Has Mrs. Mariam Said done her Palestinian job? Is she now leading Palestinian Ba’ath Party?

🙂 Palestine > How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history >
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🙂 How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history (Aug 11 – Sep ?, 2009)

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🙂 JIWON to Austria: Who is behind Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal and why is Meier’s Lissner still(!) so sure of his Milan life? (Aug 12-13, 2009)
🙂 JIWON to Munchen: If my analysis is right, ‘Systematic Way of Thinking’ is this German’s most favorite music (Aug 13, 2009)

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Has Mrs. Mariam Said done her Palestinian job?


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🙂 Section: Italy-Belcanto >
🙂 JIWON: Dear Mr. Silvio No.1’s ALL friends and foes, (Music & Politics) Dec 29, 2008 – Feb 24, 2009
JIWON: (…) Basically, when I had to meddle in Barenboim’s Spanish life, I never planned to criticize Spain’s pure intention to support Barenboim and Said’s pure friendship. But the result says what I see and what I hear. Just like what happened in Kippah-I & Kippah-II in my Knesset-blog, I only see Arab money pouring into Spain and I feel what I feel.
Spain has a dream of reviving the Golden Age when Jews and Muslims lived together?
Hum… I am searching for the better description than this proverb.
‘It is not the beard that makes the philosophers.’
Spain hits back at Berlusconi’s ‘too pink’ comment Apr 16, 2008 / By International Media
JIWON: Spain must have been busy. Just one week later after my PINK mail hit Spanish First Lady, another musician, Silvio No. 1 or 2 or 3, tossed TOO PINK message to her husband. My problem is that I still didn’t get their DIRECT answer. They just said that Spanish Foreign Minister can’t read English. What did I say? I just said that (…)

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🙂 From Spain-SIC >
Andalucian Regional Cultural Minister & Barenboim’s WEDO 2009 (Jul 25, 2009)

Just like the Greatest Female Andalucian Regional Cultural Minister, who promised ‘POLITICAL DEBATE’ by her Spanish Arab Divans after reading my Arab reports about how much Arab professionals were sick of this happening, something is happening with Mrs. Mariam Said, too.

Palestinians: Progress made in Shalit swap deal Aug 10, 2009 (Morning) / By Haaretz
Israel denied (…) Egyptian sources also denied that there have been any significant developments on the issue of Shalit (…)
Hamas No. 2 Zahar to Mrs. Mariam Said’s Palestinians: No progress on Schalit release Aug 10, 2009 (Night) / By Jerusalem Post

How many Palestinian politicians have read my previous message on Aug 8, Dear German Baden-Württemberg Government? How come they are so quick to respond to my criticism of the Widow of Prof. Said? May I write more?

This female Palestinian politician is NOT the one who possessed the qualities of CEO. NOR is she capable of working alone. How many Palestinian politicians are behind her? With NO doubt, they knew, unlike late Prof. Said, who made countless enemies inside his Arab societies whenever he raised a certain issue, how easy it would be to cook Mrs. Mariam Said in their favorite way. Then, they knew how valuable, how delicious it would be to cook the Jewish Barenboim in their most favorite way. This famed musician would anyway behave as Mariam’s adorable puppy.

WHO ARE THEY? In recent days, they were real busy for fear of handing Barenboim over The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, which Palestinian mentality kept refusing to subsist by begging and trying to make self-supporting policy, and which musicians’ whatever activities have been unanimously appreciated and supported by both Palestinian and Arab public. Even by the Hamas.

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🙂 From Dear-Arab-Readers > Section: Egypt-Normalization > Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt on April 16, 2009
🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3B (Apr 30 – May 13, 2009)
(Updated on May 9, 2009)
JIWON: (…) I worry. I’ve been following specific happenings in West Bank since the moment I got sick of Palestinian members in WEDO. I was suspecting. I was worrying. I am now afraid that it is too late. If the situation in West Bank is like this, what about Gaza?
http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Jenin+Arson (JIWON: There were other happenings too, but NO need to post them.)
(…) threats that were now realized at Barenboim’s Divan’s Music-Center. There is a lot of tension here. (…) We will not accept funding from any Israeli side. It’s final. (…) The institution will continue to be perceived as a foreign agent in the eyes of Hamas and Islamic Jihad supporters. (…)
JIWON: Now, this is another story from the same happening. I just hope everybody NOT to misunderstand my real intention to post this.
(…) A statement to the press issued by ‘Barenboim’s Divan’s Music-Center’ (…) “crime against humanity (…)”
JIWON: (…) The Center’s Owner flew to New York to meet Barenboim or Someone-Above-Barenboim… Perhaps the widow of late Prof. Edward Said, who knew NOTHING about cultural and educational happenings in The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music after her husband’s death and whose sincere relationship with Zapatero’s Spanish government has contributed to anything but five-year plan of her husband’s Music School, Palestinian National Organization. Let’s just hope that this Palestinian Professional Musician’s New York Trip during Barenboim’s Carnegie Life was just accidental but coincidental happening.

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🙂 From Arab-Short > Music in Mideast & Asia > Daniel Barenboim, Tania Nasir and ESNCM (also in Gaza…) >
🙂 Has Daniel Barenboim really boycotted in Ramallah? Who are PSC or PACBI? (Jul 14, 2009)
JIWON: With those TWO article, one from PA and one from Hamas, it is not hard to understand the situation there, including Ramallah, which has been the most westernized part of Palestinian territories. If I were Hamas, I would effectively enjoy this situation of ‘VOTE of 6 to 5’, to secure my power in PA-controlled area. It will be a piece of cake if this kind of human trash, Daniel Barenboim, keeps appearing there and keeps selling his international fame to protect his Palestinians supporters. ALSO,
It is easy for us, INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, to figure out how to avoid ‘ANOTHER ANARCHY & LAWLESSNESS’, which is to prevail AGAIN(!) in the STILL(?) corruption-riddled area (…)

Which Palestinian Peace or Money-Lovers have been behind Mrs. Mariam Said? WHO ARE THEY? In recent days, they were real busy for fear of handing Barenboim over The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music.

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🙂 From Dear-Arab-Readers > Section: Egypt-Normalization > Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt on April 16, 2009
🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3B (Apr 30 – May 13, 2009)
JIWON: (…) Weird… do the Dragon’s Germini (b. May 28), Hamas & Fatah, already know what I am going to write?
Now, I blame Fatah more than Hamas. As I wrote somewhere in my Knesset-blog when I resumed this computer work, I gave up following Daily Affairs appearing in the Jewish/Palestinian Newspapers after I read Palestinian Voices, (plural!), who reported happenings inside Palestinian State… in a quiet tone. The only reason to resume my daily check-up was to organize series of articles in my Knesset-blog so as NOT to read the same article again and again.
Both you and I are in the same boat, which have been drift for YEARS in the ocean of Palestinian Unity Government. WE belong neither to Israel nor to Palestine. I’m just SICK of reading the same article again and again… especially about Hamas’s terrorism. What about you?
I knew what means Fatah’s split into ‘Old-Guard’ & ‘Young-Guard’. (Please check Welcome-to-Jerusalem in my Knesset-blog. Marwan Barghouti quickly changed his words after I reported ‘Dahlan & Money from Bush administration’.) NOW… after studying part of Wikipedia-Category: Palestinian politics, I’m getting real furious. On what have I wasted my life? Had Fatah leadership been more serious… listened to their people more carefully while receiving international supports from the western countries…
Is what I heard from the Palestinian Voices right? That their corrupt leaders only care about MONEY from international society, which will stop feeding them the moment their state is born. That even if Israeli side was ready, it was their impotent leaders who wanted Israeli Occupation as long as they were given a power to rule the territory.
Why do you think I keep calling them, Hamas & Fatah, Dragon’s Germini (b. May 28)? How many categories exist in Wikipedia-Category: Palestine stubs? Yet there is absolutely NO way to find Wikipedia-Category: Palestinian Corruption. There should be one.
MOREOVER, after organizing Hamas during the Operation Cast Lead and additional articles about their accusing ‘Former Hamas Representative’ for financial corruption, I start suspecting if there is also Corruption inside Hamas. I’m even suspecting if Hamas-side Corruption is more systematic… just like that of Dorit Beinisch’s Secret Society in Israel. (Please check Section: Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch.) I can’t help suspecting.
MORE… MOREOVER, recent happenings in Hamas-controlled area simply tell me that (…)


Report: Fatah to oppose recognizing Israel as Jewish state Aug 1, 2009 / By Haaretz
Hamas leader: We will accept a Palestinian state within 1967 lines Aug 1, 2009/ By Haaretz
Meshal tells Wall Street Journal Hamas will accept ‘any international peace initiatives.

Gaza militants fire at Palestinian patients heading into Israel Aug 10, 2009 / By Haaretz
Fatah backs two-state solution, sharpening rift with Hamas Aug 10, 2009 / By Haaretz

This has been incomprehensible or comical happenings inside TWO Palestinian Governments. Should I trust both or ignore both? After all those disgusting years of following SO-MANY Palestinians, I prefer to ignore both.

Analysis: How Fatah has evolved into the Palestinian Ba’ath party Aug 10, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post or BIBITON
(…) In light of the conference, many Palestinians are beginning to draw parallels between Fatah and Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party. As far as they are concerned, Fatah remains part of the problem and not part of any solution. (…) For some time during the conference, one got the impression that Israel and Hamas were responsible for Fatah’s financial corruption and incompetence. (…) In short, everyone is to blame for the miseries of the Palestinians and Fatah except for Fatah. (…) Fatah after the conference remains the same Fatah it was before the meeting in Bethlehem. The Fatah leadership did not even see any need to provide its delegates with a report about the financial and administrative performance of the faction over the past 20 years. Why bother to do so when Israel is continuing to build in settlements and when Hamas retains its tight grip on the Gaza Strip? (…)

Above is a report from the BIBITON in a typical voice of BIBITON, so I tried to ignore it when it ‘really’ hooked me. It did hook me, because this was exactly what I felt during the recent scandal:
🙂 Has Daniel Barenboim really boycotted in Ramallah? Who are PSC or PACBI? (Jul 14, 2009)

I thought that… still, this was my personal feeling… all due to my hatred of Barenboim’s disgusting naivety.

Yoel Marcus: Labor’s Barak won’t be Prime minister. Mapai is dead Aug 11, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Mahmoud Abbas has been elected chairman of Fatah. Fatah members do not view him as being to blame for the loss of Gaza, and there have certainly been no commissions of inquiry into how the king lost half his kingdom. As usual in such situations, they pointed an accusing finger at Israel – this time, for allegedly murdering Yasser Arafat – and declared that all of Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. Ismail Haniyeh is alive and well and playing soccer. And the Obama administration has suddenly reduced its pressure on us. What is going on?
Very simply, it takes two to tango, and something has gone wrong with this math. While Israel has agreed to “two states for two peoples,” it is discovering that the other side has two governments for two peoples – the Palestinians of Gaza and the Palestinians of the West Bank. So where does Israel fit into this rift between two states for the same people? A situation has emerged of two parallel lines that will never meet. If they try to solve the problem via elections, Hamas will win, and then the whole plan to weaken radical Islam in this neighborhood will collapse.

Then, a quick answer from Mrs. Mariam Said’s Palestinian politicians made me completely lose my temper and I started writing this part. No sooner had I finished a draft of this writing than Yoel Marcus’s analysis popped up. So, I decided to post it. HOWEVER… is this the end of this story?

Rightist MKs scuffle with Arab families in East Jerusalem Aug 10, 2009 / By Haaretz
Haredi mob swarms Mayor Barkat’s car in Jerusalem Aug 10, 2009 / By Haaretz
Israel, Hezbollah ramp up war of words across Lebanon border Aug 10, 2009 / By Haaretz
Clinton: U.S. has no illusions Iran wants talks over nuclear program Aug 10, 2009 / By Haaretz

This is NOT one day report. It appeared within hours. Curiously, one article from days ago did sum up this situation.

Israel ranked one of world’s least peaceful states Jul 30, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post

Of course, this Jewish side story always goes further. Why NOT?

Haredi leader vows continued protests against Jerusalem Mayor Aug 10, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Rivlin (Likud No.4): No peace without E-1 building Aug 10, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Yishai ($has No.1): U.S. can’t stop West Bank settlement expansion Aug 11, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
FM Lieberman: Fatah ‘burying’ any chance of peace Aug 11, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post or BIBITON
US House Majority Leader (Democratic): PM BiBi is right. E. Jerusalem is different from West Bank settlements Aug 11, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post

According to my decade-long computer work, this is what lacks from this story. ‘Settler youths build new outpost in West Bank’ or ‘IDF has not received orders to evacuate outposts’ or ‘Court releases settler, who rejected court’s authority or is suspected of manslaughter of Palestinian’. Unfortunately, part of it happened days ago, not during the same day.

Now that I am truly sick of Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch, so sick of this Israeli Supreme Court President or Female Human Trash that I literally forget this very fact, Israel ranked one of world’s least peaceful states, whenever I appreciate pure Jewish spirit of the most notorious Settler Noam Federman and his wife Elisheva. I can’t help it.

(Updated on AUGUST 17, 2009)

Which one happened first? Which one will happen first?

Carlo Strenger: Why Israel’s left has disappeared Aug 14, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) The left has dissipated because it failed to provide a realistic picture of the conflict with the Palestinians. (…)

Gaza victims describe human shield use Jan 29, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
HRW: ‘Hamas used civilians as human shields’ during OCL ‎ TIMELESS / By Jerusalem Post
HRW: Israel Killed White Flag Gazans during OCL TIMELESS / By Islam Online
UN official: Evidence that Israel abused human rights in Gaza TIMELESS / By Haaretz
‘UN Gaza report written by Palestinians’ TIMELESS / By Jerusalem Post

More information is followed.

Khaled Abu Toameh: New faces of an unreformed, hard-line Fatah Aug 12, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) During the Fatah meetings in Bethlehem, MOST of the young guard activists appeared to be more radical than their older colleagues, especially with regards to the peace process with Israel.
The power struggle between the old and new guards in Fatah has never been over ideology or the future of the peace process. On these issues, there’s almost no difference between Barghouti’s views and those of Sha’ath and Qurei. Rather, it’s a power struggle between a camp that for two decades denied young guard activists a larger say in decision-making and ACCESS TO PUBLIC FUNDS and jobs, and those younger activists. What’s certain is that the change of guard does not necessarily mean that Fatah is about to regain the confidence of a majority of disillusioned Palestinians. Nor does it show that Fatah is on its way to reforming itself or softening its policies. (…)

Death toll climbs to 28, (more than 120 wounded), as Hamas battles rival extremist group in Gaza Aug 16, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) “Hamas won’t allow lawlessness and anarchy to return to the Gaza Strip,” Nunu (spokeman) said. The clashes were the worst since Hamas drove the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority out of the Strip two years ago. Journalists in the Gaza Strip said that Hamas’s success in eliminating the radical group would consolidate the movement’s authority and frighten its rivals. (…)

NEFA Foundation: “Jund Ansar Allah” Threatens “Response” to Hamas Clashes Aug 16, 2009 / By Counterterrorism Blog
(…) “we did not intend to bomb any (…)” (…) The group also accused corrupt Hamas operatives of stealing over $120,000 in cash and equipment during recent security raids. (…)

Everyone is doing a terrific job.
Whether or not Hamas claims, “Rival extremist group was armed by Fatah operatives”

Zapatero’s Spanish WEDO 2009 has become moderate-but-corrupt-and-old Fatah’s Mariam Said’s Palestinian project, which can’t survive without Dorit Beinisch’s Settlement Plan, hasn’t it? And I promise that Mrs. Mariam Said and her Palestinians will never give up. Even if Half of Palestinian Kids die during the NEXT Operation Cast Lead, the Widow of Prof. Edward Said won’t give up approaching Barenboim in RED and trying to steal Barenboim from The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music. Because her only concern has been and will be her only son’s comfortable life as a Diaspora Arab in the Jewish America.

If the Palestinian Politicians or Leaders were truly serious about developing CLEAN society, and finally toward the independent Palestinian State, they knew they should work not only from the top but also from the bottom… all at the same time. Why do you think the Hamas kids won the student election? Simply because they were born bloodthirsty or terrorists’ babies?

Despite fears, no Israeli soldier has been kidnapped Aug 14, 2009 / By Haaretz
Carlo Strenger: Why Israel’s left has disappeared Aug 14, 2009 / By Haaretz
Akiva Eldar: Palestinian state is not synonym for terrorist entity Aug 17, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Nowadays Tel Aviv’s beaches are more dangerous than the West Bank’s cities. According to statistics from the Prime Minister’s Office, more Israelis have been murdered in the past month in Israel than those murdered since January 2007 in the territory of the PA. Over the years, suicide bombings spearheaded the political and media struggle against the Oslo process (“don’t give them guns”). Although the number of terror attacks has declined despite the increase in the number of settlers (from 110,000 when the Oslo Accords were signed in September 1993 to 300,000 today, not including East Jerusalem) – TERRORISM continues to horrify us. (…)

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🙂 How many Jews know WHO brought Shalit Case into light? Do they also know how Spanish Government destroyed Palestinian mentality? (Aug 17, 2009)
🙂 Genius Timing for Beinisch’s Settlement-Plan. Beinisch’s Zubin Mehta will never give up (Aug 17-18, 2009)
🙂 Warmonger Bibi’s Greater Israel and its supporters from Spain, Germany or USA (Aug 19, 2009)
🙂 JIWON to Palestine: The higher your death-toll rises, the joyful Waltraud Meier’s face will look and the louder this Lip-Service will sound. She will never give up sucking all your bloods to feed her professional career (Aug 19-20, 2009)
🙂 JIWON to Germany: Furtwangler, Yad Vashem, Menuhin, Jewish Mentality, & Beinisch’s Jerusalem-List (Aug 21-22, 2009)
🙂 JIWON to Mehta’s Jews: Don’t be deluded by Munich Mehta. Choose one. Likud’s Corrupt-Beinisch or Meretz’ Hardworking-PeaceNow (Aug 21-29, 2009)
🙂 JIWON to Germany: Jobless German Youngsters, Self-Criticism, Israeli Supreme Court in Meier’s WEDO 2009 (Aug 26-27, 2009)
🙂 JIWON to Munich: German Arts Funding, Corrupt Jewish System ‘Haver Mevi Haver’, Economic Crisis (Aug 27-31, 2009)
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🙂 JIWON to Munich: Don’t ever become a PREY of Berlin Music Society. Bashkirova’s French/Spanish Oboe in Munich (Sep 1-7, 2009)
🙂 Rupert Murdoch to support Beinisch/Bibi’s Settlement Tricks. Palestinians should thank Mrs. Said for her magnificent(?) involvement in… ‘One-State-Solution’ (Sep 8-9, 2009)

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