PROFESSOR-16: Legend Seedorf Paints Picture Of Hunger & Intelligence. Therefore, Every Each Milan Player Is To Become Either Another SLOWdorf Or Another Stupid-Italian.

🙂 Italy-Belcanto > Rossoneri 2010-2011: Flop4
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PROFESSOR-16: Something Fundamental!

PART-1: Rossoneri Have Watched The Same Game For Years But Never Made The Same Analysis. Therefore, SLOWdorf Didn’t Have To Leave During The Winter. He Is Now Praised As Legend Seedorf When Wholesale Changes Are Needed In Milan Squad.
PART-2: Seriously, Milan Players Need To Learn How To Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is…
PART-3: Legend Seedorf Paints Picture Of Hunger & Intelligence. Therefore, Every Each Milan Player Is To Become Either Another SLOWdorf Or Another Stupid-Italian…
PART-4: Milan Nowadays Are The Same Shit. Whether Legend Seedorf Plays Or Not, Their Problematic Passing Will Cost Them The Scudetto.
PART-5: Just In Case… They Are All Talking About Passing. Is This Evolution Or Retrogression Or Corruption? Maestro Pirlo Had Better Think Of His Better Future Only.
PART-6: Definition Of “SLOWdorf’s Infinite Ego” In “The Red & Black Forums,” Where “86 Out Of 145” Members Are Fanboys.
PART-7: MR. ALLERGY’s Ailing Strikers Are Not The End Of The Story. More Players Are Offered. They Are Healthy.
PART-8: Who Says EPL’s Italian Baby Mario Needs Love? At SLOWdorf’s Milan, Balotelli’s Career Will Be Threatened By MR. ALLERGY.
PART-9: As Modern Technology Runs, Seedorf’s Fanboys Launch A Campaign For…

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🙂 PROFESSOR-15: More Time For Politics. When A Single Guy Runs “La Bella Italia,” Where Berlusconi’s Hard-Working Female Politicians Are Furious At This Political Terminology, “The Bordello State”… (Nov 22, 2010 – Apr ??, 2011)

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🙂 Rossoneri 2010-2011: Dear Sir, “Fantastic Four” Are Transformed Into “Flop Four”! Maestro Allegri Needs Advice From Professor Berlusconi! (Sep 12 – ???, 2010)

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PART-1: Rossoneri Have Watched The Same Game For Years But Never Made The Same Analysis. Therefore, SLOWdorf Didn’t Have To Leave During The Winter. He Is Now Praised As Legend Seedorf When Wholesale Changes Are Needed In Milan Squad.

(Updated on MARCH 22, 2011)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ruled Out Of Derby Against Inter Due To Three-Match Ban, But Milan To Appeal Mar 14, 2011 / By Goal
One Goal In Nine Games – Milan Need Zlatan Ibrahimovic To Find His Form Again Mar 14, 2011 / By Goal
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Must Relax To Begin Scoring Again – Milan’s Massimiliano Allegri Mar 14, 2011 / By Goal

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Is Still A Champion – Milan’s Massimiliano Allegri Mar 10, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-Tahaa Australia / 5:19 PM Mar 10, 2011: I think everyone was surprised by how well Seedorf played yesterday, I’ve said it since Pirlo got injured, his our second best player when deployed as a deep-lying play maker, we needed so many injury’s and suspensions so that Allegri realizes that. Had we played him their in the first leg we could have been in the quarter finals easily… As for Ibra, what can I say, I guess he is a flop in the Champions League, he just doesn’t rise to the occasion… Great player for league football… / 27 : 7
Comment-Kaki Gentel KL / 4:41 PM Mar 10, 2011: With the technically gifted players that Milan has, your team ought to be playing smooth, fluid football like, say, Barcelona? Instead the players seem to always be in each other’s ways. Therefore the blame for this failure should go solely on the coach…and that’s you, Allegri! / 2 : 0

(JIWON: No sooner had I started this work than the Milan side became busy. And I got exactly what I wanted from SLOWdorf’s Rossoneri. Let’s start.)

Spurs 0-0 Milan Mar 9, 2011 / By
Tottenham 0-0 Milan (1-0 Agg.): White Hart Lane Stalemate Sees Spurs Advance To Quarter-Finals Mar 9, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-Rodwan says: They’re out but with heads right up to the sky .. the only sad thing about this evening was the result. I would name Seedorf as the man of the match because he did everything out there (true leader ), obviously this is the last year for him and I truly believe he deserves all our support for everything he did for Milan over the years. (…)
Comment-me here / 10:36 PM Mar 9, 2011: Milan are starting to become a great team, remember, they’r actually could be considered a new side with plenty of new faces, and with an unexperienced coach. / 3 : 8

(JIWON: Please… I think… the main reason of Rossoneri’s praise of Legend Seedorf is their belief that this is his last season. But this kind of comment or Seedorf’s words appeared months ago and he didn’t leave during the winter. Now, fan sites are filled with comments such as Seedorf as “Allegri’s Starting XI” or “Legendary SUB” or “And Then Milan’s Coach”. Accordingly, Rossoneri, who literally insulted Owner Berlusconi’s spending “€1.1 BILLION for 25 years” on THEIR Milan while supporting THEIR Leo, will become furious AGAIN when they see MR. ALLERGY’s THREE strikers still want to play for Legend Seedorf. But… are they the only one who will be insulted by holy Rossoneri?)

1. “Tottemham’s immature middle vs. Milan’s old middle.” This analysis was from those who expected to enjoy the hottest Tottenham and therefore blamed their lackluster, anti-football, or those who have been sick of OLD Milan. They wondered why only Milan defenders tried to block Lennon or Crouch. They wanted to cry for poor Silva.

2. When they watch from [Silva+Nesta]’s viewpoint, any attempts were cut by SELFISH Midfield and then Attacks. The same analysis could be found when they compare Milan’s hopeless “passing & pressure & passing” with Barca’s. Simply put, Milan style-or-tactics might work in Serie-A but won’t work in bigger stages.

3. Usually, THREE tops/attackers function (only) when they are operated by pass master. And Allegri’s THREE strikers have NONE. But still, Milan dominated and [Boateng+Merkel] did better than expected. Therefore, Milan could have easily won if SLOWdorf had been given a limited role in the first leg.

4. One guy summed up. This game was the best example to prove this football tactic: “If you have terrific midfield, even mediocre strikers can score goals”. Even if “Milan+Tottenham” play for days and nights, there will be NO goal for both teams. And then, only stupid coach at Tottenham’s side will change his defensive tactics.

5. Of course, whenever they praise SLOWdorf’s midfield, THREE strikers were to blame for the disaster. More detailed report? Please check the below.

(JIWON: Above is what I picked up from the Korean comment section. Since in recent days has become weird and questionable, I had to RE-read all their postings and chats. I had to read them again, after finding The Red & Black Forums: Clarence Seedorf Thread. Something was missing.)

Spurs 0-0 Milan Mar 9, 2011 / By
Tottenham 0-0 Milan (1-0 Agg.): White Hart Lane Stalemate Sees Spurs Advance To Quarter-Finals Mar 9, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-tcl_00 says: I am so sad .. we are out again on the second round … but round applause for the team.. this is how a Milan team should play crisp passing and dominance in possession … Man this is the best performance by Seedorf of the season…. I dont like Ibrahimovic’s attitude … and Robinho
Comment-Mike Milan / 11:42 PM Mar 9, 2011: Seedorf in midfield (not 10 spot or forward) = Amazing play. All Milan fans were ready to blame him if we lost. / 18 : 11
Comment-cc melbourne / 11:21 PM Mar 9, 2011: seedorf was great defensively! problem with milan is the space behind the strikers… no link between defensive mid and strikers! / 24 : 6

Comment-Marc says: This match was absolutely abysmal on several dimensions. (…) Obviously the front three were terrible. … I thought Slowdorf played his heart out today and deserved his captain armband. KPB and Flamini were mediocre (…)
Comment-Piruus says: seedorf impressed alot. (…) flamini … ibra … janku did a bad job holding on to lennon … nesta is getting worse, sadly. wish we had bought d.luiz.

(JIWON: What I feel weird is that there are also comments appreciating KPB or Flamini’s hard working, or pressing(?), but I find that whenever they praise DEFENSIVE midfielder Seedorf, they are ready to devalue his fellow midfielders and even [Nesta & Co.]. Then, I find that Korean comment section praising [Nesta+Silva] as brainy defensive skills and some questioned why not DEFENSIVE midfielders but [Silva & Co.] had to be busy at blocking Lennon or Crouch. They literally felt pity on poor Silva while blaming SELFISH midfield, which functioned as a broken link. Of course, many Korean fans found no problem with hard working midfield. Anyway, above is what the INTELLIGENT Rossoneri say.)

Tottenham 0-0 Milan (1-0 Agg.): White Hart Lane Stalemate Sees Spurs Advance To Quarter-Finals Mar 9, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-jim barcelona / 4:10 AM Mar 10, 2011: milan’s problem is not the strikers, its their midfield. Nobody controls the ball. All I saw today was them lobbing the ball forward to the strikers hoping they could create something, and losing the ball when guarded by the defense. Seedorf used to be good, he’s 34 now time for a change. In my opinion you milanistas should of kept Ronaldinho a play maker. You guys brought in new strikers, now its time for a new midfield. / 18 : 3
Comment-nate usa / 9:43 PM Mar 9, 2011: such a disgraceful game, how the hell can we not score with no keeper in goal, where was the chemistry from the weekend, and wh is seedorf playing, pass back every time when we need to go forward. how did robinho not see zlatan standing in the box by himself and he takes the shot himself and misses again. im so mad im close to tears / 7 : 8
Comment-RomEdmundo Jamaica / 5:56 AM Mar 10, 2011: What the hell is wrong with Pato was the only one who dared strike at goal and he gets the flop of the match. Ibra gets it but as said before, Milan has no one in the centre of the pitch who can make that killer pass. But Milan is a better team than Spurs. / 2 : 3

Comment-Gianni Montreal, Canada / 9:39 PM Mar 9, 2011: That’s what happens when you start Seedorf ahead of Merkel. Didn’t you see Merkel made an instant impact when he came on! Milan dominated possession, all they needed was a creative midfield. / 1 : 4
Comment-mVb Milan / 4:07 AM Mar 10, 2011: gotta say that milan did their best. but their depleted midfield is the reason that they lost. if we had pirlo, things could’ve have been different. they lost too many possession easily (bad passing). oh well.. let’s focus on serie a and try again next year with a full team. / 18 : 9

(JIWON: Weird is that this kind of comments have never appeared in They all watched the SAME game. How come this kind of comment, “Seedorf’s crosses and passes were sublime” or “crisp passing and dominance in possession,” can coexist with bla-bla-bla, including “no one in the centre… killer pass” or “instant impact… Milan dominated possession”? Anyways…)

Milan Would Have Beaten Tottenham With 37-Year-Old Pippo Inzaghi But €65 Million Forwards Flop Mar 10, 2011 / By Goal

Spurs 0-0 Milan Mar 9, 2011 / By
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Comment-Marc says: After having some time to reflect, I think there are some serious questions that Galliani and company really need to decide what their goals are. If their goal is to consistently contend for the Scudetto, they have only minor tweaks to make; if their goal is to win the scudetto and contend every year for the Champions League, there are wholesale changes that are necessary. (…) IBRA…SIC (…) I’d like to see Milan return to the days of consistently being amongst the best clubs in Europe, and that requires a lot of moves. Milan is a world class city and the San Siro is a world class stadium, which should really help the club attract talent; if the Italian government would finally give clubs and players incentive by lowering the taxes, Serie A could return to glory. Regarding transfers (…)
Comment-nick says: @Marc…I agree 100%. Milan has been putting a band aid on a wound that needs surgery. XYZ must go. (…)
Comment-fyah-mayne says: What all you guys are saying is somewhat true about Ibra being a league player. i agree that we should not purchase him for 24m +9mill wages each year, and binho can stay jus needs to work on his finishing(Y). seadorf,legrotalli,janko,oddo,zambro,seadorf,ambro,vanbomel,amelia,roma,ibra should all leave. bring in (…) this transfer list is very possible as players will be sold that are on high wages and contracts will expire thus leading to a large reduction in wages.

(JIWON: Therefore… they start to talk who should be kicked out of Milan. They particularly point out…)
1. Money for Ibra: 24m +9mill wages each year
2. Ibra’s arrogant attitude and work rate
3. Robinho’s finishing
4. Bla-bla-bla…

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PART-2: Seriously, Milan Players Need To Learn How To Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is…

(Updated on MARCH 22, 2011)

I’m The Best Player In The World – Milan’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic Mar 4, 2011 / By Goal
Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Future May Not Be With Milan – Agent Mino Raiola Mar 7, 2011 / By Goal
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Must Finally Perform In Europe If Milan Are To Beat Tottenham Mar 9, 2011 / By Goal

(JIWON: Basically, it was Ibra’s interview that ignited the hatred of fans and even lost his supporters. I thought it could be interpreted as a kind of self-discipline, since it happened after this game, SA-27 Milan 3-0 Napoli. But Ibra simply has to put his money where his mouth is, as he fails to prove anything. And then, Ibra’s agent added fuels and I am still trying to figure out their reason, since Ibra’s value is falling FREE. 😉 )

Robinho slams long-ball Spurs Mar 8, 2011 / By
Tottenham Midfielder Rafael Van Der Vaart Has No Problem With Playing Long-Ball Game If It Means Winning Mar 8, 2011 / By Goal

(JIWON: So does Binho. This is the very basic reason why he became the biggest flop in the Korean comment section. 😉 )

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PART-3: Legend Seedorf Paints Picture Of Hunger & Intelligence. Therefore, Every Each Milan Player Is To Become Either Another SLOWdorf Or Another Stupid-Italian…

(Updated on MARCH 22, 2011)


Alessandro Nesta: Champions League Not In Milan’s Reach Mar 3, 2011 / By Goal
Nesta: ‘My career is almost at the end’ Mar 17, 2011 / By
(…) “We’re almost at the end. I don’t want to be dragging myself around the pitch, so will evaluate my physical condition. I have received a great deal from football in my career and I want to end it on a high,” Nesta said.

Clarence Seedorf Eager To Play For Milan Against Tottenham Mar 9, 2011 / By Goal
Seedorf: ‘I have many offers coming in’ Mar 12, 2011 / By
(…) “There are no problems with Coach Massimiliano Allegri. I know he respects me and this is the only reason I accepted the bench. However, I don’t play very much and always have many offers coming in. As for my future, I am still searching for my fifth Champions League trophy,” Seedorf said.

(JIWON: Both are what happened after posting two different DRAFTS. Since I prefer not to express my own thoughts to analyze TWO different answers by TWO different professionals of the same age, nor do I want to change my planned writings…

For some time past, I felt… that [Someone+Allegri] have been using this computer work… but only in their own way. Whenever I posted something against X, Allegri was the quickest to take advantage of “THE ANALYSIS”. Brazilian Dinho is not the only one. But then… I’ve always felt that SLOWdorf was protected. I even felt that Allegri’s analytical interview about Cassano’s role at Milan, as a centre-forward, was to make a room for Trequartista SLOWdorf. However still, to intervene personally in Allegri’s job was never my favorite. And any attempts are welcome whenever those exist for the Milan’s better future.

I was just curious how long it will take for this Football Genius SLOWdorf to realize that I am also “The B*TCH”, who boasts a specific personal story for more than a decade, which sounds far more sensational than any novels, and that I was born with a specific brain, which only remembers UNIQUE incidents and analyzes them until the end of the world. Isn’t this professional or male-chauvinist the one, who believed that he could easily govern my limited football knowledge and announced that he was born a Trequartista and Milan should use his original talent? Which he never did during Ancelotti’s era, simply because this tactic never worked for Milan style. Now, I am learning and learning more about “Trequartista SLOWdorf”… and about “Milan Style”… much more than Legend Seedorf expected… and much more than I expected. And I always remember what Legend Seedorf said during the early days of this computer work… sorry. I made up my mind to follow this UNIQUE figure, because he looked strange, talking too much.)

Clarence Seedorf paints picture of hunger and intelligence Feb 14, 2010 / By
(…) For Milan/Chelsea’s psychologist, Seedorf is a fascinating case. … “He talked 10% like a player, 70% like a coach, and 20% like a general manager. I’ve never seen such a strong personality,” he says. … he explained that in football if the manager tells the players to defecate on the pitch, the players would do so without question. “But Seedorf would say: ‘Certainly, mister, but what colour should our shit be?”‘ (…) His readiness to speak his mind has not been welcomed by everyone. During Euro 2000 a Dutch public opinion poll showed 81% against his inclusion in the squad (…) “There were many problems. I came from a country where people expressed their opinions. The mentality in Italy is to shut up and run. That’s it in a nutshell. When things go bad don’t discuss it, just run harder. In Holland it’s: ‘Let’s sit down and discuss things until we understand what the problem is.'”

(JIWON:When did I post this article? By then, I didn’t want to express my own feeling while posting this. This was the most disgusting thing that I’ve found from any professionals… especially in the world of ART. I now feel no need to write WHY. And I promise. SLOWdorf’s Milan will perfectly prove, especially during Derby, that There are many problems. … Things are going bad and my stupid Italian fellows are just running harder, because this Italian Milan is now completely messed up.

Legend Seedorf says that he accepted the bench after CHECKING Allegri’s respect. But then… is he also sitting on the bench during the training session? What exactly means bench role during the training session? What exactly means Allegri’s respect, when this strong personality is said to be ready to speak his mind with this holy statement, ‘Certainly, mister, but what colour should our shit be?’? Please imagine Milan players, especially younger ones, being currently trained by Coach Allegri… ooops sorry… Legend Seedorf.)

Milan Would Have Beaten Tottenham With 37-Year-Old Pippo Inzaghi But €65 Million Forwards Flop Mar 10, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-littlemorella Nesta lover No.1 germany / 1:26 AM Mar 10, 2011: I blame Galliani for buying only cup tied players depite of so many injured players. Allegri should have played Merkel + Strasser much earlier. Nesta`s rating here is a bad joke again. He played good! I bet that most serie A haters have never watched it regularly. / 1 : 6

Comment-Please Read / 3:20 AM Mar 10, 2011: I’m am AC Milan fan, Please Milan supporters you have to understand that the reason why Milan top players are not performing for their full potential is because of the stupid system used by the stupid coach. He is exhausting them by letting them running all over the place with no clear plan to attack. They are just running around for nothing. He is placing the defence at the front of Milan’s goal, which making the players covering more grounds (stupid I know). / 9 : 8
Comment-Please Read / 3:20 AM Mar 10, 2011: Also, He is limiting their freedom. They don’t even try to use their skills or dribble players. He is making them feel like they are a small team and the opponents are the stronger than them. They do not have confidence in their abilities. Robinho is an amazing skilful player but with Milan all he’s able to do is to pass the ball and run everywhere. He doesn’t even use his skills anymore. That’s what this stupid coach wants them to do. / 14 : 10
Comment-Please Read / 3:20 AM Mar 10, 2011: Basically, Allegri putting too much emphasis team work more than using individual skills which is wrong. In football, you need both. However, stupid coaches lately are putting too much, and even more, emphasis on team work. They do not five players the freedom to invent. / 9 : 8

Ibrahimovic gets ban; Milan ready to appealI Mar 14, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-Shervin says: I been applauding allegri recently, but you have to understand ibra as well. This guy is extremely tired, and with all respect he has right to be tired. Allegri have to be open minded and creative in his coaching, and here we are blaming milan for not being creative on pitch with this kind of coach. I beleive Ibra WANTED this ban, this card is exactly what he wanted. Allegri would play him until he would throw up blood. Doesnt allegri understand when you dont let a players play all the time and rest players sometimes it ONLY motivate them and makes them play better next time instead of getting frustrated. Remember when he got his 5th yellow card, and he got suspended? Did you guys notice how he got the 5th yellow card? It was something silly and ibra was searching for that card 100% so he could get rested. Allegri enough is enough, your not anywhere class coach. A coach who dont understand his players aint no coach.

Milan 1-1 Bari: Antonio Cassano Denies Galletti A Famous Victory Mar 13, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-milan milan / 7:40 PM Mar 13, 2011: allegri has done well rotating the squad when he needs to but when it comes to the attack he is too one dimensional and reliant on ibra. (…) / 2 : 2
Comment-Anthony Australia / 12:44 PM Mar 13, 2011: Well done Allegri! You send out a tired team. Nesta, Ibrahimovic and Antonini all look like they want to be somewhere else. / 34 : 9
Comment-CristinaMilanista San Siro / 5:03 PM Mar 13, 2011: okay everyone is talking about the ref but there is something more worrying. It seems all our strikers have decided to go through poor form together. With all these chances we really should be scoring more goals. (…) / 0 : 0

(JIWON: Therefore… Every each Milan player has to decide whether they become another SLOWdorf, who works all day and all night by just STANDING on his favorite spot and talking good words and making an intelligent smile, or another Stupid-Italian, who just shuts up and runs harder and harder when things go bad… and eventually loses his original talent.)

06 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-4: Milan Nowadays Are The Same Shit. Whether Legend Seedorf Plays Or Not, Their Problematic Passing Will Cost Them The Scudetto.

(Updated on MARCH 25, 2011)

Tottenham 0-0 Milan (1-0 Agg.): White Hart Lane Stalemate Sees Spurs Advance To Quarter-Finals Mar 9, 2011 / By Goal
Milan 1-1 Bari: Antonio Cassano Denies Galletti A Famous Victory Mar 13, 2011 / By Goal
Palermo 1-0 Milan: Rossoneri Scudetto Hopes Dealt A Blow As Serse Cosmi Claims First Win Mar 19, 2011 / By Goal

(JIWON: Apart from Inter’s Calciopoli 2010-11…)

Spurs 0-0 Milan Mar 9, 2011 / By
Tottenham 0-0 Milan (1-0 Agg.): White Hart Lane Stalemate Sees Spurs Advance To Quarter-Finals Mar 9, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-Student says: @ GIANCARLO. I took all your bull $h!% for sometime now. You act like you are a Football pundit. all you do is read that stupid and come spread the post like its your own. Everybody watched the same game as you did, It was very clear that Ibra is no Champions league player, He(Ibra) is the broken link in the forward line, Yes Seedorf played excellent football (…)
Comment-mVb Milan / 4:07 AM Mar 10, 2011: gotta say that milan did their best. but their depleted midfield is the reason that they lost. if we had pirlo, things could’ve have been different. they lost too many possession easily (bad passing). oh well.. let’s focus on serie a and try again next year with a full team. / 18 : 9

(JIWON: Please imagine their passing game around Mar 9, 2011. Clearly, Coach Allegri demanded something from Ibra’s teammates during the training session, in which Legend Seedorf must have been JUST STANDING on his favorite spot.)

Milan 1-1 Bari Mar 13, 2011 / By
Milan 1-1 Bari: Antonio Cassano Denies Galletti A Famous Victory Mar 13, 2011 / By Goal
Milan’s Massimiliano Allegri: We Should Have Beaten Bari Mar 13, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-Luke says: This was a terrible game by Milan … Ibra is a moron … Van Bommel went for a nap on their goal. Pato was nowhere to be found and so was Robinho. Seedorf played well the last 10 minutes he was given – here where my problem is with Allegri – Seedorf was the best player on wednesday and this stupid coach rewards him with a spot on the bench. Allegri needs to go immediately.
Comment-milan delhi / 1:58 PM Mar 13, 2011: I think Milan played very well and dominated every aspect of this match but whats killing us is our strikers inability to finish off chances. Milan create well and link up well but the final product is missing. Pato,Robinho,Ibra miss bucketloads of chances. Had they finished their chances better Milan could easily have been ahead by 10 points. / 7 : 2
Comment-milan milan / 11:24 PM Mar 13, 2011: milan played better after ibra was off. they stopped playing those awful long balls to ibra and started passing the ball well. cant wait to see they play this way again in the next match with ibra unavailable / 27 : 4
Comment-Giancarlo says: Where was our passing game? I was hoping to see Cassano and Jankulovski start… and they didn’t. They should have. Cassano was going to turn it up against his home town… he got us the draw. But we should have won this 2-1. However, this was not a good display at all. This was just complacency. And I’m not going to defend Ibra here at all. Pathetic man, just pathetic.

(JIWON: Please imagine their passing game around Mar 13, 2011. Clearly, Coach Allegri demanded something from Ibra’s teammates during the training session, in which Legend Seedorf must have been JUST STANDING on his favorite spot. After the most elegant exit from the UEFA Champions League, Legend Seedorf’s VERVAL participation is more expected and appreciated as well. Am I wrong?)

Palermo 1-0 Milan Mar 19, 2011 / By
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Comment-james says: can’t win with 4 defenders 3 defensive midfielders and seedorf. pato and cassano can’t do it alone. i know many still like seedorf, but the game stops when he get the ball, and have 2 turn around himselves 2-3 times, and then send it back 2 the defenders

Palermo 1-0 Milan: Rossoneri Scudetto Hopes Dealt A Blow As Serse Cosmi Claims First Win Mar 19, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-Me Here / 8:41 PM Mar 19, 2011: FFS, when will Allegri abandon his stupid 3DMs system. How on Earth are you meant to score goals when you have 4defenders, 3DMs and Seedorf? It’s not like you can expect Cassano and Pato to beat entire defences by themselves. / 32 : 0
Comment-ballon d’or for seedorf / 8:16 PM Mar 19, 2011: i think milan would actually have a better chance with 10 players than seedorf ….. hes soo bad he does not contribute anything on attack or defence why is he on the field milan loose…..forza palermo / 22 : 0
Comment-sab ksa / 10:17 PM Mar 19, 2011: Starting 11 was a joke. If we’re going to play 3 DMF and 1 grandfather CMF we need more than 2 attackers otherwise there is no link between midfield and forwards! 3 DMF has worked when milan have played 3 strikers. If allegri is to change the system someone like boateng should be starting in midfield to add creativity and forward runs / 49 : 0
Comment-moe CDN / 9:52 PM Mar 19, 2011: watching too many games. AC had all the possession but are too old and slow. seriously they lead the table because Inter had so many injuries. to me the Dutch League is superior to Serie A and way more entertaining. / 1 : 4
Comment-veljo USA / 8:27 PM Mar 19, 2011: 58 min.; it is visible what was clear always; without Ibra the King, Milan is an average Serie B team; even more – with Seedorf on the field, Milan is a better Serie C team…….Pato will have to wait a little bit – 5 – 6 years to be at the Ibra level, it is not good when defense does have no fear of strikers….. / 38 : 11

Palermo vs. Milan (Saturday, March 19 2011) Mar 19, 2011 / By The Red & Black Forums
Talkbacks for this article 1227
Comment-#443-irodrigu / 21:05: this palermo defense is so shitty I’m going to drive off a cliff today if we don’t score 2.
Comment-#448-Eccolo / 21:06: The offense if off because we play a useless midfield
Comment-#576-jooceman / 21:23: Jesus christ… This is painful to watch. Our trap SUCKS and our midfield is just awful.
Comment-#580-Ruиє / 21:24: This midfield is crap, 3 defensive and one 35 years old AM..
Comment-#501-Susan / 21:13: why are we still using long balls, Ibra’s not here

Comment-#513-kakajd / 21:14: seedorf is killing us, hes slow, cant beat anyone, and that pass is shocking. cassano needs to do more as well
Comment-#520-Redman10 / 21:15: Cassano and Seedorf have been the worst players on the pitch.
Comment-#537-Ashish / 21:17: cassano is immobile as fuck why is not getting fit. robi for seedorf or cassano because two slow player wont be good enough

Comment-#565-Vecchio_Ultra / 21:22: Gattuso and Dorf trying to win the most backpasses trophy
Comment-#601-Senatore_M84 / 21:26: pato is too isolated. bring robinho on ffs….
Comment-#602-Milan10 / 21:26: Something is wrong with Nesta.
Comment-#674-acm55 / 21:36: Antonini,Seedorf,Flamini..OMG. Tragedy
Comment-#674-ROSSONERO_PR / 21:36: I fucking hate this MILAN. Fuck You ALLEGRI. Take off that fucking asshole Slowdorf! [Midd = SHIT.] [Flamini, Gattuso, Slowdorf, MVB = SHIT.] BYE BYE SCUDETTO !
Comment-#620-Revolution / 21:29: You know something is wrong when Gattuso is our most creative midfield player

Comment-#667-NIRossoneri / 21:35: What a bunch of drama queens we have in this forum. Yes this isnt the best performance we’ve witness but its not the worst. Seedorf has been the problem its as simple as that, he doesnt have the movement or pace or ability to make quick decisions that we need anymore. Thats all thats missing from our performance is a better link between midfield and attack, Patos pace is scaring them Cassano could do with a better second option than Seedorf. Palermo don’t look too solid defensively even when we give them time to get set up.
Comment-#669-MilanDelaware / 21:36: Just not playing well at all. Zero creativity. Palermo look better from 25 yards in. The lack of any creativity in the mid-field is killing us today. Flamini should not have started. The best player so far has been Silva. Seedorf is constantly playing with his back to the goal, and takes 3 or 4 touches to pass or try to turn around. Shameful display of football.

(JIWON: Please imagine their passing game around Mar 19, 2011. Clearly, Coach Allegri demanded something from Ibra’s teammates during the training session, in which Legend Seedorf must have been JUST STANDING on his favorite spot. After Ibra was famously sent off, there must be something happening to Legend Seedorf’s BRAINY participation.)

Palermo vs. Milan (Saturday, March 19 2011) Mar 19, 2011 / By The Red & Black Forums
Talkbacks for this article 1227
Comment-#683-Sgevagool / 21:52: Seedorf is not the problem! Hes passes are good, problem is the speed upfront and the midfield.
Comment-#757-Vecchio_Ultra / 21:52: They stop our attacks with ease and then go on the counter, this reeks of uberscheisse
Comment-#773-Senatore_M84 / 21:56: omg clarence….. WHAT WAS THAT SPEED
Comment-#776-Shevagool / 21:56: Seedorf, as i said is not the problem! Midfield and Cassano is!
Comment-#796-Redman10 / 22:00: Gattuso has been useless as well.
Comment-#802-Shevagool / 22:00: Seedorf is good, CANT U SE THE FUCKING PROBLEM?????? Midfield and Cassano??? NOT SEEDORF!!!
Comment-#805-fiume_1987 / 22:00: Dorf plays in a more suitable position now. Cassano is just pissing me off…
Comment-#900-Shevagool / 22:15: Look what happens with quality(Seedorf) in midfield much more power in attack!
Comment-#1029-Redman10 / 22:37: I think Seedorf is getting too much unnecessary heat, I am very critical of him but he has been everywhere in the 2nd half.
Comment-#1054-shimec / 22:39: Fucking shit performance! This is second game in the row that we concede because of Van Bommel’s fault! And that prick Cassano should stop using that useless dummy feint and that flicks through the whole defence! I was so pissed with his performance today!
Comment-#1072-forzamilan107 / 22:41: Antonini, gattuso, flamini. y do we have such a defensive mentality? Y wtffff did seedorf start up front? Wtf r those 2 midgets doing?
Comment-#1123-Goodfella / 22:51: Name ONE game where we’ve played well with Seedorf, Gattuso and Flamini in the midfield….ONE! Why the hell would Allegri still try this? WHYY?
Comment-#1144-deepa_316 / 23:45: people still blamin seedorf for tonight wow haters or wot, van bommel is the one who should be bein crucified right now!! seedorf had a good 2nd half, 1st was obv expected playin AM but he never hurt us lik MVB did.
Comment-#1195-Raghav / 23:45: Seedorf was immense today.. wonder sometimes if some of the guys even watch the match before coming here and whining.
Comment-#1201-damn / 23:51: agree, he controlled the ball and never panicked, just annoying that when dorf steps up his teammates shit themselves.

(JIWON: Weird is that it seems as if Legend Seedorf was waiting for this moment. Isn’t it the best example of Legend Seedorf’s definition of the Italian team? There are many problems. … Things are going bad and my stupid Italian fellows are just running harder. Therefore…)

Palermo vs. Milan (Saturday, March 19 2011) Mar 19, 2011 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#1211-Patistico / 00:20: Here we go again… half the forum singling out individual players to curse at… and the other half going back to sucking Seedorf’s cock. (…) Nowadays our games are the same shit. We dominate possession throughout the match. After the first 30 minutes, we realize that our back and forth passing isn’t creating goals, so we commit more numbers forward. After 60 minutes, we realize it’s still not creating goals, so we send even more numbers forward. Then we become very vulnerable at the back on counters. Instead of committing players like Rino, Antonini, and VB forward, why don’t we just keep 2-3 defenders and a DM back, and let players that can actually attack (Urby, Prince) forward. What is the point of playing Rino around the opposing team’s box?
Comment-#1217-Redman10 / 00:20: This is something I wonders for years and it was the same when Pirlo was fit. Why is Gattuso allowed to go forward like he some attacking midfielder while someone who can actually contribute in attack is further behind.

(JIWON: Therefore… Only brainless(?!) Gattuso as typical Italian wants to fill the gap or what? Especially when SLOWdorf wants to play like Walking-Pirlo but his OLD performance never resembles Pirlo’s delicate and accurate techniques. Perhaps, we’d better directly ask Gattuso why. Who knows? He or any Milan players might know why Pato and Cassano are trained to like to drift out wide. Therefore…)

Palermo vs. Milan (Saturday, March 19 2011) Mar 19, 2011 / By The Red & Black Forums
Talkbacks for this article 1227
Comment-#1219-Patistico / 01:02: And it’s laughable that we’re asking for 10 WC reinforcements to win a Serie A title. These are the WORST Inter, Juve, and Roma teams I’ve seen in years. We have the 4 of the 5 best forwards in the league, the two best CBs, the 2nd best RB, and a host of other very good players (e.g. Prince). We should have cemented the title weeks ago. I’m not saying we don’t need reinforcements to have a high chance of winning CL or to cement the Serie A for years to come… but an easy year like this year to win the Serie A won’t come again for a long while. And the blame, IMO, falls squarely on Allegri. He’s done some great things with the club (great work ethic across the team, solid defending, etc.), but not knowing how to assign the best players for each role (and assigning each player to their best role) is probably the BIGGEST mistake a coach can make.
Comment-#1225-Savo / 05:36: +1 my thoughts exactly… Allegri has been great on work ethic and getting the best out of players (ex: gattuso, ambro, abate, etc.) but his selections blow ass and his tactics are sometimes lacking and in a game like this, selection and tactics were EVERYTHING… I’m with you.. this year is weak, and we have a great team, should have locked this shit up a while ago and with our confidence level now, we will prob lose to inter and then we’ll lose the scud…. again

(JIWON: Therefore…)

Palermo 1-0 Milan: Rossoneri Scudetto Hopes Dealt A Blow As Serse Cosmi Claims First Win Mar 19, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-max italy / 10:12 PM Mar 19, 2011: Now we realize just how important Ibra is! We had no focal point in attack. Pato and Cassano like to drift out wide. Overall play was below par. We could have been 10 points clear of Inter but after tomorrow most likely just 2! The derby is a MUST WIN. Forza milano / 24 : 2
Comment-neutralObserver milan / 8:38 PM Mar 19, 2011: Seedorf is not the problem. Do you know that both Pato and Cassano did not have a shot at the goalkeeper throughout the 1st half? Cassano, as far as I am concerned is overrated!!! Allegri should introduce Robinho and Boateng in the 2nd half if milan wants to get anything out of this match. / 10 : 9
Comment-Lii usa / 9:58 PM Mar 19, 2011: Come on guys, don’t be criticisms Seedorf, he played well better than Cassano, Pato. It funny when this guy compare with Dinho. it’s total insane. Palermo deserve to win. very impressive from them. They should have score more than one goal. Milan now regret to sell Dinho. I believe Pato will leaving Milan in june, no more doubt. / 38 : 6

Palermo vs. Milan (Saturday, March 19 2011) Mar 19, 2011 / By The Red & Black Forums
Talkbacks for this article 1227
Comment-#433-whiterabbit / 21:04: and cassano always plays only on the left is he trying to become the new ronnie?
Comment-#558-Revolution / 21:21: Something must be wrong with Seedorf’s leg or something because he can’t pass to anyone on his left apparently
Comment-#633-Ashish / 21:31: Sedorf dont orchestrate control the game ffs
Comment-#1029-Redman10 / 22:37: I think Seedorf is getting too much unnecessary heat, I am very critical of him but he has been everywhere in the 2nd half.
Comment-#1201-damn / 23:51: agree, he controlled the ball and never panicked, just annoying that when dorf steps up his teammates shit themselves.

(JIWON: Therefore… It seems that Coach [Allegry+SLOWdorf] literally trained Milan… “Of Legend Seedorf, By Legend Seedorf, and For Legend Seedorf”. Therefore, Allegri’s Milan always need to show how to collapse while playing FOR Legend Seedorf and how to wait for SLOWdorf to step up and prove that all his teammates are shits. Perhaps, Coach [Allegry+SLOWdorf] have a selective brain, just like I do, and pick up whatever they want to learn from Abraham Lincoln… instead of…)

1. I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.
2. If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe.
3. He can compress the most words into the smallest ideas of any man I ever met.
4. The worst thing you can do for those you love is the things they could and should do themselves.
5. Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.
6. No man is good enough to govern another man without that other’s consent.

(JIWON: Anyway… Whether “Against Tottenham” or “Against Palermo”, hasn’t Legend Seedorf looked as if he made sacrifices for his teammates? Because SLOWdorf knows that Milan will anyway lose the game and he must do something unique.)

05 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-5: Just In Case… They Are All Talking About Passing. Is This Evolution Or Retrogression Or Corruption? Maestro Pirlo Had Better Think Of His Better Future Only.

(Updated on MARCH 26-27, 2011)

(JIWON: Last night, I forgot ONE paragraph to finish Part-3, and ONE information was needed. I remember it was during the early days but it took time to find IT. Around Milan Derby, I was so surprised at my previous reports that I had to check the whole section until the winter break.)

Milan Would Have Beaten Tottenham With 37-Year-Old Pippo Inzaghi But €65 Million Forwards Flop Mar 10, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-Please Read / 3:20 AM Mar 10, 2011: Basically, Allegri putting too much emphasis team work more than using individual skills which is wrong. In football, you need both. However, stupid coaches lately are putting too much, and even more, emphasis on team work. They do not five players the freedom to invent. / 9 : 8

(JIWON: Above comment is from Part-4. Regardless of its veracity, it is now a common sense that Allegri has been working for Teamwork.)

🙂 R1-5: Rosy Bindi Chuckles As “Fantastic-Four” Minus “Alessandro-Nesta” Equals “Flop-Four”. Whether Allegri Is “The Decider” Or Not, His Tactics Is Denounced. (Sep 11 – 25, 2010)
SA-04 Lazio 1-1 Milan: No Answers As Milan Draw Again. There’s No Midfield Just Constant Long Balls Very Very Unlike Milan. Should AC-Milan Give Up The 4-3-3? What About Mastering EPL’s “Route-1” Style?
1. Pirlo SUCKED today, you can’t just throw the ball in the air when you’ve got talents like Ronnie, Seedorf and Ibrahimovic in front of you
2. When Pirlo plays slow, opposition defence are all reorganized
3. Pirlo and Seedorf can only play one game a week at 100% fitness.
4. Pirlo and Seedorf can’t play on the pitch at the same time. Playing them both makes the team unbalanced. Not to mention that both do the same thing now and Pirlo does his job better.
5. Milan must ask themselves what is the role of pirlo. at least seedorf can create something … Pirlo does nothing offensively nor defensively
6. The flops were seedorf and dinho.. abate did ok.
JIWON: (…) Interesting. This debate is going from PIRLO to DINHO. (…) Oh my… I’m tired of reading comments on Flop-Pirlo. And then, they start to talk about “Rossoneri’s Definition of PIRLO”. Therefore, I’m studying (…) And weirdly, they are talking both PIRLO and DINHO

(JIWON: No need to post Pirlo-related comments until “SA-04 Lazio 1-1 Milan”. When I first started this work, my only aim was to collect Pirlo-related comments until it ends up with ONE specific comment. Then, I realized that Pirlo-related comments are inseparable from Seedorf-related ones, and then, one comment led to another, which was followed by something another. I couldn’t stop.

Now, I try to remember when I started to realize Italian Pirlo was not Italian Nesta. Only Berlusconi knows that it was “Grandpa Fergie’s Korean Jji vs. LEO’s Pirlo” that ignited my curiosity of “24 Years of Berlusconi at AC-Milan”. It still didn’t force me to start this computer work on Berlusconi’s “La Bella Italia”, though, because I never knew Korean Jji was that famous, or he was a midfielder. I studied Milan’s history and made a pure laughter while imagining Sir Berlusconi’s furious face. (… now, I feel real sorry 😦 …) It was LEO’s hot interview, Leonardo on Berlusconi:”Only few people know about football”. 😉 )

🙂 R5-6: Rossoneri Is Being Rebuilt. Calcio Is A Sport, But Also An Art. Binho Woke Up. Gattuso Is Returning To Calabrian Bulldog. Kick Off Birthday Party With Pirlo’s Goal. Let’s Run. We’re Getting There. “La Bella Italia”! (Sep 25 – Oct 2, 2010)
SA-05 Milan 1-0 Genoa: Ooops! Pirlo’s Long-Ball Worked! Pretty Vintage Performance From Gattuso! Binho Woke Up! Genoa’s Unlucky Password Was “Ibracadabra,” Who Vomited. One Thing Is Clear, AC-Milan’s Missing Pato’s Speed.
1. Nonetheless, one wonderful long ball by Pirlo that was expertly finished off by Ibrahimovic.
2. Milan was dominate… praise it as a team effort (not just Ibrahimovic). It’s a team win. Gattuso, Pirlo, Boateng, Robinho… all played very well.
3. I dont know how you end up with this ratings. First of all Gatuzo was better than Pirlo he got great game, also Robinho was better than Ronnie! I dont know why Antonini has low grade? he was good too!
4. Ronaldinho was piss poor today … Milan were much more effective and quick after he was replaced by Seedorf.

CL-02 Ajax 1-1 Milan: Awful Game! Disgusting Fan-Club. True That Allegri’s Subs Were Not Right. However, What Do They Exactly Want From Tired-Out Dinho? Do They Want To See Suicidal Samba?
1. Seedorf only had two decent touches on the ball. … Apart from that Seedorf had a poor game.

SA-06 Parma 0-1 Milan: Ho! Pirlo Mastered “Route-1” Technique… GOAL! Allegri’s Fantastic Tactic. Nice Display By Senior Citizens, Defending As A Unit. Rossoneri Is Being Rebuilt. What About “Happy Gaucho” As Captain? Let’s Run. We’re Getting There. “La Bella Italia”!
1. Pirlo and Dinho looked really good, and Seedorf was moving the ball around well.
2. Boateng should start instead of seedorf. Pirlo amazing goal! And defense played much much more solid in this game, we are getting there!
3. Bench Seedorf let Boateng play. Seedorf will not pass the ball to Ronnie.
Andrea Pirlo Outlines Milan’s Winning Plans For The Season Oct 2, 2010 / By Goal
(…) Coach Allegri is rebuilding the Rossoneri. CALCIO IS A SPORT, BUT ALSO AN ART as Pirlo paints the picture of his ideal season, ENGAGING WITH CLUB TRADITIONS. “We are building a new team with a new spirit, and we are on the right tracks. We must win at Parma so we can give a signal,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.”

(JIWON: Now, I’m surprised to know that Maestro Pirlo exactly knew about his condition. Thanks to Pirlo’s Goal, I clearly knew Nesta was a defender while Pirlo was a midfielder. Then, what is the exact reason of his frequent injuries in recent days?)

🙂 R7-9: Allegri In Hot Water With No Midfield Working For His Plan. Pato Was Going To Fly Like Swan But Becomes Duckling. AC-Milan Still Lacks A Perfect Balance Between “Old & Young”. (Oct 16 – Nov 3, 2010)
CL-03 Real Madrid 2-0 Milan: Same ‘Old’ Problem For Milan. No One In The Midfield And An Absolute Horror Show, As A Result.
1. Flop of the Match from Comment-Section ELSEWHERE: Allegri’s Darling Seedorf
2. Andrea Pirlo is perhaps the only one that still has something to offer, however, his strengths are rendered useless without the protection he needs from his peers.

SA-08 Napoli 1-2 Milan: Oddo Gets Odd Chances To Create Goals For Binho & Ibra! Boateng Seals Hamsik. Casual Pato Is Lost And Becomes Duckling. Binho Needs To Train Dinho’s Long Ball Passing Skills.
1. Ronaldinho has been poor this season … Gennaro Gattuso and Andrea Pirlo also put in good shifts as they helped Milan dominate possession.

SA-09 Milan 1-2 Yuventus: Alas, Duckling Wants To Celebrate His 100th Game With Dribbling And Flops. Troublesome Mindset When No One Relies On Teamwork And Allegri Is Left With Plan-A Only. Hopeless Allegri When There Is No Midfield Working For His Plan. AC-Milan Lacks Long Balls.
1. Pirlo in a deep playmaking role isn’t really working right now because he’s to slow of a player for the modern day game.
2. We lacked long balls. We had everything going but the long balls. This is why Seedorf was introduced. But unfortunately, Seedorf didn’t fair that well either.
3. Gattuso the best of milan today. Seedorf and Pirlo poor.

CL-04 Milan 2-2 Real Madrid: Just As MOUdrid Fear And Grandpa-Fergie Quips, “Evergreen-Super-Pippo” Was Born Offside And Overcomes Mueller & Van-Basten & Shevchenko’s Record! Abate Touches “Oscar-Winner-CR7” In Revenge For Gattuso! Allegri Does Have A Gameplan, But Long Balls Can’t Be Team’s Only Option. AC-Milan Still Lacks A Perfect Balance Between “Old & Young”. Duckling Thinks Too Much!!!
1. Pirlo was just amazing today as well as silva, prince plated his role well, being the slightly more advance midfielder of the three. special mention for GATTUSO he was outstanding.
2. Thank you gatusso super pippo ibra pirlo nesta tiago!
JIWON: I find constant opinions dealing with Abbiati or Seedorf or… But I don’t think this issue should be my business.

(JIWON: I remember that I tried to avoid collecting specific comments on specific players. If I could turn back the clock, I would collect Rossoneri’s DIRECT insults to XYZ. It could have been better.)

🙂 R10-12: Forza Midfield! Inter Removes Moratti’s Curse On Ibra’s PK. Passionate Binho Flops & Seeks Pippo’s Lesson. Let’s Enjoy Trequartista SLOWdorf & Hot Bulldog! Altogether… Toward Professional Morale (Nov 7-14, 2010)
SA-10 Bari 2-3 Milan: Forza Midfield! Allegri’s Formation Works. SLOWdorf Struggles But Offers 2 Professional Goals To “Ambro & Duckling”. Flamini’s Goal Thanks Ibra, Who Is Still Learning When To Be More/Less Selfish. Binho Plays With Passion And Flops, Seeking An Emergent Lesson From Super-Pippo. Defender-Bulldog Picks Up A Cheap Yellow-Card After Enthusiastically Celebrating Ambro’s Goal.
1. Seedorf should be man of the match!! He worked hard assisted and was always a threat.
2. Goals player rating are really bad lately. Too harsh on zambro played a fine game and kept Alverez quit all game. Seedorf was no way player of the match. get flamini should be higher
3. Great job from our midfielders. … please never play seedorf again, he lost 99% of passes except that cross that ambro scored.
4. Seedorf was struggling but I would rather play with him instead Dinho.
5. Seedorf was as slow as a turtle and a lot of missed passing from him…. Gattuso is in good form rite now and so is Ambro but i would prefer only of them to play at a time..
6. Seedorf is a mystery to me, one game he is superb to be a disaster in the next.. BUT we must not forget that Bari is a weak team. so we still are far below the “Milan level”..

SA-11 Milan 3-1 Palermo: Forza Ambro’s Midfield. Forza Silva’s Defense. Trequartista SLOWdorf Helps Duckling To Score. With Ambro’s Help, Ibra’s PK Breaks The Jinx And Leads To Binho’s Goal. Altogether, Rossoneri Celebrate Abate’s 24th Birthday But Mourn Injuries Of “Duckling & Pippo”. Pippo Might Ascend To Heaven.
1. Its good to see also that Allegri is not relying on Ancelotti use of Pirlo in a deeplying position because that no longer works for this Milan team.
2. Can anyone decide who is MOM? Its between Seedorf & Ambro me think.
3. The deployment of Clarence Seedorf as trequartista has been effective if not spectacular decision.
4. Seedorf is great BUT only with the ball, he can not run any more, sorry but out

SA-12 Inter Milan 0-1 Milan: “Old Milan vs. Injured Inter”. Inter Removes Moratti’s Curse On Ibra’s PK. Bulldog Is So Hot, Taken Off Before Being Sent Off. Despite Inter’s Dirty Game Instigating Abate’s Red Card, Allegri’s 10 Men Are Jelling Together. Just… New Midfield Need To Rotate To Function Better. So Does SLOWdorf’s Mega-Professionalism. Just… Silvio Is Under Hallucination To Win Anything… BRRR.
1. Allegri made the bold decision to drop Pirlo … Milan’s play was splendidly fluid at times, especially in the attacking third where Ibahimovic, Robinho and Seedorf displayed a chemistry that has been slowly developing. Whenever they went forward, Milan looked dangerous …
2. That was a very defence orientated milan squad. no pirlo or boateng… very defensive midfield. even seedorf over ronnie is a defensive move. i guess it paid off.
3. I like our midfield very much because it helps the defence well and i have to single out seedorf because he understands the game like not many and for his intelligence.
4. Why is Boateng not playing! hes just what Milan need in midfield today. With his pace and energy he would tear up the depleted Inter midfield. Also is Pirlo injured or something? he hasnt played for 3 games and although Seedorf is doing well Pirlo would thrive in the playmaker positon.
5. There was a point in the second half where seedorf had nothing left, he should have been substituted as he was not contributing to the attack or defence
6. The defence was unbelievable last night, the most pleasantly surprising trait from the game. Only problem was Seedorf’s presence, he’s such a waste. I wonder if his passing success rate ever got worked out for the last 2 years, would be shocking if it were even near 50%.
7. All hail milan, but i dont fully agree with the milan players ratings. seedorf was particularly slow and even slowed down the game a number of times, shouldnt deserve a 7.
Seedorf likens AC Milan coach Allegri to Mourinho Nov 16, 2010 / By

(JIWON: Interesting is that Seedorf announced his praise for Coach Allegri right after Ibra was reportedly exhausted to the core. Then, They start to talk about balance.)

🙂 R13-14: Time To Think For The Long Term. Despite Mental Balance, AC-Milan Need Some Creativity In Middle. Passionate Binho Buzzes Around. Alas, Brazil Coach Menezes Refuses To Train Baby-Dinho When You-Know-Who Resumes His F*cking Job. (Nov 21-28, 2010)
SA-13 Milan 1-0 Fiorentina: AC-Milan Play With “Patients & Mental Balance,” Enabling Mentor Nesta To Teach Silva How To Assist Ibra’s Scissors Kick. Allegri Misses Duckling’s Mature Performance. It’s Getting Like “Inter+SpecialOne”. Boring To Watch, Except Ibracadabra Entertaining Rossoneri With Hilarious/Serious Injury To His Elbow Whilst Celebrating.
1. Seedorf again looked comfortable playing in his preferred role.
2. Allegri is still finding a right balance … I would like to see more of attacking football by Milan, but now … we play as we can … That is not most beautiful football, but is getting points and uniting group …
3. Seedorf has been playing very well lately. Don’t insult him. This is probably his last season at Milan
JIWON: Weird, again, that Korean fans pointed out … The most problem is that they never plan to appreciate coach Allegri as long as SLOWdorf is a core-member in his game-plan. Just in case…

CL-05 AJ Auxerre 0-2 Milan: Ibra’s 111km/h Shoot! Dinho’s 5-Minute Magic! Uncle Fester Is Too Hilarious… Reason To Worry! A Yellow Card Welcomes Strasser’s Debut. Milan Plays No Game At The Middle. Dinho’s You-Know-Who Resumes His F*cking Job.
1. SLOWdorf as trequartista 🙂
2. Anyways I watched the match, you know who made the game boring?? Seedorf! he missed ALL the corner kicks!! 90% of his passes are backwards (he is supposed to be an attacking midfielder!!)
3. I agree that seedorf helps out a lot but with all due respect we don’t need 3-4 defensive midfielders in our line-up. today it was a solid performance but without ronnie this team still lacks the spark.. r80 in, seedorf out
4. I would prefer R80 over Seedorf but when we win each and every game I can’t complain.
JIWON: RossoneriBlog is an extra work. I think if Whoever’s Fan-Club want to start a battle against their rival on this issue, they should first compare Dinho’s wages with SLOWdorf’s. In this case, SLOWdorf is a definite winner, I believe. Then, it is not the end of the story. They should also compare the wages of SLOWdorf, whose mature but aging performance are always guaranteed in the Starting XI, with that of a talented Rookie, who is never allowed to pick up enough opportunity to make an improvement on the pitch no matter what. I am now thinking that You-Know-Who should work harder. Having known for his hard working, starting from F*ck-Kaka or F*ck-Seedorf and then F*ck-Ibra or even F*ck-Binho, there might be another assignment for this professional worker.

SA-14 Sampdoria 1-1 Milan: With Abate’s Ibra’s Help, Binho Shocks Rossoneri, Not Only Scoring On A Tough Volley But Also With His Typical Passionate Involvement. Allegri’s Odd Tactical Decisions For Some Odd Reason Shock Rossoneri, Too.
1. Flop of the Match from Rating: Trequartista SLOWdorf
2. Flop of the Match from Fans’ Rating: SLOWdorf’s gaylover Allegri
3. Allegri and galliani must decide which is more important: seedorf’s ego or the scudetto…
4. SLOWdorf is not running anymore around X-minutes. Nor he creates anything, too static and making the offense slow. So bad in front of the goal that it’s like he can’t score from closer that 30 yards.
5. SLOWdorf keeps getting the nod for some odd reason.

(JIWON: Therefore, AC-Milan have become Seedorf’s team.)

🙂 R15-17: Whether Mezz’ala Pirlo or Trequartista Boateng or Allegri’s Subs, AC-Milan Becomes Dynamic. A Bit Of Barca? Glad To See Dinho-FanBoys Gone! “Allergy” Needs To Choose Between Legend Seedorf’s Ego Or Scudetto. (Dec 5-19, 2010)
SA-15 Milan 3-0 Brescia: Trequartista Boateng Starts His Adventure With Goal. Brescia Assist Binho’s Goal. Ibra Shoot! Altogether, Professional Win To Honor Maestro Pirlo’s Comeback. Guys, Day To Remember! Allegri Used Subs!
1. Trequartista Boateng & Maestro Pirlo’s creative midfield… a bit of Barcelona.
2. The best was making boateng the trequarista. u could just see how fast the team was… But through balls of Seedorf are better though but he s too slow.
EXCLUSIVE: Milan Are Scudetto Favourites – (Former Milan Striker) Pietro Paolo Virdis Dec 6, 2010 / By Goal
(…) “Even though the league is still long, Milan have found the right balance in midfield … I also think Pirlo could be played as a trequartista behind the strikers.” Ibrahimovic has led the firing line, and Virdis agrees the striker is the glue holding it all together. (…)

CL-06 Milan 0-2 Ajax: Rossoneri Don’t Care, But Are Pissed That Old Milan Allow No Opportunity For Their Youths To Face Managerless Ajax. Nothing To Do When Old Legends Are Outrun In The Midfield. Binho Practices Inzaghi’s Lessons And Flops!
1. Flop of the Match from Comment-Section: “Legend Seedorf & Co.”
2. Just when you think Slowdorf couldn’t get any slower, he comes out with that performance… he topped himself with that, turned into Super Slowdorf.
3. Please don’t play Pirlo and Seedorf ever again in the same midfield because we will get slaughtered.
5. Ibra has as many assist as Seedorf who is playing to assist.
4. Dinho and Seedorf were awful and Ambrosini couldnt cover for both of them tonight. Pirlo,Silva,Yepes,and Amelia were very good.
5. Pirlo is playing a little too much defense while Seedorf didn’t do very well.
6. Pirlo cannot win one ball in midfield why is he playing infront of the defence play him as trequartista and put seerdorf on bench.
7. There is definitely smt going wrong!! why always milan players get injured! what are the doctors of milan doing?? look at madrid! when a player gets injured it take maximum 2 weeks and the player is completely fit! at milan pato gets an unimportant injury and it takes 3 months!! not only pato!! silva nesta inzaghi ambrosini pirlo ronaldinho!! what is going wrong! smth. is wrong with milans medical team!

SA-16 Bologna 0-3 Milan: Maestro Pirlo Becomes “Trequartista-or-Mezz’ala-or-Whatever” And Waves His Trident Of “Prince+Binho+Ibra”. Rossoneri Apologize For Calling Allegri “Allergy” After Rookie Strasser Honors His Tactics For 20 Minutes. Glad To See Dinho-FanBoys Gone!
1. Flop of the Match from Comment-Section: Seedorf
2. According to Korean comment section, “Gattuso+Ambro” play stable performance, perhaps due to dynamic Prince. It’s great to see that Maestro Pirlo doesn’t have to overwork and therefore proves his typical terrific performance.
3. Boateng played as an AMF. Pirlo played behind him. Allegri has done this for two games now. Seedorf then replaced Boateng in the same position.
4. Boateng played as an AMF, but the difference was Pirlo and Ambrosini switched places, Ambro in front of defense provides more cover and Pirlo went slightly to the left.
5. Pirlo behind the forwards is good, but unless we get Flamini back soon, a Gattuso-Ambrosini midfield combo will be too slow for young fast teams.
6. Pirlo’s position was not a lying deep-playmaker again cause Pirlo pop up everywhere. But sometimes if Pirlo goes up, than Boateng goes down to gave Pirlo rooms and the same time steals the ball from the enemy. It’s great and gave more dynamic rhythm in midfield. And of course i can’t wait to see this formation with Pato and Flamini in it.
7. Boateng / robinho / pirlo / ibra / abbiati … so the whole team played wonderful football, not ibra alone.

SA-17 Milan 0-1 Roma: 111-yr-Old Milan Play Like 111-yr-Old SLOWdorf. Legend Seedorf Is A Bigger Concern Than Brat Dinho. What Are SLOWdorf’s Milan Going To Do With “Tottenham”?
1. Flop of the Match from Rating: Legend Seedorf
2. Flop of the Match from Fans’ Rating: Legend Seedorf
3. This game was good until pirlo left the pitch… when seedorf came on our game went down… incredible…
4. When Seedorf came in for Pirlo, Milan slowly losing control in the midfield area.
5. Seedorf (4.5): This guy has been playing old for six years.

(JIWON: Interestingly, talks about Pirlo’s role as Trequartista coexist with the talks about questionable MilanLab. And Legend Seedorf didn’t leave during the winter break despite ALL THESE. Instead, he was busy at preparing his Dubai trip.)

🙂 Welcome to Rossoneri Hall of Fame: Tired of Reading The Same Comments On All The Flops, Including Flop-Papasilvio & Flop-Unclefesta & Flop-Rossoneri:-( Let’s Make It Simple:-) (Sep 29, 2010 – ???).
Clarence Seedorf Admits Milan Can’t Rely Solely On Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sep 28, 2010 / By Goal
Comment-brew indonesia / 6:38 AM Sep 29, 2010: i would not stressed out the formation or the long ball play that seedorf bemoan about. i would only stressed out this: what’s wrong with pirlo? / [Agree 8 : Disagree 1]
Comment-Kostas Greece / 6:08 AM Sep 29, 2010: Well, Pirlo is not passing to you because you loose every possession. Better odds to pass long ball to Ibra. You was good, but looong time ago, and now, please retire because the team with you is like 10 man team. You don’t run, don’t defend, loose almost every ball, slowing the game down and so on. I just don’t understand what is that coach thinking, maybe both of you should retire. / [Agree 7 : Disagree 2]

(JIWON: Finally, I found what I wanted to find. It was in another posting… brrr. Now… isn’t it easy to imagine Allegri’s Milan playing AWFUL LONG BALLS to Ibra after the winter break?)

Manchester City rival Chelsea FC for AC Milan midfielder Andrea Pirlo‎ Mar 24, 2011 / By

(JIWON: What I feel funny is that this article hooked Korean comment section much more than Man-City’s Mama Mancini’s determined plan NEVER to sell BIBotelli, which whatsoever articles nowadays hardly hook their attention. 😉 )
1. They don’t expect Man-City will get Pirlo. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Pirlo because this will be his last chance to make a good chunk of money. They think… if Pirlo is willing to risk more injuries in EPL, why not Man-City? Even if his injuries don’t allow him most of games or his playing style doesn’t fit Man-City, it will be a great plan for his later years. Weird is that this opinion doesn’t sound sarcastic, as they always did whenever Man-City’s transfer saga hit the headline. This is perhaps…

2. They predict 50 % chance of Pirlo’s success at Chelsea. Everybody knows why. They just worry that there might be a huge change in his performance next year because of his age as a midfielder. And this will become not Chelsea’s but Pirlo’s problem. In any case, Pirlo will function as a terrific sub, and there is no reason for them not to welcome this deal as long as he is on a free transfer.

3. Meanwhile, they HAVE BEEN busy at teaching Korean kids. That Long Ball is not Pirlo’s everything. That Pirlo is not a professional who should be treated as he is now. Because Milan-Since-06/07 were playing with such an awful midfield that it was easy to handle the entire team and beat them if you could block Pirlo only and ignore the rest of the midfield. I think this is why they can accept Pirlo’s choice of MONEY at Man-City, because his fame can’t go any lower than being at SLOWdorf’s Milan. And they all know that Milan have no money.

AC Milan striker Pato still in contact with Inter coach Leonardo Mar 25, 2011 / By
AC Milan defender Thiago Silva: Inter Milan favourites for Ganso Mar 25, 2011 / By
Man City boss Mancini wants £100M from Sheikh Mansour to buy Ibrahimovic, Cavani Mar 25, 2011 / By

(JIWON: Now, I gave up. Therefore, I wish everybody a good luck, anyway. I’m suspecting if even Thiago Silva wants to leave. I did watch part of “Milan 1-1 Bari,” in which I failed to follow Legend Seedorf. After failing in several attempts to follow specific players, I only checked what the camera picked up from each player. Hum… I seriously advise Silva to check his commercial photos. He looked much handsomer, and his running made me smile. Then suddenly, I realized that… and this is not a right place to write all the details. BYE.)

04 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-6: Definition Of “SLOWdorf’s Infinite Ego” In “The Red & Black Forums,” Where “86 Out Of 145” Members Are Fanboys.

(Updated on MARCH 20, 2011) – DRAFT

Seedorf: We Are Frustrated After Defeat To Palermo. Regardless of my participants, Milan will lose Derby Mar 20, 2011 / By Goal

(JIWON: Yeah… you will lose. You will lose Scudetto, too. Now, I understand why LEO desperately wanted to join Inter, not only which calciopoli is protected by Mafioso Italy but also which squad is said to be superior to Grandpa Fergie’s Man-Utd. This is what the Korean comment section says, and this is why this Brazilian Football Intellectual is hardly appreciated despite Inter’s terrific achievement since [B]’s departure. LEO’s Inter job is useful only when they want to insult another [B] more… SIC! Can I start my LEGAL business to those f*cking folks? I want to.)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
Talkbacks for this article 3333

(JIWON: Tired… I am about to finish reading this thread. I’ve never indented to read this forum, and I didn’t plan to read everything when I found this place with a keyword, “Seedorf+Explosive,” Then… I had to read and read and read. There was everything. No wonder Pirlo wants to leave. No wonder Nesta wants to retire. No wonder LAZY Cassano is left with no option but to deteriorate. Is Cassano currently studying long-ball technique with this legend? He will only go to hell. I am now just sick of watching this %^&* physique. I mean… his way of building this neck muscles. For months, I’ve collected quite information but I still don’ t know how much this guy is involved in Milan’s management. But I believe. If they lose Scudetto this year, don’t you think EVERYBODY involved in Legend Seedorf should also retire? I promise… I want to make it happen… no matter how long it takes. Even after organizing Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread, I made up my mind to treat trequartista SLOWdorf as politely as possible… until I found this f*cking interview. Anyway, I am now going to do nothing until finishing THIS.)

(Updated on MARCH 28, 2011)

(JIWON: It was AFTER finishing DRAFT of this whole part that I found this thread, Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread, from “The Red & Black Forums”.)

Spurs 0-0 Milan Mar 9, 2011 / By
Talkbacks for this article 71
Comment-nick says: (…) If you look at the great Milan teams that won trophies particularly the Champions League, those teams did not depend on one player!
Comment-Shervin says: @Nick. Really, how about CL 2007. Didnt Kaká stand for 99% of the success and trophy? (…)
Comment-rossonero23 says: Our 07 run was heavily influenced by one player. But, we also had the best midfield in the world. Pirlo,Gattuso,Ambrosini and Seedorf in their respective primes.

(JIWON: This debate let me imagine. People say that Seedorf was struggling already then. According to the Korean comment section, he started failing when he was 24 or 25 years old and his last season at Real Madrid was less impressive. While doing this part, my foremost concern was to figure out if Legend Seedorf had ever possessed a hint of leadership. I now know how to imagine Gattuso, who made a perfect partnership with Maestro Pirlo. I now start to understand the meaning of Ambro’s Korean nickname, “Am-Lock,” though I’m still curious why not defender but midfielder earned this nickname.

It’s been weeks that I tried to imagine Legend Seedorf in his prime. The more time I spent with this questionable physique, the more his HIGH performance didn’t approach me as an ensemble player. In my imagination, Legend Seedorf looks like a Soloist participating in the Festival Orchestra. Then, it’s easy to imagine how Milan players disappeared whenever this instrument appeared as a leader and made a brilliant impact. Then, I suddenly became curious if any description of his HIGH performance could answer my curiosity.)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
Talkbacks for this article 3333
Comment-#2477-damn / 20-10-2010, 10:18: dorf was awful yesterday slow of foot and slower of mind. watching the game with my young nephew i had to keep reminding him that dorf was awesome a few years ago (and we still insulted him then) strong, fast, explosive when needed, tactically astute a complete footballer. (…)

(JIWON: There you go. As I said before, a keyword to find this thread was “Seedorf+Explosive”. What hooked me while following this thread? This HUMAN characteristic reminded me of Musician-X. How many times have I said that his AGING performance was not my problem?)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
Talkbacks for this article 3333
Comment-#2453-Ibra / 19-10-2010, 22:53: Watching the technical recaps from the game clearly shows how damaging Seedorf is to the team. His apathy leads to chains of misfortunate effects like counters, it forces his teammates into dangerous panic situations and a loss of attack and pace. When he looses a possession or wastes a buildup there opens up huge areas behind him. When he doesnt participate in defensive work and fails to put pressure on the opposition it forces the rest of the team to break position and go for long energywasting runs or forced reckless tackles to salvage situations. Poor Gattuso doesnt have the physique to carry Seedorf for full 90 min.
Comment-#2466-ikita / 20-10-2010, 02:14: + infinity. i figure people tend to not see this in seedorf, and its amazing as to how they manage to miss this plus all the other times, when you really need him to control a pass properly, or be more accurate when shooting, or be a little faster on the ball (or a lot faster) or place a pass accurately, its at that precise time, that he fails you completely. he could’ve put away that chance he had. and times like this have occurred on numerous occasions. he defends more than dinho though, get that rite. or at least he tries to.

(JIWON: Therefore, my collection started from this. I didn’t read the front part of this thread. Yeah… I want to read them all, if I have more time. They are talking about APATHY. Isn’t this among the most important factors that define Professionalism? And then… Legend Seedorf was the quickest to welcome the fact that someone from Berlusconi joined Milan with absolutely no knowledge about football. As time went by, SLOWdorf tried to show that he was more valuable than Dinho, who hardly tried to build his defensive skills regardless of ( 😉 ) this computer work. On this issue, therefore, I need to check the front part of this thread.)

Comment-#2472-Ibra / 20-10-2010, 06:33: You see it on the Seedorf follow cam, and heatmaps, and the technical recaps after the match, he is almost always out of position and he isn’t sharp anymore. He doesnt fight for every ball, not even every 4th ball. seen over history he is an amazing player, perhaps one of the worlds best. but at the age of 34 he is done for, no longer WC and a liability, a last 15 sub at best, the recaps showed lots of situations and chains started by a mistake from Seedorf. Milan has the worlds best offense but if the MF cannot connect due to this kind of lazyness it will waste into nothing.
Comment-#2474-fertygo / 20-10-2010, 08:50: FACT : Dorf is our poorest player on mids defence, ffs pirlo, rhino, n nesta must cover him all the time. He take too LONG to give any ball, even to pirlo that standing 10 near him, resulting khedira n alonso given a chance to rush n pressure our mids easily. Too many turnover from him ffs (…) but Allegri is the one to blame to start him though. Fuck we like playing with 10 man with him, fucking liability on defense n now I know pirlo defensive ability is underrated. (…)
Comment-#2480-fiume_1987 / 20-10-2010, 08:50: I generally love the guy, he’s one of the true legends of the game, but not renewing his contract at the end of the season would be a blessing for Milan’s future. Worst first team player this season so far – rare flashes of brilliance can’t cover all the sloppiness and laziness in his play. And when you have an inexperienced coach who doesn’t have the balls to deal with Dorf’s authority and bench him, it becomes a real problem. Pirlo radically improved his play compared to last season, even Gattuso has shown some promise, but Dorf stays the same, no matter who the coach is… It will be really hard to swallow another pointless contract extension, but that’s the most likely scenario, knowing our management.
Comment-#2495-MilanMB / 20-10-2010, 19:40: One thing… this bashing of Seedorf isn’t only because of the madrid game. He has sucked a long time, the madrid game was the last drop for me.
Comment-#2505-mumboujumbo20 / 21-10-2010, 15:50: no bro… i think we are going to keep until he reaches 41. He is another Maldini and a living witness of the Milan Lab. After that we promote him to be the club director and recruit people from ajax
Comment-#2507-Paladin / 21-10-2010, 16:130: Noo Seedork will never leave he will stay, if you want him to leave, then u need to bring the wheelbarrow in and bring him out.

(JIWON: Then, I realize that it was right after “Real Madrid 2-0 Milan”. They are talking about Apathetic-or-Lazy-Seedorf forcing [Pirlo+Rhino+Nesta] to overwork. Isn’t this about Teamwork? They are talking about Constantly-Awful-Seedorf no matter who the coach is. Isn’t this about Milan tradition? They are talking about Milan’s management. SLOWdorf will never leave. First all, they are talking about MilanLab. Seedorf is a living witness of the MilanLab. What does it mean?)

Comment-#2526-Ian / 22-10-2010, 01:15: Wtf, man??!! YOUTUBE: Ovacion a Seedorf final partido Champions League Even Madrid players didn’t do that, Seedorf looked like had just won the game by himself. He looked happy, does he have any heart for Milan?
Comment-#2527-Nesta_Pirlo / 22-10-2010, 02:07: I don’t want the Dorf-man as a starter like all the forum doesn’t. But come on man you get an ovation by your Ex-team in which you had your best years and they still carry you in their hearts that makes a fella happy. Besides not everybody has Maldini’s passion, deal with it.
Comment-#2528-mumboujumbo20 / 22-10-2010, 03:29: what an as.hole….. i was so upset for the loss… he was throwing kisses. f.cker… let him retire at madrid
Comment-#2529-AC_Wesley / 22-10-2010, 04:00: Seeing Seedorf sucking somehow makes me think about why Gourcuff is gone.
Comment-#2530-Ian / 22-10-2010, 07:52: Hmm.. he could just politely clapped his hands to show that he also appreciates the gesture from the Madrid fans for his previous services. Doing what he did after played that badly and made us concede the goals, could make Milan (his current team) fans and supporters to think that Seedorf didn’t respect or appreciate them. For all we know, it could be that the Madrid fans were thanking Seedorf for opening the freekick wall or for leaving Madrid.
Comment-#2539-kevin_dk / 22-10-2010, 20:51: He was just trying to act strong and positive. It’s a good thing to do to some degree anyway but if he really has no regret (according to what he said in the press) about his deadly error then he’s really an a-hole. I don’t want to think that he no longer loves this team but his words and actions say force me to do so. Maybe it is love but at a higher level that normal human beings just can’t recognize.
Comment-#2531-damn / 22-10-2010, 08:33: i think this is gonna be his last year hence the ovation hunting from dorf which would also explain why he always starts. milan managment feels like they owe him for his service over the years.
Comment-#2535-Esoteric / 22-10-2010, 15:05: This is exactly what I always say about Seedorf. He just doesn’t care, how can any team count on such “have beens” I don’t know. And I don’t really mean performance even though they suck at that, but the desire for football and the spirit. Even much much less skilled players make a fool out of Seedorf on the pitch, why? because they have desire to win. They’re not done with football. Even in Ajax match, all he cared about was the spotlight. The club is definitely doing incredibly more for him than he is doing for the club right now, and this I really hate.

(JIWON: Interestingly, they were also sick of Seedorf’s media play, just like I was. But then, I didn’t know about this comical happening. They are also talking about Seedorf’s mysterious relationship with immature Rookie-or-Rival Gourcuff. Simply put, they are talking about APATHY and SPOTLIGHT, which have nothing to do with professional desire and spirit.

Then, they mention Maldini’s untouchable passion. What does it mean? Guess what? Throughout this computer work, I’ve thought that Paolo Maldini was a shit of shit during his late years, and this is the exact reason of all the problems of today’s Milan. I’ve thought that SLOWdorf was merely following in the footsteps of Maldini’s untouchable ego… until I found a specific comment, pointing out 40-yr-old Maldini’s faster running than thirty-something-yr-old SLOWdorf’s disgusting performance. Since then, I’ve become more and more curious.)

Comment-#2541-Paladin / 22-10-2010, 22:58: Did anyone else notice Gattuso and Seedorf argue about the defence wall vs Madrid,, it looks like Gatusso trying to get Seedorf to stay in the wall. It looks like Seedorf dont like to stay in the defending wall, But with the facit in hand it had been good if Seedorf have been somewhere else that day!!

Comment-#2562-Madridista / 26-10-2010, 00:21: This game once again proved that Seedorf could be very good if used in the last 20-30 minutes. He doesn’t have what it takes to be a starter, but hes a great influence in midfield late on when the opposition is tired.
Comment-#2563-Sonny.Bill.Williams / 26-10-2010, 00:33: great influence that failed to effectively close down the passer of the ball to Lavezzi ???
Comment-#2565-Jasper / 26-10-2010, 09:08: I want end-to-end stuff from a sub. Seedorf didn’t deliver.
Comment-#2568-KujaIX / 26-10-2010, 18:45: I blame Seedorf for the recent problems with the forum.

Comment-#2573-dhorasoo / 03-11-2010, 23:35: Not blaming him for the second goal, but he kinda was just looking at the ball there without even making an attempt to get the ball… could be wrong tho.
Comment-#2576-dhorasoo / 03-11-2010, 23:48: He’s surely not the blame solely for the second goal, but a player who’s just entered the pitch and doesn’t even run, that should make you think.
Comment-#2577-MilanMB / 04-11-2010, 00:57: I really hate having him on our team, I don’t even see him as a Milan player. He’s just someone occupying a spot and getting a lot of money for it. How can anyone, year after year and game after game turn everything into shit? I really really hope this is his last season. I don’t want to see him in a Milan shirt again. Disgrace of a player. Disgracing our shirt.
Comment-#2580-Susan / 04-11-2010, 12:10: I agree. He wasn’t shit in all those years, but it started some time ago and now it’s just too much to still have him on the team. (…) Even a 37 year old Pippo runs like mad the whole time and you can see his desire to win, Seedorf is no way like that.
Comment-#2581-MassterMark / 04-11-2010, 15:31: only racists blame seedorf for shit in ac milan and in the same breath prise gattuso, pirlo & ambro…
Comment-#2582-MilanMAB / 04-11-2010, 15:31: @#2580-Susan. He’s been shit the last 3 years. Other than that I agree with you. @#2581-MassterMark. I’m not saying those other 3 you mention are world class. Their a part of the problem as well because their average players in a WC clubb. But Seedorf is on a whole another level. His level of shittyness is unmatched by the other senators.

(JIWON: What I feel funny is that there are die-hard fans, who mention RACISTS whenever they want to defend Seedorf. They all watched the same game. While Italians at San Siro, who actually bought the tickets to watch Milan and usually don’t whistle the Milan players, were jeering at SLOWdorf, “86 internet users out of 145” voted for Seedorf, whose Milan performance have been famously problematic for past something years. And then, as this computer work got involved in, this place has become Seedorf’s fan-site. What does it mean? I promise. It will be very interesting to investigate their exact ID. Please check their joining date, at the very least.

This is how “Real Madrid 2-0 Milan” and then “Milan 2-2 Real Madrid” ended. Two games were in-between. And it was followed by… As usual, their INSULTS are no different from those in my previous reports, which were from other fan-sites. That Seedorf didn’t win back balls nor defend. But this professional was still praised as awesome by “86 out of 145 members” in this place.)

Comment-#2634-Capitao_Lugano / 11-11-2010, 15:55: Oh my god! [PHOTO] Look at this arms, this shape, this smile, this bald head, this blackness, this extremely charismatic smile. If only I had a hot 16 years old hot daughter to let him fuck her… Thanks Seedorf to be mixing your balls, your amazing technique and intelligence again.

(JIWON: Now, this is my real problem. It was not a normal forum, but a special place for Legend Seedorf. Following Seedorf’s die-hard fans was a torture, not because of their verbal praising but because of their posting this kind of stuffs, which had nothing to do with Italian style or Serie-A. Nor do they look like an authority on another style. They just adore Seedorf’s recent ones, which look like a pure shit.

I can accept their whatsoever claims if they post Seedorf’s young photos, in which I could find no hint of unnecessary fat regardless of his ideal football style. In fact, I was surprised at his one photo, in which he looked very young, fresh, and more like Serie-A. (It was on Korean fan’s blog. Though I don’t remember its address, I can tell this if I find it again.) Perhaps… their favorite style is never like mine. But then, which team are they supporting? Some of them even borrow their alias from Milan Legends. This is what I can’t understand.)

Comment-#2644-Paladin / 15-11-2010, 08:25: Well, he did play really well from time to time, It is not Seedorfs fault that Allegri plays him game after game. If the man could be more “aggresive” then sure he can be very useful,, he have great vision for the game. It seems that he thinks too much about what the others are doing during the game. He shows from time to time that he has speed in his legs to, but why doesnt he use it? Anyway, we cant talk bad at any player after last nights performance

Comment-#2656-milan88 / 21-11-2010, 02:00: Are you serious?? he was one of the best player vs Fiorentina
Comment-#2655-brush / 21-11-2010, 07:27: seems to agree with you. I dunno, maybe I need to watch it again. Just seemed like he could have done better in a few scenarios.
Comment-#2662-Paladin / 21-11-2010, 07:27: Agree, it was one of he´s worst game this season,, it seams as if he have a lot of other things in hes mind when he´s playing, beside he was slow and misses to much yesterday.

(JIWON: The former is during “Inter Milan 0-1 Milan,” and the latter is from “Milan 1-0 Fiorentina.” They are talking about ATTITUDE. Isn’t this exactly what I was trying to point out his reportedly-terrific-game to assist Tottenham’s victory? Please look. His performance has always been same. This is what they say.)

Comment-#2671-Marco_Gullit / 23-11-2010, 21:17: since no one else has mentioned it… regardless of what folk think of him now, well done Dorf on playing his 150th European game according to Sky Sports, a mile stone also reached by the great Paolo Maldini. Well in Clarence, a true professional and legend of football
Comment-#2672-Boban1982 / 23-11-2010, 22:05: He was bloody awful tonight though. (…)
Comment-#2704-ikita / 28-11-2010, 07:11: ^^ poor reason not to criticize seedorf. “oh we dont have anyone else. we should just shut up and be happy with seedorf and settle for mediocre football.” (…) cuz he knows the team is depending a lot on him. (…) my take is that he knows he cant step up, so he doesnt even bother to try hard. his apathy to the milan game is just blatant at times. jogging on the counter attack, being all smiles with your former team when you just got a beating from them. people will always pull the, “he’s such a gentleman, and it was his former club so he still has alot of respect and appreciation and love and ” blah blah blah. the fact is, that club is in your past. and i think it’s damn disrespectful to your current team and fans when you do such. (something i appreciate about zlatan. he’s only all smiles for milan, now that he’s with us.) what rly gets at me is that management (…)

(JIWON: Here you go. Murdoch’s Sky Sports again, which have never honored Pirlo’s historical goal. Since this game, “AJ Auxerre 0-2 Milan,” is about Legend Seedorf’s Champs at his former club, there should appear a detailed report about SLOWdorf’s APATHY and SMILE-after-AWFUL-performance. Therefore… they start talking about Milan’s Management.)

Comment-#2768-Wet_Ones / 18-12-2010, 22:15: (…) We had no other choice last night. In fact we haven’t had one for many years now which is why this absolute disgrace of a player still plays for us. He’s probably 2-3 times the player (in terms of talent) that Pirlo is, but unlike him, he only plays for himself whereas Pirlo plays for Milan.
Comment-#2844-ToonInvader / 21-12-2010, 17:09: [@Senatore_M84: But Carlo, Leo and allegri still select him. It’s not just one coach. Just saying….] – i think Seedorf is so much appreciated for his people management skills (every new player we signed said dorf was their first contact with the milan reality), his sportsman spirit that every coach, like you sy, think he can add “something more” on the pitch (balance, tempo etc..)

(JIWON: After this disastrous game, “Milan 0-1 Roma,” the winter break began. Everybody knows how awful Seedorf’s performance was. Therefore, they are revealing quite clues about the secret of MR. ALLERGY’s Starting-XI. Now, please imagine MR. ALLERGY’s training session… especially with immature Rookies, whose future might put his Milan career in danger.)

Comment-#3061-Wild / 11-01-2011, 22:23: (…) TS playing with three average/shit Italians will definitely lower his performance since teammates usually cover each other’s back while in his case it was him who needs to cover for the pathetic trio.

Comment-#3115-Frankee / 17-01-2011, 15:36: [@milan88. he wasnt terrible at all in the second half, he made some very good passes the only reason why u hate him is because ur all ignorant and haters…Cassano lost the ball twice no one complains, seedorf loses once everyone goes mad.] Seedorf couldn’t complete like 90% of his passes. Team mates looked even angry at him with his pathetic passes. He didn’t create anything dangerous, he was just a waste.

(JIWON: The former is during “Milan 4-4 Udinese,” and the latter is from “Lecce 1-1 Milan.” Isn’t it now easy to imagine what kind of Italian players are following in the footsteps of SLOWdorf, while what kind of Italian players are slaughtered by Legend Seedorf? Please look, EVERY MILAN PLAYER knows what’s been going on the pitch, and with the management.)

Comment-#3194-Dzidzius / 09-03-2011, 21:50: Common guys. He had serious problems of establishing the distance for his passes. Few embarrassing ball control moments. Pato was the playmaker more than Dorf. I sometimes don’t know if he realizes that he should play towards other goal not his own.
Comment-#3208-Goldfinger68 / 09-03-2011, 22:15: @dzidzius. +1 i think ppl are surprised only because he moved better, was looking more fresh then the hole season. but they forget that he didnt create a shit.
Comment-#3209-MilanMB / 09-03-2011, 22:16: My hat off to him, he had a good game. But before people start to exaggerate with the jizzing, have in mind that he had very little pressure on him. And just because he had a good game, doesn’t mean that he was “WOW!!”. I expect good games from Milan players. I would probably have been more kind if one of our attackers had scored and gotten us a win
Comment-#3212-Goldfinger68 / 09-03-2011, 22:16: [@Sage. LOL, 1 good game and everyone is on his dick, good one clarence, now how about a couple of good games in a row eh?] will never happen, he will never be given this space like tonight. ppl talk about 1 pass here 1 pass there, thats is a proof that he didnt do anything forward.
Comment-#3253-Dzidzius / 09-03-2011, 22:16: Guys. I love him for what he did and how much heart he put in today just like Gattuso last year. But reading how you see him MOM today, creative and defensive force, well I think I watched wrong game by mistake. Because I saw a middlefielder who doesn’t understand that (…) Have I ever seen a player that can’t loose his marker but has no problems in dribbling past several players while going back to his own half to pass to defenders? Never! He did it 8 times today costing Us about 20min of build up play. (…)

(JIWON: SLOWdorf’s victorious “Tottenham 0-0 Milan,” finally. Please let me clarify that this place is controlled by You-Know-Who. Therefore, just like what happened to “Seedorf vs. Dinho” toward the winter break, the same thing is happening to “Seedorf vs. Pirlo” toward the summer transfer. This is not the end of story, of course.)

Comment-#3243-Sod-Lod / 10-03-2011, 00:00: Clarence Seedorf started crying during the interview | Milan 0 – 0 Tottenham | 😥 :’
Comment-#3246-мιℓαηєℓℓσ / 10-03-2011, 00:31: If only the entire team had the passion he has. Top game by Seedorf.

(JIWON: Please think of what he did in the previous Champs games. One of them was answered by a direct insult from this computer work, without realizing how much A FEW members in this thread were sick of his media play. Therefore, Legend Seedorf had to show them something unique… all in front of media. Is this crying scene now on the Youtube, too? Therefore…)

Comment-#3299-diavoli7 / 11-03-2011, 15:16: i really hope he stays in milan after he retires, i doubt G will offer him another contract, although maybe there will be a 1 year extension with massively reduced wages, tbh i wouldn’t mind him staying on for a year earning 1-1.5m or so, it would help to ease the transition, but 4m/year is just too much when you consider what he’s offering right now. but a director’s role would be perfect for him, he’s so charismatic and always comes off as a very smart person to me. plus the newcomers in the squad always speak so highly of him. he would be a perfect addition to the milan mgmt

(JIWON: Here you go. Now, I am thinking about Seedorf’s massively reduced wages, which are probably higher than those in the Korean League. Because Korean comment section laments that this professionalism won’t work even there. If things are going like this, Milan will only go to hell even if SLOWdorf plays for FREE.)

Comment-#2770-мιℓαηєℓℓσ / 19-12-2010, 07:54: Seedorf isn’t a Mezz’ala. It only going to hurt the team by playing him in a withdrawn role. It’s either the trequartista position or nothing.
Comment-#2777-MilanSpecialist / 19-12-2010, 14:50: so essentially, hes like dinho’ except he can only play in the middle… every time he touched the ball yesterday, i laughed, knowing he was about to either take one of his crazy long shots, or going to screw up a pass attempt, in which he did every time..
Comment-#2794-мιℓαηєℓℓσ / 21-12-2010, 03:36: (…) He has always sacrificed himself in the past, under Ancelotti’s reign, which no one can question, to play in that role, and each time he was thrust into his trequartista position he performed admirably. Milan’s problem is we don’t have a pure trequartista and when you ask me what’s a pure trequartista, I’ll tell you to go look up Rui Costa.
Comment-#2846-naïve_harry / 21-12-2010, 17:11: @Senatore_M84. 2007 was when he was declining, i do not know how to put in words what he is now. Please do not call seedorf creative. He was shit against Auxere, Ajax and now Roma. Ideally he should be shunned out of the team by now.

Comment-#2938-MilanMB / 07-01-2011, 08:06: with the amount of stupid back passes he makes and how often he looses the ball, how can anyone count him as “good defensively”? His positional sense may be good, but what does that matters when he’s shit at recovering possession? Just because you’re better than Dinho defensively doesn’t mean you’re good at it.
Comment-#2945-Redman10 / 07-01-2011, 14:50: At this point in his career, Seedorf is a massive liability where ever he plays. At AM, he wastes just about every good attack by either slowing down the play, shooting recklessly or passing backwards. In the deeper role, he does the same but this time he put the defense under dangerous pressure. I do not see one positive thing he offers Milan on the field. Is it worth having him on the field at all for the one or two good pass he gives a game? When everyone fit and healthy, his role should be to only come on when Milan is leading by 2 goals or more and even then it would be better to give youngster like Verdi and Merkel minutes.
Comment-#3072-мιℓαηєℓℓσ / 11-01-2011, 23:49: Seedorf simply can’t play in the midfield. He can’t keep up. I’m still gobsmacked Allegri decides to field him in front of the defence. I don’t understand the logic. Throw him in as a trequartista, Milan were going through a positive period when he was thrust into the trequartista role.

Comment-#3111-MilanMB / 17-01-2011, 11:51: Seriously people, stop saying “good game, or good half”. Use the words “good for being Seedorf”. Just because he’s slightly better than he usually are doesn’t make him good. A trequartista should be able to do dominate. At maximum, all Seedorf manages is to get some passes right and don’t loose possession… whoopty fucking do. BIG GAME PLAYAAAA.

(JIWON: Meanwhile, They are talking about why SLOWdorf should be given his favorite role, TREQUARTISTA. The first one is during disastrous “Milan 0-1 Roma,” after which the winter break began. The second is from “Cagliari 0-1 Milan,” and the third is from “Lecce 1-1 Milan”. You’re welcome to interpret this in whatever way you want to.)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#3305-Milanista_7 / 12-03-2011, 13:11: Seedorf: ‘I have many offers coming in’
Comment-#3306-MilanMB / 12-03-2011, 13:18: LOOOOL @ Seedorf! Just like his fanboys. He has one good game and he thinks he’s still a good player. (…) Man this guy pisses me off.
Comment-#3315-crazy4milan / 12-03-2011, 18:15: It’s clear to me his intention is to stay, even if he’s bench (many offers part is just like “hey the minute I turn really useless, there’s no problem”).

(JIWON: It was after I posted DRAFT. But it was also before I found this thread. Not surprisingly…)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#3344-Shevagool / 22-03-2011, 15:05:
Mercato Milan, Di Marzio: “Una bozza di contratti è già stata stilata” Mar 22, 2011
MERCATO MILAN, I RINNOVI DI GIUGNO – Nonostante le indiscrezioni riguardanti i rinnovi di giugno Gianluca Di Marzio, ai microfoni di Sky Sport24, afferma che: “Il Milan aspetta sempre di rinnovare i contratti, soprattutto perchè molto dipende dalla qualificazione in Champions. Ma una bozza dei contratti è già stata stilata. Per Seedorf si parla di un rinnovo della durata di un altro anno, con la necessità di decurtare parzialmente lo stipendio. Non credo che Seedorf creerà problemi di soldi, lui vuole restare a Milano. (…) Pirlo è in forse, la Juve offre lo stesso ingaggio del Milan quindi non credo che lascerà Milano per andare a giocare a Torino. Però si sta guardando intorno, ci sono Manchester City e Barcellona su di lui. (…)

(JIWON: Anyway, I found what I really wanted to find…)

Comment-#2879-Ashish / 29-12-2010, 00:17: a number 10 who was never a leader on the pitch unless he is talking to the ref or celebrating, such a talented guy but never gave his all, was a slacker could have been far better player on the pitch. naah i am not talking about his wannabe messiah avatar for africa or unicef, neither his wanking in front of the micro phone, when rui retired I was excited and i hope seedorf would step up with his cammando hair cut but naah he didnt. after sheva and kaka there was no one to lead the team, till ibra came along, pato was the man but he was unlucky with injuries. A legend? Personally dont think so, but a well respected player who has achieved a lot in club level because he was lucky to be in great clubs or he was too talented to be a part of huge clubs like madrid ajax and milan. Never been a player who stepped up in crisis, anyway I hate him for last 4 years he has been nothing more than shit and he is overrated and not good enough for any top team, even the sansiro public knows he is shit but still march on with his smile and diplomacy, good for him but bad for milan. All in all had all the attributes to be the best number 10 but fuck him, he has been lazy and didnt gave his best for an extended period of time. I would rejoice when he leaves milan or stop playing football. Has been a shit player for his national team, when things doesnt go according to his liking he act like shit. Anyway I wont ever forget his performance against bayern munich and his bomb of a goal at real Madrid
Comment-#2884-diavoli7 / 29-12-2010, 08:56: there are plenty of great players who aren’t leaders. besides, why are you criticizing seedorf for being a ‘slacker’ when you’re defending dinho in his thread, who’s perhaps the laziest football great playing right now?

(JIWON: Then, Dinho is used, as expected, by Seedorf’s die-hard fan to defend SLOWdorf. What I feel funny is that the same Dinho’s fanboys, whose least favorite was Seedorf and used to praise Milan’s Italian collapse by praising LEO, now all became SLOWdorf’s guardians and are praising Milan’s Italian collapse by supporting Seedorf. This is currently what is happening in and

Comment-#2593-Esoteric / 04-11-2010, 19:03: (…) Any professional footballer with a salary of 1 thousand dollars a week can do that. He was losing possession unbelievably, like always also knocked off the ball so easily and he could barely do anything worthwhile or creative. Having said that, the problem is that he is the only player that can TRULY play as AM and that is why we look productive with him there, he is built for that position so even if sucks he will still make use of it. That is why an AM should have been our main target instead of going for big names. As much as I hate to say it better have him in that position just giving those silly passes instead of Ronaldinho trying to play some weird football.

(JIWON: Whatever it is, this guy is pointing out that Ronaldinho was not Milan style. 😉 Then, what about SLOWdorf’s Milan 2011-12? )

Blatter eyes a final term as FIFA president Mar 22, 2011 / By
Chilean legend eyes FIFA presidency‎ Mar 28, 2011 / By CNN

(JIWON: I’m now suspecting if Legend Seedorf will want to remain at Milan until he could directly jump into this position. Just like LEO, who moved directly into Serie-A’s top position without risking his coach career at Zamparini’s Palermo or any other typical Italian clubs, where “sacking the coach” is considered to be nothing special. Seedorf has already been involved in another Italian football club, as well as his private business, and this is why his Milan performance looked and sounded like a pure shit. Then, there is no reason why he desperately wants to be given a questionable role at Milan.

All the media praise his “Hunger & Intelligence”. Seedorf’s Italian club should be the headquarters of his hungry and intelligent professionalism. According to his die-hard fanboys, there are still many years, for which Legend Seedorf can prove his legendary performance. And they are ALL willing to follow him and celebrate his playing, coaching and managing ability in his PRIVATE company. There, Performer Seedorf doesn’t have to sacrifice his talent, Coach Seedorf can prove his natural gift as a talent hunt, and Manager Seedorf will surprise Murdoch’s international media by setting a new world record in Football Management after promoting his football club into the top-level for the shortest period of time.

Just sick of wasting my time to write all these useless stuffs. APATHY… SELFISH EGO… MEDIA… SPOTLIGHT… AUTHORITY… and bla-bla-bla. Doesn’t this professional look and sound just like Musician Zubin Mehta? Isn’t it now easy to imagine the complete collapse of Italian culture… step by step?)

03 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-7: MR. ALLERGY’s Ailing Strikers Are Not The End Of The Story. More Players Are Offered. They Are Healthy.

(Updated on MARCH 31, 2011)

Seedorf the ultimate competitor‎ Mar 11, 2011 / By
Champions League: “Il Professore” Captivates in Defeat Mar 11, 2011 / By
Champions League legend Clarence Seedorf tells Europe’s top clubs to form breakaway division Mar 21, 2011 / By

Milan 1-1 Bari: Antonio Cassano Denies Galletti A Famous Victory Mar 13, 2011 / By Goal
Milan’s Massimiliano Allegri: We Should Have Beaten Bari Mar 13, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-CristinaMilanista San Siro / 5:03 PM Mar 13, 2011: okay everyone is talking about the ref but there is something more worrying. It seems all our strikers have decided to go through poor form together. With all these chances we really should be scoring more goals. (…) / 0 : 0
Comment-arash australia / 9:18 PM Mar 13, 2011: our performance was ok, we just need to be more clinical in front of goals & take our chances. im not sure why robinho & Ibra’s form has dipped. / 3 : 0

(JIWON: Above was when Legend Seedorf’s victorious “Tottenham 0-0 Milan” was preparing his brilliant comeback to the international headlines. It is worth noting that Seedorf only played last ten minutes. [Seedorf+Allegri] are happy, because Milan nowadays look hopeless without him.)

1. Inter’s Calciopoli 2010-11
2. Legend Seedorf’s players’ long ball to Ibra
3. Ibra’s non-stop performance despite being heck tired

Milan’s Massimiliano Allegri: We Should Have Beaten Bari Mar 13, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-Glenn NZ / 9:28 PM Mar 13, 2011: Either Ibra, Robinho or Pato cannot play as the third attacker. We need two of those, and Cassano behind them in support. There’s a MASSIVE hole behind the strikers and they have no support when Cassano’s not playing. / 9 : 0

(JIWON: Let’s put aside typical Milan happenings. If you ask the British/International media about the last comment, they will answer that it is because Seedorf played as a sub.)

Milan 1-1 Bari Mar 13, 2011 / By
Milan Would Have Beaten Tottenham With 37-Year-Old Pippo Inzaghi But €65 Million Forwards Flop Mar 10, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-yareen says: ibra = overated and cant finish simple goal but can score amazing goal the first try.
Comment-TJ56 says: Ibra should go back to Barca As @fyah-mayne said, he doesn’t deserve 60m(24m+(9mx4)). And Allegri is even worse for playing him.
Comment-lj home / 10:08 PM Mar 9, 2011: zlatans problem is that his form always dips in the winter months. which is when the knockout stage of the CL begins. not really fair to call him a big game flop though, he’s been on top in many decisive games in the italian league and for the swedish national team (as well as el clasico last season). / 12 : 40

Comment-Luke says: @chitty-chitty bang-bang – one bad game from Ibra? Do you even watch Milan play? He hasn’t played good for over a month. All he does is yell at everyone and stays offside because he is too lazy to come back.
Comment-TJ56 says: Im sure it was something like this:
[Ibra] : Coach, I’m really tired, didn’t you notice how tired I was in London?
[Allegri] : Oh, well, its only mentally, im sure, so ur playing anyways. Who am I going to play instead? Cassano? He has been rested for a whole week! Listen, don’t run, just stay offside, maybe the officials wont notice, and when that happens, I don’t know, just do something.
[Ibra] : OK, OK, that makes sense.

(JIWON: Therefore…)


Milan 1-1 Bari Mar 13, 2011 / By
Milan 1-1 Bari: Antonio Cassano Denies Galletti A Famous Victory Mar 13, 2011 / By Goal
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ruled Out Of Derby Against Inter Due To Three-Match Ban, But Milan To Appeal Mar 14, 2011 / By Goal
Talkbacks for this article 65+232+127
Comment-Forza Milan / 10:23 AM Mar 13, 2011: Why is ibra the player to watch? he is the laziest attacker i have ever seen he never runs unless he has the ball. Robinho or Pato should be the real players to watch, Pato’s speed and Robinho’s dribble and passes / 8 : 16
Comment-Student says: @ GIANCARLO. Either ask Ibra to F*(% you or you F*(( yourself. Ibra effin does his tricks only with very small clubs. he cant do that now. Most of his goals are well provided by others. He cant and doesnt pull himself with the ball in a stronger and crowded defence, THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD has never been upto the mark. Its guys like you who started to think that Milan were winning because of his wonderful goals. Ibra cant score when it matters, Before the match you came up with all crap now you end up talking different. Get yourself some food to eat instead of catshit and dog crap.
Comment-t’lon London / 7:23 AM Mar 15, 2011: Forza Milan. It is really good Ibrahimovic is not playing. It is time for Allegri to realize that Milan can perform much better without the so-called world-class striker with One Goal in his Last Nine Games. The good attributes Ibrahimovic possess now is Strength and Shoot Power which he doesn’t use sensibly. No pace, bad positioning (always offside), poor passing (instead of giving simple passes, he’s always trying killer balls), poor decisions. He must change his style. / 3 : 2

(JIWON: Therefore…)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ruled Out Of Derby Against Inter Due To Three-Match Ban, But Milan To Appeal Mar 14, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-sid dxg / 5:39 PM Mar 14, 2011: this is a lesson for ibra. dont get frustrated and angry at the situation/teammates/urself… keep calm and play simple as u know how goals will come. if things dont go right be patient but dont be irratable. he is gona watch milan cruise thru palermo and inter without him as the ban will be reduced to two games / 2 : 2
Comment-CristinaMilanista San Siro / 9:59 PM Mar 14, 2011: ibra needed a rest and if allegri would’nt give it to him then maybe this ban is a blessing in disguise. I hope he gets a well deserved break and comes back to his old self soon. You wont hear me complaining about a Cassano ibra and robinho attack. / 13 : 3

(JIWON: Will it be possible? Of course, there are Ibra-type strikers, who are elegant and skillful, and therefore, unfairly(?) labeled as lazy. But unlike his counterpart, Ibra doesn’t have midfield to support his lazy performance. And then, he looks as if he had lost his form in Spain and only knows how to grow old in Milan. Even during his Inter days, he peacefully(?) moved to the sides and avoided physical fighting, but he was still physically strong enough to shine during Euro 2008 or World Cup Preliminary Round(?). Now, he just looks getting old. Sooner or later, he will become Another SLOWdorf. And his thick skin will grow thicker assisted by more media play.)


Milan 1-1 Bari: Antonio Cassano Denies Galletti A Famous Victory Mar 13, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-Luca Munich / 2:33 PM Mar 13, 2011: Merkel shouldve been playing behind the strikers and not way on the left so I dont blame him for his performance. Ibra and Robinho are holding the ball too much and costing us. (…)

(JIWON: Let’s start with Ibra. Who plays like whom, who is anyway following in the footsteps of SLOWdorf?)

Tottenham 0-0 Milan (1-0 Agg.): White Hart Lane Stalemate Sees Spurs Advance To Quarter-Finals Mar 9, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-Shervin says: Can somebody please tell me what robinho is? A Playmaker? A trequartista? Or a striker? I havnt seen any of these things in him at all. Not only because of his major super miss in this match, nut overall. Im getting sick of robinho. His finishes are not anywhere topclass or even acceptable. Hes not making any super passes and when he gets a super pass he blows it away. Robinho is like flamini, they move a lot, they try so hard, they do their best, but not enough. Not enough for a club like AC Milan. (…)

Milan 1-1 Bari Mar 13, 2011 / By
Milan Would Have Beaten Tottenham With 37-Year-Old Pippo Inzaghi But €65 Million Forwards Flop Mar 10, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-Luke says: @TJ56 – you are right about Robinho, for some reason this guy just can’t score. He scores for Brazil with ease so I don’t know what’s wrong with him. Maybe Allegri should make him take shots at practice for 3 hours straight and every time he missed do 20 pushups lol.
Comment-beirut lebanon / 10:13 PM Mar 9, 2011: i have no idea why ibrahimovich wasnt fighting, and why robinho was playing out too wide with no effect while he should have been playing behind the strikers, we played a 4-3-3 n like always we sucked at it because our flanks are athletes and not football players. / 16 : 43

(JIWON: Simply put, Korean comment section wonder why this Brazilian trick is gone and only his finishing is getting worse and worse, when his physical fighting is originally impossible. They say. Wasn’t he supposed to play as a Brazilian technician? And now, he is running around for 90 minutes without doing anything. Isn’t this a typical example of SLOWdorf in the form of HEALTH & DILIGENCE? By the way… weren’t Pato and Cassano also trained to like to drift out wide? Please check the previous section, PART-4. )


Palermo 1-0 Milan: Rossoneri Scudetto Hopes Dealt A Blow As Serse Cosmi Claims First Win Mar 19, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-max italy / 10:12 PM Mar 19, 2011: Now we realize just how important Ibra is! We had no focal point in attack. Pato and Cassano like to drift out wide. Overall play was below par. We could have been 10 points clear of Inter but after tomorrow most likely just 2! The derby is a MUST WIN. Forza milano / 24 : 2

Milan 1-1 Bari: Antonio Cassano Denies Galletti A Famous Victory Mar 13, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-makAveli says: pato did not have a good game. but i will tell you why? it’s because all the balls were being targeted at ibra who was always offside
Comment-mayweatherfats san serious / 5:03 PM Mar 13, 2011: poor pato playing out of position just so sulky lazy ibra can play upfront! pato robinho with cassano and merkel behind them we need central attacking midfielders on the pitch not pato and robinho wide to cross to our lone striker ibra (who is very lazy and pathetic at times) 4 defenders against ibra everytime with no one outside the area WE NEED KAKA BACK or another world class mind for our attack its too predictable / 0 : 2

(JIWON: Of course, Korean comment section say something, but it’s impossible to translate. I think they say that Pato is anyway running very diligent, but in a wrong way. Therefore, isn’t it better to blame Ibra, who should be WORTH WAGES, which mean arrogance and work-rate?)


Palermo Beats Serie A Leaders AC Milan 1-0 Mar 23, 2011 / By
(…) But whatever caused the huge upset on Saturday sent shockwaves across Italy, because AC Milan’s loss reduced the difference between them and second place side and fierce rivals Inter Milan to a mere two points, while Napoli is only one point behind Inter Milan with 59 points. (…) For the remainder of the game’s 80 plus minutes, try as they did, AC Milan failed to produce an equalizer, which is why they walked off the pitch looking forlorn, especially as they were serenaded by a blast of boos from their decidedly disappointed fans. However, excuses for AC Milan’s unexpected loss were being brewed thick and fast. One was that the team was without its Swedish star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, (…) Another was the absence (for the most part) of three AC Milan players – Kevin Prince Boateng, Alexander Merkel and Urby Emanuelson – who were spotted partying the night before the Palermo game, in direct violation with the club’s code of conduct and rules. As a result, Merkel and Emanuelson were benched for the entire match, while Boateng was only brought on briefly as a substitute. But whatever the reason for AC Milan’s loss, you can bet they’ll pull their socks up for their next game.

Exclusive: Milan’s Urby Emanuelson unconcerned by exit rumours Mar 24, 2011 / By Goal
(…) “People in Holland already started saying that I had made the wrong choice by joining Milan, but that’s absolutely not the case. I need some time to adapt to Italy, but the club’s giving me all the support I need.” The left footed midfielder then stated that the presence of Clarence Seedorf at i Diavoli is really helpful for him. (…)

(JIWON: Please imagine whichever cause-and-effect analysis… in your own way. This is the simple result. That Allegri’s Milan don’t require enough concentration, anyway.)

02 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-8: Who Says EPL’s Italian Baby Mario Needs Love? At SLOWdorf’s Milan, Balotelli’s Career Will Be Threatened By MR. ALLERGY.

(Updated on APRIL 7, 2011)

Mario Balotelli & Top 10 Italian Badboys Mar 22, 2011 / By Goal
1. Antonio Cassano (b. 1982, Roma & Sampdoria & Milan)
2. Claudio Gentile (b. 1953, Juventus)
3. Paolo Di Canio (b. 1968, Juventus & Napoli & Milan)
4. Mario Balotelli (b. 1990, Inter)
5. Marco Materazzi (b. 1973, Inter)
6. Omar Sivori (b. 1935, Juventus)
7. Pasquale Bruno (b. 1962, Juventus & Torino & Fiorentina)
8. Francesco Flachi (b. 1975, Sampdoria)
9. Christian Vieri (b. 1973, Inter)
10. Giorgio Chinaglia (b. 1947, Lazio)

(JIWON: Since this issue belongs to another posting, let’s make it simple.)

Mario Balotelli & Daniele De Rossi Excluded From Italy Squad; Cesena’s Marco Parolo Gets Maiden Call Mar 20, 2011 / By Goal
Inter President Massimo Moratti: Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli Won’t Change Mar 19, 2011 / By Goal

de Jong warns Man City’s Balotelli now a marked man over petulant behaviour Mar 18, 2011 / By

(JIWON: Whoever says whatever, including Balotelli himself, who vowed Mario Balotelli exclusive: I want to make history with Manchester City, it is highly likely that Man-City’s Balotelli will become a marked man.)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
Talkbacks for this article 3333

(JIWON: Weird is that Seedorf’s die-hard fan deleted this moving-photo about Seedorf hugging and kissing Baby Fant’Antonio… after this computer work. I wanted to post this fan’s ID and had to click all the previous comments to find nothing. To be honest, this was the most disgusting stuff in this place. It was clear that Legend Seedorf was the first one to check this computer work. How many times have I warned that this professional should be the last one who should say hello to this immature physique/mentality… especially at Milan Lab?)

🙂 R24-27: Duckling Shares Growing-Pains With Baby-Fant’Antonio! While SLOWdorf Runs, Captain Bulldog Fails To Receive “Rabies-Vaccine”. Rabies Is Spread Among The Milan Players, Help! (Feb 6 – 28, 2011)
SA-26 Chievo 1-2 Milan: Duck! Welcome Back! Headache Comment Section, However. Is Something Happening? What Kind Of Coach Massimiliano Allegri Wants To Become? Does He Want To Join “25+25 Amazing Years” Of [Berlusconi+Milan]? Meanwhile, Inter’s Calciopoli Still Ongoing.
Milan Coach Massimiliano Allegri: Alexandre Pato Is Getting Back To His Best Feb 21, 2011 / By Goal
Day off? Not for Alexandre Pato! Feb 22, 2011 / By
(…) ALEXANDRE PATO has trained alone in Milanello today, despite the team was given a day off. (…)

(JIWON: I may be wrong. However… I can’t help suspecting. When did the media start a RUMOR?

What I feel funny is that no matter how much I tried to protect Brazilian Pato or LEO’s Duckling from Allegri’s Balotelli-project, it looked as if Galliani’s Coach was determined to let him go… at the cheapest price. And his reason was exactly same as that of Mama Mancini at Balotelli’s Man-City. All of a sudden, Pato became Allegri’s darling. Believe or not…)

AC Milan striker Pato still in contact with Inter coach Leonardo Mar 27, 2011 / By

(JIWON: I’m still thinking about the reason. And then… as time goes by… believe or not… it seems that the RUMOR is not the RUMOR any more. And here goes my concern. This is a sensitive player, who has never hid his struggling or openly showed his still-growing mentality. This professional still doesn’t know how to train his immature physique to be free from injury risks. What will happen to this player just in case?

Simply put, I am very unhappy about the fact that I have to prepare the worst case scenario. Not one but more than TWO scenarios. Who do you think should leave Berlusconi’s AC-Milan? Player or Player’s ex? Who do you think should not be allowed to join Berlusconi’s Starting XI? Ambitious wanna-be-owner’s lazy player, who only knows how to get old and behave arrogant, or his younger rival? Berlusconi’s Coach Allegri is the one, whose happy choice was to become a sincere toy of Legend Seedorf, who was a powerholder but in fact a mere employee.

I may by wrong, of course. But I can’t help suspecting if this is also the reason of Pirlo’s determination to leave Milan, instead of negotiating his wage-issue.)

Please check
🙂 R15-17: Whether Mezz’ala Pirlo or Trequartista Boateng or Allegri’s Subs, AC-Milan Becomes Dynamic. A Bit Of Barca? Glad To See Dinho-FanBoys Gone! “Allergy” Needs To Choose Between Legend Seedorf’s Ego Or Scudetto. (Dec 5-19, 2010)
PROFESSOR-09: Who Is Milan’s Coach In Dressing Room, During The Training Session, And On The Pitch? “Mr. Allergy” Needs To Choose Between Legend Seedorf’s Ego Or Scudetto.
Man City boss Mancini: Balotelli not joining AC Milan Dec 28, 2010 / By
AC Milan boss Allegri would love to work with Man City striker Balotelli Dec 29, 2010 / By
No racism in Italy, Balotelli’s just stupid says Seedorf Dec 29, 2010 / By GulfNews
JIWON: I’m still thinking of the reason of this interview. There must be a specific reason, because this guy should not be in this situation to face Balotelli like this. (…) I just hope TWO same FEMALE characters, who claim to be Mario’s Mama, stop fighting and solve his own problem first. Mancini’s eight strikers! Bah… Allergy’s SLOWdorf! Bah… Which Mama will cry out in anguish, if Baby Mario should be split into two, three or even four confused egos and broken legs? Only time will tell.

(JIWON: Why do you think I had to directly INSULT three characters involved in this Balotelli-Saga? Now, I find that Milan’s Allegry has become too busy to think about his Italian project since the RUMOR. 😉 )

Italy’s Cesare Prandelli: Mario Balotelli Needs Help To Avoid Destroying His Career Mar 21, 2011 / By Goal
Inter Milan president Moratti: Man City striker Balotelli cannot handle being away from family Mar 22, 2011 / By
AC Milan chief Galliani: Man City striker Balotelli needs love Mar 31, 2011 / By

Berlusconi: Behaviour of Man City striker Balotelli not suited to AC Milan Apr 4, 2011 / By

(JIWON: I am curious which characteristic Sir Berlusconi is mentioning. Balotelli’s behavior or his playing style? According to the Korean comment section…)
1. True that he scored goals in EPL. But you’d better analyze them first. It seems that there is no X in his football language.
2. It’s interesting to point out that the more Balotelli tries to kill his ill-temper on and off the pitch, the more he is sacrificing his talent on the pitch.

(JIWON: I do agree that Balotelli needs help, that Balotelli cannot handle being away from family, and that Balotelli needs love. But Balotelli at SLOWdorf’s Milan? No, thanks. In my humble opinion, this immature professional should learn XYZ if he really wants to join Whoever’s Azzurri. Even in this case, there is an even chance of success. And I definitely don’t agree with Man Utd’s Ferguson says Balotelli should follow in Rooney’s footsteps. The characteristics of the Italian football is never like that of EPL.)

Keep off the grass: Balotelli’s career threatened by allergy Mar 11, 2011 / By
Keep off SLOWdorf: Balotelli’s career threatened by MR. ALLERGY Since Mar 11, 2011 / By The Red & Black Forums

Roberto Mancini is happy at Manchester City, but don’t exclude Juventus future – agent Mar 30, 2011 / By Goal

(JIWON: I’d rather recommend Man-City’s Balotelli to join Mancini’s Juventus. There will still be no difference between Mancini’s approach to feed baby Balotelli at Whoever’s Juventus and Allegri’s approach at SLOWdorf’s Milan. At the very least, however, Allegri’s Milan will risk less damage. Already now, Cassano is too much for SLOWdorf’s Allegri.)

01 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-9: As Modern Technology Runs, Seedorf’s Fanboys Launch A Campaign For…

(Updated on APRIL 9, 2011)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#3361-Milanista_7 / 31-03-2011, 15:16: Dorf’s Interview: A Decisive Derby.
Comment-#3366-Marco_Gullit / 01-04-2011, 01:06: Our midfield has assisted 19 and scored 10 between 10 players this season, Dorf having most assists with 6… Geez. Looked at some stats from Germany (…) I love Dorf, but can you imagine what Pato and Ibra could do with a creative, dynamic, pacey and less obvious midfield!!! So Hamsik moved for 5 million in 2007, Sahin moved for 100’000 in 2008, Jovetic moved for 7 million in 2008 and Pastore moved for 6 million in 2009. What the fuck were we doing around this time? (…)
Comment-#3367-Rosi / 01-04-2011, 09:39: Happy birthday Clarence!!! 🙂

(JIWON: This is how Seedorf’s thread continued. And a decisive derby starts. It looks as if Milan’s Coach [Seedorf+Allegry] were determined to prove something.)

Comment-#3436-Ashish / 03-04-2011, 01:21: He was a true play maker today fuck i should admit i havent seen this version of seedorf for a long time. Thanks leo for providing him lot of space
Comment-#3468-Hitman / 03-04-2011, 21:07: he had a decent/good second half (we were playing vs 10 men), but his first half was absolutely horrible… i do not understand the fuss…. i just worry they’ll give him that renewal
Comment-#3470-Ibra / 03-04-2011, 21:13: @#3468-Hitman. Beg to differ, he held on to the ball, he helped in the defense, he made decisive passes, he rallied morale. His job isn’t to run like a 24y/o gazelle. He did his part and then some! He stepped into the big game shoes and delivered.

(JIWON: Of course, this place is occupied by Seedorf’s fanboys. Therefore…)

Seedorf: ‘I’ll stay if Milan want me to’ Apr 3, 2011 / By Goal

(JIWON: Of course, there are those who…)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
Talkbacks for this article 3360->3524
Comment-#3486-KujaIX / 04-04-2011, 07:21: If people want him out then they really have no sense of sentiment at all. He’s 35, just let him retire here for crying out loud. Favalli was here ’til he was 37 and before the season with Maldini he was just a bench option, Seedorf can be too (It’s more complicated but it’s still feasible) Let him stay, offer him a new contract. Just make sure it isn’t with obscene wages and he understands he won’t play all the time.
Comment-#3490-Ash / 04-04-2011, 07:31: @#3486-KujaIX. Totally different situation. Favalli joined us when he was 33/34. And he was never a definite for the bench even. Do you really think Seedorf is gonna get dropped from the bench for youngsters such as Merkel, Fossati, Calvano etc, no matter how bad he plays? We have already seen this season that will not be the case. When Merkel was playing well, he got dropped the moment Seedorf (who was playing very poorly) made his return. I dont see how that will change next season. Are we that impotent that we cannot do without one of our senators (and the one who is the most in decline) next season?
Comment-#3502-flyingduck#7 / 04-04-2011, 10:26: @#3482-Panache. the question is does seedorf want to take a cut on his wage to play with milan for inzaghi role if he get better offer from, let say, MLS where he can play more games with less pressure?? and about seedorf’s performance on the derby, it was like an oasis in the desert, the season isn’t just one or two important games but 38 games minimum. On the derby seedorf had been given time and space to do everything he wanted to do with the ball, but in most games the opponent closed down with many players sit behind the ball. On these kind of games seedorf hit his wall. This is why milan need to replace him. I believe it will be hard to find player with seedorf’s derby version quality but it’s easy to find better player than him on his regular/bad day version quality.
Comment-#3503-Marco_Gullit / 04-04-2011, 10:36: On the Dorf thing, my views are simple, I love the guy but he’s been given more game time than I’d have liked this season, but thats not his fault. People keep saying keep him and other senatores around so that they can blood in new players, the problem is that we’ve never seen these so called players that the senatores are supposed to be teaching. Instead we’ve had players that simply aren’t good enough to displace our senatore and thus they keep playing, with the dream being that eventually we’ll bring in WC players to replace them but they stick about to blood them in for a season. If Dorf stays what then for Merkel and Strasser, do they continue to sit behind Dorf in the pecking order? If Dorf stays, is it at the expense of a new, younger midfielder? If Dorf stays it MUST be on minimum wages and we MUST bring in at least 2 new highest quality midfielders, we cannot have Dorf as our go to guy when Pirlo’s out. If Dorf leaves I’ll be sad, but thank him and wish him the best, then look forward to seeing our new dynamic midfield (…) No hate for anyone, no fanboy love or romantic sentiment for anyone, I just want Milan to move forward and be great again.

(JIWON: Please check how Seedorf’s die-hard fans responded. It is as if they call this computer work a pure sh*t. Anyway, it’s interesting to post one of them.)

Comment-#3504-Panache / 04-04-2011, 10:45: @#3502-flyingduck#7. I clearly said he should stay only if he agrees to take a pay cut and be a squad player. I said the ball is in our court, if he agrees to our terms, he can stay. In his latest interview he said his first choice is to stay with us. This after a season where he sat on the bench more than he got on the pitch. He clearly knows where he stands with Allegri so yes I believe he’s aware he will not be a starter. And about pressure, Seedorf has never shied away from pressure, he steps up when the stakes are high. He’s problem is quite the opposite, he doesn’t seem to motivate himself enough, and loses concentration, against weaker opponents.
Comment-#3513-anth183 / 05-04-2011, 05:22: @#3511-Ashish. He is so respected by other players I just rewatched the derby and when we got the penalty Julio was yelling at Cassano but when Seedorf comes over he just hugs him. I remember when Seedorf got subbed off one game and went over to shake the opposition managers hand. Classy player

(JIWON: Always, this professional is more respected by OPPOSITION players and managers. They are happy whenever they see Milan playing for Seedorf and they believe that it will be a piece of cake to handle SLOWdorf’s impotent Milan. Now, here goes my REAL concern.)

Clarence Seedorf open to Milan contract extension Apr 3, 2011 / By Goal
(…) “I have shown time and time again in the past nine years how important Milan are for me. I have a lot of respect for the club and I think that that feeling is mutual. I don’t think that there will be any problems to agree terms once we open contract talks. It’s up to the club. I’ll stay here if they want me to stay put,” Seedorf was quoted as saying by Sky Sport 24. (…)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#3437-oklol911 / 03-04-2011, 01:21: His SWAGGG is out of this world. Please give him a staff position when he retires.
Comment-#3462-Ashish / 03-04-2011, 18:49: oh fuck no extension please give him leos director role he and galliani will kick major ass in world of football
Comment-#3522-MilanSpecialist / 06-04-2011, 01:11: Seedorf going to corinthians..? Wow.. this could be true tho because I honestly see that seedorf realizes his time is coming up in the world of football.. I still stick by this tho in saying if we win the title I see one or two senior members of our squad leaving milan or football in general, on a high note.. but would rather see him take over a roll in upper management

(JIWON: After I made my opinion clear, Musician Zubin Mehta felt no need to maneuver behind the scenes. After the Italian government received my detailed report about Daniel Barenboim and Zubin Mehta, La Scala was dedicated to Zubin Mehta. I feel no need to post how this music sounded. Of course, none of them involved in Mehta’s GRAND production played for free, while blaming Italian austerity plan. What I feel funny is that I have to suppress my feelings only because this football intellectual reminded me of this or that musician.)

Official: Gennaro Gattuso Thread Since Jul 22, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#3231-Susan / 05-03-2011, 21:58: I’m so happy he scored, didn’t expect Rino to score a goal, but I’m glad he did, fantastic. Rino deserves this goal so much, he worked very hard this season. It was nice to see everyone celebrating with him.
Comment-#3241-flyingduck#7 / 05-03-2011, 22:46: Super “R” has saved milan! Oh really glad he played with ice on his head. Keep his emotion down and focus to the match along the game. Cool Gattuso.
Comment-#3251-Lucia / 06-03-2011, 08:38: Gattuso should also have his goal posted here!! His first in over three years. A journalist asked Zlatan about the goal: [Q: You looked so incredibly happy for the goal, you almost (understatement) threw yourself at Gattuso?] – [Z: Yes I promised him in the beginning of the season that “I’ll help you score, don’t worry”. But he said “It’s impossible”. But now he did score a goal, it’s special that it was in this match also because it’s a big match and it’s important to win here.]
Comment-#3253-Susan / 06-03-2011, 14:36: That is nice from Zlatan, good that he helps him to score, our team is so united this season, everyone is so happy for each other, Milan has always been a family club and I love that. Next time though Ibra shouldn’t kill Rino in the celebrations 😉

Comment-#3274-Susan / 18-03-2011, 21:34: Finally that fucking Jordan gets a punishment too, he deserves it more than Rino, he has provoked him the whole match long, good that Uefa still can do justice, though I think a one-match ban is too less for Jordan, but better than nothing.
Comment-#3276-Eccolo / 19-03-2011, 23:26: I know many on this forum wont agree with me, but I actually think Gattuso is holding us back. I know that in this moment he is not our biggest problem, but I fear in the near future he will be. Hopefully he will prove me wrong!
Comment-#3278-Marco_Gullit / 19-03-2011, 23:55: I am all for change, and do believe we will have to address our ageing DM dept sooner rather than later, but without him today our midfield would have been even more impotent… He at least tried, showed heart and looked like he cared. As far as midfielders are concerned, we need to address our creative dept before we look at replacing Gatt, Ambro and MvB

(JIWON: This is Gattuso-thread. I didn’t read the entire section, of course. Interesting is that familiar IDs, who were very critical of Seedorf’s infinite ego and his work-rate, are united in praise of Gattuso’s consistent hard working. Here, they feel no need to fight. Then what about other threads?)

(Updated on APRIL 11, 2011)

Week 31: Title Decider: Milan (3) vs Inter (0) 4/2/2011 Since Mar 19, 2011 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#2581-President_Joey / 03-04-2011, 02:37: And in other news i got banned for Life at the Inter Forums… For Trolling and Insulting Inter
Comment-#2589-Vecchio_Ultra / 03-04-2011, 03:29: At least I have to give them credit for banning other team fans asap, unlike here… here they only ban Milan fans it seems… and no this is not a critic, just an observation.

Official: Mathieu Flamini Thread Since Mar 29, 2008 / By The Red & Black Forums
Talkbacks for this article 2016
Comment-#1781-Milan1st / 21-11-2010, 10:48: at least people here appreciate him when he plays well and criticize him when its due/ i would love every thread under AC Milan Players & Staff be like this

(JIWON: I didn’t waste time trying to find the comments above. In fact, these are what first appeared while I was checking other threads. Now, I think that I might have to read all the threads in this place. It will be very interesting to check specific players’ FANBOYS after this date, APRIL 11, 2011… or the date of DRAFT of my report about Seedorf-thread. And they will have to be very careful, because their fascinating comments are exactly where I usually find beautiful information about how their idol completely destroys AC-Milan or Italian football.


I want to finish my planned writing as soon as possible and contact those whom I should contact. Therefore, I’ve just read part of Flamini-thread because of one interesting Korean comment during the Milan Derby, during which Legend Seedorf didn’t create a shit. As usual, I wanted to know if Flamini’s impressive performance had something/nothing to do with Legend Seedorf’s questionable work-rate.)

Official: Mathieu Flamini Thread Since Mar 29, 2008 / By The Red & Black Forums
Talkbacks for this article 2016
Comment-#1919-FaRa13 / 16-02-2011, 07:07: the tackle was dirty.. his passing is questionable.. but dear god.. 13.2 km

(JIWON: Above was during the Tottenham’s memorable first leg win at San Siro. Unlike this computer work, no one was blaming Legend Seedorf’s f*cking work-rate for “Flamini’s 13.2km-Running-&-Finally-Dirty-Tackle.)

Comment-#1874-Sven / 02-02-2011, 03:15: Remember, Flamini was bought for free from Arsenal. So, since we would not pay any fee, Galliani offered a huge salary as a way to beat other teams interested. From a business point of view it was not a bad deal, we spend more on wages but nothing on fee. It was like buy a player on normal wages paying 8 or 10 M for him.

Comment-#1969-FaRa13 / 07-03-2011, 06:25: From what ive seen a lot of times of flamini is that he plays in desperation. He wants to play and hes desperate he to show that. I dont think by nature he is a dirty player, hes just out of position a lot of times and he tries to make up for this by going to ground and tackling. I like what i seen from him when he plays (…)
Comment-#2014-Goodfella / 03-04-2011, 03:20: I fucking love how he can run and run and run and run and run for eternity and be involved in every situation. But it’s such a shame that even I can shoot better than him. Still I want him to stay in Milan because you just gotta love him. He would be free against the goal keeper if Robinho or whoever it was would pass him. He wanted the ball so bad.

Comment-#1786-MilanMB / 21-11-2010, 14:13: (…) I’m not hating on or bashing him, I’m glad for Flam’s sake that he’s getting playing time and doing good. But you can’t escape the fact that he’s not a attacking player.
Comment-#1791-Calum1903 / 21-11-2010, 18:21: I remember writing a post about Milan’s midfield, back towards the beginning of the season. My suggestion was that Flamini should be used in a role that emphasises his enthusiasm and work rate, and I stand by that. (…) If that makes me a “hater”, so be it.
Comment-#1797-Senatore_M84 / 22-11-2010, 02:44: Excellent post Calum. Pretty much sums up my feelings. (…)
Comment-#2016-Dominate / 03-04-2011, 07:11: @#2014-Goodfella. he taught binho how to finish haha, shame it was called off-side

(JIWON: Then, I find that there are two kinds of analyses on “Hard-Working Flamini”. They also talk about the reason of his higher wages. In fact, I was surprised at THESE and felt sorry about my previous report on this player, who was usually criticized for being SELFISH. At the same time, I wonder why I’ve never found these comments in other places.)

Comment-#1858-Dzidzius / 02-02-2011, 01:00: Trust me half of english teams will line up for him. I agree with everyone. Cash in on him. Maybe he needs change – look at Huntelaar. I could live with Flamini not being so amazing only if he stayed fit most of the season. He always takes 3/4 games to be fully fit, but the gets injured straight after.
Comment-#1983-Susan / 08-03-2011, 11:38: Thank you for posting that article, Lucia. Mathieu Flamini: I’m an Arsenal man, I love to duel with Spurs. I’m just like Napoleon… (Mar 9, 2011) It’s nice to read a longer interview from Flamini and I also really like the part where he talks about the MilanLab, that’s some interesting insight.

(JIWON: Please look. Whenever they complain of the player’ troublesome physical condition, MilanLab is appreciated. Isn’t that interesting? What’s more…)

Comment-#1902-Marco_Gullit / 15-02-2011, 23:09: I’ve never critisized him for not being creative, I just dont think he’s good enough for Milan. What is, he’s not a DM, he’s not a box 2 box midfielder, he’s not a CAM, he wont play RB… All he has is a good engine! (…) Flams is worth something and could fund the signing of a better player on lower wages!

Comment-#1872-kriegpaolo_23 / 02-02-2011, 02:03: (…) Flamini should have been able to prove he is worthy of the wages if Leo made better use of him last season. Instead Leo truly believed in his suicidal tactics and formation. Rather than thinking we should boot him we should continue to support him though, at least until the end of this season.
Comment-#1925-Ashish / 16-02-2011, 08:25: (…) Flamini cant play in center because he has been fucked properly by previous coaches, his injuries others injuries not an excuse but if you have a muppet player who is versatile you sit with him and groom him, stupid leonardo fucked him properly and carlo doesnt like inexperienced players in midfield, all he can do is run to the box and put it into ibras leg somehow and track back constantly and put pressure, he is horrible in tackling so he covers more space to show his frame to opponents. no midfielder can thrive with anto as LB nobody he is a disaster. flamini is allegris pet project and he will do some improvement. We are the only team without a complete CM shit fucking shit
Comment-#2018-Danilo_JBG / 04-04-2011, 11:40: I really don’t know my opinion about Flamini. I used to love him by the end of his first Milan season, when he was playing regularly as a right-back. I remember he always played well, even when the whole team were having a bad game. Under Leonardo’s management, I always thought he wasn’t being used well. He was often benched even when we were hit by injury. This season, though, I can’t hide the fact that he isn’t pleasing me. He played well against Inter, but I think it is not enough for a player that starts many games. He’s too wasteful on possession sometimes, on finishing, and maybe he goes too much forward. There’s also the fact that he’s a big red-card threat. He has his qualities, but I am really in doubt if he’s still worth his high wage.

(JIWON: They are talking about Leonardo’s tactics. Am I opening Pandora ’s Box again? Let’s say. THIS IS PAST. This computer work should be future-oriented. 😉 )

Comment-#1961-NIRossoneri / 02-03-2011, 09:19: I have read/heard somewhere that Wenger uses performance data to determine if a player should be moved on. This was around the time Henry was sold, according to the data on his performances he had started to decline and was moved on.
Comment-#1865-Colossus_TS33 / 02-02-2011, 01:19: Spot on. He is one of the few midfielders that we have with resale value, and his level of play is not/was not/ever will be the level that Milan requires. Sell him for (…)

Comment-#2040-acmilan89 / 07-04-2011, 11:49: As for Flamini he only has one more year left on his contract, we should seriously consider cashing in on him this summer if we don’t plan on renewing his contract next summer. It’s better to get some transfer value return on a younger player like Flam than none by letting his contract expire. His wages are flat out too high for sure. It may be worthwhile to start an entirely new thread concerning “Player Wages.” It’s clearly a really interesting thing to look at and poses many questions like who should get pay raises and pay cuts. Also, how much are the 6 month contract players earning, such as van Bommel & Legrottaglie? How much are Cassano’s, Urby’s, and Didac’s contract worth? I’m new here so I’m not totally sure what the protocol is for starting a new thread concerning general player wages.

Comment-#2032-BrasilianMilan / 06-04-2011, 17:02: Absolutely! Now I see why everyone’s saying Pirlo should get a pay-cut, I never knew he was payed 6 million!

(JIWON: Not surprisingly, this player can’t escape from this debate… on RESALE VALUE. But then… unlike other threads, their issue goes to completely new ones, including Pirlo’s new-contract. Under the normal circumstances, I would want to read Pirlo-thread, BUT NOT NOW…)

Comment-#2029-Marco_Gullit / 06-04-2011, 14:20: Too clarify, my bad, Flams is on 4.5 before tax. (…) Which is still ridiculous when compared to Prince, Pato and Silva. Obviously its not his fault, at the time he was signed Dorf was extended at 4 million and Flams was hot property so we had to bid high to get him. (…) Our best players from now on should get paid the best. Its simple maths, we pay the better players a little more, cut out the stupid contracts for older players and squad members and we’re sure to have some freed up cash to attract better players.
Comment-#1991-Dzidzius / 09-03-2011, 22:31: Flamini did the job. DM job is holding the line and not being able to passed. What percentage of nonsense tackles doesn’t really say nothing TBH. Essien isn’t a player with high per centage of tackles. Prince was more of a problem for me. AM who plays great balls but backwards? We model him too much on Dorf from 10yrs ago. Football changed since then.
Comment-#1996-Dzidzius / 09-03-2011, 23:19: Common. Ambro does tackles for stats but not many are actually any contructive or interceptive in dangerous situations. I also don’t agree that Milan needs to dump him to improve. To improve Milan needs to dump that tactic where in reality we play with no CF and all strikers play same type game. Same with midfield, back passing AM with no vision? Common. Flamini with be perfect in 4 or 5 man midfield.

(JIWON: Interestingly enough, they mention Seedorf… again. It was during SLOWdorf’s victorious “Tottenham 0-0 Milan.” And merely one month later…)

Fiorentina 1-2 Milan: Ibrahimovic sees red again but Rossoneri re-establish three-point lead at top of Serie A Apr 10, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-mil3n Maldiniville / 12:56 AM Apr 11, 2011: Seedorf played like crap for two years. Suddenly, now at contract renewal time he is reborn. That is bull! Sell him! Let him WALK around on some other pitch for a few years. Players like that make me ill. / 1 : 3

Comment-Muhammad Ali Dubraflah Iran / 7:39 AM Apr 11, 2011: AC Milan should of played more in midfield in this game. The forward thrusts did not go unnoticed. / 2 : 1
Comment-Me Milan / 9:56 PM Apr 10, 2011: Even if Milan wins Allegri disappoints me. He doesn’t know how to use his subs like successful coaches do. It’s like he doesn’t know his players well or he doesn’t trust them. Seedorf played a good game but he got tired at the end and as a result Pato and Ibra hardly touched the ball. Seedorf out, Gattuso in. Ibra out, Robinho in. and play counterattack. / 4 : 4
Comment-Maaz Canada / 10:15 PM Apr 10, 2011: Allegri makes really stupid decisions. He ripped out the heart of the midfield with Boateng (who had a big hand in the second goal) and introduced Gattuso (whose deflection threw Abbiati off for Fiorentina’s goal). He then proceeded to move Seedorf in AMF when he was quite invisible in the second half. Milan fall flat on their face when they get too confident in Seedorf and Gattuso’s abilities. / 26 : 7

(JIWON: When Legend Seedorf suddenly wants to play for his contract renewal…)

Week 32: Fiorentina (1) vs Milan (2) – 4/10/11 Since Apr 2, 2011 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#536-kakajd / 10-04-2011, 19:56: seedorf lol. pato assist, 1-0. yes!!!!!!
Comment-#593-Vecchio_Ultra / 10-04-2011, 20:08: Fiorentina starting to play well now, we have to retake possession and control asap or we going to eat a goal
Comment-#596-scarecrows / 10-04-2011, 20:09: very shaky in defense
Comment-#605-laxman / 10-04-2011, 20:12: fiorentina controlling a lot of posession.. we need to score again quickly.. we are again playing too many long balls and losing the ball.
Comment-#610-Vecchio_Ultra / 10-04-2011, 20:13: Something is not working Fiorentina has more ball possession.
Comment-#613-Mrk / 10-04-2011, 20:15: Seedorf wants to win the scudetto all by himself.
Comment-#619-Susan / 10-04-2011, 20:19: Abate trying to score, but the shot was not well placed and too weak
Comment-#628-Susan / 10-04-2011, 20:20: Seedorf is all over the pitch, great work from him today.
Comment-#630-scarecrows / 10-04-2011, 20:21: Pato shadow of last week
Comment-#643-kevin_dk / 10-04-2011, 20:24: We’ve gotta have more ball possession and slow down the game. We are letting them take over the midfield.
Comment-#651-irodrigu / 10-04-2011, 20:26: did anyone notice that last play- there is no one near seedorf to connect to the attacking 3.. why isn’t boateng dropping back a bit?
Comment-#671-kakajd / 10-04-2011, 20:29: amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! ibra, prince, patooooooooooooooooo.
Comment-#675-joyrider / 10-04-2011, 20:29: world class assist by boa, that’s why he isn’t coming down
Comment-#694-ezekiel2517 / 10-04-2011, 20:31: Boateng with 2 master passes right there, Ibra with vision and Pato with a proper finish with limited space. CHAMPIONS
Comment-#699-Shevagool / 10-04-2011, 20:33: Ibra good passes today overall!
Comment-#701-NIRossoneri / 10-04-2011, 20:33: @#699-Shevagool. Apart from that attempt to get it to Flamini.
Comment-#704-Vecchio_Ultra / 10-04-2011, 20:35: Ibra should have shoot himself there instead of passing to Flamini
Comment-#725-rossoneri03 / 10-04-2011, 20:39: very good performance by our attacking players.. most players have been good.. defence has been a bit weak at times.. we can get a few more goals..
Comment-#907-Wild / 10-04-2011, 21:26: FUCK Fiorentina 1-2 Milan
Comment-#928-laxman / 10-04-2011, 21:29: defense has been poor on crosses all day and now feeling the pressure
Comment-#952-kakajd / 10-04-2011, 21:33: seedorf as the atm isnt working. (…)
Comment-#955-Marcus / 10-04-2011, 21:34: Red card for Ibra. What a massive twat.
Comment-#973-Vecchio_Ultra / 10-04-2011, 21:35: Galliani left the stadium!!!!

(JIWON: Isn’t it interesting? Always, Legend Seedorf is involved in crucial moments… or negative moments. And then, those who contributed to Milan’s winning mentality should always prepare for a humiliating failure. Flamini or Gattuso or Ibra or Pato or MvB or Silva or Nesta or…)

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Comment-#12224-MilanMB / 10-04-2011, 22:28: @#12159-Ashish. This is so fucking lame! It really doesn’t matter how important he is when he does things like this? You have to understand that he can’t continue disrespecting the team like this… other players will learn, the morale will go down, he’s important and he needs to be ON THE PITCH not being banned.
Comment-#12185-MilanMB / 10-04-2011, 22:09: @#121??-Sage. fuck you sage, stupid cuntish thing to say. Most football players are from low working class background. You don’t see all of them behave like this. You should really learn some manners. You’re talking like “low” class is something bad… humbleness comes from poverty and “low” class.
Comment-#12163-GreatKalu / 10-04-2011, 21:48: Maybe the squad has had enough of his constant whining … and they reacted? Who knows … he certainly doesn’t seem too comfortable lately. Anyway, whatever the case, he needs to get his head out of his ass and work for Milan’s best. Hope Gattuso and Ambro have a word with him … Pirlo’s advice would also be helpful.

(JIWON: More interesting is that Legend Seedorf is not part of their advice to Ibra when their issue comes to MORALE or HUMBLE or MILAN’S BEST. Since this issue is going to my next posting…)

Clarence Seedorf awaiting for contract extension from Milan Apr 10, 2011 / By Goal


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