Barenboim’s Carmen: What happened on Dec 7, 2009?

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(JIWON: NO need to report exact stories about BOOS & WHISTLES from DIE-HARD LOGGIONISTI. Theatrical Innovation has always been a subject of controversy and this is none of my business as long as the SINGERS are allowed to SING during this theatrical performance. I am just curious if Erwin Schrott (Escamillo) were booed after he planned Bashkirova’s Netrebko Concert in Manheim.)

Dan Brown Eyes La Scala Balconies for Inspiration Dec 7, 2009 / By New York Times
”I definitely need to go up there,” Brown said, fixed on the balconies. His agent immediately proposed a tour. And filled him in on the loggionisti, the dwellers of La Scala’s uppermost balconies, revered and feared for their scathing boos at the slightest missed note or theatrical indiscretion. When the loggionisti aimed their boos and whistles at stage director Emma Dante at the end of the opening, Brown’s sympathies lay with the director. ”That’s terrible,” he said. ”Jealousy.”

Silvio snubs ‘Carmen’ for night at movies Dec 9, 2009 / By Independent, Michael Day
While Italy’s elite were at La Scala, embattled PM was next door at the multiplex (…) Mr Berlusconi stole away from Milan for a trip to a nearby multiplex, where he took in the high-octane effects-laden US blockbuster 2012. (…) cheers erupted from the cinema audience. It wasn’t clear if the applause was meant for the fictional premier or his real-life counterpart. But Mr Berlusconi was in no doubt, and at roughly the same time that Rachvelishvili stood for her 14-minute ovation at the Scala, he rose and took a bow of his own, film-goers told La Repubblica. (…) Celebrities at La Scala suggested that he had missed a fantastic Carmen. (…)

(JIWON: After checking almost one hundred Italian articles, below is what I got. I don’t think I missed something in this report… except the fact that… what the hell is this article talking about? This is from Berlusconi’s eternal enemy media, L’Espresso.)

Valentina in scena per la Carmen che apre la Scala Dec 7, 2009 / By L’Espresso

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(JIWON: We’ll see if this young DIVA joins Elena Bashkirova. If so, THE THINGS will happen to this VOICE… step by step. Please check Il Corriere del la Grisi.)

Per il maestro Daniel Barenboim e la sua orchestra è stato un trionfo: gli applausi al direttore non sono mancati anche prima della fine dello spettacolo. “Sono profondamente soddisfatto – ha commentato – sono fiero di essere un ‘maestro scaligero’, anche se non so bene cosa significhi”.
For the Maestro Daniel Barenboim and his orchestra was a triumph: the applause to the director are not missed even before the end of the show. “I am deeply satisfied – said – I am proud to be a ‘master Scala’, although I’m not sure what it means.”

Barenboim Conducts ‘Carmen’ at La Scala Dec 7, 2009 / By New York Times
”I heard and I understood that she had a special voice, but talent isn’t enough, and she showed herself to be a great artist,” conductor Daniel Barenboim told reporters backstage. ”The Georgian should be proud to have a voice like that, and this evening she should go out into the piazza as if she won a world medal.” (…) ”This Carmen will be legend,” Barenboim prophesied afterward.

SCALE: Barenboim, THIS Carmen will ‘Legend’
“I come from the land of the prophets, Israel, and I assure you that Carmen will be ‘read’. Cosi ‘, after the first, the director of the orchestra Dabniel Barenboim said the opera staged at La Scala. “The allegations are completely natural because ‘everything’ that is something the staff can not ‘appeal to everyone. Emma Dante has directed a very individual, with much thought and when’ so ‘there’ is always someone who complains.”

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WORDS of the DAY!
(JIWON: I find that President Napolitano is enjoying enormous public attention since You-Know-Who’s Scandal-or-Not. Hum… No matter what, his WORDS are my most favorite and here goes a gold medal!)

«Carmen», 14 minuti di applausi Fischi per la regista Emma Dante Dec 7, 2009 / By Corriere della Sera
NAPOLITANO: “YOUNG TALENTS” – “This is not traditional, but Carmen is the consecration of young talent in singing. Wonderful work under the guidance of a great conductor Barenboim as the master, “is the comment of the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano. Reporters who asked if the scale should become national theater then answered: “I do not ask questions so difficult at this time.” The youth performers Vice President of Scala, Bruno Ermolli, said: “Only a great reality as the scale can afford to debut a mezzo-soprano and a director who until now had never made the opera. We innovated in the tradition. ”

Napolitano «Per il teatro faccio tutto il possibile» Dec 7, 2009 / By il Giornale
Napolitano “For the theater do everything possible”
The President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, attended the first of the “Carmen” at La Scala as usual by the Royal Box. With him and his wife Clio were among others the Mayor of Milan Letizia Moratti, regional president Roberto Formigoni, President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal and President HE Ali Ben Bongo of Gabon. During the first period, entered the royal box, among others the Minister of Tourism Michela Vittoria Brambilla and former President Jerry John Rawlings of Ghana. “I have a magic wand nor the purse strings, but what can I do for the theater, La Scala or the music I do it ‘said the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano on the workers of La Scala during the interval. Napolitano, among others, accompanied by Mayor Letizia Moratti, the regional president Roberto Formigoni, the presidents of Senegal and Gabon, by Brambilla, hailed the conductor Daniel Barenboim and the artists as well as some musicians and singers. “You have so many hands, I am one,” he joked while several people were trying to shake it. “Many of you saw them in Tokyo – recalled -. Here we are at our house and we have foreign guests and is a source of pride. Know that I do not think too badly of you, you are very good. ” The meeting of President Napolitano with the artists was also present Placido Domingo will celebrate its 40-year career at La Scala in two days singing in a gala. At the head of state, the superintendent Stephane Lissner, has highlighted the concern about theaters. And the president replied that he had “no magic wands or purse.

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Quando c’è il presidente della Repubblica – ricorda – non c’è il presidente del Consiglio!

Gioielli e abiti vistosi La sobrietà che non c’è Dec 7, 2009 / By
Sobriety jewelry and flashy clothes that there
A heavy rain, pounding and very annoying wanted to baptize the Carmen. The Carmen of the crisis between the minute of silence – thinking of firms in difficulty and hardship being experienced by the theater world – the elegance, the appeals to low-profile and promises to wear old clothes and blacks.
It arrives dressed in black, Navy, the only one present at the Scala dynasty Berlusconi. Enters into Dolce & Gabbana gown and diamond necklace ( ‘Dad’s gift), with husband Maurizio Vanadia in tuxedos. “Carmen is a woman passionate, unconventional, but I feel closer to Micaela seeking perhaps most difficult, the love that lasts,” reveals the eldest of the premier. The inevitable question about the protesters outside the theater. “They are right, have the right to protest,” answered the president of Mondadori who dedicated to her father and mother Carla Silvio Dall’Oglio the Ambrogino of gold received by the City of Milan.
Black’s Minister of Tourism Michela Vittoria Brambilla, sole representative of the government. Increasingly red hair, high heels and low neckline, Brambilla declares “lover of opera.” La Scala “is essential to promote Italy in the world. It is a mark of our excellence. ”
Here’s Dear Abby. Mayor Moratti wrong entry, do not go down the red carpet and creates a bit ‘of confusion. Then finally “landed” on the red carpet, radiant in emerald green dress by Giorgio Armani. Shoes and clutch bags to match. Other than sobriety … “This is a suit before the stairs, a gift from my husband, and he chose me put them on important occasions.” And the decision not to make the traditional dinner after the stairs, only a small buffet explains: “We wanted to target resources to the theater because they may increasingly be the beacon of culture in the world.”
The focus shifts to Dan Brown. Is besieged by photographers and cameramen. The less-informed question: is his wife? No, no spouse, but is accompanied by a PR of Mondadori. “Too bad,” she lets out a pretty brunette with a lot of notepad. Sky-blue eyes, eyes of someone who knows how the world works, the author of “The Da Vinci Code” offers smiles and politely answered questions from journalists. “The Scala might be a suitable place in which environment a new novel. And then Milan and Italy are places full of charm. ” Brown unveils surprise: “I love the music of Lucio Dalla, I grew up with him.”
Wrapped in a red velvet siren suit, challenging all the rules of etiquette of the first (forbidden to dress in red), Valeria Marini is wearing one of her creations with trains Seduzioni Diamond wet from rain that prevents her from walking. But she forgives all: “I chose the red in tribute to Carmen, my favorite.” Designer Lorenzo Riva, however, the wand, “Will pendant with armchairs.
Mrs. Iris, wife of Bruno Ermolli, vice president of the Foundation of La Scala, boasts a stylish blue Curiel with precious embroideries. Domenico Dolce Stefano arrives and introduces his young boyfriend, Massimiliano, dancer of 28 years. By checking the lovely Lavinia Borromeo, in white Valentino gown, and her husband John Elkann. Marta Marzotto wrapped in an ivory cloak studded with bright stones shows his dancers transparent. “I’m rubber, anti-rain,” says Marzotto bejeweled to the core. A long applause in the Foyer is the entrance of Giorgio Napolitano and his wife Clio. The President is accompanied by Moratti to the royal box where he attends the opera with President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal and President of Gabon HE Ali Ben Bongo. Minimizes the chairman of Lombardy, Roberto Formigoni, the scant presence of the ministers before the stairs. “When is the president of the Republic – remember – there is the Prime Minister.

Silvio snubs ‘Carmen’ for night at movies Dec 9, 2009 / By Independent, Michael Day
While Italy’s elite were at La Scala, embattled PM was next door at the multiplex
It is one of the most glittering evenings in Italy’s social calendar – a chance for the birthplace of opera to celebrate the most refined of cultural events. But this week, as the great and the good turned out at La Scala opera house in Milan for the opening of a new version of Carmen, many wondered why the Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, was not in attendance.
Perhaps, they might have surmised, the stress of his recent travails kept him at home. Or possibly pressing matters of state required the 73-year-old’s urgent attention. Whatever the likes of President Giorgio Napolitano and the writer Umberto Eco imagined, it is unlikely they would have hit upon the truth. It has now emerged that Mr Berlusconi stole away from Milan for a trip to a nearby multiplex, where he took in the high-octane effects-laden US blockbuster 2012.
At 9.30pm, as Italian and foreign dignitaries were thrilling to the Georgian mezzo-soprano Anita Rachvelishvili’s take on Bizet, Mr Berlusconi was at the Warner Village Cinema 12 miles away, squeezing into a central row in screen 10 with his daughter Eleonora, whispering “sorry to bother you” to cinema-goers.
In the Hollywood blockbuster solar heating threatens the planet with huge earthquakes and tidal waves. And things soon get disastrously out of control, uncannily mirroring, wags noted yesterday, Mr Berlusconi’s own past year, with its sex scandals, corruption charges, mafia accusations and now a messy divorce in the offing.
At the point in the screenplay in which the disaster movie’s plucky Italian Prime Minister is seen waiting for the inevitable end in St Peter’s Square, cheers erupted from the cinema audience.
It wasn’t clear if the applause was meant for the fictional premier or his real-life counterpart. But Mr Berlusconi was in no doubt, and at roughly the same time that Rachvelishvili stood for her 14-minute ovation at the Scala, he rose and took a bow of his own, film-goers told La Repubblica.
Some observers suggested that the embattled premier had made the trip to the cinema in search of an ego boost, after reports last week that cinema-goers had cheered “Silvio, Silvio!”, during his fictional alter ego’s demise.
The German director of the film, Roland Emmerich, had previously told a press conference that the scene should not be seen as an allegory for Mr Berlusconi’s political plight.
Celebrities at La Scala suggested that he had missed a fantastic Carmen. The tenor Placido Domingo said he loved it. America’s Italophile potboiler specialist Dan Brown agreed. “I’m mesmerised by this,” he gasped, adding that the venue might provide inspiration for future novels – and possibly, therefore, for spin-offs that Mr Berlusconi might eventually enjoy at the Warner Village.

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(JIWON: I find that Minister of Welfare Maurizio Saccibu, who attended 2008’s Concert and said NOTHING, also attended 2009’s Concert and said NOTHING. Cool! I am also curious if Minister of Tourism Michela Vittoria Brambilla, who is famous for her “sexy” attire and therefore frequently rumored as a possible successor to Silvio Berlusconi, really fell into Wagner or if her subject had been Zubin Mehta’s colorful private life. Time will tell when this mediocre Tannhauser conquers La Scala.)

In sum, the only minister to represent Berlusconi’s Government
1. Michela Vittoria Brambilla (PdL): Minister of Tourism
2. Maurizio Saccibu (PdL): Minister of Labor, Health and Welfare

ABSOLUTELY NONE of present or previous Cultural Ministers, whether Berlusconi’s Cultural Minister Sandro Bondi or Head of Culture Department of ‘Partito Democraticc’, Giovanna Melandri or even former Opposition Leader Walter Veltroni from Partito Democratico.
(JIWON: Ho-Ho-Ho! I am laughing to death…)

«Anche all’estero applaudiranno» Dec 7, 2009 / By il Giornale
“Even abroad applaud”
Milan “When I was little, I did the tasks in the backstage … Michela Vittoria Brambilla willingly takes upon himself honor and burden of being, as well as Maurizio Sacconi, the only minister to the first of Carmen. “The others? I do not know who is and who is not here, I can say I’m here because I like the lyric and the mark scale is the first excellence of Italy, “smiles the Minister of Tourism, which comes under his arm to his father.
“My parents always have a box at La Scala and continue to be. When I was a kid, I carried the books of history and geography and went over in this little room and red wool. Are very beautiful memories. Until the age in which it was able to appreciate: “As a teenager, I grew up with the exciting events of Turandot and Madama Butterfly. I play the piano, I love ballet and I love Wagner. I am happy that this year I can hear the Tannhäuser. ”
It was difficult to cross the protests outside the theater?
“I have not seen anything because I have the lenses … But since I was little girl who come to La Scala and I do not remember there ever been a time without stress. What matters is that the government takes full account of the problems of workers, including those of the theater. We are working hard against the crisis. ”
She and Sacconi are the only ministers present. Represented the government …
“There are two reasons that I did not want to miss. One is personal, my great passion for opera. The other is related to my role as Minister of Tourism, aware that the scale is the first mark of excellence Italy. The charm and appeal of our theater is green for decades and never had a time capsule. No coincidence that our quarterly magazine dedicated its cover their tourism at La Scala. It is also thanks to the scale that Italy is a beacon of art and culture in the world. ”
Black dress, black shoes, just a few rhinestones. It is his response to the call to sobriety?
“I love the black and my style is always sober and minimalist. I think we should be always neat and sober when you are the institutions’.
What do you think dell’allestimento provocative filmmaker Emma Dante? Some people think it is a challenge to the Church.
“The director should not be read literally. I do not know if it will make a scandal, but welcoming the courageous choices. And I particularly welcome the decision of the superintendent, Stéphane Lissner, and Barenboim the master of entrusting to a young filmmaker and a young soprano the most important roles. I consider it a brave choice and happy. Carmen is a match, very strong, very brave and very understanding. We will do a fine figure even abroad. ”
Muti is the music director of Opera of Rome. Thinks that the competition between the two cities will benefit the opera?
“Muti is extraordinary and I will not even think about making comparisons, because it has given so much and I think Scala will also very much at the Rome Opera. Maybe grow ten, twenty operas such as La Scala in Italy … It would be a great asset for the country. ”

Milan, December 7 (Adnkronos) – “When there is ‘the head of state there is not’ the prime minister.” Thus, ‘the president of the Lombardy Region, Roberto Formigoni, stopped by reporters upon his arrival at La Scala for the first of’ Carmen ‘explains why the evening is not present Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.
“We are happy with the presence of the Head of State stressed Formigoni-tonight-so”as we were happy to have had the prime minister two days ago for the inauguration of the High Speed ‘.”

Scala, prima «blindata» tra le proteste Dec 7, 2009 / By Corriere della Sera
BRAMBILLA SINGLE MINISTER – I do not know who is and who is not ‘Michela Vittoria Brambilla responded in kind to those who asked why he was the only minister present, after the defection of Bondi, much disputed by the square (comments the news). “I can say my reasons – said the Minister of Tourism -. La Scala is essential to promote Italy in the world. It is a brand of Italian and I like the lyric. ” Milan mayor Letizia Moratti, as announced, has sported a green dress Armani. Beside her in the stalls regional president Roberto Formigoni, Vice President of Scala Bruno Ermolli, the CEO of Eni Paolo Scaroni, the Edison Umberto Quadrino, Cesare Romiti, managing director of Enel CEO Fulvio Conti, the president of the Supervisory Board of Intesa Sanpaolo Giovanni Bazoli, former superintendent Carlo Fontana, the former chief prosecutor of Milan, currently leads the Conservatorio Francesco Saverio Borrelli, the chairman of Mediaset Fedele Confalonieri, Intesa Sanpaolo CEO Corrado Passera .

Prima della Scala con la Carmen. Ma fuori dal teatro si protesta Dec 7, 2009 / By
Even on this occasion Eni has distinguished foreign guests including Saif Gaddafi, the Libyan People’s Republic of Sword of Islam (Chairman of the “Help People,” the de facto number two in the hierarchy, ready in case of need ‘to take power to father’s place Muhammar, ndr), the President HE Ali Ben Bongo of Gabon and the former President of the Republic of Ghana Jerry John Rawlings.
(…) SCALE: PRESIDENT NAPOLITANO greeted with applause
The President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, has made its entry to the ‘La Scala’ in Milan welcomed with the applause of those present. Napolitano assistera ‘to’ first ‘of the Scala theater staging of Carmen Bizet.Ad welcome at the President Napolitano and miles Clio, the mayor of Milan, Letizia Moratti, who wears a long gown in silk and velvet Armani green gift for the occasion of her husband. A first ‘wet’ for the Teatro Della Scala that is embracing his illustrious guests. Are already ‘arrived Paolo Romani, Carlo Sangalli, Alberto Bombassei and Bruno Ermolli. Michela Vittoria Brambilla minister, Lucio Stanca, Valentina Cortese, Saverio Borrelli, Mario Boselli, Elio Catania, the commissioner Finazzer Flory, Deputy Mayor Riccardo De Corato. For the opening of the season arrived the president of the Region, Roberto Formigoni and Provincial President Guido Podesta ‘. Also present were the designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.
Long dress with red velvet fire: Valeria Marini and ‘just come to La Scala for the premiere. Yes and ‘stop in front of the flash of photographers, but not before the courtship of the “hyena” Eric Lucci and that’ kneeling at his feet.

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(JIWON: Time will tell if Mr. Franco Zeffirelli’s interview turns out to be legendary. I just saved it out of pure curiosity. BTW, I remember there was a comment from Emma Dante’s Lega Nord. Too tired to find it again. I think it was from Berlusconi’s enemy media…)

Napolitano «È stata la consacrazione dei giovani talenti» Dec 7, 2009 / By il Giornale
Napolitano “It was the consecration of young talents”
Milan “It was the consecration of young talent.” So the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, exit stairs, said Carmen by Emma Dante. The president also spoke of “extraordinary way.” Who asked him if he thought the scale should become national theater said, “I ask questions too difficult at this time.”
The comments were started by the end of the first act. Among the most eager to express their impressions, Fedele Confalonieri, chairman of Mediaset, and Francesco Saverio Borrelli, former Chief Prosecutor of the Republic in Milan. “Good show, entries very beautiful, especially Carmen,” Confalonieri said that the director has expressed some reservations: “Mah .. All this is, the sisters, the children … But okay, all things considered do not break even so the boxes to the music. And filmmakers today often do. ” Driest Borrelli, current president of the Conservatory of Milan. “Good voices – said Borrelli – the opera soprano is very good but you could expect more powerful. The direction is a bit ‘bulky’.
Welfare Minister Maurizio Sacconi said: “Very nice, on the basis of my meager skills, great actors and great voices. As director, I am convinced that religious symbols should be used with the utmost respect. Did not seem necessary. ” The former superintendent Carlo Fontana della Scala, was more forgiving: “a courageous despite some redundancy explanation of directing. Did not bother me, but there’s so much. Typical of those who make their debut.

Emma Dante: “Zeffirelli mi attacca? È una cariatide” Dec 9, 2009 / By il Giornale

“Quella Carmen è il demonio” Dec 9, 2009 / By Live Sicilia
“That Carmen is the devil”
The controversy continues, days later, with Franco Zeffirelli, director of ‘Aida “at La Scala in 2006. “I believe in the devil and I saw on stage at La Scala just the devil. That spectacle is the result of a wrong choice, particularly dangerous for young people. Imagine a kid who was never at work and go to La Scala, wonderful treasure trove of beauty, to see that Carmen. Zeffirelli mouth without appeal Emma Dante, “a woman is irresponsible, wrong result of a culture, the author of bad manners that are not seen even in a theater of the province and helped by a designer worthy (Richard Peduzzi’s note). It’s a scandal that La Scala has made such a slut, with the presumption of wanting to teach young people what the work “. “This lady has turned Carmen into a demon, not familiar nineteenth-century literature, which is full of women who rebel against the overbearing power of men, without being devils. And Carmen is one of them. Barenboim, an extraordinary pianist and great director, is a playful and this time it has become an accomplice to a crime. Kleiber, Karajan, and with such a thing would never have happened. ”
(JIWON: Criminal? Scary… I wish Mr. Zeffirelli the longest life. I feel like standing in front of great-great-grand father… scary.)

«Che delirio, quella regista è da arresto» Dec 7, 2009 / By il Giornale, Piera Anna Franini
Franco Zeffirelli, director, set designer, costume designer for theater, cinema, opera and television. As for work, is the author of historical productions in theaters around the world, Scala included. In a word, a giant of the stage. Well, Zeffirelli’s Carmen bowl filled with formula that yesterday opened the 2009-2010 season of the Teatro alla Scala. His comments are not, but real lashes, the Florentine master down with all the strength in his body his disappointment. “It’s a delusion from Carmen,” he thunders which addressed for the first time Carmen with a genius for conducting such as Carlos Kleiber.
[Zeffirelli] – “Operations like this are very dangerous to Carmen and especially at a stage where the opera world is in crisis. Trials are affecting young people: so you risk losing the future generations.”
[Q] – He knows the director, Emma Dante?
[Zeffirelli] – “I saw things his own: obscene. Bring the hurt on the scene. In this Carmen, for example, completely misrepresents the charm of Bizet to bring out the negative. It would be arrested. ”
[Q] – Maybe try in his way, to give modern readings.
[Zeffirelli] – “Yes, as is being done in England, France and Germany where he destroyed, so vulgar, the masterpieces.”
[Q] – He spoke especially of young people.
[Zeffirelli] – “I’m sorry that you run into these shows and dangerous people. La Scala, so it creates confusion in young minds. A boy, unaware of how to face the real theater, it is legitimate to believe that a show like this since it produces the stairs. ”
[Q] – Who are these people dangerous?
[Zeffirelli] – “I think of Dante and the set designer Richard Peduzzi, the real prime mover of this horrible Carmen. It is one of the worst designers around, knocked the French and Italian cultural system. How do you give him a stage like that of Scala? “.
[Q] – Is he pointing his finger toward the room of the buttons?
[Zeffirelli] – “The superintendent Stéphane Lissner does his job well, even if it has a high cultural level. La Scala has known the best, this Carmen is garbage. ”
[Q] – Throughout this operation, which occupies the role of conductor Daniel Barenboim in this case?
[Zeffirelli] – “It’s an amazing pianist and an excellent conductor. Superior intelligence. But maybe he is a little ‘fiddling’.
[Q] – What does not work in this Carmen? The clear anti-clericalism?
[Zeffirelli] – “For example. That there is a veil anticlerical passages in Spanish culture as well. But apply it so radically to Bizet’s Carmen is not working. I have not seen something so dangerous as that which creates Emma Dante.
[Q] – Going into details, what tells us the character Carmen?
[Zeffirelli] – “The film puts a shadow of cruelty on innocence. Carmen is a free woman. It belongs to the gallery of innovative nineteenth women, women who rebel against the tyranny of the male. But Dante goes further.
[Q] – What do you think of Carmen Anita Rachvelishvili?
[Zeffirelli] – “He has a beautiful voice, too bad it went into the hands of a director like that. I see that I will do well for Turandot at the Arena this summer. I’m thinking. Kaufmann then is extraordinary, it lacks the Spanish perfume in her voice, the rest of the German school. But it is a great singer, photogenic, well, wonderful. Is the most beautiful tenor on stage these days. ”
[Q] -The first La Scala is known for the reactions of the gallery: sometimes pawing.
[Zeffirelli] – “It seems that La Scala is dead, however. Few boo, all flattened.
[Q] – Maybe the critics will think tomorrow and after.
[Zeffirelli] – “But no. When you do not hear a whistle means that the critics will be good. Where are the critics who made us to pieces? “.
[Q] – You think maybe in the rapport between audience and critics?
[Zeffirelli] – “The audience follows the orders. It’s all preparation. There’s half French-Italian Freemasonry.

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YOUTH of the DAY!

Scala: la Carmen per gli under 30, una bella festa Dec 7, 2009 / By Corriere della Sera
Scale: Carmen for those under 30, a good party
Hello Beppe,
I attended the preview of Carmen for the under30. I saw the nice Barenboim who has welcomed before the show with his Italian so fluent as singular (his “fiertà” I had to look in the dictionary at home before being sure it was only a Frenchman). I enjoyed the setting up of Emma Dante: passionate, ‘belly’ in un’Andalusia that made me feel at home, it was so similar to my Sicily. I enjoyed a Carmen my age, the good Rachvelishvili Anita. Above all, I have the feeling of having attended a great party, a bit ‘strange, maybe, but beautiful. It was fun looking around and can range from the guy with the sneakers on their feet than in suits, girls in jeans than with black satin gloves to the elbow (I swear, there was also this). The most surprising thing was the way in which this seemingly diverse audience burst into enthusiastic applause at the end of each act. He felt that people were happy to be there, to listen, see, emotions. I repeat: a good party.
Small final note: in my periods to be Italian in France, I’ve enjoyed dozens of performances, from symphony concerts to ballet to contemporary theater, without ever paying more than 10 euros. The reasoning is simple: there, if you study, it is assumed that you do not produce income and then theatrical institutions and universities will be meeting with subscriptions and special rates. There, all this is normal, institutionalized, we should not expect “the event.” Now, given the reception that initiatives like this continue to receive, is not the case in Italy to enable students to live on when and how they want art?

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Dan Brown Eyes La Scala Balconies for Inspiration Dec 7, 2009 / By New York Times
MILAN (AP) — He’s already done the Vatican. So don’t be surprised if Milan’s famed La Scala opera house doesn’t turn up in Dan Brown’s next thriller.
”It is quite possible. I’m mesmerized by this,” Brown said during an intermission at the gala season opening of ”Carmen” at La Scala. Brown has been in Italy promoting his latest book, ”The Lost Symbol,” and doing research for his next one.
Brown saw inspiration all around him: ”The architecture, the art, and of course you have an endless cast of characters that can be built on,” Brown said during a break.
Eyeing La Scala’s six rows of gilded, tiered balconies, Brown said: ”Somebody clearly needs to fall.”
Brown has used Italy as the backdrop for his ”Da Vinci Code” and ”Angels and Demons.” Could ”The Carmen Code,” be next?
”I definitely need to go up there,” Brown said, fixed on the balconies.
His agent immediately proposed a tour. And filled him in on the loggionisti, the dwellers of La Scala’s uppermost balconies, revered and feared for their scathing boos at the slightest missed note or theatrical indiscretion.
When the loggionisti aimed their boos and whistles at stage director Emma Dante at the end of the opening, Brown’s sympathies lay with the director.
”That’s terrible,” he said. ”Jealousy.”

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PROTEST as usual… This is MILAN!
(JIWON: In my humble opinion, those PROTESTS should simultaneously take place in three places; 1. In front of La Scala. 2. In front of Berlusconi’s Cultural Minister Sandro Bondi’s house. 3. In front of Head of Culture Department of ‘Partito Democraticc’, Giovanna Melandri’s house. Or in front of ALL previous Cultural Ministers’ houses, including former Opposition Leader Walter Veltroni from Partito Democratico. I know… how serious its situation is… however… Geez! & Cheers!)

Proteste alla prima della Scala Dec 7, 2009 / By La Stampa

Milano: alla “prima” della Scala lacrimogeni contro i cassaintegrati Dec 7, 2009 / By CronacaQui Milano
(JIWON: Weirdly enough, I can’t copy and paste the text of its article. It sounds interesting, though.)

CM Sandro Bondi was too scared to show up! Dec 7, 2009 / By New York Times
Among those, autoworkers, knowing that Fiat’s deputy chairman was going to be in attendance, organized a small protest across the square from the theater, sending smoky fireworks into the evening drizzle.
The autoworkers were joined behind the barricades by protesters from some regional theaters, angry about government cutbacks by Italy’s culture minister, Sandro Bondi. Mr. Bondi, newspapers here declared the next day, had been too scared to show up. The Scala orchestra held a brief moment of silence before the opera began, in sympathy with their colleagues.
The atmosphere in general was kind of somber for the occasion, a barometer of straitened times perhaps. This meant fewer women sporting furs and brightly colored, elaborately cantilevered, spun-sugar gowns, although there were still plenty of aged pooh-bahs in their finery, who decamped before television cameras from an endless stream of limousines, this time including the president of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, and the author Dan Brown, on whom the Italian media strangely doted, as if he held some great clue to the proceedings.
But there was no special mystery to it. If Old World Europe still has its great spectacle, it is this annual senior prom, at the end of which the so-called loggionisti, the diehard fans in the rafters who are opera’s original bloggers, rain ritual terror or roses down on the performers. (…)

Prima della Scala con la Carmen. Ma fuori dal teatro si protesta Dec 7, 2009 / By
Several hundred members of trade unions and workers under the Alfa Romeo in Arese and Pomigliano are appearing in the stairwell at the ‘first’ of the theater. Protesters raise banners and slogans of various companies in crisis along with a puppet that portrays Sergio Marchionne ‘devil’. Launched even some smoke but the whole area and ‘manned by a large number of men of the security forces in riot bound. Cordoned off the entire square and the adjacent streets. Protesters at the first La Scala “fano well, have the right to demonstrate.” This was stated by the chairman of the Theater at Fininvest, Marina Berlusconi, adding: “I think the minute’s silence on the crisis is a good thing, I agree absolutely. The important thing ‘is not limited to this, we must do everything you can ‘as an entrepreneur working on the farm and also seeking to create and sustain jobs and employment “.

Tensioni e proteste a Milano in attesa della prima della Scala Dec 7, 2009 / By Il Sole 24 Ore
Tensions and protests in Milan pending before the stairs
Cordoned off the square in front of the theater employees of companies in Milan redundancy, the Alfa Romeo in Arese and Pomigliano and theaters all over Italy, who complain that the cuts in opera houses
Moments of tension, this afternoon and pouring rain outside the theater at La Scala in Milan. At the first of the season, several hundred members of trade unions and workers under the Alfa Romeo in Arese and Pomigliano are demonstrating outside the theater chanting slogans and raising banners of different companies in crisis along with a puppet that portrays Sergio Marchionne version “diabolical”. It was launched even some smoke, but the whole area is guarded by a large number of men wearing riot police, who cordoned off the entire square and the adjacent streets. Among thirty people and one group of agents that block the entrance to the Piazza della Scala, there was some push.
Several union representatives who are protesting against cuts to culture: there are the workers of the Teatro Regio in Turin, those of Verdi in Trieste, those in the Opera of Rome and many others. Present in the Piazza della Scala is also a large delegation of the Teatro Comunale of Bologna, who sings against the superintendent of the theater in Bologna, Marco Tutino, who is accused of having caused a gap of 5 million euros in budget Stable Emilia. There are flags of the organizers of the protest (CGIL, CISL, UIL, Fials, Cub and Cobas) but also red flags, balloons and people shouting slogans to megaphone. Will begin at 18, attended, among others, the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, the Minister of Culture Sandro Bondi and that of Tourism Michela Brambilla, the first of the season, which this year is Bizet’s Carmen directed by maestro Daniel Barenboim and directed by Emma Dante.

Prima della Scala: i lavoratori “Vergogna!” Dec 7, 2009 / By La Voce d’Italia
Prior to Scale: workers “Shame!”
Dozens of protesters trying to break through the cordons of police
Milan – Moments of tension outside the theater La Scala. Dozens of workers protested in the square outside the famous theater, where soon will be staged Carmen. Protesters shouting ‘Shame! Shame ‘, they tried to pass the cordon of police armed for riot, waving flags of the base and unions protesting against the crisis. Hoping to quell any demonstrations, such as those which are keeping the counter, the authorities had decided to observe a minute’s silence at the opening of the opera season at La Scala in Milan.
The very first notes of the orchestra conducted by Daniel Barenboim, who will start from Bizet’s Carmen, will be anticipated by sixty seconds of total silence dedicated to workers affected by the crisis and to remember the difficulties they live Italian opera houses. The initiative was launched by the employees in fact supported by the scale of corporate and union representation by CGIL, CISL, UIL and Fials.
The same mayor, Letizia Moratti, had found the “right to combine important initiatives such as the Scala in acts of reflection.” Also focuses on the director of Pd in the Province, Roberto Caputo, who asked not to be part of all participants in a sober, “Please there’s the usual parade of furs and precious jewels that sound like a slap to the thousands of unemployed and workers in layoffs. Milan returns to be in solidarity as requested by the Cardinal Tettamanzi ‘.
After the show of La Scala, decked with flowers, as every year between roses and lilies, the only true ‘excess’ allowed this before, there will be no gala dinner buffet but only standing in the lobby. There will however prestigious guests, first of all, the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano accompanied by his wife Clio. There will then be the President of Senegal Abdoulaye Wade, the U.S. ambassador to Italy David Thorne. And the Minister Sandro Bondi and Michela Vittoria Brambilla. Among the most anticipated guest writer Dan Brown.

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