PROFESSOR-07: Is Ibracadabra A Fantasista Or A Trequartista Or Just A Bit Of Egoistic Forward? What Do Rossoneri Want From Ibracadabra? Which Role Can Ibracadabra Offer To Rossoneri?

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PROFESSOR-07: Something Fundamental!

PART-1: Prelude: Any STAR-Player, Who Joined AC-Milan With No Intention To Prove “The Essence Of Italian Football Style,” Will Have To Find A Better Club.
PART-2: Is Ibracadabra A Fantasista Or A Trequartista Or Just A Bit Of Egoistic Forward? What Do Rossoneri Want From Ibracadabra? Which Role Can Ibracadabra Offer To Rossoneri?
PART-3: AC-Milan Need A Trequartista, A Fantasista, A Fantasy-Maker In Fancy, Elegant and Stylish Italian Football.
PART-4: Ibra***ovic’s Taekwondo-Kick or Scary Tackle. For What?
PART-5: Time To Ponder “Family Atmosphere” and “Team Morale” at AC-Milan, Which Was, Is, And Will Remain Very Professional.
PART-6: Jogo vs. Fantasia: Joga Bonito… Rhythm+Flair+Swing… Game… Frolic… Spatial vs. Temporal… Professionals of Imagination… Breaking All Tactical Choreographies… Apparition… Facci Sognare…

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🙂 Rossoneri 2010-2011: Dear Sir, “Fantastic Four” Are Transformed Into “Flop Four”! Maestro Allegri Needs Advice From Professor Berlusconi! (Sep 12 – ???, 2010)

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🙂 PROFESSOR-06: What Means Family Atmosphere Or Professional Morale At AC-Milan? No Matter What, Professor’s Determined Never To Accept “Spoilt Brats,” Who’re Determined To Abuse MilanLab!!! (Nov 17 – Dec 20, 2010)

🙂 PROFESSOR-05: Watch Out! Was Moggiopoli-2006 About Money? Was Calciopoli-2009 About Scudetto? Inter’s Calciopoli-2010 Has Just Started! (Oct 16, 2010 – ???)

🙂 R7-9: Allegri In Hot Water With No Midfield Working For His Plan. Pato Was Going To Fly Like Swan But Becomes Duckling. AC-Milan Still Lacks A Perfect Balance Between “Old & Young”. (Oct 16 – Nov 3, 2010)
PROFESSOR-04: Importance Of Midfield At Berlusconi, Ancelotti, Leonardo, Allegri, and Ronaldinho’s AC-Milan.

🙂 R5-6: Rossoneri Is Being Rebuilt. Calcio Is A Sport, But Also An Art. Binho Woke Up. Gattuso Is Returning To Calabrian Bulldog. Kick Off Birthday Party With Pirlo’s Goal. Let’s Run. We’re Getting There. “La Bella Italia”! (Sep 25 – Oct 2, 2010)
PROFESSOR-02: Please, Performers Are Not Machine. “Affection” Rather Than “Criticism”, “Hearful Training Regardless Of Its Strictness” Is What AC-Milan’s Newbie Binho Wants To Receive At His New Foreign Home. At Least, Rossoneri Have 6 Months Until Troublemaker Binho Resumes His Kind Of F*cking Behavior. It Can Be A Profitable Business, Anyway.

🙂 R1-5: Rosy Bindi Chuckles As “Fantastic-Four” Minus “Alessandro-Nesta” Equals “Flop-Four”. Whether Allegri Is “The Decider” Or Not, His Tactics Is Denounced (Sep 11 – 25, 2010).
PROFESSOR-01: Professor Berlusconi Says “Bla-Bla-Bla”. No Matter What, His Lecture Becomes Pure Political. WHY?

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PART-1: Prelude: Any STAR-Player, Who Joined AC-Milan With No Intention To Prove “The Essence Of Italian Football Style,” Will Have To Find A Better Club.

(Updated on NOVEMBER 8, 2010)

Milan Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I Prefer Playing With Filippo Inzaghi, Not The Brazilians Nov 5, 2010 / By Goal
(…) “Plus, I feel more freedom when I play with him, whereas with the Brazilians I am forced to play inside the box more.”

(JIWON: A terrific happening. This is exactly why I couldn’t finish Pato and Dinho’s part. I wonder why there is no Korean article about this issue. True that there were quite interesting debates on Ibra or Pato. But I couldn’t come up with one definite solution, because I still hardly know about the exact definition of the Italian Football. I thought that I learned many things, but when I found their debate on “The Striker’s Role in Italian Football” or “Definition Of The Italian Striker,” I couldn’t raise my voice any more. I only feel…

According to the Korean comment section, there was a difference between Rossoneri Legend Andriy Shevchenko and Rossoneri Star Ibracadabra. According to their Italian Lecture, there has to be a specific characteristic to be Serie-A’s definite Star/Striker. That was my problem. Whenever I follow performance reviews on Ibracadabra or IbraFLOPovic or IbraPATOvic or Ibrahimovic, I had a hard time to pick up the right information about this controversial STAR-player. Whatever it is, my collection should not betray Italian style. Or… I will fail in this computer work… and then my life.

For a while, I didn’t want AC-Milan to lose any of their STAR-players, from Ibra to Robinho. I worked real hard to get them at this price. But the more analysis I read about AC-Milan and all these professional players, the more I realized that this would eventually help each player, even if it would cause him to find another club to finish his professional career. It was quite a recent days ago that I realized that Ibracadabra could have been a terrific item at Man-City. I learned this from the Korean comment section. This guy is now 29 year old. Not much time is left for his professional career. Absolutely no one can blame his out-spoken behavior when his only interest is to maximize his full talent. So do his teammates at AC-Milan. Every each player should let his voice be heard at the highest volume. Especially “Pato, The Duckling”.

At the same time, I can’t allow any STAR-player, who joined AC-Milan but has no intention to prove “The Essence of Italian Football Style”. The sooner they find another club, the better. Therefore, this collection will have NO answer. It will be a collection of interesting comments. Let’s just hope to find an answer when I finish this computer work. 🙂 )

(Updated on NOVEMBER 27, 2010)

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🙂 R10-12: Forza Midfield! Inter Removes Moratti’s Curse On Ibra’s PK. Passionate Binho Flops & Seeks Pippo’s Lesson. Let’s Enjoy Trequartista SLOWdorf & Hot Bulldog! Altogether… Toward Professional Morale (Nov 7-14, 2010)
Clarence Seedorf Plays Down Significance Of Milan Derby Nov 8, 2010 / By Goal
(…) “I was born a trequartista, and have adapted myself to playing in other roles,” he added. “When I was asked to play the role, I did it, but my preferred role is in behind the strikers.”

(JIWON: After finishing DRAFT of this part, not Pato but Seedorf made a quick response. Then, Trequartista SLOWdorf’s adventure started. 🙂 )

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PART-2: Is Ibracadabra A Fantasista Or A Trequartista Or Just A Bit Of Egoistic Forward? What Do Rossoneri Want From Ibracadabra? Which Role Can Ibracadabra Offer To Rossoneri?

(Updated on NOVEMBER 27, 2010)

Understanding Italian football part I – Fantasia Jan. 13, 2009 / By
(…) Fantasia is not simply a mark of individual talent, some gift that a handful of players possess and which the rest are shorn of. Rather, fantasia is interwoven with every aspect of the Italian game, starting from the interaction between fantasisti and their teammates, to the most purely tactical and academic levels. Among the foremost priorities for Coaches in Italy is finding a way to draw the best out of their fantasisti. A cursory overlook at the history of Italian Serie A since Arrigo Sacchi’s revolutionary handling of Milan reveals some common trends. (…)

Inter’s “Special One” yet to find his fantasista Aug 11, 2009 / By

Ibrahimovic: The Hero Again As Milan Confirm Their Top Place Nov 21, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Frank Tigani (= AC-Milan-Blog = PirloFan = MilanFan since Berlusconi’s1993)
(…) When at Inter, the Nerazzurri were often criticised for being too dependent on Ibrahimovic. However, in the Serie A this clearly was not a problem as the Beneamata strolled to three successive titles in row with Ibra leading the attack. It appears that Milan, like Inter back then, are also becoming Ibra-dependent. But then as now, it is appearing to be a successful formula at least in the Serie A. (…)

(JIWON: Hence, Inter’s Ibracadabra was not a Fantasista. Nor was Inter an Italian football club.)

Milan Are Right To Rely On Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Luciano Moggi Nov 26, 2010 / By Goal
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Comment-Manfred Lagos, Nigeria / 2:29 PM Nov 26, 2010: Moggi is a hypocrite.. when Inter depended on Ibra.. he rebuked them for that..Now you praise Milan for being dependent on Ibra… hypocrite / 3 : 0
Comment-Inter fan Here / 2:01 PM Nov 26, 2010: and some Milan fans are unhappy if I compare Milan with Inter 3 years ago, saying that they have Pato. Pato is always injured for god sake. I am not denying fact that Ibra can win you scudetto by himself just like what he did with us, but back then nearly everyone was always saying “Inter’s Ibra team” in negative connotation. What’s difference with Milan this year then? / 45 : 22
Comment-Allen Ind / 2:37 PM Nov 26, 2010: Knockout games require teamwork.. depending on one player to do everything will make milan pay in the champions league… / 27 : 5
Comment-John London / 2:59 PM Nov 26, 2010: There is a difference to Ibra’s Inter. Once Pirlo comes back he will play, once Ronaldinho gets back to working hard, he will play, and Robinho is still finding his feet. For now, Ibra and the steel midfield can grind out results for Milan, and that’s all that matters. Imagine Milan a year ago with Pirlo and Pato out, they wouldn’t have a chance to be top of the league. / 63 : 2

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: AC Milan’s Man With the ‘Golden Touch’ Nov 17, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Varun Mathure
(…) At the Rossoneri, Ibra has also become more of a team player than the glory hunter he could have been accused of being at Inter. There are still moments of front-page-eyed selfishness, but more often than not, Ibracadabra has indeed changed his ways to suit the team. Strange, how these things work. (…)

AC Ibrahimovic: Milan are dependent on Zlatan Ibrahimovic Nov 24, 2010 / By rossoneriblog
Talkbacks for this article 32
Comment-Wrong Article says: Allegri is simply working with what he has in this team. Cus a team where most of the midfielders are not attack minded causes you to shift ur attention to the men upfront and when two of those men are down the duty of doing the damage falls on the last man standing (which in this case turns out to be Ibra). Robinho though an attacker has been finding it hard to find the back of the net this days. Ronaldinho has been on and off(though his goal yesterday was 9ice). So tell me what will be ur decision in such a situation????
Comment-Jack says: then you would have to go back and say AC BASTEN, AC SHEVCHENKO, AC KAKA and AC MALDINI among hundreds of others. each team try to make the best out of their most inform player at any time. And Allegri didn’t change formations to suit Ibra as Ibra scored most of the goals in 4-3-3, he changed the formation to provide much need support for our midfield and to create a link between midfield and the player behind the attackers. This article is most idiotic yet.
Comment-Dan says: Just wanted to add that a recent interview with Swedish media Zlatan clearly stated that it’s not only because of him the team is doing well since without his wonderful teammates he wouldn’t be able to do any of what he’s accomplished so far. I’m happy to see Zlatan playing like he has fun again, something in this team brings out the joy of football in him. (…)
Comment-fdl says: I think we should live the moment for now.. we are relying on ibra but guess what .. thats what he’s there for, i think the whole team is growing in confidence, so theres always a chance for our other strikers and midfielders to score
Comment-nick says: I agree with this article. Its unfortunate but it is true! If Pippo and Pato were not injured I would have felt different. Once Pato becomes healthy Milan will be fine. However I do believe if Milan sign some important world class players to replace X Milan will be less dependent on Ibra. (…)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is Not the Answer: AC Milan Have Bigger Issues Jul 6, 2010 / By, Frank Tigani (= AC-Milan-Blog = PirloFan = MilanFan since Berlusconi’s1993)
(…) Milan need a trequartista before another striker. Though, it is midfielders and full backs that are really required before any attacking player is brought in. (…)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Reminds Me Of Marco Van Basten – Adriano Galliani Nov 22, 2010 / By Goal
AC Milan striker Ibrahimovic admits burnout fears Nov 22, 2010 / By
Allegri: ‘Our priority is to sign a great striker’ Nov 26, 2010 / By rossoneriblog

(JIWON: Then, what about AC-Milan’s Ibracadabra? Only Sir Berlusconi knows it, since he is the only one who knows when, how, and why to open his wallet. 🙂 )

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PART-3: AC-Milan Need A Trequartista, A Fantasista, A Fantasy-Maker In Fancy, Elegant and Stylish Italian Football.

(Updated on NOVEMBER 8, 2010) – DRAFT
(Updated on NOVEMBER 26, 2010)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is Not the Answer: AC Milan Have Bigger Issues Jul 6, 2010 / By, Frank Tigani (= AC-Milan-Blog = PirloFan = MilanFan since Berlusconi’s1993)
(…) For Milan, it is the midfield that is the biggest problem. (…) After midfielders, it is full backs that Milan need. (…) Only when these issues have been properly resolved should there be talk of Milan signing a striker. But, when it comes to the Milan attack, what is more of an issue now that Allegri is coach is who will play the trequartista role. (…) Milan need a fantasista. A player whose natural role is to play behind the strikers and create goals. (…) Milan need a trequartista before another striker. Though, it is midfielders and full backs that are really required before any attacking player is brought in. (…)

Inter’s “Special One” yet to find his fantasista Aug 11, 2009 / By
(…) Inter may have dominated Lazio for long periods of the Super Cup, but there was little to really whet the appetite that Jose’s second season in charge is going serve up a feast of exciting football. … What is lacking is that flash of panache to unlock the blanket defences the Nerazzurri will face throughout the campaign ahead. Ah yes, the fantasista – the name says it all: fleet of foot, already playing two passes ahead of anyone else, the lone maverick in a sea of hard-running athletes who seem to dominate the modern game. The regista – the deep-lying half-brother to the fantasista – is forever tugging at the heartstrings of Italian football fans. But while the latter has flourished over the last decade, the former has become more and more of a hazy memory since Roberto Baggio hung up his pony-tail. Suddenly the search for the perfect 10 is back in vogue. AC Milan are relying on Ronaldinho and (…)

Italy’s WC-2010 lacks “The Fantasy Maker” Jan 12, 2010 / By
Leave it to the Italians to come up with a fancy, elegant and stylish word to describe a soccer player. In its simplest definition, a fantasista refers to a deep-lying forward who finds open space on the field, creates and scores goals, and provides his team with a touch of playmaking genius. In practical terms, it means so much more: a fantasista is a fantasy-maker, one who can invent something out of nothing and make the impossible look possible.

Catchword for “FANTASISTA” Jun 1, 2004 / By
Italy’s football jargon has a special term: “fantasista”. It takes lots of inventiveness and class to be classified a fantasista — a player who can stun the opponents with a defence-splitting pass, an exquisite lob, or a sublime piece of skill.

Xtratime-Forum: Italian Football: AC-Milan: What is a trequartista, fantasista etc? Sep 27, 2004 / By
Comment-Question / What is a trequartista, fantasista etc?: Guys, I picked this up by reading your posts and also from some reading on the net. What are the meaning of those terms? Are there anymore terms like that? What kind of players does it represent? I post this question here because I get the impression the AC Milan fans are the most friendliest amongst the other teams here.
Comment-Answer1: The trequartista is the player who plays behind the two forwards. The fantasista is the inspirational player on the team, the most creative player who can provide excellent scoring opportunities for his teammates as well as score spectacular goals himself. Oh and about the friendly thing, that’s just a prejudice, all Serie A fans are nice people. 🙂
Comment-Answer2: While a “regista” is the role Pirlo have, which more or less is a playmaker that is deep in the field to buildup play. I think it is easier to say that a a trequartista is a classic playmaker.
Comment-Answer3: trequartista – it comes from three quarters, as an indication that the guy plays three quarters up the field. / fantasista – fantasy. / regista – director–comes from direction. / italian/latin lesson for the day! salute
Comment-Answer4: for both those words, you can take Kaka as example. 🙂

(JIWON: Now, I start to understand how much KAKA was loved and honored by Italian Voters. 🙂 I also start to understand what a profitable business the Spanish Giants have made with this Rossoneri Legend, and then wants to make another profit by re-selling this completely broken image to AC-Milan… sic 😦 )

Neoseeker: FM2010 Player Forum: Best Role for Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Dec 5, 2009 / By
Comment-Question: I’m currently managing Barcelona and I’m getting goals from him but not great performances. I’ve tried him as an advanced forward, deep-lying forward, target man and poacher, but it doesn’t really suit him tbh. Messi and Xavi are my top scorers. What would be best for him? I have the ball played into his feet. What instructions and roles should he be given?
Comment-Answer1: I would be playing him as a Trequartista. It allows him the freedom to do whatever he wants in your forward line without defensive duties. Close to how he plays in real life. Failing that I would play him as a complete forward, as there are few strikers in the game as complete as Ibra.
Comment-Answer2: I tried him as a Trequartista away to Xerez, he scored a second-half hattrick in a 4-0 win. But in the next game, away to Zaragoza he had a useless game. Finished 0-0. I might just try rotating his role.

Milanmania: Games&Tactics: Milan – Juventus (30/10 – 20:45) Oct 31, 2010 / By
Comment-Sirepar: (…) we really need kind of player, attacking midfielder. We need creativity. Pirlo can’t do it alone.
Comment-Revolver: Yes, Flamini can be helpful, but Flamini can’t create anything, just like Gattuso. We needed creativity, and Seedorf was only creative player we had on the bench. To be honest, the more the time passes the more I’m sure that Robinho move was a show off move. Don’t get me wrong, Robinho is great player, but in this Milan setup he’s a surplus. The thing is, Robinho has a little bit of everything, but he isn’t a great goalscorer, and neither great passer. He can succeed in a team where he has a great creative trequartista and great finisher beside him. Brazilian NT is the case. Kaka and Luis Fabiano are perfect attack where Robinho can fit in. But in this Milan, when we already have two great goalscorers and no trequartista, Robinho can’t add anything. Last night, our only creative player was Pirlo and he was waaay to deep. But, if Pirlo isn’t that deep, we’re facing another problem. Allegri is trying lately with pulling Ibra deep to help in creative part of the game, but no matter how capable player Ibra is, he can’t be a trequartista and center forward at the same time.
Comment-kogalo: Last night against Juventus, Robinho was everything for Ac Milan. (…) It was his move that made it all possible for the ibra goal.
Comment-ACMILAN1983: Robinho only showed up for the last 20 minutes in the match, otherwise he was completely anonymous through the match and didn’t even help defensively, normally a positive feature of his game. Also, Robinho’s dominance was due to him attacking down Juve’s right, where they had Pepe defending, so it’s really no surprise he was penetrating more than our other players. If we’re talking about Robinho playing a big hand in Ibra’s goal, then does that mean Antonini who set up the goal and frequently at the end overlapped to get into good crossing positions had a good game? I would say no. Did Pato and Pirlo who set up Ibra for guilt edged chances have good games? Again, I think the answer is no. For all his good work at the end, Robinho was poor overall yesterday. In fact, not many of our players actually played a good or even average game. The irony being that on the whole, the team didn’t actually play a bad game either.
Comment-ACMILAN1983: I just feel if we had a more clinical finisher, better than Ibrahimovic, a goal poacher, more like a penalty box striker rather than a forward, some one who mostly scores from the chances close to the goal, then ACM would have won the game 3-2 Ibrahimovic made a mess of great chances……
Comment-Pedro: Pato should be that player… and I wonder how Pato+Ibrahimovic partnership would work with a proper attacking midfielder behind the two.
Comment-bijon: Who is Pato? What has he done? The most overrated club?… you mean Milan? I am as objective as can be thank you very much.
Comment-Siregar: (…) Seriously, a player will move every transfer season when the coach only judges the player from 2-3 games! Pato still needs lots to learn but forcing him to play well and score every game is ridiculous. Pato is only 21 years old. Be patient!
Comment-bijon: (…) Yes, Pato is young but there are so many other youngsters his age even younger playing with more maturity. I want to see him score against disciplined organized teams with proper defenses, then we can talk, until then (…)

(JIWON: Finally, it is not IbraFLOPovic or IbraPATOvic or Ibracadabra, if he can’t openly ask his coach to find the best way to utilize his talent. 🙂 )

Milan Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I Prefer Playing With Filippo Inzaghi, Not The Brazilians Nov 5, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 212
Comment-Junior Sweden / 11:11 AM Nov 5, 2010: Do u want to make enemeys!!!!!!!! Whats ur problem!! I prefer u and pippo but dont say it like dat. Make it private. Do u think the brazillians like u know. Inzaghi and ronaldinho thats awesome cause R80 likes to cross and pippo likes to header / 44 : 3
Comment-jackster spain / 11:11 AM Nov 5, 2010: i realy think ibrahimovic mush be benched… and play all the brazilians together… look pato is decreasing his game influence because of him… everytime when the bell come to ibra feet… he slows the game… please bench him and play all the three brazilian together / 43 : 8
Comment-Allaverdi Sweden / 11:45 AM Nov 5, 2010: it´s not true. i saw the interview in swedish. he said that inzaghi is a good striker and know how to score. but its always up to the coach to play the best team and the best taktiskts agens opponents. / 30 : 4
Comment-M4E Sweden / 1:21 PM Nov 5, 2010: this interview is not true he say that the coach chice but he want to see inzaghi more! this was a swedish interview and he not say that i read here! / 17 : 3

(JIWON: Always, WWW.GOAL.COM/ is the real problem. But still…)

Milan Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I Prefer Playing With Filippo Inzaghi, Not The Brazilians Nov 5, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 212
Comment-michele milano / 12:47 PM Nov 5, 2010: ibra should be able to sacrifice for the team and do both. he should get to play with both, the brazilans, and pippo, this brings balance. sometimes we NEED him in the middle with his size, and at other times, we need a poacher like pippo in there… both options are great but it depends on the opponent and i hope ibra didn’t say this in a cocky attitude.. he seemed to really be a changed guy over here i hope this isnt the start of bad ibra… / 17 : 2
Comment-Super Pippo one of a kind / 6:01 PM Nov 5, 2010: Usually strikers who trust to their physical abilities (strength, pace, agility) suck when they hit 30+ years. Pippo is intelligent striker and look at where he is at 37yo!!! Zlatan is kind of 2nd striker/trequartista (atleast he likes to be one) and thats why he wants to start with Pippo–>Pippo up front–>Zlatan in his fav position. There is the reason to this comment. / 4 : 0
Comment-Milan dbv / 11:38 AM Nov 5, 2010: The title doesnt even fit in from what he said. He didnt say he didnt like to play with the brazilians he simply marked that he dont like to be a box player cause he is better when he comes with speed and attack against the defense. And I agree with that, he should play like in Inter, he was never a box player at inter. He can play behind Pato instead. / 24 : 2
Comment-you idiots / 12:14 PM Nov 5, 2010: all that he is saying is that the brazilians are more creative than him so he is forced to be the target man, but when inzaghi is on they pay more attention to him and ibra is the creative player. i’m not saying hes right, but he is entitled to an opinion you know / 8 : 6
Comment-harisen Australia / 11:20 AM Nov 5, 2010: i dont feel that ibra is a box players – wen he was at inter he played along the sidelines running at players and cutting across, exactly wat he did to score the first goal against madrid. Ibra (LF), Inzaghi (ST), Pato (RF): every1 bring him out to be a sit in the box player but he is much more. Robinho and Ronaldinho play Left and Right Midfield or Wing (overlap or cut in to drag defence). / 27 : 1

(JIWON: Always, the READERS are more intelligent than WWW.GOAL.COM/. Keep reading, please.)

Milan Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I Prefer Playing With Filippo Inzaghi, Not The Brazilians Nov 5, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 212
Comment-benz indo / 11:45 AM Nov 5, 2010: its hint for allegri, ibra-inzaghi and r80 as playmaker, or 433 with brazillian trio, pato as target man, / 7 : 1
Comment-greg glasgow / 11:25 AM Nov 5, 2010: I’d like to see ibra as the support striker and pato as the centre forward / 21 : 2
Comment-TvT Cy / 12:51 PM Nov 5, 2010: lets play ibra as an attacking mid.. we can try the 4-2-3-1 use either Pato or Robinho as a striker.. Ibra can score from Long range and he can also hold the ball. / 8 : 4
Comment-thebestmilan USA / 12:59 PM Nov 5, 2010: first of all i don’t think statement is true. but, on the other side ibra should not play just in the box like he told to. he doesn’t flourish with these tactics and neither does pato. pato would play much better in front of ibra, he is a striker and frankly he hasn’t been doing well on that right side. 4-4-2 best formation. there more balance with this formation. ibra slightly behind pato and our midfield is not exposed, sorry ronnie and robbinho u both have to come in as super subs. / 4 : 2

Comment-valery germany / 2:21 PM Nov 5, 2010: some how Ibrahimovic is correct not that he is the best in Milan but because PATO is so selfish. so i think if he is played with Inzaghi, a much more better outcome can be achieved. / 19 : 7
Comment-Andriy Medan, Indonesia / 3:43 PM Nov 5, 2010: He’s right! Absolutely right.. Pls look at Pato and Ronaldinho’s effort!! Robinho is fine compare to both of them but still Inzaghi always put his 100% in every match.. Ronaldinho and Pato are getting Lazy / 20 : 7
Comment-nonsense location / 12:30 PM Nov 5, 2010: what are you talking about, guys?! ibra has become more team player since he joined milan. in fact ronaldinho or pato always try to use their skill to bring the ball into the box rather than with team work. / 14 : 14
Comment-beirut lebanon milanese / 12:37 PM Nov 5, 2010: if anyone of u know god damn about football, he ll figure out that a combination of ibra and inzgaghi (of boriello back from loan or someone similar) up front with only 1 good skillful playmaker-dribbler behind them like robinho or pato or any would be far more deadly for milan rather when playing with all those brasilians upfront.. they seem to take too much of the ball without efficiency. Pato is killing me with his naive presence and alongside ronaldinho they are too static and lazy / 8 : 7

Dinho, Binho and Ibra to start against Bari? Nov 6, 2010 / By
Talkbacks for this article 10
Comment-Andriy says: (…) The problem of Pato n Ronaldinho is motivation! idk how they lost it now, they’re getting lazy, maybe because they think that the starting eleven is already booked for their name. Punishment to the bench is needed i think, therefore they’ll put 100% effort in every matches because there is no guarantee for their place!!
Comment-Milanista says: I honestly don’t care if Pato is the wonderkid of Milan if he’s lazy. A lazy superstar does not help. But Ibra does not help either, as he’s just lazy as hell too.

Allegri chooses Inzaghi over Pato? Nov 5, 2010 / By
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Comment-Andriy says: this time i could agree with Allegri despite i dont really fancy him, i still prefer Leo. But Ronaldinho and Pato really disappoint me alot, they’re getting lazy and never really put 100% effort lately, they shld learn from Inzaghi just like what rino Gattuso said.
Comment-Mass says: Sounds great, Pato never passes the ball. Ronaldinho should play though. Should always do because he is one of the best passing players in the world right now. He just need players who find themselves in right position behind the opponents defensive line. Such as Pippo!
Comment-Ronnie2009 says: Actually did Ibra say something like that or did he mean it. (… Ibrahimovic: I Prefer Playing With Filippo Inzaghi, Not The Brazilians …) now it becomes the job of the Coach to accommodate all the egos in a team. by the look of it, even Pato looks uncomfortable and lost while he is playing alongside Ibra, Whatever may be the case From now on All games are important and winning is the only option. Now the question is ” Are these comments whether good or bad do they help or hurt the team”
Comment-Milanista says: I think its a good decision overall. Pato does seem very lazy, and while he’s sitting on the bench thinking about how to get back on the starting line-up, Allegri can test out Ibra and Pipo. Remember Ibra passes very well, and Pipo makes runs very well. But Ibra slows the play down. Still, Pato should be benched to be taught a lesson. At people complaining about why Gattuso or Ambro should be benched…. Let me ask you guys something. What is the difference between Gattuso/Ambro and Pato? Gattuso and Ambro give it their all, and Pato is lazy. I’d rather have a spirited player playing than one that plays half-assed. But Ibra should be benched too, but unfortunately, we don’t have the player to replace Ibra. And Allegri probably wants to try something new out too.

(JIWON: Don’t you think it’s time for PATO to openly express his professional opinion? IMHO, PATO should be the first one to ask and ask his coach to find the best way to fully demonstrate his ability.)

Milan Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I Prefer Playing With Filippo Inzaghi, Not The Brazilians Nov 5, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 212
Comment-toro toro dubai / 3:56 PM Nov 5, 2010: heeey, he is speaking out his opinion from his perspective, which i support it, if we get rid of 2 players (Ronie and Seedorf) Milan will be fine, yes with Ibra-Pipo up front we can play 442 and can be pipo cf alone support by 2 strikers ibra-pato, i like this option with 3 midfield and let Pirlo also has some freedom, currently Seedorf & Ronie our curse, forza milan, i hope Allegri will have balls to say no to prisedent and ceo / 10 : 10
Comment-nuttela earth / 11:29 AM Nov 5, 2010: so do i. inzaghi however should be able to come on at second half for at least 30 mins. i mean, he scores every game he plays, when he is able to find the tempo of it! / 20 : 1
Comment-marwan .. / 5:30 PM Nov 5, 2010: pippo is 37 it is hard for him to start every single match / 12 : 0

(JIWON: So does Seedorf. So does Dinho. So does Pippo. Everybody should express his firm opinion and receive an open answer.)

Milan Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I Prefer Playing With Filippo Inzaghi, Not The Brazilians Nov 5, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 212
Comment-TAG London / 1:14 PM Nov 5, 2010: Ibra you need to look at yourself before demanding who you wish to play with. I know Ibra scores goals but he misses too many chances especially in the big games. Against Juve, he missed 4 glorious opportunities before his header and against Real, he missed 2 glorious chances again. It’s not so much about who you play with but about how YOU play. Dinho is not in form and Pato is not in form, you should be helping and encouraging them to get back to their best – not asking that they be dropped! / 26 : 3

(JIWON: Currently, AC-Milan has too many problems to solve. Only then, this comment will have its own value.)

Report: Milan start talks for Lass Nov 4, 2010 / By
Talkbacks for this article 28
Comment-DonBibo says: Does anybody else see Ibra as a problem? The man is always out of position. He doesn’t play CF. The reason Milan plays better with Pippo is because he plays high up and makes runs. Ibra moves back for the ball which makes the playmaker’s role useless and doesn’t allow anyone else the chance on goal because the defence pushes up. Personally, I think that Ibra makes the offense stagnant and he usually starts the counter for the other team. Allegri apparently wasn’t joking when he said the team has to play for Ibra. I think that’s idiotic since there is no wing play and so with such and stagnant forward like Ibra and no wide play, the whole offense slows down and gets pinned and you can just pray for that one long ball or pinpoint pass which only Ronaldinho can make….oh, but wait, Allegri hates him and loves Seedorf who also slows down the play. Who do you tell?
Comment-Milanista says: @DonBibo. Yeah, I agree. Ibra is no center forward, and people mistaken him for one. He plays the same position as Pato, a second striker. And for Seedorf vs Dinho. They both slow the play down. They both make good passes, Dinho a bit better. But Seedorf doesn’t skip out on his defensive duties, and that is why he plays Seedorf in the last minutes of a game. Seedorf is also more dominant in midfield, which is what Milan needed in the last minutes of the game verse Madrid, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out as taking out Gattuso left a big hole in defense.
Comment-milano86 says: @donbibo. I totally agree so instead of dropping pato play him as the cf and ibra on the right allegri shud try it back to the topic (…)
Comment-Ronnie2009 says: @DonBibo. I dont know if you will trust me if I say that I do have the same notion as you about IBRA, I can see the difference clearly from pre season to the First game vs Sienna and how we are playing from there on. Allegri is afraid of Ibra’s Ego, not playing him will not be favorable to him personally and He can make stupid statements and blame others, Agreed Dinho slows down the game at most times but atleast he makes it up with some stunning passes and I have told this before, If Ibra had to score twice on Dinho’s assist, we would have been leading against Madrid. Ibra holds the ball for too long and mistimes his runs and he is either in off side position or out of position 75% of the game. He aint a big achiever of success other than in Serie A so i dont understand why that fear or special treatmentfor him. If Allegri can rest him and play Pato Dinho Robinho, we will get to know the Real face of Milan, will that ever happen, I dont know. does anyone else do……
Comment-Robert says: @DonBibo. I agree with you 100%, and I agree with Ronnie’s response. If we ever get the chance “to rest” Ibra, and play Robinho and Pato up front (not Ronaldinho imo – I will differ with Ronnie on that one!), we will see a team that moves the ball faster. IMO, our # problem in attack is we dont move the ball fast enough, we have people who dwell on the ball and over-dribble, Ronaldinho and Ibra are the chief offenders. Unless you are attacking some on one v one, give me fast passing and movement, not a bunch of dribblers!
Comment-Donbibo says: Does everyone remember the first game of this year? Borriello played terrible but he didn’t stand still which allowed Ronaldinho and Pato to rip the defence apart. The problem is not Ronnie or Pato. The CF doesn’t have to score every game or have the tactics based for him. But when he doesn’t move or moves backward, the defence moves up and the mids move back and press and that’s why Pato and Ronaldinho can’t do much nor can anyone else. Just look at Milan since Ibra’s arrival, no one other than him gets that many balls or the opportunity to have a good game because all the play is for him…..and he’s not doing the team any favors.

(JIWON: Ibra was blamed when Milan Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I Prefer Playing With Filippo Inzaghi, Not The Brazilians… perhaps due to WWW.GOAL.COM/. But in other articles/happenings, this issue was already a hot potato among the Rossoneri. Ibra’s interview was right after Milan 2-2 Real Madrid, which was followed by SerieA Round 10, Bari 2-3 Milan. Since then, this issue has frequently appeared in the comment section.)

Bari-AC Milan: Drama and Tactical Questions Abound Ahead of Must-Win Match Nov 6, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Frank Tigani (= AC-Milan-Blog = PirloFan = MilanFan since Berlusconi’s1993)
(…) It is clear that Ibrahimovic does like to play as the lead striker. Despite his physical build that makes him resemble a typical centre forward (and is the reason he is treated as such), the Swede’s style of play is more like that of a second striker, hence his outspoken desire to play someone like Inzaghi. (…)

Bari 2-3 Milan: Substitute Pato Fires The Rossoneri To Victory Nov 7, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 221
Comment-rossonero hungary / 10:43 AM Nov 9, 2010: watched the game for the first time this morning, and i cant agree with some of the ratings. zambro, seedorf and ambro conquered their opponents with such ease they should get over 7. choosing barreto for the top of the match is ridiculous, although he played well. i only saw ibra trying the extravagant a couple of times, he ran more than usual and was unselfish. robinho also worked more than pato used to, only to mess it up when 1 on 1. / 1 : 0
Comment-Rosso neri / 7:41 PM Nov 7, 2010: Zambrotta deserves more than 5,5 always gives his best and never ever complains.. Ibra and Robinho should not miss those chances, two superstars who fumbles with the ball today, Ibra should be more selfish in some situations, after all Milan played very well, Gattuso Flamini Ambro fought out there, and Seedorf is a mystery to me, one game he is superb to be a disaster in the next.. BUT we must not forget that Bari is a weak team so we still are far below the “Milan level”.. / 10 : 0
Comment-Martin*Milan* Austria / 4:34 PM Nov 7, 2010: Ibrahimovic with awesome assits today, he deserves a 6,5 and Pato without a question a 7! / 53 : 13
Comment-SULAIMON Nigeria / 7:13 PM Nov 7, 2010: I tink allegri need to be told to do sumtin abt zlatan his performance is too poor to b use as our top-striker, y not topstrike pato & use zlatan as asst., or use super pippo & zlatan as sub. / 3 : 7
Comment-M Incsra / 7:21 PM Nov 7, 2010: Robinho is a good player he just need to find his goalscoring form then u will see. Ibra has been great scoring this much but he looked unmotivated, think he should play behind Pato so he can have more ball and attack more and so the goals will be more. But Robinho aint bad he has a great partnership with pato and Ibra. / 5 : 0
Comment-nyahoo sg / 6:04 PM Nov 7, 2010: I think robinho is not that bad. His movement is more lively than other attacker. just that the finishing still need to be improved. Ibra looks unmotivated. Allegri should give him more freedom outside the box and let pato try to play inside the box as target man. / 44 : 2
Comment-beirut lebanon milanese / 2:28 PM Nov 7, 2010: i think in the current situation when most of our attacking rosters are lazy n dont run without the ball, its better to have 3 diff midfielders in flamini, gattuso, ambrosini (or boatang instead of any of the mentioned before)to shut down the opposition. cause i guess when u have at least 2 upfront like ibra and robinho with 1 creative midfielder, would be more than enough upfront / 9 : 0
Comment-Mikael Denmark / 5:44 PM Nov 7, 2010: Zlatan deserved at least 6 or 6,5. He was very good at holding the ball until The others came up and hardly missed a pass or dribble during the entire game. He also made an excellent assist to Flaminis goal. He missed two good chances though, but both of these were very close to succeed. Stop mobbing him as soon as he does not score three goals… / 20 : 10
Comment-Kostas Greece / 6:30 PM Nov 7, 2010: Most ppl don’t understand the game or have personal issues with Zlatan. His value is not scoring but the presence itself, he draws defenders, holds the ball and great one touch passes and if he scores it’s extra. / 7 : 1

Training suspended: Ibra & Onyewu fight! Nov 5, 2010 / By
Talkbacks for this article 36
Comment-kbw says: (…) so mr allegri change the plan and make ibra the untouchable man, and make pato like this, the secondary man. if coach thinks he needs some rest than rest him, but ibra needs rest too. why don’t take ibra on the bench and make binho – pato – dinho formation, pato is a central forward anyway, he can be useful if we give him more chance. i don’t now what future will we get, hope the top 3 is the worst we get. and ibra not get more problem with another player, two player is enough

(JIWON: Please look! Even Samba-supporters agree that Pato is a central forward. By the way…)

Report: Milan start talks for Lass Nov 4, 2010 / By
Talkbacks for this article 28
Comment-AP says: (…) The modern game relies on pace and stamina. … MIDFIELD … no longer have this … Our forwards are lazy and dont track back. Our defenders are too old to get forward and help the midfield and then get back again to counter an opposition attack. Someone needs to be able to run (…)

(JIWON: Whenever Ibra’s position is in hot water, I find that another issue is about whether AC-Milan is playing modern football or not. Then, it’s time to think of Italian Football Style and definition of Fantasista, I believe. It’ll be never late to discuss about Ibra or any other players’ position. Don’t you think so?)

03 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-4: Ibra***ovic’s Taekwondo-Kick or Scary Tackle. For What?

(Updated on NOVEMBER 8-9, 2010) – DRAFT (originally part of Bari 2-3 Milan)

Training suspended: Ibra & Onyewu fight! Nov 5, 2010 / By Korean Media

(JIWON: I think American Onyewu should actually thank Ibra for letting him catch public attention. At least in Korea… the comment section sounds quite different from other places, including Goal-Korea. If he thinks I am lying on this issue, both Ibra and Onyewu are welcome to check this place. I had a real fun while reading this comment section. 🙂 )

1. Surprise! American Onyewu has Korean fans, who still remember his terrific-or-scary performance against Bernardez during his days in Belgian Pro League.

2. Most of them want to put money on this fighting. 🙂 Unlike most international fans, they know what exactly means Ibra’s black belt. True that they remember previous incidents at Ajax or Juve. But unlike other places, their opinions are somewhat different. It’s not entirely negative. I don’t know why. It’s either because they know the exact story behind the scene or because they just favor Ibra’s performance.

3. At the same time, they worry about “Shorty, Small-sized Gattuso,” and advise him to follow Ibra elsewhere he goes. They don’t think this Italian fighter can win the American Teddy Bear/Beast. LOL 🙂

4. They are curious which technique could win in case “Milan’s Ibra’s Taekwondo” vs. “Yuventus’s Melo’s Vale-Tudo or Ju-Ji-Tsu”. They are willing to put money on this fighting, of course. 🙂

5. However, they are sure that anything-Ibra can’t win Stefan Effenberg or Eric Cantona’s kung-fu kick. 😦

Italy Reconstruction Will Be Based On Exciting Talent, Not Boring Tactics – Cesare Prandelli Nov 5, 2010 / By Goal
(…) “Talent is natural, but if you don’t do anything to bring it out or value it then it is wasted potential,” he told Il “In the last few years Italy have not relied on talent, but on technique, there was a tendency to prefer other things like physique and tactical aspects. Look at the success of Germany and Spain, teams which base themselves on talent, with a good technical foundation. They are a good expression of talent.”

(JIWON: However, what sounded most interesting or humorous among Ibra or Onyewu’s Korean fans was one of their analysis of this fighting, which was based on today’s football trend and resembles this article about the future Italian National Team. Which side’s win do you think they predicted?)

Fight Between Zlatan Ibrahimovic And Oguchi Onyewu Forces Milan To Abandon Training Session Nov 5, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 309

(JIWON: I’m pretty sure that You-Know-Who is working harder than ever to “protect+encourage” American Onyewu, who happens to be Ibra’s enemy. I am also sure that most of them had never been real fans of American Onyewu.)

Gooch Signs With Milan: Reaction Jul 7, 2009 / By
The impact of this sign­ing can­not over empha­sized. For years and years top Euro­pean clubs have shown no inter­est in Amer­i­can field play­ers. … Addi­tion­ally, after past impres­sive per­for­mances on the world stage the type of clubs that have lined up for Amer­i­can play­ers have not been AC Milan or Real Madrid. For years Amer­i­can field play­ers have toiled in obscu­rity or have been the sub­ject of skep­ti­cism bor­der­ing on ridicule from the Euro­pean press. (…) Oguchi Onyewu is truly a trail­blazer for Amer­i­can play­ers abroad. Don’t let skep­tics tell you this isn’t a big deal. This is a huge day for an Amer­i­can soc­cer. So huge, that this long­time sup­porter of the pro­gram is shed­ding tears of joy.

‘Exemplary’ Onyewu asks to play one year for free at AC Milan May 17, 2010 / By
When I talked to Landon Donovan in April and he described U.S. national team and AC Milan defender Oguchi Onyewu as a big teddy bear with a “soft heart” and someone who is intense on the pitch “but off the field he’s pretty relaxed,” some may have taken the focused scowl that’s usually on his face to mean otherwise. But today Landon is proven right in a way as Gooch, who hasn’t played a match since rupturing his patellar tendon in a World Cup qualifier last October, has asked to extend his contract with AC Milan by a year for no pay.

Training suspended: Ibra & Onyewu fight! Nov 5, 2010 / By
Talkbacks for this article 37
Comment-Dan says: Thing is what wasnt said here is that Oneyewu did a hard tackle on Ibra as well and after Ibnra tackle Ineyewu jumped Ibra from behind and grabbed ahold of his neck. Then the fight started so please do not always blame everything on Ibra since imho it does not seem he started it.
Comment-Milanista says: ummmm. I guess more than half of you did not read the article. Who started the fight again? Stop jumping to conclusions. I’m sure you would get mad if some guy just came at you for no apparent reason. I don’t like Ibra, but come on, you guys are being stupid. Onyeywu is desperate. He can’t even make the bench. Of course he’s going to get frustrated.

Fight Between Oguchi Onyewu and Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ends Training Early Nov 5, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Tim Fontenault (US college student)
Talkbacks for this article 13
Comment-Tim Fontenault: @Kevin: Look, I’m American and I like Onyewu, but he wasn’t playing for Milan before his injury. He has failed miserably with the club and should consider a move to a country like England.

(JIWON: If American Onyewu check the Korean comment section, it’s not that difficult how much they want to see his enormous physique’s terrific/scary performance at the RIGHT place. Interestingly, it was also from his American fan, who advises him to find the right club. If Milan or Serie-A is not really a right place for this American professional, I wish Ibra’s Onyewu to recover his terrific/scary physique as soon as possible and find the right league and waste no more time for his professional career. 🙂 )

Fight Between Zlatan Ibrahimovic And Oguchi Onyewu Forces Milan To Abandon Training Session Nov 5, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 309
Comment-Aaron USA / 2:39 AM Nov 8, 2010: EVERYONE. Do you think Ibra would’ve preformed such a tackle on Pirlo or Ronaldhino? We (Ibra and his ego incld) all know about Onyewu’s injury past and now Gooch is playing for free. I hope Gooch was able to beat you and your ego back down to earth. / 13 : 3

(JIWON: Not surprisingly, this comment section is full of this kind of comments. And it’s not that difficult to figure out Who is You-Know-Who. (… please… this could be other than X…) None of my business, anyway. Now, this is my real issue. It’s been some time since I’ve been following “Ibra’s TACKLE”. This issue was basically a part of “Gattuso’s Pirlo, Leo, Italian football, and Etc”. It seems that this issue found a right place.)

Comment-soma****: (…) 루니의 피지컬? 드록바는 폼인가? 오히려 이브라히모비치는 장신의 피지컬이면서도 부드러운 맛이 있는데 루니는 그저 파워 그자체라서 수비수들에게 간파당하기 쉽지. / 02.12. 12:26 / IP (… Rooney’s physique? What about Drogba? Ibrahimovic is tall but rather has a soft physical body, but Rooney’s…)

(JIWON: I tried in vain to find the same information from Ibra’s English article or fan sites. Though this is the only information I have, this has been my firm opinion. That means Ibrahimovic’s physique or performance, having been one of Serie-A’s icons, is more vulnerable to bad tackles from opponent players.)

Sweden Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Mark Van Bommel Stays On The Ground For Every Little Thing Oct 14, 2010 / By Goal
Ibrahimovic was clearly unhappy with Van Bommel due to his forceful tackling and behaviour. (…) during a Euro 2012 qualifier when the Netherlands were 4-1 victors in Amsterdam. The two players were seen arguing as they walked off the field. The Swede has criticised the Bayern Munich enforcer, claiming he uses excessive force in his tackles, but then milks the situation when he is fouled. “Van Bommel always goes in hard, but then stays on the ground for every little foul he suffers,” he reportedly said, according to MilanNews. (…)

VIDEO: Sweden Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic Stands Up To Netherlands Enforcer Mark Van Bommel Oct 12, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 118
Comment-Mario here / 6:02 PM Oct 14, 2010: Ibra dont be a child. He tackles hard cause Van Bommel is a fighter and very mature player. Above all that’s his duty to destroy attacks, cause he’s a defensive midfielder. Ibra is lucky De Jong was not there. Together with Van Bommel they can break Ibra’s bones. GO HOLLAND. We need Van Bommel, De Jong. They are the wolves of the team. / 12 : 31
Comment-nerazzurri10 Neraland / 2:30 PM Oct 14, 2010: hahahaha did u se VB, could´nt even rais his head, But on the field he thinks he is Terminator or smthing. Damnn I hate him, one off the dirtyst player today,. The man dont play football, h thinks is rugby,. I dont like the traitor, But Up “il Nose” for doing this. VB deservet more then that. / 28 : 11
Comment-Costa Porto / 4:33 AM Oct 15, 2010: I used to be a huge fan of Dutch soccer, Johan Curyff, Van Basted, Coeman, Rudd, great players, great technicians. But after the game at the world cup ’06 Portugal – Holland I started to hate them because they are the dirtiest players now, no respect. / 8 : 8
Comment-Dan Canada / 10:59 PM Oct 14, 2010: van bommel is a dirty player who intentionally injures players and acts cowardly to coin the ref when someone touches him….. 100 percent with Ibra on this! / 60 : 15
Comment-JM earth / 2:25 AM Oct 13, 2010: even though im an inter fan and i my current situation MUST make me hate Ibra .. but i just LOVE this video .. putting that coward van bommel in his place was beautiful / 27 : 10
Comment-Finally Brussels / 2:43 AM Oct 13, 2010: Finally someone tells VanBommel like it is. He’s one of the dirtiest scumbags in football. / 39 : 11
Comment-Jonathan Paris / 6:33 PM Oct 14, 2010: Van Bommel is very dirty and i think its amazing that he gets away with what he does. Ibra is a confrontational person and i applaud his effort at letting Van Bommel know how he feels. More people should do the same. / 47 : 16
Comment-Sam London / 7:55 PM Oct 14, 2010: I never liked Ibra, but I have gained alot more respect for him now. / 26 : 6

Comment-fact is / 3:36 AM Oct 13, 2010: Ibra was on the loosing side, and therefore loosing his temper at the same time. If Sweden was up at half time, things would have been the other way around. It’s as simple as that. I see it every week on pitches everywhere. (who cares about a black belt… it’s a pathetic comment) / 25 : 22
Comment-Hatam Bahrain / 8:35 PM Oct 14, 2010: I believe Van Bommel responded with great professionalism. He is the captain and he is supposed to be a role model for the rest of the team. Now I believe in street fight van bommel wouldn’t have responded the same. Ibra did not act professionally and should have reacted better, he could have got himself sent off easily and a captain should never act like that. / 39 : 18
Comment-truth here / 4:13 AM Oct 13, 2010: If you watched the game, you can see that on one occasion Bommel tackles Toivonen, when toivonen is down Bommel purposely steps on Toivonen. I would say that this is one of the reasons why Ibra was pissed / 52 : 4
Comment-Blam Limburg / 6:46 AM Oct 13, 2010: @truth here, that pretty much happened to every player who tackled I believe, Toivonen and Ibra did the same. / 11 : 1
Comment-About time Someone told VB how it is / 11:24 AM Oct 13, 2010: Ibra was so right telling Van Bommel off. First Van Bommel tackled everyone in his way, we all know he is a dirrty player. And then when he tackled Toivonen and he was laying down Van Bommel stepped on him on purpose and that was one of the reasons Ibra was mad. And the fact that really got him mad was that Van Bommel dived every time someone touched him so Ibra said: “If you cant take the smallest hits yourself you shouldnt tackle everyone else” and its so true. Ibra never dives like VB. / 13 : 4
Comment-Max Eng / 6:26 PM Oct 13, 2010: 4 you who didnt see the game, in the first half Bommel stamped on a swedish player lying on the ground on 2 different occasions and had the whole swedish team frustrated. Then Ibrahimovic destroyed him completely in a shoulder against shoulder situation, sending him flying to the ground. Ibra might be a dirty player sometimes but Bommel is a coward with cheap tricks and no morale. / 59 : 13

Comment-vBommel a leader Ibra deliquent brat / 12:15 AM Oct 14, 2010: vBommel is mentally very very tough and very good player, people who underestimate him as a mere thug understand nothing of futbol, the captain of holland, of Bayern, a CL winner with Dinho’s Barca, has different facets to his game as required on thne pitch. Ibra on the other hand is mentally fragile impulsive person. childish like CRonaldo with all the talent in the world, will always remain second best and will break down in money time pressure. as he did yesterday / 30 : 21
Comment-that simple / 7:14 AM Oct 14, 2010: Ibra shouldn’t have shown his cards.. Instead, being an icon for the Swedes, he should have dug in and fight for his team. With his experience he should try to be a leader. In that perspective he is nowhere near V.Bommel. V.Bommel knows is too clever for him. Who cares about a push at half time when you’re leading 2-0. Ibra could learn a thing or two and be more of an asset for his own team. It’s nothing to do with who is nicer. I bet in real life they’re both okay. / 8 : 6
Comment-a man around the world / 3:23 AM Oct 13, 2010: in the real world not in the field,, ibra is easy to bullying Van bommel with his taekwondo,, and van bommel can’t do anything, actually if their fight like a real man. / 16 : 13
Comment-jooce colombia / 5:40 AM Oct 13, 2010: Careful Ibra, you don’t want to be the next person to be Van Jong’ed. / 47 : 16

(JIWON: Curiously, this article appeared right after I posted the information about Ibra’s relatively soft physical body. DRAFT… I mean.)

Referee under fire for CR7 ‘dive’ booking Dec 5, 2007 / By Sundaytimes
VIDEO: CR7 Continues to Surprise Everyone With Diving Ability (Video) Jan 4, 2010 / By
MOUdrid “Speical One”: CR7 Does Not Dive Sep 2, 2010 / By
CR7’s Pathetic Dive Against AC Milan Last Night Nov 4, 2010 / By

VIDEO (Yuventus – Bologna): Milos Krasic Commits Horror Dive: The CR7 of Serie A? (Video) Oct 25, 2010 / By

Juventus Winger Milos Krasic Could Miss Milan Clash With Ban For Diving Oct 25, 2010 / By Goal
Milos Krasic’s Juventus Dive Proves Referees Make Mistakes – Luciano Moggi Oct 25, 2010 / By Goal
Calcio Debate: Juventus Winger Milos Krasic’s Dive Makes It Decision Time For Italian Football And The World Game Oct 26, 2010 / By Goal
Juventus President Agnelli Defends Krasic From Criticism Following Dive Incident Oct 26, 2010 / By Goal
Clubs Should Punish Divers – Palermo President Zamparini Oct 27, 2010 / By Goal

AC Milan 3, Chievo 1: Concerns Abound Despite Win Oct 17, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Frank Tigani (= AC-Milan-Blog = PirloFan = MilanFan since Berlusconi’s1993)
Talkbacks for this article 9
Comment-Frank Tigani: (…) Ibra’s tackle was deserving of a red, a two-footed lunge by a player of his size can end careers. (…)

AC Milan 3-1 Chievo: Pato Brings The Flying Donkeys Back Down To Earth Oct 16, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 210

(JIWON: And I’m curious if Ibra decided to train his tackling technique to protect his “special but relatively soft body” after realizing that he couldn’t master Oscar Winner CR7’s diving showmanship. I’ve been following “Ibra’s TACKLE,” so this report during AC Milan 3, Chievo 1: Concerns Abound Despite Win surprised me. Then, I couldn’t understand why there was absolutely no information about this happening in any other places, especially AC Milan 3-1 Chievo: Pato Brings The Flying Donkeys Back Down To Earth, which comment section is full of “Inter’s Ultras” and “You-Know-Who”, whose hard working is determined to kick their rivals out of Berlusconi’s wallet.

Instead, what I accidentally found from Fan-Sites elsewhere was “INTER’S CALCIOPOLI 2010-11”, starting from Inter 2-1 Palermo: Inter’s Cambiasso Delighted Following Difficult Win Over Palermo (Sep 19, 2010).)

Napoli 1 – 2 Milan Oct 25, 2010 / By, Hefin Davies
Talkbacks for this article 42
Comment-Milanista says: (…) I almost got a heart attack each time Papa went in for the tackle. Crazy stuff from him. (…)
Comment-Ronnie2009 says: (…) @DAN. welcome to the club, You may be watching Sokrs play for the first time but he is the best among most. A couple of matches ago against not a tough team he played badly and screwed up his chance of playing again, He was played yesterday coz our main defender is out injured. those tackles he did might look stupid to you but they were like career saving tackles to him, he is got lots of stick while many others worse than him have been ignored. (…)

(JIWON: Anyways, with these and those information, including Oguchi Onyewu’s enormous physique and his scary resume, it’s not that difficult to figure out the degree of Ibra’s instinctive tackling business, which has become a hot issue in his recent life. 🙂

All together…
I assume that while his tackling itself didn’t hook “Inter’s Ultras & Co.”, his TECHNIQUE itself scared the REAL Rossoneri. Now, I worry. Let’s hope EVERY EACH MEMBER plays smart and protects his relatively soft physical body. 🙂 Let’s mourn. NONE of “Ibra & Co.” can master “Oscar Winner CR7’s Diving Showmanship.” 😦 )

Atletico Madrid players didn’t like CR7’s trick pass Nov 8, 2010 / By
With Real Madrid beating city rivals 2-0 following two early goals, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to show off for his girlfriend (who looks a little bored at the beginning of the clip) by using only his back to pass the ball to Xabi Alonso. Though this move has been done before by the likes of Ronaldinho and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Atletico players saw it as Ronaldo showing them up and decided to let him know that they didn’t like it. Raul Garcia went over to him and said, “You wouldn’t do that [if the score was] 0-0, eh?” His teammate, Valera agreed, but Ronaldo responded by cursing him out. After the match, several other Atletico players criticized the move, while Sergio Ramos defended his teammate, pointing out how no one really cared when Ibrahimovic did it. However, he failed to take into account the fact that when Ronaldo does something, it is automatically 112 percent more offensive than when anyone else does the exact same thing.

(JIWON: This report failed to point out one important FACT about the current atmosphere in Spanish La Liga, where all those poor football clubs are desperate and furious at the financial policy of Real Madrid and Barcelona and their predictable victory. Therefore, let’s also hope that Serie-A clubs don’t behave like this poor Spanish “Children of Lesser God”. Let’s hope both Ronaldinho and Ibracadabra develop this fabulous technique more and more and entertain all Italian football fans. This is exactly how Korean comment section remembered Ronaldinho’s fabulous performance. To boast this technique, Ronaldinho doesn’t have to run. He just need a beautiful NUDE to resume this fabulous technique. Right? 🙂 I didn’t know Ibra also did it… until I checked this English article to finish this posting.)

(Updated on NOVEMBER 27, 2010) – P.S.

Standard Liege eager to re-sign AC Milan defender Oguchi Nov 10, 2010 / By
Palermo interested in Onyewu? Nov 23, 2010 / By rossoneriblog

(JIWON: I wish him a good luck. 🙂 )

Please check
🙂 R10-12: Forza Midfield! Inter Removes Moratti’s Curse On Ibra’s PK. Passionate Binho Flops & Seeks Pippo’s Lesson. Let’s Enjoy Trequartista SLOWdorf & Hot Bulldog! Altogether… Toward Professional Morale (Nov 7-14, 2010)

Milan Played An Excellent Second-Half – Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic Nov 14, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 40
Comment-milanista indonesia / 4:08 AM Nov 15, 2010: materazzi is deserved to be kicked! 😀 / 36 : 4
Comment-Tahaa Australia / 4:20 AM Nov 15, 2010: For smashing Materazzi like that, I have found new respect for you 🙂 / 45 : 4
Comment-andrew new zealand / 7:24 AM Nov 15, 2010: I cheered the loudest when Materazzi got stretchered off. Revenge for all those times when Sheva, Rui Costa, Kaka, Pippo, Rino, Pirlo were kicked around by him. / 24 : 3
Comment-Milanista27 San Siro / 10:33 PM Nov 14, 2010: Dont be modest Ibra, we all know it was intentional and we were so glad you did it. Take that bitch 😀 / 40 : 4
Comment-adin qatar / 10:34 PM Nov 14, 2010: I didn’t feel that Materazzi got hit that bad. I mean I saw yesterday’s game between Juventus and Roma and Chiellini was bleeding all over his face and that didnt stop him from playing the game with all his heart. Materazzi’s play acting has gone too far I believe / 30 : 2
Comment-Abbapato Kano / 10:54 PM Nov 14, 2010: Sorry Materazzi, its an incident. Forza Milan / 73 : 6

(JIWON: Finally, this predictable happening happened… 😦 During the Milan-Derby! 🙂 )

02 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-5: Time To Ponder “Family Atmosphere” and “Team Morale” at AC-Milan, Which Was, Is, And Will Remain Very Professional.

(Updated on NOVEMBER 8, 2010) – DRAFT
(Updated on NOVEMBER 27, 2010)

Bari-AC Milan: Drama and Tactical Questions Abound Ahead of Must-Win Match Nov 6, 2010 / By BleacherReport, Frank Tigani (= AC-Milan-Blog = PirloFan = MilanFan since Berlusconi’s1993)
(…) The drama did not end there. Following the Real clash, Ibrahimovic came out and criticised Robinho, Ronaldinho and Pato by saying that he would prefer to play with Inzaghi. Such a statement is not good for the team morale, no matter if it is true. Then, again, Ibrahimovic was in the thick of things as he became involved in a training ground spat with Onyewu. The two ended up in a physical confrontation that forced Allegri to abandon training. Despite Andrea Galliani’s claim that such an incident is a ‘good sign,’ it is hard to see how this can be good for team morale. (…) It will be interesting to see what attacking set-up Allegri opts for. Ronaldinho is completely off-colour these days, and he should really just be set aside. Physically, the Brazilian is still out of shape, and mentally he clearly lacks motivation. (…)

(JIWON: Yes. It is clearly not good for team morale. And I wonder why those Samba guys are energetically united in support/praise of Onyewu, and therefore, this poor, big teddy bear/beast with a “soft heart” rather looks like a victim-or-loser in the world of icy-blooded professionals. Jesus Christ! I have a feeling that IbraFLOPovic’s controversial scandal is rather sorting out lazy, unprofessional players, not because of Ibra’s egoistic performance/attitude, but because of ultra-sensitive reactions from inside and outside AC-Milan. Now, let this American professional take a rest and only focus on his very-selfish professional future, please. Please, don’t confuse this real issue, “Ibra vs. Samba”, at AC-Milan. Please…)

Bari 2-3 Milan: Substitute Pato Fires The Rossoneri To Victory Nov 7, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 221
Comment-no happy Milan / 10:42 PM Nov 7, 2010: Why coaches are usually sacked? Because they players play below their potential. Do you think Robinho, Ronaldinho, Pato are playing now at their best level? I dont think so. Something is wrong with the atmosphere in the team or strategy of the coach. Under Allegri only Gattuso and Ibra play better then last season. Others unfortunately worse. Do we have a good coach? I dont think so. / 3 : 1
Comment-Sammy London / 5:00 PM Nov 7, 2010: Milan need a Brazilian coach R80 and R70 always shine under Brazilian managers they understand each others plays. / 8 : 1

Training suspended: Ibra & Onyewu fight! Nov 5, 2010 / By
Talkbacks for this article 36
Comment-Ronnie2009 says: @nick. (…) there is a major loss of team chemistry and solidarity in the team. … Sienna … The whole team looked happy (…) Now ENTER IBRA there is a change in the atmosphere, gameplan, team’s overall behavior and now Bad attitude from the Bad boy. Watching Dinho play makes one feel he is really unhappy because he plays good only when he enjoys himself in the field. I maybe wrong trying to convince you about Dinho but what about PATO, the treasure of Milan who looks lost. Ibra has made so many mistakes, Milan and the Media tend to forgive him for they feel whatever he does is okay, The others playing upfront come up with a minor error and immediate reaction is to ban them from playing. The downfall of Milan has just begun, Team with such grace would have such a disgrace!!!!!
Comment-kbw says: this team so far away from a family that milan suppose to be, it’s like they just come and training and play for next match and so after next days.. and i feel the chemistry between each player and the coach to the players become thin. ibra messed up everything, like nick said when the first game of the season we play so freely and looks so strong, each player play like they don’t have something burden their movement. so mr allegri change the plan and make ibra the untouchable man, and make pato like this, the secondary man. if coach thinks he needs some rest than rest him, but ibra needs rest too. why don’t take ibra on the bench and make binho – pato – dinho formation, pato is a central forward anyway, he can be useful if we give him more chance. i don’t now what future will we get, hope the top 3 is the worst we get. and ibra not get more problem with another player, two player is enough
Comment-Ronnie2009 says: @ Milanista. Considering Onyewu is desperate so he grabbed Ibra by the throat, maybe Ibra looked like Allegri for a moment but Ibra’s comment on his disliking playing with the Brazilians & The Karate Kick on Rodney Strasser doesn’t rule out the fact that Ibra is upto something screwing around Milans team spirit. Even CR7 a dirty play actor doesn’t do the kind of dirty things Ibra does. Its not about jumping to conclusions on who is wrong and who is right, These kind of things are happening after Ibra’s arrival so for the real Milanistas this is new and shameful act in the training ground. PATO the wonderboy of modern football for crying out loud has been the gem of Milan for sometime now unfortunately for Ibras taste Pato happens to be a Brazilian, Pato has given more to Milan and will give more than what Ibra can ever give!!!!
Comment-nick says: It doesn’t matter who started the fight. (… strasser … Brazilians … onyewu…) THREE Times Ibra was involved in some controversial incident and that type of behavior by any player is not good for teams morale, that only cause problems. So clearly he is becoming a problem in the camp at Milan and that is not good. I have never heard anything like this at Milan with players not getting along until Ibra came to Milan. If there was any incident like this at Milan then whoever supports Ibra should tell us what it was, with who, and when this happen Milan. Clearly Ibra is becoming disruptive. Something is clearly wrong and doubt Onyewu is taking his frustration out on his own teammates who usually support each other through difficult moments. Thats a weak premise to suggest that Onyewu is frustrated due to lack of playing time so he is taking it out on his teammates? Really? He wasn’t playing before Ibra came to Milan so why would he decide to do that now.
Comment-Milanista says: @nick. Yeah, I do agree that Ibra has been disruptive, BUT DO NOT jump to conclusions on this one. Also, Boriello also stated last year he preferred Becks on the right wing instead of Pato.
Comment-Ronnie2009 says: Bonera Sokratis Abate Antonini, dont these guys get tackled at all and they are first choice defenders of Milan thats why Allegri plays them all the while and we all know how good these guys are. Its either the Strikers of Milan are not good or the Defenders are very good during training sessions. Allegri doesnt play the team based on their preparation & performance while training, instead he decides the playing XI and then makes them train, What good can Seedorf Bonera be in training LOL!!!!!!!!!!

(JIWON: Elsewhere you go, this kind of comments covered the fan sites. 🙂 )

Please check
🙂 R13-14: Time To Think For The Long Term. Despite Mental Balance, AC-Milan Need Some Creativity In Middle. Passionate Binho Buzzes Around. Alas, Brazil Coach Menezes Refuses To Train Baby-Dinho When You-Know-Who Resumes His F*cking Job. (Nov 21-28, 2010)
CL-05 AJ Auxerre 0-2 Milan: Ibra’s 111km/h Shoot! Dinho’s 5-Minute Magic! Uncle Fester Is Too Hilarious… Reason To Worry! A Yellow Card Welcomes Strasser’s Debut. Milan Plays No Game At The Middle. Dinho’s You-Know-Who Resumes His F*cking Job.
(Updated on NOVEMBER 24, 2010)
JIWON: Don’t these two comments look like written by one professional worker? In fact, this writing style is very familiar. I was forced to read this again and again in WWW.GOAL.COM. This person, called mia azarro, is a newbie in this site, (…) I am now thinking that You-Know-Who should work harder. Having known for his hard working, starting from F*ck-Kaka or F*ck-Seedorf and then F*ck-Ibra or even F*ck-Binho, there might be another assignment for this professional worker. (…) Don’t you think Dinho’s You-Know-Who should start his work against this new name? … I think Dinho’s You-Know-Who should work harder, checking all the possible Milan-forums and insulting everybody around him. I wish him a good luck.

(JIWON: Just in case, I keep wondering if this hard working professional was “Ronnie 2009” in, who has completely lost his desire and disappeared since “Bari 2-3 Milan” or “Milan 3 – 1 Palermo”. Time will tell. If this is true, it will be easy to figure out his real identity.)

Ibrahimovic to be rested against Palermo Nov 8, 2010 / By rossoneriblog
Talkbacks for this article 18
Comment-Milanista says: Good. He needs some time for reflection. Maybe he can see some of Van Basten’s old vids in Milan. Didn’t he say he was going to be the Van Basten of Barca when he went there? Now he has the chance. Impress me.
Comment-Dan says: I agree on the decision to rest Ibra in this match since he has been in full time in every match. But the one who said he is selfish I can’t agree less with. As far as i can see he gives up good opportunities for himself to give others even better. By no means do Ibra feel selfish on the field.
Comment-Gabriel says: Ibrahimovic is all about the team. Look how many times he has set up the other strikers with great passes. He always looks for opportunities to pass the ball. To say that he is selfish is really stupid. Ibrahimovic is hard, he is a winner and he takes no bullshit. If you play with him and don’t have the right attitude, he will say so. He is a stand up player who never falls easy, the way for example Christiano Ronaldo does. He has the same attitude as Gattuso, Ambrosini and Inzaghi. And I think most of the players stand behind Ibrahimovic. The problem is that some of the brazilians have attitude problems and don’t want to win the games as much as they should. I’m tired of all the bullshit talk about Ibrahimovic. He is a tough guy, but he is also fair, honest and hard working and he has saved Milan many times this season.
Comment-ACM says: Ibra is the best forward out there he controls the ball holds it until his team mates get open he is strong something that non of the brazilians can do he doesn’t try to take on 3 players like pato does all the brazilians are scared because if ibra does good they all will be sold only tiago silva is doing good robinho had 4 -5 chances to score with Bari but didn’t pato needs to go back to primavera so he can learn how hard those kids work to make the first team and ronaldinho he is just a figure they should have sold him to la galaxy or something use that money to get some fresh blood in the team god knows we need it Forzza Milan

Bari 2-3 Milan: Substitute Pato Fires The Rossoneri To Victory Nov 7, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 221
Comment-not happy Milan / 11:13 PM Nov 7, 2010: Do you know how to recognize a good manager from the weak one? The good manager even having not very good squad can achieve big results. The secret of success of Mourinho lies in his motivation skills. He can take from his EVERY player his best. Look at Milito, Sneijder, Maicon etc. They played in Mou’s Inter much better then earlier and later. Why? Because he convinced them they are the best in the world and can achieve everything. Allegri is not able to prepare his players proper for the battle. / 27 : 3
Comment-Me Earth / 8:15 PM Nov 7, 2010: To not happy’s comment. Come on, ronaldinho shouldn’t have to be babied, not every coach is going to hold your hand in order for you to perform. I understand he was close to leo but Ronaldinho needs to start finding his own motivation instead of looking for others to give it to him. Every player has to fight for his spot. It’s not like allegri is banning him from playing, he was rested today along with others, i love dinho but the team does not revolve around him / 16 : 2

(JIWON: Just in case, I happened to find…)

Please check
🙂 R10-12: Forza Midfield! Inter Removes Moratti’s Curse On Ibra’s PK. Passionate Binho Flops & Seeks Pippo’s Lesson. Let’s Enjoy Trequartista SLOWdorf & Hot Bulldog! Altogether… Toward Professional Morale (Nov 7-14, 2010)
PROFESSOR-07: What Means Team Morale? What Means Family Atmosphere At AC-Milan? What Means Professional Morale? No Matter What, Professor’s Determined Never To Accept “Spoilt Brats,” Who’re Determined To Abuse MilanLab!!!
(Updated on NOVEMBER 22, 2010)
JIWON: How many participants are found in this place, For how long? Months ago, I tried to check Pato’s part, but failed. Some ago, I was using the search-button and clicked this site again to find out the most valuable information about Robinho. Now I read about MilanLab, which thread is rather short. Interestingly enough, there was a comment about anti-Brazilian atmosphere at this fan-sites… if my comprehension is correct.

(JIWON: Only time will tell which team morale is better for AC-Milan’s future. Who knows? Brazilian AC-Milan with Brazilian coach might function better in the international commercial market. Who knows? Already now, it’s hard to find Italian young talents elsewhere in Italy. Only time will tell…)

Thiago Silva says Nesta crucial for AC Milan Nov 18, 2010 / By
(…) “Nesta. We feel a lot stronger with him beside us. He is our leader. It’s not easy to score goals against us and this balance has carried us to the top. I like Allegri also because he creates the right atmosphere in training.” (…)

(JIWON: Until then, I only know that this Brazilian made a just-right comment about his Italian mentor Nesta, and how he created the right atmosphere in training his whole defensive line. I just know that this Brazilian will want to follow in the footsteps of his Italian Mentor Nesta and train his youngsters in this very Milanese way. 🙂 )

Thiago Silva: ‘I think Nesta will leave Milan’ Nov 25, 2010 / By rossoneriblog
Lotito: ‘Nesta too old & expensive for Lazio’ Nov 25, 2010 / By rossoneriblog

Franco Baresi: I Can’t Imagine Milan Without Alessandro Nesta Nov 25, 2010 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 47
Comment-Cam Juventus / 5:28 PM Nov 25, 2010: One of the truly classic defenders left.. Maldini, Cannavaro, Nesta, Thuram were/are great! / 26 : 0
Comment-Paolo’s big fan Singapore / 4:43 AM Nov 26, 2010: Nesta is the last of his breed who makes defending an art.. will be sad the day he retires.. and we will never see how beautiful defending can actually be… I started football watching italy and I was actually more intrigued in watching baresi, maldini defend rather than van basten or maradona score goals… I never imagined it could be done so gracefully.. scirea, gentile, cabrini, vierchowod, baresi, maldini, facchetti, bergomi, canna, nesta are all peerless / 26 : 0
Comment-Tahaa Australia / 7:32 PM Nov 25, 2010: For me had he not been injured, he would have been the all time greatest defender, still he is right up there with the Baresis and Maldini’s… I mean his just talented and so gifted. It is true, I cannot imagine Milan without him… Hope we keep him so he teaches the new kids that come in… Its great to watch how comfortable he is on the ball… / 33 : 1
Comment-calcio lover / 10:15 PM Nov 25, 2010: in my opinion, he is not one of the best defenders of all time but indeed he is THE greatest defender in the history of football. He can not be compared to Maldini about titles won and longevity but in terms of skills, elegance, reading of the game, he is by far the most technical and talented defender who have ever step on football pitch. never born again!!!! / 19 : 0
Comment-Andriy Medan, Indonesia / 10:16 PM Nov 25, 2010: somehow it’ll happen soon, Nesta is old.. its just like we couldn’t imagine Milan without you (Baresi) and Paolo Maldini or Sheva and Kaka.. But i believe the board knows how to handle this / 9 : 0
Comment-Great Gigi KSA / 8:02 PM Nov 25, 2010: Just thinking of him retiring would make me cry. / 33 : 1

Alessandro Nesta Will Leave Milan At The End Of The Season – Thiago Silva Nov 25, 2010 / By Korean Media
Talkbacks for this article ???

(JIWON: This Nesta-issue was in hot water in Korean football sites, because of one naïve reporter, who mis-translated Silva’s interview and made this Brazilian a son-of-b*tch. 🙂 Hence, I was able to find Korean fans’ real opinion from Lazio’s article. I was so surprised at their comments that I became curious if I could find the same one from the English sites. I did. They called Nesta an ARTIST. They described Nesta’s technique as ART TACKLE.

Aren’t their opinions very similar to my collection of fans’ analysis of Roberto Baggio? Isn’t this just one simple and beautiful example of “Fancy, Elegant and Stylish Italian Football”? Please imagine this Italian Legend Nesta teaching all his Italian New Kids at his Milan home. Isn’t this one simple and beautiful example of “Family Atmosphere” and “Professional Morale” at AC-Milan?

There was another humorous comment, too, perhaps from Korean Lazio-fan. He was a high school student. By then, the jersey of Lazio and Italian National Team was sponsored by P*** and he was hooked by its chinacollar(?) so much that he saved all his allowances. No sooner had he bought Lazio’s Shirt No.13 than Uncle Fester confirmed Nesta’s transfer to AC-Milan. 🙂 Of course, there are Korean Lazio-Fans, who want Nesta to retire at their favorite club and deliver all his secret techniques to their favorite Italian youngsters. 🙂

I wanted to finish this section with this Italian Legend, Artistic Defender Nesta. Somehow, I wonder why all Italian teams are eager to import foreign players in this area. I’m not saying that foreigners should be banned. There are also great, hard-working players from the outside world and anyone is privileged to honor their Italian achievement. However still, Italy is a country of DEFENSE. Italy is full of youngsters. Should I write more?)

01 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-6: Jogo vs. Fantasia: Joga Bonito… Rhythm+Flair+Swing… Game… Frolic… Spatial vs. Temporal… Professionals of Imagination… Breaking All Tactical Choreographies… Apparition… Facci Sognare…

(Updated on NOVEMBER 27, 2010)

Understanding Italian football part I – Fantasia Jan. 13, 2009 / By
Talkbacks for this article 17
Comment-aryoko jiwandono on 22 April 2010 at 02:51: joga bonito is learned, english run is practiced, but fantasia is felt

Understanding Italian football part I – Fantasia Jan. 13, 2009 / By

“Talk to any Italian about the strengths of the Italian game,” claimed Tobias Jones in his book The Dark Heart of Italy, “and they will always mention the two vital ingredients lacking in Britain: fantasia and furbizia.” The fact that these terms should find no correspondence in the football lingo of the British Isles gives a measure of how different a vision of the sport, and how distant an approach to it, should subsist between the Northern islands and the Mediterranean peninsula. To some extents, this is the consequence of a broader cultural issue, of a homogenized presentation of the sport by the media in which differences between international schools of football are suppressed in favour of the dominant one. The dominant version of the game is, of course, Brazilian.
If we are to understand Mediterranean football, of which the Italian game is by a distance the highest expression, it is perhaps best to begin by differentiating it from the Brazilian game. Let’s take it from there.

The Brazilian game is most readily identified by the avatar in which it has been popularized, cue Nike and all other iterations of their ‘Joga Bonito’ – or, ‘play beautiful.’ The ‘beauty’ of the Brazilian Jogo is inherently choreographic: it is based on rhythm, flair and swing. The common associations of Brazilian dribbling with the practice of dancing are indicative of just that – it is enough to take a look at someone like Ronaldinho performing at his best to see the connection. Ronaldinho is not simply ‘dribbling’ – rather he is dancing with the sphere, smoothly rolling side by side with it. His feet do not tap the ball, they caress it. For a defender, taking the ball away from a real Brazilian is as difficult and counter-intuitive as, say, getting someone’s girl to leave the partner she is dancing with and take it up instead with you – you may get all the physical moves right, but your target has a will of its own, and that will is to remain with the man it is dancing with.
The Jogo is a galvanising and delicious style of football because it is so fiercely exclusive. Jogo means game, but it does not refer to the ‘game’ of football. Rather, it refers to the kind of game that the cat plays with its mouse. In football, the object with which you play with is the ball. But when you are faced up against a Brazilian, the object which is being played with is you . The fact that it should be so unapologetically choreographic is one of the reasons why the media have picked it up so easily – it fits their mediums like a glove – and, if nothing else, the stunning international record of the Brazilian national team has provided them with validation. As a consequence, we have been educated to recognise the Brazilian game as a synonym for quality, misunderstanding its status – which is simply that of a style of football, albeit one of the most illustrious – and projecting it instead as a universal feature of the sport. Yet one of the first lessons for newcomers to football is that not all that is quality in the sport is an expression of Jogo, and not every move which is Jogo is an expression of quality. The way that quality is measured in Argentina, Germany or Britain is markedly different, and it is no less beautiful in its own right than the Jogo. There is so much more that can be done with the ball than just dancing, and all it takes to explore these other possibilities is a little bit of imagination – the term which, in Italian, translates to fantasia.

When it comes to the Mediterranean game, fantasia, alongside furbizia, is the spirit upon which all Italian football draws its energy. Unlike the Jogo, it is non-choreographic – in a sense it is its opposite, since it gathers its originality from breaking all tactical choreographies rather than generating them. It is not about infusing the ball with power or speed, nor even about dancing with it. It is about making it disappear. In Brazil, a defence will be outplayed, in England it will be outrun. In Italy, it will be outwitted. Where the register of Brazilian play is spatial (what you can do with and within the given square of territory that the defence concedes), that of fantasia is entirely temporal. It requires exploiting a specific instant, a window of time which opens for the most fleeting of moments and then closes again, to produce a sudden reversal of scenario and break all tactical predispositions in the adversary. Like all advanced movements of football, it requires highly refined technique. But fantasia is more than that. It does not exhaust itself in the technical gesture required to enter the window which opens for a moment – for the real difficulty is seeing the window in the first place.
For players possessing such a vision, Italians have a specific term – the fantasisti, literally ‘professionals of imagination.’ This term is unique in football inasmuch as it does not describe a player in terms of his position or role. It transcends such categories as ‘forward,’ ‘poacher’ or ‘midfielder,’ focussing instead on a player’s anarchic talent to produce something in the nook of a moment, in the space between the initiation of an offensive schema and its most logical continuation – to suddenly flip the cards on the table and change the nature of the scenario before the defence has the opportunity to adapt itself. Compare the following two ways of dribbling, the first by Brazilian player Robinho, and the second by Italian Antonio Cassano.

Note the stylistic difference. Robinho is exploiting the space around him to initiate a technical dance, progressively escalating it until the defender loses pace with the rhythm and surrenders. In Cassano’s case, the technical gesture is feather-slight, almost subliminal. He simply lifts the ball with his right foot and gives it a slight acceleration forward. But the instant in which he does that is the exact moment between the defence unhooking from his teammates and hermetically closing around him. There is a short breath of time between these two actions which Cassano exploits to turn his situation from that of an offensive midfielder orchestrating an attack into that of a receiving forward finalising his game. Robinho’s dribbling is a celebration, a dance that announces a wedding, but that of Cassano is the veil that covers the face of the bride.

Fantasia is not simply a mark of individual talent, some gift that a handful of players possess and which the rest are shorn of. Rather, fantasia is interwoven with every aspect of the Italian game, starting from the interaction between fantasisti and their teammates, to the most purely tactical and academic levels. Among the foremost priorities for Coaches in Italy is finding a way to draw the best out of their fantasisti. A cursory overlook at the history of Italian Serie A since Arrigo Sacchi’s revolutionary handling of Milan reveals some common trends.
Teams whose formation sported three forwards, for instance, traditionally combined players into a trident bringing together fantasista – prima punta – seconda punta, the role of the prima punta being that of finishing, the seconda punta’s that of running and creating, and the fantasista’s that of making all other roles insubstantial. See Juventus’s combination of Roberto Baggio, Gianluca Vialli and Alessandro Del Piero. Roma’s Francesco Totti, Vincenzo Montella and Antonio Cassano. Even Milan’s foreigners – look at how Coach Carlo Ancelotti organised Kaka, Hernan Crespo and Andriy Shevchenko and the roles in which he asked them to play. The trident corresponds. Fantasia remains the pivot for all tactical disposition – even though, to be fair, the Italian attacking trio has witnessed some important tactical innovations recently since Luciano Spalletti’s 4-2-3-1 formation, which Marcello Lippi as Italian national Coach seems himself to be adopting.
Italo Calvino stated that ‘fantasia is some kind of electronic device that keeps in mind all possible combinations and chooses those which answer to an end, or simply those which are the most interesting, pleasant or amusing.’ It is such a process of selection and choice which truly characterises fantasisti and which transcends questions of technical prowess. For a further example, compare these two analogous (and spectacular) goals, by Ronaldinho and Roberto Baggio respectively.

The beauty of Ronaldinho’s gesture is in the pirouette, in the harmony of a move that has the colour of capoeira and carnivals. That of Baggio is less glamorous, but more epiphanic. It appears that he is going to run or shoot, then there is a small flick of the ball – and suddenly, before either defenders or goalkeeper have had a chance to re-align themselves, he is running as though he had been on the receiving end of a pass which never left the ground, coming from another direction entirely. The reversal of the scenario is akin in atmosphere to the awakening from a dream – and fittingly so. The etymology of fantasia lies in the Greek for ‘apparition,’ as (dis)appearance is what fantasia produces with the ball, but it also has ties with Phantasos, one of the Greek gods of dream. That the most common invocation to the fantasisti in Italy should be ‘facci sognare’ (‘make us dream’ or ‘give us a dream’) is a recognition of this quality. At its most elementary level, the reaction of a victim to fantasia is one of anger – as one feels after a blunder at chess, or after being pelted with a clever insult – the anger is that towards one’s own foolishness, that for having been outwitted. But when fantasia is executed at its most pristine levels, when a counter-intuitive back-heel splits open an entire defence like a clam, or when a nonchalant feint undoes the work of two rocky, experienced defenders, then the arresting feeling is one of suspension – a slow, loaded moment of silence where one needs to reorganise one’s understanding of the setting, almost a suspension from time – almost, indeed, a dream.

In the Brazilian Jogo, the Latin etymology (‘iocus’) is closer to the frolic, to a sense of freedom and fun – it is about a joke, about being jocund. Its euphoria has nothing to share with the cryptic qualities of the Oneiros, the gods of dream, which instead permeate fantasia, and it certainly has shorter life in the battlefields of the Italian defence – historically the most cruel, most combative and most powerful defensive school in the world, designed to break the wings of those who would play around with Jogo and in the grounds of which fantasia has evolved, over the years, until it reached the refined and radiant form it now subsists in. In Italy, a goal such as the following by Ronaldo would have been not impossible, but infinitely harder to pull off.
It would most likely have been stopped by means of a tactical foul, closed through furbizia, the other great protagonist of Italian football whose Dionysian guile we shall explore in the next article. Ronaldo, Zidane, even Maradona – their most spectacular goals always came outside of Serie A, because they knew what their permanence in the peninsula had taught them. They knew that if you give the Italians some time, then they will find the way to stop you, no matter how smart you believe you are or what you do in the space you are given. You can dance your heart out but you can’t dance in the mud – and Italian defences are the deepest mud you can find yourself in.

The thing is, though, that fantasia does not give time. When you are in fantasia, time is suspended. When Francesco Totti started a run similar to Ronaldo’s, he did not follow it to its logical conclusion by escalating the frenzy and the technique before the defence. Rather, he did something much more aristocratic and Mediterranean – he outwitted it. In his chipped ball, in the mellow arch drawn by the sphere as it slowly, gently falls into the net, without so much as a hint of resistance being sketched by the defenders, as though it were all happening in a dream – in this, and in the paradox of a shot which draws its strength not from power but from lack thereof, lies the secret to the four World Cups which the soldiers of fantasia have conquered.

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