Barenboim: Will Umberto Eco Endorse My Requests to German Government?

DECEMBER 26, 2009
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14:53 Netanyahu: I expect MKs to act as I did when I led the opposition Dec 23, 2009 / By Haaretz Flash News
14:44 Netanyahu: When previous gov`t was under attack, I didn`t criticize Dec 23, 2009 / By Haaretz Flash News
14:48 Netanyahu: West Bank is flourishing because Israel removed checkpoints. It is one of world`s most flourishing economies Dec 23, 2009 / By Haaretz Flash News
14:53 Netanyahu: Opposition must back government in its peace policies Dec 23, 2009 / By Haaretz Flash News

PM urges opposition to support gov’t Dec 23, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post or BIBITON
(…) “Our internal unity is important in order to successfully deal with the attacks on Israel’s right to self-defense and in order to continue the peace process. (… bla-bla-bla… bibi’s typical big-mouth…) This is no less than what I asked of the opposition only several months ago when I was chairman of the opposition,” Netanyahu asserted. “The only option is to support the Israeli government at this time,” the premier concluded.

Netanyahu: I’ll divide Kadima if Livni won’t join coalition Dec 26, 2009 / By Haaretz
“What is Kadima’s problem with joining?” he asked. “The diplomatic plan has very broad national consensus today.” “Today, after the Bar-Ilan speech, everyone knows we do not reject peace,” he added. Netanyahu said he foresaw no problem working with Livni. “She’ll come in as minister without portfolio,” he said, “like [Menachem] Begin in 1967,” in the run-up to the Six-Day War. (…)


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🙂 Whose-Israel > Seventeenth-Knesset >
🙂 The Healthiest Opposition Should Face ‘Corrupt & Aging BIBI’… and ultimately… the Israeli Future!

Kadima blasts Netanyahu for politicking during prisoner exchange talks Dec 22, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) “The prime minister and defense minister are behaving like political hacks. Netanyahu is obsessed with the opposition instead of running the country he was elected to lead.” (…)

Who said this? I read this article, too, but there was no information about this terrific mouth: Netanyahu to opposition: Back me in face of multiple threats


Israeli children poorer, more neglected Dec 23, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
“Time to look at kids as an asset worth investing in,” says welfare council head amid bleak statistics.

This is not 1967 but 2009 and toward 2010s, during which those Jewish Souls would eventually destroy the Jewish State. Exactly when are they going to outnumber their secular enemies, who are already toward bankruptcy while supporting ‘The Unemployeed’? By then, the entire Israeli kids will have to live like a church mouse.
I find that Kadima is now full of ‘Fresh & Hot Bloods’, and this is why the aging politicians believe in their ephemeral life and hurry to join Bibi’s Chair-ology.
Basically, I prefer to watch Old & Mature Leader governing the country wherever I go. I prefer to watch old politicians respected by their young leader. However, Israel is not the place. This is where all those old, impotent politicians should disappear for the good of Israel.
This time, everything is real. There will be NO further writing after finishing this part. I will contact the Jewish Youngsters in the world of Internet. WORKING… I will encourage fighting… between the Settlers and Hamas WORKING… I hope this NEW Kadima to enjoy the Palestinian Corruption in the most effective way. There should be NO difference between the Meretz and the National Union. No matter how noisy, how dirty the Settler’s Prime Minister Netanyahu sounds, there is only one way toward the ‘Two-State Solution’. Bibi confessed. Of course, this party needs a right leader, if Livni is not willing to prove the right leadership.


DECEMBER 22-23, 2009

🙂 Barenboim: Berlusconi’s Italy Shall Be Blessed With Healthy Feminism & Healthy Opposition! (Dec 15, 2009)
COLLECTION-12: Toward Italian Healthy Feminism…
COLLECTION-09: Chauvinist Berlusconi: Dear Feminists, Which Italy Do You Want? Do You Want to Return to Your Favorite 1970s? To That Instability, That Street Violence, & That Anthropological War?
COLLECTION-04: The Battle Is Not Only Against Berlusconi!

Meanwhile, this issue, “FEMINISM”, was a real discovery during the research. Now, I know why the normal Italians don’t regard the Female President of Partito Democratico as a REAL Leader of Opposition Groups. Then, it was very interesting to imagine the atmosphere in the Italian Female Society during 1970s and 1980s.

I may be wrong, of course. But wherever you go, you always meet the same human nature. And then, one thing always leads to another. Now, I expect the same human nature wherever I go. I still believe that it is impossible to analyze the various social phenomena and their reasons without connecting each other. They all happened simultaneously during ONE period. Whatever it is, any kind of happening cannot be fully understood outside of its social, economic, political, and cultural contexts.

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🙂 Barenboim Loves the Knesset~ ^.*

I believe… the entire Italian Females should study the Israeli Case. Please check the Sub-Categories of this place, Barenboim Loves the Knesset~ ^.*. Whether Banana-Republic or Friedmannism, or whether Bimbo-Battle or Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch, what has happened to Israeli Feminism is still happening in a country called “Asylum for the Male Chauvinists”.

Wikipedia: Daniel Friedmann (b. 1936), who was Justice Minister from 2007 to 2009
Wikipedia: Aharon Barak (b. Sep 16, 1936), who was Supreme Court President from 1995 to 2006
Wikipedia: Silvio Berlusconi (b. Sep 29, 1936), who is entitled “La Scala’s Hunk-of-the-Century”
Wikipedia: Ya’akov Ne’eman (b. 1939), who is Justice Minister from 2009 until Bibi’s Collapse
Wikipedia: Dorit Beinisch (b. 1942), who is “You-Know-Who”

Please check
🙂 From Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala >
🙂 Berlusconi’s Minor-Scandal, Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal, and Salzburg Festival (Jun 13 – Jul 1, 2009)
Aharon Barak: W. Bank is occupied territory Jun 25, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Aharon Barak: Have you ever seen me criticizing my girl, Dorit Beinisch? I just feel lonely and impotent Jun 25, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
This FEMALE LIKUDNIK, who registered her bill on Hebrew Language after accidentally being invited into Barenboim-Scandal by denouncing this naïve musician as ‘A REAL JEW-HATER, A REAL ANTI-SEMITE’, is simply NOT allowed to do anything for the Israeli Culture as long as DORIT BEINISCH is alive in Israeli Supreme Court. Poor woman… Poor politician… Poor Cultural Minister…

Please ask Aharon Barak (b. 1936) who is the Subject of Bimbo-Battle. Please ask him why he was called the “John Marshall” of Israel, and the “World’s Greatest Living Jurist”. Please ask him who should be called whose rival. Aharon Barak (b. Sep 16, 1936) versus his likely-senior fellow, Daniel Friedmann (b. 1936)? Or Dorit Beinisch (b. 1942) versus Anti-Barak, Daniel Friedmann (b. 1936)? Even Ya’akov Ne’eman (b. 1939) should NOT be called Dorit Beinisch (b. 1942)’s opponent, but Aharon Barak (b. 1936)’s whatsoever. Is there something wrong with my math-skills or simple-mentality?

Please ask Aharon Barak (b. 1936) if there is something wrong with me when I entitled this Israeli Story “WHEN BIMBO GOT THE POWER…”

‘Danny’ Takes on the Empire By
(…) Friedmann, whom Barak condescendingly refers to as “Danny,” must have known that the former Supreme Court president would break the silence on court matters he’d imposed on himself since his retirement to pick up the gauntlet. Though he has crossed swords with current Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, BARAK’S ALTER EGO, Friedmann knows full well that it is Barak’s IDEOLOGICAL stranglehold on the Court he must break if he is ever to put the brakes to its runaway powers. That IDEOLOGY can be summed in the single word that embodies and anchors Aharon Barak’s judicial mindset – “JUSTICIABILITY.” (…)

First of all, please ask Aharon Barak (b. 1936) what his IDEOLOGY is if he’s ever had it. Please ask the “John Marshall” of Israel, or the “World’s Greatest Living Jurist” what really means IDEOLOGY if he’s ever lived with it.

OR… PERHAPS… Aharon Barak (b. 1936) himself should ask his ALTER EGO, Dorit Beinisch (b. 1942) about all those dumb questions.

Silvio’s First Daughter Mauls Backstabbers Sep 13, 2009 / By Murdoch’s British Media
(…) the premier suffered more setbacks last week with José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the Spanish prime minister, barely concealing his embarrassment at a joint news conference. (…) Zapatero became the first foreign leader to hint at his views on Berlusconi’s approach to women. After staying tight-lipped as Berlusconi denied paying for sex, Zapatero said later: “If I stay silent it’s out of institutional respect … Everyone knows my opinion about men and women being equal.” To avoid further embarrassment, Berlusconi cancelled a visit (…)
(JIWON: This link won’t work. Mr. Murdoch doesn’t want his newspapers to be found on Internet.)

Women in politics: Berlusconi lays into Spain’s ‘TOO PINK’ cabinet Apr 18, 2009 / By
Spain hits back at Berlusconi’s ‘too pink’ comment Apr 18, 2009 / By International Media
(JIWON: Please check how Murdoch’s British Media treated this. Silvio Berlusconi angers Spain for mocking female cabinet)

As far as I know, Spain has been famous for its Male Chauvinism. I was born in a ultra male chauvinists’ country, and this is what I heard. This male chauvinists’ country earned more fame when it became one of the first countries to have more women than men in the cabinet. Was it in 2008? (Weirdly enough, I’ve never heard of Italy for this reason. Thus, it was a real shock to find this FEMINISM issue from the ITALIAN articles days ago.)

Throughout my life, I’ve worked with all kinds of male chauvinists, so I know how nice or gentle a foremost male chauvinist can behave or look in front of females while he is hiding a real chauvinism deep inside his heart. Therefore, it was quite natural to send my all smiles the moment I found one of Berlusconi-Jokes. When did I find more exact, more honest and direct comment than this Italian one?

Please check
🙂 From Spain-SIC or Spain-Alma >
🙂 Dear Spanish Government Officials, (Regarding Government Fund / Spanish Culture / Barenboim’s Involvement in Spanish Politics) (Aug 5-13, 2008)
JIWON: (…) This is Spain I’ve known for years:
1. Madrid Train Bombings led the current government to win 2004 election. They won 2008 election again.
2. Zapatero’s Economic policy during his first term was based on populism, and his government might suffer from its aftermath during the second term.
3. Spain was not happy when they failed to join Quartet and its Roadmap as an active member to meddle in Mideast affairs.
4. Whenever Ms. Rice (USA) made the most intelligent decision to handle Foreign affairs, the most sickish criticism came from Spain. They all compared it with Barenboim’s Divan-project.
5. After receiving my report about in Spain and its members’ sickish behaviors, particularly in Middle East, its local event has become a national ceremony.
6. A private letter from Spanish King Juan Carlos I to his son was so well-written that it spread throughout the world. Quite naturally, this Spanish family education was exactly opposite to what the WEDO members received from Bashkirova’s Spanish Mentors. (…)

Please check
🙂 From Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala >
🙂 JIWON: Dear Mr. Silvio No.1’s ALL friends and foes, (Music & Politics) (Dec 29, 2008 – Feb 24, 2009)
JIWON: (…) Basically, when I had to meddle in Barenboim’s Spanish life, I never planned to criticize Spain’s pure intention to support Barenboim and Said’s pure friendship. But the result says what I see and what I hear. Just like what happened in Kippah-I & Kippah-II in my Knesset-blog, I only see Arab money pouring into Spain and I feel what I feel.
Spain has a dream of reviving the Golden Age when Jews and Muslims lived together? Hum… I am searching for the better description than this proverb: “It is not the beard that makes the philosophers.”
Spain hits back at Berlusconi’s ‘too pink’ comment (Apr 16, 2008)
JIWON: Spain must have been busy. Just one week later after my PINK mail hit Spanish First Lady, another musician, Silvio No. 1 or 2 or 3, tossed TOO PINK message to her husband. My problem is that I still didn’t get their DIRECT answer. They just said that Spanish Foreign Minister can’t read English. What did I say? (…) And… I am going to say that the most disgusting Female Politician seems to be found in Spain. Who is the Female Principal of Queen Sofía College of Music, which is the headquarters of Members of Bashkirova-Gang? What is her exact identity? Principal or Dmitri Bashkirov’s bimbo or WHAT? For the first time in my life, I can’t chuckle while reading Berlusconi-Joke. And I am going to ask Spanish Queen Sofia what’s wrong with my Spanish problem. (…)

By the way, I am in shock to realize that Sir Berlusconi was born in such a headache year. I’ve never thought that this Italian guy was THAT old. (I mean… the same age of Prof. Friedmann.) Even now, Barenboim looks older than Berlusconi. Weird…

While organizing this ITALIAN part, Barenboim: Berlusconi’s Italy Shall Be Blessed With Healthy Feminism & Healthy Opposition!, I couldn’t help suspecting if even my joke about “Umberto & Silvio” had actually happened during 1970s and 1980s; “Imagine Our Democratic Society Where Ugly Females Behave Like Poisonous Snakes!” If this is true, I can’t laugh. Please check the happenings at the WEDO or Rattle’s BPO or…

Youtube Italian comments
Comment 1: (…) ma…. qualcosa mi ha lasciato un po’ delusa. (…) l’orchestra non perfetta e non con il “peso” giusto per questo Wagner, non so bene, ma mi aspettavo di più! Anche il “preludio e morte di Isotta” mi è sembrato destrutturato, troppo dilatato, ho perso il filo totalmente e mi sono distratta, cosa che non mi era mai successa per questo pezzo che solitamente mi fa venire i brividi dall’inizio alla fine (molto diverso da come l’avevo percepito nell’opera diretta dallo stesso Barenboim, in cui la direzione mi era piaciuta tantissimo).
Umberto Eco addresses the inadequacies of the modern mass media Oct 19, 2008

🙂 Palestine >
00 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*

Dear Emperor of Munich Music Society,
Dear President of La Scala,

It all started with this.

Youtube: Deborah Polaski – Good
Youtube: Deborah Polaski – Bad

I didn’t know that Deborah Polaski (b. 1949) is still singing. Some moments in the first clip was legendary level. I was surprised at her voice. She is 60 years old, isn’t she? Basically, it was accidental clicking. I didn’t plan to listen to this performance. I know the singers, and not only I am already too busy but also those out-of-tuned wind section just makes me hysterical. But the mysterious numbers in its title made me click, then this voice just hooked me. It was not the voice I remembered. So, I clicked more. Then, the same Polasky in the second one disappointed me. Again, it was not the voice I remembered. Which one is real Polasky, who is now 60 years old? Surely, she sounds getting-old or wobbling and frequently pushing her voice, and I think it is partly due to her age. However, her high moments were clearly legendary level and I’ve never heard of this kind of voice from my study of one of Barenboim’s few real divas, Deborah Polaski. I don’t remember voice. I never trust my ears, but I do trust my theory. And I remember theory, and this is not what I remember from her voice. Therefore, I had to start my research. At the same time, I wanted to compare this 60-yr-old diva’s legendary or standard or poor moments with other today’s voices.

1. I wanted to do… because this voice was what I wanted from Barenboim’s Brunnhilde. In my view, this Wagnerian female should contain a specific timbre in her voice. It should preserve NO hint of dullness. It should sound as brilliant or as splendid as possible. (I’m not sure if I am using the right expression.)
2. My problem was her postures. I don’t find anything wrong from her various postures, but her voice didn’t sound same.
3. My curiosity during my research: Has this golden couple, Barenboim and Meier, sucked all her blood and ruined all her talented voice and therefore professional life? Clearly, 60-yr-old Polaski’s poor moments sound like Meier’s poor victim.

NOVEMBER 14, 2009

1. I think Barenboim can plead not guilty. I find all the same voice while Polaski was proving her ‘standard’ moments with other maestros. However, it is clear that Meier’s existence itself in her Wagnerian world has hindered her from developing her talent. So, is it true that she wasted her entire life… simply due to this German whore’s brilliant prostitution?

2. Deborah Polaski finally made her voice out of American timbre. (… should I call it timbre? I don’t know. Just… there are the traits of American voice. What did Solti call it?…) I found this from all her past performances. Now, it’s gone. I am curious. How does her present English diction sound like? Is there a recording material to compare her original English diction with her present one? My another curiosity. If without Meier’s prostitution, how long will it take for talented American singers to be out of American voice? My another curiosity. I don’t remember to find this characteristic from Regina Resnik. Is it because, in those days, Americans spoke with old-fashioned American diction?

3. This f*cking oboe was originally the bimbo-character, one of the most inferior members. Please check its 1993 performance. Also… please check the freshness and warmness in its string section sound. Then, please check the various reactions from the members’ face.

In sum,
I think Deborah Polaski needs a very specific posture to find her best voice, and the stage director should think of this. (By the way, isn’t this stage director ‘The Subject’ of Barenboim-Scandal? I find that his stage and his ideas are very good. In fact, it looks much better than… Then what caused this comical scandal? Wasn’t that musical reason… and that the conductor never wanted to sacrifice music… during…? Weird. By then and still now, I was/am the first one, who never want to listen to the Staatskapelle’s orchestra performance during the Opera, and so on…)

YES. Deborah Polaski is old enough… However… it would be great if she wants to rule Barenboim’s La Scala as an old Brunnhilde. If she could control her stamina and safely manage the whole performance, there will be legendary moments. It will be recorded… and then the Wagner lovers will be able to learn Polaski’s legendary moments… forever. Even if she wobbles a lot, the VIP audience, including Cultural Minister Bondi, will be falling into intelligent slumber most of times, as they did during Meier’s hysterical prostitution.

WHICH Brunnhilde will sound more comical or duller?

(… please ask Kaisers Klassik-Kunde to forward my mail… if you want to read everything…)

I think EVERYBODY in Germany should forget Anything-Barenboim and just listen to Knappertsbusch all day and all night and everyday until they finally realize how this German maestro ignored his orchestra whenever he conducted his VOICES. He may not be a legendary maestro for the orchestra performance. But the best ear I’ve ever known. There will be NO time to think of Furtwangler. How come EVERYBODY is so busy blaming those poor singers, when there is no gap between the singer’s struggling and X’s triumphant orchestra sound? What a weird human nature…

Who called me ‘mentally insecure b*tch’? In my view, the entire Germany has just become a huge mental hospital. Speechless…

(… please ask Kaisers Klassik-Kunde to forward my mail… if you want to read everything…)

In sum,
Why doesn’t EVERYBODY join Waltraud Meier and cancel their Barenboim-concert? Then, the Wagner concert at La Scala will have to be cancelled… with a huge poster hanging in front of the hall’s entrance, which printed Meier’s opinion about Italian audience. It will be better. According to Meier’s big-mouth, Barenboim’s Italians don’t deserve this Musicdrama.

NOVEMBER 27, 2009

(… NO need to show information about La Scala’s Lissner’s extended contract with Milan Female Mayor Moratti…)

If I were La Scala’s Lissner, I would collect Meier’s slave musicians around Barenboim so that… Please look. What an easiest job it has been to fool Barenboim. This thinnest ear can see nothing, can hear nothing whenever you mention Edward Said. Said’s Barenboim just needs sincere faces around him, who are constantly nodding at him whenever he opens his mouth. Just pretend to work hard. Pretend to be serious. Pretend to be drunk with MUSIC.

(… please ask Kaisers Klassik-Kunde to forward my mail… if you want to read everything…)

NOW… why don’t all those legendary maestros join PETITION FROM BERLIN and threaten Munich Politicians to allow their German junior-mentor to hold both titles, as Munich and Dresden King?

NOVEMBER 28, 2009

(… now, I am temporarily done searching for the German Opera/Symphony Orchestras… to finish my REQUESTS to the German Government…)

It all started with X. I was frequently confused between Leipzig and Dresden, and between Hamburg’s NDR and Leipzig’s MDR. Then, I just couldn’t memorize all those Radio-Something ensembles, most of which have supported this Russian whore.

It was very interesting. Understanding the German System was amazing. Now, I can’t understand why Sir Rattle is so proud of his education system in Berlin, because I already find enough good system while searching for each German city. I think… all your German cultural organizations just need ONE system to connect each other, rather than trying to rule over their independent systems and killing their freedom.

While organizing German ensembles, I realized

1. What an important job INTENDANT means. Whenever he lacked fresh or innovative ideas or whenever he had NO ears to pick up rising talents, he was stealing his rival’s ideas or just relying on fames. Then, Anything-Barenboim was their terrific choice.

2. I know couple of German conductors, whose international status is nearly at bottom level. (I don’t remember all the names. I tried to save his name when I heard him, but too tired.) One of them… his German sound is better than Bashkirova’s foreign X or Bashkirova’s foreign Y or anyone else mentioned above, all of whom were able to take the top German jobs. I realized, however, that he was simply one of those LOCAL German conductors. What if all those German LOCAL musicians receive my Barenboim-message and read my open analysis of Sir Rattle’s friends-or-rivals and my Requests to German Government?

3. Why Furtwangler or any German real maestros should sound like ‘singing’.

Then, I couldn’t understand why those German FOLKS kept failing to help their German youngsters to grow into real musicians. You can’t count ghosts. But you can count the heads. You can count the numbers of the orchestras in each state. Each orchestra or maestro or guest-conductor or soloist has its own level, and I assume that everything is up to the performance fee. Usually, one performance consists of one orchestra and its conductor and its soloist. You can count anything and everything. That means… it’s possible to make a computerized database about ALL those numbers. Already now, there is a computer program, which can detect who is copying others’ reports. I read that it takes about an hour to check all the students’ reports in the whole class. It will be easier to detect which Intendant lacks his own ideas or has NO ears or just stealing his rivals’ hard working while leaning on fames. It will be easier to figure out which guest-conductor or which soloist is enjoying too many stage appearances despite his ill qualification. It is important, because his one-more performance means one-less opportunity for a real talented musician, especially when he is a German youngster.

(… please ask Kaisers Klassik-Kunde to forward my mail… if you want to read everything…)

Is this the only case? Please check ‘Comment-3’. Please look ‘where THEY perform and most importantly with whom THEY perform’. The audience believes that ‘THEY are already well respected and well qualified artist’. After paying for THEIR concert, the audience doesn’t think that they are mocked. The ticket-buyers still believe that this awful performance was just one of their bad lucks. THEY are called ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’ around Barenboim. However, this is not my real reason to write this.

He got the job. He begins a monthlong European tour with X, followed by a two-month North American concert. “The rehearsals are very demanding and very rewarding,” he said. “We rehearse at least nine hours a day, six days a week. And I spend three to four hours rehearsing by myself each day before I even show up for the rehearsals with X. I’m learning so much from him.” X is a stern taskmaster, but he welcomes the challenge.
In his childhood, he suffered hunger and poverty. He says, “Yes, I am restless. But my childhood of suffering makes me as strong as a rock. It often happened that we had to eat. We dress as we could, even wearing the clothes of the grandparents. To survive, my parents had to give up their profession. (…)”

The first article is about a typical German or American middle class kid, who didn’t have to risk his childhood in the ‘battle of competitive mind’ or ‘survivors’ game’, but later finds himself as penniless and finds a job and drives himself into the real professionalism.

The second article needs no explanation. Part of them will grow into real musicians, while part of them will not. The problem occurs when they are not. They are usually never-sensitive but aggressive only. They are usually technically impeccable and hardly make mistakes because they never listen to their ensemble partners. While playing the cancerous roles elsewhere they go, they never give up. This is in fact the main characteristics of ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’ around Barenboim.

This is NOT the real problem, of course. As I showed X’s case, the audience is the real problem. They don’t answer to the insecure performances of talented musicians. But, they do appreciate Pigs’ Bravura performances. Should I write more?

True that the second article shows the extreme case. Then, please think of Asian or Venezuelan hardworking kids, and compare them with your German ones. Do you think those naïve German kids can win the competition held in Germany? Yet, the real mature musicians are still growing in this land… slowly and slowly. There should be an organized system to help and support those WEAK youngsters. As I wrote, the computerized program can be one way to help them. There should be ways to help them to grow and become strong. In this way, your German Music Society can export qualified German SOLOISTS to international community in the healthiest form. Only then, all those REAL musicians from Asia or Latin America or Elsewhere can be welcomed in Germany as REAL VIPS.

Wikipedia: Thüringen
Die Theaterlandschaft in Thüringen ist – bedingt durch die Kleinstaaterei – ebenfalls noch heute vielfältig. (…) Vielen Theatern gehört zudem noch ein eigenes Orchester an. Da alle Theater vom Freistaat bezuschusst werden, stellt die Finanzierung dieses Kulturangebots eine schwierige Aufgabe dar. In den letzten Jahren mussten die Theater bereits größere Etatkürzungen durch die Landesregierung hinnehmen.

In this way, the German State Government can also decide which one to support or cut the fund. DON’T YOU THINK SO?

Please go to Youtube and check all the performances of the Berlin Philharmonic. Then check the recent performances of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. As I wrote before, my reason to pick up Bavarian Radio SO was to check the WEDO’s Spanish Oboe.

I may be wrong, of course. But I checked less than several performances of the Bavarian Radio SO, while the number of BPO performances reaches almost a hundred or over. It’s been my habit that I check the orchestra members’ faces whenever they create a certain moment. Have you ever seen something-special appearing on the BPO members’ face whenever they accidentally make German pure sound? You will soon follow old members. Then, they usually look feeble or languid or… (I can’t find the exact word.) They look poor, anyway. (The same thing was happening in Vienna with the local musicians. I mean… the old members’ poor faces. I happened to watch their festival ensemble touring Asia. Since it was like a pop-orchestra, I expected nothing… then… to my surprise, their grouping sound was very pure… then I was surprised at the old members’ hopeless faces again.) It’s interesting, because even at the New York Philharmonic, I was surprised at the young members’ quick response to the pure moments while (Zubin Mehta’s) old members trying to refuse this sudden change. In Berlin, the younger the members look, the duller and more aggressive with full soloistic techniques they sound.

Now, I don’t think I have to mention young members at Bavarian Radio SO. To be honest, the German string members reacted more sensitively than the American ones in New York. Or American students are more trained not to make faces. They were just silently following those pure moments. I am just comparing the TWO. Then, please think of your future, during which all those German youngsters grow into mature, real musicians.


Then… I’ve just figured out that it is also what the Palestinian Music Society needed first. Please check the performing places in Palestinian Each City. (I was supposed to finish this writing without this part. I just found it out. Tired…)

Edward Said National Music Conservatory in Ramallah, Palestine
Nov 13 – Dec 14, 2009: A Festival of Arabic Music
ESNMC: Festival Program
Bethlehem : Bethlehem Peace Center
Jericho : ESNCM – Bethlehem
Jericho : Child Center Hall
Jericho : Municipality Theatre
Jerusalem : Palestinian National Theatre
Jerusalem : ESNCM – Jerusalem
Nablus : Al-Najah University Hall
Nablus : Zafar Al-Masri Hall
Ramallah : The Friends Boys School
Ramallah : ESNCM – Ramallah
Tubas : Palace of the Orient

Please check what the REAL Palestinian musicians did while Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero visited his Ramallah and encouraged WEDO’s Palestinian Pigs’ terrific behaviors to cut Barenboim’s relationship with the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music.

ESNMC-News: Historic Evening: The PYO (Palestinian Youth Orchestra) at Beiteddine Festival
On the 12th of August, over three thousand people were gathered to listen to a beautiful performance of the PYO in Beiteddine, Lebanon. (…) The performance of that evening was not an ordinary one. The 12th of August is reminiscent of two tragic events (…) It is worth noting that this year’s 70 member PYO, had members from several Arab countries besides Palestinians from Palestine and the Diaspora who came from all over the world including Honduras. The friendships that developed as a consequence were greatly valued by our youth. (…)

The Palestinian National Music School now has a branch in Latin America, yet they still never plan to be a part of Spanish/German foreign sh*ts, which behaviors are becoming more and more disgusting. Especially German FEMALE sh*t, who was kicked out of Palestinian National Music School and now Ramallah is too small for her pro-career… as Barenboim’s bimbo-or-what. What’s more, I read how strong the Diaspora Palestinian Mentality in Chile has been growing since decades ago. I am now suspecting if this Palestinian Mentality is much stronger than that in Ramallah, where corruption is commonly prevailing and they are expecting the collapse of Palestinian Authority.

ESNMC-News: Historic Evening: The PYO (Palestinian Youth Orchestra) at Beiteddine Festival
Ranya Baramki, the orchestra manager – describes her two week experience on the Lebanon tour, “although crossing the borders was harder than expected and took much more time than anticipated, and despite other problematic issues with electricity and shortage of water, the orchestra managed to perform beautifully. (…) Immediately after the performance of Beiteddine in Lebanon, the Palestine Youth Orchestra performed at the Hussein Cultural Palace in Amman on August 14, and 15. The performances in Amman were hosted and sponsored by the Greater Amman Municipality. The orchestra excelled in playing Beethoven’s third symphony, the Eroica, and Beethoven’s Romance for strings. (…)

Of course, please check how the Israeli government tried to hinder this Palestinian Cultural Activities while they effectively supported Zapatero’s WEDO 2009, which Arab sh*ts can’t even perform a simple symphony without being led by their Jewish bosses/members. Just in case, below is another happening in Palestinian City, Nablus, supported by King Hussein Foundation of Jordan. Please compare this with Waltraud Meier’s WEDO.

World Childrens’ Choir in Palestine
Partner Organization 1 – The National Center for Culture and Arts / King Hussein Foundation, Jordan
Partner Organization 2 – Tomorrow’s Youth Organization / Zafer Masri Foundation, Palestine
August 2010: Training for Teachers, Parents, and Student: (…) Performing arts workshops (African drumming: The Djembe; singing: Italian Bel Canto style; dance and expressive movement; theater building and awareness through movement: multi-media; traditional theater: acting, improvisation, and mime); recitals and concerts; (…)

Who is talking about BEL-CANTO? While organizing German ensembles, I also realized what an important comment Italian Politician/Senator Franco Zeffirelli had made: “It is born to play opera. It is the BEST OPERA ORCHESTRA in the world.”
Under Muti’s guidance, La Scala has edged towards offering a higher symphonic content in the programme – but Zeffirelli said this decision was jeopardising the uniqueness of the orchestra. “It is born to play opera. It is the best opera orchestra in the world,” he said.

Please ask EVERYBODY involved in this La Scala Battle what means: ‘UNIQUENESS of the Orchestra’, what means ‘The Best Opera Orchestra in the World’.

(… please ask Kaisers Klassik-Kunde to forward my mail… if you want to read everything…)

Youtube: Lucia Valentini-Terrani – Una voce poco fa
Comment-1 (7 months ago): Luicia was wonderful, perfect rossinian mezzo. Whenever we hear an aria by her we may say: “una voce poco fà qui nel’ cor’ mi risuono”.
Comment-2 (1 year ago): I miss Lucia so much. She was a great Rossiniana with a lovely velvety voice, capable of great precision, agility and colour. Above all she was a lovely person with a very warm and sunny personality. I was very sad she left us so soon.
belcantomania (1 year ago): lei era il contralto rossiniano
Comment-4 (1 year ago): Thank you so much. Lucia was the greatest. She was the voice ! (Nothing to do with Bartoli). I completely agree with iosonocallas she was a very nice person.

By the way, while searching for X on Youtube, I accidentally found it out. What a great ROSSINI Voice! That is ROSSINI, I believe. Now, I know that ROSSINI was NOT for the comical, superficial, fatty-catty Pig’s comedy BUT for the great VOICE. I also know that Cecilia Bartoli knew this, too, when she stuck around Elena Bashkirova.

I would say… Cecilia Bartoli’s problem is tempo, even if this voice behaves very carefully so as not to overpower her ensemble partners and so as not to destroy their voices. This comical fatty-catty comedian voice can boast faster tempo in her interpretation. It is impossible techniques for the ROSSINI’s Great Voices. Then it destroys the orchestra, which should develop superficial sound to match her greater(?) vocal technique and duller bass to accompany her fatty-catty(!) voice. Perhaps, ’Baroque-Singing’ interpretation is born for this voice, and this is none of my business.

Fan-Club: Just another reason why Ceci’s amazing! Does she do ANY operatic performances at all????? Dec 14, 2009

Still… I wish her good luck outside Barenboim’s territory. This STAR has been proving a sincere musicianship during my computer work. Just… she was in a real quick to rush to Bashkirova’s sh*ts the moment I gave up this life. Then she wanted to spread Bashkirova’s interpretation while travelling the Middle East as Barenboim’s Mozartean Muse… and the Authentic Interpreter of the Italian Bel-Canto. And I still don’t think it is a good idea for this famed STAR to boast that she has the right voice for Italian Bel-Canto even if I give up this computer work again. Nor do I think it is a right attitude for Bartoli’s Fan-Club, especially after reading my open analysis, to request Barenboim’s La Scala to put Bartoli into REAL Opera Productions. They can ask Bartoli’s Opera Performance. Why not? But this Opera should be performed by Bartoli-school singers only. No matter what a famed STAR Bartoli is, she has absolutely NO right to destroy her entire ensemble during and after the performance. Basically, she should pay the La Scala instead of receiving her performance fee from the La Scala, because she will proudly add this career during her ad-campaign while travelling all over the world as Academic-Star after this La Scala performance.

Among her Fan-Club members, who still want to call my open writing ridiculous?

Wikipedia: Zinka Milanov
A Croatian-born operatic dramatic soprano (1906 – 1989). she studied with the Wagnerian soprano Milka Ternina and her assistant Marija Kostrenčić. (…) She was discovered there by Bruno Walter, who recommended her to the famous conductor Arturo Toscanini for a performance of Verdi’s Requiem in Salzburg. (…) Among her pupils were mezzo-soprano Christa Ludwig (…)

Another discovery during the weekend. A perfect voice for VERDI and eternal rival of Maria Callas. (Though more interesting is found in her late years… perhaps due to her competitive mind against Callas.) Basically, there is something common that Abbado and Muti share at La Scala, but both stand on the opposite side. And ToscaNONO stands far above both of them. (Please check how he developed his physical shape. His musical muscles during the late years are unbelievable.) In short, there is only one way for Abbado+Muti’s La Scala to go.

(… please ask Kaisers Klassik-Kunde to forward my mail… if you want to read everything…)

Even here… with the student orchestra, you can hear where ToscaNONO’s Italian ensemble should head for, whenever they accompany the voice.

Enti lirici: escludere la Scala dal contratto nazionale? Nov 4, 2009 / By Del Teatro

What does it mean? Still, it is real hard to understand Italian System. I just found out that ITALY has been invaded by You-Know-Whom… Please check the history of German Music Directors and Intendant. By the way, do the Italians know that I have tapes of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino? I don’t remember where I got these tapes. It looks as if I recorded them from my friend’s LPs when I was a college student. They are very old recordings… and please imagine the quality of their performances. I was surprised at the fact that the Italian ensembles actually played better than the German ones in those days. It was when Zubin Mehta was not interested in Italy… of course.

One more story about Zubin Mehta. (…deleted…) By then, X was a kind of colony. If you follow Zubin Mehta, you can figure out everything. Just… when is he going to die? After how-many-poor-musicians lost their job, lost their life, this legendary maestro is still enjoying his performance schedule with You-Know-Whom. When is retirement age for the orchestra members? At the age of 73, this guy still never plans to retire.

DECEMBER 2, 2009

Wikipedia: Umberto Eco
Umberto Eco (b. 1932) was also voted 2nd in Prospect Magazine’s 2005 global poll of the world’s top 100 intellectuals. He was voted 14th in 2008. (…)

About God and Dan Brown: We are now approaching the critical time of the year for shops and supermarkets: the month before Christmas is the four weeks when stores of all kinds sell their products fastest. Father Christmas means one thing to children: presents. He has no connection with the original St Nicholas, who performed a miracle in providing dowries for three poor sisters, thereby enabling them to marry and escape a life of prostitution. (…) The pianist Arthur Rubinstein was once asked if he believed in God. He said: “No. I don’t believe in God. I believe in something greater.” Our culture suffers from the same inflationary tendency. (…)

Isn’t the format of Umberto Eco’s website very similar to mine? His website only lacks Search-Button. (Though ‘’ is still offering me a very special way to edit my homepage… sic!) Doesn’t my English look like Umberto Eco’s baby? (Though I know it won’t sound enough intelligent no matter how much I try… sigh!) It is probable that this Italian intellectual writes his works in Italian. Then, who is his English translator? Also, I didn’t know that he’d written books for the children.

When I first contacted Italian Politicians, I had to mention TWO Italian names, apart from Arturo Toscanini; Umberto Eco and Gesualdo Bufalino (1920-96). Though Eco-Style was my favorite, I was afraid of two things. I knew what a fame Zubin Mehta was enjoying in Italy and I was not sure of Eco’s friendship with Mehta. I was scared of Berlusconi’s government so much that I needed a special Italian name to stick to. I figured out that Gesualdo Bufalino was now a Ghost and had been praised by all sides. No matter what, I should not lie. Then, I learned that Gesualdo Bufalino’s legendary work could also become my favorite. Now, I still can’t believe the situation about me, who has become a true supporter of Sir Berlusconi… and still from the opposition party… purely due to my ugly(?) appearance… ho-ho.

I had to visit Eco’s homepage. Does he know that ‘UMBERTO ECO MANIA COLLECTION’ has just been published in Korea? I wanted to make a short joke about ‘Umberto & Silvio’ and wanted to find the original title of Eco’s one book. It led and led me to… Anyway, I couldn’t find it from anywhere. I think this book is a collection of his essays. Its Korean title says, “HOW DOES DEMOCRACY RUIN/INJURE DEMOCRACY?”

As usual, I found something another, instead of this book’s title.

Umberto Eco: News about Umberto Eco
Feb 10, 2009: Life does not belong to the government and does not belong to the church
Oct 09, 2008: Ugly appeals to famed Italian author
Sep 01, 2009: Umberto Eco leads writers’ revolt against Silvio Berlusconi’s attempt to gag press
Sep 01, 2009: Umberto Eco condemns Silvio Berlusconi’s lawsuit over sex allegations
Sep 06, 2009: Don’t blame Silvio Berlusconi, says Umberto Eco, it’s the fault of all Italians

Berlusconi: Left has uglier women Apr 9, 2008

I think Umberto Eco himself has been enjoying his life with Silvio Berlusconi very much. How many times have I said that ‘Italy without B-Something’ will be damn boring? I am now surprised to find that Mr. Eco is Mr. Berlusconi’s senior. Then, I think that this Italian Intellectual should enjoy his life longer than his junior Berlusconi.

Wikipedia: Rupert Murdoch
In 1993, Murdoch acquired Star TV and subsequently set up offices for it throughout Asia. It was around this time that Murdoch met his third wife Wendi Deng. Anna and Rupert divorced acrimoniously in June, 1999. Seventeen days after the divorce, on June 25, 1999, Murdoch, then aged 68, married Wendi Deng. She was 30 (…) Murdoch has just won out a dispute with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Burlusconi in a media war. “A judge ruled the Italian PMs media arm was preventing News Corp’s Italian unit, Sky Italia, from buying ads on its television networks.”

Murdoch’s Timesonline – Search Results: ‘Wendi Deng’ Nothing Special
Murdoch’s Timesonline – Search Results: ‘Wendi Murdoch’ Nothing Special

Basketball star faces giant divorce claim Sep 8, 2007 / By Murdoch’s Timesonline
(…) She went on to claim that X’s anatomy was “average – for a 5ft 4in man”, and that he sweated so much during their lovemaking that she had to turn over the mattress. (…) Paying out – $1.7bn value of assets reportedly awarded to Anna Torv, Rupert Murdoch’s second wife, in 1999

I became curious how Murdoch’s journalism had described ‘adulterous’ Rupert Murdoch’s sexual intercourse with his then-mistress-now-wife during or after his ‘acrimonious’ days with his second wife. The article above, which subject was neither Rupert Murdoch nor Wendi Deng, was the only one.

Now, I understand the real reason of Italian first lady’s legal battle. If I were in her shoes… if I really loved this guy, I knew that this minor-scandal meant nothing because I knew where Silvio’s heart lay; neither at this minor’s jewelry nor at that prostitute’ faked-orgasm… but at the practical intelligence and political achievement of Mara La Bella, who is the most successful product of Berlusconi’s ideology. Then, the entire Italians know why Berlusconi’s second wife can’t launch her criticism against Berlusconi’s whatsoever relationship with his female politician, even if it turns out to be true. If this legal battle’s real subject is Junior Berlusconi, what will eventually happen to Berlusconi Kingdom when the legal decision goes against Berlusconi’s will? Easy to imagine, because, under the normal circumstances, Silvio Berlusconi will never allow his incompetent son/daughter to take over his own company and to make it go bankrupt.

For a while, I tried not to be involved in Media War between Berlusconi and Murdoch. Now, I know quite about it and can’t understand what’s going on here. Have you ever seen any broadcaster advertising its rival company? I clearly remember how Berlusconi-Scandal became circulated through the international community. It was Murdoch’s British Media that launched its severe attack… with its unbelievable language. Some time later, it suddenly pretended to be very intelligent and treated other media as mere tabloids, and then Murdoch launched its legal battle with Berlusconi’s media and won. Now, Murdoch’s Journalism resumed it and leading the entire international media. WHY? Purely due to his responsibility to report all the details?

Berlusconi reportedly in US for pacemaker implant Dec 19, 2006 / By International Media
(…) On Nov. 26, Berlusconi collapsed while giving a speech. His aides and doctor blamed the collapse on a sharp drop in blood pressure. (…) Italian news reports said that Berlusconi’s two oldest children have been pressing their father to have a pacemaker implanted but that he has been resisting. In the past, Berlusconi has told reporters that he had successfully battled prostate cancer, saying he had surgery for it in 1997.

Just in case, please go to Murdoch’s British Media and all its British rivals-or-friends’ articles and check how they described Prostitute’s hot night with this Italian guy, who went through the Prostate Cancer and is now living with a Pacemaker implanted in his heart.

Sooner or later, neither Berlusconi’s successor nor La Repubblica’s owner but Italian Media King Murdoch will become a Permanent Prime Minister in Italy. Already now, people call neither Labour Party nor Conservative Party’s Leader but The Time’s Murdoch the British Prime Minister. Who says that Berlusconi’s media is disgusting to watch? I promise that Murdoch’s Italian Media will do more. Already now, Murdoch’s FX is famous for Nudity in American television. As in Barenboim or the WEDO’s case, Rupert Murdoch does anything, cares nothing if it is for money.

Whether it is due to Berlusconi’s Minor-Scandal or not, Italy has become toward Alleanza Nazionale or Lega Nord, rather than toward Partito Democratico. I promise that Barenboim’s WEDO sh*ts and their disgusting, beggar-like behaviors will add more fuel. They are already busy now, traveling all over Italy.

Umberto Eco: Umberto Eco addresses the inadequacies of the modern mass media Oct 19, 2008
[Q] – You came to speak about information, mass media, and the breakdown and inadequacies of modern journalism. Briefly, what is the main problem afflicting this key sector of society?
[Eco] – “Quantity. This is the real drama that afflicts information: there’s too much of it. (…)”

By then, Umberto Eco will have to enjoy much busier life. I wish him the longest and the healthiest life.

Gadaffi’s Girls: When in Rome… colonel orders in 500 beauties but there’s no booze and definitely no hanky-panky Nov 17, 2009
(…) They should be at least 5ft 7in, aged between 18 and 35, and should not wear mini skirts or plunging necklines, although ‘high heels were OK’. (…) Several were turned away after being told they were inappropriately dressed or they were too short.

‘LOSER’ girl in hot water: “Men should at least be 180cm tall.” ‎Nov 12, 2009‎
A college student is in hot water as her televised statement that “SHORT MEN ARE LOSERS” is spreading all over the internet community and has even triggered a lawsuit. (…) “TV-Show” producers asked the public to stop a “witch hunt”. On the other hand, a man in his 30s filed a complaint with the Press Arbitration Commission against Korean-Broadcasting-System and is asking for 10 million won in compensation for “mental distress” caused from the “LOSER” statement. The man is reportedly 162cm tall. (…)

Please enjoy watching two happenings in two countries. Isn’t that funny?

Berlusconi: Left has uglier women Apr 9, 2008
Umberto Eco: Ugly appeals to famed Italian author Oct 09, 2008

Meanwhile, I imagine my practical life with both Italian guys. Having born an ugly female, I get sick of watching all those impotent, corrupt politicians’ absolute-incapability to run the country. I pick up Eco’s book, “HOW DOES DEMOCRACY RUIN/INJURE DEMOCRACY?”, and want to read it. I can’t understand a word, and this Italian guy is pissing me off. I feel tired and turn on the TV. I watch Berlusconi appearing on late night talk show, Porta a Porta. He is talking about “Imagine our democratic society where ugly females behave like poisonous snakes!” I am nodding my head at his every each word, “Yes, yes, yes!” Then suddenly, this Italian guy asserts, “I am a millionaire, so an ugly female, who can’t wear Skinny Jean US size 2, is a LOSER!” (… billionaire b. will likely lose most of his fortune after divorce… right?) Suddenly, this Italian PIG is pissing me off, too. I vow to revenge. I’ve tried for months, but I now proudly announce that the skinny look just doesn’t work for me. However, I am very mad when someone like honest b. affirms my sincere opinion.

Is this my case only? In Italy, I mean… I think this is why Eco/Berlusconi is loved and respected by his Italian voters as much as Berlusconi/Eco is.

Now, this is my side of story. I guess… living with this Italian intellectual will be horrible. I know how he organized all his books in his private library, and I am pretty sure that someone is cleaning his house for him. Not only this job will be mine, but also I will have to study all day and everyday only to understand his joke. The most horrible nightmare I could imagine. Then what about my life with another Italian, B-something? Being a millionaire is still fantastic. I don’t have to clean the house or cook. I can sleep 15 hours a day… everyday, because this guy will always be out of home. First of all, I can study only when I want to. Is there more terrific life than this one?

DECEMBER 4, 2009

Women MPs fight back as Berlusconi lashes out Oct 21, 2009
Berlusconi to Rosy Bindi: You are more beautiful than intelligent!
Rosy Bindi to Berlusconi: I’m not a woman at your disposal!
Senator Patrizia Bugnano to Chauvinist Berlusconi: You are no George Clooney!

Who is Senator Patrizia Bugnano? I laughed and laughed. What an Italian woman! I’m curious if her remark has caused our prime minister more neck-pain. This is the guy, who would check his sexiness every morning in the mirror. I suspect if this name, George Clooney, rather than this statement might have caused him more neck-pain. People’s ‘2006’s Hunk-of-the-Moment’ is certainly not a language valuable enough to honor Chauvinist Berlusconi. It should be Johnny Depp for the ideal reason or Robert Pattinson for the practical reason, and this language should be updated every year. This is the right level to honor Sir Berlusconi. Ho-Ho-Ho!

When did I receive all those 14 mysterious mails from Partito Democratico? “[Ulivo e dintorni] Primarie PD : Domenica 25 Ottobre‏”? Didn’t they know that I wasn’t yet given an ID card to prove their membership? I now understand how this desperate party, Partito Democratico, was finally able to elect Rosy Bindi as their FEMALE president, who is ‘more beautiful than intelligent’. I’m pretty sure that this remark really pissed her off… ho-ho. Usually, this is how the media define the UGLY females, especially not-so-sexy actresses, but this is a pure complimentary remark: “She is more intelligent than beautiful!”

Then, I can’t understand. This is my first time I heard these hilarious answers from Berlusconi’s female rivals. This story should have started long ago. Then, it would have been better if this battle were between Berlusconi’s Females and Eco’s Females, instead of between Berlusconi himself and his female rivals.

I can’t understand why the international media treats Berlusconi Government’s Minister for Equal Opportunity as a BIMBO… without presenting a valid proof. How many articles of this kind have I read since Berlusconi’s Minor-Scandal? Some of them sounded real disgusting, and I had to think… “What if it’s true?” I think… not Silvio Berlusconi but Mara La Bella should check all those sh*ts and really think of handling them in a LEGAL way, just as she did with her fellow Italian female comedian’s insulting joke. I myself felt vomiting while reading them, because I know what means this statement when she said, “That competition makes you as a woman…” Thanks to Murdoch’s British Journalism, it was transformed into the bimbo’s brainless words.

In my humble opinion, FOLKS should analyze political achievement of Berlusconi’s Minister for Equal Opportunity if they really want to call her Silvio’s bimbo. Then they should compare it with that of Mara La Bella’s Predecessor from Partito Democratico, who was once incriminated for political corruption called ‘Mani pulite’. (How many politicians died? Scary…) That’s the right attitude, I believe.

World unemployment up despite economic recovery Nov 5, 2009 / By The Associated Press
(…) Unemployment rates in the 30 wealthy countries (…) from a low of 3.5% in the Netherlands to 18.3% in Spain (…)

Spanish PM vows sweeping reforms to boost economy Nov 23, 2009 / By AFP
With Spain facing its worst recession in decades (…) Spain’s unemployment rate has doubled over the past two years to hit nearly 18%, the highest level in Europe, with construction workers leading the job losses. (…)

I happened to listen to the radio news when it reported Something Europe and Something Jobless. Since I missed half of it, I wanted to know in which European country 25% of young people were left jobless. I couldn’t find what I wanted. Instead, SPAIN was what I got. THEREFORE, Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero’s disgusting behaviors in Palestinian Ramallah was purely part of his election campaign… to fool his Spanish people. Wasn’t it?

Britain Remains the ‘Sick Man of Europe’ Nov 16, 2009 / By BusinessWeek
Once the most dynamic economy in the Old World, Britain is now lagging neighbors France and Germany in exiting its longest recession since WW II (…)

German Econ Council Sees German Recovery But No Upswing Nov 13, 2009‎ / By Wall Street Journal
(…) The average unemployment rate is likely to reach 9.4% in 2010, up from an expected 8.2% in 2009, and 7.8% last year, the council said. (…)

The Recession Isn’t the Only Burden That Germany Needs to Get Rid Of Nov 22, 2009 / By Wall Street Journal‎
So it’s agreed: Germany has emerged from recession, although barely. (…) Never mind. Meanwhile, Germany’s politicians can enjoy life in what BusinessWeek calls “Germany’s hippest and most affordable big city.” Perhaps because of its already-high unemployment rate of around 13%, Berlin’s economy experienced a smaller drop than any German region during the recent downturn, and a higher rate of job creation.(…)

Then, SPAIN was followed by WEDO’s Britain and WEDO’s German Berlin. Isn’t that interesting? I clicked several articles about this issue, but couldn’t find Italian information from any of them. So I had to start a specific research on ITALY.

World unemployment up despite economic recovery Nov 5, 2009 / By The Associated Press
FRANCE (…) The unemployment rate rose to 9.8% in September from 7.8% in 2008, according to the OECD. It is expected to hit 10% by the end of the year.

Treasurys Rally As Jobless Rate Rises To 26-Year High Nov 6, 2009 / By Wall Street Journal
(…) The U.S. cut 190,000 jobs in October (…) The unemployment rate was 10.2%, from 9.8% in September. Economists had expected 9.9%.

Unemployment expected to rise in 2010 in Italy Nov 20, 2009 / By
(…) Italy’s unemployment rate is expected to increase to 7.6% in 2009 and rise even higher in 2010 (…)

Please look. ITALY is better than any of these countries. How have the British media defined Berlusconi’s Government while ‘trumpeting’ Berlusconi-Scandal? How much have the Spanish Politicians laughed at Berlusconi-Scandal… especially while this Italian guy was visiting PM Zapatero as a VIP?

POLL-Italian services PMI contracts unexpectedly in Nov Dec 2, 2009 / By Forexyard
(…) Nonetheless, service sector firms remained optimistic that activity would be higher in 12 months time than in November. Italy pulled out of recession in the third quarter, expanding 0.6% after five quarterly contractions. PM Berlusconi’s government forecasts 0.7% GDP growth next year, after a 4.8% fall in 2009. (…)

Thanks to my another research on terrific German System about Opera/Symphony Orchestras in each state, this writing was delayed. I wanted to find the recent article. Something better was found.

How Silvio Berlusconi Uses Women on TV Nov 20, 2009‎ / By (American) Time
(…) Elisa Manna, who is old enough to remember Italy’s muscular feminist movement of the 1970s. “Back then, young women wanted to become doctors, lawyers — professional people,” says Manna, director of the Department of Cultural Policies Centre for Social Studies and Policies (CENSIS) in Rome. “It was terrible to get ahead in your profession because you are beautiful. Now, it’s absolutely the reverse: if you use your body, your beauty, you’re clever. You’re pragmatic.” Quite so. For Elisa Alloro, a former Mediaset presenter who was tapped for the E.U. election, “Silvio’s” suggestion that she go into politics was a welcome attempt to close the age and gender gap in government. She’d met the Prime Minister back in 2005, when she was 28, and was interviewing him for a Mediaset program. Alloro missed her plane; he offered her a ride on his jet. As they flew, she recalls, he quizzed her on his policies, on that morning’s newspapers. By the end of the afternoon, he had asked her to join his new task force on Europe. “He chose people who already work in TV, because they are usually better than others at talking in public situations,” Alloro says. “Because politics is a show.” (…)

It was, is and will be terrible to get ahead in your profession because you are beautiful. However, is this Italian problem only? Elsewhere you go, you face the same problem. Or is this a problem of Italy or Korea only? Are NO or FEWER female doctors or lawyers found in today’s Italy… because of Italian girls’ dream to become Berlusconi’s VELINE? In this country, more and more females are found in medical profession or legal circles. The same goes for the Entertainment Business. Elsewhere you go, females have to survive rat race. NO working partners welcome ugly females, who look ugly and behave ugly.

Please think of Berlusconi-Scandal, whether Minor or Prostitute’s. Meanwhile, this Minor is enjoying this public attention more and more and is now seen posing in tiny briefs and looks cheaper. I promise. If this Minor and that Prostitute want a job in Berlusconi’s Government, they will have to study more. Much more… in order to pass “Silvio’s Quiz”. Am I wrong?

How Silvio Berlusconi Uses Women on TV Nov 20, 2009‎ / By (American) Time
(…) Italy has the lowest percentage of working women in Europe. Only 2% of top management positions in Italy are held by women, less than in Kuwait. In last year’s Global Gender Gap report from the World Economic Forum, Italy ranked 67th out of 130 countries. Such figures are particularly shocking for women like Elisa Manna, who is old enough to remember Italy’s muscular feminist movement of the 1970s. (…)

So… have Berlusconi’s media or VELINE contributed to this phenomenon? I want to know. To be honest, I don’t think so, because I was born in Ultra Male Chauvinists’ country and grew up with velina-like female entertainers on TV. Just… nudity was different. In these days, some female entertainers work harder than female doctors or lawyers.

Please imagine in case both females, from Minor to Prostitute, study harder enough to join Berlusconi’s Government. Isn’t this also a terrific idea to enhance real meaning of FEMINISM? My only problem while reading this article was this part; “Because politics is a show.” But then, have I seen better ones from the normal politicians? In any case, I want to see the politicians, who work for the country. Hard working politicians.

Berlusconi: Left has uglier women Apr 9, 2008

Umberto Eco: Ugly appeals to famed Italian author Oct 9, 2008
Umberto Eco says beauty is boring and he’ll take ugly every time. “Ugliness is unpredictable and it offers us an infinite amount of possibilities,” the author said during his free lecture on the history of beauty and ugliness. (…) For a longest time, Eco said, ugliness was defined as the opposite of beauty. In the last century and a half, though, it has become defined and chronicled for itself.

How Silvio Berlusconi Uses Women on TV Nov 20, 2009‎ / By (American) Time
(…) And after Berlusconi snapped on national television at Rosy Bindi, 58, a gray-haired, opposition politician, that she was “always more beautiful than intelligent,” La Repubblica launched a petition declaring that his use of women’s bodies undermines democracy. “This man offends us,” it reads. “Stop him.” More than 100,000 have signed. But it will take more than that to challenge Berlusconi. Italy’s center-left opposition is in disarray, as usual, having just elected its second new leader in six months. (…) Imagine: women who are not young and not beautiful, daring to show their faces on Italian TV. In Silvio Berlusconi’s Italy, that really is a new idea.

Please look. Hasn’t Umberto Eco drawn inspiration from Berlusconi’s colorful remarks? I’m even suspecting if Sir Berlusconi has ever contributed to the birth of his two books, “History of Beauty (2004)” and “On Ugliness (2007)”.

While following Berlusconi’s Whatsoever Scandals, it was easy to figure out how much Human Being Berlusconi had detested hypocrisy of academians, especially working with their big-but-empty mouth, which hasn’t done anything with their lives but always sits there only to criticize. Days ago, I read one Italian businessman’s interview, in which he explained how he joined Berlusconi’s new party. It was right after I figured out Berlusconi’s past career as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Economy & Finance, and Minister of Health. This explained everything about Human Being Berlusconi. Now I think that this Italian guy was running to extremes while sticking to his ideology.

While reading both Silvio Berlusconi and Umberto Eco, there was no doubt in my mind that Berlusconi’s brain has never lost his respect of this Italian intellectual. I assume that the more this determined person felt isolated and isolated from so-called intellectual-types, the more he was heading toward his female products and wanted to find more. I even can prove my analysis by explaining Berlusconi’s sitting and singing posture during ‘The Party’. It will be very different from his chauvinistic posture in public whenever he appears as a Leader of his Political Party. Regarding his physical characteristics and musical talent, it is easy to imagine Berlusconi’s various postures during ‘The Party’.

Of course, I may be wrong. Time will tell. So far, this is the most gut-player I’ve ever seen. Please check his life while reading Murdoch’s journalism. Can you imagine that this Italian pig graduated in LAW with unbelievable business skills? There is an interesting article about his business career during the college days. I found it while searching for his health record with ‘Pacemaker’. It was amazing. What was the exact language, with which the Spanish Intellectuals-or-media described Berlusconi’s Party? While checking the founding members’ professional career, I was surprised at their high education and business skills.

Who says that People’s ‘2006’s Hunk-of-the-Moment’ has a superior body than Berlusconi has? Who says that ‘Twilight Hunk’ will boast more beauty than Berlusconi does when the New Moon rises?

Please check ALL my previous writings. I say… Silvio Berlusconi is La Scala’s Hunk-of-the-Century! Objection? Any comments will be OK from Partito Democratico. When I started following Berlusconi-Scandal, I clearly wrote…

🙂 From Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala >
🙂 Berlusconi’s Minor-Scandal, Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal, and Salzburg Festival (Jun 13 – Jul 1, 2009)
JIWON: (…) First of all, after finding physical connection between the legendary maestro Eugene Ormandy and Musician Silvio, I truly wish his healthiest, longest life. To be honest, my private feeling is exactly in-between. I enjoy following this minor-scandal, because I am not his daughter, but at the same time, I worry about this guy because I truly became the ONLY supporter from the opposition group. *.*
I will forever remember how he saved my hopeless situation by blocking all those B*tch articles during Bashkirova’s Italian tour. I want to pay back. At the same time, I really hope. HOPE THIS ITALIAN GUY TO BE SICK OF OUR FEMALES… so sick of all the bimbos around his MONEY that he would want to spend the rest of his life with MUSIC only. (…)

DECEMBER 5, 2009

Why Doesn’t People Magazine Have a “Sexiest Woman Alive” Issue? Dec 2, 2008 / By Associated Content
It’s getting to the point that when an individual is equally talented and good looking in Hollywood, chances are they’ll suffer from having their physical beauty supersede their talents. And there really isn’t any more frustrating feeling, psychologically, than wanting to be taken seriously as an actor or musician–yet the press not bothering to ask about anything other than that person’s designation as Sexiest Person of the Year in People Magazine, usually against the star’s will. Not that any male actors have complained since People started these annual issues in the 1980s. It’s always been a mystery to me, though, why People thought they should stick with the Sexiest Man Alive when they could probably get just as many arguments going and sales having a Sexiest Woman Alive issue. (…)

Now, it’s female’s turn.

DECEMBER 7, 2009

Who says that this is the day for the La Scala? This is my birthday, and I had to read and read countless Italian articles, and I am already too tired to write.

Now, it’s female’s turn.
La Scala needs both Male and Female Legends. Does Berlusconi’s VELINA work for it?
So sad… So bad… But I am afraid to say that this female works for the TV entertainment only.

Unlike Berlusconi’s showgirls, La Scala’s Female Legends can’t go to the Plastic Surgeon. They have to train their facial muscles all by themselves. They can’t allow Scala Bio Fir Underpants or Spanx to artificially fix their physical shape while pleasing their audience in the La Scala Hall. (I’m not sure of Scala Leggings, though.)

Women MPs fight back as Berlusconi lashes out Oct 21, 2009
Berlusconi to Rosy Bindi: You are more beautiful than intelligent!
Rosy Bindi to Berlusconi: I’m not a woman at your disposal!
Senator Patrizia Bugnano to Chauvinist Berlusconi: You are no George Clooney!

My problem while enjoying this UGLY-scandal is that neither Partito Democratico’s Rosy Bindi nor Partito Democratico’s Patrizia Bugnano can become La Scala’s Female Legend.

Umberto Eco: Ugly appeals to famed Italian author Oct 9, 2008
Umberto Eco says beauty is boring and he’ll take ugly every time. “Ugliness is unpredictable and it offers us an infinite amount of possibilities,” the author said during his free lecture on the history of beauty and ugliness. (…) For a longest time, Eco said, ugliness was defined as the opposite of beauty. In the last century and a half, though, it has become defined and chronicled for itself. (…) Last night Professor Eco delivered a humorous speech on the subjects he chronicled in his two most recent books, On Beauty and On Ugliness. But he focused mainly on ugliness because, “beauty is boring.” In contemporary culture, he said, characters such as E.T., the funny-looking little extra terrestrial in the 1982 Steven Spielberg film, are considered lovable despite being unappealing to the eye. The same can be said for dinosaurs and Pokemon. (…)

Umberto Eco says… characters such as E.T. or Dinosaurs or Pocket-Monsters are originally UGLY but considered LOVABLE. Why do you think so? Please ask ‘Animation Artists’ or ‘Animal Makers’ how hard they had to work in order to make them look lovable. They will probably answer that there is a huge difference in their techniques, whether sketching or drawing or painting or whatever. They will explain what a hard job it was to put emotion into their UGLY products, or to make their eyes full of wit or full of love.

Just like La Scala’s Female Legends, whose unique physical shape is all about techniques…

Will Sir Berlusconi denounce them, too? What has another female politician from Partito Democratico already said?

Women MPs fight back as Berlusconi lashes out Oct 9, 2009
MP Giovanna Melandri to Diminutive Berlusconi: You have shown yourself to be “taller than well-mannered”!

Ho-Ho-Ho! I am laughing to death.
I can’t defend La Scala’s Hunk-of-the-Century on this issue. Musician Silvio will lose his top position the moment I find a taller guy, if his physical characteristic is the same as that of Sir Berlusconi.

This remark was originally what I found while reading this UGLY-scandal. Isn’t this very similar to what happened in Korea some weeks ago? ‘LOSER’ girl in hot water: “SHORT MEN ARE LOSERS!” (Nov 12, 2009) This comment from Giovanna Melandri got me so much that I wanted to write a short joke about ‘Umberto & Silvio’. But ‘PEOPLE’s 2006’s Hunk-of-the-Moment’ and then ‘Twilight Hunk’ were what I found instead while trying to find it again for this writing.

By the way, I find that Giovanna Melandri was also Minister of Culture as Walter Veltroni’s successor, and now Head of Culture Department of ‘Partito Democraticc’. Cool! How can I forget this very fact that Walter Veltroni suddenly quit his job as the Opposition Leader right after I organized Italian Culture in those days?

I know that Berlusconi’s Cultural Minister Sandro Bondi is not sure of his ability to stay awake during the whole performance and now pretends to be very busy during the La Scala’s Carmen 2009. Will she join her ENEMY on this issue? Or will she be brave enough to appear in the Upper Gallerie and caught in a general crackdown on ‘Sleeping Audience’? This place is now without ASBESTOS and comfortable for getting a few Zs… ho-ho.

Please check
🙂 From Palestine > How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history >
🙂 BIBI in panic while FEMALES are not: A certain Female Group will have to give up, or Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama shall change NOTHING (Oct 9, 2009)

How many FEMALE politicians are found in this UGLY-scandal? Opposition Leader Rosy Bindi, Senator Patrizia Bugnano, and MP Giovanna Melandri. ALTOGETHER… They will have to answer WHY those ‘Garbage & Sh*ts’, starting from Gidon Kremer and Elena Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival members, are always found in THEIR territory… in the name of PEACE or CULTURE or HYPOCRISY. For this reason, I heartily congratulate Rosy Bindi on being elected as the Opposition Leader. I am now thinking to update this collection with another female from Italian Opposition Party; BIBI in panic while FEMALES are not: A certain Female Group will have to give up, or Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama shall change NOTHING.

DECEMBER 8, 2009

Please check
🙂 From Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala
🙂 RAI: è tutt’ora impossibile poter trasmettere in diretta televisiva una qualsiasi opera teatrale italiana (Dec 2-5, 2009)

Please check
🙂 La Scala’s Solo Clarinet: Is this musician mentally ill now? (Dec 7, 2009)

I got so sick of this clarinet, who now looks like mentally ill after enjoying his ensemble with Bashkirova’s sh*ts, that I wanted to know if its entire woodwind section was going down after Muti’s departure. They looked like. So I went to the Youtube and found something more about Muti’s La Scala. (Yes… I remember their performance in Korea years and years ago. I even heard their recent Beethoven-Cycle on the radio. My memory was right. Their Youtube clips perfectly fit what I remember. Now, I can explain everything… including happenings among the orchestra members during the Muti-Scandal.) At least… the present woodwind section sounds and looks very unstable. Please ask Superintendant Stéphane Lissner which maestro and how many maestros made this entire scene possible. He should know better than I do, better than anyone else in Italy.

Please check [1:36:00].
I am surprised to find that there is no difference between Young and Old Abbado’s basic conducting techniques. Some of Abbado’s symphonic baton-techniques is even worse than his fresh years. (I used to think that he earned this bad habit while working with inferior singers.) Also… I find that Young Pollini was a very handsome Italian guy. Which musician do you think young Italian audiences want to meet through the Italian media?

While watching this TV, especially ‘Young Abbado & Young Pollini’, I realized how important it is to find the ‘Right Music Director for La Scala’, if FOLKS’ only concern is Young Shot rather than Anti-Barenboim.

DECEMBER 9-10, 2009

Santoro e Fazio, il “piacere difficile” della televisione Dec 5, 2009 / By La Stampa
Scala 2013, il direttore sarà Dudamel Dec 5, 2009 / By La Stampa
A proposito di giovani all’opera. Pare fatta (il pare, in attesa dell’ufficialità, è prudenziale): sarà Gustavo Dudamel il direttore musicale della Scala del futuro, con un contratto di quattro anni dal 2013. Ma, si dice nelle segrete stanze, Daniel Barenboim, attuale «direttore scaligero», secondo la formula escogitata per definire un direttore musicale senza ufficializzarne il titolo e imporgliene alcuni oneri, non interromperà la sua collaborazione con il teatro: per fortuna, viene da aggiungere. (…) A Milano lo vuole fortissimamente l’orchestra, che lo ama molto (pare riamata). Per la Scala, gli manca magari un po’ di repertorio d’opera. Ma, fa notare uno dei professori scaligeri meglio informati, Abbado divenne direttore musicale quando di anni ne aveva 31. E iniziò un periodo glorioso del teatro.

(… this writing was deleted. I hate this work. Please contact President of La Scala on this issue…)

Perhaps, this Left-wing media was quick to read Milan Mayor’s mind and reported it. If this information is true, they’d better finish this work before I finish this computer work… instead of boasting their big-but-empty mouth on every issue… without providing any better solution.

Is this why this f*cking clarinet joined Barenboim’s recording project? It was after Milan Mayor Moratti received my warming message.

Perhaps, HALF(!) of Italian Politicians want my life with Divorce Berlusconi for political reason… (… yes! I am willing to go to plastic surgeons for this reason…)… and HALF(?) of Italian Politicians also want to support Barenboim’s Angels for cultural reason. If this is the reason of their choice of Dudamel, I will follow their decision. Why not? Did Korean horn section collapse because of this clarinet or that woodwind? It was nothing. My American life could have been totally different if without this clarinet. Matthias Glander’s clarinet has stolen another decade of my life. I definitely prefer my life with Politician Sivio if I am forced to listen to this f*cking clarinet again.

Youtube: Barenboim & Orchestre de Paris, Mozart Requiem, Introit, Kyrie, Dies Irae
Youtube: Barenboim & Orchestre de Paris, Mozart Requiem, Benedictus, Agnus Dei

Please check the Clarinet of Barenboim’s Paris Orchestra. Here again… the most inferior musician among the orchestra members. This ensemble technique is exactly same as the one above; Solo Clarinet of La Scala. Just, its color is different. Here… when Barenboim conducts, this instrument sounds clearly out-of-tuned. It sounds off the ensemble, because Barenboim’s orchestra always has a string section sound.

Which maestro and how many maestros are after Barenboim? I’m not talking about Music Directors only. All the guest conductors… With them, this clarinet has developed more of his free-tuned ensemble techniques. However… has this member sounded out-of-tuned since Barenboim’s departure? While this clarinet was boasting his chamber music with Elena Bashkirova, Bashkirova’s Paris maestros have encouraged this orchestra member’s professional career. Presently, this music is considered to be the Brilliant Soloist and Professor No.1 in France. I always wonder why this orchestra hasn’t joined International Top-Ten, because this orchestra is not the only one that shows NO string section sound in these days. Please check its music directors and their professional career after their Paris years. Was their successful international career possible mainly because they supported Elena Bashkirova and Waltraud Meier? Even now… after enjoying this computer work in the most effective way, the Munich Politicians want to praise those maestros as Celibidache’s successor. It will be very interesting to check the members’ reaction at Munich Philharmonic. It will be also interesting to see if My Requests to Munich Philharmonic will be accepted.

Please check
🙂 JIWON to Germany: I want to see ‘GANZ LUSTIG’ Barenboim
REQUEST-1: Waltraud Meier’s Legendary/Slave Maestros can’t be invited as Intendant’s guest conductors.
REQUEST-4: I want a RIGHT to fire Orchestra Members, who join Bashkirova’s sh*ts, including Michael Barenboim. I will openly analyze their music and ensemble business.
REQUEST-5: I want a RIGHT to fire Orchestra Members, who play the cancerous role during the performance. I will openly analyze their music and ensemble business. I want to protect Orchestra Members, who play the thankless roles but have never been appreciated by the audience and are always on the List-To-Be-Sacked No.1 during the ‘Reconstruction’ whenever inferior Music-Director or Intendant or Orchestra-Board want to prove their power and rule over the orchestra. At the same time, I want to find Qualified Orchestra Members and want to give them a Veto-Power to refuse a certain quest conductor, who asks them unbelievable ensemble techniques, especially in the contemporary repertoire.

When was the last day for this writing? It’s been a month. I had to spend one month to write this request.

(… this part might be moved into Request Section…)
DECEMBER 11, 2009

Un clarinetto lariano per aiutare l’Abruzzo Nov 3, 2009 / By Corriere di Como
(…) He has authored fifteen “first” at La Scala in Milan, in whose orchestra is first clarinet soloist since 1984. As he performs for the debut of Carmen of 7 December with the director Daniel Barenboim (…) We’ll soon be on tour in Spain, but we would take many other dates in Italy. (…)
(JIWON: Weird that this article doesn’t work now.)

Is this called Something-Charity? Or, is this musician running his own commercial business, besides his orchestra and teaching job at La Scala?

Concierto benéfico de música clásica Dec 4, 2009 / By COCEMFE ‎
The Spanish Federation of Hemophilia in collaboration with the Fundación Caja Duero, held a charity concert of classical music in order to raise funds to support activities that the Federation is carrying out on behalf of people with hemophilia and other coagulopathies Congenital. The concert, held in Madrid’s National Auditorium of Music in the Chamber Hall, and is played by great artists of the camera such as the Director of the Youth Chamber Orchestra Fundación Caja Duero, Gidon Kremer’s VIOLA, and Elena Bashkirova. “It is a privilege and an opportunity to have the Fundación Caja Duero, which has the courtesy to give your Youth Orchestra,” note from The Spanish Federation of Hemophilia.

Gidon Kremer’s Second Ex for this charity concert? Led by Gidon Kremer’s Friend? Where was this b*tch while Barenboim’s wife was giving up her life? What was this very female musician doing while female musician du Pre was tragically dying? Now, after all these and those happenings, including Myung-Whun Chung’s Korean sh*t, who is called a PROFESSOR,
🙂 JIWON: Who keeps sending me this f*cking message?

After all these and those happenings, this historically legendary B*TCH now wants to dedicate her life to ‘The Disadvantaged’?

Just like Solo Clarinet of La Scala,
Just like Solo Clarinet of Waltraud Meier’s Berliner Staatskapelle,
Gidon Kremer’s Viola is running his own commercial business… to secure his Spanish life.

For part of musicians or MUSE, this kind of Something-Charity is a bullsh*t. Just like Elena Bashkirova or WEDO sh*ts, who need anything-Barenboim to feed their professional career, this Italian musician was hurry to invite Junior Barenboim into his group. Please ask Junior Barenboim why he joined this Italian Spanish team. Please ask him if he is following the footsteps of his mother, Elena Bashkirova, because he values himself as incompetent, hopeless professional.

Whatever their reason was, it means that even the La Scala’s commercial recording 2009 will be remembered as another trash in Barenboim’s CD-collection. Wherever you go, the worst orchestra members make commercial recordings in the name of Barenboim, and Barenboim’s musical status has been going down. It will go down further. It never bothers Barenboim, who never listens to his commercial recording for a feedback, and this computer work has always saved and will eventually save his dying career. According to Barenboim’s firm belief…

Itzhak Perlman fiddles against polio Dec 2, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post

As far as I know, this is a real Jew. This is a real musician. This is a real human being, who never considers Charity-Concert a Commercial Business, and who knows how to understand, how to help ‘The Disadvantaged’ or ‘The Needy’ from the bottom of his heart.

Music tells everything. Music never lies. It is not that only a perfect musician can play the perfect music or the perfect charity-concert. Just… you never hear a hint of cancerous role from this music. Have you ever seen this imperfect(?) musician, Itzhak Perlman, playing the cancerous role and destroying his ensemble partners?

Here… in this ensemble, Perlman is the only one to be happy to FOLLOW musician du Pre’s everything. Not surprisingly, Perlman was the last one to leave du Pre’s bedside. He took care of dying du Pre with his real heart… until the last moment. He still doesn’t get along with Kremer’s Bimbo. (… perhaps, it is rather his wife, who never wants to accept this whore in her life…) This Jewish musician still interviews that he is not Barenboim and he doesn’t know how to express his political opinion, and that his foremost concern is happy family and never knows how to mix Politics and Music together, and that he only wants to support his Israel as Musician Perlman. In this view, Music can never become Politics or vice-versa. Perlman is right, in his own right.

Mehta: 40 Years of Making Music in the Holy Land Dec 1, 2009 / By Jewish Journal
Mehta makes his opinions known. In this interview, it became clear that his four decades with the IPO have spurred intensities of both devotion to Israel and anger at its politics. He excoriated leaders of Israel’s current government — naming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman — for their failure to reverse policy on the settlements and on other matters. “They are isolating themselves from the world as I have never seen it in 40 years,” he said.

This is called Zubin Mehta, who’s actively supported Netanyahu Government’s Settlement Plan as Dorit Beinisch’s secret agent to pressure Barenboim. (Please check all my previous reports.) Very interesting is that the Jewish media picked up Zubin Mehta on this issue. Why do you think so? Is it still part of Dorit Beinisch’s grand plan? Or is he now afraid the REAL Jewish Branja stop supporting his professional career outside Israel? I’ve always wondered why Zubin Mehta had never converted to Judaism if his love of Jews was so deep like this. What was the first thing that non-Jewish du Pre did when she wanted to be a part of Barenboim?

Pulling Strings To Raise Money Dec 8, 2009 / By The Jewish Week
The renowned violinist Pinchas Zukerman has made Canada his home now for at least the last decade. But when his friend Zubin Mehta, the longtime director of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, asked him on short notice to play with the orchestra for three fundraising concerts this coming week, he immediately agreed. “The emotional connection is obvious; it’s like family,” Zukerman said from his cell phone while driving around ITALY. He was in the car with his wife, who will also appear at this week’s concerts, traveling between engagements in MILAN and MODINA. “I’ve been playing with [the Israel Philharmonic] since I was 11 years old.” (…)

I’m still… trying to be very generous. This is a legendary musician, who can go anywhere anytime he wants. Hadn’t this sh*t supported this Russian whore, I would have done nothing… regardless of my private opinion about his performance. Please check all my previous reports about forumites’ reaction against his big mouth and brainless bragging about classical music. No matter what, the concert hall will always be packed wherever he goes. Then… WHY… is this sh*t always hurry to enter Barenboim’s headquarters and destroys everything? Always… as a member of ‘Kremer & Co.’? Is this musician still missing his golden Chicago days, during which he was able to OVERPOWER the CSO’s Music Director and plant another colony in Canada?

Who should thank whom in this case? Tel Aviv is over-crowed with professional musicians. Competition among the Israeli musicians are boiling over. Any Diaspora Jews will be honored to travel as the IPO’s special soloists. Especially, Zukerman never misses his New York opportunity. First of all, who wants this international travel more as a Jewish Muse? Jewish Mr. Zukerman or Non-Jewish Mrs. Zukerman?
Husband and wife performers are always interesting to watch, knowing that we see the public face of a relationship that continues offstage. (…) I find a lot of contrast in their styles. Pinchas is smooth, fluid, and assured. Wife comes across to me as aggressive, to the point of feeling a little rushed at times. (…)

When was Zukerman’s sex-plus-politics-scandal? After Zukerman threatened(?) all their orchestra members NOT to report anything about inside-happenings in their Kingdom and extended his Canadian contract, I only find full of praises from the official report. What an amazing censorship in the Canadian Jewish Community! And then, it took a minute to find this interesting comment on the internet. Since I actually heard their recent performance at Myung-Whun Chung’s headquarters, I know what this comment means. My analysis is somewhat different, though… I wonder if this legendary couple really love each other, since two professional musicians play together but never listen to each other, never communicate each other. They rather want to fight and are killing each other… during the performance… and their couple performance is getting worse.

Then, please compare two different postings.
(…) Then came the atrocity: X, AKA the young Mrs. Zukerman. The only words I had jotted down in my program book were “no intensity.” She quickly grabbed the pen and scribbled, “amateur.” We were in total agreement, a rarity. Perhaps this is what Anonymous orchestra member referred to as “some of the pieces could be stronger.” The Saturday night dress-up audience gave her 3 curtain calls. To paraphrase Anonymous’ words, “players can’t always (want to) know how their performances come across.” She could not fool the two Critical Critics. I am really tired of having to put up with the Mrs. Zukermans of the music “business.” If they must piggyback onto the contract, then let them play in the orchestra’s section, not feature them as professional soloists!

Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra: Get Your “Phil” of Israeli Musicians Dec 16, 2009 / By American Media
Power couples make the world go round: Bill and Hillary Clinton (…) And you can now add Mr.&Mrs. Zukerman to that list. This Wednesday night, Zukerman will serve as both conductor and soloist for the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra while Mrs. Zukerman solos on the cello. The bill for the evening — Haydn, Bruch, Tchaikovsky — plays right into couple’s strengths: technical precision and emotional brilliance. And it never hurts to have one of the top ten orchestras in the world backing you up.

Always… those poor Diaspora Jews are blind, become deaf whenever Non-Jews approach them with the word of ‘I-Love-Israel’. Just like Barenboim, who becomes deaf, are blind whenever WEDO sh*ts approach him with the word of ‘Edward Said’. Those poor Jews never know how to listen to the REAL Jewish Music, how to pick up the REAL Jews through MUSIC. It just looks as if those poor Diaspora Jews are hungry for love. Just like Barenboim, who still misses Edward Said and imagines his smile through his family members and loses all the visions…

Sorry about saying this. But in my view, ALL those DIASPORA JEWS look like rootless little orphans hungry for love. So… what do I do? They always want to be lost.

Ariel Chamber Orchestra Nov 23, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) The ensemble is sponsored entirely by the municipality of Ariel, and the town’s mayor, Ron Nachman, was on hand to comment on US President Barack Obama’s call for a settlement freeze. “We will build in spirit,” he declared. “This is the first and only classical orchestra created to perform in Judea and Samaria. Its audience draws not only from the town and its significant university community, but also from the surrounding settlements in the region.” (…)

Pulling Strings To Raise Money Dec 8, 2009 / By The Jewish Week
(…) Zukerman took issue with recent campaigns to boycott Israeli cultural institutions (…) I think many things are being done to bring Israelis and Palestinians together.” Anyway, he added: “The conflict is going to continue no matter what you or I think.”

Somehow, I am wondering why Zukerman lowered his tone. I remember watching his docu film about his criticizing and criticizing Israeli government’s settlement plan. Since it was during Zukerman’s Bashkirova days in Canada, I was quick to criticize that this is part of his commercial plan. And I still believe so… concerning his pro career in Spain and Canada… despite his sex-plus-politics-scandal with his now-wife.

Does Mr. Zukerman still care about his Israel? OR… his only concern now is his bimbo-or-wife’s successful pro-life as a Jewish Muse? OR… is he simply following Dorit Beinisch’s Settlement Plan, since he doesn’t have to take an oath of loyalty to Ahron Barak any more?

PM to strengthen settlement blocs after moratorium Dec 10, 2009

When are ALL THOSE LEGENDAREY MUSICIANS, aka jewish muse, going to rush to the settlement area and prove POWER of MUSIC? Instead of joining all kinds of Charity-Concert… for the purely commercial reason?

NOTICE: Israeli Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch’s Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival is to clear criminal record of Beinisch’s husband, Yechezkel Beinisch. They just named Elena Bashkirova as their Artistic Director, and everybody now knows WHY. Beinisch’s Husband Won’t Stand Trial (Dec 23, 2007). If anyone still wants to know more, please click these sections; Bimbo-Battle or Cancer-Dorit-Beinisch.

DECEMBER 14, 2009
Comment 49 or 50: Che tempo che fa: ‘Una notte alla Scala’ bla-bla-bla (…)

Please check
🙂 From Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala
🙂 RAI: è tutt’ora impossibile poter trasmettere in diretta televisiva una qualsiasi opera teatrale italiana (Dec 2-5, 2009)
COLLECTION-1: Meanwhile, ‘Abbado & Pollini’ never miss a golden opportunity to preach to ‘The Savages’, instead of begging ‘Jolly-but-Poor Italian Politicians’…
COLLECTION-2: What Barenboim boasts… Does this guy know what really means FEMINISM???
COLLECTION-3: Che tempo che fa: ‘Una notte alla Scala’ on Dec 3, 2009
COLLECTION-4: Which & How Many Broadcasters for OPERA?
COLLECTION-6: After All, Was It a Profitable Business? How Many Oldies, How Many Newbies, and How Many Babies Enjoyed Watching IT?

Returning to the original issue,
I don’t think I sent this part to the Italians. It was part of my message to the German Munich Music Society while reporting young German musicians.

While watching ‘Young Pollini’, I heard the same thing as I heard from young German musicians. Please check Pollini’s Young Sound. This is a typical Italian sound. I heard this sound, too, weeks ago on the radio. I remember this Italian Pianism to be introduced as Something-Academic. From those Italian professionals, it is easy to imagine Italian youngsters’ favorite music. With this typical Italian young talented pianist/musician, I automatically imagined Barenboim’s Masterclass or a DUO concert with Pianist Barenboim… just as the cellist du Pre needed the pianist Barenboim. The two musicians deserve each other. The two different MUSIC complement each other. ‘Young-but-immature-Pollini & Barenboim’ can sound better than ‘Old-but-mature-Pollini & Barenboim’. Isn’t that interesting? (Basically, this old-but-mature Pollini always sound different. His sound even changes during one performance. I say… this is a very sensitive musician, who desperately needs a qualified orchestra to play with. I also say… old-but-mature Pollini doesn’t need Barenboim’s Masterclass during their DUO performance, so it will be less interesting.)

Another issue…
I believe that this TV-program can be supported by more of commercial projects. Am I the only one to think of this?

Is this Italian Broadcaster called Radio Audizioni Italiane? Isn’t it the Italian State Owned Public Service Broadcaster controlled by Parliament? Then, is it impossible to find Berlusconi’s Showgirls on this television? Already now, it’s common that the TV-viewers enjoy watching a series of special parodies when the broadcaster advertizes its new drama or during the popular show. The more the viewers drink in the opera, the comical its parody looks. Please imagine all those Berlusconi’s sexy showgirls imitating Waltraud Meier’s vocal techniques and facial expression… and suddenly… this TV-program can be transformed into the most effect educational program to introduce La Scala’s Female Legends.

Already now, the pop music program is using this and some pop-musician is famous for this job to make his friendly singer look more comical. Eventually, the Italian audience will realize what a handsome prime minister they have been watching. A very sad news for Partito Democratico… ho-ho-ho!

Youtube: Don Jose & Carmen: “… La fleur que tu m’avais jetée” Dec 7, 2009 / By La Scala

Please look at the present situation. This male singer is so far the best available voice in these days. Since this is what people say, the Italians know better than I do. However… in my view… it seems that this male singer is still choking under the curse of Waltraud Meier’s vocal technique and facial expression. Doesn’t his diction sound cheap whenever he ‘looks like’ appreciating his ensemble with Waltraud Meier? Should I write more?

(… this section will be deleted… please ask the President of La Scala on this issue…)

Of course, more commercial ways are possible to attract more newcomers. Please check the ‘audience rating survey’ during this special program. This rating was not consistent during this X-hour-long music-show. What is the criterion of this Cultural Program on TV? Already now, the TV-drama is developing multi-functional commercial programs to approach its viewers in various ways. We, too, should learn how to employ these new ideas and technologies.

For example, I find that Dolce & Gabbana hold their Annual General Meeting at the La Scala’s Season-Opening Premier, and I don’t know why this Italian High Fashion Brand doesn’t work for the La Scala’s Female Legends. I didn’t know that this Top Fashion Designer has been running another company, D&G Underwear… for HER & for HIM. Then, I become curious more. Won’t La Scala’s Musicians be able to wear this, too? Ugly females have a right to participate in this Cultural Debate. First of all, female consumers, whether ugly or not, want to know which fashion brand is comfortable to wear. This TV-program or its La Scala’s royal box might lose Dolce & Gabbana. But they can discover countless NEW Italian Fashion Designers, whose targets are Umberto Eco’s UGLY females.

And so on and so on… Why should I be the only one to think of this, by the way?

DECEMBER 21, 2009

In sum,

🙂 Barenboim: Berlusconi’s Italy Shall Be Blessed With Healthy Feminism & Healthy Opposition! (Dec 15, 2009)
COLLECTION-12: Toward Italian Healthy Feminism…
COLLECTION-11: Toward Healthy, United Italy
COLLECTION-10: Toward the Healthy Opposition
COLLECTION-09: Chauvinist Berlusconi: Dear Feminists, Which Italy Do You Want? Do You Want to Return to Your Favorite 1970s? To That Instability, That Street Violence, & That Anthropological War?
COLLECTION-08: Furious Berlusconi: I don’t tell dirty jokes! Every GAFFE is invented by the newspapers!!
COLLECTION-07: Hot Berlusconi: I Must Be Heard! I’m Not Impotent!!
COLLECTION-06: La Dolce Berlusconi: Still… Opposition Can’t Beat Berlusconi…
COLLECTION-05: Women MPs Fight Back as Berlusconi Lashes Out
COLLECTION-04: The Battle Is Not Only Against Berlusconi!
COLLECTION-03: Academic Women Fight Back Against ‘SEXIST’ Berlusconi
COLLECTION-02: Berlusconi’s Children Come Out to Defend Father Berlusconi…
COLLECTION-01: How & Why Murdoch’s British Media started his Anti-Berlusconi Campaign…

I didn’t expect this kind of collection when I first planned it. What did I do on August 11, 2009?

Please check
🙂 How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history (Aug 11, 2009 – Soon to be finished…)

It was during the WEDO 2009 and I wanted to finish this short message with a Berlusconi-Part; TOO TIRED TO GIGGLE… SIMPLY TIRED. Life doesn’t go as planned. The Munich Scandal continued, and finally, more than SIXTEEN sub-messages have been written since August 11.

Please check
🙂 Berlusconi’s Minor-Scandal, Barenboim’s Cairo-Scandal, and Salzburg Festival (Jun 13 – Jul 1, 2009)

I am still following Berlusconi-Scandal. Thus, I wanted to make this Berlusconi-Part an independent section and place it at the end of
🙂 How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history

Still, life doesn’t go as planned. Its original title was NOT supposed to be Barenboim: Will Umberto Eco Endorse My Requests to German Government?.

Please check
🙂 From Barenboim: Berlusconi’s Italy Shall Be Blessed With Healthy Feminism & Healthy Opposition! (Dec 15, 2009)
Umberto Eco addresses the inadequacies of the modern mass media Oct 19, 2008
[Q] – In an era such as this one, riddled with such stress that calls into question the very foundations of the society, what should the role of the intellectual be?
[Eco] – “In many countries, people don’t understand how a university professor could be so interested in the politics of his country. For us in Italy, it’s a normal thing. The role of the intellectual is must be that of Italo Calvino’s The Baron in the Trees. He [the intellectual] must sit on the fence and talk badly especially about his friends. From this perspective, the intellectual is able to understand reality – he has a better chance of understanding what is going on, and so gets involved. This is, moreover, the theory of Italian philosopher Bobbio in his 1955 book Politics and Culture, a book that Calvino surely read and became enthralled by. I fully share Vittorini’s thesis: The intellectual must never play the penny-whistle tune of revolution because that is done by the press. And he should not be in an ivory tower.”
[Q] – Why have Italians decided to again entrust the fate of the nation to Silvio Berlusconi?
[Eco] – “… bla-bla-bla…” (JIWON: …a real headache…)
[Q] – What three things would you never give up for anything?
[Eco] – “I’d be ready to give up everything – there you have it. Certainly it would greatly disappoint me if my library caught fire. There, maybe that’s what I wouldn’t be able to give up. But if the world collapsed, then the library could go to hell too. By now, I’ve managed to quit smoking. For now, I’m not able to give up Gin Martini on the rocks.”

Please look. What did I say when I wrote a short joke about “Umberto & Silvio”? It was before I found this interview. Please look. I can’t understand a word when this Italian intellectual explains “HOW DOES DEMOCRACY RUIN/INJURE DEMOCRACY?”. Please look. This guy is talking about his library. Isn’t that funny?

And then…
This very Italian is talking about something more.

Please check ALL my previous writings. What made me fall in love with Barenboim’s Israel? There were three things, and “SELF CRITICISM” was among them.

Please check
🙂 How many Spanish/Palestinian/Israeli Politicians are behind Widow of Prof. Said? Her name should be remembered in Palestinian history (Aug 11, 2009 – Soon to be finished…)
🙂 10. JIWON to Germany: Jobless German Youngsters, Self-Criticism, Israeli Supreme Court in Meier’s WEDO 2009 (Aug 26-27, 2009)

Please look. This is the TENTH sub-message. Isn’t that interesting? Then, below is what is presently happening in both Barenboim’s Israel and Umberto Eco’s Italy.

Please check
🙂 From Dieharddoves-&-Settlement > Illegal-or-What >
🙂 Settlers Have Turned the State of Israel into Their Satellite (Oct 30 – Dec 23, 2009)
Amos Harel: A victory for the settlers Dec 21, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) It’s not at all certain that Benjamin Netanyahu sees things in a similar way. It seems as if the prime minister primarily wants quiet – from the settlers and from Washington. If he gets what he wants, not a single structure in the West Bank will be demolished. It’s always possible to waste time with HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE petitions, legal deliberations and equivocation in the field. In that case, the plans for implementing the moratorium will remain within the realm of the theoretical. (…)

Please check

🙂 From Italy-Belcanto > Barenboim and La Scala >
🙂 Barenboim: Berlusconi’s Italy Shall Be Blessed With Healthy Feminism & Healthy Opposition! (Dec 15, 2009)
Berlusconi’s popularity rises after attack: poll Dec 21, 2009 / By Reuters
(…) Corriere della Sera newspaper said the aggression had boosted Berlusconi’s popularity to 55.9%, compared to 48.6% in mid-November. (…) the rise in popularity was most evident among YOUNG VOTERS and practicing Catholics. But the approval rating improved even among center-left voters, with 17% giving a positive opinion. The December 13 attack against Berlusconi shocked many Italians and drew comparisons with the dark years of political violence that bloodied the country in the 1970s and 1980s.

Isn’t it worth comparing TWO male-chauvinist countries? Especially in Umberto Eco’s Italy, all kinds of intellectuals kept criticizing that Berlusconi’s Media, which was full of brainless bimbos, has brainwashed Italian voters. However, my research clearly indicates how much the Italian Youngsters have been sick of WHOM. Are those Italian Youngsters brainless puppies, who can be easily brainwashed by brainless media? This was in fact my first discovery when I started following Berlusconi-Scandal months ago.

Please check
🙂 From Barenboim: Berlusconi’s Italy Shall Be Blessed With Healthy Feminism & Healthy Opposition! (Dec 15, 2009)
Does Berlusconi sense the end is near? Why did he do it? Aug 16, 2009 / By Guardian, George Turner
(…) If Berlusconi’s intention was to win the war of the airwaves before an autumn battle, his comments on TG3 may have dangerously overstepped the mark, as they have achieved what neither he or anyone else has previously, a united response from the opposition. (…)

Please check the date. I found this article on August 16, 2009. It was while I was busy at my original plan, and this article was supposed to be located at the center of my original message, which title was NOT supposed to be Barenboim: Will Umberto Eco Endorse My Requests to German Government?.

Please check
🙂 JIWON: Why Should I Post All My Messages to Milan Female Mayor?
(Updated on DECEMBER 18, 2009)
(…) If I have one opinion about Italian politics, I can trust Sir Berlusconi’s judgment of his female politicians and their ability, even if they came from the “World of Showgirls”. (…) Meanwhile, I’m suspecting if the real feminism is growing inside the Mafia society, while Murdoch’s International Media is killing real image of Berlusconi’s female politicians’ feminism and while La Repubblica is rather blocking its female readers/voters/politicians to develop the real feminism inside its opposition groups. (…) Anyway, I wish EVERYBODY good luck! Still, I hate Politics, because I hate fighting. Nor do I ever want to forgive those who kept forcing me to do my least favorite, disgusting behaviors; this endless fighting. Forgiving one inferior musician among Bashkirova’s sh*ts means killing another hundred-of-thousand of real talented seedlings. Music is never a Politics. There is only one way in the world of Music.


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