JIWON to Germany: Furtwangler, Yad Vashem, Menuhin, Jewish Mentality, & Beinisch’s Jerusalem-List

🙂 Palestine > How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history >
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🙂 How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history (Aug 11 – Sep ?, 2009)

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🙂 JIWON to Palestine: The higher your death-toll rises, the joyful Waltraud Meier’s face will look and the louder this Lip-Service will sound. She will never give up sucking all your bloods to feed her professional career (Aug 19-20, 2009)

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Now I know… you felt NOTHING during Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag (Sep 10-18, 2008).
I also know you wanted to love your husband more during Waltraud Meier’s WEDO 2009. Have you thanked Barenboim for creating this historical moment?

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🙂 From Germany-Heldentenor >
🙂 JIWON: Dear Berlin Mayor / Israel / Palestine, FINALLY… (Aug 29 – Oct 6, 2008)
Yad Vashem and Righteous Among the Nations
JIWON: Had Furtwangler gone into exile, he could have enjoyed more brilliant, luxurious life as a German musician. (…) Still, all the inferior human species, who want to take advantage of Furtwangler’s life for their private business, don’t want to read detailed, exact story between Hitler’s Nazi party and Maestro Furtwangler.
(…) Then what about this? How many Jewish musicians Maestro Furtwangler risked his life to save? He was penniless when he finally fled Hitler’s Germany. How many Jewish musicians tried to pay off their debts? How many appeared at his Denazification Trial to help their German Maestro, who saved their lives? Please check all the JEWISH PIGs at Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival and Bashkirova’s WEDO.
Schindler’s List is not the only thing. Furtwangler’s List should also exist. One should make a list of all the names. One should also make a list of ALL the JEWISH PIGS, who never appeared in Furtwangler’s place to help their dying mentor, who risked his German life to save their dying Jewish life. I read that part of their reason was purely professional. That they didn’t want to share their foreign market with this Real-Talented-German-Musician. I read that there were quite stories behind the scene at Furtwangler’s Denazification Trial. I want to read all the detailed stories and organize them. I promise.
If you compare those TWO lists of Jewish Pigs, Furtwangler’s Berlin List and BEINISCH’S JERUSALEM LIST, you will find no two differences but one human character. Is it so characteristically Jews? Or is it just the main characteristic of being an inferior human species? (…)

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🙂 La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg on May 19, 2009 (… after failing in Berlin…) (May 19, 2009)
🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt on April 16, 2009 (Apr 13 – Jul 3, 2009)

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🙂 From Germany-Heldentenor > Mail Recipients in Germany >
🙂 JIWON: Dear Bavarian Government (Aug 3, 2009)
JIWON: (…) Please check Garbage & Sh*ts in Berlin (sic!). While working to update Germany-Heldentenor, I myself was surprised at how much all the events were well-organized in order to prepare Waltraud Meier’s WEDO 2009, which is designed to work for Dorit Beinisch’s Settlement Plan. Now, what is happening to Barenboim and ME? (…)

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🙂 From Germany-Heldentenor > Mail Recipients in Germany >
🙂 JIWON: Dear Baden-Württemberg Government (Aug 8-10, 2009)
JIWON: (…) IF… If that German professor is still alive, could you please ask him if his least favorite was the cheap French ‘local(?)’ sound of Members of Bashkirova-Gang? Whenever I listen to your local performance, I can’t help suspecting. Then, I can’t understand what’s been happening at the Music School there.
QUIZ: Why this cheap French sound perfectly fits Elena Bashkirova’s pianism? Those Berlin Pigs used to admire it as ‘profound’. Surely, during her Lieder recital, this Russian whore will do her best to avoid this sound and it will be more interesting to pick up this same characteristics from her ‘light’ touch.
(…) While searching for your websites, I learned this word, ‘KULTURHAUPTSTADT’. I also learned that Mannheim is Kulturhauptstadt 2020. I hope you to prove the greatest German Culture while preparing your 2020 project. (…)

I am tired… and sick of this work. However, this is NOT what really makes me sick. How many musicians have heard of my computer work? Why in the world professional orchestras elsewhere make a sudden improvement whenever I make an open analysis of Zubin Mehta and Members of Bashkirova-Gang, and insult thier trashy music business? Presently, how many students graduate from the music school each year? How many LOCAL or MINOR symphony orchestras can play better than Sir Rattle’s Berlin Philharmonic? How many pure German bloods are found in this ensemble and how much fund this ensemble receives from the (city) government? Can this ensemble be called a German orchestra?

It would be terrific if each mayor of KULTURHAUPTSTADT plans Orchestra-Festival as a part of Cultural Program and invites this precious Berlin Philharnomic to compare its quality with that of local ensemble. If they can educate their music students and make them able to pick up Sir Rattle’s each member’s inferiority, is there more terrific music education than this? Where do you think the WEDO’s Jewish members’ comically arrogant mentality came from?

(Updated on AUGUST 21-22, 2009)


Gedenkkonzert fur YEHUDI MENUHIN Oct 26, 2009 at Kammermusiksaal der Philharmonie in Berlin
Sir Rattle’s Jewish Concertmaster: Violine und Leitung
Elena Bashkirova: Klavier

Is it also part of your Barenboim-project?
I don’t understand why Bashkirova’s managing company is now trying to hide her performance schedule. This managing company has nothing to do with both musicians. This company is supposed to protect, work for Barenboim only. Besides,
YEHUDI MENUHIN is famous for not only his JEWISH MENTALITY but also his VIOLIN TEXTBOOK, in which this legendary fiddler wrote quite details about Tone-Production. Of course, there is NO hint of his violin technique or Jewish Mentality in this Jewish Pig’s Berlin-performance. What are you going to do on this issue? First of all, do you have ears to compare this Jewish Mentality with those Jewish Pigs?

Sorry about saying this. But don’t you think you should develop the ears to compare German Mentality with those German ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’ first? I couldn’t understand why the British Sir Rattle’s German Orchestra’s Members of Bashkirova-Gang, especailly Solo Flute and this Jewish Pig, looked more animated after cheking my computer work until I found information about you.
🙂 Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich! (Jul 30, 2009)

Basically, all this open criticism-or-insulting should have been aimed at Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit and his fellow politicians, because they were not only among the members of the board of trustees of Berlin Philharmonic but also in charge of all those bankrupt opera/symphony orchestras. But it was you, who intentionally joined this computer work and wanted to take advantage of it to earn more political fame, but then openly supported or directly ordered all Meier’s Barenboim-concerts… for a very specific reason. You even ignored my plea to protect your German seedlings. What do I do?

I came from the world of female instrumentalists, and therefore, any kind of female mezzo or hystericallyhigh voice was never my favorite. For me, especially this term, dramatic mezzo, was a historically useless one, as much as I appreciate dramatic soprano. As I repeatedly wrote, the starting point of my insulting your least favorite or your husband’s most favorite DIVA, Waltraud Meier, was her comical-or-disgusting ACTING. How many years have I been tortured by this trashy-voice? Now I think this German Diva Christa Ludwig was the great, great, legendary voice, whose German diction should be remembered as a school text. Meier as ‘EIN FAULER SOPRAN’? For me, it is still a complimentary expression.

If Meier’s voice can be defined as the epitome of dirty oily timbre especially when this whore returns to her Bimbo-diction, there is NO hint of this characteristic in Christa Ludwig’s voice. Whenever I hear Meier’s German rival-or-junior singers, who were born with Ludwig-like German voice but are trying to imitate Meier’s diction, I am speechless. Don’t they really listen to their own recordings for a feed-back? It’s OK that Meier is their only idol and want to find famed maestros to offer their sex, but at least… if they ever have ears, they can’t endure this cheapest music from their own sexy-mouths or tensed-neck or shrinking-lung.

Please check all the reactions from Meier Fan Club. (Please ask Berlusconi’s Media-Rival Murdoch’s Times for this.)
It is now clear that Waltraud Meier herself wants to establish her Music School. Don’t you think you should support this project, too? Don’t you think Prof. Waltraud Meier should work with your husband Prof. Joachim Sauer, whose university still lacks Musik Hochschule? By then, your Berlin will truly become the headquarters of Meier’s slave-musicians.

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