PART-9: “World Cup 2010” Fails. “Lega Nord” Paid Slovakia. Italian Football Without “Alleanza Nazionale”? End Of Story! Blame “Parlamento”, Which “Offensive League” Has Contributed To “The Bankrupt Italy” And “Collapse Of Catenaccio”! It Was The Last Chance To Enjoy “Pura Nazionale Italia”! “Forza ITALIA”!!!

🙂 Italy-Belcanto > ‘Il Corriere della Grisi’… ‘No Compromise’
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This Writing Was Basically Part Of
🙂 JIWON to ITALY: Therefore, I Went To ‘Il Corriere della Grisi’. Will Italian Leftists Call Me ‘Lega Nord’? I Care Nothing. Diaspora Jews or Arabs? Members of West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra? I Never Compromise On This Issue (Apr 19 – Jul ?, 2010)

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🙂 PART-5: Meanwhile, Eternal Absolutist Berlusconi Had Better Whisper Into His Coach’s Ear Instead Of Yelling Them Via The Media!!! What If AC-Milan Operates Without Murdoch’s Journalism, Whether It Needs To Improve Organizational Culture Or Not? (May 15 – 26, 2010)
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🙂 PART-7: “World Cup 2010” Starts. Let’s Imagine “Old Screw Silvio’s” Furious Face. Who Says, “Serie A Is Too Defensive And Barcelona Have More Depth Than Inter”? Who Says, “In 80’s & 90’s, There Was A Serie A Supremacy”? (Jun 16 – 18, 2010)
🙂 PART-8: “World Cup 2010” Struggles. Everybody Is Talking About Defense. However, Do All Of Them Look Like “Italian Catenaccio”? The Beauty Of Italian Football. Dear Italy, Produce Another Roberto Baggio! (Jun 21-23, 2010)

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PART-9a: “World Cup 2010” Fails… Despite The Last 15 Minutes Of Robust Italian Comeback. Italian Football Without “Alleanza Nazionale”? End Of Story! Everybody Knew Everything!

(Updated on JUNE 25, 2010)

Player Ratings: Slovakia 3-2 Italy Jun 24, 2010 / By Goal
Slovakia 3-2 Italy: World Champions Suffer Embarrassing Exit Jun 24, 2010 / By Goal

(JIWON: May I start with these comments?)

World Cup 2010: It’s All My Fault – Italy Coach Marcello Lippi Jun 24, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 141
Comment-Don Juan Turin / 7:22 PM Jun 24, 2010: 1) U don’t want to pick Cassano coz he is a problem –FINE! 2) U won’t consider Totti coz he already retired-FINE! 3) U didn’t pick Balotelli coz he never play much for inter and can coz disharmony in team-FINE BUT what the heck are u thinking leaving DEL PIERO, ROSSI, BORIELLO and giving CANNAVARO the starting place?? I didn’t expect Italy to win the cup again but at least.. AT LEAST pass the group (OMG this is the easiest group in world cup FFS!!) I’m still mad u’re leaving DEL PIERO behind!!! / [Agree 7 : Disagree 0]
Comment-Destan kamenica, Kosovo / 7:30 PM Jun 24, 2010: this is not enough… playing unknown players like crisito, marcisio, maggio, peppe, marcheti in World Cup is a big big shame on you… there are a lot of better players that those unknown players in Italy… shame / [Agree 5 : Disagree 1]
Comment-ahmed abu dhabi / 8:32 PM Jun 24, 2010: i don’t understand lippi in 2010. i can’t believe what is happening. or how lippi was thinking. he had confidante more than he should have, he didn’t respected the teams he was facing, i don’t want to say that he should take casano, balotili, miccoli…etc. he had a great squad, big names. but he didn’t started in any of the three matches with the correct or i can say the best start up line. he didn’t play any game to win from the beginning. we only saw the real italy last 15 min. / [Agree 28 : Disagree 0]
Comment-In-General, Elsewhere / from-time-to-time: anything-Lippi is disgraceful while leaving Abate, Aqulani, Borielo, Brighi, Casseti, De Silvestri, Giovinco, Motta, Miccoli, Santacroce, Santon, Zaneti… behind / [Agree ??? : Disagree 0]

(JIWON: Let’s assume that all criticisms are reasonable. To be frank, they all sound like insulting… And in this situation, I should be the only one who is willing to defend this poor Italian coach. However, I am not the same person as I was weeks ago, when I naively praised Sir Lippi. I read that there was a story between Sir Lippi and this Italian legend, Roberto Baggio. Therefore, I need to know the exact story until…

However… I must say this. I enjoyed this game, Player Ratings: Slovakia 3-2 Italy, very much.)

World Cup 2010: It’s All My Fault – Italy Coach Marcello Lippi Jun 24, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 141
Comment-John Cookson Englishman in Canada / 8:44 PM Jun 24, 2010: Italy started a comeback in the last 15 minutes. Pirlo was absolutely brilliant and Quagliarella scored the best goal in the tournament so far. Slovakia scored clinical goals and when a team does that, you have to say you met them on the wrong day. The Italy comeback was so strong that I thought Italy would still do it. Unfortunately their luck was not so good but all players played their hearts out. Italians should remain proud as they remain the most successful European team in World Cups. / [Agree 35 : Disagree 2]

World Cup 2010 Comment: Thank You Marcello Lippi For Humiliating The Whole Of Italy, Enjoy Your Rotten Tomatoes Jun 24, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 161
Comment-Fabio Italy / 7:04 PM Jun 24, 2010: It looks like the Italians only play well in the last 15 minutes of every match in this World Cup. / [Agree 26 : Disagree 0]
Comment-Kobina Accra, Ghana / 8:52 PM Jun 24, 2010: Will it be wrong to say Lippi was unsettled by consistent qualms with Mourinho and wanting to prove a point? He probably got carried away thinking he single-handedly won the 2006 world cup. He’d probably have had more luck had Pirlo been fit & there from the beginning / [Agree 52 : Disagree 7]
Comment-John Cookson Canada / 8:12 PM Jun 24, 2010: As an Englishman living in Canada, I have to say that getting Pirlo back (as a substitute) made a huge difference to Italy (Pirlo is probably still the best midfield artist in the world). In the end Italy were unlucky not to win or draw with Slovakia. Slovakia had some clinical goals (which means their luck was there today). Italy were magnificent in the last 15 minutes of the match and unlucky to be out of the World Cup. / [Agree 16 : Disagree 9]
Comment-. . / 1:32 AM Jun 25, 2010: This italy team only looked good for 15 minutes out of the whole tournament, having 2 different players would have made an entire difference? I know Lippi made the wrong choices but Italians need to realize that they didn’t have a great squad to begin with which happens to countries now and then and now they have time to rebuild with younger talent going forward. / [Agree 6 : Disagree 0]

(JIWON: Did the Italian fanatic fans enjoy only the last 15 minutes? YES! It would have been perfect if Italy won. However still, I did enjoy the whole game. Now, this is a story from the soccer novice, who still doesn’t know what means TACTICS or even the offsides-rule.)

1. What did I learn from Roberto Baggio? “Infinitive genial touch… beautiful feet… nothing-fancy… very simple… natural… precise…”

2. Suddenly, I was following “JABULANI”. Italian players forced me to concentrate and concentrate… on the ball. Whether precise or not, whether beautiful feet or not, whether infinitive genial touch or not, it didn’t matter. I could imagine their best form. In case of other teams, I didn’t need this kind of concentration that much. I sat back and watching the game was like an entertainment, and then, all I did was waiting for the Star-players to make fantastic goals.

3. How many comments have I posted in recent days? Everything was about Italian Defensive Football. They were right. All of a sudden, I now know what they mean; “tactics… unpredictable… for mature soccer fans… tension in the matches… don’t rely on pace or tricks…”. TACTICS is the only word that still needs my further study.

4. I now know that Italian Defensive Football was rather a natural, but secondary product. “Catenaccio” looked attractive not because it was the defensive football but because it integrated all the Italian football techniques.

5. In this Italian case, nothing will work unless this team demonstrates a solid organizational power. But… this word was not among what I found during the soccer lecture days ago.

6. THUS, I went to the Korean internet sources. The keywords was “Organizational-power” or “Unit”. What the hell… this word was the very basic of the Italian Defensive Football.

(JIWON: Hey!!! Everybody knew everything!!! In sum, it was clear that the Italian national coach desperately needed the players, who would be willing to follow all his instructions like a soccer-robot. This is where both Sir Lippi and his Italian critics failed. In my humble opinion, even the last 15 minutes failed to prove a perfect Italian mentality. They were just rushing… instead of pressing-or-what.)

World Cup 2010 Comment: Thank You Marcello Lippi For Humiliating The Whole Of Italy, Enjoy Your Rotten Tomatoes Jun 24, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 161
Comment-Gianni Montreal, Canada / 8:21 PM Jun 24, 2010: You people disgust me. Lippi made very good selections. One player doesn’t make or break a team. Italy always have and always will play under a system and not on account of individual skill. Cassano or Balotelli, or Miccoli, or any other good player wouldn’t have changed anything. Italy lost because they didn’t play together as a unit. End of story. As a real Italian fan, I look forward to the bright youngsters of tomorrow and refuse to blame one man for the laziness of an entire team. / [Agree 15 : Disagree 42]

(JIWON: Weird that this comment was hardly approved.)

09b =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-9b: Enjoy “World Cup 2010”! This Is The Last Chance For “Pura Nazionale Italia”! After the WC Is Over, Regardless Of The Outcome, You Will Begin To See A Nazionale Similar to England, Germany, Netherlands, France, and the USA! “Forza ITALIA”!!!

(Updated on JUNE 25, 2010)

World Cup 2010 Comment: Thank You Marcello Lippi For Humiliating The Whole Of Italy, Enjoy Your Rotten Tomatoes Jun 24, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 161
Comment-not milan net / 1:17 AM Jun 25, 2010: Thank you Inter & AC Milan for never give a chance for italian youngsters and always signing young talented italian players only to put them on the BENCH for several years and technicelly killing their future. This duo Milan cub is the one to blame for killing italian football / [Agree 0 : Disagree 2]
Comment-robert melbourne / 8:49 PM Jun 24, 2010: we should also be putting blame on the serie a clubs for packing their teams with foreigners. / [Agree 13 : Disagree 40]
Comment-enrico milano / 1:51 AM Jun 25, 2010: Carlo, get some perspectives! Why blame Lippi? I don’t think that Cassano and Micoli would make any difference. There aren’t simply enough good Italian players at this moment. Look at Serie A! No Italian is good enough to start for Inter. So it is not surprising that Inter wins the CL, and Italy finishes last in the weakest pool in the WC. / [Agree 4 : Disagree 22]

World Cup 2010: It’s All My Fault – Italy Coach Marcello Lippi Jun 24, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 141
Comment-f u / 6:25 PM Jun 24, 2010: its not your fault Lippi, all across Europe their national teams are in trouble, the reason is the dependency on Argentines and Brazilians. we are the only ones who make the difference Italy, Germany and England all have bit players, the difference makers are all South Americans. so blame the talent of foreigners because they are leaving all of Europe behind in the dust. / [Agree 8 : Disagree 17]

World Cup 2010 Comment: Are Serie A Clubs Like Inter To Blame For Italy’s World Cup Embarrassment? Jun 24, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 32

(JIWON: Then, what about those comments? Not only all those comments were NOT approved, but also ACmilan was treated like a twin brother of INTERmilan. Poor Sir Berlusconi… since I now know why “Old Screw Silvio” did prefer to watch the aging Italian players’ pure Italian football techniques instead of pouring his money into his young Italian players’ foreign mentality. There was this kind of comment in Berlusconi-article, of course, but I felt no need to save IT weeks ago.)

World Cup 2010: It’s A Bitter Moment For Italy & Calcio – CONI Chief Gianni Petrucci Jun 25, 2010 / By Goal
Petrucci sums up the mood in Italy, and breakfast this morning didn’t taste good… (…) “What’s happened has happened, but my experience has taught me not to analyse things straight away, but to do it when everything cools down. Once they get back to Italy I will offer the FIGC president Giancarlo Abete all the support he needs.”

World Cup 2010: Italy Are Having Trouble Up Front – Giancarlo Abete to question the lack of striking power, but defend Lippi’s choices… Jun 21, 2010 / By Goal
Abete non si nasconde: “Il calcio italiano è in CRISI, non abbiamo un GOLEADOR”. La soluzione? “NATURALIZZIAMO gli extracomunitari più BRAVI… “ Jun 22, 2010 / By Goal
World Cup 2010: It’s A Bitter Moment For Italy & Calcio – CONI Chief Gianni Petrucci Jun 25, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 1
Comment-Mike Canada / 1:04 PM Jun 25, 2010: I do not understand why people are shocked at this outcome. Everyone should have seen it coming. All the games prior to the World cup should have been a light bulb that Lippi was picking a team to fail. You can’t leave the better players at home and expect success. Lippi should hear “I told you so” over and over from the italian people for taking the pride of a nation and destroying it. Well done Lippi. The mental institute called, they a bed for you. / [Agree 5 : Disagree 0]

(JIWON: Now, I really feel pity on Sir Lippi, who has been in charge of National Team due to the poor outcome of UEFA Euro 2008. At the same time, I now strongly suspect if both prominent Italian figures, Giancarlo Abete and Gianni Petrucci, really didn’t know how to answer all those Italian criticisms, which started even before this embarrassing elimination. I don’t think so.

What’s happened has happened, all because this was the Italian national team. It was because Italian football was born very unique, very different from the rest of the world. Now, I know what made Italian national characteristics, or “Catenaccio”, so to speak. Just like Italian “Bel-Canto” techniques, this Italian football technique is born so unique, so sensitive that it needs to be protected first, needs to grow strong enough before standing firm in front of aggressive(!?) international competitors. Unlike MUSIC, which should never accept aggressive cancerous noise, this is called SPORT.

OR… The Italian Football looks UGLY, DIRTY-MANNERED defensive tricks… because this sensitive, beautiful sport can never become something aggressively attractive. To put it simply, this Italian national team was NOT allowed to have enough time to master their national football techniques… all thanks to YOU-KNOW-WHAT.)

Watch Out England, France & Italy – The Most Stunning Group Stage Exits In World Cup History Jun 22, 2010 / By Goal
World Cup 2010 World Cup Comment: Traitors, Secrecy, Back-Stabbing & Mutiny – France’s South African Story Jun 22, 2010 / By Goal

World Cup 2010: It’s All My Fault – Italy Coach Marcello Lippi Jun 24, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 141
Comment-Dany Lebanon / 9:15 AM Jun 25, 2010: Many, if not all of the Italian Fans, won’t agree with me. Media, Fans are the first to BLAME, then lippi then the players. Media kept criticizing the team and the coach Choices. We FANS did the same! Lippi had something in his mind and he wanted to prove it BUT he failed! This life YOU Win and You Lose. For years ago we WON with lippi, his tactics and inspiration WERE essentials for winning. Now, lets learn from our mistakes and look forward for a new start. GREAT LIPPI,THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING / [Agree 5 : Disagree 1]

(JIWON: Please look. I am not the only opinion. True that not every Italian professionals, coaches and football-officials in particular, can agree with Sir Lippi’s choice of players. But once the team was made, EVERYBODY should have been in unison to support this national coach, since this was, is, and will be the only way for the Italian football techniques to function. They should have stood firm and insulted MEDIA on this issue… and then should have persuaded FANS to understand what they should understand… about ITALIAN UNIT.)

World Cup 2010: Andrea Pirlo Insists Entire Italy Squad Must Take Blame For Early Exit Jun 24, 2010 / By Goal

World Cup 2010: It’s All My Fault – Italy Coach Marcello Lippi Jun 24, 2010 / By Goal
(…) “Right, ok, I take all responsibility, no excuses. If a team turns up to such an important tournament with terror in their heads, hearts and mind and they fail to express themseleves, then it means that the coach didn’t prepare it well. … Good luck to my successor and thanks to everyone for the last four years,” he told the press.

World Cup 2010: It’s All My Fault – Italy Coach Marcello Lippi Jun 24, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 141
Comment-Gianni Montreal, Canada / 7:53 PM Jun 24, 2010: Am I the only one who thinks this is pure class from Lippi? He knows that Prandelli is taking his place so he defends the players and owns all the blame. Everyone saw that the players only played for about 10 minutes (the last 10) but he still takes full responsibility. / [Agree 44 : Disagree 6]

(JIWON: Now, may I send the most important message to Italy? I am called Korean.)

World Cup Player Ratings: Argentina 4-1 South Korea Jun 17, 2010 / By Goal

(JIWON: Did the Koreans cry or yell after this disastrous happening? Noooop… It is simply because the Koreans have never expected their national team to win? We didn’t expect, of course, but were VERY disappointed at this poor outcome. Then, part of Koreans blamed Sir Lippi’s Korean counterpart… for his tactics or his choice of players. But if you think twice, Korean coach’s decision was basically reasonable. The real problem was, unlike the previous game, the South African stadium was full of international fans, who bought the tickets only to honor the Argentinean Star-players. Whenever Messi got the ball, there was a rousing cheer-or-Vuvuzela. Part of or most of Korean players had no experience of this international stage fright. (… please skip the rest of the story…)

We Koreans all watched how NOISY(!) the Argentinean team was greeted and supported during the whole game. How can we blame those poor Korean players, who were SURVIVING “important tournament with terror in their heads, hearts and mind and they fail to express themseleves”?)

World Cup 2010 Comment: Thank You Marcello Lippi For Humiliating The Whole Of Italy, Enjoy Your Rotten Tomatoes Jun 24, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 161
Comment-Som India / 9:28 PM Jun 24, 2010: Carlo is right. The nightmare has ended. Hopefully Prandelli won’t make the same mistakes that he did. / [Agree 106 : Disagree 7]
Comment-chady beirut / 8:37 PM Jun 24, 2010: i m looking forward to Prandelli’s team, he is the special one. Balotelli, Cassano, players who can make a difference, dribble and shoot. I m so glad we lost today, the nightmare is over. / [Agree 36 : Disagree 3]

Barcelona Star Zlatan Ibrahimovic Criticises ‘Defensive’ Serie A Nov 17, 2009 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 253
Comment-Anthony Le Marche / 1:36 PM Nov 17, 2009: I dont think Zlatan is criticizing Serie A. I’m a Serie A fan first, and i agree somewhat with his comments. Serie A is defensive minded, attacking more conservatively. In most cases. Some teams don’t fit into that description, the Genoas and Fiorentinas. It is a different game and mentality, one I and many others prefer. / [Agree 24 : Disagree 1]

World Cup 2010 Comment: Same Old Story As Marcello Lippi’s Uninspiring Italy Lack Flair, Fantasy & Fantantonio Jun 14, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 130
Comment-Giuseppe Italia / 6:25 AM Jun 15, 2010: Unfortunately, there will be a dramatic change in Italy after the World Cup and for all of us Italians this will be the last time we can enjoy an almost pure nazionale on the greatest stage! Lippi is the holder of the last guard to preserve our Italian culture and identity and I believe that after the WC is over, regardless of the outcome, we will begin to see a nazionale similar to England, Germany, Netherlands, France, and the USA! Forza ITALIA!!! / [Agree 22 : Disagree 4]

(JIWON: Now, I know what the last comment means. I promise. Italy will play better during the next World Cup 2014. However… if you lose your national characteristics and become one mere member of European minors, who are just bust at imitating Latin or Spanish football techniques, and as a result, can never beat Argentine or Brazil or even European neighbors such as Slovakia, your Italy won’t be greeted and supported by international fans, who bought the tickets only to watch Latin Star Players’ fantastic goals. I am the first one, who will never turn on the TV in order to watch inferior Italian team. I much prefer the REAL Italian National Team during this disastrous World Cup 2010.

By the way, the Koreans are curious. Will the Italian football clubs fire Slovakian national hero, as they did after 2002 World Cup Fiasco? (…lol…) )

09c =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-9c: Ho! “Lega Nord” Did Pay Slovakia And Instruct Them Via An Invisible Cell Phone! Shouldn’t The Italian Politicians Set An Example? How Many Have Contributed To “The Bankrupt Italy”? Hasn’t The Italian Parliament Become “Attacking, Aggressively Offensive League” And Caused “Italian Catenaccio” Collapse?

(Updated on JULY 1-2, 2010)

(JIWON: Soccer was the only sport that I was willing to watch, (I mean… baseball/basketball… American-football… golf/tennis…), though it is still not my favorite pastime. After 2010 World Cup Fiasco, I realize again that in order to watch other national teams or soccer-in-general, I really need to know all the soccer rules. Or it is boring. Now, I am in a blue mood. Everybody seems to take advantage of this computer work. What will happen to me, after all? Will I be kicked out… again… after they, including Sir Berlusconi, take what they want to take… as every male chauvinist or “Bimbo’s Boys” did to me? Starting from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra…)

North Korean Soccer Coach Talks to ‘Dear Leader’ Via Invisible Phone Jun 17, 2010 / By ABC News
The North Koreans know a thing or two about secret programs, and the country’s latest claim is a mysterious phone that allows Dear Leader Kim Jong-il help coach the team from afar. North Korean manager reportedly gets coaching advice directly from the country’s diminutive dictator via an invisible cell phone. (…)

The wrath of Kim – North Korea look to appease leader Jun 24, 2010 / By
Many jokes have been cracked about what may happen to the North Korean team when they return home to face communist leader Kim Jong Il after their exit from the World Cup. (…)

Nigeria Withdraws From International Football Jun 30, 2010/ By
(…) President Jonathan slammed a two-year embargo on Nigeria’s participation in all international football gigs. … in accord with sour public mood. He also disclosed the decision to probe how the budget for the 2010 World Cup was spent by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). (…)

Forse Bossi non aveva tutti i torti, ma al contrario… “Sembrava che ci avessero pagato gli slovacchi!”. E Sconcerti prefigura l’Italia del futuro: MULTIETNICA per obbligo Jun 25, 2010 / By Goal
(…) Sulle pagine de ‘La Stampa (=Leftist’sWeapon)’ … anche la ministra Melandri. Questa volta, invece, tutti giù per terra. Il primo tempo con la Slovacchia è stato vergognoso. Ho ripensato alla battuta di Umberto Bossi : ‘male che vada li pagheremo’. Viceversa, per come abbiamo fatto schifo, sembrava che ci avessero pagato loro, gli slovacchi… “. (…)

(JIWON: Please look! Isn’t the Italian case the most humorous? It was perfect. In my humble opinion, not only Lega Nord did pay Slovakia, but also its leader, Mr. Bossi, instructed them “via an invisible cell phone”… hum.)

Italian politicians (Lega Nord) demand Lippi hand back World Cup wages Jun 26, 2010 / By
(…) Coach Lippi said that he took all responsibility for the failure. “In that case, he ought to give back his wages,” slammed Minister for Reforms Roberto Calderoli. “FIGC President Giancarlo Abete should also resign, as he was the one responsible for choosing Lippi in the first place.”

Italy’s Iron Lady Emma Marcegaglia batters Berlusconi government May 27, 2010 / By FT
Silvio Berlusconi, billionaire entrepreneur and prime minister, might well have expected an enthusiastic reception from Italy’s main business lobby yesterday after announcing (…) BUDGET-CUT-BUDGET-CUT (…) Instead captains of industry saved their loudest applause for Emma Marcegaglia, head of Confindustria, and sometimes called Italy’s Iron Lady. She used her most prominent speech of the year to tear into Mr Berlusconi’s centre-right government and the political establishment in general.
“Let me state this clearly,” she said as almost the entire cabinet listened uncomfortably in the front row of Rome’s main auditorium. “POLITICS GIVES JOBS TO TOO MANY PEOPLE IN ITALY. IT IS THE ONLY SECTOR THAT DOES NOT KNOW EITHER CRISIS OR REDUNDANCY.
“When the country has to make sacrifices, it is utterly unthinkable that the political class is not the first to slash their privileges . . . A cut of 10% in the salaries of members of the government, seen from an international perspective, is a timid start,” she went on.
(…) Clearly taken aback by the harsh criticism … Mr Berlusconi abandoned his own prepared speech. Instead he tried to turn the tables and said Ms Marcegaglia had rejected his offer of the post left vacant by Mr Scajola. Turning to the packed auditorium he asked all those to raise their hands in favour of her joining the cabinet. JUST A HANDFUL RESPONDED. (…)

(JIWON: Then… Don’t you think the Italian politicians should set an example for their “PROFESSIONAL” citizens to follow? How many politicians, including Mr. Prodi’s boys and girls, have contributed to “The Bankrupt Italy”? Whose Cabinet took the lead? Please click Wikipedia: Cabinets of the Republic of Italy. So many presidents and much more prime ministers and their COUNTLESS ministers… sigh. Since when…?

Hasn’t the Italian Parliament become “Attacking, Aggressively Offensive League” and therefore been causing her beautiful, sensitively defensive Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio to flounder in the Atlantic Ocean? Hum… Since this Italian case sounded so comical, I was following their articles. Please let me entertain the international readers even after WC-Brazil 2014… ho-ho.)

Italian minister (Lega Nord) urges austerity for footballers, too Jun 7, 2010 / By AFP
As Italy scrambles to stave off a debt crisis and reassure financial markets, a minister has stirred controversy by urging “sacrifices” from the country’s beloved national football team. (…) CUT-BONUS (…) “I like Lega Nord’s Calderoli a lot better as minister than as a sports commentator,” added Defence Minister Ignazio La Russa, an avid football fan.

Italy to donate portion of prize money to acknowledge global financial crisis Jun 11, 2010 / By The Canadian Press

Lippi Angry After Northern League Radio “Padania Libera” Cheers Paraguay Goal Jun 15, 2010 / By

Italy separatists (Lega Nord) say Azzurri to bribe their way to World Cup glory Jun 23, 2010 / By
Allegations of bribery hit Italy team ahead of do or die clash (with Slovakia) Jun 23, 2010 / By Sify
All Whites (NewZealand) target in Italy cheat claims Jun 24, 2010 / By
Italian football is at the centre of cheating allegations after a politician claimed the world champions would “buy” a victory against Slovakia in a bid to keep the All Whites (NewZealand) out of the second round. (…) four years may have passed since the Calciopoli scandal erupted before the World Cup in Germany, when several leading Italian clubs were accused of fixing matches, but it remains a sensitive subject and Bossi’s claims were widely deplored. (…) Although Bossi said that his remarks were intended as “a joke”, his critics viewed them as a deliberate attempt to undermine Italy on the eve of a crucial game. Friction between the Northern League and the Azzurri was evident before the start of the World Cup when … “BONUS-CUT-FISCO”… several players to condemn Calderoli as an “opportunistic politician”, although the squad have agreed to donate a portion of its bonuses to help to fund the 150th anniversary celebrations of the UNIFICATION OF ITALY next year. Then last week, Radio Padania, a mouthpiece for the Northern League, provoked more controversy by urging people to support Paraguay in Italy’s opening game (…)

(JIWON: This scandal hooked me, not because of Lega Nord’s comical remarks but because of Calciopoli or Moggiopoli Scandal in 2006 mentioned here.)

09d =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-9d: Time to Study(?)Calciopoli until 2006. If Luciano Moggi Was Merely One Of Those Equally(!) Involved In And Made A Scapegoat For Italian Football’s Incompetence, He’s Welcome To Join. If Sir Berlusconi Wants To Take Advantage Of This Computer Work Only To Satisfy His Lust For Dictatorial Power, He’ll Fail.

(Updated on JULY 1-2, 2010)

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World Cup 2010 Comment: Are Serie A Clubs Like Inter To Blame For Italy’s World Cup Embarrassment? Jun 25, 2010 / By Goal
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Comment-you behind me / 7:25 PM Jun 25, 2010: The club is called Internazionale for a reason. / [Agree 20 : Disagree 4]
Comment-Ben London / 12:44 AM Jun 26, 2010: Inter never had many Italians in its teams. In previous years, Milan, Juve and Lazio were very strong nationally and internationally, and so the Italian players there had access to high-level football. Since Claciopoli, those 3 clubs have been a mess, and subsequently have failed to produce/develop/acquire top Italian talent. / [Agree 4 : Disagree 0]

(JIWON: I don’t know when. I don’t know why. I think it was around the time I suddenly and finally realized the beauty of Italian defensive football. It was around the time I was able to enjoy the whole game of the Italian National Team without studying the soccer rules. All of a sudden, I became curious if part of reasons of the outbreak of Calciopoli or Moggiopoli Scandal in 2006 was to illegally(?!) protect the Italian style from the aggressively internationalized soccer rules. Dear folks… I said… part of the reasons…

Then… again… I realized that this Italian football CRIMINAL, Luciano Moggi, had suddenly become busy and was pathetically(?) following this computer work. I hate this. Why in the world all kinds of faulty humans are the only one gathering around my troublesome life? Then, I realize again that nothing matters if I ignore whatever fails to hook my attention. Is this trial still under way or what? It’s been a mystery to my poor English.

IF… If my curiosity proves to be reasonable,
If Luciano Moggi was merely one of those who were EQUALLY involved in Calciopoli until 2006, as some Italians insist via various sources, and had been made a scapegoat for the Italian football’s incompetence,
He is welcome to join this computer work. WHY NOT?)

Berlusconi wins vote on wiretaps (by 164 to 25) Jun 11, 2010 / By FT
Berlusconi accuses newspapers of misinforming readers Jul 1, 2010 / By
Berlusconi Bill Is Danger to Press Freedom, Regulator Says Jul 1, 2010 / By BusinessWeek
Italian journalists protest against Silvio Berlusconi’s media law Jul 2, 2010 / By British Media
Italian judges strike against proposed limits on wiretaps, salary cuts Jul 2, 2010 / By The Canadian Press

Critics of Silvio Berlusconi gag must look closer to home Jun 07, 2010 / By
IT seems that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi just can’t stop embarrassing himself. (…) MEDIA-GAG-BILL (…) Italy’s media-mogul-cum-political-buffoon has made himself an easy target for international outrage and ridicule, yet again. … BRITISH-MEDIA (…) Still, British commentators would do well to examine the state of press freedom at home before engaging in too much moral posturing about Italy.
This might even provide them with some clues as to where Berlusconi got his ideas from. Indeed, Berlusconi should probably be comparing himself to Tony Blair rather than Mussolini, because it looks like he has taken a leaf out of Britain’s Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, which was introduced in 2000, ostensibly to crack down on internet crime and pedophilia, but which in fact has seriously assaulted Britons’ freedoms. … In many ways, the RIP Act is even more illiberal than Berlusconi’s bill.
(…) It is ironic that The Guardian should be so outraged at Berlusconi’s actions when only last year it was defending the RIP Act, demanding that the British state use it to prosecute journalists for intercepting private phone calls. (…) Yet now Guardian writers are likening Italy to a dictatorship, demanding that the EU step in to stop Berlusconi’s democratically elected government from passing this new law.
For once, the EU has recognised that it should not meddle in individual countries’ affairs and has said that this is a national matter for Italy. It is not the EU’s role to stipulate national laws. No, it is up to the Italian people to challenge Berlusconi’s gag bill and it looks as if they are doing so, loud and clear.
(…) Of course, any journalist in any country has the right to speak his or her mind on the state of press freedom in Italy or anywhere else for that matter. But while Berlusconi is an easy target for broadsheet outrage, British journalists should take a more critical look at press freedom at home, rather than, without any sense of irony, getting all snooty about “corrupt Italians”.

Italy’s corruption police tape the Pope’s phone calls Jun 11, 2010 / By
(…) Pope Benedict is not suspected of any wrong doing – although Vatican officials are said to be furious that he was secretly taped – while it has also emerged that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was also recorded speaking to Bertolaso. (…) Italians have got use to reading wiretaps during police investigations and they have caught out several big names including controversial Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. It is estimated that during the last ten years 30 million telephone calls have been secretly recorded by police and intelligence agencies across the country as part of various investigations. (…) Yesterday the Italian Senate (Upper House) passed a confidence vote on the telephone interception bill by 164 to 25 (…)

Italy’s corruption police tape the Pope’s phone calls Jun 11, 2010 / By
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Comment-Loris, Milan, 11/6/2010 07:33: Notice the word CORRUPTION, the Vatican and IOR and Marchinkus, Banco Ambrosinao, Calvi, Banca Antonveneta etc etc. have been in a cauldron of corruption and misfits, suffice to say that the IOR is a tax Heaven in the middle of Rome / [Agree 0: Disagree 40]
Comment-Bob Morris, s, 11/6/2010 07:28: It was said that Vatican officials were ” furious” about the phone tapping. We did not hear such” fury” over the abuse of children by the Catholic church. / [Agree 0: Disagree 42]
Comment-abrad, London, 11/6/2010 04:58: The mob runs the government in Italy…another reason why I have no confidence in the single currency and free migration model. / [Agree 62: Disagree 0]

(JIWON: Still, I don’t know how to express my personal opinion on this issue. I was the very first one whose private (phone) conversation was taped, and who was sick of foul media. I just can promise one thing. If Sir Berlusconi wants to take advantage of my hard working only to satisfy his lust for DICTATORIAL power, he will fail. I still don’t think the Italian voters are not that stupid. I believe that the Italian problems have been and will be solved in the Italian way. It should be solved in the Italian way.

I think Calciopoli until 2006 was also part of this, and ALL the Italians heard private phone-conversations of Luciano Moggi. You can make EVERYTHING open and analyze all the professional matters in this very Italian way. If you put all your focus on the meaning of Italian football, you won’t fail. This is what I believe, since I kind of appreciate Luciano Moggi’s evaluation of “professional” football players.)

09e =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-9e: Padanian “I Verdi” Vs. Italian “Azzurri”! Which National Team Will Prove The Beauty Of Italian Football? Whether Italian or Sicilian or Padanian, Why Don’t You Italians Ponder National Characteristics First? You’d Better Split The Country If You Have Absolutely Nothing In Common.

(Updated on JULY 1-2, 2010)

Italy weeps, Northern League celebrates Jun 26, 2010 / By Presseurop
Italian separatists “Northern League” revel in Slovak football victory Jun 26, 2010 / By
Italy’s humiliating exit from the World Cup has been seized on by the country’s Northern League to rally support for its campaign to split the country. The party wants a semi-autonomous homeland known as ‘Padania’ in northern Italy. Its supporters welcomed defeat by Slovakia, “a country which was born from secession”. (…) Legislative reforms minister Roberto Calderoli, a senior League member, blamed Italy’s humiliating first round exit on overpaid foreign players. … “We need to get our own, home-grown lads playing in our clubs,” he said. Padania fields its own soccer team, which for the last three years has won the Viva World Cup, a contest between unrecognised countries such as Kurdistan, West Papua and Occitania of southern France.
Roberto Calderoli and racism: Following Italy’s defeat of France in the 2006 World Cup Final, Calderoli criticized France for having “sacrificed its identity for results by fielding niggers, Muslims and Communists” These comments drew many protests from … In June 2008 Calderoli said in a TV interview: “It is obvious that there are ethnic groups and populations that are more inclined to work and others not. And there is greater predisposition for crime by someone over others.”

(JIWON: HO! This Italian… ooops sorry… Padanian Politician is making a very interesting point. I used to think…)

1. The fact about beautiful, sensitively defensive Italian football hooked me, because this ensemble technique about “ITALIAN UNIT” was exactly same as what I used to dream about “Woodwind and Brasses of the Professional Orchestra”. How many internationally top-rated orchestras have an ability to demonstrate this ensemble technique?
2. Just like Italy, Korea is also a peninsula, which north side is, however, blocked by the North Korean border, and which south side is well protected by the Pacific Ocean. Whenever I think of the immigration problems of “The Peninsula Italy”, and imagined the same problem in “The Peninsula Korea”, it was horrible.
3. NEVERTHELESS… Doesn’t this beautiful, sensitively defensive Italian football represent the diligent mentality of hard working immigrants? This is what I found from the Korean internet sources when “ITALIAN UNIT” suddenly became my curiosity.

(JIWON: In sum, I care nothing. Whether the Padania national football team (I VERDI) wins VIVA World Cup three times more or not, whether the Italian National Team embarrassingly proves “Early Exit” or not, I will follow my favorite style. Padania at VIVA WC 2012 versus Italy at Euro 2012 and then WC-Brazil 2014. Which team will prove this beautiful national characteristic first? First of all, what is the main characteristic of Padania national football team (I VERDI)?)

Italians question nationhood after football defeat Jun 24 2010 / By FT
(…) It was symptomatic of the sport’s problems … “INTER-Argentine-Brazil-INTER”… “It is a second Caporetto,” exclaimed one man, referring to the rout of the Italian army in 1917 by combined Austro-Hungarian and German forces. Historic references abounded as Italians questioned whether they really were a nation, a debate that has gripped the media and revealed deep divisions within Mr Berlusconi’s coalition as the country marks the 150th anniversary of its UNIFICATION with the landing in Sicily of Garibaldi’s small army. “You Brits are a nation. We are not. So no one will cry,” said Silvano, watching the match in The Albert, an English pub in Rome. BUT OUTSIDE PEOPLE WERE CRYING. Mr Berlusconi, a billionaire media baron who also owns the Milan football club, had no immediate comment.

(JIWON: I believe. YOU ITALIANS, whether Sicilians or Padanians, should make EVERYTHING open and ponder what means Italian or Sicilian or Padanian national characteristics. If YOU two or three or even-several have absolutely nothing in common, YOU ITALIANS should split the country into two or three or even-several… really. Living in peace is much better, meaningful than wasting your life in…)

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PART-9f: Poor Berlusconi Is No Mussolini And Dare Not To Behead His Players. He Preferred Instead To Expect Anything-Italian From England And Was Left… “More Furious”? Or… “In Panic”?

(Updated on JULY 5, 2010)

World leaders gear up for G-20 and G-8 summits in Canada Jun 25, 2010 / By
English PM David Cameron won’t risk international red card Jun 25, 2010 / By
(…) Cameron revealed how Berlusconi was “claiming Fabio Capello,” reference to England’s Italian coach, who is technically the only Italian left in the South Africa showpiece. “I commiserated with PM Berlusconi about the Italian team, but he is now claiming Fabio Capello as one of his own, and is going to be supporting England, so I have notched up one supporter,” Cameron said.

World Cup 2010 England Inquest: If Fabio Capello Failed, What Makes A Successful International Manager? Jul 2, 2010 / By Goal
World Cup 2010 Comment: Fabio Capello Has Been A Disaster In Cups For 15 Years & Was Never Going To Win Over-Rated England The World Cup Jun 28, 2010 / By Goal
(…) The conclusion of this piece isn’t, as was the case with Italy and Marcello Lippi, that England’s World Cup disaster is purely down to the coach. It is a well known fact that technically and tactically England are not good enough to win the World Cup, and that the English press build up laughably unrealistic expectations before every tournament, but Capello certainly made it impossible for them to punch above their weight. (…)

(JIWON: After realizing his fate never to become the reincarnation of Mussolini, this poor Berlusconi dare NOT to behead his football players but preferred instead to expect anything-Italian from England and was left… Which word fits better in this situation? “Being Left More Furious” after realizing that this intrepid country simply doesn’t fit his beloved Italian style or “Being Left In Panic” after predicting his Italian fellow’s British doom and gloom?

Weird that the British media neither insult the Italian PM on this issue nor point fingers at their easiest target, Berlusconi, as to why their national team has lost. What did they do when the Italian PM backed their British icon for the EU president?)

Beckenbauer labels England ‘stupid’ and ‘burnt out’ Jun 24, 2010 / By Independent

(JIWON: I know I should not make fun of any national team. I read that the England team has suffered a systemic problem, and therefore, the players were very tired during the World Cup. However… Once again, I enjoyed this game, ‘Psychic’ octopus predicts Germany victory over England, very much. More frankly, I couldn’t help laughing whenever this Italian coach’s furious face was on the TV-monitor. Isn’t this Italian face similar to that of “Old Screw Silvio”? It was like imagining the furious face of the Italian Maestro ToscaNoNo, who was busy at yelling at, instead of conducting, the British Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, which entire members are just busy at playing.

Suddenly, I realized the Korean nickname for the “England Football In The Worst/Best/Humorous Form”, as well as what I picked up from the comment section weeks ago, even though I’ve never watched English Premier League. Didn’t I laugh and laugh while reading this comment section? Weird that only this country is dubbed this kind of ambiguous nickname. Not surprisingly, the article above was translated in a different language, using this nickname and therefore… full of humor.)

1. Ppung: “Pop” or “Hoof” or “Hammer the ball” (… however, it is impossible to translate this word, since we don’t use it in a normal situation…)
2. Ppung-gland: They just kick and that’s all. They just run and that’s all. The exact description of Sir Rattle’s British Mahler. They just play and that’s all. (I wonder why today’s radios stop playing these recordings. Is it perhaps because most student-or-amateur-or-professional orchestras play in this way… almost everyday… and there is no more commercial value?)
3. England Ppung-soccer: This is how they used to shine as the radiant sun, having produced these England legends such as Bobby Charton (b. 1937 for Cross), Captain Bobby Moor (b. 1941 for Tackle), Paul Gascoigne (b. 1967 for Dribbling), Paul Scholes (b. 1974 for Cross), David Beckham (b. 1975 for Cross), and so on. (We see… if the British MUSIC-media or even the very professional critics/musicologists want to make fun of me on this issue… even in this situation. I will only accept male homosexual human’s hard working. I’m still working on the female case.)

(JIWON: I also realized how and why the Korean Captain “Jji” was able to be highly and truly valued at Man Utd.)

09g =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-9g: Where Is Italy Heading Toward? World Cup 2014? Multiethnic Italy? How Many Foreigners? Which Foreigners?

(Updated on JULY 5, 2010)

Le Opinioni di Goal La Vs Opinione – E’ un tutti contro tutti: colpa di Lippi! No dei giocatori. Ma la Federazione dov’era? Il Calcio italiano è morto… Jun 29, 2010 / By Goal

Dibattito – In Sudafrica è FALLIMENTO AZZURRO, quali sono le cause del TRACOLLO ITALIANO? Di’ la Tua! Analizziamo le ragioni del funesto Mondiale della nostra Nazionale Jun 26, 2010 / By Goal
Qual è stata la causa principale del disastro Azzurro al Mondiale?
1. Le convocazioni sbagliate di Lippi (=Notice of wrong Lippi)
2. Confusione tattica e mancanza di identità (=Tactical confusion and lack of identity)
3. Giovani non all’altezza della situazione (=Young people do not rise to the occasion)
4. Il declino del calcio italiano (=The decline of Italian football)
5. Sfortuna e cattiva sorte (=Bad luck and bad luck)

Il commento del giorno (Paolo) – Il calcio italiano deve cambiare rotta: limitare il numero degli stranieri e dare più spazio ai giovani… Jun 26, 2010 / By Goal

Speciale – Flop Azzurro = CRISI TECNICA SENZA PRECEDENTI: dall’Under 21 scadente all’Inter straniera, viaggio nel momento nero del calcio italiano Jun 29, 2010 / By Goal
Il nostro movimento è in costante declino, proviamo a capire perchè.

L’Opinione – Italia, è il momento di CAMBIARE: ripartiamo dall’Under 21, ma i TOP CLUB ci devono credere! Jun 30, 2010 / By Goal

Inchiesta – Italia a PICCO, Germania in ORBITA: Low, giovani e idee, il MODELLO TEDESCO è da emulare Jun 30, 2010 / By Goal
Scopriamo come i nostri rivali tedeschi hanno rilanciato il loro calcio.
4. MULTIETNICO? CI PIACE! (=Multiethnic? We like!)

Le Opinioni di Goal Editoriale – Prandelli, sì all’Italia multietinica, no al commercio di passaporti Jul 5, 2010 / By Goal

(JIWON: Where is Italy heading toward? And finally…)

Italian league cuts foreign recruitment Jul 3, 2010 / By
Italian clubs angry over restriction Jul 3, 2010 / By soccernet.espn

(JIWON: Whether or not Italian league cuts foreign recruitment, this is NOT my concern. I am now suspecting if my English writing is still that poor. What hooked me while watching furious face of Sir Capello during this game, ‘Psychic’ octopus predicts Germany victory over England, was that…

After realizing the meaning of Italian football, I was busy at analyzing Korean players’ potential. It was impossible to analyze local players, since I am now too tired to remember all the names. When the World Cup started, I only knew couple of names.)

1. It was interesting to watch 2002 World Cup Fiasco again. Part of it, though. Which Korean player was fired from Perugia Calcio? All Koreans knew that this player spent most of his Italian time at the bench and questioned his ability when he was summoned to the World Cup. He made it, anyway. When I started this computer work, one of things that I picked up from the Korean sources was that this Korean player learned a lot from Perugia Calcio regardless of his bench life. (Since I couldn’t find his interview, anyone is welcome to have doubts about the validity of this information. This is why I couldn’t post this weeks ago.) Now, I know who Totti is. At the same time, it is my pleasure to pick up the very Italian style from this Korean player’s patriotic performance. Dear Italians… you’re welcome to evaluate this troublesome game in your whatsoever favorite way.

2. Weirdly enough, during this World Cup 2010, the Korean Captain “Jji” from the British Man Utd showed the most Italian way of football techniques. There were couple of others, too, but this case hooked me the most. Interesting is that he developed this style while running and running for his British fans. (I think there is another reason, too, but I won’t write this. If you follow his interviews and Berlusconi-articles, it is easy to figure out.) Is it merely coincidental that his favorite shoes are “Made In Italy”? What I feel funny is that not the Italian clubs but this British club already started its commercial business for the Korean fans.

3. As far as I know, the Korean Football League is still far inferior to the Japanese one. Under the normal circumstances, it will be impossible to watch the Korean Captain “Jji”s achievement. However… his Korean fans say that he had to kill his “Killer Instinct” while surviving his professional life as “the most diligent British player” to assist a Star-player. What about the Italian young players, who don’t have to go abroad to train their native talent?

4. I am not sure of this part. While following Park Ji-Sung’s Korean articles, I realized that his Korean Coach’s favorite player was from the Italian style, too, and he couldn’t… (… headache… due to my limited knowledge…) It was a real discovery, because I’ve always read that some special kids went to Latin America or Spain to study football. (Since I am not sure of this part, I might delete it.)

5. It wouldn’t be a soccer fan, if he didn’t watch the Brazilian or Argentinean team. To my surprise, ACmilan’s Latin players differed from the INTERmilan’s. They were different. I’m pretty sure that Luciano Moggi knows what I mean. I became curious and curious. Of course, my present situation doesn’t allow me to analyze…; I can pick up just part of players… something very basic. But still… they were different. It would have been terrific if I could watch ACmilan’s other Brazilians running for the World Cup 2010.

6. After realizing the (huge-or-basic) difference between those same Latin players, who’ve earned their fame in ONE Italy, I realized why the Italian National Team didn’t look HOMOGENEOUS during the game, Italy 1 – 1 Paraguay: Italy comes back swinging in the second half. I now think… Sir Berlusconi should be very careful if his ACmilan wants to RE-import the INTERmilan’s chief export, who developed his techniques and earned his international fame in the “PURE Serie A” and went to a foreign club via INTERmilan but has received mixed reviews from professionals and fans alike… in spite of his top-rate health, self-confident mentality and his agent’s commercially big mouth. I seriously recommend Sir Berlusconi to check his recent performances. There is a BIT chance that he’s been losing his Italian techniques… both at Inter and especially at its foreign rival club… and this is why… If my analysis is right, this player is clearly over-rated. However, I must say that it has nothing to do with MONEY or his agent’s foul media play, which exactly reminds me of Barenboim’s Berlin Opera’s commercial PR-tricks. I believe that Sir Berlusconi should check whether or not this player’s Italian come-back could thrill him, his ACmilan and La Voce dei Rossoneri with his Italian playing style, his Italian technique, and his Italian goal scoring abilities. Has he already forgotten how much his hoped-for Brazilian coach betrayed his Italian heart? Who has a sharper instinct than Sir Berlusconi? I now know that the willingness to prove “No.10’s Fantastical Goal” fully supported by defensive colleagues-or-slaves is NEVER the epitome of the Italian defensive football. Very interesting is that I found Cruyff’s interview about this issue… just minutes ago. My keyword for this research was “Technique”.

7. Then suddenly, especially after watching XYZ, I became curious… if the Italian football style or players have been more vulnerable to certain kinds of injuries… just like the case of REAL-talented or legendary MUSICIANS’ troublesome health record. I’m sure, too, that Luciano Moggi knows what I mean. Dear Italians… If my curiosity proves to be reasonable, don’t you think the “Scientific Training and Maintenance” should be high on your list of priorities?

09? =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*

(Updated on JULY 7, 2010)

Italy’s Debt Is Potential ‘Time-Bomb’ That May Lead to Default Jul 5, 2010 / By BusinessWeek
UniCredit buys AS Roma, The Largest Debtor Jul 5, 2010 / By Ukrainian Globalist
(…) buying AS Roma bank UniCredit is connected with the desire to make money on the resale of the last club. (…)

(JIWON: They say that Italian Fans worry about the club’s future. REALLY? Hard to believe… concerning ACmilan’s case.)

(Updated on JULY 7-8, 2010) – I hope to post every valuable sentence from Italian Football Professionals. Who else wants to join? Even Gianfranco Fini (b. 1952) will be welcomed. Last night, after checking information about Alleanza Nazionale (1995-2009), I was in such a shock that I couldn’t write a thing about Sir Berlusconi.

FIGC president Abete admits Italian football on it’s knees Jun 27, 2010 / By
Italian politicians (Nega Nord) demand Lippi… Abete should also resign Jun 27, 2010 / By
Giancarlo Abete Continues As Italian FA Chief After Board Meeting – Report Jul 2, 2010 / By Goal
(…) NONE of the board members voted for Abete to step down and many expressed their opposition to the possibility of him handing in his resignation. (…)

Soccer: PRANDELLI To Lead ITALY Till 2014 World Cup Jul 2, 2010 / By

FIGC president Abete says Prandelli right man to bring through young Italy talent Jun 28, 2010 / By
(…) “We have the necessity to re-start. Obviously there is sadness and bitterness, but we must re-start. I have responsibility as the Federation president. I made the choice of Marcello Lippi and don’t deny that and I take my responsibility for this, but the coach has all the authority to make technical choices. We have chosen Prandelli for the technical quality, for the capability to play with young players. Our aim with Prandelli is to have a long-term operation, as it’s known that his deal will be four years long and up to the next World Cup.” said FIGC president Abete.

I Will Turn Italy Around With Quality Players, But Give Me Time – Cesare Prandelli Jul 1, 2010 / By Goal
(…) Marcello Lippi was criticised following his failure to deliver, but Prandelli feels the departing coach left him with firm ground to build. (…) “I hope to organise a team based on real human values. … I want to salute Marcello Lippi, who is a World Cup winning coach. Lippi leaves a certain mentality behind, the players are attached to the shirt, and we have to restart from this. It’s a programme that involves everyone: players, staff and even the media. What has happened has happened, I want to transform the negativity into something positive.” (…)

Cesare Prandelli is The Right Man For Italy – FIGC vice-president Demetrio Albertini Jul 1, 2010 / By Goal
(…) “Rather than think about formations, Prandelli will think about bringing up the morale of the Azzurri back to its highest level. … Of course, not everything has to be thrown away and we don’t need to talk about a revolution. Young people need to grow up, Lippi’s team had young and old players that are still available to Prandelli.”

Gianfranco Zola (b.1966 as Striker)
Cesare Prandelli Is Perfect For Italy – Gianfranco Zola Jun 28, 2010 / By Goal
(…) “I am expecting him to select some young players and to work downwards in the national teams, restructuring our youth system which right now is the one which is struggling the most. … But I think it summarises our moment right now. … I think the win in the World Cup in Germany somehow covered all the problems we were going through and I think this shows everybody now that it is a difficult moment. “But in difficult times, Italian people get together and produce something good, so I think this is an opportunity for us to get better, to see what is going wrong and to try to improve.”

Luigi Riva (b. 1944 as Cagliari Striker)
Italy Legend Luigi Riva: Cesare Prandelli Is Starting Off On The Right Foot
(…) “Prandelli has said the national team is open to everyone. He’s not the first to say those who play deserve it. He will choose a squad from those players and then see if they deserve to play for the national team in the future.” (…)

(JIWON: Everybody is doing a terrific job. Then, what about this?)

Cesare Prandelli Signs Four-Year Italy Contract, But Luciano Moggi Questions The Move Jun 30, 2010 / By Goal
(…) Moggi told Radio Toscana: “Prandelli? Italy needs a selector more than a coach. Therefore it will be a difficult job for him. If he doesn’t have the players, there aren’t many around with quality in Italy at the moment, then it will also be a dark night for him too.” (…)

World Cup 2010: Fabio Cannavaro Explains Italy’s Failure Jul 2, 2010 / By Goal
(…) Cannavaro feels too many mistakes were never going to build the vehicle to drive on towards the last 16. “There was too much fear, the wrong system, and from this we went out. Champions like [Wayne] Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo went home,” he added. “It means if you don’t have a team then you won’t go far.”

Sacchi ha la prova provata: “Ronaldo, Ribery, Rooney… cosa dicono ora quelli che credono che un fuoriclasse possa cambiare il destino di una squadra???” Jul 2, 2010 / By Goal
Anche Cannavaro è d’accordo: “Senza squadra non vai da nessuna parte, solo Maradona ha vinto da solo…”.
(…) ” Sono rimaste in gioco tutte le nazionali dotate di una grandissima motivazione, di una buona condizione di forma e di qualità tecnica – scrive Sacchi sulla ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’ – Il gioco, tuttavia, è insoddisfacente. Anche le stelle ne soffrono, come dimostrano le insufficienti prestazioni dei campioni più attesi: Cristiano Ronaldo, Kakà, Ribery, Rooney, Torres, Messi. Solo un goal segnato dai 6 grandi: che cosa penseranno tutti quelli che credono che un fuoriclasse possa cambiare il destino della propria squadra a prescindere dal gioco? “. (…) Ma Beccantini punge: “… Negli anni Cinquanta e Sessanta, gli allenatori erano una riga, non un titolo. Andate e rileggervi la formazione del Milan di Sacchi. Formidabile nei nomi, prima ancora che nel gioco… “.
(… jiwon: impossible to understand La Stampa or Beccantini’s hard working… sorry…)

(JIWON: Needless to say, those whose prime aim is COLONIZATION or even to maximize the Italians’ Aggressively Savagery during WC-Brazil 2014, should ignore these opinions and rush everything to solve the problem. Is there any other way to win those Latin teams… in this present situation?

Please think of Messi and his Argentinean team. While Messi was having a hard time, who was able to make the goals and how? Does the Italian National Team, even during Prandelli era, have this kind of football player or mentality? ALL the candidates of Italy’s “No.10 Fantastico” want to be a PRIMA DONNA. Right?)

10 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
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