PART-3: Whose Racism? Berlusconi or Murdoch? Only A Pig Is Seen In The Eyes Of A Pig. Whose Immigration Policy? Berlusconi or Prodi? Am I Opening Pandora’s Box In Italy?

🙂 Italy-Belcanto > ‘Il Corriere della Grisi’… ‘No Compromise’
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This Writing Was Basically Part Of
🙂 JIWON to ITALY: Therefore, I Went To ‘Il Corriere della Grisi’. Will Italian Leftists Call Me ‘Lega Nord’? I Care Nothing. Diaspora Jews or Arabs? Members of West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra? I Never Compromise On This Issue (Apr 19 – Jul ?, 2010)

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PART-3a: Whose Racism? Berlusconi or Murdoch? Only A Pig Is Seen In The Eyes Of A Pig, While Buddha Is Seen In The Eyes Of Buddha.

(Updated on APRIL 23-26, 2010)
JIWON: You’re welcome to share this message with German Kaiser.

JIWON: I thinks this issue is better for SUBJECT-2.

(JIWON: Finally, I found out what I wanted to find for months. Now, I am just fed up with this computer work and decide to do this Italian work everyday while still-organizing Jewish stuffs.)

Media titans Murdoch and Berlusconi do battle Apr 11, 2010 / By La times
(…) Berlusconi … such as his description of President Obama as “young, handsome and tanned.” (…)

(JIWON: I clearly remember it was three words that sprang out of the unpredictable mouth of Sir Berlusconi on one gloomy day in November 2008. (… I suffered the weirdest and the most horrible car accident the moment the international media was celebrating Obama’s victory…) Since it was before the bloody-scandal, his facial muscles were too healthy to be muzzled… ho-hum. Then, I just couldn’t understand why the international media only remember this one word, ‘TANNED’, and interpret it as a pure-racism, whenever they lack enough headlines to catch public attention. There are huge differences in nuance. Furthermore, everything is up to the situation.)

Silvio Berlusconi in racism row over ‘suntanned’ Barack Obama aside Nov 6, 2008 / By Murdoch’s British Media

(JIWON: Now, I know it was Murdoch’s British Media that started it and led the international media on this issue.)

Barack Obama to be America’s first black president Nov 6, 2008 / By British Media

Why all this obsession with colour?* Nov 6, 2008 / By Murdoch’s British Media
‘He’s black, from a single parent family, so what excuse is there now? Nov 6, 2008 / By Murdoch’s British Media
Barack Obama, America’s first black president, turns focus to challenges ahead Nov 6, 2008 / By Murdoch’s British Media

(JIWON: Weird that NO one has considered the British media’s headline a racism.)

Michelle Obama’s State Dinner Dress Designed By Indian-American Designer Nov 24, 2009 / By International Media

(JIWON: What if I look at American First Lady in admiration and say… “WOW… young, fascinating, and tanned!’. Do I sound like a racist? I want to know, because this is exactly what was in my heart when this photo hit me. I’ve hardly seen more attractive style of dressing than this black female’s.)

Little girls don’t care what race a Disney princess is, so why do adults? Nov 11, 2009 / By St. Louis Website
Associated Press reports that Disney’s first black princess, Tiana of upcoming animated movie “The Princess and the Frog” may not resonate with African-American girls as one would expect. (…) Tiana is the first black princess — and the first princess of any color in more than 10 years. This has grown-ups buzzing. But … Scott says it isn’t that young black girls don’t associated with Disney, they “embrace the white stars of XYZ without worrying about race. … Little girls don’t see color distinctions as much as older girls.” (…)

What My Princess Thought of Disney’s ‘The Princess & the Frog.’ And We Shopped Happily Ever After Dec 14, 2009 / By The Root
(…) Disney’s ‘The Princess and the Frog’, helping make it No. 1 at the box office. This is what the march of black progress looks like. In 2008, we got the election of Barack Obama; (…) But does that really represent progress? Our kids liked the film well enough, but my husband and I loved pretty much everything about it. As a New Orleans native, my husband appreciated the setting and respectful use of Nawlins food, music and architecture. I loved Princess Tiana’s luminous skin, the rich color of milk chocolate. (…)

(JIWON: Does this comment sound like a racist’s remark? I don’t care even if everybody believes that I am working very hard to please Italian prime minister and get what I want from the Italian culture. It’s just been my opinion. I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about, because in my simple view, this was purely a complimentary remark by Italian Berlusconi.

In my humble opinion, anyone but the British media can accuse Berlusconi of racism on this issue. I tried for couple of hours in vain to find what I remember. But I clearly remember what I read in the Korean newspaper, which was echoing the British article. It was years and years ago that I read one British noblewoman’s comments. It was like this. She enjoyed her (present) life with her black lover-or-what. When she was asked why, she said that his chocolate skin was bla-bla-bla. I thought she was a British princess, but absolutely no information was found during hours of my research. Who knows? She could be one of European noblewomen. As far as I remember, NO one took her comments as a racist’s remark. Nor did I. I clearly remember this, because I took this description very interesting.

I feel funny. While I was searching for this British royal remark about chocolate skin, “Obama and Disney’s ‘The Princess and the Frog’” is what I got. Therefore, I return to Berlusconi Gaffe.)

(Updated on APRIL 27, 2010)

Silvio Berlusconi in racism row over ‘suntanned’ Barack Obama aside Nov 6, 2008 / By Murdoch’s British Media

(JIWON: Guess what? NO matter whatsoever, there is NO doubt in my mind that Murdoch’s British Media really believed so. There is a Korean proverb to explain this situation.)

“Only a pig is seen in the eyes of a pig, while Buddha is seen in the eyes of Buddha.”

(JIWON: Since there is no such thing in English proverb collection…)

(JIWON: Some say its meaning is equivalent to this Chinese one.)

Chinapage: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
On the way to Song, Yang meets a man at the town of Ni, who has two wives. One is pretty and the other plain. Yet he favors the plain wife. So Yang asks him why.
The man answers: “The pretty one knows she is pretty. I don’t. The plain one knows she is plain. I don’t. A bad person knows he is bad. I don’t.”
Yang says: “I shall remember the lesson. The Saint behaves as a Saint, by his own volition.”

Please check
🙂 Barenboim: Will Umberto Eco Endorse My Requests to German Government?
(Updated on DECEMBER 2, 2009)
Murdoch’s Timesonline – Search Results: ‘Wendi Deng’ Nothing Special
Murdoch’s Timesonline – Search Results: ‘Wendi Murdoch’ Nothing Special
Basketball star faces giant divorce claim Sep 8, 2007 / By Murdoch’s Timesonline
(…) She went on to claim that X’s anatomy was “average – for a 5ft 4in man”, and that he sweated so much during their lovemaking that she had to turn over the mattress. (…) Paying out – $1.7bn value of assets reportedly awarded to Anna Torv, Rupert Murdoch’s second wife, in 1999 (…)
JIWON: I became curious how Murdoch’s journalism had described ‘adulterous’ Rupert Murdoch’s sexual intercourse with his then-mistress-now-wife during or after his ‘acrimonious’ days with his second wife. The article above, which subject was neither Rupert Murdoch nor Wendi Deng, was the only one. Now, I understand the real reason of Italian first lady’s legal battle. If I were in her shoes… if I really loved this guy, I knew that this minor-scandal meant nothing (…)

(JIWON: Please look. I am not the only one who thinks a real racism dwells in Murdoch’s philosophy, which consider all the matters from this point of view. Mr. and Mrs. Murdoch know better than I.)

Murdoch’s Son Storms Into Rival Newspaper’s Newsroom: ‘What Are You F*@!ing Playing At?’ Apr 22, 2010 / The Business Insider
Will Murdoch Lose Britain? Apr 22, 2010 / By Newser
(…) Now, Murdoch likes winners, even more than he likes Conservatives. (…)
Talkbacks for this article 9
Comment-ewen_mac 04/23/2010 09:17 AM: (…) without the interactive response and debating forums we have today. The days when Rupert Murdoch chose the winning candidate and convinced the countries’ largest readership that dead genocidal dictators were rooting for the opposing team, are gone. Of course dumb campaigns are still run and still effective, but the way information is disseminated and debated has evolved way beyond what it was in Rupert Murdochs’ finest hour. (…)
Comment-bewilderbeast1 04/22/2010 02:14 PM: I love it when empires crumble. But I hate the last few years when they think they’re omnipotent. Scum. I sure hope the Mad Murdoch fall is particularly embarrassing. And soon.

(JIWON: Isn’t that interesting? I still prefer the Korean proverb to the Chinese one. In fact, it’s not a proverb. It’s a real conversation between the two historical figures about 600 years ago. Between the First King of the Last Dynasty of Korea and his Buddhist Monastic.)

King: “Gosh… we had a hard day today. Let’s have a fun. Let’s exchange jokes. I will start. Dear Monk, you look like a pig today.”
All The Servants: “… (remaining silent and looking scared)…”
Monk: “Your Majesty, you look like Buddha today.”
King: “How come you call me a Buddha when I call you a pig?”
Monk: “Your Majesty, it’s because only a pig is seen in the eyes of a pig, while Buddha is seen in the eyes of Buddha.”

(JIWON: Please guess what happened to everybody that day. I promise. If Sir Berlusconi can laugh as loud as and learned as much wisdom as the First King of the Last Dynasty of Korea did that day, he deserves a longer life… while enjoying more successful political career as the First President of New Italian Republic. I still believe that it is absolutely abnormal to have 81 prime ministers during 64 years.

Guess what? It was always this Korean proverb that gave me all the instructions, the principal know-how about organizing the Jewish Stuffs, especially about the Netanyahu Government. I feel absolutely NO need to persuade those Jewish Pigs. It’s a waste of time.)

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PART-3b: Thanks to Murdoch’s American Media Busy At Insulting Italian Berlusconi, I Was Finally Able To Figure Out WHO Has Been Sometimes-Secretly-Sometimes-Openly Supporting Israel’s Netanyahu Government.

(Updated on APRIL 28, 2010)

Berlusconi: Italy’s Doors Only Open to Pretty Immigrants Feb 13, 2010 / By Murdoch’s American Media
The gaffe-prone politician, 73, held immigration talks Friday with Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha. Berisha looked uncomfortable as Berlusconi joked at a press conference, “We will only accept pretty girls from Albania.” Opposition lawmaker Paola Pellegrini slammed the quip, calling Berlusconi “an indecorous old man.”

(JIWON: I’m curious… Before starting this issue… Below is part of my previous messages, which I felt no need to post.)

(Updated on DECEMBER 14, 2009)
Berlusconi hit in the face with a model of Milan’s cathedral Dec 14, 2009 / By Murdoch’s British Media
JIWON: I’m not sure if I am in such a (social/political/cultural) position to send this message. I still have NO official/legal title, haven’t I? As much as I am in shock to hear such horrible news, I wanted to know if Mr. Murdoch is enjoying/using this tragic accident for his Italian business. Please look. This is how his article ended: “… but it is Berlusconi himself who instigated this.”
Then, this is how the comment section ended: “Elizabeth Payne wrote – Can’t believe the sympathisers – next time could the assailant use the real cathedral rather that a model? (December 14, 2009 5:44 AM GMT)”
I am pretty sure that different comments will be found after SOMEONE checks this report. (Who are they? This e-mail has also been hacked… right?) I know that Politics is never like Music, and it always needs a healthy opposition party. I just hope your Italian JOLLY characteristics not to be fooled by foreign sh*ts any more. I hope your beautiful Italy to be able to head toward ONE-Italy while enjoying and using this tragic accident. (…) By the way, I’ve been curious if Berlusconi’s Italy is already toward the President-System. Just out of curiosity… since it was the main issue of my so-called contract with PM Silvio when he helped my hopeless life. I feel weird or am just laughing whenever I see President Napolitano becoming the most beneficiary. Anyway, it’s been months and I still believe that… two broken teeth are not the only one that Musician Silvio needs to fix. I was supposed to finish my ORIGINAL writing with this issue, because this is exactly what ToscaNoNo’s La Scala Philharmonic needs in its ideal Italian sound. Therefore, the title of this part was originally about to be ‘What the Musician Silvio Lacks in his Handsomeness…’, instead of ‘Will Umberto Eco Endorse My Requests to German Government?’. Now, I just hope… OUR BOSS, b-something, to recover… GESUNDHEIT!

(JIWON: Weirdly enough, it has been impossible to find President Napolitano in the Italian media since this message. Does anyone know why? Please keep checking part of my previous messages.)

(Updated on DECEMBER 17, 2009)
JIWON: Is it true that our boss had a ‘rough night’ and felt more pain than before and an old neck problem was aggravating the situation? (…) I say… in his case, singing sad songs will be better than keeping silent in gloomy mood. GESUNDHEIT! (…) She herself proved that she was more beautiful than intelligent. I feel very sorry… but whenever I follow Silvio’s (dirty) jokes, I realize he made a point. After organizing ITALIAN part, I now know why she is not an opposition leader even if she is called the President of PD. No matter what, I still wish Rosy Bindi or Pierluigi Bersani or Ezio Mauro’s opposition party to prove healthy rivalry. Italian Media Mogul Murdoch started his business, didn’t he? I think Berlusconi’s business is not the issue. They know how to survive. They even know how to win. I think that Asian cable channels look no different from Berlusconi’s Italian one.
Can RAI survive this commercial competition? If RAI loses its battle, Italy will eventually turn into a huge trash bin or a porn shop, I believe. I think there should be a National Law to protect its national broadcasting system. While organizing ITALIAN part, I couldn’t understand why Italian Government doesn’t use its national broadcaster and connect it to its opera houses or cultural organizations, which local system can be transformed into terrific cultural center for the aging females or even males. Isn’t Bologna Mayor, who complained that Opera was a losing business, worse than business-X…? (… no time to check old articles…) Italy is where even the prisoners are enjoying singing, and therefore, PM Berlusconi had to ban Mafia from singing in prison, because they used songs to pass criminal messages to each other. I believe that this should be a collaborative project between Cultural Minister, Minister of Equal Opportunity, Minister of… Anyway, I am still tired. See you tomorrow. GESUNDHEIT!
Sincerely yours,

(Updated on FEBRUARY 25, 2010)
JIWON: (…) Suddenly, I realized why International celebrity ToscaNoNo had to come from ‘singing’ Italy. Anyway, whenever I follow dying Israel, which is corrupt to the bone, I find another Barenboim. (I found another case, of course.) More exactly, all the disgusting personalities gathering around Barenboim and their greedy politics. If you ever trust anyone around Barenboim, you will fail. I promise. I had things to write in recent weeks, but no time. I am curious if our boss is having a safe(!) time with Lega Nord’s powerful Immigrant policy, especially after its impressive victory in Chinese town or Prato and particularly after Egyptian Scandal in Peninsula Italy. (I’m not sure if I picked the exact name for this Chinese town in northern Italy. I happened to read one Korean article reporting this serious problem.) In short, this is exactly why I never plan to compromise on those WEDO-or-Arab sh*ts. I want to finish my present work first. (…)

(JIWON: Now, this is what happened in recent days.)

Berlusconi: left seeks mass influx of foreigners Feb 24, 2010 / By eTaiwan News ‎
(…) Italy’s Premier Berlusconi is accusing the left of supporting a massive influx of immigrants in an attempt to widen its voter base. (…)

Northern League says Berlusconi government doomed Apr 24, 2010 / By Reuters India

(JIWON: They say the Italian opposition parties are leftists, while Lega Nord is the rightist. And I frequently read Berlusconi calling the leftists ‘The Communists’. It means Romano Prodi, the most famous Italian politician also dubbed as “Prime Minister of the European Union”, is the communist. Is it right?)

Washington supported U.S. action on ship sinking if North Korea’s involvement is confirmed: State Dept. Apr 20, 2010 / By Korea Times

(JIWON: It was easy to follow the Israeli politics, because the Israeli Leftist was equivalent to ‘the Pacifist’, and I didn’t need this word to understand the Korean politics. We used this word, ‘the Communist’, more frequently, and it usually meant a spy-or-what from the North Korea. In recent years, this word has also become entangled in the corruption, and it sounded more comical than usual corruption, because of their big mouth. I don’t remember that I heard this word, ‘the Rightist’, when a particular politician was attacked. We use this word, ‘conservative’, but it is not meant to be used to insult the politician. Only when he is caught in the corruption-or-sex scandal, he is attacked. But we do use this word, ‘The Rightist’, to depict a particular Japanese politician. Very interesting is that this tragic incident is now driving us to use ‘The Leftist’.

This is my knowledge so far, and I recommend no one to trust my information, since, as I frequently insist, I hardly read the politics-sections in Korean newspaper. It was while I was doing this work, JIWON: Nationalist-Government is My Most Favorite. WHY is it a bad idea? It should exist for the better future of Israel!!! (From Nov 24, 2008 to Apr 3, 2009), that I started understanding why the members of parliament are called ‘the lawmakers.’ Until then, I couldn’t understand why this word, ‘The Bill’, which I can find in a restaurant, is frequently found in the Jewish articles. Still, I don’t know why it’s so much fun to follow the Italian politics, even after I fed up with the Jewish stuffs. I think… I will have a long day when Sir Berlusconi disappears from the scene.)

Berlusconi: Italy’s Doors Only Open to Pretty Immigrants Feb 13, 2010 / By Murdoch’s American Media
The gaffe-prone politician, 73, held immigration talks Friday with Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha. Berisha looked uncomfortable as Berlusconi joked at a press conference, “We will only accept pretty girls from Albania.” Opposition lawmaker Paola Pellegrini slammed the quip, calling Berlusconi “an indecorous old man.”

(JIWON: This article didn’t surprise me. I was just curious if this was the nicest way for the Italian prime minister to express his government policy. I was also curious if the reason behind the uncomfortable look of Albanian prime minister was that he was quick to grasp the Italian message. Who knows? Murdoch’s American media reported the very truth. Then, I was more curious about the Italian voters’ reaction. Not surprisingly, Lega Nord is now threatening Berlusconi’s coalition. This party even wants to LEGALLY occupy the office of Milan mayor.)

Please check
🙂 From Phoenix-Bibi > Dear-Netanyahu >
🙂 Is Mrs. Sarah Netanyahu Really Not an Important Person in Israeli Politics? (Jan 15 – Apr 29, 2010)
COLLECTION-17: While Murdoch’s Media Remaining Silent. While the International Media Sincerely Following the Leader. Is US-Neocon Still Behind Murdoch’s British Media to Support Israeli Settlement Project?
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COLLECTION-11: In Any Case, Netanyahu Is Famous For NOT Paying The Bill.
COLLECTION-10: PMO: Truth Will Become Clear in Court! In Letter To Court, Mrs. Sara Flatly Denies Mistreating Maid, While Pay Slips Show Netanyahus Paid Maid Less Than Minimum Wage. First of All, It Won’t Shake Political System.
COLLECTION-09: Impossible to Judge Mrs. Bibi. After All, This Is the Same Sara, Who Publicly Stated That Phoenix-Bibi Is Bigger Than the State of Israel. Genuine and Honorable!
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COLLECTION-07: Is the $has Party Behind This Lawsuit? Issue on the Jewish Sabbath While Phoenix-Bibi Gave $has More Money and Accused by His Maid, an Observant Jew.
COLLECTION-06: Fear Lives Here: Owners’ Message to Their Employees Is a Message Most of Us Women Receive Today. It Is This Treatment That Led Her to Stay Six Years With the Netanyahu Family.
COLLECTION-05: Even the Bibiton, aka Beinisch’s Haaretz Starts Speaking. Is the Chairman of ‘Israel Media Watch’ a Settler, too?
COLLECTION-04: Whether the Lawsuit by Maid a ‘Pack of Lies’ or a ‘Media-Orchestrated Political Conspiracy’ or ‘Simply-Truth’, It Will Become Political. Accused, Not Convicted, Though.
COLLECTION-03: Lawsuit a Smear Job. Hope There Be a Countersuit.
COLLECTION-02: An Open Letter to Sara Netanyahu
COLLECTION-01: Sara Netanyahu Fashion & Style

(JIWON: Anyway, thanks to Murdoch’s American Media busy at insulting Italian Berlusconi, I was finally able to figure out WHO has been sometimes-secretly-sometimes-openly supporting Netanyahu Government. To be honest, I was in a real shock when I found out the notorious fame of Murdoch’s aggressive and even dirty business skills in the world of media.)

(Updated on APRIL 30, 2010)

Sarkozy: Netanyahu’s foot-dragging on peace process is unacceptable Apr 28, 2010 / By Haaretz

Report: US gives Abbas assurances over Israeli construction in Jerusalem Apr 30, 2010 / By Ynetnews
PA official: Obama to act if Mideast talks derailed Apr 30, 2010 / By Ynetnews
J’lem fears PA may seek UN recognition Apr 30, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post
‘U.S. told Palestinians it would consider allowing UN censure of Israel’ Apr 30, 2010 / By Haaretz

Israeli officials: Obama to call world summit if Mideast peace talks fail Apr 30, 2010 / By Haaretz

(JIWON: It looks as if something is going to work, doesn’t it? Now, this is how the REAL Israeli media report. Since it sounds real comical whenever I finish something, I decide to post its aftermath.)

Sources: Arab League likely to reject U.S. proposal for peace talks Apr 27, 2010 / By Haaretz
Not all Palestinians buy Fayyad’s vision of state by 2011 Apr 27, 2010 / By Haaretz
Abbas rejects Fayyad’s statehood plans as tensions flare within Fatah Apr 28, 2010 / By Haaretz
Egypt: ‘One-sided Palestinian state won’t work’ Apr 29, 2010 / By Jerusalem Post

US Will Continue to Back Israel in UN Apr 30, 2010 / By Arutz Sheva (Settlers’ Voice)

Aluf Benn: Pushing for a provisional Palestinian state Apr 28, 2010 / By Haaretz
(…) What can be renewed in a peace process where everything has been tried while peace remains elusive? (…)

(JIWON: I recommend you to check the headlines of Haaretz and read the articles of Arutz Sheva (Settlers’ Voice). You are also welcome to check Jerusalem Post Opinion. Ask them who is Bibi’s journalist. If there will ever be a change, something will appear in this section. So far, NO white flag is found. Therefore, I return to my Italian job.)

Media titans Murdoch and Berlusconi do battle Apr 11, 2010 / By La times
(…) Some Italians are said to see Murdoch as the strongest opposition to Berlusconi. (…)

Please check
🙂 From Phoenix-Bibi > Dear-Netanyahu >
🙂 Is Mrs. Sarah Netanyahu Really Not an Important Person in Israeli Politics? (Jan 15 – Apr 29, 2010)
COLLECTION-17: While Murdoch’s Media Remaining Silent. While the International Media Sincerely Following the Leader. Is US-Neocon Still Behind Murdoch’s British Media to Support Israeli Settlement Project?
Read Between the Lies: What’s behind Rupert Murdoch’s trash-talking of Google? Nov 10, 2009 / By Slate, Jack Shafer
Rupert Murdoch knows two modes: doing things and talking about doing things.
When he’s doing things, nobody does so more decisively and with greater impact than Murdoch. Take, for example, his destruction of U.K. union power at Wapping, his purchase and transformation of the old Metromedia television group into the Fox Broadcasting Network, his acquisition of Wall Street Journal parent Dow Jones, his aggressive entry into satellite broadcasting around the world, his poaching of NFL football from CBS, his establishment of the Fox News Channel, his wily and victorious bid for MySpace, and his carbon-cutting initiative, just to name a few of his unswerving exploits.
And then there is Rupert the talker, who preaches about the importance of free speech and civil liberties while routinely undermining them with his actions in China, who talks the Tory line until it suits him to talk Labor and then only until it serves his interests to switch back to Tory. If Murdoch bothers to say something, it’s almost an even bet that he’s lying.
(…) When Rupert Murdoch speaks, he’s either lying or filibustering. The only sensible time to listen for him is when he’s running silent.
JIWON: Now that Murdoch’s business wants to cover both Israel and Arabs while supporting Netanyahu’s Settlement project, he will have to either lie or filibustering. First of all, he will have to encourage Palestinian corruption in the most effective way. Keep watching, please.

(JIWON: While supporting Sir Berlusconi and protecting this poor Italian guy from Murdoch’s dirty journalism, I kept thinking. I know how much Romano Prodi detests his rival Berlusconi and vice versa. I’ve found the articles and read them. I don’t think there will ever be a change in former PM Prodi’s critical attitude or remarks after reading my analysis of Sir Berlusconi. However… I kept thinking. Have I protected Italian guy Silvio or Italian prime minister Berlusconi? I still don’t think it is proper for anyone, especially outsiders, to treat a leader of his neighbor country in this way.)

Northern League says Berlusconi government doomed Apr 24, 2010 / By Reuters India

Will Murdoch Lose Britain? Apr 22, 2010 / By Newser
(…) Now, Murdoch likes winners, even more than he likes Conservatives. (…)

(JIWON: I’m still confused. PM Berlusconi frequently called the leftist ‘The Communist’. But I’ve also read that they are sometimes described as the liberalists, as in the case of American Democratic Party. In South Korea, those two human species never get along. Then, It was the leftist party, which sided with the members of Filarmonica della Scala when La Scala’s music director believed in the luxurious power of upper crust during the Muti-Scandal. This is what I read.

I just know Romano Prodi has been lecturing like a priest and the Italian voters wanted to sleep and turned on the Berlusconi-TV… heh-heh. Please blame the author of articles, which have been the source of my Italian knowledge… ho-ho. I also know Romano Prodi is in China now. He knows how Murdoch’s Journalism works there. (By the way, I can’t ignore this Italian politician. Watching Romano Prodi’s humorous face is like watching the Italian cartoon… ho-ho.)

I believe Romano Prodi knows better than I. He is a politician. If the Italian situation is getting like this, not only Murdoch’s Italian journalism will turn Italy into a huge trash-bin or porn-shop but also it will highly unlikely support Prodi’s leftist parties. Murdoch’s only concern is Berlusconi-business. Supporting Lega Nord, as he is known in media circles as the “dirty digger”, will be a more efficient way to destroy Berlusconi-Kingdom. (By the way, I also kept wondering why they call Italy Berlusconi-Kingdom. I read that this guy is not the richest boy in Italy.)

Don’t you think all those poor Italian leftists had better join Berlusconi before it becomes too late, if they were really serious about their ideology? I am just thinking… Now, below is my real opinion, and I never compromise on this issue.)
Korean article on Feb 13, 2010: The abductors and murderers of Guatemala-Korean were Guatemala-Koreans (…) One of them was expelled by the Guatemala government but able to return for unknown reason (…) Military officer and police men also joined them in the plot (…)
Korean article on Feb 13, 2010: A confession from the reporter, who was almost killed while covering this case and now feels very sorry that his naivety rather harmed Guatemala-Korean immigrant society. (…)

(JIWON: These articles didn’t appear in a paper newspaper. I happened to click them, not because of the headlines, but because of the country. Since I was absolutely the only one critical of the Venezuelan Music Education System, which required impossible money but resulted in questionable future with more-poverty, I’ve been following headlines about the South American countries. I know this is the extreme case, but I also know this case shows something very basic about the immigrant society. It will be interesting to check the comment section. The fact that most of them don’t differ from my consistent opinion doesn’t surprise me, but I don’t think this is the problem of Ugly Korean only, as they comment. In my view, this is just a typical problem of the immigrant society elsewhere you go.)

03c =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-3c: Whose Immigrant Policy? Berlusconi or Prodi? Am I Opening Pandora’s Box In Italy?

(Updated on MAY 1, 2010)

Italy in racism debate as migrants quit riot town Jan 10, 2010 / By Reuters
(Reuters) – Hundreds of African immigrants have been evacuated from a southern Italian town, authorities said on Sunday, following some of the worst racial violence in Italy since World War Two. (…) The violence has inflamed a long-running political debate on immigration. Lega Nord’s Interior Minister Maroni blamed the unrest on years of “mistaken tolerance” while the opposition accuses the government of fuelling xenophobia. The front page headline of the anti-government Daily Fact newspaper referred to the immigrants’ departure as “Ethnic Cleansing.” Pope Benedict departed from the prepared text of his weekly Angelus blessing to appeal for tolerance. “An immigrant is a human being, different in origin, culture and tradition but he is a person with rights and duties who must be respected,” he told the crowd in Saint Peter’s Square.
AIR RIFLE ATTACK: The clashes started on Thursday, when a gang of white youths in a car fired air rifles at a group of African immigrants returning from work on farms, injuring two of them. The attack set off a night of rioting by dozens of Africans, who smashed car windows with steel bars and stones and set cars and rubbish bins on fire. That in turn sparked more attacks from residents determined to drive the immigrants out of the area. (…)

Immigrants riot in Milan after Egyptian killed. Second episode of violence involving immigrants this year Feb 14, 2010 / By Alertnet
MILAN, Feb 14 (Reuters) – Dozens of immigrants from North Africa rioted during the night in a multi-ethnic district of Milan … to protest at the knifing death of an Egyptian. (…) The rioting began after a 19-year-old Egyptian man was killed, apparently by a group of immigrants from South America. (…) Milan’s deputy mayor, Riccardo De Corato, called the area a “Wild West between north African and South American gangs.” (…) Lega Nord called for the immigrants responsible for the violence to be expelled. … and the opposition said that such riots showed that the government’s immigration policy was in tatters. “They (the centre-right) govern the country, the (Lombardy) region and the city,” said Pierluigi Bersani, head of the largest opposition party, Partito Democratico. “They should accept the fact that their policy on integration and security has failed.” Italy’s government last year approved tough legislation making it a felony to be an illegal immigrant or to help one. Immigrants without regular papers risk expulsion to their country of origin. (…)

(JIWON: I am now surprised to find that those different incidents were almost contemporaneous. Before staring my writing, I am curious. What was, is, and will be Partito Democratico’s policy on integration and security? I am curious, because I know Partito Democratico is more opposite to Lega Nord than Il Popolo della Libertà is. Purely out of curiosity.

Italian folks don’t know that it’s not my first time to mention this issue. How many times have I written that my least favorite place to live in case I am allowed to join American culture is Korean-American immigrant community? It is not because I hate Korean-American mama’s boys.)

(Updated on MAY 3, 2010)

(JIWON: Am I opening the Italian Pandora’s Box? It seems…)

EU: Prodi Welcomes Putting Immigration On Top Of Summit Agenda Jun 18, 2002 / By
(…) Prodi said controlling immigration and streamlining asylum policies is an “extremely important matter,” adding that the mounting “concerns and anxieties” of EU citizens must be addressed: “We have to help to put in order legal immigration, we have to be severe with illegal immigration. Also, we have to ask our friends — the friendly countries [with which] we have agreements — to organize cooperation, and we have to have mutual engagement.” (…) According to Prodi, the “harmonious integration” of already existing migrant populations must not be neglected. Also, Prodi said, the EU must acknowledge that legal immigration is “good for an ageing Europe. ” (…)

Prodi : Will change Italian immigration trend Sep 12, 2005 / By
Premier Candidate Romano Prodi has decided to courageously defy the conventional wisdom and the prevailing European attitude of cracking down on Muslim and other forms of immigration (legal and illegal), and has stated he will liberlize current immigration laws, in the wake of the horrible terrorist attacks which have taken place throughout the Western world. Prodi, who has also recently come out in favor of a complete withdrawal of all Italian troops from Iraq if elected in April, has also declared that, under his leadership, a majority center-left government would also revoke the Bossi-Fini laws which were introduced three years ago by Gianfranco Fini (head of the ex-fascist Alleanza Nazionale) and Umberto Bossi (head of the separatist, neo-Nazi Lega Nord) and passed overwhelmingly by the right-wing dominated Parliament. The Bossi-Fini laws, which originally provoked tremendous controversy in the rest of Europe for being extraordinarily harsh and racist, have since come to be considered fairly tame by post-London bombing standards. Italy has an extremely harsh and brutal immigration policy which recently become an interantional scandal when it was condemned by the European Human Rights Commision as “racist” and “cruel”. (…)

Prodi victorious in Italian poll Apr 11, 2006 / By British media
Romano Prodi has won Italy’s closely-fought general election, after returns for overseas voters gave him control of both houses of parliament. (…)

Romanian workers in Italy demand Prodi to quit restrictions Nov 10, 2006 / By

Italy, open doors to illegal immigration Oct 6, 2007 / By
Italian Premier Romano Prodi came under fire from opposition figures on Wednesday, after saying his government backed an “open doors policy” on immigration. (…) Senator Alfredo Mantovano of the rightist Alleanza Nazionale warned of an immigrant influx in the wake of the premier’s comments. “Telling the foreign press Italy has an ‘open doors policy on immigration’ is tantamount to issuing an invitation – via TV news in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco – to any illegal immigrant to come and settle in Italy,” he said. “The centre right has never said ‘the doors are closed’. Instead it has said that those who want to enter may do so by knocking at the door, identifying themselves and entering after being given permission“. The head of immigration and security policy for the centre-right Forza Italia, Jole Santelli, accused the government of ignoring public opinion. (…) That is, according to Prodi government, the only way to cut the number of illegal immigrants is to state they are not illegal any longer. … That would essentially mean a huge inflow of illegal immigrants legally smuggled by the Mafias, as supreme guarantors of their entry in Italy. (…) Meanwhile, a spike in criminal offences committed by Romanian citizens (especially Roma people) is causing anger all over Italy. Mr.Prodi’s was the only Euro Area government, last January, to immediately allow Romanian citizens to enter Italy without visas, whereas other European countries decided to keep visas. As a result, the number of Romanians involved in crime offences is exploding, (…)

Brutal Attack in Rome: Italy Cracks Down on Immigrant Crime Wave Nov 2, 2007 /
(…) Romanians now make up Italy’s biggest foreign immigrant community. (…) According to Rome’s Mayor Walter Veltroni (Partito Democratico), “In the first seven months of the year, Romanians made up 75% of those who raped, stole and killed. We clearly have a specific problem.” The attacks have shocked the city, where street violence has long been unusual. According to the Italian news agency ANSA, Romanians committed 76 murders across Italy between January 2006 and June 2007 and were also responsible for half of the recorded rapes in the country for that period. They also topped the statistics for people trafficking and forced prostitution. The issue of crime has further undermined the waning popularity of Prodi’s center-left government, with the right-wing opposition accusing the government of being lax on immigration and ignoring the issue of rising crime in the capital. The right-wing Alleanza Nazionale welcomed Thursday’s expulsion decree but said it doesn’t go far enough — it wants to see jobless EU citizens expelled too. (…)

Pressure mounts on Prodi over Italian ‘outcast’ law Nov 6, 2007 / By British media
(…) a spokesman for the European Commission said that the law was only acceptable if there was proof that a person individually constituted a threat to public security. EU law also stipulates that those served with such an order should have the right to appeal and a month in which to go. (…) There are problems for Mr Prodi abroad, too. Romania’s President, Traian Basescu, attacked the emergency law … he said his government would give legal support to those expelled and require “solid arguments” for expulsions. (…) Romanians long resident in Italy who have no connection with the recently arrived Roma are already feeling the sting of race hatred. (…)

Romanian Premier Tries to Calm Italy After a Killing Nov 8, 2007 / By New York Times

The decline and fall of Romano Prodi exposes the rottenness of Italian capitalism Feb 1, 2008 / By Marxism
The centre-left government led by Romano Prodi was put out of its misery on the night of January 24th, when a vote of confidence was lost by five votes in the Italian Senate. This represents yet another step in the deepening of the never-ending Italian crisis. … Berlusconi is likely to win again. As we predicted, the Left has wasted years in supporting class-collaborationist policies in a coalition government with the bourgeoisie that just paved the way for the return of Berlusconi to power.
Who rules Italy? Prodi is a bourgeois bureaucrat, a typical member of the political clique groomed since the end of the Second World War by the Italian ruling class. … The government was in trouble long before the latest corruption scandal. (…) The Left: seduced and abandoned (… jiwon: too difficult to understand the rest of text…) A social powder-keg … We have already seen important mobilisations of the workers when Berlusconi was in power and also in the recent period. … national demonstration … showing that thousands of militant rank and file Communists still exist in Italy, in spite of the long series of betrayals by their leaders. (…)

Tighter controls on immigration, crime are top issues in Italy elections Apr 27, 2008 / By
(…) The unease was underscored by the unexpected success of the anti-immigrant Lega Nord in national elections 10 days ago. Lega Nord doubled its support nationally, capturing 8.2 percent of the vote, and hit peaks of more than 25 percent in regions like the Veneto. Lega Nord took advantage of concern about crime and unregulated immigration, said Marzio Barbagli, a sociology professor at the University of Bologna. (…) About 35% of all crimes were committed by foreigners, according to the Interior Ministry, with the list topped by immigrants from Romania, who have grown in number since it joined the European Union last year. … Lega Nord’s Maroni has said the new Berlusconi government will consider taking steps against Romanians. (…) Marcella Lucidi, the outgoing Italian undersecretary of the interior, who was responsible for immigration, said that if the entrance of Romania into the EU has created difficulties, European countries should work together on the problem. “ITALY CAN’T ACT ALONE,” Lucidi said.

Neo-fascist sweeps in as Rome’s mayorNeo-fascist sweeps in as Rome’s mayor Apr 29, 2008 / By British media
(…) Mr Alemanno’s victory marks the arrival in the Italian capital of the politics of paranoia that have already triumphed in much of the rest of the country. The biggest winner in the general election was the Northern League, which increased its share of the vote to 8 per cent. The party was founded by Umberto Bossi to fight for the rights of the over-taxed north of Italy in the battle with “Roma ladrona” (“thieving Rome”). After a farcical declaration of secession from the Italian state, the party was written off as a spent force. But since early last year, with the entry of Romania and Bulgaria into the EU, the League has discovered that immigration paranoia is their winning card. (…) Italy has one of the world’s lowest birth rates, and economic growth is at a standstill; manufacturers and other businesses clamour for the admission of more immigrants to enable them to take on cheap labour. But the popular mood is set against it. (…)

A Third of Italians Say Immigrants Cause Crime Feb 17, 2010 / By Angus Reid Global Monitor
(…) In August 2008, Berlusconi government sent 3,000 military troops to patrol city streets across the country as part of a plan to curb crime and illegal immigration. A major outcry followed, with critics accusing Berlusconi of singling out Roma peoples as criminals. Pope Benedict XVI called for Catholics to help others stay away from “racism, intolerance and exclusion.” (…)

(JIWON: From Prodi to Berlusconi era. Finally, another series of violence involving immigrants. And this time NOT in the Rumanian immigrant community, which is now the biggest in Italy, BUT in other areas. What’s more, the white criminals are involved, too, whether their target is PM Berlusconi or poor immigrant or even President Napolitano.)

Xenophobia Threatens Italy, President Napolitano Warns May 14, 2009 / By New York Times
President Napolitano warned that intolerance and xenophobia posed a danger for Italy as the lower house of Parliament approved wide-ranging security legislation that includes measures toughening Italian immigration policies. (…)

Berlusconi was hit in the face with a model of Milan’s cathedral… but it is Berlusconi himself who instigated this Dec 14, 2009 / By Murdoch’s British Media

Italy in racism debate as migrants quit riot town of Rosarno Jan 10, 2010 / By Reuters

Italy: President Napolitano attacks mafia after immigrant riot Jan 21, 2010 / By
President Napolitano called for greater resources to fight the mafia when he travelled to the southern town of Rosarno, site of some of the country’s worst violence between residents and immigrants. (…) Napolitano said it was up to the government to support the integration of migrants and fight the mafia which has been blamed for exploiting foreign workers and provoking the violent clashes that erupted earlier this month.

Italy: Car bomb targeting President Napolitano in the southern Italian town was ‘mafia message of intimidation’ Jan 29, 2010 / By
Italy’s top anti-mafia prosecutor, Pietro Grasso, has described the car bomb found near the southern city of Reggio Calabria as a “message of intimidation” from the mafia. … He said that local mafia or ‘Ndrangheta “wanted to send a message of which said ‘With all the police here for the visit of the head of state, we can still successfully place arms and explosives in a car’.” … in a bid to send a message of intimidation shortly before president Giorgio Napolitano was due to pass by. (…)

Berlusconi: Italy’s Doors Only Open to Pretty Immigrants Feb 13, 2010 / By Murdoch’s American Media
The gaffe-prone politician, 73, held immigration talks Friday with Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha. Berisha looked uncomfortable as Berlusconi joked at a press conference, “We will only accept pretty girls from Albania.” Opposition lawmaker Paola Pellegrini slammed the quip, calling Berlusconi “an indecorous old man.”

Immigrants riot in Milan after Egyptian killed. Second episode of violence involving immigrants this year Feb 14, 2010 / By Alertnet

Mass protest by immigrants against Italian government’s racist policies Mar 4, 2010 / By World Socialist Web Site
“March 1st 2010—24 hours without us.” Under this slogan, tens of thousands of immigrants in 60 Italian cities engaged in strikes and demonstrations to protest against the racist policies of the Berlusconi government, and for equal rights for all. (…) Almost 5 million non-Italians live and work in Italy, or about 8 percent of the population. In agriculture, one in ten workers are of foreign origin. About half of the immigrants are Europeans, about 25 percent Africans, and many come from China or India. They work mainly in agriculture, in tourism, the textile industry and construction. (…) Undocumented immigrants are increasingly subjected to inhuman working conditions, from which the Mafia also benefits. (…) It is not only foreign workers that are affected; Italian workers too are exposed to increasing pressure. Earlier this year, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne announced the closure of the Termini Imerese plant in Sicily and the elimination of thousands of jobs. (…) The fall of the Berlusconi government alone would not change anything for the working class. Under conditions of the current capitalist economic crisis, any bourgeois government, even one of the centre-left camp, would enforce aggressive austerity measures against working people. Across Europe, social democratic governments stand at the forefront when it comes to implementing harsh attacks on the working class. The best examples are Papandreou in Greece, Socrates in Portugal and Zapatero in Spain. (…)

Italy may deploy troops to fight mafia Apr 29, 2010 / By Calcuttatube
Rome, April 29 (IANS/AKI) Italian troops may be sent to help security forces fight mafia as part of the government’s war against organized crime, defense minister Ignazio La Russa said. … The army was deployed during the 1990s after the murder of anti-mafia judges in Sicily in 1993. The Berlusconi government also deployed the army to the southern city of Naples during its rubbish crisis in May 2008 soon after it took office. (…) During the 1990s … ‘We may repeat this operation, because when there’s an area of the country with intense criminal activity, we need to reinforce security forces there,’ La Russa said. Crime has fallen by 40% in troubled areas such as the northern city of Milan’s central station since the deployment of troops and the introduction of foot patrols in the ‘Safe Cities’ operation, he added.

(JIWON: What a headache!!! I promise that I will NEVER do this work again.)

A Third of Italians Say Immigrants Cause Crime Feb 17, 2010 / By Angus Reid Global Monitor
(…) according to a poll by Ispo published in Corriere della Sera. 35% of respondents agree that Immigrants are the main cause of crime, while. 65% disagree. 44% agree that Illegal immigrants should be expelled even if they have not committed any misdeeds, while 54% disagree. 65% agree that Immigrants are necessary for our economy, while 34% disagree. (…)

(JIWON: At the same time, I think this is perhaps the most accurate survey on this issue. Now I find that President Napolitano was busier than PM Berlusconi… hum. I also didn’t know that Walter Veltroni, who suddenly resigned from the leadership post of Partito Democratico after I barely/finally remembered his name and organized this collection, Music in Italy, was known as “LOVE & ORDER”… hum. Now, I really think that it may be inevitable that Northern Italy will become Padania so that every each Italian could choose a better place to live.

Anyway… please look. There is a point in Berlusconi’s Gaffe, isn’t there? And then, the political claim of Pierluigi Bersani, head of the largest opposition party, Partito Democratico, rather sounds hum-what-do-i-say… Don’t you think so? While collecting the articles on this issue, I tried to be fair and tried not to express my opinion. But I honestly feel pity on Sir Berlusconi, who is now left with no option but to clean all those “Garbage & Sh*ts” and to be called nothing but a racist. The present situation is all messed up due to… Despite the very fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong in Romano Prodi’s humanitarian philosophy. In short, it looks as if the far-right and the far-left politicians had proved a perfect ensemble techniques. Am I missing something here?)

03d =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-3d: Basically, This Is The Main Reason Why I Wanted To Help 81st Prime Minister Of Italy. What Kind Of Leader Can Dare Jumpstart Economic Revolution When His Country Is Run By 81 Leaders During 64 Years?

(Updated on MAY 6, 2010)

(JIWON: There are more to report, of course.)

Prodi victorious in Italian poll Apr 11, 2006 / By British media
Romano Prodi has won Italy’s closely-fought general election, after returns for overseas voters gave him control of both houses of parliament. (…) Italian voters were mainly preoccupied with the economy. Mr. Berlusconi failed to jumpstart a flat economy during his tenure (…)

(JIWON: Basically, this is the main reason why I wanted to help 81st prime minister of Italy, when Sir Berlusconi saved my hopeless life while all the Italian pigs, intellectual-but-deaf Job-Seekers, indeed, flocked to honor this Russian whore, Elena Bashkirova. And I made clear that I made a contract not with PM Berlusconi but with the Italian 81st prime minister. What kind of leader can dare jumpstart economic revolution when his country is run by 81 leaders during 64 years? I knew Italy had been suffering economic problems, unable to support its cultural institutions. But it was quite recently that I learned this term, PIGS, in the newspaper.)

Abbado-Piano sapling plan abandoned Apr 23, 2010 / By belfasttelegraph
Architect Renzo Piano says a project to plant 90,000 trees in the Italian city of Milan in honour of Claudio Abbado’s return to La Scala has been abandoned. Piano expressed his regrets at the project’s failure in a page-one article published in daily newspaper Corriere della Sera. Piano wrote that 100,000 trees offset the smog of 5,000 vehicles, lower urban temperatures and reduce humidity. They also “create a balance that is the secret of a happy city”. Abbado had requested 90,000 trees to be planted to mark his return in June to La Scala after 24 years. Italian news reports say the city – after initially supporting the idea – says the project is too costly. City hall said it was preparing a response.

(JIWON: Now, I don’t know how to understand all those so-called liberals, international celebrities in particular such as Maestro Abbado, who proudly demanded almost two million euros to plant the trees, part of which will soon have a hard time to survive due to the city’s social problem. Is there any human being who hates strolling through the woods and just want to spend his daily life breathing polluted airs? Am I insulting Maestro Abbado? I know this musician was hailed for insulting Italian government policy to cut and cut the cultural funding. But unlike all the Italian liberal musicians’ ideal leader, Venezuelan Chavez, any Italian dictator needs his voters’ approval to use the government money, and their country is on the brink of financial collapse.)

At Italy’s Operas, Fat Ladies Are Quiet May 4, 2010 / By New York Times
(…) Opera houses across Italy are canceling performances because of sputtering strikes over efforts by the government to reorganize their administration. (…) The strike is part of a long-running drama involving Italy’s main opera houses, which are almost all dependent on government financing and frequently suffer labor stoppages or the threat of them. (…) the debate about the current situation … aside from La Scala, he said, “the international ‘weight’ of our theaters, even those with a prestigious history, is scarce.” (…) The firestorm was set off on Friday, when Italy’s president, Giorgio Napolitano, signed an emergency decree proposed by the government, pending consideration in Parliament, imposing new regulations on the country’s 14 leading opera and symphonic organizations. (…) The decree would have the effect of cutting salaries of orchestra players, stagehands and chorus members; limiting outside work; and reducing the number of temporary workers, the unions said. (…) “This decree is being called a decree of reform,” said Carlo Macalli, the first flutist of the orchestra of the Rome Opera and chairman of its players committee. “We have been asking for reform for 11 years. This decree is in reality a financial operation to cut funding,” he said, adding, “After 11 years, I don’t think it’s an emergency.” (…)

(JIWON: Presently, I don’t know how to support or criticize this situation. I need to know what exactly means ‘NEW REGULATIONS’. Because in case of ‘Limiting Outside Work’, both advantages and disadvantages can be found in orchestra members’ professionalism, and everything is up to the case. If you follow “Bashkirova & Co.” and their busy life traveling all over the world as representatives of professional orchestras “XYZ”, you will figure out everything.

Frankly speaking, I want to support those poor orchestra members only after I clean all the Italian “Garbage & Sh*ts’, all of whom have a talent to make a perfect ensemble with Barenboim’s Angels. Until then… Let’s just hope our greatest cultural minister Sandro Bondi not to prove that Berlusconi’s party is made up of retarded boys. He is one of three INTELLIGENT pillars of Il Popolo della Libertà, who is definitely not among Berlusconi’s babes. Right? He knows that if there is a fundamental flaws in his cultural plan, I will remember every each detail and wait until his eternal rival takes over his cultural ministry. Who knows? He could become Italian prime minister or president, and all his present achievement could unfortunately leave an indelible stain on his reputation/ambition. Who knows?

Therefore, my computer work today concentrates on whether or not the Italian Leftist government’s liberal-therefore-never-organized economic policy has contributed to the dire situation of Berlusconi or Sandro Bondi’s Italy.)

Prodi victorious in Italian poll Apr 11, 2006 / By British media
Romano Prodi has won Italy’s closely-fought general election, after returns for overseas voters gave him control of both houses of parliament. (…) Italian voters were mainly preoccupied with the economy. Mr Berlusconi failed to jumpstart a flat economy during his tenure (…)

Markets happy to buy €7.7bn of Italian debt Apr 29, 2010 / By Guardian
Italian government bonds regarded as much safer bet than those of southern European neighbours, thanks to slow improvement in public deficit (…) Italy had lost “as much competitiveness as Greece since joining the Euro area. … Historically, Italy has managed to export its way out of trouble. But there are doubts over whether it can do so this time: an EU report last year found that in the 10 years to 2008, exports of goods and services grew more slowly in Italy than in any other member country. Structural reform might offer a way out. But, like all too many other southern European politicians, PM Berlusconi and FM Tremonti have been deeply reluctant to court the political unpopularity such changes would inevitably bring. “Not even when you have a centre-right government in this country do you get centre-right reform,” said Vaciago.

Why Italy has so far escaped Greece’s fate May 5, 2010 / By
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his centre-right government are no slouches in the buffoonery and scandal departments. (…) Other than cutting taxes in an effort to make Italy more competitive, Finance Minister Tremonti’s other talent was being able to stand up to Mr. Berlusconi. (…) Mr. Tremonti had other advantages. Italian banks, which are among Europe’s largest, are surprisingly well-regulated and didn’t require bailouts. Italian households have high savings rates, and pension reform was well in place. (…) Mr. Tremonti’s refusal to write stimulus cheques kept Italy’s budget deficit below the EU average. (…) Paradoxically, the sheer size of Italy’s debt markets – its public debt is €1.7-trillion, or seven times greater than Greece’s – gives the bonds enviable liquidity and resiliency. The Italian bond market is Europe’s biggest, and the third-largest in the world. It is transparent and investors like the fact that Italy sells bonds on a regular schedule, as opposed to the sporadic sales found in some other countries. There is always a market for Italian bonds.
Now the bad news. Italy’s enormous debt gives it little flexibility. … Don’t think Greece – think Japan. Like Japan, Italy is becoming a high-debt country trapped in chronically low growth. Unlike Japan, Italy lacks a currency that can be devalued to make itself competitive quickly. Mr. Tremonti may have spared Italy from the worst of the Greek contagion. But if he wants to save Italy from slug status, he’ll have to launch a competitive revolution. Competition in every industry needs to be encouraged. Red tape has to be eliminated. Regulations have to be streamlined. The bloated and inefficient civil service has to be slimmed down. All this will take years, and experience says the effort won’t succeed.

(JIWON: First of all, I need to know if I collected the right articles. Then, I am curious more. Whoever takes over Berlusconi’s PMO, will the next government only concentrate on anything-Berlusconi? Will their obsessive policies destroy all the GOOD achievements of his ministers? I believe. This is not a time for fighting. Even if all the parties develop cooperative spirit, it will be hard for the Italians to overcome this economic hardship.)

Leonardo on Berlusconi:”Only few people know about football” May 3, 2010 / By calciomercato
After the win against Fiorentina last Saturday, Leonardo is preparing to say goodbye to AC Milan and did not spare his president, Berlusconi, from criticism: “I have understood that only a few people know about football”. However, he had nice words for Galliani: “He helped me a lot and I learned from him. We are different but we compliment each other”. AC Milan’s fans are on Leonardo’s side but Berlusconi is now thinking about Dutch-X as the club’s future coach.

Inter up but Italian football stagnant May 3, 2010 /
Candidly, “Zac” then spoke the words Italian football has lately been reluctant to admit: “There is something missing but that is true of every Italian club except Inter Milan at the moment.” (…) Leonardo on Berlusconi:”Only few people know about football” (…) All of which dampens an urgent, widespread, national desire that Italian clubs do well in Europe. And it is urgent. The status of the Italian first division has fallen sufficiently that, according to the complex measuring device, the Uefa coefficient, that ranks each European domestic league, the German Bundesliga could overtake Italy as third-best – behind Spain and England – and, with that, reduce the number of Italian clubs from four to three who qualify each year to play in the Champions League. (…)

(JIWON: Now, I can’t skip this part. I need this part to cover my original plan.)

05 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
In Case You Want To Read The Remaining Parts…

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