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PART-1: Something Fundamental

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 30, 2010)

Champions League: Milan Shamefully Outplayed By Great Ajax Youngsters Sep 28, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Ivan Soldo (= 20yrold-Croatian = KakaFan)
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Comment-Nick B (= MilanFan since Berlusconi): One word sums up todays performance by Milan: Awful! I thought by now Allegri would have the guts to drop Gattuso/Antonini/Zambrotta and yes Seedorf. These players are either old, past their prime or not good enough. Seedorf only had two decent touches on the ball. Apart from that Seedorf had a poor game. He was out muscled off the ball too often. What a shame! SOME PLAYERS SHOULD REALLY KNOW WHEN TO QUIT. Antonini/Gattuso/Zambrotta/Robinho/Zambrotta and yes Allegri were horrible today. Gattuso gave the ball away to much and EVERYBODY ELSE LOOK SLOW AND TIRED. I was never a fan of Flamini and for those who say he needs playing time-well I say, if after three seasons at Milan and you cannot break into the first team that has such an OLD midfield, then you(Flamini) are not good enough! (…)

(JIWON: To be honest, I feel sad and not quite comfortable posting this kind of comment. But whenever I think of MONEY spent on their getting-bigger-EGO and getting-poorer-RESULT, I have no choice. I am thinking. What if they receive a reasonable wage and offer a reasonable playing time, perhaps as a super-sub or rotating(?), if they prefer “Retiring at AC-Milan as Rossoneri-Legend” to “Moving into Commercially-Less-Famed Club & Still Remembered As Rossoneri-Legend”? As far as I know, QUANTITY means NOTHING. QUALITY means professionalism and LEGEND. And all of those mentioned as “past-their-prime” still have the same quality. Everybody knows it. The more the real Rossoneri want to respect their past brilliant contribution, the more they are frustrated by their current poor form and result.

First of all, I want to know if PART of them are THOSE WHO are sycophant in disguise and behind AC-Milan’s corrupt management, whose only interest is BERLUSCONI’S WALLET in order to survive their comfortable and lazy life, and therefore, are even manipulating public opinion in various public places, aka FORUM. What I feel funny, during this months-long computer work to study(?) Berlusconi’s AC-Milan, is that their EVERYTHING just reminds me of happenings at Mrs. Moratti’s La Scala, which Italian tradition has been completely ruined by Berlin Whore Waltraud Meier and Jerusalem Whore Elena Bashkirova and their Italian Toys, who are the perfect example of SYCOPHANT around Stephane Lissner and his toy conductor, Daniel Barenboim.

I can’t help suspecting, because what has been happening inside and outside AC-Milan is very similar to professional behaviors of Barenboim’s Angels and their members of Spanish West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra while this computer work was making Barenboim solve all his professional problems and advance his professional career and therefore KILL all those major orchestras’ beautiful American or German or even Jewish tradition. Just sick of it. TIME WILL TELL. Hasn’t my strong suspicion/curiosity perfectly proved during Balotelli’s Transfer Saga? This is how Ibra and Robinho was able to join Berlusconi’s AC-Milan at THIS price.

What I feel funny, too, is that unlike Daniel Barenboim, whose generosity even donated all his blood to his Angels, aka WHOREs, at any expense, including his professional career and even MUSICAL EGO, Sir Berlusconi just tightened and tightened his wallet and never recognized any whore as a female. As a result, Politician Berlusconi was supposed to lose all his political power, whereas Musician Barenboim was toward the Nobel Peace Prize. Funny. Had I realized that, starting from Israeli President Peres, Nobel Peace Prize has existed to encourage Netanyahu’s Settlement Project and Mrs. Edward Said’s Palestinian Corruption, I would have never started this computer work. Just sick of it. MR. GIANFRANCO FINI should not worry, if his Alleanza Nazionale or Futuro e Liberta still supports Anti-Semitism only to survive his professional life in the racists’ Italy. Sooner or later, there will have to be Palestinian City-State as Isareli colony. No need to worry.

I promise. Mrs. Moratti as Milan Mayor will fail if this FEMALE POLITICIAN allows Lissner’s French Circle to dominate Italian La Scala. Still weird is that there is NO pure French blood there. This is a group of inferior German, inferior Russian, inferior British, inferior Spanish, inferior American, inferior Jewish, and inferior Korean. Just sick of it. I just can’t understand what the hell POLITICIAN Bossi&Fini is doing in Berlusconi’s government, doing anything but cleaning all those foreign garbage & sh*ts. Therefore, people call them “The Fascists”, because everybody knows why the Italian La Scala should invite Foreign Talents such as Maria Callas, and honor her Italian FULL Voice, regardless of its brilliant Bel-Canto tradition. COOL!)

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 27, 2010) – originally posted here-part4

AC Milan vs Catania: Questionable Moves by Allegri Don’t Help Milan Sep 18, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Tim Fontenault (US College Student)
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Comment-Nick B (= MilanFan since Berlusconi): I am also baffled by Allegri selection. (…) I am really starting to believe that Allegri does not have the final word on who comes or goes. If the coach is not given the autonomy to bring in the players he requires Milan will continue to buy HAS BEEN players and SECOND RATED players like Onyewu, Bonera, Antonini, Yepes and Papa. That’s pretty pathetic! (…) Milan must also realise that players like Gattuso, Seedorf, Zambrotta, Ambrosini just dont cut it and cannot be relied on. They are too old, slow and they look awful. No desire or enthusiasm. These players must go! (…)

Milan 1-1 Catania: Improving Rossoneri Held By Insistent Elefanti Sep 19, 2010 / By Goal
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Comment-Vase Macedonia / 6:37 AM Sep 19, 2010: I think that is time for Seedorf, Gatuzo, Bonera, Odo, Jankulovski to leave the club and their MASSIVE WAGES and make room for players like Ganso, Maxwell and others. / [Agree 28 : Disagree 0]

(JIWON: Always, the problem is THEIR MASSIVE WAGES. Time will tell if this comment is right. How many will be able to be released from this curse? After so many thoughts, I decide to post EVERYTHING. Because… even if I hide something, AC-Milan’s true fans know EVERYTHING. Who knows? Part of them could prove their real talent. I remember that Boateng was also regarded as a second-rate.)

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PART-1: Flop Papa Silvio 😦

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 29, 2010)

Berlusconi betting on winning confidence vote Sep 29, 2010 / By The Associated Press
(…) Berlusconi decided to stake his 2 1/2-year-old government’s survival (…) Winning would give Berlusconi a sorely needed boost following opinion surveys of the last few weeks indicating his popularity was slipping. He’ll also get a birthday present — the billionaire businessman turns 74 on Wednesday. (…) Irked by what FINI said was BERLUSCONI’S INTOLERANCE FOR ANY DISSENT in the coalition (…)

(JIWON: Now that I am way too tired… and it’s impossible for me to finish my real, LONG birthday present in time, I decide to make another, short one. I am doing my very best to prepare the REAL one, of course, and I promise that it will be done before “The January Transfer Window 2011”. Happy birthday, Sir! 😦 )

Please click
🙂 Rossoneri 2010-2011: Dear Sir, “Fantastic Four” Are Transformed Into “Flop Four”! Maestro Allegri Needs Advice From Professor Berlusconi! (Sep 12 – ???, 2010)

(JIWON: This will the REAL one. Again… Happy birthday, Sir! 🙂 )

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PART-1: Flop Uncle Festa 😦

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 29, 2010)

Champions League: Milan Shamefully Outplayed By Great Ajax Youngsters Sep 28, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Ivan Soldo (= 20yrold-Croatian = KakaFan)
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Comment-Ivan Soldo: (…) Milan’s management is terrible! (…)
Comment-Nick B (= MilanFan since Berlusconi): As Milan fans we have suffered too long at the expense of Berlusconi and Galliani inability to address the needs of the team. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for Berlusconi’s investment in the past. However we are now seeing our reputation fade due to the mismanagement of the club resources with transfer campaigns that makes no sense. Milan are fast become impluse buyers in the transfer market, while we neglect to address the deficiences in the team. One must wonder if Berlusconi and Galliani are both senile. Everybody sees the problem in the team except for them and ofcourse Allegri. Very frustrating to watch. There are so many talented young players on the market that does not cost mega millions but we fail to get them. We could have easily address the needs of the entire team by getting players that are within our budget. We simply dont have to buy old players who are past it and second rate players who are not good enough. I read reports that we are linked with X 😦 so I’m sure you can understand my frustration. It is sad to see teams like Napoli and Lazio having better and more sensible transfer campaigns than Milan. It is unbearable to see Milan playing with the same old midfield and defense. We should have seriously address these issues since the 2005 campaign. The only good point about the game today was that we used a different formation. Thank God! I’m sick of that 4-3-3, it does not work!
Comment-Ivan Soldo: (…) Even Genoa had better. They have a good plan and they are buying good players! Even new tactic looked terrible! We suck pretty bad and I bet someone like Manchester United will destroy us in knockout phase!

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PART-1: Flop Ex-Coach Leo 😦

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 30, 2010)

AC Milan Shows Problems Again in 1-1 Draw with Catania Sep 20, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Frank Tigani (=AC-Milan-Blog = PirloFan = MilanFan since Berlusconi’s1993)
(…) With the little depth in the squad, particularly in midfield, (…) To cater for this problem, it was hoped that Allegri would make the brave decisions his predecessor failed to make and give a chance to some of Milan’s youth players. (…) Allegri is fast appearing like Leonardo V.2, by being both tactically inflexible and unwilling to blood any of Milan’s youth prospects. (…)


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PART-1: Flop Coach Allegri 😦

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 29-30, 2010)

Clarence Seedorf Admits Milan Can’t Rely Solely On Zlatan Ibrahimovic
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Comment-Pippo#9 Australia / 10:46 AM Sep 29, 2010: People bagging Allegri forget 2 things.1. Leo started slowly last year as well, so far we have not lost 4-0 to anyone,we’ve beaten someone 4-0 which brings me to my next point.2. All Summer Allegri was working with KJH and Borriello in mind, last few days of the transfer season, they are gone and here is Ibra and Robinho. He needs to work out that different structure. I think Allegri will be fine eventually like Leo last year. / [Agree 9 : Disagree 2]

(JIWON: Despite this very fact…)

Champions League: Milan Shamefully Outplayed By Great Ajax Youngsters Sep 28, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Ivan Soldo (= 20yrold-Croatian = KakaFan)
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Comment-Nick B (= MilanFan since Berlusconi): (…) I’m beginning to also question Allegri’s tactical judgement. Again his substitutions were wrong and late-The subs should have been made around the 60th no later than the 70th minute. I felt like Allegri was content with a draw. (…)

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PART-1: Flop Rossoneri 😦

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 29, 2010)

Milan Need To Be More Clinical To Obtain Better Results – Adriano Galliani Sep 28, 2010 / By Goal
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Comment-maseer milan / 7:10 AM Sep 29, 2010: WE ALL MILAN FANS ARE FRIENDS, i want to ask something that how dinho played in the first fixture of league he assisted three and it was awesome but now allegri is focusing too much on ibra if u see in these days u will see how many times he spoke about ibra and how many about the team and i think it is rsky to give bal too much and every time to ibra. ibra sh’d treated to score nt holding the ball and barca also wanted this, if allegri do like this result will come same like Barca froza milan / [Agree 6 : Disagree 4]

Clarence Seedorf Admits Milan Can’t Rely Solely On Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sep 28, 2010 / By Goal
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Comment-langgarlari . / 7:39 AM Sep 29, 2010: i dont know why barca loan this ibra. he’s superb.. / [Agree 11 : Disagree 3]

AC Milan vs Catania: Questionable Moves by Allegri Don’t Help Milan Sep 18, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Tim Fontenault (US College Student)
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Comment-Nick B (= MilanFan since Berlusconi): (…) However, I’ve said it before and I will say it again; Milan should have spent their money on Edin Dzeko (…)

(JIWON: They say that they are ALL FRIENDS. They are like a family. Let’s assume that this HUGE family has sincerely followed this computer work. I now can’t help suspecting if they are retarded. 😦 Especially in the case of Ibra, Robinho, and Dzeko. Dzeko was not available, and I just wanted to help Ibra and Robinho’s professional mentality because I knew their willingness. It was simple as it was. Though I’ve never mentioned this, even “Boateng from Genoa to Milan” was during this computer work. I tried not to point out this case, but… I am now just too tired… I promise. If they can bring Dzeko to Milan at the RIGHT price, Sir Berlusconi will open his wallet AGAIN. This is one thing that I can promise ALL MILAN FANS, WHO ARE ALL FRIENDS, on his 74th birthday. Sigh…)

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PART-1: Flop Clarence Seedorf (b.1976) 😦

(Updated on SEPTEMBER 29-30, 2010)

Editorial Calcio Debate: Should Massimiliano Allegri And Milan Give Up The 4-3-3? Sep 23, 2010 / By Goal
(…) Why can’t we see four midfielders either in a flat or diamond 4-4-2 formation with Clarence Seedorf at the top? It’s time to play with just two strikers and a midfield capable of recovering the ball as well as they pass it. Ibrahimovic and Pato (when he returns from injury) would make a brilliant pairing up front and both are more comfortable playing in that type of system. Seedorf, who set up the Swede’s opener, is a proven and underrated playmaker – unfortunately he’s rarely had the chance since Ronaldinho’s arrival at the club. The Brazilian is surely talented, but he limits a team’s tactical scheme as he flourishes in wide positions in a three-man strike force. (…)

AC Milan 1 Genoa 0: The Zlatan Ibrahimovic Show Sep 26, 2010 / By Frank Tigani (= AC-Milan-Blog = PirloFan = MilanFan since Berlusconi’s1993)
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Comment-fahd quddus: I sadly agree about Ronaldinho. As much as I like the guy (and felt he should have been part of WC2010 Brazil side), he has looked very aged on the field last 2 games. Also, appears not wanting to go for a goal himself ( and is always looking to pass), which is not the Ronaldinho of past. I hope this was just an odd couple of games, but if not, then maybe Robinho should start in Ronaldinho’s place with pato pairing upfront with Zlatan. Also, Ive seen Sedorf along with Ronaldinho connects well, but without Seedorf, Ronaldinho looks out of sorts abit…..having said that, he may prove me all wrong next game (hope so)

Allegri Still Trying To Find the Right System for A.C. Milan Sep 30, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Frank Tigani (= AC-Milan-Blog = PirloFan = MilanFan since Berlusconi’s1993)
(…) then coach Leonardo made the masterstroke of adopting a 4-3-3 system and in doing so harnessing the phenomenal talents of Ronaldinho (…) Ajax 1-1 Milan … new system (…) But the question now is, does Allegri continue with this system or should he revert back to the more familiar 4-3-3? With players like Robinho and Ronaldinho, playing with a trident attack certainly makes some sense. Not to mention Pato who links up very well with Ronaldinho in such a set-up. The determining factor, however, will certainly be Zlatan Ibrahimovic. (…) The downside is that Milan does not have a natural attacking midfielder other than Seedorf, who is 35. Ronaldinho may be able to fill this role, but his age and physical condition make it hard to say. Rotating between these two players may be the answer. But, given that the Milan midfield is the weakest link in the team with both quality and depth lacking, playing with four in the middle will help make the side look more balanced. Not only will Ibrahimovic benefit from this change of formation, but Pato also. (…)

(JIWON: What am I reading? I kept reading Seedorf and Ronaldinho. They are all professional work, but do they mean same? I only feel headache. 😦 However, it’s fun to read all the chatting talks about… And I know what they mean. 🙂 )

시도르프, “AC밀란 전술 불만족” Sep 29, 2010 / By Korean Media
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Comment-근데말이야… / 2010.09.29. 15:20 / kasu**** / IP 219.255.xxx.76: 전술에불만갖기전에 시돌형 나왔을때 잘해주기나 하고 그런말을 해야지.. 요새 경기나와서 간간히 어시하면서 스탯은 쌓는데. 경기력보면 한숨만.. 혼자 걸어다니면서 역습할땐 맥 끊어놓고. 잦은패스미스에다가 형이 말한 롱패스도 형은 왠만하면 안해줬음 좋겠어. 정확도가 너무 떨어지니. 그렇다고 수비가담을 하는거도 아니고. 이젠 폼이 너무 많이 떨어져서 올해는 미들 백업요원으로 쓰고. 비싼연봉도 줄일겸 내년엔 은퇴하거나 아님 고국으로 돌아가길.
Comment-rkdg****: 근데 또 막상 시돌이도 없으면 공격전개도 막장.. 공격진에 볼을 돌려줄 선수가 없음 / 09.29. 16:31 / IP 119.196.xxx.153

Comment-쉐도르프를 쓰는 이유는 / 2010.09.29. 16:28 / nopa**** / IP 117.123.xxx.118: 간간히 터져나오는 번뜩이는 칼날패스때문인가? 움직임이 둔해진건 물론이고 체력적으로 지쳐보이는데. 가만봐도 몸이 안따라주는게 보이는데. 왜 아직도 주전으로 쓰는거지.. 밀란이 아주 뽕을 뽑으려고 작정했나.. 인자기야 워낙 신체조건하곤 상관없이 위치선정만으로 골넣고, 경기도 후반에 교체되는 조커라서 상관없지만.. 압박이 강한 미드필드에서 뛰는 쉐도르프는 좀… 밀란의 중원 무게감이 떨어진건 쉐도르프도 한몫하고있지..
Comment-rkdg****: 쉐도르프가 없으면 보아텡,가투소,암락,플라미니,피를로 이렇게만 돌려야되는데 피를로제외 스타일이 다 거기서 거기라 공격전개가 안됨. 나오면 실수연발에 체력도 후달리지만 그래도 쉐도르프에 기댈수밖에 없음……. / 09.29. 16:33 / IP 119.196.xxx.153
Comment-nopa****: rkdg//후보로 쓰는건 상관없으나 주전이니 문제죠. 암브로시니가 부상이라 안타깝지만 암브로시니,가투소,피를로,보아텡만으로도 충분히 돌릴수있고 쉐도르프는 이제 후보로 내려가야되요. 미드필더에서 얼른 무게감을 가져야 수비진도 더 안전해질텐데 미드필더에서 불안불안하니 수비진까지 위기가 쉽게가죠. / 09.29. 16:36 / IP 117.123.xxx.118

Comment-손볼곳이 한두군데 이어야지 / 2010.09.29. 16:32 / arob**** / IP 220.82.xxx.24: 체력이 딸리니 전반에 그럴싸하다 후반에는 걸어다니기 바쁘고. 윙백들은 실력이 안되니 반칙하기 바쁘고. 중미들은 뻥뻥 차대기 바쁘고. 공격수들은 그나마 간간히 오는 찬스 날려먹기 바쁘고. 그렇다고 백업이 좋은것도 아니고 휴……… 확실히 세리에는 이젠 사양길로 접어드는것 같다

Comment-축구도 못하는게 목소리만 커가지고 / 2010.09.29. 20:42 / clfw**** / IP 175.253.xxx.49: 젤 시러 ㅡㅡ..
Comment-iss0****: 아니 시도르프가 못하면 누가 잘한다는거냐? 초딩이냐? 아악스, 레알마드리드, AC밀란 세 팀에서 챔스 우승 트로피를 들어올려본 유일무이한 존재 천재형+근성형 미드필더 시도르프란말이다! / 09.29. 21:12 / IP 121.166.xxx.151
Comment-shug****: 근데….시돌이 나이들면서 투정쟁이 된 듯 ㅡ ㅡㅋㅋㅋ / 09.29. 21:24 / IP 211.199.xxx.249
Comment-dea9****: 축구선수 말하라고하면 메시 호날두밖에 모르는초딩이 어디서 시도로프 까냐? 너같은놈이 축구에 축도모르면서 얕은지식으로 나불대는넘들이야 / 09.29. 21:45 / IP 222.114.xxx.223
Comment-tnqk****: 어제경기에서 패스 피를로보다 쩔게햇는데 세도르픈데 ㅡㅡ / 09.29. 22:18 / IP 220.86.xxx.174
Comment-whwl****: 새돌 까지마삼 챔스 우승 경험 보고 오삼 / 09.29. 23:36 / IP 121.150.xxx.121

Comment-시돌이….거참 /2010.09.29. 22:50 / gtmo**** / IP 123.254.xxx.249: 밀란의 딜레마인것 같네요.. 공미 자리에서 공격을 전개해줄 창조성이 잇는 미드필더는 필수인데 그 자린 계속 쉐도르프였지여.. 그 전엔 후이코스타였고.. 피를로를 그렇다고 공미로 올릴 수도 없는상황… 이미 과거 인테르에서 줮망이었기 때문에. 그렇기 때문에 쉐도르프는 노쇄화임에도 불구하고 많이 나오는겁니다. 세대교체는 필요하고 몸이 안따라주는게 보이긴 하지만 쉐도르프 이상의 플레이 메이커를 안데려오면 힘들듯 보이구요, 하지만 쉐도르프는 큰경기일수록 믿을 수있는 한방이 있기 때문에 리그는 몰라도 챔스에선 주전으로 계속 나올듯. 인테르팬 입장에서 옆지붕 밀란의 경기를 보자면 쉐도르프 있을때와 없을때…. 경기력 차이가 확연히 보입니다. 안타깝죠..

Comment-셰도르프야 말로 저평가지 / 2010.09.30. 00:14 / dong**** / IP 175.112.xxx.111: 셰도르프야 말로 피를로나 스콜스, 어떻게 보면 지단까지도 견줄만한 선수인데 저평가가 실로 아쉽다.
Comment-soob**** : 그렇죠, 씨돌이 알아주는건 밀란팬이나 밀란경기자주본사람정도 / 09.30. 03:38 IP 119.202.xxx.253
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Clarence Seedorf Admits Milan Can’t Rely Solely On Zlatan Ibrahimovic
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Comment-me here / 11:10 AM Sep 29, 2010: in short : if u depend in one single player, u have a problem. i think this is why ibra had been big-match paranoid when he plays for Inter, bcoz everyone puts everything on him. / [Agree 19 : Disagree 1]
Comment-ajay trinidad / 11:45 PM Sep 28, 2010: maybe if the TEAM played better we wouldn’t have to rely on Ibra / [Agree 24 : Disagree 2]

Comment-Ac milan Gambia / 1:44 AM Sep 29, 2010: Seedorf is right, pirlo plays too many long balls to our forwards which will make them to fight with defenders for the ball, instead.. Cant we play simple touches like barca? This is the only reason i miss leonardo! Milan played beautiful football it his time. Forza pirlo!! / [Agree 12 : Disagree 1]
Comment-veljo USA / 1:34 AM Sep 29, 2010: What about a midlefielder who actually can pass a ball to somebody more than 10 ft away? / [Agree 8 : Disagree 1]

Comment-brew indonesia / 6:38 AM Sep 29, 2010: i would not stressed out the formation or the long ball play that seedorf bemoan about. i would only stressed out this: what’s wrong with pirlo? / [Agree 8 : Disagree 1]
Comment-forzamilan808 honolulu / 7:07 AM Sep 29, 2010: Seedorf doesnt deserve criticism, he played fine and is justified in his words. We did rely on Ibra too much. we need to work the ball around on the ground more till we have a better opportunity to play the long or through ball. Too many times Pirlo was caught playing needless, difficult long balls. Need to go back to our style of play like in 2005ish. / [Agree 8 : Disagree 0]
Comment-Kostas Greece / 6:08 AM Sep 29, 2010: Well, Pirlo is not passing to you because you loose every possession. Better odds to pass long ball to Ibra. You was good, but looong time ago , and now , please retire because the team with you is like 10 man team . You don’t run , don’t defend , loose almost every ball , slowing the game down and so on . I just don’t understand what is that coach thinking , maybe both of you should retire. / [Agree 7 : Disagree 2]

Comment-Victor indonesia / 1:18 PM Sep 29, 2010: I saw Ajax vs Milan last night. and I saw how seedorf played. He cannot said like that coz Seedorf played very very bad game last night. / [Agree 5 : Disagree 7]
Comment-Darren Malaysia / 7:15 AM Sep 29, 2010: Seedorf.. you should have retired years ago. now just shut up and play as much as you have the chance to play.. there are lotsa midfielders that can replace you anytime anyday.. Honda, Gourcuff, Ben Arfa, Polli, Gerrard etc.. I appreciate your contribution but you are just making Milan looks so slow and old now.. / [Agree 1 : Disagree 4]
Comment-arunashamal Australia / 9:18 AM Sep 29, 2010: I can’t believe there are people who criticize seedorf. Just take out the assists he made. and you will see how important he is. / [Agree 0 : Disagree 0]
Comment-Leo Hong Kong / 7:17 AM Sep 29, 2010: to Kostas: How about the pass to Robinho wasted? Seedorf was great and he is still great. He is the most creative player in the team. He doesn’t run, defend or so but his killer instinct is the key to victory. / [Agree 5 : Disagree 1]
Comment-Milanista121 USA / 2:28 PM Sep 29, 2010: Very true, clarence! I liked what we saw from you, you weren’t great in the first half, but you did show your class with several passes, one resulted in a goal, and another which I can’t believe didn’t go in… you were great in the second half. I want to see some other players score too, other strikers, midfielders, fullbacks. Too bad with Robinhos opportunity, and you can’t blame Boateng as he had no angle to shoot from in the end. Forza Milan! Forza Grande Clarence! / [Agree 8 : Disagree 1]
Comment-Desilolla Oslo, Norway / 7:16 AM Sep 29, 2010: People dissing Seedorf should shut their mouth. Nobody have given more to Milan then Seedorf. People claim Pirlo, Nesta and Gattuso are mre vital but they can’t compare to Seedorf who has always performed for Milan. Seedorf has been a worldclass player in 15-16 years, while Nesta, Gattuso and Pirlo at most 6-8 years. So stop blaming Seedorf for everything. / [Agree 7 : Disagree 1]
Comment-THE CHUM OF THE COACH MILAN / 11:00 PM Sep 28, 2010: Unfortunately thats all you can do, just watch others play and yes the coach’s system is right coz you fit in and play 90 minutes, if you were benched then you would react…. You were a great , but everything has to come to an End, so are you / [Agree 4 : Disagree 10]
Comment-Jonas Sweden / 9:12 AM Sep 29, 2010: This team badly needs people from the 80’s and maybe even 90’s gawd midfeild lost like 4 goals purley on speed. / [Agree 0 : Disagree 0]

Comment-Milanista New York / 11:12 PM Sep 28, 2010: They didn’t play the 4-3-3… they played a 4-3-1-2.. wtf are you saying seedorf? plus that system sucks…. we’re losing every game we play like that with Ronaldinho on left like an idiot / [Agree 3 : Disagree 11]
Comment-The Philosopher / 7:20 AM Sep 29, 2010: Allegri fielded a diamond formation against ajax. ibra, robinho as two top with seedorf (not good enough) as CAM gattuso left, flamini right and pirlo.. if allegri is stubborn about using 4-3-3 again, then make pirlo CAM (it has worked before) seedorf as RM or LM (but should be super sub) and gattuso as CDM. also in order for 4-3-3 to work, milan really need a box-to-box midfielder like schweinsteiger badly or it will never work.. also we lose possession way too much we need to work on this too 😦 / [Agree 8 : Disagree 1]
Comment-harisen Australia / 2:06 AM Sep 29, 2010: 4-2-1-3 formation would suit us better as pato if coming back this week. 4 defenders – Pirlo, Boateng – Ronaldinho – Robinho, Ibra, Pato. Problem with us playing 2 strikers (Robinho and Ibra) wen robinho has the ball on left, ibra moves towards him leaving a gap in the middle which is good but without pato on the right now picks up those balls put across. 3 strikers is the way to go. / [Agree 11 : Disagree 3]

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PART-1: Flop Andrea Pirlo (b.1979) 😦


Clarence Seedorf Admits Milan Can’t Rely Solely On Zlatan Ibrahimovic
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Comment-John Jordan / 4:00 PM Sep 29, 2010: Why does Pirlo walk on water? He was once exceptional, but lately he seems lazy and tired. Yet he seems to be the only permanent member of the new milan squad. The team has other options and should explore them. / [Agree 6 : Disagree 2]


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