How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history

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AUGUST 11 – OCTOBER ?, 2009
DEAR BRITISH GOVERNMENT, (Why should I mention British Media/Pigs in this place?)

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(Updated on AUGUST 14, 2009)

Dear Guys,
I changed my plan. I feel NO need to make a separate message to the British Government. What’s more, I am soon going to invite ALL the FACEBOOK-members, who joined VOICE or WAGNER groups. I want to make them support your favorite Diva, Waltraud Meier, after checking all those dirty politics this German whore played in order to block Barenboim’s career at La Scala. Furthermore, I want ALL the German electorates to find this posting and realize what an important issue this PUBLIC DIVORCE of Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel is.
Not only Italian readers, German ones will also be able to tell YOU which PUBLIC DIVORCE sounds dirtier: Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi’s or Deutsch Bundeskanzlerin Merkel’s. Then, I need to make this part as a starting point for those NEWBIES, who have never heard of my computer work before.

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🙂 From Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala
🙂 Barenboim & Berlusconi: Prostitute & prostitute… They are all same
🙂 Interview by German Call-Girl, Waltraud Meier (Collection 2) (May 15 – Aug 14, 2009)
JIWON: How come Google-News: Waltraud+Meier tries to hide Meier’s interview on Murdoch’s Times? Just like Italian prostitute, this German whore now wants to live in LONDON?
Waltraud Meier heads for the Proms August 14, 2009 / By Times Online
(…) Meier is something of a muse for Barenboim, but she is also proud to be an honorary member of his inspirational half-Arab, half-Israeli orchestra. (…) Her private life remains private (…)

Has Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel attended Waltraud Meier’s Salzburg Festival? When? Both on Aug 12 & 15? With her husband, Prof. Joachim Sauer? If so, I am sure that both of them couldn’t be happier with Barenboim’s Muse, Waltraud Meier. Unlike other major professional ensembles, there will be NO gap between the WEDO’s orchestra sound and Meier’s VOICE, and Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel will feel orgasm whenever Barenboim makes a perfect ensemble with her Leonore while her husband, Prof. Joachim Sauer, gets into ecstasies over every each moment of his eternal love, Waltraud Meier.

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🙂 From Germany-Heldentenor > Garbage & Sh*ts in Berlin (sic!) >
🙂 Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich! (Jul 30, 2009)
Germany’s Election: A lacklustre campaign has hardly begun, but already Merkel looks set to win Aug 10, 2009 / By Times Online
Merkel: Jobs, Prosperity and a Return to Economic Growth will dominate Sept. 27 Election Race Aug 11, 2009 / By Bloomberg
Merkel Re-election Bid Spurred by German Economy’s Expansion Aug 12, 2009 / By Bloomberg
Biggest election issue in Germany? Cleavage … Aug 12, 2009 / By International Media
Boobs and wall-building – Germany’s election gets funny Aug 12, 2009 / By Euronews

HO! Just like the President-Election on May 23, during which Merkel lädt Stars (Waltraud Meier) zum Konzert am Brandenburger Tor

I didn’t know that Waltraud Meier’s “Staatsoper für ALLE” 2009 was in fact her painful present for her husband, who doesn’t want to stand in public during the 17th German Federal Election (Bundestagswahl) 2009. Every international media says that Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel will win by a large margin. Let’s hope that she will be reborn a REAL politician after this painful scandal and make her city of Berlin prosperous enough to keep 8 Symphony Orchestras, (including Staatskapelle), and 3 Opera Houses without merging them. We’ll see.

Below is for those who want to follow my Barenboim-message. Please don’t be lost between my Knesset-blog, Barenboim Loves the Knesset~ ^.*, and Music-blog, The Art of Criticism. I’m the one who wants to merge these TWO blogs into one, but can’t. For this reason, I truly feel pity on the Berlin politicians, who can’t merge all those bankrupt ensembles for fear of losing the election. But my reason is clearly different from theirs. I can’t mix Politics and Music and stir them in ONE dirty bowl. The Berlin politicians can’t, because they want to live in ONE dirty, bankrupt city of Berlin…

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🙂 From Facebook-Blog
🙂 DEAR BARENBOIM’S FANS (Jul 28, 2009)
🙂 Barenboim in Facebook: Did you call me ‘A Complete Idiot’? (Aug 2, 2009 – Present)
🙂 Dear German Bavarian Government (‘WEDO, Bayreuth-Festival, and Celibidache’s successor at Munich Philharmonic’ on Aug 3, 2009)
🙂 Dear Swiss Government (‘WEDO, and Geneva-Initiative’ on Aug 5, 2009)
🙂 Dear Baden-Württemberg Government (‘Bashkirova as Netrebko’s Pianist’ on Aug 8-10, 2009)
🙂 DEAR AUSTRIAN/BRITISH GOVERNMENT & EVERYBODY (Present Message on Aug 11-?, 2009)
🙂 Will there be more? Just sick of this computer work.

Below is for those who want to follow specific names. I hope German electorates, who want to follow Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel, to stay in this section, Germany-Heldentenor. Thanks.

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NOTICE: Israeli Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch’s Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival is to clear criminal record of Beinisch’s husband, Yechezkel Beinisch. They just named Elena Bashkirova as their Artistic Director, and everybody now knows WHY. Beinisch’s Husband Won’t Stand Trial (Dec 23, 2007). If anyone still wants to know more, please click these sections; Bimbo-Battle or Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch.

Please click below to read the entire text, starting from Aug 11 until Oct ?,2009
🙂 1. JIWON to Austria: Who is behind Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal and why Meier’s Lissner is still(!) so sure of his Milan life? (Aug 12-13, 2009)
🙂 2. JIWON to Munchen: If my analysis is right, ‘Systematic Way of Thinking’ is this German’s most favorite music (Aug 13, 2009)
🙂 3. Has Mrs. Mariam Said done her Palestinian job? Is she now leading Palestinian Ba’ath Party? (Aug 11-17, 2009)
🙂 4. How many Jews know WHO brought Shalit Case into light? Do they also know how Spanish Government destroyed Palestinian mentality? (Aug 17, 2009)
🙂 5. Genius Timing for Beinisch’s Settlement-Plan. Beinisch’s Zubin Mehta will never give up (Aug 17-18, 2009)
🙂 6. Warmonger Bibi’s Greater Israel and its supporters from Spain, Germany or USA (Aug 19, 2009)
🙂 7. JIWON to Palestine: The higher your death-toll rises, the joyful Waltraud Meier’s face will look and the louder this Lip-Service will sound. She will never give up sucking all your bloods to feed her professional career (Aug 19-20, 2009)
🙂 8. JIWON to Germany: Furtwangler, Yad Vashem, Menuhin, Jewish Mentality, & Beinisch’s Jerusalem-List (Aug 21-22, 2009)
🙂 9. JIWON to Mehta’s Jews: Don’t be deluded by Munich Mehta. Choose one. Likud’s Corrupt-Beinisch or Meretz’ Hardworking-PeaceNow (Aug 21-29, 2009)
🙂 10. JIWON to Germany: Jobless German Youngsters, Self-Criticism, Israeli Supreme Court in Meier’s WEDO 2009 (Aug 26-27, 2009)
🙂 11. JIWON to Munich: German Arts Funding, Corrupt Jewish System ‘Haver Mevi Haver’, Economic Crisis (Aug 27-31, 2009)
🙂 12. This is how Beinisch’s Secret Society has treated Israeli Arabs and Palestinians. The best way to keep Modern Slavery (Aug 31 – Sep 3, 2009)
🙂 13. JIWON to Munich: Don’t ever become a PREY of Berlin Music Society. Bashkirova’s French/Spanish Oboe in Munich (Sep 1-7, 2009)
🙂 14. Rupert Murdoch to support Beinisch/Bibi’s Settlement Tricks. Palestinians should thank Mrs. Said for her magnificent(?) involvement in… ‘One-State-Solution’ (Sep 8-9, 2009)
🙂 15. WORKING…
🙂 16. BIBI in panic while FEMALES are not: A certain Female Group will have to give up, or Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama shall change NOTHING (Oct 9, 2009)

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(Updated on SEPTEMBER 9, 2009)

NOW, I want to return to my original subject.

An Interview with French Solo Oboe des Bayerischen Rundfunks (1991-?) Dec 1999 / By The Double Reed
German Generalmusikdirektor-X kritisiert Stadt München Sep 6, 2009 / By Freie Presse

This lovely German Maestro never misses his golden opportunity. GOOD!
This was exactly what I was supposed to write… in order to finish this part.

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 16, 2009)

Please check my previous writing
🙂 JIWON to Munich: Don’t ever become a PREY of Berlin Music Society. Bashkirova’s French/Spanish Oboe in Munich (Sep 1-7, 2009)

Interestingly, this French Solo Oboe des Bayerischen Rundfunks (1991-?) also knows what means ‘Dancing-Body-Language-Affected-By-Rabies-Virus and Self-Confidence-In-Technical-Perfection’. He named it French version of Fantasy or Miracle. Of course, when he boasted this as French characteristics, his audience/readers never know that French Oboe in old good days never sounded like this.

Basically, whether or not this Woodwind sound represents the entire music society of contemporary France is none of my business. NO one complains about it or raises the issue on this. I just want to write Furtwangler’s Oboe and its interpretation. I strictly recommend Münchner Oberbürgermeister Christian Ude (SPD) and Kulturreferent Dr. Hans-Georg Küppers to show this message to ALL the professionals and music students, who majored in Oboe and Horn. These two instruments are frequently required to play together in chamber orchestra, and I can’t understand how the Munich horn players endured those f*cking French and Spanish Oboe. I promise that among the Munich/German Oboists, there are those who would weep for silent-joy after reading my open writing. They were born NEVER to play like this and forced to watch those foreign sh*ts’ arrogant behaviors in their homeland.

This French Solo Oboe des Bayerischen Rundfunks (1991-?) explains the relationship between the reed and his sound. Whatever I write, this musician will probably insist that each different style of reed is found in each different country. But this doesn’t explain everything. Wherever you go, to America or to Italy or to Germany or to Austria or to France or to Wherever, there are two kinds of oboe sounds regardless of its unique nationality. Then… they also mean two different interpretations; Inward and Outward. Why should I write all the details about these?

While the ‘Outward’ interpretation sounds full-of-expression, such as ‘lots-of-volume-changes’, and its brilliance works better for Solo or Chamber music, ‘Inward’ interpretation sounds somewhat inferior. While this ‘inferior(?)’ sound can be found in professional orchestras, this performer can never win the international competition. I’m not sure if this music can win the Grammy awards.

However, this is what I hear from Furtwangler’s interpretation and his orchestra members. ‘Inward’ interpretation doesn’t mean passive. Rather… I don’t think this ‘Inward’ musician likes being ordered. Does Furtwangler sound passive? I believe… it is the strongest interpretation I’ve ever heard. Then, with this strong interpretation, I feel the most peace at the bottom of my heart.

While ‘Inward’ interpretation always plays the most important role or thankless role in the ‘in-tuned’ ensemble, ‘Outward’ interpretation joins his ensemble partners with ‘over-tuned’ techniques. While ‘Inward’ interpretation sounds somewhat odd, even in the top-rate professional orchestras, this is the only sound to express the performer’s innermost feelings. At least… it never sounds cheap in a place, where his entire string section is heading toward UTOPIA.

Technically or physically speaking, it depends on whether or not the performer plays his oboe instrument from the spine. Now, everybody knows which technique Meier’s WEDO’s Spanish/Jewish/Arab Oboe is playing with. If you go to Youtube, there are quite Video-clips on Meier’s FIDELIO. There, everyone can watch what Meier’s ‘patriotic’ walking on the stage looks like. Please compare this posture with ‘Dancing-Body-Language-Affected-By-Rabies-Virus and Self-Confidence-In-Technical-Perfection’ of Spanish Oboe in Youtube: Wagner: Prelude Tristan und Isolde (Bayerischen Rundfunks) 1/2. They are same.

Is this the only problem for the instrument called OBOE?
Did I write about specific instrument or specific technique or specific interpretation?
I wrote about performer’s personality.

Now, please go to the Berlin Music Society and compare each wind instrument with Furtwangler’s oboe, clarinet, bassoon and so on… Do they sound same? Do their interpretation sound same? Do their personality sound same? Not surprisingly, it’s been impossible to find this interpretation-or-personality around Barenboim, starting from Hansjörg Schellenberger in Abbado’s BPO. Just like their ‘over-tuned’ techniques, they all wanted to be ‘over’ Barenboim and used Kremer’s bimbo in the most effective way. They just pretended to behave like well-trained puppies or even modern-slaves. What is BIMBO’s main characteristics? They are same. (Hansjörg Schellenberger’s case is more interesting, since his oboe always sounds the most inferior in his chamber ensembles. How come he never returns to Jerusalem when the Israeli Chief Justice desperately wants his free performance?)

Then what about Matthias Glander and his oboe and other fellows? This is why Barenboim can NEVER realize his Furtwangler dream in Berlin, where all the wind instruments are playing under Matthias Glander’s directorship, which favorite interpretation is NEVER… Especially in Furtwangler or even Wand’s clarinet case, German Mentality is more important than sound itself. I promise. If they can enter Furtwangler’s ‘Little Republic’, I will sell my soul to the devil. Ha!

This is interesting, because professional orchestras in these days, such as Sir Rattle’s Berlin Philharmonic, want to be independent from the Government Fund and the orchestra members join its management department. Usually, ‘Inward’ performers hate this involvement, and then ‘Outward’ interpretation start ruling the entire orchestra. Then, people call this orchestra ‘Little Republic’, which musical interpretation never sounds like Furtwangler’s ‘Little Republic’.

It is interesting, too, to find the same ‘Inward’ interpretation from German Kultur-Officials in each State Government. I think this is why all the Kultur-Projects from the Federal Government are doomed to fail. ‘Inward’ interpretation never means passive. Nor will ‘Outward’ interpretation from the Federal Government work to control each ‘Inward’ interpretation in each State Government.

This is why I had to write this sentence, ‘But this is never my kind of satire on the German culture’, in my previous writing
🙂 JIWON to Munich: German Arts Funding, Corrupt Jewish System ‘Haver Mevi Haver’, Economic Crisis (Aug 27-31, 2009)

First of all, why do you think I suddenly praised GERMAN MENTALITY the moment I heard Bayreuth Festival 2008, in which all those voices were struggling for survival… due to universal influence of Waltraud Meier’s vocal techniques from Berlin? By then, I didn’t know how to make a connection between GERMAN MENTALITY and ‘Inward-Interpretation’. Now I think that this is the very characteristics of being German Music. I am just sick of posting my old writings again and again. Anyone can find it from my Music-Blog.

What I feel funny is that…
I’ve been openly insulting Matthias Glander and this f*cking clarinet for a decade. All the Berlin musicians were reading my open analysis and sharing the same information. Especially, the members of Sir Rattle’s Berlin Philharmonic have been very busy. Meanwhile, there has been a historical event called BERLIN WAR ON CULTURE, and all other so-called-inferior nine-or-ten-or-eleven symphony/opera orchestras were struggling for survival, except for Sir Rattle’s BPO, which has been funded by the state government. (BTW, today’s internet says that Berlin proudly boasts ‘3+7=10’. Are their numbers going to remain same until my next research?) Then, this was in fact the golden opportunity for the Rival-Orchestras to prove Furtwangler’s interpretation and beat Glander’s Staatskapelle, which was OPENLY proving bottomless failing.

What happened after all? How come everybody sounds like Glander’s ‘aggressive’ orchestras? What’s wrong with them? ‘Hopeless-therefore-aggressive’ life is the only way to survive in Bankrupt City of Berlin? OR… Who is the real power-holder in the entire Berlin Music Society? Bashkirova’s old maestro X, who is entitled as a mentor of Akademie der Künste? I find that Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste also joined this Munich-Scandal. Isn’t that interesting? What is the exact role of these institutions in German Culture? What is their favorite interpretation? Inward or Outward?

First of all, what is the real reason of Daniel Barenboim’s belated(?) involvement in this Munich Scandal? Is he a General Music Director or what? This musician has been a Brilliant Contractor of ‘Outward-Interpretation’, whoever he is.

Hadash (Arab) MK Henin: Labor’s Barak has turned into right-wing’s CONTRACTOR Sep 7, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post

German Generalmusikdirektor-X kritisiert Stadt München Sep 6, 2009 / By Freie Presse
(…) Auch an die Absprachen über die wirtschaftliche Seite des Vertrages wollte sich die Stadt nicht mehr gebunden fühlen”, zitiert das Magazin Conductor-X. Die Stadt wünsche “einen GMD, der im Abseits steht”. Die Stadt wünsche “einen GMD, der im Abseits steht”. (…)

Very interesting is that it is rather Barenboim’s Israel, in which people are busy on this issue, Something-General.

Please check my previous writing
🙂 This is how Beinisch’s Secret Society has treated Israeli Arabs and Palestinians. The best way to keep Modern Slavery (Aug 31 – Sep 3, 2009)

Basically, this part deals with Israeli Supreme Court and it should belong to my previous writing as a sequel. But I decide to make it an independent part, since both Israeli Legal and German Musical cases are fun to follow. What is the exact role of General Music Director in the world of Music or Society? What is the exact role of Attorney General in the world of Law or Society? I find that it is more interesting to quote Legal articles, which deal with the same problem on this issue.

Please check
🙂 From Friedmannism > LegalAdviser-&-Prosecutor >
🙂 Israeli Attorney General: ‘Divide AG’s Functions!’ vs. ‘Hands off AG! Sharon’s Mazuz was not Beinisch’s Arbel!’ (Sep 8, 2009)
Hands off the attorney general Sep 9, 2009 / By Haaretz Editorial
(…) Former Supreme Court president and attorney general Meir Shamgar has said the attorney general is the main axis of the war on criminality and corruption. His authority should remain as it is, and Mazuz’s successor should be left to continue the worthy path of the current attorney general.

In any sense, I feel no need to post Barenboim’s comical involvement in so-called petition. I know who joined this list for the purely musical reason. For example, Maestro X is famous for his uncomfortable relationship with his working partner, Intendant, during his old good German days. However, it is more interesting to investigate each different reason of the musicians, in which list Dorit Beinisch’s Pet-Musicians are found, starting from Gidon Kremer, who has NEVER joined Mideast Politics despite his active participants in Mideast Music all behind the scene as Bashkirova’s mentor, and whose life has nothing to do with this kind of War of Power, but whose pure concern is to fill his performance schedule with the Munich or even the entire German orchestras.

Please ask him the reason of his Pianist X, whose chamber music shows NO hint of communication and whose aggressive pianism never matches German sound but was able to fill his performance schedule with ALL the German orchestras as a top-rate soloist. I was in shock during my research of German orchestras, because this name constantly popped up despite his ill-qualification. Isn’t this a power of ‘expensive’ Generalmusikdirektors, who have been working under the system of ‘Friends bring friends’, which appeared in my previous writing
🙂 JIWON to Munich: German Arts Funding, Corrupt Jewish System ‘Haver Mevi Haver’, Economic Crisis (Aug 27-31, 2009)

Anyway, please compare Barenboim’s comical involvement in so-called petition with the Jewish Legal article above. It sounds perfect in theory. Has it worked in practice, then? All the Cons-or-Pros Generalmusikdirektor in Munich City, while reading the Israeli Legal articles below, had better replace Attorney General with their favorite name, whoever he is.

Please check
🙂 From Friedmannism > LegalAdviser-&-Prosecutor >
🙂 Who was busier and poorer? Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann or Attorney General Menachem Mazuz? (Feb 8, 2007 to Present)
Editorial: Katsav will not be the only one on trial Mar. 11, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Talkbacks for this article 7
7. Regardless of Katsav’s guilt or innocence, AG Mazuz should be fired – There are only two ways to look at it: 1) Katsav is an innocent man Mazuz has dragged through the mud for political reasons 2) Katsav is a guilty man Mazuz has continually failed to prosecute due to political reason. Either way AG Mazuz is an incompetent, unethical political hack who should not hold the critical position he has. / David Teich – (03/12/2009 18:37)

Please check
🙂 From Friedmannism > LegalAdviser-&-Prosecutor >
🙂 Israeli Attorney General: ‘Divide AG’s Functions!’ vs. ‘Hands off AG! Barak’s Mazuz was not Beinisch’s Arbel!’ (Sep 8, 2009)
JIWON: Just in case, the case of Yechezkel Beinisch, A citizen above suspicion happened during both periods; AG Elyakim Rubinstein (1997-2004) & AG Menachem Mazuz (2004-2010). My only problem with AG Mazuz is that under the normal circumstance, (Beinisch’s corrupt way, I mean…), AG Mazuz should join Supreme Court but he failed so far. *.*

Yechezkel Beinisch, A citizen above suspicion Sep 12, 2003 / By
(…) Attorney General Rubinstein, who, like Arbel, requires Justice Beinisch’s support if he is to realize his dream of a seat on the Supreme Court, showed himself equally reluctant to investigate her husband. (…)

Israel’s Legal System and Corruption: White Knight or Black? By Israel Policy Center, Yitzhak Klein
(…) Soon after Mazuz’ appointment Atty. Yehezkel Beinish, husband of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and chairman of the board of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, was investigated for authorizing the nonpayment of payroll tax for the symphony’s employees. In an astounding ruling, overturning years of precedent, Mazuz ruled that Beinish’s actions were not criminal. Since then failure to pay payroll taxes has become a serious public problem. (…)

Finally, the Jews summed up Attorney General’s role as a Brilliant Contractor. Is this a private blogger?

Israel’s Legal System and Corruption: White Knight or Black? By Israel Policy Center, Yitzhak Klein
(…) It implies that Israel’s legal system merits public support because it has been a consistent combatant against corruption. This, unfortunately, is a misrepresentation. Israel’s legal system operates with significant political bias. Whether a politician gets indicted depends more on who his friends are and what his declared policies are than on anything he has done. This has especially been the case since the appointment of Menahem Mazuz as Attorney General, a weak man with flawed judgment which he has exercised too often in the interests of his friends and his personal political convictions.
Menahem Mazuz’ Record: Mazuz was originally appointed to office under Ariel Sharon (…) Yehezkel Beinish, husband of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (…) former President Moshe Katzav (…) Justice Minister Haim Ramon (…) President Shimon Peres (…) Ehud Olmert (…)
Several of Mazuz’ rulings were appealed to the Supreme Court but no appellant against one of Mazuz’ “political” decisions received succor from the Court. In some of the most blatant cases of political bias, that of Yehezkel Beinish and that regarding Shimon Peres, it was clear that there was no point in attempting to appeal Mazuz’ decisions to the Beinish court. (…)

Whose brilliant CONTRACTOR Israeli Attorney General has been? Wherever you go, whenever you find Dorit Beinisch’s involvement, you find problem. You find corruption. And the Settlers never forget WHO have been supporting Beinisch’s corruption. They never plan to accept Beinisch’s Pet-Judges’ Left-wing viewpoints.

Please check
🙂 From Banana-Republic > ..working.. >
🙂 Dorit Beinisch, Edna Arbel, and Balad (Anti-Israel Israeli-Arabs) (Sep 1, 2009)

Please check
🙂 From Dieharddoves-&-Settlement > Apartheid-Wall >
🙂 Security Wall in Palestine: Beinisch just rules and that’s all. NOTHING has changed! (Sep 11, 2009)
Who knows of Bil’in? Sep 11, 2009 / By
(…) In 2007, Dorit Beinisch ultimately determined that the wall needed to be moved back toward Israel, but nothing has changed. (…) Several international peace activists tried to intervene. The army response was tear gas and concussion grenades. (…)

Please check
🙂 From Dieharddoves-&-Settlement > Peace-Now >
🙂 PeaceNow to Beinisch: Don’t Send Political Message to Settlers! (Sep 8, 2009)
JIWON: While Beinisch’s Pet-Judge Rubinstein was bashed by both groups, this is what Dorit Beinisch did… doing her usual practice, addressing ‘Human Life’. Beinish at ceremony opening Israel Bar Association’s judicial year: There is air of contempt for human life. Then as usual, it is a real fun to read Talkbacks literally insulting Dorit Beinisch!

Please check
🙂 From Kippah-II > IDF-Service > $has Can’t Join Coalition for 2 Reasons. (NIS 1 b. for Child Allowance & Jerusalem) >
🙂 Tal Law: More and more yeshiva students choosing Torah over IDF service (Only 80 yeshiva students opted for national service in 2007) (Jan 21, 2007 – Sep 9, 2009)
Beinisch: State ‘dragging its feet’ on Tal Law Sep 9, 2009 / By Ynetnews / Jerusalem Post
Talkbacks on this article 7 / 4
6. Delay judges paycheck for 15 months: These judges are paid to make judicial decisions. If they don’t do their work, they should not be paid until they do. / J. Frank Mortimer – Israel (09/08/2009 19:45)
3. Tal Law Decision Delayed (Again!) : After complaining that the State is dragging its feet in getting information to the court regarding the Tal Law, the court decides to drag its feet another 15 months. Where do we find these brilliant judges? / Ger – Israel (09/08/2009 15:56)
1. Foot Dragging.: Nothing new here, you can print the same story each year without changing anything except the date. But dont expect the younger generation here to put up with this crap forever. Wake up before a critical mass is reached and all starts to unravel. / Philip , Afula,Israel (09.08.09)

Please check
🙂 From Whose-Israel > Holocaust-&-Wagner >
🙂 1/3 Holocaust survivors live in poverty (Sep 11, 2009)
🙂 Beinisch’s Arbel (Court) rejects petition on mishandling of Holocaust assets (Aug 20, 2009)

Even now… even in this situation… the newly appointed Supreme Court Judge Uzi Vogelman is also involved in this affair, Yechezkel Beinisch, A citizen above suspicion. No matter how hard he works for the rest of his life, WARMONGER-side of Israel will never forget, nor forgive his Beinisch-connection. Then, this is what is happening to Dorit Beinisch and her real partner, Edna Arbel, whom even the Haaretz has introduced as ‘the most inferior Supreme Court Judge in Israeli history’, and whose extreme-Left-wing viewpoints was notorious only during the era of her Beinisch’s Aharon Barak. Please note that the Haaretz tried to offer NO information on Justice Edna Arbel during this Legal Scandal, while ‘so-called un-intellectual’ media were busy with this female Jurist.

Please check
🙂 From Dieharddoves-&-Settlement > Peace-Now >
🙂 PeaceNow to Beinisch: Don’t Send Political Message to Settlers!
Far-right activist Baruch Marzel bashes Beinisch’s Pet-Judge Rubinstein at ceremony marking anniversary of 1929 riots Sep 8, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) The ceremony was the first-ever official government recognition of the 1929 attacks in Hebron (…) Peace Now sec.-gen. Yariv Oppenheimer argued that the ceremony was in fact a political demonstration and that a supreme court justice had no place at such an event. (…)

Please check
🙂 From Dieharddoves-&-Settlement > Illegal-Palestine-inWB
🙂 Settlers: Hooray! Beinisch’s Arbel to Raze ILLEGAL PA-Homes in WB, Finally! (Sep 9, 2009)
High Court orders demolition of illegal Palestinian houses Sep 9, 2009 / By Media
(…) After first-time decision, right-wing movement vows to file more petitions over “illegal construction and Palestinian outposts in Judea and Samaria.” (…)
Talkbacks for this article…
4. How many legal building permits Palestinians do get?: 12:23 | Petteri
8. selective justice is not justice: 15:41 | avrum
10. International law vs Israeli “justice”: 16:14 | Marteen
16. This territory wasn`t annexed by Israel: 19:11 | Sam
3. It`s the business of the Palestinians to build on their own land: 19:26 | Saenger
16. Different laws for different ethnic groups: 05:01 | Les Pauls
3. This will cause big trouble: (…) Meanwhile, settlements for Jews only are being built all over the West Bank. / j robbin – usa (09/10/2009 02:48)
40. demolition: This is not justice because everybody knows that Palestinians have near zero chance to build legally. The system is rotten and needs to be changed first before Israel becomes all righteous on illegal palestinian building. And there’s also the technicality of Israel imposing it’s laws on an occupied territory. That’s not really fair either. / rm – (09/10/2009 09:56)
7. Is the high court feeling the heat?: They have supported every Arab claim against us. Now all of the sudden they are concerned that there is no equality. LOL like the extreme leftist courts are concerned about equality. / Gee , Zikron Yaakov (09.03.09)

Very interesting is that it was only after my comical involvement that this poor Israeli Jurist, Attorney General Mazuz, started doing his job as Something-General. And now… the Jewish Branja is just b-u-s-y… at trying to protect AG Mazuz and prove that their current Attorney General had to deal with problematic heritage Beinisch’s Edna Arbel left. Don’t they know that I am NOT an expert in LAW, nor interested in their whatsoever business? *.*

What hooked me… rather… during this Legal Happening related to Something-General was NOT their legal ideology NOR who-is-con-or-pro-Beinisch BUT the practical issue that the current Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman has raised. It was interesting to follow.

🙂 From Friedmannism > LegalAdviser-&-Prosecutor >
🙂 Israeli Attorney General: ‘Divide AG’s Functions!’ vs. ‘Hands off AG! Barak’s Mazuz was not Beinisch’s Arbel!’ (Sep 8, 2009)
Neeman bent on ‘dividing’ attorney-general’s functions Sep 8, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) “There is a golden, middle path,” Neeman told the members of the panel. “There is no question that the existing situation is undesirable and that splitting the positions is also undesirable.” Earlier, Neeman said he preferred to use the word “divide” rather than “split” in talking about the reform he might be considering. Neeman explained why he thought the existing situation had to be changed because the attorney-general’s burden was so much heavier than it had been in the past. (…)

It is very interesting to follow, because this issue has always been a fundamental problem of Generalmusikdirektor Daniel Barenboim, who always hated dealing with unmusical-or-management part of his job and therefore always had to become a PREY of ‘Outward-interpretation/performers’, who were eager to do all his Unmusical-Chores(?) and able to be ‘over’ Musical-Barenboim in return. A fundamental problem of Generalmusikdirektor Daniel Barenboim, who still want to retain original power of Generalmusikdirektor… for the purely musical reason… even after proving his own ensemble’s bottomless failing… in the most musical way.

Please check
🙂 From Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala >
🙂 Berlusconi’s Minor-Scandal, Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal, and Salzburg Festival (Jun 13 – Jul 1, 2009)
(Updated on JUNE 19, 2009)
🙂 Participants in Lissner’s SEX-scandal at La Scala
0. NOTICE: Waltraud Meier NOW wants to hide her ‘romantic(?)’ relationship with Lissner’s toy conductors after La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg on May 19, 2009 (… after failing in Berlin…)
1-6. bla-bla-bla…
(Updated on JUNE 24, 2009)
Participants in La Scala Season 2008/2009, 2009/2010
JIWON: Basically, I should start this research from the very beginning or at least 2006, during which EVERYBODY, ISRAELI SUPREME COURT PRESIDENT DORIT BEINISCH in particular, was busy at his/her Barenboim-project. (…) Even Gidon Kremer debuted as La Scala’s Maestro? How much has EVERYBODY received from La Scala’s Lissner? More than X or less than X?
This is how Elena Bashkirova used to collaborate with EVERYBODY, including Barenboim’s rivals/enemies. The more Barenboim’s friends and supporters wanted to accept his painful past through their unbelievable generosity, the more this whore took advantage of her situation, and as a matter of fact, this human trash enjoyed her political gathering with Barenboim’s rivals/enemies more and more… and then stole all my hard working… and wanted more and more while enjoying Barenboim’s bottomless failing. Hadn’t this trash boasted in her interview that her professional career had nothing to do with Barenboim, I didn’t insult this whore like this…
Since the moment or even before Daniel Barenboim was appointed as Lissner’s toy conductor at La Scala, EVERYBODY has known Barenboim’s hard working. They knew how delicious it was, how delicious it would be to devour Barenboim’s orchestra.

What has happened when Generalmusikdirektor lost his Power and when a DEAF, Power-thirsty Intendant took over the directorship of Symphony/Opera Orchestra? What I feel funny is that La Scala’s Lissner’s good fellows also joined Barenboim’s comical involvement in so-called petition, starting from Soon-to-be-ex Salzburg-Intendant, who was tired of organizing Festivals-and-Festivals and didn’t mind rushing into Bankrupt Berlin. Or starting from La Scala’s Lissner’s Eva Wagner-Pasquier, who strictly wanted to ‘limit’ Power of Generalmusikdirektor in Barenboim’s Milan. It will be very interesting to investigate each different POLITICAL reasons, which clearly differ from Maestro X, who joined this list with his pure intention and also became a PREY of FOLKS.

(… NO need to post German media’s bla-bla-bla…)
Oberbürgermeister Christian Ude: Streit bei Philharmonikern. Intendant muss gehen Apr 17, 2007 / By

What I feel funny about all those German media, which try to make fool of me by reporting ‘X-is-German-God’, is that this War between Generalmusikdirektor-X and Munich Intendant is not their first time. It already happened in 2007. By then, the City of Munich sided with the Generalmusikdirektor-X by kicking their hard-working Intendant out of Munich. I think this is why the Munich politicians got sick of this Scandal or Power-Game again and (almost) unanimously decided NOT to extend the contract of Generalmusikdirektor-X.

Basically, I really want to read Orchestra musicians’ opinions. How many orchestra members sided with the conductor still tells me nothing. Which instruments were con/against their conductor and for what reason is more important. And in every case, just like Muti’s Milan Scandal, all their opinions should be published. I can explain everything.

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 17, 2009)

Streit um Generalmusikdirektor: X reagiert skeptisch auf Gesprächsangebot der Stadt München Sep 16, 2009 /By German media
(…) „Ich bin überrascht, dass ich die Nachricht aus der Presse erfahren musste“, sagte er im Gespräch mit der (…)

It sounds so comical that I decide to post it. Hum… I found one interesting article, too, which depicts the exact atmosphere inside the orchestra. Hum… I thought so. Hum… This article is dated on July 21. How come all those f*cking German media-or-artists believe that they can play the game with me? I don’t want to post it, anyway. When I started this subject, I clearly wrote that I don’t want to harm this German musician’s professional career any more, for whatever reason. I thought this case was already closed. Then it is this German guy, who is taking advantage of my computer work. Anyway, I am NOT writing about a specific name BUT something-general about Something-General in Israel and Germany.

Please check
🙂 From Kippah-II >
🙂 From (Un)divided-Jerusalem or Faceless-Female or Welfare/Halpert-Law or Kippah-Education or IDF-Service or Demography or Whose-Concubine
🙂 $has Can’t Join Coalition for 2 Reasons. (NIS 1 billion for Child Allowance & Jerusalem)
JIWON: Do you follow IDEOLOGY or RELIGION or JUDAISM? Whatsoever… I only follow MONEY. *.*

Sigh… it took couple of entire days just to re-arrange this section… only to show everybody HERE what a comical country Barenboim’s Israel has been. Anyone can check Kippah-I, too: Simply-Israel or Brain-Drain or Diaspora-Jews or American-Jews. Ooops, headache! I promise… this poor Jew, who is now enjoying(?) his ‘Knesset’ life in jail while Beinisch’s husband is still freely walking on the public street in Jerusalem, ‘really’ believed that $has MK Benizri says Homosexuals caused last Earthquake (Feb 20, 2008). *.*

Now, what about this? Are your holy German guys talking about Music or Authority or Tradition or What? I only follow MONEY *.*

Städtevergleich: München führt – Dresden auf der Überholspur Sep 8, 2007 / By German Media
München bleibt Tabellenführer der wirtschaftlich erfolgreichsten deutschen Großstädte, Dresden ist der dynamischste Aufsteiger des Jahres. „SORGENKINDER“ sind das Schlusslicht BERLIN sowie Bashkirova’s Rostock im Osten und der Bashkirova’s Ruhrpott im Westen. (…)

Brautschau mit Bruckner Sep 13, 2009 / By German Media
(…) Für einen Klangkörper dieser Güte, in dem die Individualitäten stark auseinanderstreben, zumal für ein so privilegiengewohntes und bestbezahltes Orchester wie das Münchner (…) Conductor-A geht 2012 von Dresden nach Zürich, wo besser gezahlt wird. Im Fall Conductor-X ging es nie um Geld, vermutlich nicht mal wirklich um das, was man landläufig „Macht“ nennt. (…)

Münchner Generalmusikdirektor-X schwärmt von der Dresdner Staatskapelle Sep 13, 2009 / By German Media
(…) Hinter der hartnäckigen Weigerung des Münchner Stadtrates, die Vertragsverhandlungen mit ‘Generalmusikdirektor-X’ wieder aufzunehmen, vermutet ‘Generalmusikdirektor-X’ den Plan, den Orchesteretat von 2013 an zu beschneiden. An eine Orchesterintrige glaube er nicht, sagte er der F.A.Z.. „Manchmal passieren ja Dinge im Leben, weil sie passieren sollen. Vielleicht ist das jetzt ein Zeichen. Wenn in München jetzt eine Verkleinerung des Orchesters droht, dann bin ich da fehl am Platz.“

This situation just reminds me of Muti’s Milan Scandal. How come ALL the Generalmusikdirektors’ reactions are same? He complains about issue-X here and quits his job during the scandal, then goes there and behaves like a lovely pet while dealing with the same issue-X. What is more interesting is that part of Milan-Scandal and part of Munich-Scandal overlap each other. The battle between Generalmusikdirektor and Intendant about how to program.

What was my answer while reporting this? Any holy German Souls, who joined this Bimbo-Battle, have surely devoured all my previous writings… and forgot everything. Why don’t you go to my Music-blog and use the search button with the keywords, ‘Sergey+Brin+Berlusconi’? Hadn’t I written these sentences? (I don’t think they are stupid. I just believe that their favorite interpretation is Sir Rattle’s BPO’s Old/New Bassoon or Ex-Solo Clarinet’s superficial free-tuning-system, which is another criterion to join Members of Bashkirova-Gang.)

🙂 Find the link by yourself!!!
JIWON: (…) This is where I want to stop. This is where I want to ask EVERYBODY one thing. This is also where I want to raise an issue. An internationally renowned, first-rate indeed, opera house without a certain criterion… nor with a certain quota? (…)

Who is talking about MUSIC? Who is mentioning Pierre Boulez at Barenboim’s Staatskapelle? What happened in New York when Barenboim invited Boulez for his Mahler cycle with Matthias Glander’s Staatskapelle? The New Yorkers were happy to figure out that their inexperienced, young orchestra is superior to this old, mature German ensemble from Hauptstadt Berlin. Has Glander’s Staatskapelle sounded different after Boulez’ Mahler-Cycle? How many old, mature, and legendary maestros rushed to Berlin… all thanks to Bashkirova’s ageless prostitution? They only got worse.

Everything is up to the Orchestra members.

Musikkritiker von der “Süddeutschen” über die Zukunft von Generalmusikdirektor-X Sep 14, 2009 / By Deutschlandradio
Deutschlandradio: Herr Eggebrecht, Generalmusikdirektor-X gilt ja als Konservativer, München wird aber von der SPD regiert. Stecken denn womöglich politische Motive hinter dem Konflikt?
Harald Eggebrecht: Nein, damit hat es überhaupt nichts zu tun. Hier geht es um die Grundsubstanz, nämlich, es ist eine tiefe Aversion gegenüber denen, die man Stars nennt. Immer wieder geht es darum, mein Gott, die verdienen ja doppelt so viel und so weiter. Dabei verdient ein – um es mal deutlich zu sagen -, ein Chefdirigent nichts im Vergleich zu einem ganz normalen Fußballer. Und vielleicht gibt es Bestrebungen, man könnte diesen kantigen, manchmal im Umgang etwas unglücklich agierenden, burschikosen Mann loswerden, obwohl man weiß, dass er ein einzigartiger Dirigent ist. Er ist ja im Moment der bedeutendste, deutsche Dirigent, und in dieser Preisklasse gibt es etwa fünf bis sechs auf der ganzen Welt. (…)

However… Sorry about saying this. It is NOT the heavenly-talented-and-skyrocketing-paid legendary Maestros NOR the mostly-deaf-and-power-thirsty Intendant BUT the orchestra members, who actually make MUSIC. Everything is up to the Orchestra members.

It’s perfectly OK for this or any other Generalmusikdirektors to insist that they didn’t prevent other conductors from ‘training’ his instruments. Let’s say that they just hate sharing his company with Intendant’s friends-or-not conductors and their bimbo-or-not soloists. If Generalmusikdirektor believes that the Intendant’s artistic choice is ruining his orchestra’s quality, especially his ideal German tradition, there are ways to prove it. And I kept writing how to prove it. I believe that only those who have ability to prove it can be treated like a STAR, who deserves anything he wants.

To be honest,
It is hard for me to understand ALL those Generalmusikdirektors’ stubborn willingness NEVER to collaborate with his un-musical(?) Intendant.

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 18, 2009)

If I were offered Generalmusikdirektor’s privilege under a certain obligation, I would fill my performance schedule with my ideals first, then would let Intendant take care of the remaining stuffs. He was hired to enhance orchestra’s artistic standard, which should attract his audience as many as possible. I don’t have to check the content of program nor the exact identity of performers until…

What means friends? Let’s say that Intendant is still bringing his friends-or-not conductors. If their interpretation sounds superior to mine, it means that I should study more. Will this rival die if I block his performance schedule in my headquarters? Sooner or later, everybody will know. If their interpretation sounds like my favorite, it means that my friends-circle broadens. You never know what means the musician. When two strangers play together and suddenly make an ensemble, they don’t have to talk… or introduce each other. They are already friends and communicate through music. After the concert, they want to know more about each other. In my view, it is a pure friendship.

Still… whenever I read legendary maestros’ interviews, in which they insist that their orchestra members should master(?) this-repertoire or that-repertoire in order to join the first-rate orchestra, I have nothing to say. (In fact, I’ve NEVER seen any orchestra make a pure German sound after finishing Beethoven or even Bruckner cycle. They just play all the way through… without missing the notes. Furthermore, in most cases, they even lost their young sound because they had to deal with difficult pieces without learning how to join the German tradition. I now think it’s getting international trend, and it is hard to distinguish the nationality of wind-&-brass, as long as they use the same reed or mouthpiece. Especially when they use French-style clarinet but don’t sound like French, it’s…)

In this scenario, I am the Generalmusikdirektor, who is in charge of my orchestra members’ happy life. Which musician was happier? Fritz Wunderlich singing Wagner or Fritz Wunderlich singing Bach or Fritz Wunderlich singing Beethoven or Fritz Wunderlich singing Lieder or Fritz Wunderlich singing Pop-song? As long as my musicians are happy, I am happy, too. Without them, I can’t make a note. Whenever I see my talented members suffer, I know there is something wrong going around in my company. It’s time to investigate Intendant’s artistic choices. This is how I was able to ask the Italian Politicians to replace German Meier’s French Lissner with a pure Italian-Talent ‘after sucking all his bloods’. At Barenboim’s La Scala, the story could have been perfect if Lissner’s toy-conductors’ hard working had contributed to the enhancement of artistic quality of The members were dying and I was able to pick up everything.

Of course, I should check which soloists are coming, because I have to know who the rising talents are. Next time, I should play with them. If ill-qualifications are found, this is the time for my working partner to be fired… in the most shameful way. I will butcher everybody involved in these bimbo-or-not soloists… in the most brutal way.

Basically, this freedom of Generalmusikdirektor’s duty was Barenboim’s most favorite… as far as I know. Then, what happened to this Brilliant Contractor, after all?

Berliner/Münchner Generalmusikdirektor-X: Berlin Owes Me! I’ll Never Forget!! Time-Unknown / By Berliner/Münchner Generalmusikdirektor-X
(…) Generalmusikdirektor-X denies any personal problems with Barenboim. “All conductors are in a certain competition,” he admits, “but I’m extremely grateful to Daniel. He originally brought me to Bayreuth. I sent him a note, and we spoke about the situation. He asked if I had really said this. I said, ‘Daniel, please, please. I cannot apologize for something I never said.’ This all happened to come up exactly at the moment when the Berlin senate was trying to persuade me to remain at the Deutsche Oper. At the same moment Deutsche Grammophon was talking to me about the renewal of my exclusive contract. Isn’t this a strange coincidence? This damned rumor is really going to ruin my nerves. I ask myself why did someone do that? I know why. They wanted me kicked out.”

Stadt München offen für Gespräch mit Generalmusikdirektor-X Sep 18, 2009 / By German media
(…) Die jetzige Rückrufaktion erinnert an eine Aktion des früheren Berliner Kultursenators Christoph Stölzl, der Generalmusikdirektor-X überredet hatte, als Generalmusikdirektor an die Deutsche Oper zurückzukehren, nachdem er den Job zuvor hingeworfen hatte. Diese zweite Berliner Amtszeit währte nur kurz.

Eine regionale Bilanz Sep 17, 2009 / By Musikkritiker, who was famous for criticizing STAR-system at Barenboim’s Berlin years and years ago (… I remember him because of his unique name + difficult German…)
Staatliche Subvention ist die Lebensversicherung der Kulturnation. (…) Projekte mit jährlich rund acht Milliarden Euro – das ist Weltrekord. (…)
In München (…) einen Dirigenten, dem es um einen der Tradition verpflichteten Klang geht. (…) Plötzlich heißt die Devise: Mehr Moderne statt Tradition. (…) dass Stars keine Lust zu solchen Spielen haben.
Besonders in der Hauptstadt Berlin zeigt sich das Chaos der Kulturpolitik. Klaus Wowereits Idee der Opernstiftung scheiterte, die Eigenständigkeit der Häuser bringt kein Profil. Dass Jürgen Flimm als Staatsopernintendant berufen wurde, beweist, dass die Vorzeigekultur lieber auf Stillstand als auf Aufbruch setzt. (…)

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 19, 2009)

Interview with Münchner Kulturreferent Hans-Georg Küppers Sep 18, 2009 / By, R. Brembeck
Stadt München geht «GANZ OFFEN» in Gespräche mit Generalmusikdirektor-X Sep 18, 2009 / By News Adhoc
Generalmusikdirektor-X: „Ich kann das nicht zulassen“ Sep 19, 2009 / By German Media, Musikkritiker
(JIWON: I remember this Musikkritiker’s name, but not his article. Since this is one of f*cking German media, which kept playing games with me, was it one of Bimbo-articles? I need to figure out, since I clearly remember this name.)

According to the rule of this Bimbo-Battle…
Has Munich Politicians already finished their deal with the Berlin Pigs? If so, I strictly recommend them to finish this business ‘before’ I finish this writing. No matter what, I won’t change my promise to the Italian Government and La Scala’s real fans. And I am NOT playing the game with anyone now.

(SEPTEMBER 20, 2009: These articles appeared after posting the draft of this writing on Sep 19, but I feel NO need to post them as part of Sep 20.)
Münchner – (Wiederholung vom Samstag) Münchner Philharmoniker bleiben bei ihren Forderungen an Generalmusikdirektor Sep 20, 2009 / By German Media
Alles bleibt neu Sep 20, 2009 / By German Media

Several days ago, I found that some articles offered Comments-section, so I wanted to read ALL of them. Now, it is already time to turn off the computer.

While those f*cking Berlin FOLKS have praised Waltraud Meier’s WEDO as a Missionary of German Tradition, a Symbol of German Sound, (… what was Barenboim’s answer, by the way?…)

While Zapatero’s holy Spanish Government has collaborated with Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel through her husband, who was through Waltraud Meier, who was through Bashkirova’s WEDO, which was through Matthias Glander’s Staatskapelle, and supported PM Netanyahu or Dorit Beinisch’s Settlement Plan in Israel,

While Zapatero’s holy Spanish Government has collaborated with PM Netanyahu through Dorit Beinisch’s Labor Politicians, who were through Moderate-but-Corrupt Palestinian Politicians, who were through the Widow of Prof. Edward Said, and destroyed everything about Palestinian Mentality,

And while Those-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in Sir Rattle’s Berlin Philharmonic have collaborated with Elena Bashkirova through Sir Rattle’s Jewish Concertmaster, who was through Waltraud Meier’s WEDO, and hurried to block Barenboim’s BPO contract, (… When was it? While I was hopelessly working for Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal…)

Below is what happened to Barenboim.

Poll: Welcher Dirigent eines deutschen Spitzenorchesters ist der beste? Jul 22, 2009 / By German Media
No. 1: German Generalmusikdirektor-X (41%)
No. 2: British Sir Rattle (17%)
No. 4: Daniel Barenboim (12%)
(JIWON: So far, 1787 voted and I didn’t. Basically, this article is written by a Musikkritiker, who fell in love with Kremer’s second-ex and introduced himself as the Best-Critic-in-Germany/World. Remember? There was a scandal years ago and what was the reaction from the Google-Group? It was one of the most comical stuffs to read. I find that this German newspaper’s Talkbackers are also busy with this guy. THUS, I strictly recommend everyone to skip this article and read ALL the comments. What a fun! Not only it is fun to read, I find several very interesting and important opinions. Under the normal circumstance, I should post part of them, but can’t here.)

Leserbriefe: “Keine Abstimmung bei Opernhäusern” Jun 12, 2009 / By Berlin Media
Zum Artikel “Opernstiftung soll Dubletten reglementieren” vom 9. Juni
Der Beitrag von Herrn X ist ärgerlich, weil er den Eindruck vermitteln will, die Opernhäuser würden sich abstimmen, um Dubletten zu vermeiden. Dies wird nicht geschehen, so wie es auch in den letzten Jahren nicht geschehen konnte, weil der allmächtige Herr Barenboim keine Absprachen duldet, und Wowi, in seiner Eigenschaft als Kultursenator, nicht den Mut aufbringt, den Machtansprüchen Barenboims entgegenzutreten. Was Barenboim will, bekommt er auf einem silbernen Tablett. Will er z. B. die Kapelle der Staatsoper vergrößern, so erhält er die Musiker, die der Senat z. B. dem Deutschen Symphonieorchester verweigert, das nicht einmal auf eine Sollstärke von Musikern zurückgreifen kann, was X veranlasste, seinen Vertrag beim DSO nicht zu verlängern. Der Fall Generalmusikdirektor-X, der nach München wechselte, ist noch in guter Erinnerung. Nein, Barenboim, der mehr und mehr auf allen Hochzeiten tanzt, aber Berlin dem Grunde nach nur noch für medienwirksame repräsentative Auftritte zur Verfügung steht (so werden seine Auftritte an der Staatsoper von Jahr zu Jahr dürftiger), hat es geschickt verstanden, für sich eine Machtposition aufzubauen, die er aus meinem Horizont gleichwohl künstlerisch nicht ausfüllen kann.

Streit um Gastdirigate: Generalmusikdirektor-X vor Bruch mit München Jul 21, 2009 / By German Media
Comment- Peter Czasch sagt: Generalmusikdirektor-X ist sicherlich sehr eigenwillig`und manchmal schwer zu ertragen, aber er ist auch der Beste, den wir im Moment haben. München sollte sich glücklich schätzen, ihn seinerzeit gewonnen zu haben und alles daran tun, um ihn zu halten; denn Dresden wäre doch nur ein Ausweichmanöver im Ziel, die Berliner Philharmoniker davon zu überzeugen, daß die seinerzeitige Entscheidung für Ratlle die vollkommen Falsche war. Die Berliner sind der Klangkörper, dem der Qualitätsfanatiker Generalmusikdirektor-X wieder zu höchsten Höhen verhelfen könnte. Rattle schafft das offensichtlich nicht mit seinen merkwürdigen Experimenten und so leidet nicht nur Deutschland und die Welt, sondern vor allen Dingen das Orchester – finanziell und künstlerisch. Es müssen für die Berliner die Zeiten Karajans zurück kommen – und das, in der Tat, schafft nur Generalmusikdirektor-X mit seiner großen Zickigkeit, aber mit einer künstlerischen Leistung, die ihresgleichen sucht. Also, Ihr lieben Münchner – es ist eine Ehre, Generalmusikdirektor-X zu haben und eine noch größere, ihm auf seinem Weg zu den Berlinern behilflich zu sein. Das wäre doch einmal eine Leistung aus Bayern, die der Rest Deutschlands begrüßen würde, oder?

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2009)

Thanks to Pierre Boulez’s article, Alles bleibt neu, which popped up right after posting the draft of my Saturday-writing, I was able to find more. WOW! I never knew what a busy guy Sir Rattle had been…

Sir Simon Rattle: “Karajans Zeiten kommen nicht wieder” Feb 8, 2008 / By German Media
(…) [Media: Sie haben in den letzten fünf Jahren drei Dinge hinzugewonnen: ein Orchester, eine Frau und ein Kind.] Rattle: (…) Unser Leben wird sicher komplizierter werden, wenn Kind-X in die Schule kommt. 2010 machen Magdalena (die Mezzosopranistin Kozena, Anm. d. Red.) und ich an der Metropolitan Opera „Pelleas et Mélisande“ – das wird sicher das erste und einzige Mal sein, dass wir so weit weg in der Oper werden zusammenarbeiten können. Andererseits sind wir beide sehr, sehr gern in Berlin.
(…) [Media: Ist die Diskussion über einen sogenannten „deutschen Klang“ eine Sache der Vergangenheit oder eine der Zukunft?] – Rattle: Das ist mindestens so bedeutsam wie die politische Frage, ob man mit multikultureller Offenheit gewinnt oder verliert. (…) so gehe ich auch mit großem Vergnügen in ein Konzert meines Kollegen ‘Generalmusikdirektor-X’. Ich bin immer wieder erstaunt, was er will, was er für starke Konzepte hat und was für einen Klang er herausholt. Und ich weiß gleichzeitig genau: Das ist ein Sound, den ich niemals selbst erzeugen möchte! (…)

Berlins Philharmoniker wollen Rattle behalten Apr 25, 2009 / By German Media
(…) Zu Rattles künftigen Plänen gehören die Chabrier-Oper „L’Etoile“ an der Berliner Lindenoper mit seiner Lebensgefährtin Magdalena Kozena, die kurz vor der Geburt des zweiten gemeinsamen Kindes steht. (…)

Simon Rattle Berlin Contract Not Signed May 11, 2009 / By Philadelphia Media
(JIWON: As usual, Kremer’s Bimbo and her BPO members hurried to block Barenboim’s BPO contract the moment my computer work joined this Berlin-War… and it was a week before La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg on May 19, 2009 (… after failing in Berlin…). Every Berlin Musician/Politician was very busy during this week, starting from Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel, whose Meier-Project was able to make me openly write, ‘JUST SICK OF EVERYTHING-BARENBOIM’ on the same day.)

WOW! I never knew what a busy guy Sir Rattle had been while Mrs. Mariam Said was busy at her RED dress code sticking around Barenboim. Or was Mrs. Magdalena Rattle the busiest one, appearing in RED and trying to make me give up this computer work? (I’m still trying to figure out the exact reason behind Sir Rattle’s Diva’s Kitchen-happening with Barenboim or Barenboim’s UDL.)

Please check my previous writing
🙂 From This is how Beinisch’s Secret Society has treated Israeli Arabs and Palestinians. The best way to keep Modern Slavery (Aug 31 – Sep 3, 2009)
JIWON: (…) Jacqueline du Pre was loved and missed in Barenboim’s Israel more than she was in du Pre’s England. I don’t know why. Then… It’s been years that this Russian whore and her Jewish boss, Chief Justice Dorit Beinisch, have been selling du Pre’s Jewish fame to feed their professional career inside and then outside Israel. Now, it seems that du Pre’s Jewish fame is NOT enough for DORIT BEINISCH to keep her JERUSALEM FESTIVAL 2009-3009. This Jew launched her Media Campaign that this is part of Barenboim’s WEDO. Please click this Haaretz article and ask Sir Rattle’s Jewish Concertmaster who is behind his Barenboim-article.

While reading Sir Rattle’s Interview on Feb 8, 2008, I couldn’t help comparing this with that of his Jewish Concertmaster, who is now CO-directing Dorit Beinisch’s JERUSALEM FESTIVAL and Waltraud Meier’s WEDO. Isn’t that interesting? Are these TWO different personalities-or-interviews or ONE identical charisma-or-musician, who was busy at blocking Barenboim’s BPO contract?

Very interesting is that the German readers picked up the exact part and literally insulted this one or these two BIG-MOUTHS.

Sir Simon Rattle: “Karajans Zeiten kommen nicht wieder” Feb 8, 2008 / By German Media
Comment 1-Frank Kantereit sagt: Sicher, es stimmt: “Karajans Zeiten kommen nicht wieder” – dafür sind aber Rattles Zeiten schneller vorbei!Media: Was sollen die nächsten fünf Jahre mit dem Orchester bringen? Rattle: Mehr Konzentration und trotzdem Varianz, eine Art des Phrasierens, die von allen geteilt wird und (auf Deutsch): mehr Einheit.” Mehr Konzentration?! Ja, wofür, wenn nicht für das, wird dieses Orchester inklusive Herrn Rattle denn bezahlt und subventioniert? Da darf man wohl das Höchstmaß an Konzentration und Einheit voraussetzen. Aber wie war das doch gleich? Ach ja: “Karajans Zeiten kommen nicht wieder.” Goddbye Simon Rattle – Berlin hat Besseres verdient!
Comment 2-Musikliebhaber sagt: Wenn eins ist sicher, dann das, Karajans Zeite kommen nie wieder! LEIDER! Und Herr Simon Rattle wird nur ein Ersatz bleiben… jemand dem wichtiger ist seine Frau zu verlassen um sich zu beweisen dass man/n doch jung genug ist, kann es auch anders tun, seine neue würde niemals ohne sein Name so eine Karriere gemacht zu haben, das Kind tut mir schon sehr Leid….. vielleicht gibt es jemand der diese Lücke füllen kann…. also, ich hoffe bald auf ein nächsten Mann der keine Karrieresüchtig ist sondern der Musik Untertan!!!!
Comment 3-BarbaraN. sagt: (…) So sind wir Deutschen eben, halten alle anderen für Deppen, nur uns nicht!
(JIWON: To be honest, I can’t exactly understand the comment 3, but just smell his anger.)

Berlins Philharmoniker wollen Rattle behalten Apr 25, 2009 / By German Media
Comment-Wasserschaden sagt: [Media: Der weiße Rauch aus der Berliner Philharmonie stieg schneller auf als von außen vermutet… ] Sehr vorausschauend dieser Bericht, allerdings sieht man den Rauch jetzt doch auch von außen ganz deutlich.

Frankly speaking, the moment I found Sir Rattle’s interview, I got so sick of this big-mouth that I fell vomiting and couldn’t do anything… until the Comment-Section hooked my attention. Had my German been as good as theirs… What if those German taxpayers visited my Music-blog and found out all the happenings behind the scene, which is called Bimbo-Battle?

Alles bleibt neu Sep 20, 2009 / By German Media
(…) Der Komponist Pierre Boulez etwa habe sich in einem offenen Brief an die Stadt in ihrem Sinn geäußert und die Wichtigkeit eines Dialogs zwischen Chefdirigent, Orchester und Intendant betont, erklärte das Kulturreferat. Tatsache ist aber, dass es sich bei diesem “offenen Brief an die Stadt” um die Petition der Bayerischen Akademie der Schönen Künste handelt – einen anderen Brief des Franzosen an die Stadt München gibt es nicht. Daneben droht der Streit um den Philharmoniker-Chef auch zu einem politischen Streit zu werden. (…) Thomas Goppel (CSU), Bayerns ehemaliger CSU-Kultusminister und amtierender Präsident des Bayerischen Musikrats: “Der Oberbürgermeister (SPD) muss ein klärendes Gespräch führen, (…)”

Basically, this Munich-Scandal was nothing special and should have been handled as Case-by-Case. What was people’s reaction during the special contract at Bavarian State Opera? This company also has a unique history in this area. In sum, each opera/symphony orchestra has its own history about ‘contract’. If the Generalmusikdirektor or Intendant doesn’t like its unique system, he should find his favorite company, which offers him his favorite unique system. It is simple as it is. Especially in this Munich-Story, the subject is considered to be a German-Jewel or one of the Bests in the World. Why is he scared of leaving this place, in which NONE of professional working partners welcomes his favorite system? Why is he plotting a ‘COUP D’TAT’ through the false media play? This is what he says, “Im Gegenteil, ich finde, was da gerade in München mit mir und den Philharmonikern geschieht, ist eine Entscheidung, die die ganze Dirigentenzunft etwas angeht.” As far as I know, this is NOT the point in this story. Since one commenter also pointed out this, I don’t think I wrote my personal opinion to harm this musician’s professional career.

No one believes any Generalmusikdirektor, no matter how firmly he insists that “Das habe ich nie getan!”, while he was being asked “Man hat mir in München nachgesagt, ich hätte andere Dirigenten verhindern wollen.” Please check all the comments. There, they pointed out Barenboim’s Berlin appearance was blocked during Karajan’s era.

What is weird in this story is that Maestro Pierre Boulez, who is famous for his individualistic life, joined here to protect Generalmusikdirektor-X, whose hard working has never contributed to his international fame. Barenboim did everything to support Maestro Boulez’ CSO and to make his orchestra members study Composer Boulez, yet he did nothing to protect outgoing Generalmusikdirektor Barenboim when and after he was kicked out by the Orchestra board and members. Just like this Munich-Scandal, their official reason was whether or not Barenboim can handle beyond the original duty of Generalmusikdirektor. After Barenboim’s departure, Maestro Boulez has ‘really’ enjoyed his individualistic activity and enjoyed his CSO contract as a special guest more… While Barenboim’s thorny relationship with the orchestra members was a subject of Barenboim-forum, Boulez’ questionable relationship with Barenboim’s CSO was a subject of Barenboim-article.

I decide to doubt his pure-or-political intention in this open place, because his future performance schedule will tell me everything. If Barenboim still appears as Boulez’ soloist, his involvement is nothing but as a special member of Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste. If not, it is because he wants to protect his French Intendant Lissner even after La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg on May 19, 2009 (… after failing in Berlin…). Maestro Boulez wanted to me to give up this computer work and be out of Barenboim.

I even can’t trust this ‘offenen Brief an die Stadt’ or Petition’s Legendary-X, whose Y supported Kremer’s Bimbo behind the scene but so far received nothing in return. (… Perhaps, he joined this Bimbo-Battle too late…) I have to suspect, since this musician’s legendary life has nothing to do with this power-game between Generalmusikdirektor and Intendant. And Bankrupt City of Berlin is full of musicians, especially full of Whose-Son or Whose-Father or Whose-Bimbo-or-Mistress-or-Wife-or-Ex in terms of MUSIC, and this Russian whore has been effectively using this personal relationship while stealing all my hard working… and while her real friends were insulting Barenboim, who furiously asked German Government to fulfill its promise to the ‘Generalmusikdirektor of Unter den Linden’.

First of all, the Petition itself is a mystery. How many participants are found? Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste and 35 musicians, part of whom simply joined as Whose-Who and part of whom are already members of Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste. Whether its president is Siegfried Mauser (Musik) or Dieter Dorn (Kunst) or Dieter Borchmeyer (General), this group means a certain number of musicians or artists. Please check Liste der Mitglieder der Bayerischen Akademie der Schönen Künste. In sum, the media is playing its usual foul-game with the numbers. Or Which organization do the musicians represent? Akademie der Künste (Berlin) or Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste? OR… is it a typical way of musician’s viewpoint and is this why their practical life is never respected by outsiders, who only enjoy making their subject a gossip-idol?

However, it’s easy to figure out the reason of German politician, Thomas Goppel (CSU), who, as Bayerns ehemaliger CSU-Kultusminister und amtierender Präsident des Bayerischen Musikrats, criticized Münchner Oberbürgermeister Christian Ude (SPD), despite the fact that it was an almost-unanimous decision by his fellow politicians. Days ago, I found this article, Eine regionale Bilanz, in which the author mentioned the current happenings related to Kulturbürgermeister. I am suspecting if this German politician now wants to start his election campaign toward Kulturbürgermeister After-Ude (CSU). Isn’t it the right time to start this political campaign after the City of Munich has suffered(?) a Dictator-SPD since 1993?

Hum… If I were Generalmusikdirektor of this German Politician, whose favorite is to soak his heart in the Classical Music, I would do my best to work for this Kulturbürgermeister, whose ultimate aim is to promote the family value among the citizens. Ultimately, the essence of the Classical Music, in my view, is to introduce Peace to our human hearts. In this way, the Classical Music can become a terrific version of Family Reunion Game. It would be terrific if the lonely hearts want to return to the bosom of the family, after attending state-funded orchestra performances.

No matter what,
How many organizations are mitglieder des Bayerischen Musikrats? Are all the members behind the President’s attack on Münchner Oberbürgermeister Christian Ude (SPD)? If not, it simply tells me that he has been abusing his political position.

No matter what,
How many Berlin Musicians/Politicians are found in this Munich-Scandal and suddenly in support of former-Berliner or current-Münchner Generalmusikdirektor-X only to confine Barenboim’s professional life to Waltraud Meier’s Berliner Staatskapelle? Clearly, the real musician/politician or the Mastermind behind this Petition from Berlin didn’t appear in the article. What’s more, the most comical story in this Munich-Scandal is that the Munich politicians’ wish or orchestra members’ request is exactly what the Generalmusikdirektor Barenboim has wanted throughout his professional life. And this is why those PIGS are real busy. How come even Placido Domingo joined FOLKS? Is this Barenboim’s real friend? OR, everybody is called musician and therefore is doomed to fall into those Berlin Pigs’ tricks?

Please check
🙂 From Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch
🙂 In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (Oct 2 – Dec 19, 2008)
(Updated on NOVEMBER 22-24, 2008)
JIWON: (…) Time to finish. What a comical country it is… This ♥ PART 5 ♥ should be the first part in
🙂 JIWON: Nationalist-Government is My Most Favorite. WHY is it a bad idea? It should exist for the better future of Israel!!!
The migraine that is Migron Nov 15, 2008 / By Haaretz
(…) Most Labor voters have no idea where the outposts are located, who lives there and whom they’re bothering. To the left, the outposts symbolize the occupation; to the right, they embody Israel’s hold on the land. (…) Predictably, the Yesha Council of settlements in Judea and Samaria does not seem too concerned about the situation. Although there is no state budget for the outposts, the army still guards their residents, regardless of their legal standing. (…)

Gideon Levy: Time to poll Israelis on continuing occupation Sep 13, 2009 / By Haaretz
This charade really has to stop. Forty-two years into the Israeli occupation, it’s time to find out once and for all, without caveats or reservations, what Israelis actually want. Governments deceive us, one after another, as with generation after generation of a seemingly apathetic public. Now we have a prime minister who talks about a two-state solution and simultaneously works to undermine any chance of realizing it. No one knows what he, or we, are striving for, other than his own survival. (…) While everyone is busy blurring and deceiving, it’s time to use the one tool Israel has never employed: a referendum (…) True, the charade can continue even after a referendum, which is why the question must be razor-sharp (…)

I thought that if I keep sending my Barenboim-message to all the possible Israelis, this opinion would be realized. Now, I don’t think so… as along as Barenboim is alive. I am just thinking. What if Part of German Taxpayers, who were furious at Sir Rattle’s BPO-interview, find my Barenboim-message? This is what I am going to do, as a matter of fact.

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 22-23, 2009)

Chaim Gans: A referendum won’t help Sep 22, 2009 / By Haaretz
Gideon Levy proposed (…) We have come back to the question of the justice of Zionism and its correct interpretation. It is a question whose answer derives its legitimacy, or lack thereof, not from a majority vote, but from whether it is right or wrong. Those on the right have resorted over the past 42 yeas to breaking the law, lying, political chicanery both internal and external and even murder – means that to describe them merely as non-democratic is to falsely dignify them. And the right has created a reality that conforms with what it believed is morally right for all of us. The left has served as the right’s dummy, and now the dummy’s dead. A referendum can’t change that. Perhaps Obama can.

Please check my previous writing
🙂 From Rupert Murdoch to support Beinisch/Bibi’s Settlement Tricks. Palestinians should thank Mrs. Said for her magnificent(?) involvement in… ‘One-State-Solution’ (Sep 8-9, 2009, with more information added until Tomorrow)
(Everybody was busy until Sep 17, 2009, and finally…)
‘PM agrees to 9-month W. Bank freeze’ = PM: Settlers will be rewarded after ‘6-or-9-or-12-month freeze’ Sep 18, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
EU calls for halt to settlement activity = EU: NO sanction against Israel no matter what… Sep 19, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
US drops demand for settlement freeze after tripartite meeting Sep 23, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
‘Arabs, (except Saudi), offer flyover rights for (temporary) freeze’ Sep 22, 2009 / By Haaretz (JP article sounds different, BTW. Complete instead of temporary.)
Aluf Benn: Suddenly, Netanyahu is popular and Obama is not Sep 4, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Next year, 2010, will be the “year of Iran.” The Palestinians will have to wait their turn and pass the time in empty talks until Iran is restrained. (…)
(JIWON: No matter what happens to Phoenix-Bibi’s lies, they don’t plan to topple PM Bibi. I wanted to make Barenboim’s WEDO 2009 a real happening, not because of this computer work or my involvement but because, in my view, this timing was a real opportunity for the Palestinian side. If my daily reading Jewish articles serves me right, I think it was once-in-a-decade chance. I truly appreciate Mrs. Mariam Said… from the bottom of my heart… if her real intention was to support One-State-Solution. Not surprisingly, this collection ended with ADL: Anti-Semitism in Spain on the rise (Sep 21, 2009).)

Please check
🙂 From Dear-Arab-Readers > Section: Egypt-Normalization > Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt on April 16, 2009 >
🙂 Egyptian CM Farouk Hosni during Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal
Wrong man for UNESCO Sep 11, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post, Editorial
Hosni’s loss at UNESCO pleases Israel Sep 23, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) speaking on condition of anonymity because Israel agreed not to publicly oppose Hosni’s nomination. (…)

Very interesting is that even Egypt seemed to fall into Bibi’s trap. I said… ‘seemed to’. During Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal, I clearly remember that PM Bibi made a deal with the Egyptian government. Then suddenly, this article, Wrong man for UNESCO, appeared toward The Day and I couldn’t understand why. I thought… it was a kind of warning from PM Bibi, concerning the recent Settlement-deal. Whoever said whatever, core members know Barenboim’s Cairo visit has nothing to do with this UNESCO happening and those JEWS were very careful NOT to write B-A-R-E-N-B-O-I-M in their UNESCO-article. I was too busy/tired, anyway. Now, I’m in awe. What a Master Schemer PM Bibi is… I’m curious, too. Are the Egyptian Crying Babies happy to hear that their Egyptian Enemy failed in his UNESCO dream?

(SEPTEMBER 24, 2009: While Egypt (cultural) minister Hosni says ‘world’s Jews’ cost him top UNESCO post, NO words from the Egyptian Crying Babies. Poor kids… Everybody should know how lovely and peaceful they sound and look. Everybody should read ‘Daniel Barenboim’s Edward Said’s Omar Sharif Story’, which sounded so comical that I promised them to SPAM the ENTIRE members of Arab League on this issue. Please check Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3A (Apr 20-28, 2009). I thought they were the epitome of the Arab Terrorism until I bumped into their everyday cultural life. It was among the finest moments in my life. I am now too tired to read their Arab articles, though.)

I have to report this, because UNESCO’s new boss, First-Female Director-General Irina Bokova is from EU’s Bulgaria. Then, this female politicians will very likely become a PREY of Zapatero’s Spanish Government whenever they approach her with this keyword, ‘Barenboim+Culture+Peace’.

Now, after more than a decade of this Bimbo-Battle, I clearly know what I should do… with the German Government and with the German Listeners/Readers and with the Professional Musicians, part of whom joined this Munich-Scandal as pure victims.

Just in case, below is my research on the numbers of opera/orchestra members. This is not my first time:
1. I was from America and just couldn’t understand why there are so many FOLKS, so many titles at Barenboim’s Staatskapelle.
2. Then, it was suddenly a subject of Italian Politicians and is still part of on-going stories at Barenboim’s La Scala. I just resumed it after reading articles on Munich-Scandal.
3. Then, I was surprised to find the difference between European and American numbers. In America, the orchestra members have suffered the ‘salary-cut’ despite this relatively smaller budget, while German FOLKS keep complaining about politicians’ non-musical mind.
4. Then, this article, Interview with Münchner Kulturreferent Hans-Georg Küppers, appeared. It means that I don’t have to keep this research. By then, I was so surprised at my discovery that I wanted to go further. It will be very interesting to compare each different opera/orchestra company.

Berliner Staatskapelle: 72+54=126 (Just sick of these trash winds. How much do they earn by destroying Barenboim’s everything?)
Sir Rattle’s BPO: 77+44=121
Munich Phil: 78+44=122
Chicago SO: 65+36=101
Boston SO: 64+35=99 (including 10 vacants)
New York PO: 64+33=97
La Scala: 63+37=100
Met: 56+39=95 (Associated musicians are not counted.)

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 23-25, 2009)


Much is at stake in the German election Sep 20, 2009 / By Financial Times
Germany goes to the polls next Sunday, and hardly anybody cares. There are three frequently stated reasons for this lack of interest. First, the campaign has been exceptionally dull. Second, Angela Merkel will almost certainly re-emerge as chancellor no matter what the result. And third, nobody expects any concrete policy changes. The first of those judgments is correct, the second is correct but misleading. The third is wrong. Ms Merkel will probably be re-elected chancellor, but her power and political longevity will greatly depend on which coalition emerges after the elections. (…)

Congratulation in advance. Basically, this is not a planned writing. But then, this part, which started on Aug 11, 2009, is full of unexpected happenings. (… including the Advent of Emperor of the Süddeutschen Zeitung. scary… please keep reading.)

Please check
🙂 From Dear-Arab-Readers > Section: Germany-Heldentenor >
🙂 Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag (From September 10-18, 2008)
JIWON: Let’s make something clear. I confused Regina Resnik with Leonie Rysanek when I wrote last night; “NOW, I CLEARLY KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ‘REGINA RESNIK’ and ‘REGINE CRESPIN’!!!!!!!!!” So, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read her biography that she was an American mezzo. (…) Isn’t that a perfect description of Kundry? Then, I realized that the posting I found last night was right. There were both Resnik, the American mezzo, and Rysanek, the Viennese soprano. And then, I still have no idea about the difference between two legendary Kundrys, Regine Crespin and Leonie Rysanek. (…)

Régine Crespin (1927 –2007, France) and Leonie Rysanek (1926 – 1998, Austria). I got lost again. Weeks ago, there was a Met’s special program on the radio and I wanted to listen to it again before its internet service expires.

1. I think it was Youtube: Jon Vickers & Leonie Rysanek in Die Walkure 1972. It was a 1968’s performance, though. The moment I heard Leonie Rysanek, I thought. “What a sexy voice! I want to watch her. How come the voice itself can sound sexy like this?”
2. There, this sexy voice was not only powerful but also leading her male partner.
3. I knew Régine Crespin was a French while Leonie Rysanek was not. I knew Régine Crespin was not the NAME that I heard that night weeks ago.
4. Then again… I soon start confusing Leonie Rysanek with Régine Crespin. I am not good at language and especially poor at memorizing the names. I was looking for what I heard, and what seized my brain during my research was not the NAME, whether Leonie Rysanek or Régine Crespin, but ‘the Sexy Voice’.
5. I was lost until…

Youtube: Regine Crespin – Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen
Youtube: Régine Crespin-“Le Spectre de la Rose”- Nuits d’été

Doesn’t this DIVA sound sexy? Doesn’t this DIVA look like Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel? Surely… and unlike the case of Italian Berlusconi, I don’t see any singing muscles or any physical characteristics of legendary musician from Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel. However still, this singing scene reminds me of this German Queen. So, I went further.

Youtube: Régine Crespin as Elisabeth “Dich, teure Halle” (Tannhäuser)
Youtube: Régine Crespin as Sieglinde – Act I Die Walküre
Youtube: Régine Crespin -Tannhauser – Almachtige Jungfrau
Youtube: Now, we have more on this great diva. Please enjoy…

To my surprise, there were quite stuffs on Youtube now. Weirdly enough, it was her French singing, from which I imagined Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel more. (Perhaps, I should watch them more. I checked them only once.) In my imagination, this German lady was very sexy… and powerful. Then, what made my ears believe that this DIVA is a sexy voice? Weirdly, it is hard to analyze her singing. It seems that she was just born with legendary vocal cords. And then her interpretation rather sounds profound, but the result was a sexy voice… rather than sexy music.

Youtube: Régine Crespin as Kundry “Ich sah das Kind” (Parsifal)
Comment-1: this must be the most beautiful “Ich sah das Kind” i’ve ever heard. thanks for the posting.
Comment-2: Beautiful! Crespin was such an amazing singer. In her later years the voice lost a bit of his brightness…. sad, but still GREAT artistry!!!!!! When you listen to Callas in her early years, and you hear THIS Kundry…. a sensuous one. Brava!!!
JIWON: WOW! Full of moments making her boys pissing in their pants. Both in pianissimo and forte. Is it a sexy voice or sensuous one? I would say both. Then, what’s the difference between the TWO? Someone please answer my curiosity. I can read German… (Am I now able to post my two-cents on Youtube?)

Please check
🙂 From Germany-Heldentenor > Garbage & Sh*ts in Berlin (sic!) >
🙂 Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich! (Jul 30, 2009)

Prof. Joachim Sauer is known as a ‘great lover of Wagner’s MUSIC’. And he’s never experienced those NAMES? What’s more, he failed to imagine his attractive wife from this MUSIC? I don’t understand why Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel suddenly disappeared from Waltraud Meier’s “Staatsoper für ALLE” 2009 and the Berlin Pigs are busy at reporting that it was President Horst Köhler (CDU), who enjoyed this historic concert after being re-elected during the performance of Merkel lädt Stars (Waltraud Meier) zum Konzert am Brandenburger Tor.

Let’s make it clear. Whether Leonie Rysanek or Régine Crespin or even Regina Resnik, their legendary Kundry has been remembered and honored NOT through the recordings BUT through the live-performances. Less than few recordings are available nowadays. This is why this German whore can claim whatever she wants to claim through the foul media play. Yet, those old concert goers still remember, still say that their recordings, no matter how much they get us, can never revive what they heard and experienced that night. NONE of them earned fame with studio-recordings or microphone’s tricks. Then what about commercial recordings of Waltraud Meier? What was the most claim made by Meier’s fans or Meier herself? Live-performance? Stage-Animal?

Those two different kinds of females belong to the two different kinds of worlds. They never meet together, because Bimbo-characters, whether male or female, can never prove ‘Inward-Interpretation’ on the stage. Still, whether Waltraud Meier’s Wagner sounds/looks foul or not, everything is up to the individual taste. NO one needs to ask which female has been Prof. Joachim Sauer’s favorite Kundry. NO one needs to ask which female has been sleeping inside Prof. Joachim Sauer. Please ask Prof. Joachim Sauer what he imagined while his Kundry had to be RED-nipple in Wagner’s Berlin, not to mention while his Marie had to be RED-Wozzeck in Alban Berg’s Berlin. With NO doubt, Prof. Joachim Sauer heard REAL DIVAS arising right around him and his definite choice was Anything Waltraud Meier.

Please check
🙂 From Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala
🙂 Barenboim & Berlusconi: Prostitute & prostitute… They are all same
🙂 Interview by German Call-Girl, Waltraud Meier (Collection 2) (May 15 – Sep 17, 2009)
Petition from Berlin Sep 13, 2009‎ / By Eva Wagner-Pasquier
“I’m a born stage animal”: opera star Waltraud Meier ‎Sep 17, 2009‎ / By AFP
(…) A regular performer at the Bayreuth Festival dedicated to Wagner between 1983 and 2000, Meier has not sung there since but is ready to return. “We’ll see,” she said. “If something crops up that interests me, why not? Eva Wagner (the new co-head of the festival) and I know each other and get on well.” (…) Retirement is definitely not on the cards. “I think I will always be on stage. With what, I don’t know? But I’m a born stage animal and I need the stage,” she said.

Not surprisingly, Waltraud Meier resumed this trashy big-mouth FOUR days after Petition from Berlin. Is this another reason of Eva Wagner-Pasquier’s involvement in Petition from Berlin, in addition to her friendship with La Scala’s Lissner?

According to Waltraud Meier, Frau Eva Wagner-Pasquier is a Big-Mouth, and Meier’s interview appeared after checking Wagner-Pasquier’s interview, Waltraud Meier: Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel’s Mann Liebt Mich!, in which her ‘Proven Judge of Voices [Stimmenkennerin]’ gave political excuses instead of openly supporting her favorite voice, Waltraud Meier. According to Waltraud Meier, the Co-head of Bayreuth Festival never cares about her other singers’ poor struggling for survival.

Much is at stake in the German election Sep 20, 2009 / By Financial Times
(…) Ms Merkel is a formidable politician, but a poor campaigner. (…) Ms Merkel has only been able to become chancellor because the SPD has refused to form a coalition with the Left party. But the SPD’s views on this issue are evolving. (…) Ms Merkel could be dethroned by an SPD/Left party/Green party coalition at any time in the next four years. But what about policy? (…) Ms Merkel tends to govern in a presidential style. She is not agenda-driven, but consensus-seeking, and ready to do whatever it takes to keep the coalition alive. (…) The budget consolidation would not come through growth, but through savings and higher taxes. So there are policy differences. Don’t be fooled by a boring campaign. This election matters.

It’s been years. I no more beg. Nor do I want to find myself again to flatter any German politicians. I wrote my discovery. I wrote my analysis. I just remember how my life was mocked by the Wife of Prof. Joachim Sauer, whose genuine love has been Waltraud Meier. I will make PUBLIC DIVORCE of Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel a real issue. Why doesn’t this poor wife toss this jerk into where he belongs… into the porn-shop, aka Bayreuth-Festival? Let’s just hope this German Queen to be reborn a Sexy/Sensuous and Powerful Female Leader. I believe… this is where her beauty lies.

Italian women have to fight sexism in every aspect of their lives Sep 20, 2009 / By British Media/Pig
Comment-1: [Media – So please don’t consider us the sick women of Europe.] – No, I think that it is more that the men are the sick men of Europe but it is still the women who have to do something about it. Though having said that, I think that many other countries have similar problems.

What am I writing about? Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel or Legendary Kundry or Wieland Wagner’s favorite Wagnerian Voice or German electorates’ favorite female? Eventually, who do you think, which voice do you think, what kind of Wagnerian DIVA do you think the German concert goers want to watch and listen to? The moment I heard Bayreuth Festival… Haven’t I written that Wagner’s Parsifal should sound as attractive, as beautiful as Brahms’ real German sound? In my view, Brahms never means dull, gloomy, melancholy music. Russian Maestro Mravinsky knew this and German Musikkritiker heard this.

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 25-26, 2009)

Klassik-Kunde: Leser fragen. Joachim Kaiser antwortet by Süddeutschen Zeitung
Frage 1: Stimmt es, dass klassische Musik aussterben wird? May 21, 2009
Frage 5: Sollte man die Münchner Philharmonie wegen ihrer Akkustik abreißen? Jun 15, 2009
Frage 6: Welche Bedeutung kommt der Stille in der klassischen Musik zu? Jun 22, 2009
Frage 9: Wozu braucht die Welt eigentlich Musikkritiker? Jul 13, 2009
Frage 11: Warum gilt Wilhelm Furtwängler als größter Dirigent aller Zeiten? Jul 27, 2009
Frage 12: War Fritz Wunderlich der perfekte Tenor? Aug 3, 2009
Frage 13: Hätte Generalmusikdirektor-Xs Vertrag bei den Münchner Philharmonikern verlängert werden sollen? Aug 10, 2009
Frage 14: Darf man die Augen während eines Konzerts schließen? Aug 17, 2009
Frage 17: Ist Klassik höherwertiger als Pop? Sep 7, 2009
Frage 19: Wie gut war der Dirigent Herbert von Karajan wirklich? Sep 21, 2009

My daily check-up reports that the Emperor of the Süddeutschen Zeitung schwärmt für sein “instinktives, kluges Gefühl für Pausen”, das dem Dirigenten offensichtlich nur bei Vertragsverhandlungen abgeht… on Sep 23, 2009. However, there was NO such information elsewhere in Süddeutschen Zeitung, either Section: Kultur or Section: Muenchen. I found Klassik-Kunde: Joachim Kaiser, instead. Tired…

Weirdly enough, I find that this section, Klassik-Kunde: Joachim Kaiser, was created right after La Scala’s Lissner failed in Salzburg on May 19, 2009 (… after failing in Berlin…) or right after Those-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in Sir Rattle’s Berlin Philharmonic have collaborated with Elena Bashkirova through Sir Rattle’s Jewish Concertmaster, who was through Waltraud Meier’s WEDO, and hurried to block Barenboim’s BPO contract during Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal. ‘Everybody+Alpha’ were very busy that week. Funny…

Klassik-Kunde: Leser fragen. Joachim Kaiser antwortet by Süddeutschen Zeitung
Frage 13: Hätte Generalmusikdirektor-Xs Vertrag bei den Münchner Philharmonikern verlängert werden sollen? Aug 10, 2009
Frage 19: Wie gut war der Dirigent Herbert von Karajan wirklich? Sep 21, 2009

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🙂 Whose-Israel > After-Gaza-Truce >
Goldstone (UN-S.AfricanJudge/Jewish): Officers who fail to punish war criminals are responsible, too Sep 21, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post

Hadn’t I said that I can ‘read’ German? Presently, I have too many stuffs to read every each day, so I am using the Google-Translator and then pick up the important part and check the original language. The fact that NO dictionary can help me during the lecture of Klassik-Kunde: Joachim Kaiser leads me to where I belong. I am reading his face. I am analyzing his body. Interesting… Isn’t this what I wrote about Munich Sound in my private mail to Kulturreferent Dr. Hans-Georg Küppers? Then, I find something more. Look at his back-muscles… very interesting. (Dear dummies, you can imagine what you can’t watch. Understand?)

Is he talking about “Wie gut war der Dirigent Herbert von Karajan wirklich”? Who is talking about “Karajans Zeiten kommen nicht wieder”? Who wants to revive Karajan’s golden days? In my view, Karajan’s BPO means his Solo-Horn Gerd Seifert and his horn section, which had hardly proved their very best during their hard working or struggling for survival. What is he going to answer his ‘Die Leser’ if they ask him what has happened to ‘their BPO’ since Karajan’s Solo-Horn was fired during Abbado’s era? Kaiser: Those who fail to punish ‘musical’ criminals are responsible, too?

I am curious if he ever knows how to defend his favorite ‘Young-Karajan’ whenever I say that his musician is not another Karajan. As far as I know, Maestro Karajan wanted to go to the specific place, in terms of Karajan-sound, and did something during the concert, and the pitch went up, up, and up. Then, this ‘phenomenon’ bore the most delicious fruit, sacking of the Solo-Horn, under Maestro Abbado’s ‘beautiful’ directorship. (I don’t intend to be sarcastic. ‘Young-Karajan’s Fanatic(!) German Fan’ said so… ‘beautiful’.)

I also find that his ‘Commenters’ are not among the ordinary listeners. They pointed out exactly what I wrote to Kulturreferent Dr. Hans-Georg Küppers, regarding the Munich Sound. (Clue: It is NOT what you read that counts. You need to mix his clue and mine. There will be an answer.) Then, he will have to answer his ‘Die Leser’ exactly why he has to worry about Münchner Philharmoniker… with or without Generalmusikdirektor-X… with or without Barenboim.

Thanks to Munich-Scandal, I know Emperor of the Süddeutschen Zeitung is already very busy. However, I promise that his political life will have to be much busier.

Streit bei den Münchner Philharmonikern: Weltstadt mit Zweifeln Sep 25, 2009 / By Süddeutschen Zeitung
“Generalmusikdirektor-X muss bleiben!” schrieb Joachim Kaiser am 23. September. Die Leser sind gespalten (…)
(JIWON: What if Daniel Bayerstorfer or Robert Vorwallner or Heinrich Maul or Walter A. Meier turn out to be Ghost-Citizens in München? Time will tell.)

FACEBOOK: Group Search – “German+Music”
FACEBOOK: Münchner Philharmoniker – Munich Philharmonic
JIWON to Facebook-members: Bla-bla-bla (…) Haben Sie eine Frage? Schicken Sie eine Mail an

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🙂 From Facebook-Blog > DEAR BARENBOIM’S FANS (Jul 28, 2009)
🙂 Barenboim in Facebook: Did you call me ‘A Complete Idiot’? (Aug 2, 2009 – Present)

Klassik-Kunde: Leser fragen. Joachim Kaiser antwortet by Süddeutschen Zeitung
Frage 1: Stimmt es, dass klassische Musik aussterben wird? May 21, 2009
Frage 11: Warum gilt Wilhelm Furtwängler als größter Dirigent aller Zeiten? Jul 27, 2009
Frage 17: Ist Klassik höherwertiger als Pop? Sep 7, 2009

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🙂 From Dieharddoves-&-Settlement > Peace-Now >
Gideon Levy: Netanyahu, put your money where your mouth is Feb 19, 2009 / By Haaretz

I don’t care even if his answer is Barenboim in Facebook: Did you call me ‘A Complete Idiot’?. At least, Die Leser: Kaiser, put your money where your mouth is. At least, he will have to explain why his beloved, RED-Germany can’t taste another Furtwangler or even Kna as long as Barenboim is alive. He will have to read Meier’s Interview aloud and explain why Pop ist höherwertiger als Klassik as long as Barenboim is alive. Since Diaspora Arabs will seek his advice, too, he will have to answer why there will be NO Palestinian State as long as Barenboim is alive. Of course, I can make him much busier. Why not?

Klassik-Kunde: Leser fragen. Joachim Kaiser antwortet by Süddeutschen Zeitung
Frage 9: Wozu braucht die Welt eigentlich Musikkritiker? Jul 13, 2009
JIWON: Bla-bla-bla (…) Haben Sie eine Frage? Schicken Sie eine Mail an

🙂 LINK will be added if MUSKIKRITIKER keep wanting to play games with me.
1. Volker Hagedorn von ‘Die Zeit’: I want to join 24.09.2009 / By Spiegel Online
(…) Volker Hagedorn fasst den Streit um den Münchner Generalmusikdirektor-X durchaus musikalisch auf. (…)
2. Suchergebnisse für “Münchner Generalmusikdirektor-X”: 0 ERGEBNISSE Sep 18-25, 2009 / By Die Zeit
3. Elena Bashkirova in Mannheim: How Kremer’s Ex sticks around FAME (or dying-voice) and makes it hopeless since Kremer’s choice of Argerich as his Pianist Aug 13, 2009 / By Zeit-online, Anonymous
4. Artikel von Volker Hagedorn: NOTHING special *.* Timeless / By Die Zeit
5. Abbados Berliner Abschiedskonzerte: How Waltraud Meier destroyed this big, expensive and famous concert Feb 5, 2002 / By Volker Hagedorn
6. Muskkritiker in Paris: I am going deaf, finally, so can’t tell how Meier destroys anything Tristan. I just hear them suffering. Alas… Apr 21, 2005 / By Volker Hagedorn

(SEPTEMBER 28, 2009: Who wants to join Emperor of the Süddeutschen Zeitung?)
1. Christine Lemke-Matwey von ‘Die Zeit’: I want to join Sep 28, 2009 / By Die Zeit
(…) Den direkten Schaden daraus hat München: CDs, Tourneen, der Ring in Baden-Baden, alles abgesagt. Das wird teuer. (…)
2. It works, now. Suchergebnisse für “Münchner Generalmusikdirektor-X”: 123 ERGEBNISSE
3. Zeit-Artikel von Christine Lemke-Matwey. This name sounded so familiar that I had to start my research…
4. See… I found out. Lindenoper-Sanierung: Für die großen Wagner- und Strauss- Opern war und ist die Lindenoper zu klein. (Jul 15, 2008) Hum… there are many.
5. Just in case, this is for the fan-club of Generalmusikdirektor-X. Interview with Generalmusikdirektor-X: “Everyone will think you’re insane” (Jun 29, 2006). I think I remember this author from ‘Der Tagesspiegel’ rather than from ‘Die Zeit’.

I promise. Emperor of the Süddeutschen Zeitung will have to, shall want to train his junior MUSKIKRITIKER in a right way. At least, he will have to answer how and why Abbado’s BPO members were able to ‘create’ this music during Abbados Berliner Abschiedskonzerte: How Waltraud Meier destroyed this big, expensive and famous concert. (SIC!) He will have to explain what kind of huge trashbin his German Land has become since Abbados Meiers Berliner Abschiedskonzerte celebrated ‘Berlin Wagner Festival 2002’ directed by Waltraud Meier, who was by then ‘Immortal Juno/Venus/Minerva’ of Henry Fogel, ex-president of Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

How many MUSKIKRITIKER will join Emperor of the Süddeutschen Zeitung?

If he has still time to run his business with me, he is welcome to answer my curiosity. This is not my Quiz. I was always curious and this German NAME, Arthur Nikisch (BPO’s 1895-1922), was the only thing that I picked up during his lecture, Klassik-Kunde: Joachim Kaiser. I remember reading that Furtwangler claimed to learn something from this German Maestro, who was criticized by Kaiser’s mentors. What is it? The author of Furtwangler-article didn’t write what it was, and Sir Rattle’s Jewish Concertmaster insisted that his members didn’t have to know Furtwangler. (His interview appeared in Jewish newspaper. Since it was to honor his participant in ‘Dorit Beinisch’s JERUSALEM FESTIVAL’ anyone can ask them.)

THUS, I highly expect that Emperor of the Süddeutschen Zeitung knows this. (Under the normal circumstances, ^.* should be added, but I am not in such a mood…)

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 28, 2009)



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🙂 From Dear-Arab-Readers > Section: Egypt-Normalization > Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt on April 16, 2009
🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 2 (Apr 17-20, 2009)
(Updated on Apr 17, 2009)
JIWON: (…) No sooner had I contacted Eqypian Music Society with detailed report about happenings in bankrupt BERLIN than those German pigs announced Meier’s Tristan 2010 and Divan’s Boulez Concert, in which the Jewish Pig, concertmaster of the BPO, is leading his Egyptian musician. (Please click this.) Now that I actually heard Egyptian ensemble and I am more than happy to find this rough, but real diamond, I will let you know if this German-Egyptian guy ever finishes his ASSIGNMENTS for DIVANS. (…)

🙂 Barenboim’s First Visit to Egypt: Part 3D (May 20 – Jun 3, 2009)
(Updated on JUNE 1-2, 2009) The 2009/2010 Season
JIWON: Let’s just hope that Sir Rattle has a limited power to rule his BPO’s performance schedule. OR…
SIR SIMON RATTLE: Please use the search button and figure out how many Jewish Pigs are running this cultural institution. Without supporting Dorit Beinisch’s Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival, I can’t become the members’ leader. Let me just hope my wife’s Jewish conductor to suck Barenboim’s blood more and more right here in Berlin. BTW, Meier’s little sister, who had to be frequently ill in Barenboim’s Berlin or New York to honour Waltraud Meier will NEVER be ill in my Berlin. Who knows? She will give me another Grammy award…


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🙂 From My-Request-to-Barenboim > Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008
Konzerte Schloss ‘München-X’ with Elena Bashkirova Jun 5, 2010 / By Bayern Tabloid
Veranstalter – Vorstand X and Künstlerischer Leiter Y: Der Bayerische Rundfunk, Bayern 4 Klassik, hat beschlossen, die „Konzerte München-BIMBO“ in die Kultur- und Medienpartnerschaft zu übernehmen aufgrund der außergewöhnlich hohen künstlerischen Qualität dieser Kammerkonzerte. (…)

Generalmusikdirektor über die neue Konzertsaison 2009/2010 By Berliner Staatsoper Unter den Linden
1. Daniel Barenboim: In Berlin, NO one can become Generalmusikdirektor without giving himself to Waltraud Meier. I should NOT be rumored to be DEAF. I am just color-blind.
2. Jan 24, 2010: Barenboim-Zyklus III with Matthias Glander (Cl) and Beinisch’s 42-year-old-Sopran
3. Mar 5, 2010: Benefizkonzert with Barenboim, Levine, Meier, and Beinisch’s 42-year-old-Sopran
4. Of course, there are more…

Petition from Berlin Sep 13, 2009‎ / By Eva Wagner-Pasquier
“I’m a born stage animal”: opera star Waltraud Meier ‎Sep 17, 2009‎ / By AFP
Youtube: WALTRAUD MEIER- Proms 2009 posted by a Spanish Female
Comment-celoking (29 yr-old Egyptian Cello) on Sep 13-17, 2009: fantastic


(Updated on SEPTEMBER 29, 2009)

Claudio Abbado: A life in Music Aug 8, 2009 / By Guardian

My request to the German Government is based on this article. No less no more…

Claudio Abbado: A life in Music Aug 8, 2009 / By Guardian
(…) Underneath an awning on the pontoon, a gigantic banner proclaims “Venezuela”, a gift from the young musicians. Abbado regularly goes to work with the students of El Sistema, the talismanic scheme set up by José Antonio Abreu – “a saint”, Abbado says. (…)

Chavez asks Spain to meddle in US-Colombia deal Sep 13, 2009 / By Tehran Times
Venezuela: Spain to represent interests in Israel Sep 16, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Venezuela gets $2.2B in credit for Russian arms Sep 14, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Venezuela seeking uranium reserves with Iran’s help Sep 25, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post

US film director Oliver Stone: Spain should listen to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Sep 8, 2009 / By AFP
(…) Stone said: “Chavez is an extraordinary man who has managed to reduce by half the number of people living in poverty in his country. I am tired of seeing the media in my country call him a dictator, because he is not.” (…)

Social Fabric | Berlusconi Talks Textiles Sep 10, 2009 / By Is-It-New-York-Times?
(…) “I’m currently at 68.4% in the approval ratings!” Berlusconi boasted. “And it’s not just because I’m handsome and not just because I’m young and capable. I also know how to transform this country and get things done.” (…)
(JIWON: Though it was before Berlusconi’s Minor-Scandal, Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal, and Salzburg Festival… poor silvio… *.*)

Please don’t get me wrong. I just feel funny whenever L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y maestros, (plural!), praise King(?) Chavez’ political project while they never want to experience the same character in their countries. I feel funnier when I see those innocent Latin kids losing their golden tradition after honoring special guests from Europe/America. I feel weird when I see El-Sistema Adults wanting to go abroad and find a better job while describing their home as a heaven. Though I personally prefer the Jewish Branja System, aka ‘Aharon Barak’s Supreme Court’, to El Sistema, it is also the fact that this special guild system couldn’t bear a fruit. So I have nothing to say… Therefore, I am just writing Furtwangler’s ‘Little-Republic’.

Claudio Abbado: A life in Music Aug 8, 2009 / By Guardian
(…) And there is a different legacy Abbado wants to create in Italy. (…) Where will the money come from – the government? “The government? Berlusconi would never give money for something like this.” Abbado describes Italy’s political class as “ignorant and sly” in their dealings with culture. So how will it be funded? “I have asked all my friends in Naples, Turin, Palermo, Milan to help. I have told them about El Sistema, and they all say, fantastic, we will help.” These must be wealthy friends, if Abbado is talking about setting up a new, nationwide scheme of music education. “Money is not the problem. My Orchestra doesn’t receive a penny from the government, but it’s working.” (…)

Claudio Abbado: A life in Music Aug 8, 2009 / By Guardian
(…) What I learn from listening to my recordings is that there is a lot I can do better. (…) But that’s the secret of life, I think, to find always something better, to find new inspirations, new enthusiasms. Nothing is ever perfect, and there is always something new to discover.

Please don’t get me wrong. Even Maestro Abbado seems to feel terrific whenever he thinks of my ‘special(?)’ relationship with Dictator Berlusconi. We Italians all can make jokes on this Legendary-Musician-to-Be-But-Failed. Who cares about his legal business with Abbado’s left-wing media? If I were an Italian reader, I will read everything about whether he used Viagra or not. Then, I will throw my entire vote directly to the guy, who ‘knows how to transform my country and get things done.’ Do Abbado’s favorite left-wing politicians have an ability, like Venezuelan oil-money, or even a will to save dying Italian culture? Damn curious… If so, I will change my mind, since my political tendency is definitely toward Abbado’s left-wing. I even suspect if Abbado’s Milan Mayor Letizia Moratti now wants to stay away from this famed Left-Wing Musician, since her territory seems to become more and more of right-wing voters’ favorite… all thanks to Berlusconi-scandal.

I had to follow this article. If Abbado’s wish comes true, his Italian woodwinds will likely become another French Oboe from München, then I will have to OVER-work… sic. Though Abbado himself confesses that his orchestra members are getting better and better… I can’t trust him… yet. Anyway, I want to start My Request to German Government with this article.

Claudio Abbado: A life in Music Aug 8, 2009 / By Guardian
(…) “Money is not the problem. My Orchestra doesn’t receive a penny from the government, but it’s working.” (…)

Please check
🙂 From Section: Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala >
🙂 JIWON: Dear Mr. Silvio No.1’s ALL friends and foes, (Music & Politics) Dec 29, 2008 – Feb 24, 2009
(FEBRUARY 21, 2009)
JIWON: Anyway, this is Zubin Mehta’s Haaretz (Israel) interview on Oct 21, 2008. As I wrote in In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH, it was Mehta’s secret message to Dorit Beinisch that Daniel Barenboim will anyway behave under his detailed instruction:
1. In Israel, 1/3 population can’t afford essential food items (Mar 31, 2008).
2. ‘In Israel, One in 5 needy considers suicide’ (Dec 10, 2008).
3. Zubin Mehta: In Israel, Money is endless. I have a list of people who can pay for ‘Renovation.’

Please don’t get me wrong. Unlike previous cases, I posted Mehta’s interview for a pure reason. Abbado’s private-funded orchestra is not the only case. Mehta’s wealthy Jewish sponsors is not the only case. There are other cases, too, and I find that WEDO members quickly joined this kind of professional business. Unlike poor orchestra members, ALL those L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y maestros, (plural!), have an ability to find well-organized private-funding system. I believe… there should be a clear distinction between the state-funded and the private-funded opera/symphony orchestras.

Reith Lecture 2: The Neglected Sense Apr 14, 2006
AUDIENCE: Do you think growing up and wanting to be a musician and pursue a career as a musician is a good job choice? (…) I’ve talked to many professors at American Conservatories and I asked them, you know, they are turning out so many students today, there’s obviously not gainful employment going to be available for all of them, they all aren’t going to be able to win er jobs at the Chicago Symphony, and what… so why do they keep on teaching all of these students? And the answer that I’ve always gotten is that the diligence and work ethic that they hopefully have instilled in them will serve them well if they decide to be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, whatever. Do you see this as symptomatic of the cheapening of er classical music in this society, that it could be used as a tool to help somebody do something else?
DANIEL BARENBOIM: Well… (LAUGHTER) Let me start from the beginning! (LAUGHTER) If you want to play music because you think it’s a good job, I think you will find easier ways of making a living. If you love it, and you want to spend your life in it and with it, you have a good chance of making a very good living. (…) Well you know, Mozart didn’t consider himself a professional, neither does Pierre Boulez. (…)

Robust Preseason for Ailing American-X (Big-Five) Orchestra Sep 25, 2009 / By New York Times
More Orchestras Cutting Costs Sep 25, 2009 / By Musical America

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🙂 From Dear-Arab-Readers >
🙂 JIWON: Dear Arab Countries (Short Web-Mail) (From Jan 3, 2009 to Present)
(Updated on JANUARY 13, 2009)
JIWON: (…) The more I collected information about the real situation of Mideastern Music Society, the more I could understand all the reasons; how Spanish/Berlin pigs were able to boast their huge success, no matter how its contents stink, how they were able to collect so many volunteers despite my official mailing to each government, and how the members’ trashy behaviors were getting louder and noisier despite my constant warning. This has not been a Syrian case only.
NPR Music: Classical Syrian Musicians Struggle to Find Work Oct 7, 2006
(…) There are only about 200 jobs in Syria’s top orchestras, and students often have to compete with their own professors for the same jobs. (…)

Please check my previous writing
🙂 JIWON to Germany: Jobless German Youngsters, Self-Criticism, Israeli Supreme Court in Meier’s WEDO 2009 (Aug 26-27, 2009)
Credit Suisse Says German Election Outcome Hangs on Joblessness Aug 21, 2009 / By Bloomberg
The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra Is Assembled Feb 28, 2009 / By New York Times
A new orchestra was forming from scratch. The catch was the location: Doha, Qatar, a place where few of the young professional musicians from Berlin and Vienna and Budapest and Moscow thought they would end up. But some 2,400 musicians from around the world auditioned, 101 were accepted (…) The members come from 31 countries, with most of them, 21, from GERMANY (…)
JIWON: My Barenboim-message was always same. It always made an issue of how to save your dying German youngsters, or how to work for your German orchestras, which are becoming full of foreign sh*ts or Waltraud Meier’s slave-musicians. (…)

(Updated on OCTOBER 7-8, 2009)

🙂 LINK will be added in case I want to post this message
Dear Milan Mayor, Münchner Kulturreferent, and Emperor of the Süddeutschen Zeitung,

Please check
🙂 From Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala > Stephane Lissner and La Scala >
🙂 JIWON: Who keeps sending me this f*cking message?
JIWON on Sep 30, 2009: 그렇지… 포기할 놈들이 아니지 (…) 너 지금 나 협박하니? (…) 또 조만간 한국어로 블로그도 열거거든? 난 그래도 교수님께서 점잖으신 것 같아서 매 순간 시간도 정확히 맞춰가면서 성희롱+협박메세지 보낼 때마다 이 악물고 견뎌냈는데, 이제 보니까 뭐 이딴놈이 다 있어… 그렇게까지 주변에서 관심을 보이니까 인생이 살판나더냐… 그럼 이만 (…) (야 지금 보니까 Myung-whun Chung Family가 인천 다 말아먹고 내 인생 팔아서 크게 한 건 하고 싶었던 모양이더만… 제가 너무 늦게 눈치챘나요?)

(… Feel NO need to post this part… I will post this in my Korean Blog at the right moment…)
Why do you think La Scala’s Clarinet and Viola joined this? If you go to Berlin, you can find the same ensemble members. Clarinet Matthias Glander and his Viola Felix Schwartz.

(… too tired to find its original clip from Youtube… if time allows, I will find them…)
No. 1
No. 2
No. 3.

I’m not sure if this video is working now. If you click No. 1, you can watch Viola Principal Felix Schwarz smiling at Barenboim. Is it a sincere eye-contact between the conductor and his member or a homosexual guy’s secret message to his lover? In case of Eye-Contact in professional orchestras, it is the maestro, who usually uses this to appreciate his members’ hard working. I’ve never seen an orchestra member do this comical job. Why do you think he is busy doing this? Please check his professional resume.

Of course, it bothers no-one if his music sounds qualified during the moments. Here in No.1, his strings sound cheaper, tensed and even thorny whenever he smiles at his maestro Barenboim. This sound is even inferior to No. 3, X-rated Argentine ensemble. (X-rated… according to Staatskapelle members. True that they are less trained, but much more relaxed… and look at the members’ intuitive faces.)

No. 1 is Schwarz or Glander’s Mahler sound. Is this really a German ensemble? This is much more like Spanish+Asian (female) cats’ performance with raw woodwinds and brasses. Then what about No. 2, Wagner? This is an ensemble, which doesn’t need a conductor. They seem to memorize all the notes and want to play all by themselves. This situation is much like the Venezuelan kids but it is not. In Venezuela, the kids are acting on instinct frequently leading/ignoring their conductor, but the winds are following their strings, which don’t betray their grouping mentality. (Let’s assume that the Berlin Pigs are playing like the Venezuelans. A top-rate ensemble business. However, can it still be considered German sound? Here goes fundamental question about nationality or originality. No matter what, this Berlin ensemble sounds inferior to the Latin one. It sounds uglier, more aggressive.) This is the most hopeless ensemble, not only because it is impossible for the conductor to send his order to or to communicate with the members, but also because the members themselves never know how to communicate with each other or with the acoustics of X-rated concert hall. Nor do they know what’s going on around them. It will be interesting to check this blogger’s comment:

It all started with Clarinet Matthias Glander and his chamber-ensemble partner, Viola Felix Schwartz, and more members joined the circle as time went by. All together, they are called the WEDO’s mentors in Spain. Then please check the Viola’s professional resume. With his Spanish and Arab students, this musician was able to secure his professorship and earned his fame as a German pedagogue. Is it the end of story? Please check how his student entered Barenboim’s Staatskapelle despite his ill-qualification. Then what about other (new) members? Barenboim’s Staatskapelle was more like a dictatorial government ruled by several members. More interesting is that NOT all the principal players were allowed to join the circle.

Debutto trionfale alla Scala per Antonio Albanese Oct 5, 2009 / By
(…) The orchestra of the Academy is “enriched” by the presence of eight (Egyptian) string players of the West Eastern Divan Orchestra Daniel Barenboim. (…)
Curata la regia di Antonio Albanese, misurato e elegante Oct 5, 2009 / By Il Giornale della Musica
(…) Orchestra dell’Accademia (including eight musicians of the Divan of Barenboim), directed by ItalainConductor-X is unfortunately seemed lacking the verve and transparency necessary to sustain the fragile score. (…)

Petition from Berlin Sep 13, 2009‎ / By Eva Wagner-Pasquier
“I’m a born stage animal”: opera star Waltraud Meier ‎Sep 17, 2009‎ / By AFP
Youtube: WALTRAUD MEIER- Proms 2009 Posted by Zapatero’s Spanish Female
Comment-celoking (29 yr-old Egyptian Cello) on Sep 13-17, 2009: fantastic

Now, what is happening at La Scala? How many Italian musicians are behind this event? Please check the dates of Waltraud Meier’s interview and Egyptian Comment, whose WEDO work appeared at Accademia Teatro alla Scala. Is this Egyptian part just a coincidental happening? I promise. They are still working in groups. Now, their territory has just broadened. Please ask them why they can’t find enough work in Berlin or Spain, where they finished their education with Berlin mentors. Interestingly, this Italian institution tried to hide its relationship with WEDO.

(… Feel NO need to post this part… I will post this in my Korean Blog at the right moment…)
5. This is part of No. 4 and not Korean situation. I just feel funny whenever I watch Berlin Music Society. Why do you think those German young mentality, who was discovered at Bayreuth, fail to improve when he comes to Berlin? Not only they fail to improve, they only develop Meier’s vocal technique. At Bayreuth, they look fresh but weak. In Berlin, they look ugly and unhealthy because they never train their lung and then their voice is getting ‘dramatically’ dirty. They only play melody, and the critics call it Wagnerian Lieder-Recital. Isn’t that funny?
(… Feel NO need to post this part… I will post this in my Korean Blog at the right moment…)
If I were Milan Mayor, I would let them take care of their business all by themselves. This is the only thing I would care. Only qualified VOICES can join La Scala’s golden tradition.
(… Feel NO need to post this part… I will post this in my Korean Blog at the right moment…)

This is why I kept insisting that Barenboim’s Divan-project should NOT through individual musicians, BUT through the headmaster of each Arab institution.

When I was a high school student, I heard (from the piano/string students) that those who failed to enter the Munich Hochschule go to other music schools such as X or Z. (I can write the exact names if they want.) What is the present situation at German Music Schools? Are their tuition fees still cheaper than those of American Music Schools? (They are supported by the State-fund, right? I heard that that’s why it is normal to find old German students, who never plan to quit their study.) Are the German Music Schools now selling the academic degrees to Asian or Arab students just as American counterparts do?

(Updated on OCTOBER 9, 2009)

Please check my NEW work.
🙂 BIBI in panic while FEMALES are not: A certain Female Group will have to give up, or Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama shall change NOTHING (Oct 9, 2009)

(Updated on OCTOBER 10, 2009)

Generalmusikdirektor-X: NO-Berlin statt München Oct 10, 2009 / By Abendzeitung, Robert Braunmüller
Die Zukunft wird schwierig: Die Angelegenheit hinterlässt einen Scherbenhaufen. Jeder Dirigent, der es noch nicht wusste, weiß nun, wie zickig die Philharmoniker sind. Er wird sich dreimal überlegen, dort Chef werden zu wollen. Weder die Stadt noch die Musiker haben einen Plan B für den nun eingetretenen Ernstfall in der Hinterhand. Einen potentiellen Nachfolger gibt es nicht, weil wegen Generalmusikdirektor-X’s Blockade viel zu wenige interessante Gastdirigenten mit dem Orchester arbeiten konnten und das Engagement aufstrebender Talente wie A oder B sträflich vernachlässigt wurde.

I keep writing… just want to finish this part. NO more change will be needed. BTW, this Musikkritiker seriously needs a right training from his Emperor…

(Updated on OCTOBER 12, 2009)

Musikkritiker Robert Braunmüller: Please check TWO comments! ‎Worth reading… Oct 12, 2009 / By Abendzeitung, Emperor’s-Diligent-Student

NO-Berlin: “Generalmusikdirektor-X ist ein würdiger Nachfolger” Oct 12, 2009 / By Deutschlandradio
Die Sirenengesänge erhört Oct 12, 2009 / By Merkur Online, Markus Thiel
(…), dokumentiert sein NO-Berlins Vertrag, der ihm mehr als in München abverlangt: 45 Abende wird er am Pult der Staatskapelle stehen, das sind 20 mehr als im Münchner Folgevertrag vorgesehen waren. Überdies erklärt er sich mit umfangreichen Tourneen einverstanden, hat auch nichts gegen starke Gastdirigenten und ihr Repertoire. Vor allem wegen eines Details spielt aber München die betrogene Braut: Generalmusikdirektor-X, so ist zu hören, wird in NO-Berlin finanzielle Abstriche akzeptieren – die schwierige Situation der Staatsoper ließ ihn offenbar beide Augen zudrücken.

Münchner Opernstreit Ei verbibbsch! Oct 12, 2009 / By ZEIT online‎
(…) Mitte November wird Generalmusikdirektor-X in NO-Berlin einen Siebenjahresvertrag unterzeichnen: als “Chefdirigent” der Staatskapelle wohlgemerkt, nicht als deren “Generalmusikdirektor”. (…)

Haven’t I already written that this Munich Scandal is nothing special? According to my decade-long computer work, any Generalmusikdirektor have never betrayed the rule of this Bimbo-Battle… even in this open place.

Münchner Opernstreit Ei verbibbsch! Oct 12, 2009 / By ZEIT‎, Christine Lemke-Matwey
(…) Dafür allerdings findet sich die Staatskapelle im Ranking der weltbesten Orchester (laut der britischen Zeitschrift Gramophone) auf Platz 10. Die Münchner sucht man hier vergebens.

In my view,
Nothing has been worth reading during this Munich Scandal, except for this FACT. Though I personally believe that there are three reasons; 1) from inside, 2) from outside, and 3) from the British side…
For me, NO opinion is important, except for those of orchestra members. What do they think about this FACT? In this story, every member’s NAME should be published during the debate, I believe.

Es herrscht vorerst Funkstille Oct 12, 2009 / By Morgenweb (Mannheim)‎
Im Streit mit München: (…) Im Vertrag aber steht: “Die Letztverantwortung liegt nach Anhörung des Orchestervorstandes beim Intendanten.” Dies wollte Generalmusikdirektor-X nicht akzeptieren. (…)

Der Maestro liebt den großen Knall Oct 12, 2009 / By Nürnberger Zeitung, Thomas Heinold
(…) Das Orchester wird sich schwer genug damit tun, einen adäquaten Nachfolger zu finden. (…)

Generalmusikdirektor-X: Keine Gespräche mit München Oct 12, 2009 / By Hamburger Abendblatt

Generalmusikdirektor-X geht nach NO-Berlin Oct 12, 2009 / By (Pressemitteilung), ANNOMYMOUS
(…) Eigentlich sollte es in Kürze zu dem lang erwarteten Gespräch zwischen Generalmusikdirektor-X und dem Münchner Kulturreferenten Hans-Georg Küppers kommen. Dabei sollte es um die Frage gehen, wie Generalmusikdirektor-X doch noch der Münchner Musikwelt erhalten bleiben könnte. (…) Auch wenn bei den Münchner Philharmonikern der eine oder andere vielleicht noch die Hoffnung hegt, Generalmusikdirektor-X könne sich beider Orchester annehmen (…) Zuletzt legte der Ehrendirigent der Münchner Philharmoniker, Zubin Mehta, einen Vermittlungsvorschlag auf den Tisch. (…)

Interview mit Generalmusikdirektor-X: “Ich bin doch professionell. Der Kulturreferent sei falsch informiert worden.” Oct 12, 2009 / By Bayerischer Rundfunk
(…) Teile des Orchestervorstands hätten zu hoch gepokert (…) Generalmusikdirektor-X warf der Stadt München indirekt Untätigkeit vor. (…) München habe keine Kompromissbereitschaft gezeigt (…) Generalmusikdirektor-X sagte im Gespräch mit dem Bayerischen Rundfunk, er wäre gerne in München geblieben. Dies sei jedoch durch das Fehlen von jeglicher Kompromissbereitschaft unmöglich geworden. Wörtlich sagte Generalmusikdirektor-X: “Ich kann mich nicht von einem Orchestervorstand und einem Intendanten überstimmen lassen”. (…)


Generalmusikdirektor-X geht nach NO-Berlin Oct 12, 2009 / By (Pressemitteilung), ANNOMYMOUS
(…) Auch um dieses Defizit ging es beim Streit zwischen Generalmusikdirektor-X und seinem Münchner Orchester. (…)

Die Sirenengesänge erhört Oct 12, 2009 / By Merkur Online, Markus Thiel
(…) Dabei hatte es bis vor kurzem noch so gut für eine Verlängerung von Generalmusikdirektor-Xs Münchner Amtszeit ausgesehen. Am gestrigen Sonntag wollte er sich endlich mit Kulturreferent Küppers treffen. Der hätte ihm ein Kompromissangebot unterbreitet: Wenn sich Generalmusikdirektor-X und INTENDANT nicht einigen, sollte der Orchestervorstand als dritte Stimme mit an den Tisch gebeten werden. Aber andere Signale hatten den Star irritiert bis verärgert. Unter anderem ein Interview mit den Orchestervorständen, die gefordert hatten, Generalmusikdirektor-X solle erklären, die Münchner Philharmoniker spielten bei ihm die erste Geige. Da war sie wieder: jene Mischung aus berechtigter Enttäuschung, Anmaßung und einer Portion Selbstüberschätzung, durch die Münchens Ansehen in der Klassikszene Schaden genommen hat.

Interview mit Generalmusikdirektor-X: Doesn’t this Munich Scandal resemble Milan Scandal? Oct 12, 2009 / By, Joachim Kaiser ‎
(…) Der eigentliche Grund für alles ist also die Undiszipliniertheit mancher Musiker. Vielleicht geht es ihnen wirklich zu gut, sodass sie glauben, sie können sich alles erlauben. Kulturreferent Küppers hat diesen Leuten einfach geglaubt, und mich hat man behandelt wie einen dummen Jungen. Man hatte schon eine vorgefertigte Meinung, bevor überhaupt verhandelt wurde, und INTENDANT war der Ansicht, wie er dies auch sagte, er habe dazu keine Meinung zu haben. (…)

To be honest, this is not something-NEW. Please check Klassik-Kunde: Joachim Kaiser. And I already wrote my answer about this problem. It was on SEPTEMBER 25-26, 2009. NOW, I have a feeling that this German guy is plotting something. I have a feeling that he and Berlin Pigs are now united to mock Munich Politicians and want to blame his Munich foes, including the orchestra members, who didn’t follow their conductor for various but specific reasons, through my computer work. I now start feeling pity on this poor INTENDANT, as well.

Interview mit Generalmusikdirektor-X: Doesn’t this Munich Scandal resemble Milan Scandal? Oct 12, 2009 / By, Joachim Kaiser ‎
(…) Im Gespräch mit Joachim Kaiser, dem einzigen Partner, mit dem er überhaupt noch reden wollte, zeigte sich Generalmusikdirektor-X aber vor allem unglücklich über die Berichterstattung zu seinem Fall. (…)
Kaiser: Eine allzu mächtige Rolle hat er wohl nicht gespielt. Zubin Mehta dagegen scheint Sie in einem Brief an Münchens Oberbürgermeister Christian Ude über den grünen Klee gelobt zu haben. Warum tat er dies im Geheimen? Warum durfte niemand aus diesem mehrseitigen Brief zitieren? (…)
Generalmusikdirektor-X: (…) Aber ich habe in dieser Zeit auch mit vielen anderen Dirigenten gesprochen, darunter Barenboim, A und Z, und alle haben mir recht gegeben. (…)

What lacks here is ONE HAPPENING.

It reminds me of Barenboim’s New York Scandal. For this Megalomaniac-Generosity, joining Petition from Berlin was NOT enough. What did this Megalomaniac-Sh*t do while I was working for Barenboim’s New York Contract?

1. As time went by, Maestro-X was enjoying this computer work and openly introduced Barenboim as his possible successor.
2. Then, Barenboim boasted something, while firmly believing in my computer work, didn’t he? That he is NOT quite interested in this inferior American job. I had to work harder, because FOLKS were really enjoying playing games with me.
3. What’s more, what did I find before finishing my work? Kremers’s bimbo at Mehta’s birthday-party in Munchen? Therefore, I announced that I NEVER get along with Zubin Mehta… or Nancy Mehta’s puppies.
4. Next morning, I found that Mehta kicked Barenboim out of New York. No matter what… As always, I don’t go to where orchestra members/board are working under Mehta’s baton-technique.

Years later, different happening at La Scala. Even after I finished(?) this f*cking story with those Human Trashes, they still didn’t give up. Part of them joined this Munich Scandal.

Now, this is called Munich Scandal. Why doesn’t this Megalomaniac-Thickskin boast that his artistic level is too high to apply for any Music Directorship and they should beg him, just like Berlin, which Staatskapelle couldn’t prove Music or Money, awarded him Deutscher Kulturrat – Auszeichnung Kulturgroschen 2006 for a very specific reason? With this useless title, Barenboim literally forgot how his Chicago Directorship ended in the most disgrace. Then, this jerk wanted ME to work for his Chicago life again. Now, I made Barenboim’s Berlin Contract lose all its power. Barenboim is FREE from any of Berlin Contracts. Then, is this sh*t going to boast that his love of Berlin is so much that Wagner or Strauss will be deleted from his repertoire after the renovation of Unter den Linden, which is too small anyway? Musically speaking, this small opera house is also not good for Mozart, which should prove a qualified orchestra.

What I feel funny is that Generalmusikdirektor-X, who used to highly praise quality of Berlin Music Society, doesn’t want to go to where his Artistic Title and Financial Situation will perfectly fit his desire. Is this because he is scared of proving something… especially MUSIC? Of course, according to Generalmusikdirektor-X, who borrowed Barenboim’s fame in his interview to insult his orchestra members, it was the CSO’s inferior members, who didn’t follow their Generalmusikdirektor Barenboim in Chicago. Then Generalmusikdirektor-X will praise his Chicago members more and more when he goes there, won’t he? Any Generalmusikdirektor did this.

I had my private business for couple of days and didn’t plan to work today. Of course, I could do nothing my own work. By now, every plan would have been done, if Zubin Mehta has finished his project to kick Barenboim out of Munchen. I am waiting for Barenboim’s interview so that I don’t have to waste my time to post unnecessary writing. Just sick of this endless line of Human Trashes, which are called Musicians.

(Updated on OCTOBER 14, 2009)

Generalmusikdirektor-X will das NO-German-Repertoire entdecken, nach seinem Wechsel von München nach NO-Berlin Oct 12, 2009 / By Westfälische Nachrichten ‎
(…) Nach eigenen Worten wird er seinen bis 2011 in München laufenden Vertrag erfüllen: «Selbstverständlich. Wir sind doch professionell. Ich glaube sogar, dass es sehr entspannt wird», sagte Generalmusikdirektor-X. Zugleich warf er der Stadt München Fehler bei den Vertragsverhandlungen mit ihm vor. (…)

Generalmusikdirektor-X will Münchner Vertrag bis 2011 erfüllen Oct 12, 2009 / By Freie Presse
(…) Zugleich betonte Generalmusikdirektor-X, dass er nicht beide Orchester nebeneinander leiten werde. Dies entspreche nicht seiner künstlerischen Auffassung. (…) Gegen INTENDANT erhob Generalmusikdirektor-X schwere Vorwürfe. INTENDANT habe in dem Konflikt eine “verheerende Rolle” gespielt habe: “Er hat zugeschaut; dabei ist er der Personalchef.” Einigen Musikern seines Münchner Orchesters warf der Dirigent “Undiszipliniertheit” vor: “Vielleicht geht es ihnen wirklich zu gut, dass sie glauben, sie können sich alles erlauben.” Münchens Kulturreferent Hans-Georg Küppers habe “diesen Leuten” alles geglaubt, beklagte Generalmusikdirektor-X und betonte: “Mich hat man behandelt wie einen dummen Jungen.”

THEREFORE, the garrulous or debate-addicted German FOLKS’ finally summed up. Speechless…
Now, may I announce that “GUTEN TAG!” from any Musikkritiker, even if he is Ehemaliger Musikredakteur des Nachrichtenmagazins “Der Spiegel”, is and will be too late? Just contact Emperor of Sueddeutsche Zeitung on this issue, please. Thanks in advance.

Interview mit Generalmusikdirektor-X: “Ich bin doch professionell. Der Kulturreferent sei falsch informiert worden.” Oct 12, 2009 / By Bayerischer Rundfunk
Münchens Streit um Generalmusikdirektor-X Kulturreferent Küppers verteidigt sich Oct 13, 2009 / By Bayerischer Rundfunk

How come these TWO different articles provide the same text? Furthermore, the original text of the former article is gone now… after its link ends with this; “?_requestid=625406” What is it? Have Mrs. Said’s Spanish/Israeli/Palestinian/Berlin politicians sent me a computer virus again?

Speechless again. Just…
While ALL the Germans, called Something-Music, were united to publish ONE report about their ideal(?) Generalmusikdirektor-X, I sent my direct-mail to the Munich Politicians. What did I say? I’ve just… written my analysis about ALL sides. Now, I wouldn’t mind even if this Munich politician publishes my secret-mail. However, I must say. This mail still lacks one report. It was about Generalmusikdirektor-X, who interviewed about the role of Generalmusikdirektor. According to his own interview, he didn’t fulfill his responsibility in Munchen. I thought this Munich case was over and didn’t want to poke into other’s private/professional life. Now that I am way too tired to find this interview… Let me just hope one of ‘those garrulous or debate-addicted German FOLKS’ to find this article.

Oberbürgermeister Christian Ude (SPD): Münchner Philharmoniker sollen auf Weltniveau bleiben Oct 13, 2009 / By News Adhoc‎
Oberbürgermeister Christian Ude (SPD) versicherte, dass es auch nach Generalmusikdirektor-Xs Abschied vorerst keinen Stellenabbau bei den Philharmonikern geben werde. Er schloss eine Verkleinerung des Orchesters aber nicht grundsätzlich aus.
(…) Die Nachfolge-Suche solle sehr bald beginnen: «Wir, das heißt der Philharmonische Rat, der Orchestervorstand, der Intendant und ich werden uns zusammensetzen und darüber diskutieren, in welche Richtung wir ab 2011 gehen wollen. Dementsprechend werden wir schauen, wer diesen Weg mit uns mitgehen kann und mitgehen will. Und zwar auf höchstem künstlerischen und dirigentischen Niveau.»
An INTENDANT, den Generalmusikdirektor-X in Interviews heftig angegriffen hatte, will Küppers festhalten: «Wir haben in INTENDANT einen kompetenten, erfahrenen und integren INTENDANTEN, den ich hoch schätze und der mein absolutes Vertrauen besitzt.» Auch Ude deutete an, dass der INTENDANT künftig eine sehr starke Position haben soll. «Die Stellung des Chefdirigenten als Generalmusikdirektor ist ja nicht unverzichtbar», sagte er. (…)

It seems that it took weeks-or-months for ‘those garrulous or debate-addicted German FOLKS’ to start this simple business. What means “Philharmonische Rat”, by the way? I’ve never heard of this. And I am still working on these issues, such as “120 Musiker-Planstellen” or “In einem solchen Fall müsse der Stadtrat die Möglichkeit”. It was and is hard to understand.

(Updated on OCTOBER 15, 2009)


Please check
🙂 From Bimbo-Battle > My-Request-to-Barenboim
🙂 LINK will be added (… start writing… Request to…)
🙂 JIWON to Germany: I want to see ‘GANZ LUSTIG’ Barenboim

Please let me start with this article. Why don’t you compare this Cultural Scene with that of Berlin? In the Bankrupt City of Berlin, the audience needs ONE Porn-Shop rather than THREE Opera Houses. Or they can’t sell the tickets. And I still believe… whether a Porn-Shop or not, it should be top-rated and this company is not… because this kind of photography works better for Meier-like females. Waltraud Meier should be in this scene… and it should be hair-nude. (I’m not talking about Nudity. I’m talking about Photography. I think American style works better to catch divas’ beautiful moments. So does Singers’ costume in Berlin. It only works for Meier’s vocal techniques.)

Year in Focus 2007 – Entertainment
PHOTO: Jules Massenet’s opera ‘Manon’ at the Staatsoper Berlin on April 24, 2007

Jules Massenet's opera 'Manon' at the Staatsoper Berlin on April 24, 2007

Jules Massenet's opera 'Manon' at the Staatsoper Berlin on April 24, 2007

Generalmusikdirektor-X: Unser blaues Wunder Oct 14, 2009 / By Zeit, Florian Illies
Zentrum der Kultur und des Bürgertums: Warum Generalmusikdirektor-X verständlicherweise nach NO-Berlin geht. Es war diese eine Minute, die alles entschied. (…) In genau dieser Schweigeminute für die Schönheit der Musik, am 13. September in der Staatsoper, hat sich Generalmusikdirektor-X vermutlich entschieden, als Chefdirigent nach NO-Berlin zu ziehen – und München zu verlassen. Nicht nur wegen des Orchesters also, sondern auch wegen des Publikums. Was Generalmusikdirektor-X in dieser Minute erfuhr, war die Präsenz eines Kulturbürgertums, das sich in Deutschland vielleicht nirgendwo so rein erhalten hat wie in jenem inoffiziellen NO-Berlin Milieu, (…) Der Umzug eines Künstlers taugt eigentlich nicht zum Leitartikel. Doch die Entscheidung des begehrtesten deutschen Dirigenten für Dresden ist – zwanzig Jahre nach dem Mauerfall – ein Akt von nationaler Symbolik. (…) Worin das Geheimnis der NO-Berliner Selbstsicherheit liegt (…) Es gelingt NO-Berlin immer wieder, in unser aller Köpfen ein Traumbild von sich selbst zu erzeugen. Auch in dem von Generalmusikdirektor-X. Und als er dann auch noch merkte, dass es die Staatsoper und das Kulturbürgertum tatsächlich gibt, da war es verständlicherweise um ihn geschehen.

Then what about Munich?

(Updated on OCTOBER 16, 2009)

“Intrigantenstadel” – Philharmoniker ausgebuht Oct 16, 2009 / By
Münchner Philharmoniker vor Konzert ausgebuht Oct 16, 2009 / By
„Buh“ fürs Orchester, „Bravo“ für Generalmusikdirektor-X Oct 16, 2009 / By
Eklat für Münchner Philharmoniker – Vor Konzertauftritt Buhrufe für Orchester Oct 16, 2009 / By
Nach den Generalmusikdirektor-X-Querelen Buhrufe für Münchner Philharmoniker Oct 16, 2009 / By Bayerischer Rundfunk.
Wegen Generalmusikdirektor-X-Abgang Publikum buht Münchner Philharmoniker aus Oct 15, 2009 / By WELT ONLINE

Weinen um Generalmusikdirektor-X – Buh-Rufe für das Orchester Oct 16, 2009 / By Nürnberger Nachrichten, Nicholas Dominic (AP)
(…) München wird Generalmusikdirektor-X vermissen.

SPEECHLESS again and again…
How come this Munich Scandal sounds just like Milan one? In Milan, Generalmusikdirektor was able to announce his triumphant return to his Italy, not Milan but Rome though, after(!) being appointed to the boss of American Chicago Symphony Orchestra. (Please check my computer work to figure out how
Israeli Supreme Court’s Criminal Record got involved in this affair…) His Italian fame bloomed regardless of the fact about how he treated his orchestra members or his working partner. This Italian Generalmusikdirektor looked victorious regardless of the fact that even part of his original supporters blamed his Milan job as ONE-MAN-SHOW.

However, in Munich case, which characteristics can also be described as ONE-MAN-SHOW, I would say that everything was up to Power of German Media. This is why Any Generalmusikdirektor should NEVER invite qualified conductors, especially pure German bloods, into his territory. And this German guy did a terrific job.

So far, I’ve never seen more hilariously comical Cultural Scene than the Milan Scandal. This MUSIC scandal sounded so-oooooo-o humorous that I still can’t quit my laughter whenever I think of all those joyful Italian politicians, whose DEAF ears rushed to join their favorite Milan scandal and have a great time for the greatest fight, despite the fact that there is absolutely NO time for them to fight. Then, there was a politician, who knew how to defend poor Orchestra members. Who was he? What was his statement? I’ve never seen more beautiful, more seductive choice of words than this Italian guy’s.

However in Munich, I literally feel pity on both Orchestra members and Munich politicians. How come this German Scandal looks gray like this? When ‘Buh-Rufe’ starts, there is a LEADER among the audience. Who is he? Damn curious… Clearly, he’s already checked this computer work. Please look what happened to Waltraud Meier’s Isolde at La Scala after I reported Meier’s f*cking big-mouth about Italian public to Italian government. There were beautiful flowers from the balcony instead of ‘Buh-Rufe’, celebrating the most inferior Isolde in Milan history. As a matter of fact, this dirtiest story is still going on. This German whore will never give up feeding her Italian employees even if the entire Italian audience reads Meier’s interview.

No matter what, it will be interesting for the Munich audience, whose pure reason was based on MUSIC, to check this Bruckner again years later and compare this Bruckner with other Bruckners, all of which will be performed by the same orchestra members. I’ve never seen any great maestros making a great Bruckner with poor orchestra members. But I did see countless inferior conductors…

How many times have I read legendary maestros insisting that Bruckner was their favorite while conducting Vienna Philharmonic, which Bruckner can sound no-more-than-standard whenever they hire Any Generalmusikdirektor as conducting machine? First of all, how inferior did Waltraud Meier’s Berliner Staatskapelle sound when they hired Barenboim as a conducting machine?

In Milan, the orchestra members suddenly quit their months-or-years-long strike the moment I announced my computer work. Here in Munich, have you ever seen the orchestra members more sincerely preparing their Bruckner-or-Whatever performance than they did during this week? Just… speechless.

How come the link of this article, “Intrigantenstadel” – Philharmoniker ausgebuht, doesn’t work for my computer? I tried every way, including Sueddeutsche: Suche. Nothing has worked!

Anyway… just in case…
I need the orchestra members, whose artistic EGO shall furiously refuse to follow Barenboim’s baton-technique whenever this Megalomaniac-Thickskin is chained to the WEDO sound and ask his members to sing(?) Meier-like melody(!). So far, only Vienna Philharmonic Members did this terrific job, spitting “Scheisse!” at the ‘gently/energetically smiling’ face of the ‘famed-but-dancing-conductor’. It was lo-ooo-ng before Zubin Mehta destroyed its golden tradition, though. It was long, lo-ooo-ng before Zubin Mehta was appointed as Conductor Laureate of Münchner Philharmoniker, though.

I am really curious. Will the same Munich audience buhrufen Orchestra and weep for Generalmusikdirektor again, if Zubin Mehta announces his departure and heads for NO-Berlin? Whose Honorary Conductor has Zubin Mehta been? For Generalmusikdirektor-X, who desperately needed inferior Mr. FAME to protect his MUSIC, or Münchner Philharmoniker, whose members desperately needed superior Mr. MAESTRO to develop their MUSIC?

Wasn’t the repertoire of Generalmusikdirektor-X’s Honorary Conductor in NO-Berlin Schubert and Bruckner? Weren’t there diese Schweigeminute für die Schönheit der Musik in Staatsoper when its performance ended? Wasn’t it on March 16-17, 2008, during which even Sir Rattle’s Now-Wife appeared in RED in Barenboim’s Berlin? I heard this performance and know how it sounded… despite my open insulting. What was reaction from the audience in NO-Berlin or even in Munich?

Busy Females around Color-Blind Barenboim (CSO's bimbo doesn't have to be in RED)

Busy Females around Color-Blind Barenboim (Alice Clevenger in Chicago, Dorit Beinisch in Israel, Elena Bashkirova in Jerusalem, Waltraud Meier with WEDO, Sir Rattle's Now-Wife in Berlin. BTW, CSO's bimbo doesn't have to be in RED)

I feel funny… whenever I turn on the radio. I hear that Orchestras all over the Europe making an improvement… AGAIN. It’s been more than a DECADE that I’ve been openly insulting Gidon Kremer’s Second-Ex and Members of Bashkirova-Gang. Why in the world ALL the European Orchestras sounds like IMPROVING whenever I pray this Russian whore to go to hell? How many FEMALE musicians still want to follow the footsteps of Elena Bashkirova?


Anyway, ALL my requests to the German Government is based on…

Please check
🙂 Barenboim, Flagstad, Beethoven, Wagner, WEDO, Imitation, and Interpretation (Jul 27-28, 2009)
JIWON: (…) Wasn’t it the Jewish Education System or from TALMUD?
“Give your kid a fish, he eats for a day; teach him to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”
There are other quotes:
“When you teach your son, you teach your son’s son.”
“Who is a wise man? He who learns of all men.”
“A quotation at the RIGHT moment is like bread to the famished.”

Where did Barenboim learn how to interpret his favorite Music? When did he start learning? Wasn’t it after his father taught him all the basics about music? Listen to Furtwangler’s performances during his late years. His interpretation is becoming icy and icy, or less and less romantic, and more and more direct. Yet he hardly allows out-of-tuned ensemble techniques. Why do you think so? Until he faces his death, he is training his members. Just sick of all those trashes.

Those who want to read EVERYTHING are welcome to click
🙂 JIWON to Germany: I want to see ‘GANZ LUSTIG’ Barenboim



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