Genius Timing for Beinisch’s Settlement-Plan. Beinisch’s Zubin Mehta will never give up

🙂 Palestine > How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history >
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🙂 How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history (Aug 11 – Sep ?, 2009)

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🙂 JIWON to Austria: Who is behind Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal and why is Meier’s Lissner still(!) so sure of his Milan life? (Aug 12-13, 2009)
🙂 JIWON to Munchen: If my analysis is right, ‘Systematic Way of Thinking’ is this German’s most favorite music (Aug 13, 2009)
🙂 Has Mrs. Mariam Said done her Palestinian job? Is she now leading Palestinian Ba’ath Party? (Aug 11-17, 2009)
🙂 How many Jews know WHO brought Shalit Case into light? Do they also know how Spanish Government destroyed Palestinian mentality? (Aug 17, 2009)

(Updated on AUGUST 17-18, 2009)

Ari Shavit: The Knesset’s secret sextet Aug 14, 2009 / By Haaretz
As everyone knows, Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet is a mess. Big, bloated and mediocre, it is stressed out and flip-flopping, running scared and fundamentally flawed. However, this wretched cabinet contains one apparatus worthy of special mention – the sextet. This is the supreme strategic team consisting of Beinisch’s Netanyahu, Beinisch’s Ehud Barak, Avigdor Lieberman, whose corruption(?) is threatened by Beinisch, Moshe Ya’alon, whose Beinisch-identity is still unknown, Beinisch’s Dan Meridor and Beinisch’s Benny Begin. Little is known about the sextet. Nothing leaks from it. The sextet has (almost) no public relations and (almost) no politics. It functions in an orderly, responsible and businesslike manner. It meets several times a week, holds lengthy discussions and navigates Israel’s foreign policy with professionalism that has not been seen for years. (…)

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🙂 From Banana-Republic > Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch
🙂 In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (Oct 2 – Dec 19, 2008)
(Updated on October 4, 2008 and again and again until October 17, 2008)
JIWON: Answers from ‘Haaretz and PLUS.’ And THINGS are happening AGAIN. Therefore, I keep collecting articles.
🙂 A Purge at Haaretz (Is Haaretz going to become another Bibi-ton? How long will it take? (Aug, 2006 – Present)
🙂 Dorit Beinisch toward/during/after Yitzhak Rabin’s Assassination (Aug, 1993 – Present)
🙂 Dorit Beinisch had a story with KACH members! So, this female jurist used Barenboim as a human shield to protect her family!! SIC!!! (This collection is not finished yet)

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🙂 From Germany-Heldentenor > Mail Recipients in Germany >
🙂 Germany: Bavaria (Bayern) (Aug 3, 2009)
JIWON: (…) Please check Garbage & Sh*ts in Berlin (sic!).
🙂 Barenboim: Whenever I return to Israel, I have problems with Politicians & Media!!! (Jul 16, 2009)
JIWON: While working to update Germany-Heldentenor, I myself was surprised at how much all the events were well-organized in order to prepare Waltraud Meier’s WEDO 2009, which is designed to work for Dorit Beinisch’s Settlement Plan. Now, what is happening to Barenboim and ME? (…)

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🙂 From Section: Italy-Belcanto >
🙂 JIWON: Dear Mr. Silvio No.1’s ALL friends and foes, (Music & Politics) (Dec 29, 2008 – Feb 24, 2009)
(Updated on February 21, 2009)
JIWON: Anyway, this is Zubin Mehta’s Haaretz (Israel) interview on Oct 21, 2008. As I wrote in In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH, it was Mehta’s secret message to Dorit Beinisch that Daniel Barenboim will anyway behave under his detailed instruction:
1. In Israel, 1/3 population can’t afford essential food items Mar 31, 2008
2. ‘In Israel, One in 5 needy considers suicide’ Dec 10, 2008
3. Zubin Mehta: In Israel, Money is endless. I have a list of people who can pay for ‘Renovation.’ Oct 21, 2008 / By Haaretz

I promise. Dorit Beinisch’s Zubin Mehta will never give up. Then, Daniel Barenboim is the one, who wouldn’t mind both Israel and Palestine disappearing from the Google-Map, if it is better for his big brother’s professional career.

‘PM will reject Obama’s settlement halt’ Aug 17, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Habayit Hayehudi head tells ‘Post’ some of US president’s policies “are borderline anti-Semitic.” (…)

Poll: More Israelis prefer Livni as prime minister Aug 7, 2009 / By Haaretz
Yoel Marcus: The next president… Barak? Aug 7, 2009 / By Haaretz
Yoel Marcus: Labor’s Barak won’t be Prime minister. Mapai is dead Aug 11, 2009 / By Haaretz

(Updated on AUGUST 18, 2009)

Mubarak: W. Bank ban only hurdle to clear in Schalit talks Aug 18, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
‘New U.S. plan calls for demilitarized Palestine’ Aug 18, 2009 / By Haaretz
Obama, Mubarak to discuss initiative which also drops Palestinian right of return, says Al-Quds Al-Arabi.

Weird… I wanted to finish this part last night, but couldn’t. Do FOLKS know what is going to be? Or NOT?

Poll: 52% of Palestinians support Abbas after Fatah conference; Hamas gets 38% Aug 18, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) However, the poll found out that 54% oppose holding elections in January if Fatah and Hamas fail to reconcile. At the same time, 60% said they oppose postponing the elections by a year. (…) 58% believe the Fatah-Hamas dialogue in Cairo is going to fail. (…)

Abbas: Dialogue with Hamas inevitable Aug 18, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
But PA president reiterates he won’t engage in talks with Israel unless all settlement activity is halted.

Mazuz: No legal obstacle to Lieberman serving as FM at this point Aug 18, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Nehemia Shtrasler: Israel wrecked Arafat, crowned Hamas, and gave birth to Al-Qaida in Gaza Aug 18, 2009 / By Haaretz
With Al-Qaida taking over Gaza, Israel can finally and confidently say that there is no one to talk to.

THEREFORE, the cycle will continue. And I am not sure if this was what I was going to write last night, though I left quite a hint on this issue, ‘GENIUS TIMING…’ before turning off the computer.

Poll: More Israelis prefer Livni as prime minister Aug 7, 2009 / By Haaretz
Yoel Marcus: The next president… Barak? Aug 7, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) it seems doubtful that he will fulfill his full term (…) With zero achievements in conducting the affairs of state, Bibi is taking credit for the fact that Hamas is no longer shooting. But Hamas stopped firing due to Operation Cast Lead (…)

Yoel Marcus: Labor’s Barak won’t be Prime minister. Mapai is dead Aug 11, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) 4. For several years now, the betting on when Iran will acquire a nuclear bomb has not ceased to darken our days. (…)

As Yoel Marcus pointed out in his answer, Yoel Marcus: I am busy on other issues (Cry, the violent country, Part II), my issue was not whether who-X or who-Y will become the next Israeli prime minister. My issue was WHEN. Among the Palestinian public, who would accept PM Netanyahu or President Obama/Mubarak’s discussion about ‘New U.S. plan calls for demilitarized Palestine’?

Phoenix-Bibi will unlikely fulfill his full term as the Israeli Prime Minister. WHEN?
Hamas will resume ‘firing’. WHEN?
Just think of WHEN…
Isn’t this a ‘GENIUS TIMING’?

Whether 2009 or 2010, whether 2013 or 2015… Iran will finally acquire a nuclear bomb. Then, Israel has been a history of Phoenix-Bibi. Should I write more?

Waltraud Meier heads for the Proms Aug 14, 2009 / By Times Online
Lunch with the FT: Daniel Barenboim Aug 15, 2009 / By Financial Times
WEDO in London: We stand for a unique message in today’s world. We do not hate Aug 16, 2009 / By Times Online

This is why I’ve insisted that this is the RIGHT TIMING for the Complete Settlement Freeze. And I didn’t know that Daniel Barenboim and Mrs. Mariam Said oppose this for the same or each different reason. Perhaps, Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch has been right, because Beinisch’s Settlement Plan fits both reasons. Whom has Daniel Barenboim been working for, by the way? For Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch or for Mrs. Mariam Said? As usual, Barenboim will be lost between the TWO females, but why worry? This guy keeps both passports in his pocket.

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🙂 From Facebook-Blog > DEAR BARENBOIM’S FANS (Jul 28, 2009)
🙂 Barenboim in Facebook: Did you call me ‘A Complete Idiot’? (Aug 2, 2009 – Present)
JIWON: (…) Did you mention ‘All That Hatred’? Sure it is. (…) The more I think of my hard working, the more I believe You Jews deserved the Gas Chamber. So do Israeli Arabs or Palestinian Pigs, who (…) Presently, my honest feeling is that both sides should never give up fighting until one side disappears. This situation has been what Barenboim’s Divan-project actually resulted in, and this is exactly what Dorit Beinisch wanted when she was able to send her Jewish Kids into Barenboim’s WEDO 2009 in Spain. This Human Trash was sure that Israel will be the final winner in the end. Perhaps, this female Israeli Supreme Court President is right, and it should be remembered as a true Jewish Patriotism. (…) Did you call me ‘A Complete Idiot’? What a disgusting human nature. What I feel funny is that Beinisch’s Facebook no more meddles in my work here. Is it because it is too late anyway?

Who knows?

Did Netanyahu drop demand for recognition of Israel as ‘Jewish state’? Aug 18, 2009 / By Haaretz
Just as the PM eased his stance, Arab MKs rose up against Israel’s definition of itself as a Jewish state.

Report: One-fifth of European Union will be Muslim by 2050 Aug 9, 2009 / By Haaretz
Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad to BiBi: It’s not our business whether Israel is Jewish Aug 14, 2009 / By Haaretz

Palestinian side could become the final winner. By then, Dorit Beinisch’s Zubin Mehta will travel the entire Arab world as an honorary citizen of Barenboim’s Palestinian State. Who knows?

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🙂 Warmonger Bibi’s Greater Israel and its supporters from Spain, Germany or USA (Aug 19, 2009)
🙂 JIWON to Palestine: The higher your death-toll rises, the joyful Waltraud Meier’s face will look and the louder this Lip-Service will sound. She will never give up sucking all your bloods to feed her professional career (Aug 19-20, 2009)
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🙂 JIWON to Munich: German Arts Funding, Corrupt Jewish System ‘Haver Mevi Haver’, Economic Crisis (Aug 27-31, 2009)
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🙂 Rupert Murdoch to support Beinisch/Bibi’s Settlement Tricks. Palestinians should thank Mrs. Said for her magnificent(?) involvement in… ‘One-State-Solution’ (Sep 8-9, 2009)

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