PROFESSOR-05: Watch Out! Was Moggiopoli-2006 About Money? Was Calciopoli-2009 About Scudetto? Inter’s Calciopoli-2010 Has Just Started!

🙂 Italy-Belcanto > Rossoneri 2010-2011: Flop4
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PROFESSOR-05: Something Fundamental!

🙂 R7-9: Allegri In Hot Water With No Midfield Working For His Plan. Pato Was Going To Fly Like Swan But Becomes Duckling. AC-Milan Still Lacks A Perfect Balance Between “Old & Young”. (Oct 16 – Nov 3, 2010)
PROFESSOR-04: Importance Of Midfield At Berlusconi, Ancelotti, Leonardo, Allegri, and Ronaldinho’s AC-Milan.

🙂 R5-6: Rossoneri Is Being Rebuilt. Calcio Is A Sport, But Also An Art. Binho Woke Up. Gattuso Is Returning To Calabrian Bulldog. Kick Off Birthday Party With Pirlo’s Goal. Let’s Run. We’re Getting There. “La Bella Italia”! (Sep 25 – Oct 2, 2010)
PROFESSOR-02: Please, Performers Are Not Machine. “Affection” Rather Than “Criticism”, “Hearful Training Regardless Of Its Strictness” Is What AC-Milan’s Newbie Binho Wants To Receive At His New Foreign Home. At Least, Rossoneri Have 6 Months Until Troublemaker Binho Resumes His Kind Of F*cking Behavior. It Can Be A Profitable Business, Anyway.

🙂 R1-5: Rosy Bindi Chuckles As “Fantastic-Four” Minus “Alessandro-Nesta” Equals “Flop-Four”. Whether Allegri Is “The Decider” Or Not, His Tactics Is Denounced (Sep 11 – 25, 2010).
PROFESSOR-01: Professor Berlusconi Says “Bla-Bla-Bla”. No Matter What, His Lecture Becomes Pure Political. WHY?

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돌풍 아닌 태풍? 라치오의 선두 질주 (13) Oct 19, 2010
세리에 누가보긴보냐[2] kore**** (…) gjvl****: 뭐 전세계적으로 평균 TV 시청자 1억 2000만 정도 라던대? 이탈리아 인구수보다 많지, 너님만 걍 안볼뿐
작성일시 / 10.19. 13:22 / IP

‘크라시치 맹활약’ 유벤투스, 레체 대파 (31) Oct 18, 2010
밀란 유베 살아나나?[3] / 2010.10.18. 05:30 / rain**** / IP 진짜 국내도 세리에 A 팬좀 늘었으면 …
hall****: 팬이 늘어나긴 어려울듯… 박지성의 “맨유상품 구매 캠패인”때문에 / 10.18. 07:51 / IP
rlae****: 세리에 A는 승부조작 이후로 보기 싫음 ㅋㅋ 베총리도 그렇고 마피아도 그렇고 그냥 챔스같은거 나올땐 보지..ㅋ / 10.18. 08:43 / IP
madr****: 칼쵸폴리….때매 등돌린 사람들 수천인데… 그중에 1/3만 돌아와도 많을듯… 근데..그러기엔-_-…. 쩝… 유베좋아하는 팬은 많을듯?! ㅋ / 10.18. 08:59 / IP

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PART-3: Watch Out! Was Moggiopoli-2006 About Money? Was Calciopoli-2009 About Scudetto? Inter’s Calciopoli-2010 Has Just Started!

(Updated on NOVEMBER 10, 2010)

Palermo Must Play ‘Game Of Our Lives’ To Beat Milan – Delio Rossi Nov 9, 2010 / By Goal
Javier Pastore Claims Money Will Not Be A Factor In Him Remaining With Palermo Nov 10, 2010 / By Goal
Palermo Ace Javier Pastore Is Better Than Ronaldinho & Milan Should Sign Him – Gianluigi Lentini Nov 10, 2010 / By Goal

Milan 3-1 Palermo: Ibrahimovic Penalty Helps Rossoneri To Serie A Summit Nov 10, 2010 / By Goal

Palermo Coach Delio Rossi Upset With Referee Following Loss To Milan Nov 10, 2010 / By Goal
Milan Loss Forces Palermo Chief Maurizio Zamparini To Abandon Club & Football – OFFICIAL Nov 11, 2010 / By Goal

Milan Loss Forces Palermo Chief Maurizio Zamparini To Abandon Club & Football Nov 11, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 45
Comment-Erste Interista / 2:36 PM Nov 11, 2010: poor Zamparini.. it’s hard to win from milan, if the team doesn’t give 110%, because even ur team gives 100%, it’s still hard to win from them, if their president’s still the italian prime minister 🙂 / 2 : 1

Palermo Coach Delio Rossi Upset With Referee Following Loss To Milan Nov 10, 2010 / By Goal
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Comment-inter uk / 8:37 AM Nov 11, 2010: figc and co are working well to give a scudetto to BBilan this year!! / 2 : 8

(JIWON: Let’s start with this v-e-r-y interesting or simply f*cking comment from Inter’s Ultra or so-called Interista. As I wrote in Ibra’s Part, (…PROFESSOR-07: Is Ibracadabra A Fantastia or…?…), I accidentally found out “INTER’S CALCIOPOLI 2010-11”, starting from “Palermo 1-2 Inter”. OMG! I didn’t know that my report was made just one day before “Milan 3-1 Palermo”. 🙂 )

Palermo 1-2 Inter: Samuel Eto’o Brace Decides Spectacular Sicilian Encounter Sep 19, 2010 / By Goal
Inter’s Esteban Cambiasso Delighted Following Difficult Win Over Palermo Sep 19, 2010 / By Goal
Coach Rafael Benitez Praises ‘Spectacular’ Inter Following Palermo Win Sep 19, 2010 / By Goal
Palermo Coach Delio Rossi Satisfied With Performance Despite Inter Defeat Sep 19, 2010 / By Goal

(JIWON: Weird is that Palermo Coach was satisfied with the result. Mysterious is that Palermo Chief Maurizio Zamparini has NEVER raised an issue about this. That was my real problem, and I started to worry. For example, I found out that some mystery with a small team called “BRESCIA” was involved in “Brescia 2-1 AS Roma” on Sep 22, “Brescia 1-1 Yuventus” on Nov 10, “Inter 1-1 Brescia” on Nov 7. I am not sure of “Lazio 1-0 Brescia” on Oct 3. There was a comment on the missed PK but no detailed description was made about which side was a victim. I started to worry, because their story just looked like Inter owed Brescia and Inter’s gift to Brescia might be “Milan 0-1 Brescia”.)

Cagliari 0-1 Inter: Eto’o Magic Silences Sant’Elia Boos Oct 17, 2010 / By Goal
Inter’s Julio Cesar Delighted With Contribution Following Win Over Cagliari Oct 17, 2010 / By Goal
Inter Coach Rafael Benitez Delighted With ‘Important’ Win Over Cagliari Oct 17, 2010 / By Goal
Cagliari Coach Pierpaolo Bisoli Delighted With Performance Despite Inter Win Oct 17, 2010 / By Goal

(JIWON: Isn’t this the same situation? The VICTIM, whether Cagliari coach or chief, is delighted with their loss. Their chief has never raised an issue about this. It looked as if everybody was scared of Mr. Moratti. Or his Mafia connection… according to the comment section… elsewhere. I accidentally found out this. I was checking Ibra’s TACKLE during “Milan 3-1 Chievo” on Oct 17 but accidentally clicked Inter’s article, in which INTER’s Korean fan pointed out that Cagliari Coach Bisoli was smart enough to smell(!) the Inter’s Calciopoli during the game and changed the members. (… ummm… impossible to translate this situation…) Therefore, I had to check all the previous games of Inter, Yuventus, Roma, and Lazio.

Meanwhile, I also found out that Inter’s Calciopoli 2009 was quite different from Yuventus’ Moggiopoli 2006. If the latter was about MONEY, the former was about SCUDETTO. It was a real version of CALCIOPOLI, wasn’t it? Now, I am talking about Inter’s Calciopoli 2010. If my work is right, it started with “Palermo 1-2 Inter” on Sep 19, 2010. Palermo or whatever’s Korean fan was so furious that he explained the detailed scene and vowed never to watch Serie-A again.)

Palermo Coach Delio Rossi Satisfied With Performance Despite Inter Defeat Sep 19, 2010 / By Goal
(…) coach Delio Rossi refused to criticize his men for the manner in which they challenged the Nerazzurri. “I saw a side that played on the same level as the European champions. We are in a difficult moment right now … and eventually turned the result around,” he declared to SkySport. Despite the defeat Palermo remain on four points ahead of the midweek clash against Juventus.

Coach Rafael Benitez Praises ‘Spectacular’ Inter Following Palermo Win Sep 19, 2010 / By Goal
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Comment-Interista Interland / 6:37 PM Sep 19, 2010: Spectacular? Is he on crack? The subs were terrible and we were just lucky (Palermo got 2 clear penalties) during the whole match. / 0 : 36

Palermo Coach Delio Rossi Satisfied With Performance Despite Inter Defeat Sep 19, 2010 / By Goal
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Comment-Sasa Montenegro / 11:41 AM Sep 20, 2010: Obviously, match between Palermo and Inter was SET UP!!! / 0 : 2

Palermo 1-2 Inter: Samuel Eto’o Brace Decides Spectacular Sicilian Encounter Sep 19, 2010 / By Goal
Comment-alex iran / 9:59 PM Sep 19, 2010: as usual,, the referees gave offered their services to inter.. what a shame!!! scudetto has became a fake competition for almost 5 years.. two obvious penalties for palermo not given? how this disgusting team claims themselves a winner? / 0 : 21
Comment-Juveanimale Merda Your Dad’s crib / 4:57 AM Sep 20, 2010: Oh THE REAL ITALIAN TEAM? So you’re saying cheating is the Italian way? Then I’m ashamed to be an Italian. You are JuBe and you will always finish 7th if you can’t choose the referee. 27 crooked Scudetti given for free are nothing to be proud about. Without cheating, JuBe will NEVER taste success ever again. / 23 : 2

(JIWON: Weird is that the last comment sounds like an answer to some another comment. I couldn’t find it. Was it deleted… by INTER’s Still these comments are not as detailed as Korean fan’s furious description of the scene. According to this comment, even Palermo coach looked furious during the game. Yet Palermo Coach Delio Rossi Satisfied With Performance Despite Inter Defeat is what appeared after the game. The Media just try to criticize Palermo Players’ Manner Against Inter. I’ve never read this from the comment section elsewhere. Isn’t it strange? Shouldn’t I worry? According to the situation, the result could be “Milan 0-1 Palermo”.)

Palermo Coach Delio Rossi Upset With Referee Following Loss To Milan Nov 10, 2010 / By Goal
(…) Palermo Coach Rossi believes Pinilla … Boateng … “These decisions should have been given, period,” a furious Rossi told Stadionews post-match. “They are penalties, and that is that. Playing in Milan against the Rossoneri, I can stomach a loss. What doesn’t sit well is losing in the wrong manner.”

Milan Loss Forces Palermo Chief Maurizio Zamparini To Abandon Club & Football Nov 11, 2010 / By Goal
(…) “I’ve had enough. I am tired of taking part in these episodes. I have taken my decision. “I want to distance myself as soon as possible from this football. Palermo is up for sale from right now. I thought things had changed, but it’s still the same filth.” Zamparini is furious after his side were denied two penalties.

(JIWON: Now, this is an answer from the same Palermo Coach and the same Palermo Chief, who were v-e-r-y satisfied with their humiliated, disastrous defeat during “Palermo 1-2 Inter”.)

Milan Loss Forces Palermo Chief Maurizio Zamparini To Abandon Club & Football Nov 11, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 45
Comment-Kiril Macedonia / 10:53 AM Nov 11, 2010: Is he talking about penalty on Pato, when they hurt him and ref didn’t blow? / 28 : 2
Comment-nino leb / 2:07 PM Nov 11, 2010: you are out of your mind dude. 1)Sirigu clearly took out amborsini and it was a penalty.2) palermo had 3 or 4 free kicks on the edge of the area and most of them were not right calls. 3) we deserved another penalty before when munoz took out pato from the back and caused his injury you stupid head! It was a deserved win and seedorf and robinho should have scored 2 so it should have been 5-1. FORZA MILAN! / 5 : 1
Comment-Adamo London / 2:03 PM Nov 11, 2010: what? you had 1 penalty denied so did milan (pato). You got plenty of free kicks outside the pen area. 1 of your players should be given yellow card for play acting trying to get a penalty. Shame on you, and good that your leaving football. / 4 : 0
Comment-milan 4 life beirut, lebanon / 1:35 PM Nov 11, 2010: its not serie a fault or the fans fault if u greedy president, each time u get a quality player, u put him up for sale to get as many cash possible. yesterday you barely had a shot on goal, the first penalty you are assuming is as imaginary as peter pan, your attacker should have received a yellow card for diving.. maybe you havent seen the penalty that pato should have been awarded, you haven’t seen the bulk of free kicks the referee have given u. just grow up the game was fair / 6 : 1

Palermo Coach Delio Rossi Upset With Referee Following Loss To Milan Nov 10, 2010 / By Goal
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Comment-dejan10 los angeles / 12:38 AM Nov 11, 2010: Palermo are getting more and more annoying with each passing season. / 20 : 5
Comment-palermo_cry_boy Denmark / 11:38 PM Nov 10, 2010: ohh come on…. let my dry your tears what about what palermo did in the penalty area.. classic but useless rossi comment when his team looses as he and the players are always spotles to perfection! / 41 : 9
Comment-b b / 8:22 AM Nov 11, 2010: miccoli was hardly even touched by boateng before the free kick that was followed by the penalty scandal. 1-1 wrong decision from the ref for each sides. Milan deserved to win, no question. / 6 : 1
Comment-Joy chicago / 8:39 AM Nov 11, 2010: the hand ball was a penalty, but Mauricio Pinilla is no way he dived like e’eto, and if you look at it milan had a CLEAR penalty on pato, and it wasn’t counted, so stop whining already. / 10 : 1
Comment-milan milan / 4:32 AM Nov 11, 2010: yes i agree .. there was a penalty … for Pato’s sake … ..TOP OF THE TABLE BABBYYY / 20 : 4
Comment-mammad iran / 5:28 AM Nov 11, 2010: i dony t kno what he is talkin about, pato shud have given a pen. in any case, ^^^TOP OF THE TABLE^^^ / 25 : 1
Comment-Mike SWE / 9:30 AM Nov 11, 2010: What about Pato?! He deserved a penalty shot too. / 12 : 1

Palermo Coach Delio Rossi Upset With Referee Following Loss To Milan Nov 10, 2010 / By Goal
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Comment-kal el mars / 9:22 AM Nov 11, 2010: there two penalty on both side which ar not giving he have to admit that milan is much stronger team. / 5 : 1
Comment-Desilolla Oslo, Norway / 7:32 AM Nov 11, 2010: I agree with the situation with Boa. It was a clear penalty. But Milan was too strong and deserved the win. / 11 : 2
Comment-Marco Manchester / 11:57 PM Nov 10, 2010: Milan could have scored 5, so be content with 3 conceded / 8 : 1
Comment-Chandler Toronto / 2:29 AM Nov 11, 2010: If you want to look at it that way, there should have been a definite penalty for when Bovo brought Pato down in their area leading to his injury. Bottom line is Milan were much better than Palermo tonight. / 34 : 5
Comment-Rossonerro London / 1:40 AM Nov 11, 2010: I have sympathy for them, they did deserve a penalty, but so did Milan, plus they were dominated the whole game, penalty or no penalty, they were guna lose. Period. / 35 : 3
Comment-.. .. / 12:13 AM Nov 11, 2010: for the first 60 minutes i think it was an open game but after that the referee decisions changed the whole game. one mistake or two is no problem as referees are also human beings but mistake after mistake and that too in favour of one team is not fair to say the least. Ac Milan did well enough to win the game and palermo did a great job of making a game out of it. Referees should not make so many mistakes. those two were clear and undoubt penalaties for Palermo. waiting for the Derby now. / 6 : 5

(JIWON: Should I collect more comments? Why not?)

Palermo Coach Delio Rossi Upset With Referee Following Loss To Milan Nov 10, 2010 / By Goal
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Comment-benz indonesia / 6:00 AM Nov 11, 2010: not surprise etoo penalty against brescia was referee gift for intermerda, and the result still draw, wuahahaaaa, what a loser / 18 : 3
Comment-Giancarlo Italy / 6:06 AM Nov 11, 2010: If you actually watch the match, you would see we got denied a clear penalty where Pato was obstructed. Can’t believe inter fans are complaining here. Eto’o dove like a retard… and that penalty against Brescia was a total utter job. Please don’t talk! Inter has scored like 4 penalties this season alone! / 25 : 3

(JIWON: Do you want more? Why not?)

Milan Loss Forces Palermo Chief Maurizio Zamparini To Abandon Club & Football Nov 11, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 45
Comment-Kourosh Iran / 10:09 AM Nov 11, 2010: Zamparini and these kind of talks again. / 6 : 1
Comment-Adit Jakarta / 10:46 AM Nov 11, 2010: I think this man a little bit over reacting, Milan had same episode in many games. A games which deserved penalties. He’s complaining every time Palermo loss the game. What a douche… / 19 : 3

(JIWON: I didn’t know that Signore Zamparini did complain after his humiliated, disastrous LOSS on Sep 19, “Palermo 1-2 Inter”. 🙂 I also don’t understand why I have to laugh and laugh after checking his humorous face. 🙂 Sir Berlusconi is not the only one. To put it simply, I think Italy is full of faces and faces… of Jolly Folks. Well… my main problem during this computer work was that Mr. Moratti also looked like a real Italian. I have to close my eyes and concentrate on my ANGER whenever I think of Inter’s Calciopoli 2010. 😦 )

Milan Loss Forces Palermo Chief Maurizio Zamparini To Abandon Club & Football Nov 11, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 45
Comment-Milan Fan Milan Fan / 10:27 AM Nov 11, 2010: well i don’t know whats wrong with Maurizio Zamparini. but Palermo is good team allround with the third best attack in Calcio after Juve and Milan. They need two or three good games and they will be back on track. Thanks Forza Milan / 10 : 0
Comment-! !! / 1:10 PM Nov 11, 2010: haha .. zak and u think that any other mid table team in any other league can do any better? there’s always 3-4 teams that make it to the top time and time again and that’s mainly do to the quality they have in the side. Palermo have a decent starting 11 but complete rubbish on the bench. This guy is a freakin’ idiot for thinking that his team can do anything more than finish mid table or 5th-6th place maximum, his team simply doesn’t have the quality bad referring or good referring aside. / 8 : 0
Comment-someone somewhere / 1:27 PM Nov 11, 2010: Good. I respect this man 10 times more now. Now do you see why we need technology and salary caps? They ensure fairness and that the best wins. The current system is just shields and hides corruption, and thats why they dont want to change it… less money for the people running the show and the big clubs / 3 : 1
Comment-Raul Madrid Forever Bernabeu / 2:11 PM Nov 11, 2010: Lol grow up old man. But I will admit Serie is pretty entertaining… off the pitch. / 3 : 6
(…) Zamparini is widely known in Italian football for his alleged lack of patience and proneness to sack managers. He has sacked a total of 26 head coaches since his enter into football in 1987, fifteen at Venezia and seven at Palermo, with one of the latest being Francesco Guidolin, which Zamparini had sacked already 3 times before, on 24 March 2008. Ironically, the sacking of Guidolin meant the return of Stefano Colantuono, who had already been sacked by Zamparini on 26 November 2007. Zamparini sacked Stefano Colantuono and hired Davide Ballardini. Ballardini was sacked in May 2009 and was replaced by Walter Zenga, who was sacked 24 November 2009.

(JIWON: Signor Zamparini… Dear Sir… This is for you. Please look. I am not the only one who thinks “Serie is pretty entertaining… off the pitch”! 🙂 However… am I the only one, who thinks Signor Zamparini looks humorous as much as Sir Berlusconi does? I just couldn’t help laughing the moment I found his face, which looked just like a soft version of Berlusconi. 🙂 Is this one simple Italian characteristics?)

Milan Loss Forces Palermo Chief Maurizio Zamparini To Abandon Club & Football Nov 11, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 45
Comment-Ajibola Dagenham / 1:21 PM Nov 11, 2010: Has this guy forgotten how they beat Milan home and away last season without Berlusconi over-reacting or selling his club. Decision making in games (not just football) brings passion but not excessive passion like this. Just do us a favor by selling Pastore to Milan and u can do whatever u like after that. / 17 : 2
Comment-milanista_37 ktm / 2:19 PM Nov 11, 2010: It is a well known fack that Zamparini is a lunatic even though his cause was great. If he cannot grow a pair and stomach a loss then too bad. Whats so wrong with jumping on Pastore? We are not Palermo fans so you cannot be expecting us to sacrifice for Palermo’s cause. Plus it has become more and more important that we do well in Europe. Premfaces and La Liga idiots have started to deride Serie A. And we need our fourth place in CL back! / 4 : 0

(JIWON: … hum… umm… ho-ho-ho… 🙂 But I think this issue will have something to do with “Palermo 1-2 Inter”. I am thinking. Why doesn’t Palermo keep this Argentine Jewel and invest more? Why don’t Palermo and Milan and all Serie teams work together so as to stand FIRM against this disgusting system of La Liga or crazy style of Man-City’s EPL? The moment AS-Roma goes to the Arab-or-EPLlike Owner, the Italian League will collapse like Mismanagement caused Pompeii disaster. I am serious, sir, because I will have to persuade Sir Berlusconi to sell this useless AC-Milan to Arab-Owner and make more money through Sport-media. 😦 )

(… I don’t plan to finish this part now. I want to finish DINHO’s part first… “Passion & Happiness”…)

02 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*

From time to time, they were talking about AC-Milan’s past, problems during Ancelotti or LEO’s period. They were also talking about Moggio-poli, the characteristics of Italian football, Inter’s questionable role in Italian football history, and Inter’s on-going Calciopoli.

세리에 A 승부 조작 사건 판결 정리 (15) Jul 15, 2006
K리그에서 이런 일이 벌어진다면…? / 2006.07.15. 10:11 / pseo**** / IP 저렇게 선고할 수도 있구나. 우리의 K리그에서 이런 일이 벌어진다면? 과연 이렇게까지 칼을 휘두를 수 있을까… 우승 29회에 빛나는 세계 탑클래스의 유벤투스에게 저런 극한 처벌을 내릴 수 있는 배짱이 정말 대단하다고 생각된다. 우리에게는… 정말 남의 나라 이야기…
mcpd****: 동감입니다. 정말 엄격하고도 단호하네요.. 우리나라에서 저런일 일 일어났다면 아마도 첨에 좀 난리치다가 처벌결정 지연시키다가 오히려 팬들부터 팀을 감싸고 돌았겠죠.우리나라가 인정이 너무 많아서 ;;.. 정말 대단하다는 말밖에는 안나오네요.. / 07.15. 13:25 / IP
당연히 한국하고는 틀리지… / 2006.07.15. 13:59 / hanh**** / IP 얘네는 구단이 바로 기업이거든…그러니깐 승부조작은 곧 주가조작과 같은 취급을 받으니깐… 아주 중범죄지…

칼치오폴리, 세리에 A 두 팀이 추가로 연루? (14) Jul 20, 2006
저 요번에 사건연루된팀들 원래는 후진팀? / 2006.07.20. 10:01 / kjiz**** / IP 원래 세리에b 보다 못하는 애들인대 세리에a에서 활동하고싶어서, 저렇게 축구를 짜고쳤던건가요?
leed****: 1부로와서 짜고친건대 2부보다 못하는건 아니지. 그리고 이게 승올릴려고 짜고친게 아니라 도박사들이랑 연관대있는거라서 일부로 지는경기도 있다 / 07.20. 10:16 / IP
squi****: leeds_17// 아…과연 그런것이었군요..지금까지 유벤투스 같은 거의 세계최정상급 팀이 도대체 승부조작한 이유를 알수가 없었는데… 도박이 걸려있었군요…-0-ㅋ 새로운 정보 감사 / 07.20. 10:30 / IP

다른 리그는 조사 안 하나? / 2006.07.20. 07:53 / butt**** / IP 승부 조작, 이탈리아 만의 얘기라고 단정지을 수 있나? 오히려 이탈리아가 자국의 부끄러운 점을 도려내고, 새로운 전기를 마련하기 위해 부단히 노력하는 듯 보여서 나아보인다 -_-;;; 프리메라리가나 프리미어라고 승부 조작, 심판 매수 없으리란 법 없지. 특히 프리메라의 모~ 팀은 챔스랑 리그에서 너무 이득을 많이 본다. 왜 조사 안 할까?
gidi****: 매수셀로나…ㅡㅡ 매수셀로나 진짜 축구계악임….ㅡㅡ 16강첼시전도 그렇지만 4강 너무심함….ㅡㅡ 쉐브첸코 헤딩골……ㅡㅡ / 07.20. 08:56 / IP
gidi****: 결승전까지 ㅡㅡ 정말 매수셀로나 너무했음….너무 노골적으로 하는듯 / 07.20. 08:56 / IP
rosu****: 분데스리가는 이미 몇년전에 승부조작사건에 터져서 (심판도 연계, 역시 축구 도박과 관련) 쑥대밭이 되었었지요. 물론 세리에보다는 영향력이 적어도 크게 보도 되지는 안았지만서도요. 확실히 그 때 이후로 뚜렷한 쇠퇴를 보이고 있는중이죠 분데스리가가(그전부터 기울기는 했지만..) 물론 최근 다시 반짝 살아날듯도 보입니다만… / 07.20. 14:03 / IP

한마디로 세리에A 왜그런댜 / 2006.07.20. 07:48 / 7457**** / IP ㅡ ㅡ;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
aima****: 덮어두는 것 보다 낫죠……… 아직 가능성이 있는 나라네요// 07.20. 09:18 / IP

인터 밀란 도청 파문 일파만파 (5-x) Oct 5, 2006 (주심 마시모 데 산티스의 폭로. 텔레콤 이탈리아전회장 마르코 트론케티 프로베라 – Inter대주주 / 현회장귀도로시도인터관계자-FIGC회장.유베박탈.)

[세리에A] ‘우연한 오심’인가, 의도된 것인가? (21) Mar 3, 2009
역시 매수테르~~ / 2009.03.03. 14:16 / wjsx**** / IP 진짜 매수테르 웃긴게 내가본것만해도 2006년부터 한 5번인가 말도안되는 심판매수 의혹 받아왔는데 잘 빠져나온단말이야.. 그런데 무리뉴는 챔스전에서 심판탓만 하고있지..
다들 맨빠 같애 ㅋㅋㅋ / 2009.03.03. 16:35 / wkej**** / IP (…) 맨유가 하면 아무말도 않하내..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
shbr****: 어디서 어떻게 훨씬 많은지를 적어봐. (…) 인테르 경기나보고 말해라..이 ㄷ쉬야 왜 지금 세리에 전체가 인테르 욕하고 앉았는지 / 03.03. 16:49 / IP
맨유도 이런건 좀있죠 / 2009.03.03. 17:00 / otl1**** / IP (…) 근데 진짜 인테르가 1년동안 페널티를 원정이고 홈이고 한번도 안내줬다는건 이상한사실..
soni****: 맨유가 편파판정이 심하면 진작에 기사지들 가만히 있지도 않습니다. 영국 까는 기사지들 널렸고 타임즈, 가디언, 더 선, 인사이드, 킥오프까지 하루가 멀다하고 맨날까고 분석하는 글 올라오는 기사지입니다. 페널티가 안나왔다고 이상하다는 게 말이나 되는 논리인지..판정에 대해 석연찮은게 현재 인테르처럼 한경기정도라면 심판 판단미스라고 하겠지만 경기를 달아서 계속 계속 꼬리를 물고 협의가 잡히고 그러니까 화두가 되는 것이죠. / 03.03. 17:03 / IP
ㅉㅉ… 맨유경기보고 말씀하시지.. / 2009.03.03. 19:37 / back**** / IP 맨유경기먼저 보고말좀하지.. 저게 유리판정이면 맨유에게 유리하게 돌아가는, 수많은 핸들링과 다이빙 옵사이드 판정들은 뭘까.. 유독 중상위권들 팀이랑만 뜨면 잘 나오더만..=0=
dhtm****: -_- 맨유에의 부정적인 입장에서 보면 그런 게 많지만, 맨유 팬 입장에서 보면 불리한 판정 역시 많이 보입니다. 그리고 헐리웃이랑 이건 비교하면 안되죠. 이번 인테르는 정말 뭔가 이상하긴 합니다. 뭐 확실한 물증은 없으니 딱 집어 말할 순 없지만…… / 03.03. 19:42 / IP

인테르는 솔직히 매수같았다 / 2009.03.03. 17:12 / rpch**** / IP 밀란팬이고 세리에 팬이라 인테르 경기도 보는데 옵사이드판정에 안걸릴때도 있었고 뭔가 석연치 않은 판정이 날때가 많았는데 그래도 왠만하면 매수한게 아니길 바란다
vivi****: 이번시즌에 오심때문에 좋은영향미친건 유베가 1~2번 인테르가 내가아는것만 3번(나폴리,밀란,로마전) 밀란은 모르겠고.. / 03.03. 17:56 / IP
심판매수맞다 / 2009.03.03. 17:33 / him_**** / IP 예전부터 느낀건데 인테르가 심판매수했다는 생각이 자꾸만 들었다. 나만 그런 줄 알았는데 사람들 전부가 느끼는 것 보면 이건 정말 심판매수가 맞다. 편파판정이 맨유정도만 되도 심판매수했다는 생각은 안드는데 인테르는 솔직히 심하다. 그런데 세리아A서는 인테르 일부러 조사안할 것 같다. 이번에도 매수 판정나면 세리아A 망할테니깐…. 우리나라 검찰이 삼성 돈조사 못하는것처럼…..
vivi****: 나폴리, 밀란전에서의 아드리아누신의손은 그렇다치더라도 로마전봤는데 판정 진짜어이없었음… 바로 앞에서 말도안되는 판정하는데 로마애들 어이없어 하는게 좀 불쌍하더라고요 근데 칼치오폴리같은 사건은 세리에a가 안해도 다른곳에서 하지않을까요? / 03.03. 17:54 / IP
유베는 진짜 ㅋㅋㅋ / 2009.03.03. 18:13 / lgh1**** / IP 아웃겨 한번 심판매수로 강등됬다가 올라왓더니 첫시즌 스치기만해도 페널티킥 주는 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 유베선수들 진짜 불쌍해보이던.. 아주 2~3시즌동안 밀란하고 유베 우승안줄려고 작정한것 같은대.. 거기에 끼여 희생양이되버린 로마.. 근대 이번에도 인테르 우승이 확정되다 시피한대.. 너무 쓸대없이 독주한다는.. 진짜 강해서가아닌 먼가 외적인 요인에서;;

인테르, 성공 위해 칼치오폴리 조작? (67) Nov 7, 2009 / By Goal
솔직히 인테르 / 오전 7:48 2009. 11. 7.: 경기보면 편파판정 겁나 쩜 / 10 : 5
벵거 런던 / 오전 7:46 2009. 11. 7.: 사실이라면 네시즌 전부 박탈당할꺼 같기도 하고 ㅡㅡ.. 우선 2부리그는 당연지사고 ..근데 몇년이나 지낫는데 이제서야 말하지 그때말햇서야 되는거 아닌가.. / 9 : 0
이사람들 이거 왜이래 처음 들어보는 얘기인 것처럼 / 오전 7:28 2009. 11. 7.: 이 얘기는 원래 칼치오폴리 사건 있을때부터 공공연히 나돌던 소문인데 왜 이제와서 처음 들어보는 것처럼 반응하나요물론 이번에 비에리의 발표가 결정적인 증거가 될 수도 있겠지만,이 얘기 자체는 결코 처음 나온 얘기가 아닌데… / 14 : 0
음… 글쎄요…. / 오후 3:54 2009. 11. 7.: 유베를 먼저 까기전에 인테르 칼치오폴리 조작이면 더 나쁜놈 되는건데 말이죠. 통신사 사장 매수에 자기들이 한 사실은 전부 다 삭제해서 증거 인멸하고, 모지 안건은 통신사 매수로 빼낸 정보라는건데…인테르만 깨끗한척 하고 사실 한 일은 유베 밀란 보다 더 성질이 악랄한 뒷거래라는건데.. 이걸 욕안하면 뭘 욕해야 됩니까… / 10 : 1
유베팬 벤쿠버 / 오전 11:32 2009. 11. 8.: 충분히 가능성 있는 기사임. 통화기록등 증거가 이미 말소돼서 제아무리 밀란, 유베같은팀도 어쩔수 없이 당하긴 했지만 상식적으로 인터만 깨끝하고 나머지 우승권팀들은 다 더러웠다는건 납득하기 힘듦. 글고 칼치오폴리가 꼭 유베가 우승하기위해 이용된것처럼 묘사되곤 하는데 사실은 도박 배당률에 의한 상금으로 자금확보수단으로 이용된게 더 맞다고 봐야죠. 유베뿐아니라 연루된팀들이 적지 않으니. 유베는 그스쿼드로 걍 갔어도 충분히 우승할만큼 독보적으로 쩔어주는 클럽이였고. 분명한건 인터는 칼치오폴리의 최대 수혜자이고 그사건이 아니었음 리그4연패를 할일이 없었을뿐만 아니라 이태리 리그의 수준은 모라티의 도청에 의한 고자질로 20년 이상 떨어지고 인터는 CL에서 늘 들러리인거. / 6 : 0
쩝 이거 / 오전 10:22 2009. 11. 8.: 유베나 밀란과 인테르와의 가장 큰 차이점을 알려주지!사실 과거 승부조작 사건 전에는 누구나 다 알고 있듯이, 세리아 심판들은 언제나 유베와 밀란에게 만큼은 관대했었지. 현재의 인테르처럼 말야. 그런데 그 시절 심판덕을 본 유베나 밀란과 현재 심판덕을 보고 있는 인테르의 가장 큰 차이점이 뭔지 알어 유베와 인테르는 판정이 어쨋든 언제나 유럽무대에서 엄청난 포스를 보여주면서 세계를 호령했었다. 유베가 우승은 못함에도 불구하고 유럽의 제왕으로 불렸던 이유는 이시절의 유베는 언제나 4강이나 결승 포스였으니깐.그에반해 우리 인테르는 어쩌냐. 유럽에서 언제나 개털리지.이걸 볼때 우리는 알수있지. 유베와 밀란은 굳이 편파판정이 아니어도, 리그에서 좋은 성적을 거둘수 있는 팀들이었고, 그에반해 우리 인테르는 편파판정 아니면 결국 리그에서도 막장포스정도 밖에 보여주지 못할 팀이란 사실을 말야. 괜히 예전에 인테르를 결코 유베와 밀란과 동급취급하지 않았던게 아니야. 오히려 라치오 같은 팀들을 / 13 : 5

인테르 구단주 “밀란전 논란, 이제 그만!” (8) Jan 27, 2010 / By Goal
뭐? .. / 오후 2:49 2010. 1. 27.: 이번에 밀란이 페널티킥이 좀 많았다는건 인정한다 그런데 최근 몇년간 인테르한테 엄청난 편파판정이있었다는거 모르냐? 작년에 나왔던 기사에서 오심 제외하고 순위매기니까 인테르3위로 떨어지더라 밀란1위로 올라가고 / 1 : 9
다른건몰라도 ㅋㅋ / 오후 4:50 2010. 1. 27.: 인테르가이제는일인자라는걸알겠다 / 7 : 1

인테르와 AC 밀란, 시즌 후 강등? (40) Apr 4, 2010
[1]유베 팬입장에서 / 2010.04.04. 19:44 / hide**** / IP
유베 팬 입장에서 일단 전 단장인 모지는 선수보는 눈과 영입은 환상적이였다.
하지만 선수를 데려오는 방식은 않좋았고 더욱 안좋았던건 승부조작…
그러나.. 여기서 승부조작은 약팀에게 져주며 많은 배당금을 챙김…
여기서 세리에a 몰락이 시작됨…
칼초폴리 사건으로 인하여 왕좌 유벤투스는 세리에b로 추락하였고 라치오,피렌체,밀란등은
승점삭감….으로 리그 시작.. 하지만 여기서 인테르가 빠지고 말았음…
칼초폴리가 터진 원인은 물론 모지 전 단장이 승부조작을 했지만
인테르 구단주인 모라티 구단주와 텔레콤 이탈리아 관계자인 줄리아노 타발리가 전화를 불법도청… 다른팀을 골로 보냄… 정작 인테르는 여기서 줄리아노 타발리로 인하여
깨끗히 칼초폴리에서 빠져나옴 세리에a 몰락은 모지 전 단장이 원인제공
성인군자 인척 하는 인테르 구단주인 모라티구단주가 완전히 리그를 말아먹음..
결론 모지 전 단장이나 성인군자인척 하는 모라티 구단주나 둘다 리그 말아먹은 놈.
[1]밀란은 연루되서 / 2010.04.04. 20:09 / rkdg**** / IP 승점 감점조치 받았잖아. 근데 이기사는 왜 밀란이야기는 줫도 안써놓고, 밀란도 예전엔 안걸렸었다는 뉘앙스임?
[1]AC밀란 그때 까인건뭐임? / 2010.04.04. 23:09 / wns_**** / IP 뭐여 그때 다같이 까인거아닌가요? 일사부재리의 원칙에 따라 또 까일수없지않나?
utad****: 같은죄를 다시 처벌할 수 없는거지… 다른죄가 들어난다면 그 죄를 처벌해야지… 유벤만 시궁창으로 빠질순 없지 / 04.04. 23:32 / IP
sorc****: 이젠 그럼 인테르 혼자서 탈탈 털릴차례인가요 ㅋㅋ;; / 04.05. 01:23 / IP

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