JIWON to Palestine: The higher your death-toll rises, the joyful Waltraud Meier’s face will look and the louder this Lip-Service will sound. She will never give up sucking all your bloods to feed her professional career

🙂 Palestine > How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history >
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🙂 How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history (Aug 11 – Sep ?, 2009)

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🙂 JIWON to Austria: Who is behind Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal and why is Meier’s Lissner still(!) so sure of his Milan life? (Aug 12-13, 2009)
🙂 JIWON to Munchen: If my analysis is right, ‘Systematic Way of Thinking’ is this German’s most favorite music (Aug 13, 2009)
🙂 Has Mrs. Mariam Said done her Palestinian job? Is she now leading Palestinian Ba’ath Party? (Aug 11-17, 2009)
🙂 How many Jews know WHO brought Shalit Case into light? Do they also know how Spanish Government destroyed Palestinian mentality? (Aug 17, 2009)
🙂 Genius Timing for Beinisch’s Settlement-Plan. Beinisch’s Zubin Mehta will never give up (Aug 17-18, 2009)
🙂 Warmonger Bibi’s Greater Israel and its supporters from Spain, Germany or USA (Aug 19, 2009)

(Updated on AUGUST 19, 2009)

While Spanish and German government were doing their best by supporting Hamas’ Terrorism, destroying Palestinian Mentality, and being busy at Lip-Service to Peace-or-Divan-or-Whatever… in the name of CULTURE, this has been American side of story. I just hope them to keep going. And the cycle will continue until one side disappears from the Google-Map.


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🙂 From Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala
🙂 Barenboim & Berlusconi: Prostitute & prostitute… They are all same
🙂 Interview by German Call-Girl, Waltraud Meier (Collection 2) (May 15 – Aug 14, 2009)
Waltraud Meier heads for the Proms Aug 14, 2009 / By Times Online
(…) She calls herself, after all, a “stage horse”, dedicated to hard graft. (…) Meier is something of a muse for Barenboim, but she is also proud to be an honorary member of his inspirational half-Arab, half-Israeli orchestra. “Maybe I expect too much of it \[the role\], but I want to show them that as a German woman but I want to show them that as a German woman born postwar I’m a result of never giving up hope. Seventy-five years ago you wouldn’t have thought that we would live in a peaceful Europe.” (…) “You cannot put me in any fach. Every voice is individual and it has its own possibilities.” She’s long since attuned herself to complaints that her choices have led to vocal decline. “Many critics thought me dead,” she laughs, “and when it came up first I was worried. Now I take it on the chin.” Her private life remains private (…)

I promise. This German whore will never give up sucking all your bloods to feed her professional career. The higher your death toll rises, the joyful this face will look and the louder this big-mouth’s lip-service will sound. Who called Meier a ‘Stage Horse’, after all? This is my answer. When you watch Meier’s stage-performance, there is a TRASH on the stage, and it is constantly moving and trying to catch public attention. It destroys everything Singer’s Body Language, and the moment this TRASH opens her mouth…

How many times did I write this? Of course, Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel also enjoyed reading this analysis, which only aimed to explain how to save her German talented youngsters.

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🙂 From The Art of Criticism > Voice >
🙂 Barenboim, Flagstad, Beethoven, Wagner, WEDO, Imitation, and Interpretation (Jul 27-28, 2009)
JIWON: (…) Since I am not a German, Since Kirsten Flagstad herself is not a German, Especially since Waltraud Meier and all her supporters are proud of Meier’s CLEAR German Diction and it was the main reason of her commercial success in a place, where everybody was insulting Jewish Barenboim’s impotent conducting and ALL the foreign singers had no choice but to follow this vocal technique,
May I ask the German Readers something? Is this German Diction accurate? Kirsten Flagstad’s Wagner, I mean… To my ears, this German Diction doesn’t sound enough clear. Rather, it sounds little bit dumb-or-… Am I listening something another? Since Meier’s prostitution, CLEAR German diction has been the ruler of Wagnerian Society. They have never listened to the VOICE. They only cared for the DICTION. Then how come this can be appreciated as something legendary?
(…) For Waltraud Meier, this German Diction is the easiest job. Making a certain, Barenboim-like phrasing is the easiest job. The easier Meier sounds, the more proud she looks. The more joyful Meier looks, the dirtier she sounds. It is as if this VOICE is ruling every each note with very special diction techniques.
(…) IN SUM, Flagstad was concentrating on every each note. It is as if singing every each note is the most difficult job in her life. (…) I don’t know how to analyze Kirsten Flagstad’s Singing German Diction. I only hear the exactly same mentality from Youtube: Fritz Wunderlich singing ‘An Die Musik’. This DIVA, this VOICE is worshiping German language, worshiping every each note/diction while singing. This is the only thing I can write. Is it possible to imitate? (…) Wasn’t it the Jewish Education System or from TALMUD? (…)

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🙂 From The Art of Criticism > Voice >
🙂 Finally, this diva looks fantastic in RED, but still has a problem with… (Jun 10, 2009)
JIWON: (…) The real problem was her acting. More exactly, everybody around her, who tried to imitate Waltraud Meier and kept destroying her concentration. I just can’t understand… How come they just can act like this? Don’t they feed-back their own performance when they go home and prepare their next performance schedule? Or has been this the only way to survive in the world of opera since Meier’s prostitution? I’m now curious if this is why Waltraud Meier was dismissed in Munchen and decided to suck all Barenboim’s bloods in Berlin and then Milan in the name of D-I-V-A-N… I can’t help thinking this whenever I read commenters, who travel Europe and compare the quality of opera houses. Whenever there is a shadow of Waltraud Meier, the entire stage looks noisy, unorganized, untrained, ugly, messy (…)

I am still curious. Who defined this voice and acting as ‘EIN FAULER SOPRAN’? It was not from her critics. It was from German concertgoers in German Wagnerforum. Of course, Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel also read this report… if she ever has ears to enjoy Art of Opera… or ears to pick up hopeless failing of ALL her German Talented Youngsters.

(Updated on AUGUST 20, 2009)


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🙂 From Dear-Arab-Readers > Section: Egypt-Normalization > Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt on April 16, 2009 (Apr 13 – Jun 8, 2009)
🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3D (May 20 – Jun 3, 2009)
(Updated on June 1-2, 2009)
🙂 JIWON: Who keeps sending me this f*cking message?
JIWON: Keep writing Bashkirova’s NEW project to make MICHAEL BARENBOIM a LEADER of ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’.
May 13, 2009: (…) it is easy to understand what the Palestinian National Music School wants or where they are heading. (…) As usual, Barenboim’s involvement in those Ramallah-pigs has been destroying their Palestinian vision. (…) Was it also part of Zapatero’s politics or Barenboim-project from Spain? Should I feel vomiting? Or Should I be left speechless? JUST SICK OF EVERYTHING-BARENBOIM. (…)
May 16, 2009: Who keeps trying this f*cking call on my Korean cell-phone?
May 19, 2009: La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg.
http://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/en/concerts/ The 2009/2010 Season
JIWON: They are still busy… Has those Jewish Pigs already started their NEW plan, JERUSALEM FESTIVAL 2010, in the name of Daniel Barenboim? (…)

Thanks for your Barenboim-Project.
You really did a terrific job. Don’t you think so? It was already SIX days before La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg on May 19, 2009 (… after failing in Berlin…) that you made me openly write…
‘JUST SICK OF EVERYTHING-BARENBOIM’. And I never plan to change this feeling… ALL THAT HATRED.

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🙂 From Germany-Heldentenor >
🙂 JIWON: Dear Berlin Mayor / Israel / Palestine, FINALLY… (Aug 29 – Oct 6, 2008).
JIWON: (…) Germany’s supporting Hamas (…) ‘Staatsoper fuer Alle’ (…) I found out that it was under the auspices of German Chancellor Angela Merkel after receiving my previous warning(?) mail months ago. I believe that Merkel’s German Government will pay for it, if Meier can’t. No matter what, I feel no need to cancel my respect of German Chancellor. (…)

I didn’t know that not only
MR. RIGHT for Waltraud Meier was Bundeskanzlerins Mann but also your German Government’s supporting Hamas was also a part of your Barenboim-project. You should have told me in your clear voice when I started my suspect one year ago. Then, I didn’t have to waste my life on this useless computer work. I just feel funny when Barenboim decided to consider my computer work… to be one of mere critics against his DIVAN-project. OR… is it still the German trick from the British Media/Pigs?

Lunch with the FT: Daniel Barenboim Aug 15, 2009 / By Financial Times
WEDO in London: We stand for a unique message in today’s world. We do not hate Aug 16, 2009 / By Times Online

(…Feel NO need to post updated articles…)

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🙂 From Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala >
🙂 Barenboim & Berlusconi: Prostitute & prostitute… They are all same

Please check Elena Bashkirova during her Italian tour. This Russian whore suddenly turns into the Jewish muse and looks more animated than before. It was after her Argentinean interview. I now think Barenboim wanted to choose the winner. But what means the winner in this case? I just wrote… kept writing for more than a decade what was the only way for Barenboim to realize his Furtwangler dream. There was, is, and will be no other choice for this musician.

Since Meier’s appearance in Spain, I started looking back on the previous months. Simply, there was absolutely no intention in Barenboim’s heart to cancel his performance with this whore or his still-mistress. Rather, he wanted to plan more. This guy just wanted to use this computer work in the most effective way to catch more public attention… then choose the winner.

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🙂 From Facebook-Blog >
🙂 DEAR BARENBOIM’S FANS (Jul 28, 2009)
JIWON: (…) Please check the both performances, either with the VPO or with La Scala. Maestro Barenboim is recovering his conducting posture from the dreadful one that he acquired during his tour with the WEDO 2008. But still, it is far from his golden posture during his Chicago era. (…)

It was NOT long ago when Barenboim himself clearly heard how his SINGER, who has NEVER proved his native talent under Meier’s directorship, suddenly made a full voice. Then, this sh*t quickly returned to this whore and her slave-singers to enjoy… a different sound or what he thought was another kind of music.

The fact that Barenboim’s Berlin employees, part of whose professional success was possible because of my analysis, joined DORIT BEINISCH’S JERUSALEM FESTIVAL 2009 simply tells me how much Barenboim’s Angels and their slave-musicians were sure of their victory, especially at Lissner’s La Scala and then their Salzburg Festival… until La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg on May 19, 2009 (… after failing in Berlin…).

Then, may I write more? Why do you think Waltraud Meier herself should NEVER cancel her WEDO 2009? Simply because this German whore has been supported by Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel? I promise. This is the most favorite part of Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel. This is where she felt orgasm.

1. Who am I? Am I a Brazilian in Paris or Waltraud Meier?
2. I joined this place on June 06, 2006.
3. I also run Waltraud Meier’s blog, in which Meier herself posted her comments with the ID, ‘anonymous’. Please read all Meier’s comments.
4. Want to know more about me? Start from Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3C (May 13-20, 2009)
5. I proudly posted Meier’s WEDO 2008. Please enjoy.

In this video or live-performance of WEDO 2008, Barenboim separates Meier from her voice-partner… perhaps to protect this musician. But then, it was none but Meier’s slave-singers, who proudly/happily followed this vocal technique with their cheapest voice and f*cking-or-marvelous facial expression and was able to RE-appear as a special guest of Meier’s WEDO 2009. Finally, what is happening to Barenboim himself? This guy, who is tired of conducting this useless ensemble, aka WEDO, starts following Meier’s voice-or-melody-or-whatever. Not only this musician is chained to this sound, this sh*t even enjoys this moment by leaning toward his mistress. Of course, Brazilian Meier quickly captured this moment and posted this on Youtube. By then, whenever someone or WEDO members posted WEDO 2008, there was a tsunami of the group of comments, ‘Meier-Is-Great’ or ‘I-Love-Meier’… despite my LEGAL warning to investigate real ID behind each posting. How come all of them disappeared? Am I now be able to post my Barenboim-message on Youtube?

This was exactly what this German whore wanted from her WEDO 2009. I’m pretty sure that the same situation happened in Spain and at Salzburg Festival, and then will happen in London. Then, all those slave-singers, who, under the normal circumstances, are too old or too inferior to join Barenboim’s opera production, will fill all Barenboim’s performance schedule. Among them, how many will appear at Lissner’s La Scala only to destroy everything? Who is the present Music Director at Lissner’s La Scala? Elena Bashkirova or Waltraud Meier or French Maestro Myung-Whun Chung or Zubin Mehta?

Please check
🙂 From Italy-Belcanto
🙂 JIWON: I can’t help writing… (Tristan/Scala-2007, German Sound, Wagner and Belcanto) (Dec 7, 2007)
http://www.awmadrid.es/?p=24 (27 de Enero de 2008)
ENTREVISTA: WALTRAUD MEIER Soprano dramática: (…) Los italianos, por ejemplo, confunden el amor con la pasión, yo no creo que sea lo mismo. Tampoco Wagner lo veía así. Para él existía un estadio del amor que producía un auténtico placer en la compenetración de formas de pensamiento, en la manera de ver la vida. [P. ¿El orgasmo intelectual?] – R. Eso es. Así es. (…) [P. En Alemania, ¿conserva Wagner el peso que ha tenido históricamente?] – R. En mi país, Wagner se está desdibujando. No se le entiende con profundidad en muchos casos. Me encontré una señora en el metro en Múnich que me reconoció y me dijo que ya no se le entendía bien. Le propuse que escribiera una carta al director de la ópera y me contestó que ya lo había hecho y que le habían contestado lo siguiente: “Señora, estamos muy satisfechos de que no le guste a todo el mundo”. ¡Hay que ser arrogante y engreído!

What happened at Meier’s La Scala after I reported this f*cking interview? This German or Spanish whore was rather welcomed with a standing ovation and beautiful flowers from the Italian audience. Of course, it was before La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg on May 19, 2009 (… after failing in Berlin…). And Italy is where not only Lissner but also Zubin Mehta’s Italian employees are working real hard. Then what about Meier’s Spain, Salzburg or even London, where all those pigs still believe that I am playing the games with them?

Waltraud Meier with WEDO 2009 at Salzburg Festval

Waltraud Meier with WEDO 2009 at Salzburg Festval

Here, Meier is trying to show EVERYBODY that despite all these happenings, Barenboim’s choice is her music and there is and will be absolutely nothing wrong with Barenboim’s happiness. I am also curious if this whore was sticking around Barenboim during the whole schedule of WEDO 2009, pretending to be very interested in other orchestra performances. This is what this whore used to do in other places… in order to hook her fan-club. (Meier’s Spanish fan or Meier herself posted this happening… with comments of ‘I-Love-Meier-More’.) In the WEDO’s previous years, this whore literally stalked Barenboim’s WEDO schedule and attended their orchestra rehearsal. Then what is her real reason? Simply because of my computer work? When this whore cared about this? OR… Simply because of her performance schedule at ALL Barenboim’s headquarters?

When did Barenboim leave WoWa’s Green Hill? Since then, has this musician ever listened to the Bayreuth-performances during the season? Not only commercial radio, Internet has also been offering quite services. I promise. Barenboim has never heard of what’s been going on at Bayreuth… especially with NEW singers.

To be fair,
This, ‘being chained to the WEDO-sound and following Meier’s moments’, is not Barenboim’s problem alone. ALL other so-called maestros showed this symptom, whenever they overworked or lacked imagination or were chained to a certain orchestra sound. I heard this from Maestro X, or Y or Z or… (I’m NOT talking about Zubin Mehta, who was born to enjoy this music.) Unlike Barenboim, who is just following this f*cking moments, all of them were even asking this interpretation to their orchestra members, who of course answered their boss with frustration-or-fury. What’s more, I just feel funny when they all try to stay away from this German whore after I started insulting their favorite diva, Waltraud Meier. However still, Barenboim shows the extreme case, because this German whore functions like a human leech, is sticking like a leech.


Now I know… you felt NOTHING during Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag (Sep 10-18, 2008).
I also know you wanted to love your husband more during Waltraud Meier’s WEDO 2009. Have you thanked Barenboim for creating this historical moment? Then, this is my answer:

“년놈들 놀구있네…” (…please don’t get me wrong. I am mentioning Barenboim and Meier… NOT you or your husband…)

Ho… It took one year to write this, and now, I feel free from this.

Please check for the rest of this message
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🙂 JIWON to Munich: Don’t ever become a PREY of Berlin Music Society. Bashkirova’s French/Spanish Oboe in Munich (Sep 1-7, 2009)
🙂 Rupert Murdoch to support Beinisch/Bibi’s Settlement Tricks. Palestinians should thank Mrs. Said for her magnificent(?) involvement in… ‘One-State-Solution’ (Sep 8-9, 2009)

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