’t help suspecting. Then, I can’t understand what’s been happening at the Music School there.

Why this cheap French sound perfectly fits Elena Bashkirova’s pianism? Those Berlin Pigs used to admire it as ‘profound’. Surely, during her Lieder recital, this Russian whore will do her best to avoid this sound and it will be more interesting to pick up this same characteristics from her ‘light’ touch.

Who knows? Elena Bashkirova in Mannheim might be able to play better than Daniel Barenboim at Salzburg, who will be chained to Waltraud Meier’s WEDO sound by then. This legendary NAIVETY is already happy with his WEDO youngsters. This is in fact what those TWO German/Russian whores, Waltraud Meier and Elena Bashkirova, wanted to show everybody when they planned Liederabend with Bashkirova one week before Netrebko Liederabend with Barenboim. Barenboim’s failing sound will perfectly fit every each moment of this Russian voice.

This used to be called a ‘Bimbo-Battle’ and according to its rule, all kinds of German pigs will provide this Russian whore with additional performance schedule after receiving my Barenboim message. Their reason is to hook public attention and achieve commercial success through this computer work. Basically, I am not against it, since I promised Bashkirova’s managing company to make this legendary whore the most valuable product for their commercial business. However, it is all after she fulfills her responsibility as Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival. IF… if this B*TCH is able to make another performance schedule in the state of Baden-Württemberg, I will have to ask all the politicians, whoever succeeds Ministerpresident Günther Oettinger, to follow the rule of Bimbo-Battle.

This legendary whore will have to appear in NUDE and perform exactly what kind of sex-posture she used to seduce du Pre’s dying husband into Kremer’s bedroom. I promise that this pianist wouldn’t mind. Just like Waltraud Meier, Bashkirova’s only concern has been her stage appearances. When did she mind her own son’s professional future? This human trash never did.


Is Ms. Sabine Schirra a Kulturreferent(in) in Mannheim?
What means Kulturamt Leiter?

While searching for your websites, I learned this word, ‘KULTURHAUPTSTADT’.
I also learned that Mannheim is Kulturhauptstadt 2020. I hope you to prove the greatest German Culture while preparing your 2020 project.

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: I am soon going to contact Worldwide Fans of Anna Netrebko in FACEBOOK on this issue. I hope there will be NO problem with everybody involved in this dirty story, including Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich! (Jul 30, 2009)

P.P.S: I’m still in the middle of contacting ‘WEDO 2009’s other destinations, the Austrian and the British government. Those who are interested in my other messages can find them here, Facebook-Blog. Please don’t be lost between my Knesset-blog and Music-blog. I want to merge these TWO blogs into one, but can’t. For this reason, I truly feel pity on the Berlin politicians, who can’t merge more-than-TWO opera houses for fear of losing the election. But my reason is clearly different from theirs. I can’t mix Politics and Music and stir them in ONE dirty bowl. The Berlin politicians can’t, because they want to live in ONE dirty, bankrupt city of Berlin. SIC!

(Updated on AUGUST 10, 2009)
Please check
🙂 From Facebook-Blog > DEAR BARENBOIM’S FANS
🙂 FACEBOOK: VOICE Groups (Netrebko &…) (Aug 8, 2008 – Aug 10, 2009)
Too busy to check all the ‘Netrebko-Groups’. I will finish this work after finishing my mailing to the Austrian Government. I should have done this long time ago. Now, I think I should check all the SINGERS-Groups, whose favorite voice Elena Bashkirova claims to be as her ideal ensemble partners. Starting from Thomas Quasthoff…

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01. Baden-Württemberg : Stuttgart : Ministerpresident Günther Oettinger (CDU, 2005-?)
-1. > Webmail
-2. > Webmail
-3. Ministerium für Kultus, Jugend und Sport > Kultusminister Helmut Rau > Webmail ; ; ;


02. Bavaria (Bayern) > Urban district City : Lord Mayor
01. Baden-Baden : Lord Mayor Wolfgang Gerstner (CDU)
-2. Rathaus > Oberbürgermeister-Wolfgang Gerstner ;
-3. Fachbereich referat > Kultur > Marie Luise Sch?er ; Petra Heuber-S?ger ; Norbert Lotzwick ;
-4. Impressum; ; ; ; ;
02. Freiburg im Breisgau : Lord Mayor Dieter Salomon (Greens)
-1. >
-2. (NOT-quite working…) ;
-3. Rathaus > Oberburgermeister ; Webmail
-4. Rathaus > Amter > Kulturamt ; ;
Webmail ; Impressum ; ;
03. Heidelberg : Lord Mayor Dr. Eckart Würzner (Ind.)
-2. Burgerservice > Politik > Oberburgermeister ; ;
-3. Stadtrat > Kulturamt ; ;
-4. Contact ; ; ; ;
04. Heilbronn : Lord Mayor Helmut Himmelsbach (Ind.)
-2. Burgerservice > Oberburgermeister > Webmail
-3. Burgerservice > Amter > Schul-, Kultur- und Sportamt > Webmail
-4. Impressum ; ;
05. Karlsruhe : Lord Mayor Heinz Fenrich (CDU)
-2. Rathaus > Oberburgermeister ; ;
-3. Kulturamt ; Webmail-Eine Nachricht senden ; ;
-4. Impressum ; ;
06. Mannheim : Lord Mayor Dr. Peter Kurz (SPD)
-2. Contact ; ; ; ; ;
-3. Kultur > Kulturamt ; Sabine Schirra ;
-4. Politik > Rathaus ; ;
07. Pforzheim : Lord Mayor Gert Hager (SPD)
-2. Rathaus > Burgermeister ; ;
-3. Webmail ; Impressum ; ;
08. Stuttgart : Lord Mayor Wolfgang Schuster (CDU)
-1. > Webmail ; ;
-2. Oberburgermeister ; ;
09. Ulm : Lord Mayor Ivo Gönner (SPD)
-2. Impressum ; Webmail ; ;

Kreisfreie Städte (district-free cities) – 중복
01. Baden-Baden
02. Heidelberg
03. Karlsruhe
04. Mannheim
05. Pforzheim
Kreise (districts) – not necessary
01. Calw
02. Enz
03. Freudenstadt
04. Karlsruhe
05. Neckar-Odenwald
06. Rastatt
07. Rhein-Neckar-Kreis

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am 12. August 2009 im Mannheimer Rosengarten! Program
-1. Event > Anna Netrebko – Liederabend
-2. Contact ; ; ;

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