PART-8: “World Cup 2010” Struggles. Everybody Is Talking About Defense. However, Do All Of Them Look Like “Italian Catenaccio”? The Beauty Of Italian Football. Dear Italy, Produce Another Roberto Baggio!

🙂 Italy-Belcanto > ‘Il Corriere della Grisi’… ‘No Compromise’
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This Writing Was Basically Part Of
🙂 JIWON to ITALY: Therefore, I Went To ‘Il Corriere della Grisi’. Will Italian Leftists Call Me ‘Lega Nord’? I Care Nothing. Diaspora Jews or Arabs? Members of West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra? I Never Compromise On This Issue (Apr 19 – Jul ?, 2010)

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🙂 PART-5: Meanwhile, Eternal Absolutist Berlusconi Had Better Whisper Into His Coach’s Ear Instead Of Yelling Them Via The Media!!! What If AC-Milan Operates Without Murdoch’s Journalism, Whether It Needs To Improve Organizational Culture Or Not? (May 15 – 26, 2010)
🙂 PART-6: AC-Milan Only Have €30M To Spend Compared To Inter’s €100M. UEFA Sets New Rules? What Is The Most Profitable Business For “La Voce dei Rossoneri”, When Both “Football World & Italy” Are On The Brink Of Bankruptcy? (May 28 -Jun 11, 2010)
🙂 PART-7: “World Cup 2010” Starts. Let’s Imagine “Old Screw Silvio’s” Furious Face. Who Says, “Serie A Is Too Defensive And Barcelona Have More Depth Than Inter”? Who Says, “In 80’s & 90’s, There Was A Serie A Supremacy”? (Jun 16 – 18, 2010)

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PART-8a: “World Cup 2010” Struggles. Everybody Is Talking About Defense. However, Do All Of Them Look Like “Italian Catenaccio”? How Many Foreigners Have Contributed To Italian Football While The Rest Were Ruining Italian Tradition?

(JIWON: Meanwhile, it was easy to figure out what kind of athlete was Sir Lippi’s favorite… not to mention his favorite football style.)

(Updated on JUNE 21-23, 2010)

(JIWON: Before entering into this subject…)

Italy 1-1 New Zealand: Champions Flop Again As All Whites Earn Shock Draw Jun 20, 2010 / By Goal
World Cup 2010: Italy Coach Marcello Lippi Bemoans Bad Luck Following New Zealand Draw Jun 20, 2010 / By Goal
World Cup 2010: Italy Are Having Trouble Up Front – Giancarlo Abete to question the lack of striking power, but defend Lippi’s choices… Jun 21, 2010 / By Goal

(JIWON: Suddenly, I realized what hooked me during World Cup 2010 Player Ratings: Italy 1-1 Paraguay.)

Milan Can Expect Good Football And A Scudetto Challenge Under Massimiliano Allegri – Franco Baresi Jun 19, 2010 / By Goal
(…) Baresi has offered insight into what the new coach will bring. And his sound of optimism is likely to suit the taste of Rossoneri fans. “Allegri is … He plays offensive football and I think Milan fans will take to him. He will convince everyone.” Critics have argued that bringing in Allegri will not represent an immediate challenge into overhauling Inter. But, Baresi has reassured fans. “Allegri can play positive, quality and effective football. Inter have won plenty and are in front compared to the competition, but Milan can challenge for the title,” he concluded.

Inter’s Lucio: Jose Mourinho Has Told Us To Play Defensively Against Bayern Munich May 21, 2010 / By Goal

World Cup Player Ratings: Spain 0-1 Switzerland Jun 16, 2010 / By Goal
World Cup 2010: Switzerland Set New Record For Number Of Minutes Without Conceding A Goal Jun 21, 2010 / By Goal

World Cup Player Ratings: Italy 1-1 New Zealand Jun 20, 2010 / By Goal
Italy 1-1 New Zealand: Champions Flop Again As All Whites Earn Shock Draw Jun 20, 2010 / By Goal

FIFA World Cup 2010: Is Defense Ruining the World Cup and Football? Jun 20, 2010 / By
Parking the bus. Anti-football. From Italy’s 1970 Catanacio to Inter’s 2010 mighty defense. Defending sure has lots of names these days, and many players, coaches, teams, and fans are complaining about it. But aren’t all the people who are actually complaining so quite when their beloved team wins something? They just call it pure smart tactics! Actually the last time we encountered a World Cup that was blessed with attacking football was back in Mexico 1986 (…)
Conclusion: Attacking football is fading so fast. Remember the 1986 World Cup that was full of attacking stars like Maradona, Zico, Platini, Mathauis, and the whole Denmark team? Now in the 2010 World Cup, … It is sad to say it, but football is not the same, nor it will be. The only way is to go back to the roots again. Barcelona have done it on club terms, and look at them now. They proved to the world that attack is, and always was, the better way to win. Just ask Euro 2008 champions Spain. They took the world by a storm, and we finally got a team that played with style, flare, and full attacking power, who finished wining the whole thing. We love this game because of the goals scored, not because we enjoy the tackles.

(JIWON: Everybody is talking about DEFENSE. However… did all those DEFENSIVE teams look same? Did all of them look like Italian Catenaccio?

They didn’t. At least in eyes of this soccer novice. Watching World Cup Player Ratings: Spain 0-1 Switzerland was weird, because the Swiss never looked like the Italians. Nor does New Zealand’s defense. The Italians looked unique.)

World Cup Player Ratings: Italy 1-1 New Zealand Jun 20, 2010 / By Goal
World Cup 2010: Italy Must Improve Immediately – Daniele De Rossi Jun 20, 2010 / By Goal
World Cup 2010 Comment: We All Know Italy’s Forwards Are Useless, But What About The Inability To Defend Set Pieces? Jun 20, 2010 / By Goal
World Cup 2010 Comment: No Wins In 2010, One Goal In Open Play In Eight Months, Unable To Beat Semi-Pros, Do Italy Really Think They Can Defeat Holland, Brazil Or Spain? Jun 21, 2010 / By Goal

(JIWON: Of course, I know what those articles mean. I’ve read all the comment sections on that day and found that only one comment in this article, World Cup 2010: Italy Must Improve Immediately – Daniele De Rossi, answered my curiosity. THUS, I had to watch other teams; Argentine, Brazil, Portugal, Holland, and so on and so forth. The Italian football players did look different.

Then suddenly, I realized why a specific type of Foreign Star-players have contributed to the Italian football while a certain group of foreigners came to Italy only to ruin the Italian tradition. Why don’t you follow Sir Berlusconi’s favorite foreign players? I now couldn’t agree with Sir Berlusconi more.)

Le Opinioni di Goal Editoriale – Lippi, volevi l’ItalJuve? ACCONTENTATO! Se non è uno SCANDALO, poco ci manca… Jun 22, 2010 / By Goal

Sampdoria Tell Antonio Cassano Not To Expect Pay Hike Jun 17, 2010 / By Goal
Juventus To Sign Sampdoria Ace Antonio Cassano In 2011 – Report Jun 22, 2010 / By Goal

(JIWON: What really means Italian style? What is REAL characteristics of playing the Italian football? While pondering this question, I also realize that I must NOT help La Vecchia Signora to win Sir Berlusconi’s ACmilan… hum. Therefore, I decide NOT to post what I found from the comment section while watching Sir Lippi’s Italian players’ struggling, ho-ho.)

Barcelona Star Zlatan Ibrahimovic Criticises ‘Defensive’ Serie A Nov 17, 2009 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 253
Comment-Mohammad Abq, USA / 2:06 PM Nov 17, 2009: Yes and bcz of that Serie A is boring. I am a Serie A fan. Calcio after 2004 it’s just boring. In 80’s and 90’s, there was a Serie A Supremacy. / [Agree 13 : Disagree 3]

(JIWON: What bothered me throughout this months-long computer work was people’s claim that this BORING DEFENSIVE football is to WIN the games and this is why beautiful offensive football has been victimized during the World Cup. Then… how come Inter was able to beat ALL its Italian rivals while losing its national characteristics? First of all, how should I understand this claim that “Calcio after 2004 it’s just boring”? Isn’t the same period, during which Inter was OVER-investing? Inter won everything, after all. And they still claim that this is all thanks to the Italian DEFENSE.)

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PART-8b: The Beauty Of Italian Football. Which Specific Features Characterize “The Italian Legends”? Isn’t This A Perfect Description Of Romantic Music? Dear Italy, Produce Another Roberto Baggio!

(Updated on JUNE 21-23, 2010)

Famous Italian Soccer Players posted by
When it comes to tactical knowledge of the game, Italian soccer players are pretty much the best out there. Ok, they might not have the technique of Brazilians, the speed of the English or the unpredictability of the Spanish, but you won’t see an Italian player lacking defensive tasks and being perfectly in touch with the game’s tactics plan.
Even if you don’t play soccer yourself, you probably know that a striker’s performance depends heavily on the opposing team’s defenders and when facing defensive Italian players, there’s no striker in the World that will feel comfortable.
But besides this shared defensive and tactical prowess, you can’t really find a pattern for Italy soccer players, like you could, for example, with the Germans or Brazilians.
Top Italian soccer players come from various positions on the pitch, unlike German ones that are usually defenders or defensive midfielders, or Brazilians who choose most of their heroes from attacking departments.
Next up, you’ll find a short list of some of the most famous Italian soccer players and you’ll notice each of them had a different ability that made them so successful, instead of just following “their pattern”. (…)

(JIWON: Finally, I found out one unique article. In fact, it was AFTER I was knocked down by one Italian legend, Roberto Baggio, that I found this article.

I still don’t know what means TACTICS, but was hooked by something unique about the Italian players. After realizing THIS during World Cup 2010 Player Ratings: Italy 1-1 Paraguay, I wanted to know what meant ITALIAN LEGENDS. I was supposed to go to internet and find the sources of “The Italian Players”, including ACmilan’s Franco_Baresi or Paolo Maldini or Alessandro Costacurta or Mauro Tassotti. I wanted to start from “The Italian Strikers”, and then, I got stuck with this beauty of Italian football.)

Youtube: Roberto Baggio the God – a Career in Goals
Comment-kienyew1975: You are right. Today’s players are better paid, better trained, better science knowledge in fitness, better tactics, lighter ball & boots, better technology & video replays, better therapists & nutritionists etc.These things will constantly improve so it is not fair. Instead of all-time, better to compare players in their own eras/decades eg.70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s

(JIWON: Please let me start with this posting. But still, I don’t think this is merely one of the past phenomenon.)

Youtube: Roberto Baggio the God – a Career in Goals
Comment-rosyface2k: The best players always make it look easy. Definitely one of the best ever.
Comment-AltaicPride01: Baggio is superb!!! a classicist of soccer, he makes it seems so effortless!! He was incredibly gifted!! it’s a joy to see him play.. it’s like music
Comment-bsingha: **** Baggio is so graceful…he play with so ease & grace
Comment-nanarifp: Baggio is an artist.
Comment-nuorisoseura: Ahh, so beautiful goals
Comment-flippinfl00b: The thing about Baggio, he was small, not physically strong, and not pacey. He was 100% pure technique, which is how soccer (or football if u like) should be.
Comment-UncleAstaroth: I was lucky enough to see him playing live: every time he touched the ball everything on the pitch seemed to make sense. He had something magic in his feet and his head. Baggio’s football is pure poetry, nearly impossible things look easy and natural all of a sudden. C’è solo un numero 10… e ha il codino.
Comment-italiano1981: One word, wow! I’ve never seen anyone pick a corner like Baggio, what a shot accuracy!
Comment-robertobagio10: Roberto Baggio is the best soccer player in the world. The guy could score with both feet and was one of the most accurate free kickers. Thank you, Roberto 🙂
Comment-Highschoolkid2: His dribbling is very precise.
Comment-fabsternyc: yes, it’s amazing. Maradona or Cassano today (not camparing the 2, just somewhat similar dribbling style) always seemed to be losing it and instead made it through at the very last second, and because of his short and chunky body, he always seemed not in control, although we know he was, since he did it over and over and over for 20 years. But Baggio seemed to know exactly what and when and how it would happen, he barely seemed to touch the ball to stop it or change direction. He was flawless
Comment-austinsavage: no other italian player since Baggio has been able to capture the fans’ imagination like he did. Del Piero and Cassano are too inconsistent when they play for italy, Totti is a shameless cheat, Pirlo is great but not inspiring to watch, none of them have the combination of grace, skill and goalscoring prowess that makes Baggio italy’s perfect no. 10. / @Blinkadams yes there’s no disputing their talents and achievements. it’s just that del piero always disappears in international games and totti does not score as many great goals and influence the big games as baggio did
Comment-pedro1498: Maradona’s fantasy + Platini’s class + Cruyff’s technique = Roberto Baggio!

Youtube: Great Goal Roberto Baggio World Cup 1990
Comment-nuorisoseura: Ahh, so beautiful goals…
Comment-BillClintonn: This is a beautiful goal. What I love about it is that Baggio doesn’t need anything fancy, just very simple, very easy skills. He does a give and go, runs to space, puts on a little speed and then wrong-foots the defender and fools the goalie near post. He does it with elegant ease.

Youtube: Roberto Baggio – Three Decades of Passion (… Since His Youth Career…)
Comment-user/hi8h: @mattiscool5678 if you understand about football… you can see his infinitive genial touch …but he had big problems to his leg…the medics fill him of painkiller to makes him play. He takes us in the final and he makes out of it
Comment-namnvhue: sometimes when I feel down, I watch this clip over again, and he brings me lots of inspiration; PASSION! :”)

(JIWON: Isn’t that interesting? Isn’t this a perfect description of Romantic Music? Especially German Romanticism… starting from Furtwangler… and then Italian ToscaNoNo. This is what I found from SPORT FORUM, while I’ve never found this comment from the MUSIC FORUM, especially the ones to honor-or-mock Furtwangler or Barenboim, and while Barenboim’s Angels-or-Whores never gave up praising themselves as Romantic Muse, which comical interpretation had nothing to do with accuracy or simple or natural but only had anything to do with dirty oily sound and aggressive techniques…

If the comments above are from the football enthusiasts, the one below is my kind of comment.)

Youtube: Roberto Baggio – Three Decades of Passion (… Since His Youth Career…)
Comment-MsAppleeater: when I was a child, because of him, I started to be great fan of italian national team, despite I’m not big fan of football generally, would you believe? he was exceptional, great video, thanks

(JIWON: Keep reading, please. Though I never want to help Sir Lippi’s La Vecchia Signora on this issue, this is exactly what I found from the Italian football players. They had a trace of this beautiful body language. They just lack… And the result seemed to be catastophe… alas.)

Youtube: Roberto Baggio – Three Decades of Passion (… Since His Youth Career…)
Comment-WorldHK: Italy wouldn’t go to the final in 1994 without Baggio, he did the job, so actually all Italy fans should thank him for that and forget about that penalty which was missed because of huge pressure on him..
Comment-el84oro: he also carried italy past nigeria in the 2nd round, past spain and past bulgaria…..that italy side was soooooooo uninspirational, all they did was defend, baggio scored n the most important phases of the world cup the knockout rounds, true he missed in the final but its a shootout, someone has to win
Comment-bknives: you do know that he had torn his groin muscle the previous day? And that all the doctors and physios said he couldn’t play, and that he wouldn’t be able to play for at least 3 months ? The coach and baggio himself said screw it and they shot him up full of cortizone.
Comment-squalazzes: hey he was injured please stop talking about the same thing! even if he had scored italy would have lost!!
Comment-Cancer11: Italy! produce another Baggio and show me.

(JIWON: However… regardless of all those surprising comments, the comment below was what hooked me the most.)

Youtube: Roberto Baggio – Three Decades of Passion (… Since His Youth Career…)
Comment-justsignmeinman: beautiful.
Comment-njahmoon89: “Beautiful” is not a word you usually would use to describe a football player, but it’s the perfect word for Roberto Baggio.
Comment-sazwad: A beautiful video for a beautiful man, with beautiful feet. I’m so glad I found this. Il Divino Codino is how i’ll always remember him; he’s one of the only footballers that I wish was still playing!!
Comment-0233188: After Baggio, there were only Del Piero and Totti. But they don´t pay the same beautiful football that Baggio played
Comment-markk136: Great Video about a Great Player. One of the best player you will ever see playing the beautiful game.

(JIWON: They call it beautiful football. Hasn’t everybody called Anti-Italian “Beautiful Offensive Football”? This description has been my fundamental problem, since Brazilian football technique looked very aggressive, while their body language was perhaps the most relaxed. But here… with this Italian body language, I have NO problem with this word, “Beautiul”. It’s a perfect description. And then, isn’t this player a hero of the Italian Defensive Football?

I’m not sure if I can finish this writing in time. In case Italy proves “Early Exit”, I have important message to Italian Fans-or-Patriots. I think Italy has things to learn from World Cup Player Ratings: Argentina 4-1 South Korea. I can’t understand why everybody is just busy at witch-hunt.)

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