PART-4: AC-Milan’s “Catenaccio” & La-Scala’s “Bel-Canto”! When Both Italian Cultures Are Dying… Why Don’t Italian Kids Open The Real Debate After “2010 World Cup”? Let’s Hope Italian Kids Not To Prove La Scala’s German Whore Waltraud Meier’s Arrogant Big Mouth On Italian Stupidity…

🙂 Italy-Belcanto > ‘Il Corriere della Grisi’… ‘No Compromise’
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This Writing Was Basically Part Of
🙂 JIWON to ITALY: Therefore, I Went To ‘Il Corriere della Grisi’. Will Italian Leftists Call Me ‘Lega Nord’? I Care Nothing. Diaspora Jews or Arabs? Members of West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra? I Never Compromise On This Issue (Apr 19 – Jul ?, 2010)

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🙂 PART-1: Therefore, I went to “Il Corriere della Grisi” (Apr 19, 2010)
🙂 PART-2: From Licia Albanese to Anna Netrebko. From Puccini to Wagner. From Anna Netrebko to Galina Vishnevskaya. From Galina Vishnevskaya to Elena Bashkirova. From Russian Wife to Russian Whore (Apr 22, 2010)
🙂 PART-3: Whose Racism? Berlusconi or Murdoch? Only A Pig Is Seen In The Eyes Of A Pig. Whose Immigration Policy? Berlusconi or Prodi? Am I Opening Pandora’s Box In Italy? (Apr 23 – May 6, 2010)

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PART-4a: AC-Milan’s “Catenaccio” & La-Scala’s “Bel-Canto”! When Both Italian Cultures Are Dying… Why Don’t Italian Soccer Fans Open The Real Debate After 2010 World Cup?

(Updated on MAY 6, 2010)

Leonardo on Berlusconi:”Only few people know about football” May 3, 2010 / By calciomercato
After the win against Fiorentina last Saturday, Leonardo is preparing to say goodbye to AC Milan and did not spare his president, Berlusconi, from criticism: “I have understood that only a few people know about football”. However, he had nice words for Galliani: “He helped me a lot and I learned from him. We are different but we compliment each other”. AC Milan’s fans are on Leonardo’s side but Berlusconi is now thinking about Dutch-X as the club’s future coach.

Inter up but Italian football stagnant May 3, 2010 /
Candidly, “Zac” then spoke the words Italian football has lately been reluctant to admit: “There is something missing but that is true of every Italian club except Inter Milan at the moment.” (…) Leonardo on Berlusconi:”Only few people know about football” (…) All of which dampens an urgent, widespread, national desire that Italian clubs do well in Europe. And it is urgent. The status of the Italian first division has fallen sufficiently that, according to the complex measuring device, the Uefa coefficient, that ranks each European domestic league, the German Bundesliga could overtake Italy as third-best – behind Spain and England – and, with that, reduce the number of Italian clubs from four to three who qualify each year to play in the Champions League. (…)

(JIWON: Now, I can’t skip this part. I need this part to cover my original plan.) (Google-Translation)

(JIWON: How many Korean articles have I read and Korean soccer-bloggers have I visited during the last three days? Then, I went to the English sites. For three days, I was following my instinct, and finally on the third day, I was able to find what I wanted to find. Then, a series of articles were found while using the same keywords. Why should I post everything?)

(Updated on MAY 7, 2010)

Marcello Lippi Blasts Inter : They Are Not Italian! Mar 17, 2010 / By sports.peacefmonline

Inter win means little for Azzurri Apr 29, 2010 / By
(…) Marcello Lippi’s answer was nothing if not thought-provoking: “Do you really think that Italian football is represented by Juventus, Fiorentina, Inter and Milan or that English football is represented by Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool? Take the Premiership clubs, they are owned by Americans or Arabs, coached by Frenchmen, Italians and Spaniards, whilst they all have players from all over the world. So what is English about these teams?
“What is Italian about an Inter team that has a Portuguese coach and hardly any Italian players? Do you know what sides really represent Italian football, teams like Cagliari, Palermo, Genoa and Chievo. These teams are Italian football, they are well-organized, have good coaches and play very good football. Such clubs and the national team are the heart of Italian football.
“If foreigners want to look at Italian football and conclude that it is on the way down because of poor Champions League results, they can do so, but those Champions League clubs are not Italian football, it is something different. These might be Italian teams in one sense but they are not the expression of Italian football. If Inter get beaten in the Champions League without even a single Italian on the pitch, is that a defeat for Italian football?”
(…) In reality, for all that Inter’s triumph this week was the dramatic, thrilling stuff of sporting legend, Marcello Lippi will have learned much more about his South African plans from watching Inter beat Juventus 2-0 two weeks ago and from watching Roma losing 2-1 to Sampdoria last weekend.
(…) For all those reasons, you can see why, from Marcello Lippi’s viewpoint, Inter’s outstanding triumph this week is something of an irrelevancy, national morale boost notwithstanding.

If I Were Marcello Lippi: An Ideal Italy Squad for the 2010 World Cup Since Some Ago / By All-Over-The-Italy

(JIWON: What if Berlusconi’s Brazilian Coach was sincere enough to respect Italian style during his early days? Though it was days ago that I started to read articles about this, it was easy to figure out why.)
(…) Leonardo wasted no time in declaring that he wanted his team to play attractive attacking football, even invoking the name of his old mentor, Telê Santana. After a poor start of season, featuring a shock 0–4 loss to crosstown rivals Internazionale, that started speculation about his possible dismissal from the head coaching post at Milan, results started improving for the rossoneri under Leonardo, also thanks to the application of a 4-2-1-3 tactic (nicknamed also “4-2-fantasy” by Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani). This tactic, quite unusual on Italian football, and greatly focusing on creative players such as (…)
Telê Santana is widely credited for the invention of the “jogo bonito” (beautiful game in Portuguese) by the vast majority of the Brazilian press. His full attack mentality of play was best displayed with the 1982 Brazilian national squad who fell 3–2 to Italy in the Second Round of the Cup. Santana was criticized by most for refusing to switch Brazil’s style of play versus Italy since Brazil only needed to tie the game to reach the Semifinals due to the original World Cup set up at the time. Many still feel that Santana should have placed more emphasis on defense and a counter attack strategy due to circumstances of the match. Regardless of the fact that Santana never lead the Brazilian squad to glory he is still regarded as one of greatest coaches and innovators in the history of Brazilian football.

Leonardo: ‘Berlusconi and I are incompatible’ Apr 30, 2010 / By calciomercato
(…) “I don’t know what Berlusconi said, but I can’t deny that our relationship is problematic. We are very different, perhaps incompatible, but these last three matches are important for me. I think I am stubborn, I believe in what I do and I do it with passion. The incompatibility is in the way I am, a matter of style. Everybody has his way of being, with all due respect. If someone reports something that I haven’t said, I deny it.” (…) He concluded the press conference talking about Inter: “They are in the final because they deserve it. Inter is a great team. Congratulations.”.

(JIWON: Please imagine Sir Berlusconi feeling anger boiling up and steam coming out of his BIG ears… Isn’t it easier to imagine Cartoon-Berlusconi?)

Leonardo edging closer to Milan exit? May 1, 2010 / By Footballitaliano
(…) The situation has been completely different with president Silvio Berlusconi who has on more than one occasion publicly criticised Milan’s playing style and results. (…)

Milan Coach Leonardo Relieved Following Vital Win Over Fiorentina May 1, 2010 / By Goal

Berlusconi-CHOC! Il presidente rossonero saluta Leonardo: “Andrà via, è stato TROPPO TESTARDO e la squadra ha GIOCATO MALE!” Apr 29, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 121
Così parlò Z… iliani – Appello a Berlusconi e Galliani: mettete fine all’inganno-Milan! May 6, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 62
L’Opinione – San Siro volta le spalle a Berlusconi: Galliani, dimostra che dirigente sei! May 6, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 24
Speciale – Van Basten al Milan? In Olanda strabuzzano gli occhi: “Per carità! Piuttosto Rijkaard…” May 7, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 34
Il Blog di Zorro Rossonero – Berlusconi, sei tu che stai GIOCANDO MALE! May 8, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 34

(JIWON: Finally, busy Italians, as usual. In my view, Berlusconi’s only mistake was to forget how much his Italian voters would adore AC Milan’s young handsome Brazilian guy as much as they appreciate Berlusconi’s attractive showgirls. Especially when it was clear that this young coach now seemed to understand Italian style better and was working real hard to lead his (aging) members. Please imagine frustrated Silvio in Cartoon-Berlusconi… ho-ho.)

Milan Fans Want Silvio Berlusconi Out – Report Apr 30, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 126
Comment-Anthony US / 1:46 AM May 1, 2010: Berlusconi isn’t the type to be intimidated by a protest. He’s the type who would scoff at the protesters. Milan fans need to hit him where it hurts (no, not in the face with a duomo statue), his wallet. I say the fans should boycott Milan’s home matches and put some real pressure on Berlusconi.

(JIWON: Finally, one guy summed up. More to follow.)

Milan Fans Want Silvio Berlusconi Out – Report Apr 30, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 126
Comment-milan666 Valhala / 6:37 PM Apr 30, 2010: Milan fans don’t want Silvio to spend 200 mil on transfers, they just want to see their youth players be given some chances, and at least buy couple of 20mil players for the team its Milan goddammit not Livorno!
Comment-Fan Fans / 2:06 PM May 1, 2010: I’ve called for a boycott before, but this is even better 😀 hope he listen to the fans and either quits or invests. I don’t mind to donate money for the club if they ask each fan to donate 20 US dollars. we love the club and we’ll do anything to have our great Milan back to the winning ways. FORZA MILAN.

(JIWON: What about this? Of course, the rest of 126 comments seemed to come from the Italian Left… hum.)

Milan Fans Want Silvio Berlusconi Out – Report Apr 30, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 126
Comment-ac milan jeddah / 11:46 AM Apr 30, 2010: I think its very disrespectful to see “AC Milan fans” calling Berlusconi an Inter fan, yes I do agree that its time for him to leave, but people shouldn’t forget the things that he did for the club if it weren’t for him Milan won’t even have a history we wouldn’t be bragging about our 7 champions leagues or our 17 league titles, if people call him an inter fan then I call you guys inter fans too
Comment-Joe London / 12:59 PM Apr 30, 2010: Man, everyone seems to forget Berlusconi owns the club, you can’t force him out. It’s sad that Milan is not winning, but I hope Milan fans don’t become like Madrid fans, demand so much success. Remember how much money Madrid spent last season? the only trophy they have a change of winning is La Liga… pfftt. Look Bayern is showing you don’t have to spend haps to be successful. Spending big is not the answer, spending smart is!
Comment-RoSsO nErO / 1:06 PM Apr 30, 2010: Have you noticed that the vast majority of the guys wanting the President out are: 1)foreigners, 2)BANDWAGONERS, 3)15-year-old-kids, 4)left-wingers(politics) ! AMAZING!
Comment-For Life. / 4:48 PM Apr 30, 2010: I support Milan for over 20 years and I find it rather insulting to see 15 year old kids who have their dad paying their dsl connection to talk like they know everything about football. In this shameful globalization era, Silvio kept Milan Italian. Silvio is one of the two most successful presidents EVER, He won 26 TITLES. Milan is one of the very few teams that have only 10m dept while, chelsea, and manutd have more than 500m.
Comment-sidwell south africa / 5:52 PM Apr 30, 2010: Dear Milanistas, let us not get carried away by emotions and asking our President to sell the club to some rich owners out there. What will happen to Chelsea when Abramovich decides to sell and that the American basketball teams are the new toys to play with? The same will happen to Manchester City!! Let us look on the bright side and stop being selfish by trying to put pressure on the Milan management!!
Comment-True Milianista Milan / 9:13 AM May 1, 2010: Please say Silvio you are our only hope no other owner loves their team as much as you do
Comment-Rosson Swe / 7:43 PM May 1, 2010: What I said earlier was basically that all you who don’t want Berlusconi are idiots. He made Milan. Be grateful for everything you got so far and everything you’ll get son enough. You don’t turn your back on your father just because he stops giving you your allowance. Also remember that 2007 we were the best in the world. after 3 lousy years everyone goes mad. We had 3 CL-finals during 2003-2010. Inter are in their first in a million years. Have some perspective. Forza Milan Berlusconi style!!

(JIWON: Meanwhile, I start to find myself watching this so-called scandal from the different point of view.)

Korean Soccer Fan-Club: The Beauty of Defensive Soccer. Italian Style Apr 7, 2010 / By Korean Fan-Club Site

(Updated on MAY 10, 2010)

Please check
🙂 From Barenboim-Loves-Knesset > Dear-Arab-Readers
🙂 Dear Arab Readers: Third of All (Jun 20, 2008)
JIWON: (…) Perhaps, male critics only collect kosher Hebrew porn and no one knows where they are hidden. (Please click here and there.) I don’t know why it is easy to find sex-related articles whenever I start my research. I was searching for more information on ‘$has and Institutions’ but ‘Netanyahu and SEX’ was what I got instead:
Israel demands soccer sex scandal inquiry Nov 18, 1999 / By BBC
(…) the country was looking for reasons for the defeat and SEX has become the prime suspect. (…)
JIWON: As for Olmert’s gym work. I only have one opinion about this criticism. … I know Olmert’s critics never exercise. … May I add two cents? In IBA news, there were Bibi’s Eitam (b. 1952, NU), Bibi’s Katz (b. 1955, Likud), Bibi’s Barkat (b. 1959, going to join Likud), and Palestinian Saeb Erekat (b. 1955). Let’s assume that a negotiating table is set in front of the groups of international media. I heartily recommend those Jewish Folks not to enter this open room. None of those can beat Saeb Erekat. This Palestinian sounds much healthier, and therefore more reasonable. This guy won’t lose his temper during his debate with Bibi’s Steinitz. Billionaire-G (b. 1952, Social Justice) was also there. I am sure that this Billionaire can’t beat Saeb Erekat either. (If he is a fanatic soccer fan, his physical shape needs a good advice from Guus Hiddink, the only one who knew how to train Korean soccer team, which physical strength had been suffering a fundamental problem.) Who would believe Jerusalem-Mayor-Candidate was born in 1952? If they still want to join the negotiating team, especially on Jerusalem issue, and win the Palestinians, they’d better close the door, turn off the camera, and use all kinds of dirty tricks. (…)

(JIWON: Therefore, it’s not my first time to mention SOCCER during this computer work, but I’ve NEVER actually read soccer-related articles until seven days ago. How many Korean articles have I read and Korean soccer-bloggers have I visited? I regret not to save what I found. I strictly recommend AC (Associazione Calcio) or AS (Associazione Sportiva) or UC (Unione Calcio) or US (Unione Sportiva) or SS (Societa’ Sportiva) or SSC (Societa’ Sportiva Calcio) or Whatever-It-Is-Called-In-Italy to survey Korean Soccer Fans. While reading them, I was laughing and reading and laughing and reading and laughing. When did I have more terrific time during this computer work? Don’t they literally sound like a frustrated love letter from the Korean Soccer Fans to the Italian Football Association?)

1. My fundamental problem: Still, I hardly know the soccer rules. Soccer was never my favorite until the 2002 World Cup. Since the Korean squad was on everyday’s headline in every Korean media, I was forced to follow their daily schedule. Suddenly, there was something there. Under the Dutch coach’s training, they looked different. Their running was different. Their kicking was different. In short, their body shape looked different. Thus, I started following them. To my surprise, it was fun to watch the 2002 World Cup. Each nation had its own national trait. There was a huge difference between the South American body shape and the European one. Then, the German body shape differed from the Italian one, and so on and so forth. Since my main interest while watching the soccer game is analyzing the players’ body language, which is very different from the musicians’, I am still frustrated when the international celebrity scores a goal but it is not counted for a special reason. I am still frustrated when the international celebrity receives a yellow card while everybody looks like hitting and tackling each other. Please imagine how tired I am now. After a week-long study, I now know what means Serie A or Champion League.

2. When and why did I have to give up this computer work? When did I resume it? It was around Second Lebanon War. It was toward Dorit Beinisch’s appointment as Israeli Supreme Court President. Please ask Barenboim’s Angels how busy they were determined to be during the 2006 World Cup to prepare Barenboim’s performance schedule years in advance and what kind of terrific time Waltraud Meier’s Dildo enjoyed on June 30, 2006 when Germany defeated Argentina in Berlin. Therefore, I was too busy, too tired to watch any of its games. I only watched its opening ceremony in Munich to check if Waltraud Meier type of female could really be considered a German beauty. I didn’t know Italy claimed their FOURTH World Cup title.

3. The main Korean keyword during my early research was “Defensive Soccer”. Amateur experts’ postings or “Q&A”, rather than individual bloggers, were what I found. According to their so-called lecture or analysis, the popularity of Italian football among the Korean soccer fans were second or third. I am pretty sure that the Italians know better than I do. What was the main characteristics of the Korean World Cup 2002 under the Dutch training? The result in the second round: “World Cup Fiasco”. And a series of happenings both in the athletes’ village in Korea and in Perugia Calcio in Italy as an aftermath. The popularity of Italian football went to hell. Thanks to Korean kids’ hot tempered big mouth, Italian style quickly earned a beautiful nick name; “Dirty Soccer”.

4. During the 2006 World Cup, Korean soccer fans had to think and think. This Italian style impressed them so much that they had to congratulate the Italian victory from the bottom of their heart, even though they cheered for the French team… perhaps due to 2002 World Cup Fiasco. The Koreans just can’t ignore the Italian style. They can’t hate the Italian style.

5. One guy summed up. There is no special reason to fall in love with the Italian style. It is his personality that counts. It just fits the Italian style.

6. However… no matter whatsoever… absolutely no one is predicting that Italy would claim their FIFTH World Cup title during 2010 World Cup. It seems that only the former National Coach Azeglio Vicini predicts the Italian victory. I don’t understand why it’s impossible to find Azeglio Vicini’s Korean article either from in English or from in Italian. They say that the Italian Victory during 2006 World Cup was “Catenaccio Plus More”.

7. Meanwhile, there was something weird in my research. I couldn’t find any Italian players’ names whenever they mentioned recent soccer matches. There were some Italian legendaries in their postings, but all of them looked like coming from old good days. Even during the 2006 World Cup, I don’t think I found any Italian players’ names. Their praising the Italian style was mostly what hooked me while reading the Korean postings.

8. When I started my research on the Korean sites, there was something basic information kept in my mind. I remember, while watching 2002 World Cup, that a sports commentator frequently explained that, nowadays, it was getting hard to enjoy the real French style soccer or the real Italian style soccer, and sometimes he misses old good days. Everybody knows why. Therefore, it was a kind of shock for me to find what a popularity the Italian style soccer has won and lost and been regaining with the Korean fans.

(JIWON: I really regret that I didn’t save all those Korean postings. Then, I went to the English sites. I was laughing and laughing until…)

(Updated on MAY 11, 2010)

Totti vs. Balotelli: In many ways, Balotelli is quite similar to a young Totti. Everybody knows that Balotelli is a Black African-Italian while Totti is a White Italian May 7, 2010 / By

Totti: ‘Balotelli offended me’. Mario: ‘He racially insulted me…’ May 7, 2010 / By

Balotelli e Totti SCOMODANO anche il presidente della Repubblica… Che accusa il Pupone: “Gesto INCONSULTO” May 7, 2010 / By Goal

Editoriale – Totti ha ancora QUALCOSA da imparare, Balotelli ha TUTTO da imparare. E se ci si mette anche Montali… May 9, 2010 / By Goal

Il commento del giorno (Mauro): Balotelli è un grande talento, ma Pato è un vero FENOMENO! May 9, 2010 / By Goal

(JIWON: There are more, of course. I tried for couple of hours in vain to find its English or Italian version. I don’t know why.)

Lippi is not interested in which team would win Serie A Sep 2, 2009 / By in Korean
(…) the list, (Italy Squad for the 2010 World Cup), includes 8 members from Juventus. It’s not because I consider Juventus a special team but because Juventus hires more Italian players while other teams don’t. (…) (Google-Translation)
(… JIWON: I am now too tired to find what I read days ago. There was a series of articles reporting how much the Italian soccer experts were pointing out the Juventus players’ stumbling and questioning about their ability during 2010 World Cup… )

(JIWON: It seems that the story is only staring now. Sorry about saying this, but it was easy to figure out why. I promise. The Italian soccer physique can never become the Brazilian one. They are different. The more the Italian young players try to master-or-imitate Brazilian techniques while ignoring their Italian tradition and want to achieve Brazilian brilliant fame, the more they will stumble. Sooner or later, the Italian Football Association wouldn’t be able to survive without importing Brazilian stars. Italy will become Brazilian colony.)

Totti vs. Balotelli: In many ways, Balotelli is quite similar to a young Totti. Everybody knows that Balotelli is a Black African-Italian while Totti is a White Italian May 7, 2010 / By

(JIWON: Guess what? It was hours ago that I finally realized that THAT guy during 2002 World Cup Fiasco was this Roman Gladiator Totti. Thus, I couldn’t resist my curiosity. When I resumed my research with these specific keywords, “Totti” and “Balotelli”… Wow! A tsunami of Korean bloggers.)

Speciale – Calci, sputi e pugni: ecco la TOP 10 delle MACCHIE nella carriera di Francesco Totti! May 8, 2010 / By Goal

(JIWON: Hum… I think this article needs something more. It seems that the Korean Fans know better than Italian reporters. What is more interesting is that Totti’s Korean fans depict this Roman Emperor as a more humorous character in spite of his countless(?!) scandal. I laughed more while reading their Totti postings. I think their main reason was that this Italian professional didn’t follow money and had been faithful to his hometown and become a Roman symbol. Then, they explain that it is very important for the soccer fans to evaluate this Italian troublemaker through his pure soccer techniques, because they sometimes value this Italian technique as International No.1. They now feel very sorry that the iron in his leg doesn’t allow him to boast his kind of legendary performance.)

Editoriale – Totti ha ancora QUALCOSA da imparare, Balotelli ha TUTTO da imparare. E se ci si mette anche Montali… May 9, 2010 / By Goal

Il commento del giorno (Mauro): Balotelli è un grande talento, ma Pato è un vero FENOMENO! May 9, 2010 / By Goal

Black African-Italian Balotelli : I Want To Be A Role Model To Kids Feb 13, 2010 / By
(…) Balotelli has recently emerged as one of the most controversial players in Italian football. The young striker told in an interview that he would like to be an example for young people and that he would like them to see him first of all as a teenager like them and then as a football player. He added that he would also like to set an example as a good and fair man, even though that does not mean always respecting the rules. Balotelli then said that no one can be perfect all the time.

(JIWON: Dear Italian Soccer Fans,
If you still think this is not the right time to start this uncomfortable discussion,
What about opening the REAL debate after 2010 World Cup? I wish everybody a good luck!

04b =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-4b: Let’s Hope Italian Kids Not To Prove La Scala’s German Whore Waltraud Meier’s Arrogant Big Mouth On Italian Characteristics Or Italian Stupidity…

Please check
🙂 From Italy-Belcanto
🙂 JIWON: I can’t help writing… (Tristan/Scala-2007, German Sound, Wagner and Belcanto) Dec 7, 2007
ENTREVISTA: WALTRAUD MEIER Soprano dramática 27 de Enero de 2008 / By Spanish Wagner Society
La cantante alemana de ópera, máxima especialista en la obra de Wagner, llega al Teatro Real de Madrid para representar el papel de Isolda, con el que triunfó recientemente en la apertura de temporada de la Scala de Milán. (…) “Tristán e Isolda no es antigua ni moderna, es eterna”, asegura esta cantante, para muchos, la más grande intérprete wagneriana que puede verse hoy encima de un escenario. (…) Creo que hay que luchar día a día por mantenerlo. O mejor que luchar, que es un poco fuerte, esforzarse para que no muera. Trabajar por ello. Los italianos, por ejemplo, confunden el amor con la pasión, yo no creo que sea lo mismo. Tampoco Wagner lo veía así. Para él existía un estadio del amor que producía un auténtico placer en la compenetración de formas de pensamiento, en la manera de ver la vida.
[P. ¿El orgasmo intelectual?] – R. Eso es. Así es. (…)
[P. En Alemania, ¿conserva Wagner el peso que ha tenido históricamente?] – R. En mi país, Wagner se está desdibujando. No se le entiende con profundidad en muchos casos. Me encontré una señora en el metro en Múnich que me reconoció y me dijo que ya no se le entendía bien. Le propuse que escribiera una carta al director de la ópera y me contestó que ya lo había hecho y que le habían contestado lo siguiente: “Señora, estamos muy satisfechos de que no le guste a todo el mundo”. ¡Hay que ser arrogante y engreído!

(JIWON: Let’s hope that the Italian Soccer Fans don’t prove Waltraud Meier’s arrogant big mouth on Italian characteristics or Italian stupidity. I just hope… since this German whore, after boasting this Spanish interview, was able to prove more of standing ovation at La Scala, which Italian audience had no clue about the real German version of Wagner performance, which should sound no different from the real Italian version of Verdi. During this research, it was very interesting to compare the premature death of Italian Style Football with the bottomless failing of La Scala.

I was speechless, too, when I found that the Spanish government’s political method, how to advertise the Spanish West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra in the international market and how to draw Arab money while selling Barenboim’s Italian fame, was very similar to the Real Madrid’s Galacticos Policy. However, there is still a huge difference between the Real Madrid’s soccer players, all of whom have a real talent, earn a great amount of money, and take this Spanish job as their final opportunity, and the WEDO sh*ts-or-stars, who boast questionable talent, receive nothing from the Spanish government, take this Spanish title as a staring point of their pro-career, and are scared of returning to the Spanish pro-market as a member of Spanish music society.

What is common is that both Spanish teams’ ensemble techniques are worthless, regardless of how much they pour into their Spanish project. What is common, too, is that both Spanish teams are more concerned about glamour than trophies. And it is working in the international market. Therefore… amid deafening cheers of Italian kids, both Italian Style “Catenaccio” and Italian Style “Bel-Canto” are dying out. Isn’t that interesting?)

Genoa 1-0 Milan: Grifoni Defeat Off-Colour Rossoneri May 9, 2010 / By Goal
The home side took the points, despite the Milan visitors having the majority of the chances. (…) An under-par performance from Milan helped Genoa secure a 1-0 victory in an empty Stadio Luigi Ferraris. (…)

AC Milan coach Leonardo fed-up with growing tension inside Italian football May 10, 2010 / By
Leonardo has admitted some exasperation with the events of this season. Leonardo feels there is now too much tension built around teams and rivalries in Italy. Indeed, yesterday Milan lost to Genoa in an empty stadium after police banned fans over fears of major crowd trouble. “I’m very attached to Italian football, I’ve been here for thirteen years and I am sorry to see that every game has become like ancient Rome with gladiators in the Coliseum,” said Leonardo. “We should avoid certain issues which do not contribute to the quality of the show, there is a limit, we need to change the environment.”

(JIWON: In case this young, handsome Brazilian coach is preparing his farewell to the AC Milan Dictator Berlusconi… I wish everybody a good luck! Below is part of my previous messages, which I felt no need to post. Jesus Christ! I had to write all these things because of this short message.)

(Updated on MARCH 27, 2010)
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🙂 COLLECTION-21: How Many Israeli Politicians Are Behind Mrs. Said’s Spanish WEDO & Its Corrupt Palestinian Society? Who Are They?
JIWON: I’m still working. Too tired. I want to laugh. Is it true that “Furious Silvio Berlusconi Switched Off Manchester United-Milan At Half-Time (Mar 11, 2010)”? … but I am pretty sure that the entire Korean boys forgot their daily schedule during this game and just hooked up with TV. Ho-Ho-Ho. Isn’t it fun to imagine our boss’s furious face in Berlusconi-cartoon, since this is already his second time? Berlusconi vents fury at party ‘amateurs and idiots’!!! (Mar 3, 2010) How is his amateur party going on? (Of course, I also know where Mr. Prodi is now, and I felt very sorry when President Napolitano had a terrible accident, almost-like-bombing. I think it was couple of months ago. I was just too tired to send my message. But I do know. I just can’t understand why the opposition groups always fail to find the better solution whenever B’s showgirls make them blind and deaf… ho-ho-ho. If I were opposition leader… ho-ho-ho.) (…)

(Updated on MARCH 29, 2010)
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🙂 8 Years Since Arab-Peace-Initiative. Israel’s Past-Financial-Success can’t overcome political despair. Nor can it cover up Bibicracy’s Populist-Fiscal-Policy (Mar 28 – Jun 3, 2010)
JIWON: (…) I need to finish this one first. (…) P.S.: My next message will have to be… only after checking recent performances of New York Philharmonic. I need to listen to it carefully. By the way, whenever I clicked Google’s Berlusconi-News, I frequently found headlines about ‘Battle inside AC-Milan’. Now, I was suddenly curious and went to Korean bloggers. Guess what? There were Korean fans and it took 30 minutes to find its history and the detailed analysis to explain its recent failing. I am surprised to know that AC-Milan was actually a real love of Berlusconi. I used to think that it was a kind of B’s election-tool, because this is what I used to read from the international media. Hum…

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PART-4c: It All Started With This Korean Soccer Mentality, Which Was A Role Model For “The WEDO Project”, And Now, I Can’t Make It Simple.

(Updated on MAY 12-13, 2010)

[Because Life Is Fun] Man Utd’s Park reveals the behind-the-scenes story about his teammates May 10, 2010 / By Korean media
(…) Park knew no names of European players or teams until the Italian giants Juventus and AC Milan visited Korea in 1996. (…)

Furious Silvio Berlusconi Switched Off Manchester United-Milan At Half-Time Mar 11, 2010 / By International media
Man Utd’s Park Ji-Sung Scores in 4-0 Win Over AC Milan, Champions League Mar 11, 2010 / By Korean media
(…) The goal was Park’s third career strike at the biggest European club tournament. The 29-year-old notched his career-first Champions League goal against Milan in the second leg of the semifinals in May 2005. … At the other end of the field, Park also performed well, keeping Milan’s play-making midfielder Andrea Pirlo at bay. (…) Ferguson said, “Park was the key to our game. We can talk about Rooney – and he was great – but Park’s discipline, intelligence and sacrifice won us the match tactically. Pirlo is such an important player for them.” (…)

(JIWON: Isn’t that funny? Thanks to Furious Silvio, Who Switched Off Manchester United-Milan At Half-Time (Mar 11, 2010), all the Korean soccer fans now know what kind of terrific/fun team Man Utd. has been. When I first found this news from Google’s Berlusconi-News, I didn’t know that it was what appeared in EVERY Korean media, because I knew no names of European players or teams except Berlusconi’s AC Milan. When I read Korean headlines, I realized that THAT news was THIS news. Needless to say, the moment AC Milan Tyrant Berlusconi turned off the TV, most Korean boys turned on the TV and cheered for Anti-Berlusconi. Needless to say, it was since Mar 11 that I’ve known that ‘Man-U’ equaled Manchester United.

Does anyone know that this Korean soccer player was a Role Model whenever I expressed how to run my ideal WEDO project? During this computer work, I’ve mentioned XYZ. I had to mention the same thing so many times that I’m literally fed up with EVERYBODY around Barenboim, EVERYTHING around Barenboim, and finally Waltraud Meier’s Dildo itself. I even mentioned Russian Diva Mrs. Rostropovich couple of times. But I’ve never mentioned this Korean athlete’s healthiest mentality before.

This guy’s mentality is amazing. This guy doesn’t have a superior physique. I think this body type is even inferior to that of top-rate Korean athletes. Thus, he is frequently called “Oxygen Tank”. He further developed his physical ability after entering Man Utd., and he now looks like having “Three Lungs”. First of all, even the Korean standards concur that he can be elected as the Opposition Leader… according to Berlusconi-rules… ho-ho: Berlusconi: Left has uglier women (Apr 9, 2008)

Does he look ugly? I think his coach exactly pointed out his personality. And there are more.

I started following this Korean mentality after 2002 World Cup when he announced his European dream. My reason was NOT his unknown, questionable ability to win trophies BUT his inferior, questionable physique. When I heard the behind-the-scenes story between this athlete and his Dutch mentor, I was curious about his career, and everything surprised me. He didn’t seem to enjoy the benefit of foreign education, but started his pro-career in Japan. Thus, I became very curious how much he could risk his inferior physique on the European life. Whether or not his European team takes him as an Asian accessory to cover Korean market was not my concern. As a matter of fact, It was when Furious Silvio Berlusconi Switched Off Manchester United-Milan At Half-Time that I realized this guy had been valued as a key player in his European team. Still, nothing matters, since my main interest has been his questionable physique. To my real surprise, there has been a constant change in his body shape, and his present physique amazes me.

I’ve followed his interviews, of course. This is perhaps among the most honest, genuine ones. How many Classical musicians do this job? Unlike couple of young pop musicians, whose candid interviews always make me pick up something valuable, most Classical interviews are full of lies and hypocrisy politically manipulated. They’d better say, “Please buy my new recordings. My international career is dying. I know you Koreans are deaf. Without your money, I will be penniless.”

This is how he is introduced ahead of 2010 World Cup. “He doesn’t play selfish games.” Whenever he returns to Korea to play for the Korean fans, he sometimes intentionally plays a supportive role allowing his Korean teammates to score goals, and this behavior never looks arrogant or disvaluing his Korean fellows.

Still, this is not the real reason of my subjective evaluation. Whenever he is given an opportunity, he doesn’t hesitate to throw a bitter advice to the Korean Soccer Association. (No one seems to listen to him, though.) This is a real thing to me, since I’ve only seen (Diaspora) Korean musicians XYZ very busy during their Korean visit, just busy at filling their wallet through the brilliant PR campaign.

Now… why don’t you resume your research on the Korean soccer fans and their love of this soccer player? You will have to laugh again. They are not Koreans, if they don’t cheer for his European team, Man Utd. But those amateur experts start their lecture-or-analysis like this. “Our Korean babies, who worship Mrs. Jji as the God of Soccer, should open their eyes wide and join the Soccer Universe. Yes, our Jji is a great player. No doubt. But just like anyone else, he also has a pro and cons… bla-bla-bla.” They offer so many valuable information and analysis about ‘which team’ or ‘which player’ or ‘which tactics’. I had to laugh and laugh while reading those Korean postings. It was a real discovery, since I’ve only found “I-went-to-the-concert-tonight-X-sounded-great-X-is-the-real-Korean-talent” type of deaf postings whenever I searched information about (Diaspora) Korean musicians, whose f*cking mentality and dying professional careers I know very well.

Anyway, I’m still following his mysterious physique, and I just hope he could achieve his European dream as he dreamed.)

Should Leonardo listen to Berlusconi about…? Sep 8, 2009 / By Reuters Soccer Blog
After putting Leonardo in charge of AC Milan, owner Silvio Berlusconi has been trying to help the novice coach get to grips with the job with advice on how to tease the best from Ronaldinho. (…) The advice might be good but if Leonardo takes it, he risks looking like the owner’s puppet. So next time Berlusconi has some tips, he might be better whispering into his coach’s ear instead of yelling them via the media.

(JIWON: I’m laughing again. Gosh… I should have followed this scandal from their very start. My posting about Berlusconi and Soccer Mentality was supposed to be very short, and it was a mere prelude of my real posting, my stubborn opinion about Immigrant sh*t or WEDO sh*t. Now, I can’t make it simple.)

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