Warmonger Bibi’s Greater Israel and its supporters from Spain, Germany or USA

🙂 Palestine > How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history >
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🙂 How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history (Aug 11 – Sep ?, 2009)

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Netanyahu downplays threat of war Aug 12, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post or BIBITON

This SH*T, aka Phoenix-Bibi, has been a WARMONGER and used to encourage the bloodshed between ALL SIDES. What did he do during the Operation Cast Lead? How was he able to earn more votes during/after the WAR? Now, why is he afraid of this same word, WAR? Is it because his son is now serving the IDF as a special guest? Hasn’t his family-record, especially Yoni Netanyahu’s patriotic death, attracted the Jewish voters? Where is his son now?

PM Bibi’s present reason is exactly same as that of Beinisch’s Labor MK Shelly Yacimovich, who, as PM Barak’s media-woman, pushed in every way possible the withdrawal from Lebanon towards 2000 because her son was there, and let her country get into a mess, and then encouraged Ground Operation during OCL because her son was no more in IDF. Isn’t it? Israeli soldiers died in Gaza anyway. Didn’t they? And it was the main reason of IDF youngsters’ ‘unbelievable aggressiveness’ in a place, where every item is a potential booby trap in the Gaza Strip. Wasn’t it?

I feel sorry for the Kadima members, who couldn’t form the government even after winning the national election but still can’t criticize Bibi’s government on this issue. Is it because of Olmert’s son? Then, unlike Netanyahu, Olmert was a famous isolator inside his Meretz-family, whose youngster dared to refuse to die for the religious sh*ts, which took up half of his community but never planned to fulfill their responsibility. Then, right-right-wing Olmert was elected despite this shameful family-record. (I mean… as the Jerusalem mayor.) Then, as PM Sharon’s successor, he openly interviewed that he had to think of his people as a leader and there was no choice but to be influenced by his Meretz-family and to abandon his life-long dream to realize ‘Greater Israel’. Because he wanted his Israelis to live in peace with his enemy, Palestinians.

I knew exactly what kind of disgusting feeling Olmert’s rival politicians, Israeli REAL left-wingers, whose patriotic past Sharon’s Olmert had totally destroyed, had felt while I was working for PM Olmert’s Meretz-policy. But I started supporting 12th prime minister Ehud Olmert after checking all the details. It was before my involvement that PM Olmert announced all his peace-projects. In any case, NO Israelis can compare Bibi’s son with Olmert’s.

$has slams IDF plan to decrease Haredi exemption from army Mar 12, 2008 / By Haaretz
$has’s Yishai: If need be, we’ll build without US approval Aug 10, 2009 / By Ynetnews.com or Anti-Beinisch-Media

Please look. This Jew has NEVER sent his religious kids into the army service. What’s more, he is blaming IDF. What’s more and more, he is asking the government ‘limitless-money’ for nothing. I still believe. Although I insist that Israeli Defense Minister should come from the Meretz party… I also believe that if part of Israeli youngsters should be exempted from the IDF service, it is the Meretz kids, who always wanted to solve their problem not by WAR but by COMMUNICATION. All those WARMONGER’S YOUNGSTERS should go to WAR and die, should dedicate their pure Jewish body/spirit to Phoenix-Bibi’s patriotic concept of ‘Greater Israel’.

Should I read every each sentence in the section of Nationalist-Govn’t-Please ALOUD? It was written from Nov 24, 2008 to Apr 3, 2009. Lots of things happened and finally, there was NO difference between the Meretz, the Labor, and the Kadima, regarding their Palestinian policy. Their only difference was WHO is for or against Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch and WHY. Then, only Phoenix-Bibi’s Likud functioned as WARMONGER and this is how they were able to form the 18th Knesset with the firm support of Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch. Now, what is this Sh*t talking about? Netanyahu downplays threat of war? F*CK-U

Meanwhile, something interesting is happening to this so-called WARMONGER-side of Israel.

Right tries to stop judges’ appointment Aug. 18, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) In an attempt to block Fogelman from joining the Supreme Court, right-wing activist Shabtai Azriel wrote to Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz, demanding that he disqualify Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch from voting in the committee on Fogelman’s candidacy. Azriel charged that Fogelman and Beinisch are involved in a conflict of interests that is tantamount to bribery. As a temporary Supreme Court justice, Fogelman wrote the decision rejecting a petition filed by investigative reporter Yoav Yitzhak against Beinisch. Azriel charged that Fogelman wrote the decision knowing that he needed Beinisch’s support to be elected to the Supreme Court. Azriel added that extreme right-wing MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union Party) had asked Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman to disqualify Beinisch but that he refused to do so.

$has’s Yishai: If need be, we’ll build without US approval Aug 10, 2009 / By Ynetnews.com or Anti-Beinisch-Media
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3. The ‘BOSS’ ordered NOT to build! This is not where despots rule with an iron fist (with a dagger and pistol) This is the Democratic State of Israel. While Mr. Yishai, Mr. Rivlin, Mr. Kashriel are not working for the US Govt., Mr Obama does not have a seat in the Knesset YET..! The States (…) do not ask Washington when, where, how to build; they seem to be well qualified to make their own decisions. One has only to look at the results. We, in Israel, not being part of the privileged group listed above, feel that we are well qualified to make OUR OWN decisions. One has only to look at not 200, but 60 years only, Force, cohersion, dictat, bring only misery, despair, abject poverty. Just look at the Sand covered States surreding us. – sandra (08.10.09)
4. I don’t see how the Bush administration just less than a year ago managed to get the parties to agree to talks without the settlements issue but now the Barack Obama administration can’t? – JJ, SA/USA (08.10.09)

If you were right-wing Jewish voters, would you trust Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch’s corrupt, so-called left wing politicians? Don’t you think what they really want from their leadership is not whether or not they are against Settlement-Freeze, but the Right-Order and the Right-Information to serve their Right Concept of ‘Greater Israel’? Though Jerusalem Post offered the same article, I clicked this media to check the general opinion of WARMONGER-side of Israel, then I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Hilary Clinton’s temper flares: I’m secretary of state, not Bill Aug 10, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post

Republican presidential nominee in 2012: Divided Jerusalem ‘unimaginable’ Aug 19, 2008 / By Haaretz
Republican presidential nominee in 2012: ‘2-state solution’ or ‘Palestinian state in Jewish homeland’ is ‘unrealistic’ Aug 18, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
PM Bibi’s Ministers visit outposts, Republican presidential nominee backs settlements Aug 18, 2009 / By Haaretz

Republican presidential nominee’s visit – show of support, or planned attack? Aug 17, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
US presidential hopeful kicked off his visit to Israel by telling reporters that recent American policy toward the Jewish state has been “far more harsh” than that of previous administrations. He questioned US President Barack Obama’s authority (…) Eytan Gilboa, an expert on Israeli-American relations at Bar-Ilan University, said. “We have new opinion polls that actually show American public opinion disagreeing with the Obama administration’s approach toward Israel, and I think he is seizing on that. In that sense, this visit should be looked upon as an opportunity to exploit a vulnerability with regard to Obama’s foreign policy.” Additionally, Gilboa explained, growing American discontent over Obama’s gestures in the larger Arab world could be seized upon as well.
(…) “And it’s not just Republicans,” Gilboa said. “Remember that over 70 US senators, from across party lines, just signed a letter to Obama [encouraging the president to press for the normalization of ties between Arab states and Israel], and that was an unusual step by Congress. It put [Obama] on notice. So if you combine that with Obama’s recent meeting with Jewish leaders [in which the president tried to calm them over recent tensions with Israel], I think that it’s becoming clear that the president will have to rethink his approach [in the Middle East].
“Overall, this visit should be seen in the larger context of US-Israeli relations, which many people feel are going in the wrong direction, and feel that Obama is responsible for that,” Gilboa said. “He has the ability to show Obama that he doesn’t have bipartisan support for his policies toward Israel, and that if he wants to depart from tradition, he’s going to be opposed.”

Under the normal circumstances, I was supposed to ‘SPAM’ the entire members of American Congress, but cancelled. I now feel NO need to keep this computer work.

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🙂 From The Art of Criticism > Mail-Recipients
🙂 Dear Barenboim’s UN, EU, and First Lady of Israel (Mar 10, 2008)
JIWON: (…) Palestinian kids should be educated. I realized it the moment Dr. Condoleezza Rice succeeded to Colin Powell. In those days, I was daily reading Palestine Daily and surprised at the happening in Palestinian area. Palestinian media were literally covered with all kinds of insulting Condi’s name-or-life-or-whatever. I couldn’t understand why, because in my view, Condi was a real hope for Palestinian dream. Colin Powell was a great guy. He may be greater than Condi. But who cares when none of Bush Administration listens to his report-or-advice-or-warning? Should I write more? When Palestinians have no opportunity to change American Government, they should learn how to use it in the most effective way. Sooner or later, there will be another Government, filled by another name, who hardly knows anything history of this never-ending story between Israel and Palestine. This time, I really hope the poor Palestinians grasp whatever or whoever is better for their Palestinian Dream. I will work for them. I promise. (…)

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🙂 From Dear-Arab-Readers > Section: Egypt-Normalization > Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt on April 16, 2009 (Apr 13 – Jun 8, 2009)
🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3E (Jun 3-8, 2009)
(Updated on June 5, 2009)
JIWON: (…) Is there something wrong with Jewish Crying Babies? Just… thing are getting comical. Hum… I knew that Meretz’ leader Haim Oron was not for Dorit Beinisch. But I didn’t expect such a fervent support like this from the MERETZ PARTY after my announcement of NO-BEINISCH in Supreme Court of Israel… Also, I didn’t know that there are any differences between Bush’s Rice and Obama’s Clinton… since I am the one who worked and is working real hard for both ladies. Isn’t Bush’s James Jones Obama’s James Jones? I thought so… And I still(?) believe that Ms. Clinton should start where Ms. Rice left. This is what Ms. Rice addressed during her farewell speech. By then, I was so moved by this female’s accurate-but-modest, pan-political mind that I saved this right in Welcome-to-Jerusalem. Please check. This is also what Kadima’s Livni is constantly telling her mentally-zero audiences, who never remember their yesterday’s concert. Am I wrong? (…)

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🙂 From Whose-Israel > Welcome-to-Jerusalem
Analysis: Eight years of Bush. ABC-Policy. Anything But Clinton? May 14, 2008
(…) US President Bush, who came into the Oval Office highly critical of his predecessor’s super-involvement in the Arab-Israeli conflict, is on his way out of office up to his eyeballs in the details of that same conflict. (…) Bush is well aware of the instinct of new presidents… Bush himself was accused in his early years in office of adopting what one NYT writer pithily termed an “ABC policy” – Anything But Clinton. (…)
Obama names Clinton Sec. of State, Condi’s Jones national security advisor Dec 2, 2008 / By Haaretz
(…) Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, asked about Hilary Clinton, said: “I think that she will bring enormous energy and intellect and skill to the position. Most important, I know her to be somebody who has what you need most in this job, which is a deep love for the United States of America.” She added, As to advice, “I’ll give her that advice privately, and then she won’t – and you won’t – hear from me again.”
(JIWON: Whoever says whatever about Bush administration, I can’t help raising my respect of Ms. Rice whenever I read this female brain. Dear Palestinians, please remember this name as long as possible. Don’t you think she did a terrific job? Without Dorit Beinisch, she could have achieved what she deserved. So do you.)

Please look. Everybody is doing a terrific job.

Dr. Condoleezza Rice was the only valuable female politician in this Mideastern affair. Had she attended the New York Philharmonic’s North Korean concert, she could have caught more public attention, but she didn’t. I’ve never seen more brighter choice than her political decision. It was a perfect ensemble of Politics and Culture. What those Spanish pigs insulted this female politician… in the name of Daniel Barenboim? Everybody knows that I was not for Bush administration but for Mrs. Bush and Ms. Rice. And I worked real hard with this female Secretary of State. As far as I know, Ms. Condi was simply busy at cleaning all the ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’, which Bush administration’s foreign policy left during his first term. Why do you think President Bush has never questioned Ms. Condi’s report? Simply because he was a male-chauvinist? In my view, he completely trusted anything Condi, because there was NO personal, private, or political desire involved while reporting all the matters to her superior.

Now, I feel funny when the international media, which used to highly appreciate all kinds of lip-services, criticize her hard working as ZERO-achievement. No matter what, I hoped Ms. Hilary Clinton to succeed to Ms. Condi and to start where Ms. Rice left. So far, Obama’s Secretary of State couldn’t even line up for the start, and then, what is happening to Post-Bush administration? THEREFORE, will Ms. Clinton’s successor return to this? Analysis: Eight years of Bush. ABC-Policy. Anything But Clinton?

While Spanish and German government were doing their best by supporting Hamas’ Terrorism, destroying Palestinian Mentality, and being busy at Lip-Service to Peace-or-Divan-or-Whatever… in the name of CULTURE, this has been American side of story. I just hope them to keep going. And the cycle will continue until one side disappears from the Google-Map.

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