Il Consiglio di amministrazione della Fondazione Teatro alla Scala since Nov 2009

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Consiglio di Amministrazione since Nov 2009
Consiglio di Amministrazione / Board
Presidente: Letizia Moratti (Sindaco di Milano)
Vice Presidente: Bruno Ermolli
Consiglieri: Stéphane Lissner, Francesco Micheli, Corrado Passera, Guido Podestà, Massimo Ponzellini, Alessandro Profumo, Paolo Scaroni, Fiorenzo Tagliabue

Consiglio di Amministrazione until Nov 2009
Consiglio di Amministrazione / Board
Presidente: Letizia Moratti (Sindaco di Milano)
Vice Presidente: Bruno Ermolli
Consiglieri: Stéphane Lissner, Francesco Micheli, Filippo Penati, Alessandro Profumo, Renato Ravasio, Paolo Scaroni, Carlo Secchi, Fiorenzo Tagliabue
Collegio dei Revisori dei Conti / College of the Auditors
Presidente: Angelo Provasoli
Membri Effettivi: Marco Aldo Amoruso, Mario Cattaneo
Membro supplente: Nadia Palmieri

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NOVEMBER 19, 2009
JIWON: NO special reason to ‘investigate’ these Italians. I always wanted to study STOCK after finishing this f*cking computer work. I feel terrific whenever I meet hardworking businessmen. And I never want to waste my valuable money on the beggars, who never know what means responsibility nor has willingness to prove quality of music after receiving free-money. True that, in my situation, this is the only way for me to meet the businessmen, but it’s hard to understand these guys, honestly speaking… hum.

PRESIDENTE della Provincia di Milano: From Filippo Penati (2004-2009, Partito Democratico) to Guido Podestà (Jun 22, 2009-?, Il Popolo della Libertà), il quale ha confermato di voler onorare il debito di 2,2 milioni di euro contratto da Penati, “spalmandolo” però su due annualità.
(JIWON: ‘Laureato in architettura’… therefore NO ears… but he is Silvio’s man, so who knows? He might be taltened in MUSIC.)

NEW-1: Corrado Passera di Intesa-San Paolo
Corrado Passera (Como, December 30 1954) is a banker and manager Italian in his career he held numerous positions of high responsibility in different industries, services and finance. He is currently Managing Director and Group CEO Intesa Sanpaolo, a leading European banks.
(…) In the same year will pass to leave his post at the post office and was called to the post of chief executive of Banca Intesa. Here begins a major industry with strategic objectives, including the recovery of efficiency, the reorganization of the business, reducing costs, restructuring of supply, the revival of the image. When the process in 2005, Banca Intesa is one of the most profitable banks in the country in international markets and is considered one of the most significant cases of corporate turnaround in the financial field. Are still several critical voices to the work of flounder: During the National Day of ethical finance in 2004 several trade unionists protesting against the aggressive policy of incentives Passera practiced by commercial agreement, which – according to the unions – pushes the employees of the bank to sell to Customers noticed less low quality products’. Subsequently, Passera will ‘involved in the Parmalat and will have to’ negotiate with Mr Bondi to exit the litigation.
In 2006 Plaice is one of the architects of the process leading to integration with Sanpaolo IMI, resulting in Intesa Sanpaolo, which is appointed Managing Director and CEO.
Currently Corrado Passera is a member of the boards of RCS MediaGroup and Bocconi University. Also part of the Executive Committee ‘s ABI – Italian Banking Association, the Scientific Committee of the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, the International Advisory Board of the Wharton School of Economics, University of Pennsylvania, the General Council of the Cini Foundation in Venice, and’ s International Business Council of the World Economic Forum in Geneva.

NEW-2: Massimo Ponzellini, manager già a capo di Impregilo; è anche presidente della banca BPM (dal 04/2009)
Impregilo (pronounced IMPREGILO) is a multinational major group and Italian in the field of development and the ‘engineering of size and turnover is currently leading the development of transport infrastructures (railway construction), in the cycle of waste water treatment and desalination and in the works for the environment (environmental engineering and land management). The first group is the general contractor [1] on major Italian works. (…)The current president is Max Ponzellini (…)
(…) Board of directors in office on December 7 in 2007 according to the official communications of the Commissione Nazionale per le Societa e la Borsa:
President: Massimo Ponzellini; is also president of the bank BPM (since 04/2009)

SAME-1: Francesco Micheli, il finanziere nominato da Pirelli ma ora in quota alla Regione, dopo la decisione di Tronchetti Provera (presidente di Pirelli&C) di uscire dal Cda (Rubber-Company)

SAME-2: Alessandro Profumo di UniCredit
Alessandro Profumo is an Italian manager who had significant influence in the consolidation of the Italian banking sector. As a representative of the share holder value based management approach he is considered to be ambitious. He was Partner at the McKinsey consultancy and was involved in the merger of HypoVereinsbank, Bank Austria Creditanstalt and Capitalia with the UniCredit Group. He is the current CEO of the Unicredit Group.
(…) Alessandro Profumo has written several articles and studies. In 2003 he published together with Giovanni Moro the book „Plus Valori“, addressing the „social responsibility of companies“

SAME-3: Paolo Scaroni il presidente dell’Eni
Paolo Scaroni, born on 28 November 1946 in Vicenza, Italy, is the chief executive officer of Italian energy company Eni SpA.

SAME-4: Fiorenzo Tagliabue, presidente della Sec & Partners di Roma (It) (En)
SEC founder, chairman and managing director since 1989, he has promoted and supported its development in Italy and abroad by building an international network.
He started his career in journalism and publishing industry (periodicals and newspapers) and afterwards he undertook consultancy in the field of enterprise communications following in particular public affairs, communications to the territory and crisis management projects.
He has been responsible for Vancouver’s candidacy to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and through the SEC partner in Spain he was consultant of the City of Zaragoza during the competitive tender for Expo 2008.
He teaches Public Relations at IULM University in Milan and has also lectured communications and public communications at several universities and masters.
He represents the Ministry for Culture Heritage in the Board of Directors of the Teatro alla Scala Foundation in Milan and he is chairman of the Internal Control Committee of the Board.
Before establishing SEC Group, he has been also twice managing director of NEI spa, publishing company of the newspaper “Avvenire” (1983 – 1989), secretary-general of the Centro Televisivo Vaticano (1986 – 1989) and founder of the weekly “Il Sabato” (1978)
He graduated in History and Philosophy at Università Statale in Florence.

FAREWELL-1: Renato Ravasio, indicato a suo tempo dalla Fondazione Cariplo

FAREWELL-2: Carlo Secchi – ex Rettore dell’Università Bocconi
Carlo Secchi, Professor of European Economic Policy and former Rector, Bocconi University; Vice President, ISPI, Milan; former Member of the Italian Senate and of the European Parliament [31][19]

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Nuovo Cda della Scala. La Carmen in diretta su Sky il 7
Nov 13, 2009 / By
New board of La Scala. Carmen live on Sky on 7

Il Consiglio di amministrazione della Fondazione Teatro alla Scala si rafforza con l’ingresso di altri due banchieri, Corrado Passera di Intesa-San Paolo e Massimo Ponzellini, manager già a capo di Impregilo, eletto alcuni mesi fa alla presidenza della Banca Popolare di Milano (che entra a far parte del club dei soci fondatori).
The Board of Directors of the Fondazione Teatro alla Scala is strengthened with the arrival of two other bankers, Corrado Passera of Intesa-San Paolo and Massimo Ponzellini, manager was CEO of Impregilo, elected a few months ago as president of Banca Popolare di Milano ( who joins the club of the founding members).

Il board del primo teatro lirico d’Italia si confermerebbe in questo modo come uno dei migliori “salotti” della finanza italiana, in cui già siedono il presidente dell’Eni, Paolo Scaroni, Alessandro Profumo di UniCredit e Francesco Micheli, il finanziere nominato da Pirelli ma ora in quota alla Regione, dopo la decisione di Tronchetti Provera di uscire dal Cda.
The board of the first opera house in Italy is confirmed in this way as one of the best “salons” of Italian finance, where we already sitting president of Eni, Paolo Scaroni, Alessandro Profumo, UniCredit and Francesco Micheli, the financier named by Pirelli but now share the Region, after the decision to Tronchetti Provera to leave the board.

Per la ratifica delle nuove nomine, anticipate oggi dal Corriere della Sera, bisognerà comunque attendere l’Assemblea dei soci, in programma mercoledì 18 novembre. Fra gli amministratori confermati della Fondazione presieduta dal sindaco di Milano, Letizia Moratti, figurano anche il vicepresidente Bruno Ermolli e Fiorenzo Tagliabue, presidente della Sec & Partners di Roma, indicato dal ministro della Cultura Bondi. Gli uscenti sono invece Carlo Secchi – ex Rettore dell’Università Bocconi – e Renato Ravasio, indicato a suo tempo dalla Fondazione Cariplo.
For the ratification of the new appointments, early today by the Corriere della Sera, however, must await the shareholders’ meeting, on Wednesday 18 November. Among the senior administrators of the Foundation, chaired by the Mayor of Milan, Letizia Moratti, also included Vice President Bruno Ermolli and Fiorenzo Tagliabue, chairman of the SEC & Partners in Rome, indicated by the Minister of Culture Bondi. The leavers are Carlo Secchi – former Rector of Bocconi – and Renato Ravasio, indicated at the time by the Cariplo Foundation.

Un avvicendamento tutto politico è infine quello che riguarderà la poltrona della Provincia di Milano: esce Filippo Penati (sconfitta alle ultime amministrative) ed entra il suo successore, Guido Podestà, il quale ha confermato di voler onorare il debito di 2,2 milioni di euro contratto da Penati, “spalmandolo” però su due annualità.
All politicians, and finally a rotation that will cover the chair of the Province of Milan, Filippo Penati out (lost the last administration) and enters his successor, Guido Podesta, who has confirmed his desire to honor the debt of EUR 2.2 million contract Penati, “spread” but on two annuities.

Cominciano intanto a filtrare le prime indiscrezioni circa l’allestimento della Carmen di Bizet che aprirà quest’anno la stagione lirica della Scala. Con un apprezzabile atto di coraggio, la regia è stata affidata alla regista Emma Dante, la quale starebbe lavorando a un allestimento molto cupo – in linea con il suo stile – che potrebbe provocare più di un’alzata di sopracciglio fra il selezionato pubblico della “prima”, il prossimo 7 dicembre. Il maestro scaligero, Daniel Barenboim, sarebbe però molto contento del lavoro svolto sinora. Come in precedenti occasioni, chi non dispone delle somme (ingenti) per acquistare un biglietto per la sera del 7 dicembre, potrà seguire la “prima” in diretta grazie all’accordo stipulato dal teatro con il canale Sky Classica (728), che la trasmetterà in chiaro per tutti gli abbonati del network satellitare.
Let’s start to filter the first rumors about the preparation of Carmen Bizet’s opera season will open this year at La Scala. With a welcome act of courage, direction was entrusted to director Emma Dante, who is apparently working on a very somber setting – in line with his style – which could cause more than a shrug of the eyebrows among the public of selected ” first, on 7 December. The master Scaliger, Daniel Barenboim, however, would be very happy with the work done so far. As on previous occasions, you do not have that amount (large) to buy a ticket for the evening of December 7, will follow the “first” live from the theater due to the agreement signed with Sky Classic (728) that the transmit in the clear to all subscribers of the satellite network. (
11:53 – 13 nov 2009)

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