Rossoneri 2010-2011: Dear Sir, “Fantastic Four” Are Transformed Into “Flop Four”! Maestro Allegri Needs Advice From Professor Berlusconi!

🙂 Italy-Belcanto > ‘Il Corriere della Grisi’… ‘No Compromise’
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PART-6: Therefore, Toward Berlusconi’s “Little-Republic”…

🙂 R15-??: WORKING… independent posting is needed…
May 22, 2011 2:00 PM BST Serie A-38 Udinese- Milan
May 15, 2011: 2:00 PM BST Serie A-37 Milan- Cagliari
May 8, 2011 2:00 PM BST Serie A-36 Roma- Milan
May 1, 2011 2:00 PM BST Serie A-35 Milan- Bologna
Apr 23, 2011 2:00 PM BST Serie A-34 Brescia- Milan
Apr 17, 2011 2:00 PM BST Serie A-33 Milan- Sampdoria
Apr 10, 2011 2:00 PM BST Serie A-32 Fiorentina- Milan
Apr 3, 2011 2:00 PM BST Serie A-31 Milan- Inter Milan
Mar 20, 2011 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-30 Palermo- Milan
Mar 13, 2011 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-29 Milan- Bari
Mar 6, 2011 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-28 Juventus- Milan
Feb 27, 2011 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-27 Milan- Napoli
Feb 20, 2011 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-26 Chievo- Milan
Feb 13, 2011 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-25 Milan- Parma
Feb 6, 2011 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-24 Genoa- Milan
Feb 2, 2011 7:30 PM GMT Serie A-23 Milan- Lazio
Jan 30, 2011 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-22 Catania- Milan
Jan 23, 2011 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-21 Milan- Cesena
Jan 16, 2011 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-20 Lecce- Milan
Jan 9, 2011 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-19 Milan- Udinese
Jan 6, 2011 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-18 Cagliari- Milan
Dec 19, 2010 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-17 Milan- Roma
Dec 12, 2010 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-16 Bologna- Milan
Dec 8, 2010 7:45 PM GMT UEFA Champions League Milan- Ajax
Dec 5, 2010 2:00 PM GMT Serie A-15 Milan- Brescia

🙂 R13-14: Time To Think For The Long Term. Despite Mental Balance, AC-Milan Need Some Creativity In Middle. Passionate Binho Buzzes Around. Alas, Brazil Coach Menezes Refuses To Train Baby-Dinho When You-Know-Who Resumes His F*cking Job. (Nov 21-28, 2010)
SA-14 Sampdoria 1-1 Milan: With Abate’s Ibra’s Help, Binho Shocks Rossoneri, Not Only Scoring On A Tough Volley But Also With His Typical Passionate Involvement. Allegri’s Odd Tactical Decisions For Some Odd Reason Shock Rossoneri, Too.
CL-05 AJ Auxerre 0-2 Milan: Ibra’s 111km/h Shoot! Dinho’s 5-Minute Magic! Uncle Fester Is Too Hilarious… Reason To Worry! A Yellow Card Welcomes Strasser’s Debut. Milan Plays No Game At The Middle. Dinho’s You-Know-Who Resumes His F*cking Job.
SA-13 Milan 1-0 Fiorentina: AC-Milan Play With “Patients & Mental Balance,” Enabling Mentor Nesta To Teach Silva How To Assist Ibra’s Scissors Kick. Allegri Misses Duckling’s Mature Performance. It’s Getting Like “Inter+SpecialOne”. Boring To Watch, Except Ibracadabra Entertaining Rossoneri With Hilarious/Serious Injury To His Elbow Whilst Celebrating.

🙂 PROFESSOR-07: Is Ibracadabra A Fantastia Or A Trequartista Or Just A Bit Of Egoistic Forward? What Do Rossoneri Want From Ibracadabra? Which Role Can Ibracadabra Offer To Rossoneri? (Nov 8-28, 2010)

🙂 R10-12: Forza Midfield! Inter Removes Moratti’s Curse On Ibra’s PK. Passionate Binho Flops & Seeks Pippo’s Lesson. Let’s Enjoy Trequartista SLOWdorf & Hot Bulldog! Altogether… Toward Professional Morale (Nov 7-14, 2010)
PROFESSOR-06: What Means Team Morale? What Means Family Atmosphere At AC-Milan? What Means Professional Morale? No Matter What, Professor’s Determined Never To Accept “Spoilt Brats,” Who’re Determined To Abuse MilanLab!!!
SA-12 Inter Milan 0-1 Milan: “Old Milan vs. Injured Inter”. Inter Removes Moratti’s Curse On Ibra’s PK. Bulldog Is So Hot, Taken Off Before Being Sent Off. Despite Inter’s Dirty Game Instigating Abate’s Red Card, Allegri’s 10 Men Are Jelling Together. Just… New Midfield Need To Rotate To Function Better. So Does SLOWdorf’s Mega-Professionalism. Just… Silvio Is Under Hallucination To Win Anything… BRRR.
SA-11 Milan 3-1 Palermo: Forza Ambro’s Midfield. Forza Silva’s Defense. Trequartista SLOWdorf Helps Duckling To Score. With Ambro’s Help, Ibra’s PK Breaks The Jinx And Leads To Binho’s Goal. Altogether, Rossoneri Celebrate Abate’s 24th Birthday But Mourn Injuries Of “Duckling & Pippo”. Pippo Might Ascend To Heaven.
SA-10 Bari 2-3 Milan: Forza Midfield! Allegri’s Formation Works. SLOWdorf Struggles But Offers 2 Professional Goals To “Ambro & Duckling”. Flamini’s Goal Thanks Ibra, Who Is Still Learning When To Be More/Less Selfish. Binho Plays With Passion And Flops, Seeking An Emergent Lesson From Super-Pippo. Defender-Bulldog Picks Up A Cheap Yellow-Card After Enthusiastically Celebrating Ambro’s Goal.

🙂 PROFESSOR-05: Watch Out! Was Moggiopoli-2006 About Money? Was Calciopoli-2009 About Scudetto? Inter’s Calciopoli-2010 Has Just Started! (Oct 16, 2010 – ???)

🙂 R7-9: Allegri In Hot Water With No Midfield Working For His Plan. Pato Was Going To Fly Like Swan But Becomes Duckling. AC-Milan Still Lacks A Perfect Balance Between “Old & Young”. (Oct 16 – Nov 3, 2010)
PROFESSOR-04: Importance Of Midfield At Berlusconi, Ancelotti, Leonardo, Allegri, and Ronaldinho’s AC-Milan.
CL-04 Milan 2-2 Real Madrid: Just As MOUdrid Fear And Grandpa-Fergie Quips, “Evergreen-Super-Pippo” Was Born Offside And Overcomes Mueller & Van-Basten & Shevchenko’s Record! Abate Touches “Oscar-Winner-CR7” In Revenge For Gattuso! Allegri Does Have A Gameplan, But Long Balls Can’t Be Team’s Only Option. AC-Milan Still Lacks A Perfect Balance Between “Old & Young”. Duckling Thinks Too Much!!!
SA-09 Milan 1-2 Yuventus: Alas, Duckling Wants To Celebrate His 100th Game With Dribbling And Flops. Troublesome Mindset When No One Relies On Teamwork And Allegri Is Left With Plan-A Only. Hopeless Allegri When There Is No Midfield Working For His Plan. Ac-Milan Lacks Long Balls.
SA-08 Napoli 1-2 Milan: Oddo Gets Odd Chances To Create Goals For Binho & Ibra! Boateng Seals Hamsik. Casual Pato Is Lost And Becomes Duckling. Binho Needs To Train Dinho’s Long Ball Passing Skills.
CL-03 Real Madrid 2-0 Milan: Same ‘Old’ Problem For Milan. No One In The Midfield And An Absolute Horror Show, As A Result.
SA-07 Milan 3-1 Chievo: Ibra Sacrifices His Ego Helping The Duck To Become Swan. Dinho’s New Role & Binho’s First Goal, Finally. Concerns Abound Despite Win, However…

🙂 R5-6: Rossoneri Is Being Rebuilt. Calcio Is A Sport, But Also An Art. Binho Woke Up. Gattuso Is Returning To Calabrian Bulldog. Kick Off Birthday Party With Pirlo’s Goal. Let’s Run. We’re Getting There. “La Bella Italia”! (Sep 25 – Oct 2, 2010)
PROFESSOR-02: Please, Performers Are Not Machine. “Affection” Rather Than “Criticism”, “Hearful Training Regardless Of Its Strictness” Is What AC-Milan’s Newbie Binho Wants To Receive At His New Foreign Home. At Least, Rossoneri Have 6 Months Until Troublemaker Binho Resumes His Kind Of F*cking Behavior. It Can Be A Profitable Business, Anyway.
SA-06 Parma 0-1 Milan: Ho! Pirlo Mastered “Route-1” Technique… GOAL! Allegri’s Fantastic Tactic. Nice Display By Senior Citizens, Defending As A Unit. Rossoneri Is Being Rebuilt. What About “Happy Gaucho” As Captain? Let’s Run. We’re Getting There. “La Bella Italia”!
CL-02 Ajax 1-1 Milan: Awful Game! Disgusting Fan-Club. True That Allegri’s Subs Were Not Right. However, What Do They Exactly Want From Tired-Out Dinho? Do They Want To See Suicidal Samba?
SA-05 Milan 1-0 Genoa: Ooops! Pirlo’s Long-Ball Worked! Pretty Vintage Performance From Gattuso! Binho Woke Up! Genoa’s Unlucky Password Was “Ibracadabra,” Who Vomited. One Thing Is Clear, AC-Milan’s Missing Pato’s Speed.

🙂 R1-5: Rosy Bindi Chuckles As “Fantastic-Four” Minus “Alessandro-Nesta” Equals “Flop-Four”. Whether Allegri Is “The Decider” Or Not, His Tactics Is Denounced. (Sep 11 – 25, 2010)
PROFESSOR-1: Professor Berlusconi Says “Bla-Bla-Bla”. No Matter What, His Lecture Becomes Pure Political. WHY?
SA-05 Milan 1-0 Genoa: Ooops! Pirlo’s Long-Ball Worked! Pretty Vintage Performance From Gattuso! Binho Woke Up! Genoa’s Unlucky Password Was “Ibracadabra,” Who Vomited. One Thing Is Clear, AC-Milan’s Missing Pato’s Speed.
SA-04 Lazio 1-1 Milan: No Answers As Milan Draw Again. There’s No Midfield Just Constant Long Balls Very Very Unlike Milan. Should AC-Milan Give Up The 4-3-3? What About Mastering EPL’s “Route-1” Style?
SA-03 Milan 1-1 Catania: Whether Allegri Is “The Decider” Or Not, His Tactics Is Denounced. Typical-Mourinho-Type Football Is What AC-Milan Is Going To Face All Season Long. First Of All, Nobody Runs Back On The Counter Attack!
CL-01 Milan 2-0 Auxerre: Ibracadabra Gains “Mobility & Speed”. Duck Celebrates “Capricious-Physique”. Jr. Berlusconi Ponders “Filial-Piety” After “Trofeo-Luigi-Berlusconi”.
SA-02 Cesena 2-0 Milan: Rosy Bindi Chuckles As “Fantastic-Four” Minus “Alessandro-Nesta” Equals “Flop-Four”. Therefore, Dinho Announces “Until-40-Project”!

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PART-5: Welcome To The Milan Era Of Egotasitico’s! Who? Senior Egos?


(Updated on SEPTEMBER 21, 2010)

Real Madrid boss “Special One” tells fans: I am the decider Sep 22, 2010 / By
(…) “I was born in a country with 10 million coaches and I am working in a country with 40 million coaches. But the reality is only this: Madrid has only one coach and ONLY ONE CAN DECIDE. My team was tired, very compact and losing control. From there came the changes.”

AC Milan vs Catania: Questionable Moves by Allegri Don’t Help Milan Sep 18, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Tim Fontenault (US-CollegeFreshman)
(…) Allegri had a very shallow bench for the match today. (…)
Talkbacks for this article 8
Comment-Nick B (= MilanFan since Berlusconi): (…) I have respect for Allegri and he has time to get it right but his decision yesterday leaves me with a lot of questions. That was a poor assessment of the game on his part. I am really starting to believe that Allegri does not have the final word on who comes or goes. If the coach is not given the autonomy to bring in the players he requires Milan will continue to buy HAS BEEN players and SECOND RATED players. That’s pretty pathetic!

Adriano Galliani Expresses Discontent With Milan Sep 23, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 68
Comment-milanisti d / 2:07 PM Sep 23, 2010: the problems at milan are: pirlo, seedorf, gattuso, dinho and zambrotta. they will always play for sure cuz they are best budds with berlusconi. it needs a coach with big balls that decides to put them on the bench and play younger players. as long as they are with milan, they will play! / 9 : 0

Napoli-AC Milan: The Rossoneri squad Oct 24, 2010 / By rossoneriblog
Talkbacks for this article 30
Comment-Alessandro says: Don’t you guys think it’s a bit odd with Seedorf and Dinho? I have been thinking whether Berlusconi has some influence on the formation of the squad. As we all know Berlusconi has a favour for Dinho and we all know that Berlusconi wants be more involved with the squad. I believe that Allegri is not only to be blamed but also Berlusconi, who is the president and Allegri’s boss. You guys know what I mean?

Clarence Seedorf Admits Milan Can’t Rely Solely On Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sep 28, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 56
Comment-john usa / 3:46 PM Sep 29, 2010: Milan has shown too much loyalty to these old players; they are ways to respectfully drop old players and bring in new talent. Milan continues to string these old legends along; Ronaldihno is in the perfect club; as long as he can make that cross field pass, he will have a job. / [Agree 5 : Disagree 1]

Sampdoria 1-1 Milan: Pazzini Equaliser Gives Blucerchiati A Valuable Point Nov 27, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 262
Comment-milanista cairo / 9:50 PM Nov 27, 2010: allegri and galliani must decide which is more important: seedorf’s ego or the scudetto… / 13 : 1

Milan Are Treating Ronaldinho Like A Baby – Luciano Moggi Nov 29, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 66
Comment-Vaarman Malaysia / 12:15 PM Nov 29, 2010: MILAN is a quite a bad CLUB.. they’ll take players who are in the final years of their contracts and treat them like shit.. Don believe me? Just ask RONALDO, RIVALDO and now RONALDHINO???? / 21 : 8

(Updated on NOVEMBER 29, 2010)

(JIWON: This is unbelievable. When I first posted this section on early September, I hardly knew any names mentioned above. Now, I know every name! 🙂 Days ago, I found Korean comment section from couple of years ago, which reported specific names of the players, who were renowned for their political relationship with “Someone-Above” rather than for their performance itself. I don’t know how they figured it out, but this is what they say. Unfortunately, they didn’t write whether “Someone-Above” was “Owner Silvio” or “Uncle Fester” or “The Third Party At AC-Milan”. Since then, I’ve been checking English equivalent for this report. Time will tell. 🙂 )


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PART-4: Welcome To The Milan Era Of Egotasitico’s! Weird That So Many Supporters Suddenly Sound Like Berlusconi… On Dinho’s Issue.


(Updated on SEPTEMBER 21, 2010)

Milan Must Play For Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Massimiliano Allegri Sep 21, 2010 / By Goal
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Comment-Mito Skopje, Macedonia / 12:29 PM Sep 21, 2010: Cammon Alegri please stop the 4-3-3 system. There is no joy in Milan’s play, it’s just Ronaldinho crossing over and over again (No wonder 70% of the goals are assisted by Dinho), VERY BORING and PREDICTABLE. Plus our playmaker PIRLO IS USELESS IN THIS FORMATION. So all Milan funs please give support to our old systems like the 4-4-2 dymond or the crismas three. / [Agree 0 : Disagree 0]
Comment-Chris Greece / 1:57 PM Sep 21, 2010: Allegri make your calls & show us a differnece on the pitch cause we dream of a great Milan, not one that cannot beat Catania or Cesena. I also believe we will win easily Lazio, cause this team can win anyone when the opponent is playing for the win too. The problem is when they are defending altogether, only there Milan seems to be VERY PREDICTABLE and depending too much on Ronaldinho/Pato. / [Agree 1 : Disagree 11]

Calcio Debate: Should Massimiliano Allegri And Milan Give Up The 4-3-3? Sep 23, 2010 / By Goal

Calcio Debate: A Message To Milan – No Tactics Is The Best Tactics For Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho And Co Sep 22, 2010 / By Goal

AC Milan Shows Problems Again in 1-1 Draw with Catania Sep 20, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Frank Tigani
(…) The arrival of Max Allegri as Milan’s new coach was met with much optimism (…) Instead, matters have turned out similar to how they were this time last season when the team struggled under the guidance of Leonardo. (…) Despite the summer transfer campaign, the Milan squad is still largely lacking in depth and quality. With limited options on the bench, Allegri is being forced to make the same decisions his predecessor was also forced to make. Allegri, like Leonardo, knows that the one player capable of leading the Milan attack, Ronaldinho, is best utilised when used on the left side of a trident attack line. Though a player of phenomenal talent, Allegri’s preference in keeping the Brazilian in this position, like Leonardo last year, makes the team less flexible tactically. Utilising a 4-3-3 formation in order to cater for Ronaldinho puts more responsibility on the midfield trio (…) To cater for this problem, it was hoped that Allegri would make the brave decisions his predecessor failed to make and give a chance to some of Milan’s youth players. … Allegri is fast appearing like Leonardo V.2, by being both tactically inflexible and unwilling to blood any of Milan’s youth prospects. (…) Personnel changes have to still be made. For too long has the club relied on Seedorf, Pirlo, Gattuso, and Ambrosini. It is almost 10 years now that these four players have formed the core of the Milan midfield. Surely, this is a few years too long. In addition, Max Allegri needs to start showing Milan fans why he was brought in at the expense of Leonardo.

AC Milan Shows Problems Again in 1-1 Draw with Catania Sep 20, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Frank Tigani
Talkbacks for this article 12
Comment-Nick B: (…) Italy is blessed with great defenders, so much so that they are even more affordable than foreign players. Unbelievable! (…)
Dinho’s comment… Berlusconi’s same… 4-3-3 predictable…


03 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-3: Welcome To The Milan Era Of Egotasitico’s! Berlusconi’s “Aging Squad” Anyway Needed Strikers. Right?

Aug 29, 2010 7:45 PM BST Serie A-01 Milan 4-0 Lecce
Lineup (4-3-3): Abbiati + Bonera, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Antonini + Ambrosini (Gattuso), Pirlo, Seedorf + Pato (Boateng), Borriello (Inzaghi), Ronaldinho
Sub: Amelia + Papastathopoulos + Abate, Gattuso, Boateng + Oduamadi, Inzaghi

Aug 29, 2010 7:45 PM BST Serie A-01 Milan4 – 0Lecce
Aug 25, 2010 3:00 PM BST Club Friendlies Barcelona3 – 2Milan
Aug 22, 2010 8:00 PM BST Club Friendlies Milan4 – 5Juventus
Aug 1, 2010 2:00 PM BST Club Friendlies Milan1 – 1O. Lyon
Jul 31, 2010 4:20 PM BST Club Friendlies Arsenal1 – 1Milan
Jul 25, 2010 5:45 PM BST Club Friendlies Varese2 – 0Milan
Jan 27, 2010 8:00 PM GMT Coppa Italia Milan0 – 1Udinese
Jan 13, 2010 3:00 PM GMT Coppa Italia Milan2 – 1Novara


(Updated on SEPTEMBER 21, 2010)

OFFICIAL: Coach Massimiliano Allegri Joins Milan On Two Year Deal Until 2012 Jun 25, 2010 / By Goal

Varese 2-0 Milan: Rossoneri Suffer Shock Pre-Season Loss Jul 25, 2010 / By Goal
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Milan Coach Massimiliano Allegri Disappointed With Loss To Varese Jul 25, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 51

Milan Rake In Over €60 Million From Fly Emirates Sponsoship Deal – Report Jul 28, 2010 / By Goal
Milan’s Ronaldinho Could Be Out For A Month Following Training Injury – Report Jul 29, 2010 / By Goal
Ronaldinho, Andrea Pirlo & Massimo Ambrosini All Miss Milan’s Emirates Cup Trip Jul 30, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 41
Pre-Season 2010: Arsenal 1-1 Milan – Chamakh And Koscielny Star As Gunners Held Jul 31, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 117

Milan 1-1 Lyon: Late Jimmy Briand Leveller Hands Les Gones Share Of The Spoils Aug 1, 2010 / By Goal
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Milan Forward Ronaldinho Returns To Training Following Injury Scare Aug 2, 2010 / By Goal
Milan Striker Alexandre Pato Picks Up Ankle Injury – Report Aug 6, 2010 / By Goal
Panathinaikos 0-0 Milan (3-5 Pens.): Disallowed Goals In Normal Time Cost Greeks Win Aug 7, 2010 / By Goal

Trofeo TIM Cup: Milan 1-1 Juventus (4-2 Pens.) – Rossoneri Start With A Win Aug 13, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 43
Ronaldinho 1 – 1 Diego

Trofeo TIM Cup: Inter 0-0 Milan (3-2 Pens.): Nerazzurri Win Tournament Aug 13, 2010 / By Goal
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Milan Striker Alexandre Pato To Miss Trofeo Berlusconi Clash Against Juventus With Ankle Injury Aug 18, 2010 / By Goal
Milan Coach Massimiliano Allegri: We Are On The Right Track Despite Defeat To Juventus Aug 22, 2010 / By Goal
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Milan 0-0 Juventus (4-5 Pens.): Bianconeri Win Trofeo Luigi Berlusconi After Penalty Shootout Victory Aug 22, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 95

BarcelonaVilla 1-1 Milan’s Inzaghi (3-1 Pens.): Blaugrana Overcome Italians To Win Gamper Trophy Aug 25, 2010 / By Goal
David Villa 1 – 1 Filippo Inzaghi

Milan Coach Massimiliano Allegri Delighted With Debut Win Against Lecce Aug 29, 2010 / By Goal
Milan 4-0 Lecce: Rossoneri Cruise To Opening Day Win Over Giallorossi Aug 29, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 290
Pato 2 & Silva 1 & Inzaghi 1

02 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-2: Welcome To Berlusconi’s “Absolute-Monarchy”! 1 Tip 2 Survive Another Trophyless Season… 😦

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 21, 2010)

OFFICIAL: Coach Massimiliano Allegri Joins Milan On Two Year Deal Jun 25, 2010 / By Goal

AC Milan legend Leonardo attacks Berlusconi Sep 19, 2010 / By
(…) “I never would’ve left after 13 years because of simply tactical reasons, especially as now Milan are playing in much the same way. … Allegri has a tough job and I hope he is left the time and space to work, otherwise in a year the club will get another Coach. It isn’t the Milan way to keep changing management like this.”

(JIWON: Therefore…)

Berlusconi concedes flagging AC Milan must start again Jul 8, 2010 / By
Silvio Berlusconi wants to see his money work harder at AC Milan. (…)

(JIWON: I always thought. What will happen to Berlusconi’s Big-Mouth if AC-Milan plays his most favorite game but still keeps losing? What if AC-Milan not only celebrates trophyless season but also is demoted down to Serie-B after being trained by Coach Berlusconi? Isn’t it fun to imagine Berlusconi’s public interview? This is the main reason of this computer work. First of all, what will happen to Italian Soccer Die-Hard-Fans, if Berlusconi’s AC-Milan has no option but to lose the game after proving the most beautiful version of Italian football style?

I am curious. How many Italian Soccer Fans are following this computer work? Sorry about saying this. In my view, however, in AC-Milan’s case, both Berlusconi and his Coach have been victims of brainless attacks by fervent(?) voters or fans. I wanted to save both of them.

To be honest, how many trophies Berlusconi’s AC-Milan wins after this computer work is not my concern. I mostly want to see THIS MONEY work harder at AC-Milan and prove the most fruitful result. I like a fruitful plan. I like a fruitful job. And I want to see a fruitful collaboration between the Owner and the Employees.)

Meet the new boss…same as the old boss Jul 20, 2010 / By
Berlusconi recently showed new team manager Allegri who the real boss is as he told (…) Basically, the 73-year-old Berlusconi took over a press conference on the first day of training, as he answered all of the questions while Allegri and some members of the team just sat there WITH THEIR MOUTHS ZIPPED CLOSED. While Berlusconi was in a humorous mood and reeled off some good one-liners, he was dead serious when he told Allegri what tactics to use in the upcoming season (…)

‘New Milan manager must play two strikers,’ says Silvio Berlusconi Jul 20, 2010 / By Guardian
(…) Berlusconi said, “We don’t want to see just one forward up front. To win you have to score. To have chances you’ve got to have forwards close to the goal. I appreciated Leonardo a lot but I disagreed with him in how he fielded the team. Ronaldinho must play on the shoulder of the strikers even if he has a tendency to drift left.” (…)

Berlusconi: “Ronaldinho stays! New blood? I spend 65 million!!!” Jul 20, 2010 / By
It was a case of déja-vu at the training camp – it was practically the same as last year. But this time the owner Silvio Berlusconi was centre stage, ready to face yet another challenge, even though it was a group of the most loyal fans who were targeting him: those who support the team and the new coach Massimo Allegri, and whose politics are those of the young, but who had harsh words for the Rossonero owner, accusing him of “not loving Milan any more.” These same fans were burned a year ago by the sale of Kaka – they implored the club not to sell its jewels, and did not approve of the decision from on high to curb spending.
UNSTOPPABLE — Berlusconi really turned on a show when he burst into the press conference with Allegri (…) Berlusconi then began his discussion on football by mentioning the cost of running the club in recent years: “crazy figures, a billion! Money spent on a passion,” he stressed. “My children might ban me from spending any more,” he added. Then he introduced Allegri, “a nice lad with the face of an actor… he’s the identikit of the ideal coach to lead Milan. He will need to be attack-minded and spectacular,” he advised.
ADEQUATE SQUAD — Berlusconi was in full stride. He praised the loyalty of his players – an example to all. Then he reminded everyone that the Rossonero squad is absolutely good enough to be competitive with the other teams. (…)
IRRESISTIBLE — In other words, Berlusconi was irresistible, even answering questions about telephone wiretaps, stressing the effectiveness of the law on telephone bugging. “We begin the season as optimistic as always, with the aim of winning in every competition and making those who watch us love the way we play,” he added, and turning to Allegri he reiterated a few thoughts: “We want to attack and we want to see just one striker up front.” And Ronaldinho? “He is the best player of all time. To be clear, we have agreed that he will stay at Milan until the end of his career.” Then on Leonardo: “I admire Leonardo, but I could never swallow the way he used Pato.” Is Milan for sale? “No one has made me an offer, so I will have to hold on to the team. (…) Then the parting shot: “We got Allegri because he is a teacher, but don’t forget that I’M A PROFESSOR.”

Calciomercato Milan, Pedullà: “Allegri è un maestro o l’allievo di Berlusconi?” Jul 21, 2010 / By
Berlusconi show: Allegri resta senza parole Jul 21, 2010 / By
Al raduno rossonero one man show del presidente contestato dai tifosi.
Berlusconi ruba la scena al nuovo allenatore: “Senza offerte, costretto a tenere il Milan”. (…) La frase migliore è stata “Abbiamo preso Allegri perché è un maestro, ma ricordatevi che sono io il professore”. Il messaggio è chiaro.

(JIWON: It was BEFORE I started chasing Balotelli’s Transfer Saga.)

Adriano Galliani: Zlatan Ibrahimovic And Robinho Are Gifts From Silvio Berlusconi To The Fans Of Milan Aug 31, 2010 / By Goal
Nadal the centre of attention Sep 16, 2010 / By
Big-spending PM: (…) fans should ponder the support another football-mad prime minister provides for his club. Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s longest-serving prime minister, has paid €42 million ($A58.5 million) out of his own pocket to sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho to AC Milan this season. The 73-year-old billionaire took over the club in 1986.

(JIWON: Therefore, I became TOO BUSY.)

Berlusconi concedes flagging AC Milan must start again Jul 8, 2010 / By
Silvio Berlusconi wants to see his money work harder at AC Milan. (…)

Berlusconi hints at youth coach assignment May 19, 2010 / By
(…) “Those at the top of the Milan hierarchy consider an experience with the youth sector to be very important for a Coach,” Berlusconi told a group of sponsors. “It also helps to form a manager in a psychological sense.” The club president also pledged to supporters he would not be scaling down his transfer targets too much. “In a moment of economic crisis that affects the world and particularly Europe, I cannot afford exorbitant spending. “Milan will be reinforced by FOUR or FIVE YOUTH team players, but seeing as I have supported this club since childhood, I won’t pull back if there is the chance to buy a real champion who can give us that step up in quality. By champion, by the way, I mean someone like STAR-X.”

(JIWON: However, I don’t think there is any change in this basic plan.)

AC Milan assistant coach Tassotti expecting Ronaldinho and Gattuso to remain Jul 7, 2010 / By
(…) Tassotti has been assistant coach at Milan since 2001 and new coach Massimo Allegri will be the fourth coach he has worked with. … “Allegri wants greater intensity when we have the ball, when we don’t, in our tactical play and in training games,” Tassotti said. “Last year under Leonardo we tried to introduce the ball into our physical training, but we agree it won’t be easy to do that.

(JIWON: And I also think this is the very basic of Coach Allegri’s tactics, whatever it is. Therefore, here goes my two cents for Dictator Berlusconi’s NEW victim.)

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🙂 PART-9: “World Cup 2010” Fails. “Lega Nord” Paid Slovakia. Italian Football Without “Alleanza Nazionale”? End Of Story! Blame “Parlamento”, Which “Offensive League” Has Contributed To “The Bankrupt Italy” And “Collapse Of Catenaccio”! It Was The Last Chance To Enjoy “Pura Nazionale Italia”! “Forza ITALIA”!!! (Jun 25 – Jul 5, 2010)
PART-9c: Ho! “Lega Nord” Did Pay Slovakia And Instruct Them Via An Invisible Cell Phone! Shouldn’t The Italian Politicians Set An Example? How Many Have Contributed To “The Bankrupt Italy”? Hasn’t The “Italian Parliament” Become “Attacking, Aggressively Offensive League” And Caused “Italian Catenaccio” To Collapse?
(Updated on JULY 1-2, 2010)
North Korean Soccer Coach Talks to ‘Dear Leader’ Via Invisible Phone Jun 17, 2010 / By ABC News
The North Koreans know a thing or two about secret programs, and the country’s latest claim is a mysterious phone that allows Dear Leader Kim Jong-il help coach the team from afar. North Korean manager reportedly gets coaching advice directly from the country’s diminutive dictator via an invisible cell phone. (…)
The wrath of Kim – North Korea look to appease leader Jun 24, 2010 / By
Many jokes have been cracked about what may happen to the North Korean team when they return home to face communist leader Kim Jong Il after their exit from the World Cup. (…)

(JIWON: This was a real issue in South Korea, because we have hardly/never seen any North Koreans allowed to make an international interview after this kind of disastrous result, World Cup: Portugal 7-0 North Korea, and this game itself has been an issue even before the WorldCup because it was a historical match for both countries. The contents of his interview was an issue, too, of course. It turned out that there were v-e-r-y complicated political reasons, and according to the latest information, THE COACH SURVIVED!!! No one knows what will happen to him and his players years later, though.)

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PART-1: Whether “Fantastic Four” or “Flower Four” or “Flop Four,” Asian Kids Call Them F4!

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 12-13, 2010)
Boys Over Flowers is a Japanese shojo manga (comic book) series … from October 1992 to September 2003 (…) The manga has been adapted into 4 TV-drama productions in Taiwan (2001 & 2003), Japan (2005 & 2007), Korea (2009), and Mainland-China (2009), along with movies … and also an anime series. It is the best-selling shojo manga in Japan of all time, having sold 54 million copies as of 2005.

1. Japanese Version 2005 & 2007: F4
2. Taiwan Version 2001 & 2003: F4
3. Korean Version 2009: F4
4. Mainland-Chinese Version 2009-10 : F4 -> H4 (… due to legal reason…)

(JIWON: I wanted to show you which male types are favorites of Asian girls. But somehow, it was impossible to find Taiwan TV-website. If you click this Youtube site, you can enjoy “handsome faces of F4” from three different countries, Japan & Taiwan & Korea, whether Fantastic 4 or Flower 4 or Flop 4.)

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