PROFESSOR-17: AC Milan’s Clarence Seedorf’s Fanboys Should Be Role Models… But For Whom?

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PROFESSOR-17: Something Fundamental!

PART-1: Dutch Footballer Seedorf To Be Appointed “Knight In The Order Of Orange-Nassau” While Playing For Contract Extension In Italian Club.
PART-2: Requirements To Become WATCHDOG-SEEDORF In Milan Forum.
PART-3: Legend Seedorf As Super-Sub… Already In 2006???
PART-4: WATCHDOG-SEEDORF To Be Determined To Get Rid Of Player-XYZ…
PART-5: The Most Undisciplined Seedorf To Become Milan’s #10. Unlike His Predecessor, However, SLOWdorf Becomes A Bigger Mouth, More Grumbler.
PART-6: As “Moggio-Poli & Milan’s Economic Crisis” Force Uncle Fester To Congratulate Seedorf On #10 Jersey…
PART-7: Seedorf’s Teammates Collapse. Therefore, Milan’s #10 Starts Working On His Image In Holland… And Worldwide.
PART-8: #10 Jersey Seemed Not Enough. Therefore, Seedorf Is Honored With “Contract Extension Until 2011.” Seedorf’s Behaviors Under Rookie Coach Allegri Are Already Announced.
PART-9: Is This Why Legend Seedorf Had To Leave “Glorious Real Madrid”? Only His First 2 Seasons In Milan Were Said To Be Good.
PART-10: Seedorf Wants To End His Career At AC-Milan And Becomes Political. A Politician Should Know Not “How To Behave,” But “When To Speak”.
PART-11: In Netherlands, Seedorf’s “All-That-Talk & Media-Play” Are Not Considered To Be Dutch Speciality.
PART-12: Time Has Come Rossoneri Don’t Want To See [Seedorf+Pirlo] Both Together On The Field. When Pirlo’s Italian Talent For Manager/Coach Is Much More Appreciated Than Seedorf’s Dutch/Brazilian One…

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🙂 PROFESSOR-16: Legend Seedorf Paints Picture Of Hunger & Intelligence. Therefore, Every Each Milan Player Is To Become Either Another SLOWdorf Or Another Stupid-Italian. (Mar 20 – Apr 19, 2011)

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PART-1: Dutch Footballer Seedorf To Be Appointed “Knight In The Order Of Orange-Nassau” While Playing For Contract Extension In Italian Club.

(Updated on APRIL 28, 2011) – originally part of R32-38: … “No-Calciopoli Zone”…


The Scudetto is very close following Brescia win – AC Milan’s Clarence Seedorf Apr 25, 2011 / By Goal

(JIWON: Weird…)

AC Milan’s Clarence Seedorf: Footballers should be role models Apr 27, 2011 / By Goal

(JIWON: Weird is that this part about “Seedorf To Become Role Model… for whom?” disappeared from the original article, Seedorf: The Scudetto is very close…, and became one theme after my TWO reports about WATCHDOG SEEDORF in Milan forum. Therefore, I have to wonder why this professional appeared more thick skinned with a bigger mouth. There must be a reason. Anyway…)

(Updated on MAY 3, 2011)

Clarence Seedorf delighted with knighthood Apr 29, 2011 / By Radio Netherlands
In the sweltering home of the Dutch ambassador in Rome, Dutch footballer Clarence Seedorf has been knighted as the Order of Oranje Nassau. (…)

(JIWON: Whether or not this timely happening is related to Dutch Footballer SLOWdorf’s Italian Project for Contract Extension at AC-Milan…)

Clarence Seedorf delighted with knighthood Apr 29, 2011 / By Radio Netherlands
Charity work: With at least fifty representatives present, there was a massive turnout of the Italian press. They all squeezed into the living room of ambassador Stoelinga’s residency. Stoelinga explained in Italian why Seedorf had received this honour. “First of all for Seedorf’s professionalism, which contributes to the quality of football. Secondly for him being socially active and thirdly for his contribution to improving the image of the Netherlands.” (…)

(JIWON: I can’t help suspecting if this is for Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) to pave one of the ways for Champions during the World Cup 2014 or whatever. “Dutch Seedorf in Italian Football Society” literally means…)
1. NO troublemaker in Dutch Football Society.
2. NO more Italian young talents growing in Whoever’s Azzurri.
3. Therefore… the best way to improve the image of the Netherlands… without hurting anything Dutch Football… via worldwide recognition of Seedorf’s Humanitarian Work, which was built up at the expense of Berlusconi’s AC-Milan… or Italian Football.

(JIWON: If I were a representative of Netherlands National Football Team or Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB), I would support this from the bottom of my heart. I don’t think Dutch Football Fans would mind even if this incident happens “Never Behind The Scenes”, as long as Dutch Footballer Seedorf succeeds in his Italian project, whichever it is.)

Seedorf honored by Dutch ambassador in Rome Apr 28, 2011 / By Radio Netherlands
(…) In 2005, Seedorf founded the not-for-profit Champions for Children foundation. Asked if he might retire at the end of this season, the 35-year-old Seedorf declined, saying he remains motivated and fit.

(JIWON: Therefore… there is no meaning of continuing Rossoneri’s discussion as to whether it was since 2005 or since 2006 or since 2007 that Professional Footballer Seedorf has been a “Notorious Underperformer + Lazybutt” at AC-Milan. It may be also true that it was since 2004, as one Rossonero pointed out. Any foundation, which was founded in 2005, needs a certain period of preparation.)

Clarence Seedorf delighted with knighthood Apr 29, 2011 / By Radio Netherlands
Berlusconi: (…) Berlusconi himself, who was both conspicuously and discreetly present, praised his pupil extensively. “Bla-bla-bla.” (…)

(JIWON: As usual, it is always Italian Berlusconi, who should pay for EVERYTHING, and then, is subjected to ALL kinds of insults in return for his financial aid.)

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PART-2: Requirements To Become WATCHDOG-SEEDORF In Milan Forum.

(Updated on APRIL 22, 2011) – DRAFT

(JIWON: While doing “Milan 2-2 Palermo”, I got so sick of SLOWdorf’s Fanboys that I finally had to go to Official: Andrea Pirlo Thread. Though I didn’t finish reading “During LEO’s Period”… I find something new or nothing new… just more details… too tired to write…bye.)

(Updated on APRIL 28, 2011)

AC Milan 2-2 Palermo: Four-goal thriller at San Siro leaves semi-final tie up for grabs Apr 20, 2011 / By Goal
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Comment-Ivan MKD / 11:35 PM Apr 20, 2011: I don’t understand why (…) Also Pirlo should pack his bags and go to retirement. His permanent turning around his axe unabled AC Milan play beautiful fast flowing football – like they did whole season without him! All old them including Ambrosini and Gatuso should have been kicked out of the club long time ago… / 5 : 9

Coppa Italia Semifinal – AC Milan (2) vs US Palermo (2) – 1st Leg – 20/04/2011 Since Apr 13, 2011 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#519-Vecchio_Ultra / 20:30: Long ball shit again
Comment-#525-Athens2007 / 20:31: @#519-Vecchio_Ultra. The only way Pirlo can try playing these days
Comment-#684-Hitman / 21:12: pirlo returns, milan becomes predictable and slow, playing all these longballs that hardly ever reach……. cant wait to see pirlo leave.
Comment-#728-rossonerikid / 21:22: Damn I missed the fast-flowing football we were playing before Pirlo and Ibra came back.
Comment-#913-milano / 21:43: pirlo and ibrahimhovic should not play together. pirlo cannot resist the temptation of lobbing it long to ibra

(JIWON: Weird is that this “ID-Athens2007” didn’t participate in Seedorf’s another game, “Brescia 0-1 Milan (Apr 23, 2011),” in spite of his ideal formation played by [Seedorf+MvB]. But then, there were interesting comments during “Milan 2-2 Palermo (Apr 20, 2011)” that this combo, [Pirlo+SLOWdorf]’s Milan reminded them of LEO’s hopeless Milan. I couldn’t understand what they meant. Haven’t Rossoneri praised LEO as an innovator… like Sacchi? Therefore…)

Official: Andrea Pirlo Thread Since Jul 3, 2004 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#1-Edi / 07-03-2004, 09:50: I was just wondering if Pirlo can play in a different position than what he is playing now. Carlo won’t be Milan’s coach forever so my question is if another coach comes, will he count on Pirlo? (…) If another coach plays for example a 4-4-2 formation can he play as a central midfielder like this: Gatusso, Kaka, Pirlo, and Seedorf(or a wing). If Pirlo works on his defensive skills and spends more extra hours in the gym lifting weights so that becomes stronger he can be the best. I really want him in Milan for a long time. I want to hear your opinion about Pirlo playing in another position.
Comment-#4-Passion_for_*9* / 26-12-2004, 13:23: Fancy him? Not really. (…) His build is always going to set limitations to his play. He’s just such a lightweight + needs in-form Gattuso around to play at his best.
Comment-#9-superman_1899 / 27-12-2004, 13:14: @#6-gaizka22. agreed!!! (…) he is a well balanced player, both defensively and offensively… you dont need an in-form gattuso or seedorf for that matter to make him a heavyweight…

(JIWON: Unlike other thread, the FIRST comment hooked me. I was supposed to jump into LEO’s period, but I was stuck THERE.)

Comment-#24-superman_1899 / 29-12-2004, 16:25: (…) pirlo’s role as a defensive midfielder is only to a certain extent… bcos pirlo’s function is to defuse (…) I use the word “defuse” bcos (…)
Comment-#26-gaizka22 / 29-12-2004, 17:23: Pirlo is “forced” to play in that position. I remember in one article Ambrosini started to feel that … That’s how it started. (…)
Comment-#28-milan_fan / 29-12-2004, 17:29: @#21-Passion_for_*9*. the words outta my mouth… i always grunt about milan not having any good midfielders when we play crap. we lose possession like jerks. we depend too much on the threesome (pirlo, seedorf, gattuso) in the midfield, who can perform badly at times(unfortunately the bad form seems contagious) certainly pirlo not the best guy in the defensive midfielder role… but surely his qualities are unique and awesome. i guess he’ll fit in leftmid more.(uhmm… i m being speculative again)
Comment-#46-Seamus / 31-12-2004, 00:41: you guys (& gals) and your comparisons. 1st off try comparing 2 players that play the same position. 2nd off Pirlo isn’t a defensive midfielder he’s a holding midfielder, & yes there is a difference. We don’t play with a defensive midfielder, but backuse we play with only 3 central midfielder’s (Seedorf-Pirlo-Gattuso) Pirlo is forced to come back into a deeper role. I think I agree with Passion on this one (& I hope I understand her views) in that he is a great player and should get ever better, but this year he’s been a disappointment compared with how he has played for us the 2 previous seasons. He’s just not as sharp so far in the 04-05 campaign. Let’s hope he can turn that around because a lot of our success depends on him as he’s the only central midfielder.
Comment-#47-Passion_for_*9* / 31-12-2004, 01:18: #46-Seamus. I call him a deep playmaker, Gattuso his watchdog + Seedorf a piece of deadwood (most of the time). Objections? This rigid setup with Seedorf, Gattuso + Pirlo + no real viable alternative system is Milan’s major vulnerability, more than Inzaghi missing, an off-match by Sheva + our ancient defense. Two fairly slow players + a destructive one don’t work against attack-oriented teams of a certain level that don’t use the midfield as their favorite playground but see it as an area to be bridged as quick as possible.

(JIWON: They say bla-bla-bla… I checked them until September of 2006. As expected, their debate included “Why Pirlo Sucks” and “Why Pirlo Seems So Unhappy (on the pitch)” and so on and so forth. Yes, there were so many valuable comments that I want to post. But this place is not for something Pirlo. As expected, I wanted to know more about Seedorf’s role in those days.)

Comment-#31-Pranjic / 29-12-2004, 17:47: This may or may not be true don’t really want to get into that, but doesn’t this show that maybe we depend on Pirlo too much? Other teams do know that he has one of the key roles in our system of play and when they do try to mark him it should be up to Seedorf and Gattuso to pick the pace use the extra space and make it easier on him. He’s not the only guy in the middle of the park it’s not his fault for everything that goes on in midfield… personally I think that he gets too much stick for every bad midfield performance, there are three other guys in there with him!
Comment-#32/34-~Biski Biskit~(SEEDORF) / 29-12-2004, 18:05: Seedorf gets as much of that as Pirlo, if not more. (…) Well every player gets their share of criticism.
Comment-#35-Pranjic / 29-12-2004, 20:49: #34-~Biski Biskit~(SEEDORF). And thats how it should be, I just don’t think that it’s fair to the guy to say that he’s at fault for every bad performance this season
Comment-#36-MilanMania / 30-12-2004, 04:32: #34-~Biski Biskit~(SEEDORF). So somebody shouldn’t just keep criticizing Pirlo.
Comment-#38-Passion_for_*9* / 30-12-2004, 12:51: #36-MilanMania. I see you haven’t dug out my loving + caring Seedorf posts yet. Pirlo is quite OK
Comment-#39-superman_1899 / 30-12-2004, 16:03: #34-~Biski Biskit~(SEEDORF). agreed with your statement, but being bashed for the wrong reason is another thing all together… u can bash him for his football inabilities but besides that we shouldnt…
Comment-#41-~Biski Biskit~(SEEDORF) / 30-12-2004, 16:29: #39-superman_1899. You can’t expect everyone to like him. A person expresses their love for the player while another expresses their disgust. You get both sides of argument.

(JIWON: Isn’t this another interesting happening? No sooner had this thread started than Pirlo-hater joined only to support Seedorf. And I don’t remember this ID joining other (technical) debates. Unlike usual fans of other Milan players, whose specific techniques are described and loved by Forum members, Seedorf’s Fanboys usually don’t explain why they watch Seedorf’s Milan performance… especially while they START their fight with the rest of the members. They are very much alike SLOWdorf, who is always the first one going to the media after losing the game and TALK. Isn’t this a perfect role model? BUT FOR WHOM?)

(… ooops… impossible to find one interesting debate on Pirlo or Gattuso fans’ personality…)

(JIWON: I thought I saved this discussion… Anyway, “Shy & Peaceful… but also can be hot” was their discovery. As time passed by, there was Moggio-Poli and World Cup 2006, and then NEW Contract. They were talking about everybody… except Seedorf. They were talking about “Just In Case” Milan is sent to Serie-B and the key-players leave for the BETTER club. Weirdly, Seedorf was not among them. I remember Seedorf’s higher wages were discussed in other forum, so I had to check this issue in Seedorf’s thread… after failing in several attempts to find internet sources. )

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#232-Wild / 28-04-2006, 11:33: Seedorf… In or OUT. Is it better 4 Milan 2 keep Seedorf as a left midfielder or we can do better? There is no need 2 argue about it since many of us said his opinion about Sesdorf over & over. I just want 2 see the result of the votes coz am really curious.
Comment-#241-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 28-04-2006, 12:38: @#232-Wild. It looks like you are the only one to hate Seedorf now Wild…..where are your bashing friends??
Comment-#247-Wild / 28-04-2006, 13:12: @#241-PUPO(SEEDORF) ur really showing ur stupidity man. U think that there is ppl who might vote coz they r my friend? menon is a friend & we disagree in almost everything but we never call each other “bashers” or “not a true fan”. Do u consider any person who disagree with u a basher? I just did this 2 see how many ppl want him out & how many want him 2 stay. If am the only 1 who think we can do better then so b it. Really, grow up….
Comment-#252-menon_inc / 28-04-2006, 14:26: @#247-Wild. Yupe true. We just give our opinion on what we think is best for milan. Nothing personal thr… we all have our views… thats what this forum is all about…. to exchange views… nothing personal..
Comment-#253-menon_inc / 28-04-2006, 14:28: @#248-gaizka22. Yeah and to think players like Fabregas and Messi also came from that same youth rank… im jealous. I hope we improve on our youth policy and it would be great to see more players that will follow the steps of Maldini and graduate from the youth rank to the first team…
Comment-#260-Wild / 28-04-2006, 15:38: @#253-menon_inc. Man that was exactly my point. 4get how much will cost us or even if its doable or not. Would u replace him with Snejder or Vabregas if u had the power?
Comment-#261-Wild / 28-04-2006, 15:43: Ppl here is missing the question. Its not about if Seedorf had a good or bad season. Can we do better or not. I don’t think we can do better than Sheva/Nesta. Is it hard 2 do better than Seedorf?
Comment-#263-Billy1969 / 28-04-2006, 15:51: Seedorf should stay, X should arrive. Seedorf should start and X should replace him if he needs rest and start against lesser teams or in Coppa Italia. That way X can adapt to the team and then, when Clarence wants to take a step back they can switch so that X becomes the titular and Seedorf the replacement to end his career staying in Milan.
Comment-#264-zZ[-_-]Zz / 28-04-2006, 15:55: @#263-Billy1969. did you read my mind? that’s exactly what i feel…
Comment-#266-Passion_for_*9* / 28-04-2006, 16:03: #261-Wild. Why didn’t you make it a public poll ? Now we can’t check on the troll + multiple ID posters. 😉 I wanted him GONE yesteryear. A season *somewhat* within my most modest expectations doesn’t change the fact that he’s one major reason for our midfield being what it is: [- transparent & slow & predictable.] How anyone could vote pro-Seedorf after his disgraceful display at home against Barca when he was passing balls to the opponents ALL_THE_FUCKIN_TIME is honestly beyond me. (Oh yea, PUPO(SEEDORF), agreeing w/ Wild on this doesn’t make me his buddy. 😉 )
Comment-#272-Wild / 28-04-2006, 16:42: @#266-Passion_for_*9*. (…) I remember @ the beginning of the season I counted 10+ wrong passes made by him 2 the opponent & I was in an argument with ppl claiming he had a good game that night. (…)

(JIWON: This is what I got instead. Clearly, they knew the existence of WATCHDOG SEEDORF. And this case is not same as the one in Ibra’s thread. Keep reading, please…)

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PART-3: Legend Seedorf As Super-Sub… Already In 2006???

(Updated on APRIL 28, 2011)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#283-menon_inc / 28-04-2006, 17:27: Erm why replace him at all? Why dont we just add Sneijder and Fabregas into the team and that will give us more options to rotate the players and they will have to fight for their place. (…)
Comment-#285-Passion_for_*9* / 28-04-2006, 17:34: @#283-menon_inc. Seedorf is not the kind who will demurely sit on the bench to watch the likes of Sneijder or Fabregas play. If you don’t believe *me*, ask M Van Basten.
Comment-#287-persik(PERHAPS-MULTIPLE-ID) / 28-04-2006, 17:27: @#285-Passion_for_*9*. there is another reason – why Seedorf not in NT, I hope you know it. Seedorf performs great. Many Hollands newspapers admit it but as I said there is another reason.
Comment-#288-Passion_for_*9* / 28-04-2006, 17:46: @#287-persik(PERHAPS-MULTIPLE-ID). Ahm… no… No one there really + seriously wants ole Clarence back. (…)
Comment-#301-Yuchen_Li / 28-04-2006, 23:16: Seedorf is a versatile midfilder, (…) And Seedorf is a good teamwork player, (…) but i think he’d better as a super-sub!
Comment-#302-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 29-04-2006, 13:32: @#261-Wild. Just admit it that you have a serious problem with Seedorf. It’s obvious…i’m sure it has something to do with Janku not playing… How can you possibly criticize Seedorf after such a season?? It’s really beyond me… And Passion don’t worry, you are free to be his friend! It’s just that all this Seedorf’s saga is really starting to piss me off.
Comment-#304-Wild / 29-04-2006, 17:32: @#302-PUPO(SEEDORF). Of course I have a problem with Seedorf coz I think his performance + Pirlo’s has a lot 2 do with our slow midfield. I don’t hate him but I am not convinced with him as a player. Also the fact that he is Ancelotti’s golden kid make it worse. And this was way b4 Yanku is with us or u even join this forum. This is my opinion not my feelings.

(JIWON: I was speechless. Seedorf was expected as a SUPER-SUB… already in 2006. And this was from Seedorf’s sincere fan. Do I remember something? That 2006’s Seedorf criticized(?) Holland’s WC-2006 and boasted about his Milan achievement… via media. That… thanks to WC-2006-Without-Seedorf, he was able to concentrate on his Milan performance.

Now, I understand why some Rossoneri complained that Seedorf was SLOWdorf… even in 2005. Anyway, It’s also interesting to know the timing of birth of WATCHDOG SEEDORF. Keep reading, please.)

09 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-4: WATCHDOG-SEEDORF To Be Determined To Get Rid Of Player-XYZ…

(Updated on APRIL 28, 2011)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#306-gahanthegod / 29-04-2006, 17:43: @#304-Wild. I don’t think the same about Pirlo, he’s just having a shaky form recently. But I admire every word you’ve said about Seedorf. Absolutely right.
Comment-#307-Wild / 29-04-2006, 17:52: @#306-gahanthegod. define recently. If recently = 2 season then ur right. Coz Pirlo is having his second bad season. I started this season with him among my fav. Players even with his bad season 2004-2005 simply coz I was amazed by his performance in the seasons b4. So I said that was a bad season & the guy deserve a second chance. And the second chance was this season & he was worse than b4. So 4 me, 2 bad season = we need 2 move on. We cant afford 2 give him more chances.
Comment-#308-gahanthegod / 29-04-2006, 17:59: @#307-Wild. I’ve always admired Pirlo, I know what he is capable of. Remember the first few season that he had at Milan. The players in midfield are getting worse, and their bad from effects Pirlo too. Pirlo can’t be perfect and carry the team to victory just himself. His mates must help him, and they don’t this season. I think Pirlo is one of the most talented players in Milan.
Comment-#309-WILL2K / 29-04-2006, 18:54: i think it is changing from Seedorf thread to Pirlo thread hehe

Comment-#310-tmilan / 13-05-2006, 11:46: (… reporting or bragging about Seedorf’s Media Play…)
Comment-#326-Melanzano / 31-05-2006, 02:25: What I Think Is that Clarence slows Milan’s Game TOO MUCH.. I think milan need another midfielder instead of Seedorf. He actually IS GOOD.. but not For Milan.. that’s what I think, there are better Midfielders out there believe me.. It maybe will be with a heavy hart to say goodbye.. but I think Galliani could Get Us MUCH Better.. And If Galliani does that.. then I’ll prefer to see him leave instead of Ambro (for example). Guys don’t be angry at this (actually it’s just MY thought) Rossonero Per Sempre! with Or without Clarence!

Comment-#346-C.Xaris / 31-05-2006, 18:40: seedorf definitely in. just because he had a bad year doesnt mean he must be replaced
Comment-#347-MilanLover1899 / 31-05-2006, 18:51: @#346-C.Xaris. bad season?? Personally I recon Seedorf had a super season, but not scoring that much, but he was constant the whole season.. I still can’t believe he won’t be playing at the WC in Germany…
Comment-#348-DugiNesta / 31-05-2006, 19:33: For me this is the best season of seedorf in Milan.
Comment-#349-scotsman(STUDENT) / 31-05-2006, 20:29: I would definitely keep Seedorf but I would look for a longer term replacement. One of the reasons that Milan have fallen short this season because our players are older and have not been rotated as the squad players are not good enough. (…)

Comment-#341-Straydog / 31-05-2006, 11:25: Bye Bye Seedorf. Hello Player-X!!!!
Comment-#345-Rustamka_Ambro / 31-05-2006, 17:13: @#341-Straydog. You will meet PUPO(SEEDORF) quite soon.
Comment-#350-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 31-05-2006, 20:58: @#341-Straydog. You sound like a great fan. If you don’t understand yet i am being sarcastic. You make me sick. Any particular reason why you prefer Player-X over Seedorf apart from the age? What do you actually know about Player-X? Do you see him play much? It’s a good job that the majority of Milan fans recognize Seedorf’s immense contributions to the latest Milan success. But many on this forum are either prejudiced or dumb for not realizing the importance of Seedorf for Milan.
Comment-#351-burimi/Primavera Player / 31-05-2006, 21:01: @#350-PUPO(SEEDORF). i agree!!!
Comment-#352-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 31-05-2006, 21:09: I mean how about Pirlo for slowing the midfield down? Not to mention the 20-30 long passes he gets wrong every match. And Kaka when he starts running and plays by himself and selfishly all the time? Seedorf was without the shadow of a doubt the best in midfield last season! Are you going to deny that as well?
Comment-#353-Milanista10 / 31-05-2006, 21:31: @#352-PUPO(SEEDORF). he played good, but gattuso was better
Comment-#354-Torcida / 31-05-2006, 22:06: seedorf is good, we should keep him at least one more year.
Comment-#355-scotsman(STUDENT) / 31-05-2006, 22:19: Don’t know about Kaka but I definitely agree about Pirlo. He has been p*sh for the last 2 seasons and has played many misplaced passes lately. I would argue of the Milan midfield he has been the weakest and should find his starting place at threat the most.

(JIWON: What’s more… this name, Ambro, always pops up. I feel no need to post specific names involved in Fanboy’s wishful squad reforms, but I wonder why SEEDORF’s analysis always sounds opposite to that of other members in other threads, who appreciate Italian trio’s consistent work-rate and want to keep them while they believe expired(!?) SLOWdorf should be naturally(!?) out.

This is a happening in 2006. FIVE YEARS LATER now, nothing seems to have changed, except different alias or multiple IDs of WATCHDOG SEEDORF, who is determined to get rid of Pirlo and then prepare for another battle to deal with younger rivals. Please check how WATCHDOG SEEDORF is leading all his STUDENTS. Finally… Keep reading, please.)

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PART-5: The Most Undisciplined Seedorf To Become Milan’s #10. Unlike His Predecessor, However, SLOWdorf Becomes A Bigger Mouth, More Grumbler.

(Updated on APRIL 30, 2011)


Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#320-cccp / 30-05-2006, 22:47: Yes, Seedorf is ok, but the problem is Ancelotti love him too much and put him to the field every game instead of proportion of them

Comment-#365-Cassius / 03-06-2006, 18:15: Galliani’s official Statement!! THE NUMBER 10. The question of who will wear the number 10 shirt after Manuel Rui Costa left has been resolved, with Clarence Seedorf taking it: ‘When Rui left Milan, I called Clarence and asked him if he would wear the 10 shirt. I had no problems with him saying yes, which also proves that Clarence will not leave Milan.’
Comment-#366-zZ[-_-]Zz / 03-06-2006, 20:07: this news will surely get the blood boilin’ amongst many members here…

Comment-#380-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 05-06-2006, 14:47: @#379-Faяouk. Seedorf on the bench with Ancelotti? Not likely, if not impossible! Carletto knows, like many, how precious his jewel is.
Comment-#382-Yuchen_Li / 05-06-2006, 17:39: @#380-PUPO(SEEDORF). Seedorf is one of Ancelotti’s favorite players. Seedorf is one of Ancelotti’s favorite players. If i didn’t make mistake (…) Ancelotti ran and embrace Seedorf first! But Seedorf is one of the most undisciplined players.
Comment-#384-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 06-06-2006, 15:21: @#382-Yuchen_Li. Undisciplined? Please explain. Hope you are not referring to that red card at Messina.
Comment-#386-Yuchen_Li / 05-06-2006, 20:04: @#386-PUPO(SEEDORF). No, not because of the red card at Messina. I mean he always pays no heed to the ball when he is in the field. Sometimes i doubt if he really obeys Ancelotti’s tactic. For example, he always slow + dribbling so much time. But finally, he could make great pass. Well, i just think he should keep longer time about his good condiction. If you looked carefully, you could find in a lot of games, Seedorf was the best in this 2 minutes and then became the worst in next 2 minutes.

Comment-#389-GAMilan / 24-07-2006, 18:28: I think this season will be a defining season for Seedorf. He will either have a good season and prove that he is still valuable. Or he will have a poor season and show that his career is pretty much over.
Comment-#393-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 24-07-2006, 18:28:…ia/jul24k.html Seedorf is the man. Always crystal clear and so honest… He didn’t even hide things about Kaka’…. He is the best on and off the pitch.
Comment-#394-Kalac#16 / 24-07-2006, 22:31: @#393-PUPO(SEEDORF). On the pitch? lol actual he might not be too far away from being the best with Kaka and Sheva going and gone.
Comment-#398-GAMilan / 25-07-2006, 13:28: @#395-WILL2K. He just didn’t really have a great season last year. It seemed like he turned the ball over a lot and really was not the player I was used to seeing. I am counting on big things from him this years seeing as how he is now our #10.

(JIWON: Finally, someone just unwittingly admitted that “Seedorf just didn’t have a great season” while he was out of WC-2006 and dedicated ALL his energy to his Milan career. How many issues are interrelated in this debate? Anyway, I checked them until #480 and skipped to #941. I don’t remember what made my decision. It was one year later, anyway.)

(Updated on MAY 2, 2011)

ANCELOTTI to dorf:You have to play the ball quickly. You’re too slow.
SEEDORF to coach: Focus on Coaching. You can’t just criticise. Instead of shouting, you might like to give us a hand from the bench.
ANCELOTTI to dorf: And you focus on playing. You’re lucky I’ve run out of substitutions, otherwise you’d be off.
ANCELOTTI to media: (…) I won’t explain it to you, otherwise it’ll get turned into a soap opera like the Kaka discussion. (…)
SEEDORF to media: It’s all finished between me and Ancelotti (…) What counts is on the pitch. (…)

(JIWON: Oh well… I wanted to check comments around #480 again to finish this part, and then, I had to turn the page… just out of curiosity… after checking one more incident related to WATCHDOG SEEDORF. And then… What the hell is happening? It was on SEPTEMBER 25, 2006. Even one of FANBOYS turned his back on Seedorf. Should I keep reading this thread? Anyway…)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#365-Cassius / 03-06-2006, 18:15: Galliani’s official Statement!! THE NUMBER 10. The question of who will wear the #10 … resolved (…)
Comment-#405-DugiNesta / 21-08-2006, 15:12: (… reporting or bragging about #10-Seedorf’s Media Play… ‘We have to do everything we can’…)
Comment-#407-gahanthegod / 21-08-2006, 22:45: @#405-DugiNesta. He’s showing signs of determination, which we aren’t accustomed to. Hope he’ll do his job properly after these words.
Comment-#421/425-Milanista10 / 05-09-2006, 00:21: @#416-PUPO(SEEDORF). yeah, its nice to see him performing at top levels again, like i said before, when this guy is on a hot streak…beware…
Comment-#426-GAMilan / 05-09-2006, 15:33: @#425-Milanista10. Hopefully he carries it into the season with him, as opposed to just preseason stuff.
Comment-#427-Passion_for_*9*(BANNED) / 05-09-2006, 15:38: @#425-Milanista10. Well… unfortunately history shows that his ‘hot streaks’ never last longer than 4 or 5 matches. Let’s hope his new shirt# is a hot streak booster
Comment-#428-tsetsy_the_don(BANNED) / 07-09-2006, 13:30: @#421-Milanista10. that you can tell for all players-if anyone is on fire-he is best player on the field. unfortunately seedorf is on fire one time in the year. sometimes-one match in two years

(JIWON: Above was a starting point for this part, “The Most Undisciplined Seedorf To Become Milan’s Number 10, Then Become A Bigger Mouth, More Grumbler.” But it was interrupted by…)


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Comment-#442-Kalac#16 / 15-09-2006, 11:38: Hey PUPO(SEEDORF), you scared Seedorf will lose his starting position to Gourcuff?? Hopefully when he plays against Parma. He’ll dominate knowing his positions under threat.
Comment-#443-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 15-09-2006, 15:35: @#442-Kalac#16. …bla-bla-bla…
Comment-#449-Kalac#16 / 17-09-2006, 23:45: @#448-FANBOYS. Besides the goal Seedorf sucked. (…)
Comment-#451-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 18-09-2006, 09:19: (…) And yes, he had a pretty bad game. (…)
Comment-#453-tsetsy_the_don / 18-09-2006, 09:19: @#451-PUPO(SEEDORF). like usual.
Comment-#454-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 18-09-2006, 09:19: @#453-tsetsy_the_don. Shut up you ungrateful idiot
Comment-#457-tsetsy_the_don(BANNED) / 18-09-2006, 10:15: @#454-PUPO(SEEDORF). i am insulted! i hope u get banned…
Comment-#460-tsetsy_the_don(BANNED) / 18-09-2006, 10:32: @#458-acgaetano. i don’t care about seedorf. everybody have right of opinion. but nobody have right to insult the members of this forum!
Comment-#461-acgaetano / 18-09-2006, 10:46: @#460-tsetsy_the_don. you insult me with your silly posts you don’t know what you even gonna about do you
Comment-#462-acgaetano / 18-09-2006, 10:48: @#469-Besi. i watched the whole game on TV seedorf did ok but no milan player’s really played out of this world in the parma game
Comment-#464-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 18-09-2006, 11:17: @#457-tsetsy_the_don. Just grow up. You should be the one to get banned you do nothing but spam the place. (…)
Comment-#468-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 18-09-2006, 11:51: [@#???-yahuu: you are italian, aren’t you. then you can understand this: finocchio] – LOL. Now let’s stop this please and back on topic. the majestic SEEDORF
Comment-#469-acgaetano / 18-09-2006, 11:53: yahuu should be banned.

(JIWON: One more incident related to WATCHDOG SEEDORF. Weird is that whenever they criticize Seedorf’s questionable work-rate or mentality, they are banned. Is it the power of WATCHDOG SEEDORF’s multiple alias… ooops sorry… fanboys?)

07 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-6: As “Moggio-Poli & Milan’s Economic Crisis” Force Uncle Fester To Congratulate Seedorf On #10 Jersey…

(Updated on MAY 2, 2011)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#365-Cassius / 03-06-2006, 18:15: Galliani’s official Statement!! THE NUMBER 10. The question of who will wear the number 10 shirt after Manuel Rui Costa left has been resolved, with Clarence Seedorf taking it: ‘When Rui left Milan, I called Clarence and asked him if he would wear the 10 shirt. I had no problems with him saying yes, which also proves that Clarence will not leave Milan.’
Comment-#370-pipa / 04-06-2006, 06:25: I was hoping maybe Yoann Gourcuff would be our new no.10… but then numbers don’t really mean much. And hopefully No.10 will inspire Seedorf …
Comment-#379-Faяouk / 03-06-2006, 18:15: Congrats seedorf for the #10 shirt. But i think next year u’ll be in the bench. dunno y leave #10 on the bench. seedorf deservs it, but i think he will stay on the bench, and rui costa stayed on the bench since Kaka’ arrived, #10 in milan now is a sub #.

Comment-#416-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 04-09-2006, 11:59: @#415-MahmoodAB. Yeah man! Finally some recognition for our main star. This forum is full of Seedorf bashers you know? Keep it up mate. Seedorf is 4ever!
Comment-#422-Yuchen_Li / 05-09-2006, 00:41: @#416-PUPO(SEEDORF). He is not too bad, i don’t think most people bash him!!! But in my opinion, his consistency is not good! That is why he rarely won the man of match although he had some good shots and assists in the game. I was thinking he should become a bench but right now i know i was wrong, he should keep in the starting 11 in this season and then maybe go to bench to give Gourcuff some chances in the next season (Like what Rui Costa and Kaka did in 2003-04 ).
Comment-#430-MahmoodAB / 11-09-2006, 08:20: @#424-Yuchen_Li. yeah.. guess Seedorf will be used 90%.. anyways he desrves playing alot.. but hope to see gourcuff playing. (…) u know, we’ve got kaka seedorf and gourcuff.. all are good and almost play at the same position.. wanna see gourcuff playing soon..
Comment-#431-MilanFan009 / 12-09-2006, 01:21: wel prob use gourcuff when (…) but we shud use him often and really give gourcuff a chance unlike jankulovski or foggia. we got young talent but we dont use them.

Comment-#442-Kalac#16 / 15-09-2006, 11:38: Hey PUPO(SEEDORF), you scared Seedorf will lose his starting position to Gourcuff?? Hopefully when he plays against Parma. He’ll dominate knowing his positions under threat.
Comment-#443-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 15-09-2006, 15:35: @#442-Kalac#16. …bla-bla-bla…
Comment-#449-Kalac#16 / 17-09-2006, 23:45: @#448-FANBOYS. Besides the goal Seedorf sucked. (…)
Comment-#450-hirakata / 18-09-2006, 07:00: seedorf before our defense is the best option. (…) because the more attacking he plays the worse he performs, Kaka and gourcuff do a better job when it comes to being creative up front. forza seedorf
Comment-#451-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 18-09-2006, 08:55: …bla-bla-bla…
Comment-#456/469-Besi / 18-09-2006, 10:32: @#449-Kalac#16. I second that (…) he sucked bad and he slowed our game with Pirlo again. (…) People who watched the entire game and not just highlighs know that Seedorf didnt have good game.. and thats a fact.. but it wasnt only him.. I blame him just for being lazy and not runing after the ball.. otherwise he is perfect in every aspect..
Comment-#482-Passion_for_*9* / 18-09-2006, 22:29: @#450-hirakata. Legendary PLAYMAKER (in his own mind) Slowmotion roaming in front of the defense? LMAO. Defense is beneath him + besides, he would have to move his ass which is kind of against his nature. IMO he performs marginally better upfront because that’s where he wants to play. You see, stroke his ego a lil (#10 AND played in that position) + he’ll at least score a goal now + then. Doesn’t change the fact that Milan are less slow + predictable without him.
Comment-#484/487-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 18-09-2006, 22:43: What a great article. Read it and weep Seedorf bashers. Where there’s a group, there’s always Seedorf. It’s from the Gazzetta dello sport (=Gazetta dello Inter).
Comment-#501-ORez / 28-09-2006, 02:56: @#482-Passion_for_*9*. yup agreed 100%. well said passion.

(JIWON: Please imagine WATCHDOG SEEDORF’s comments such as #443 or #451. Please imagine them, and compare them with his previous ones, in which he showed a kind of hysterical reaction to the Rossoneri, who welcomed possible arrival of Star player X or Y.) (Comment#481-#500)
ANCELOTTI to dorf:You have to play the ball quickly. You’re too slow.
SEEDORF to coach: Focus on Coaching. You can’t just criticise. Instead of shouting, you might like to give us a hand from the bench.
ANCELOTTI to dorf: And you focus on playing. You’re lucky I’ve run out of substitutions, otherwise you’d be off.

(JIWON: Then, this QUITE EXPECTED happening between “GALLIANI’s poor COACH” and “GALLIANI’s arrogant #10 or BERLUSCONI’s confident SEEDORF,” who had learned how to behave while BOSS was (not) watching the game… after realizing Milan’s limited budget not enough to go for his younger rivals…)
Comment-#504-red&black_fever / 28-09-2006, 11:41: @#503-MahmoodAB(FANBOY). I agree completely, but it still doesn’t explain why he goes missing for extended periods of time
Comment-#505-acgaetano(EX-FANBOY) / 28-09-2006, 15:46: seedorf does not fit in this season perhaps guoruff has put pressure on him
Comment-#506-Beemer / 28-09-2006, 17:26: @#505-acgaetano. Gourcuff’s going to be out for awhile anyway, so pressure is out of the question for the time being.
Comment-#507-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 18-09-2006, 22:43: @#505-acgaetano. Do you seriously think that a player with such a vast experience like Seedorf is going to let a rookie, with all due respect, put pressure on him??? Come on…
Comment-#508-dida / 28-09-2006, 17:26: seedorf is a great player, but it looks like his form dropped again, gourcuff is a rookie, but it doesnt mean he wont play if seedorf is bad..
Comment-#511-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 01-10-2006, 17:31: (…) i admit it. (…) But Seedorf is not to be blamed for the whole of midfield, let’s make that clear peeps.

Comment-#515-Giallorossi / 03-10-2006, 23:09: lol, well i have been following this Seedorf debate for quite awhile and its hilarious. As a supporter of another team, I guess im qualified to make a more “fairer” judgement of the player as i have no bias. I will tell me my opinion of the dutchy. I have no idea why Seedorf is still playing regularly for your team. I have watched him for years, he has about 5 good games a year and thats it. The rest honestly is pure crap. He can hit the ball sweetly “maybe once or twice” a season and thats it. I have seen enough of him other the years to see how slow he is. And this isn’t just something new, he was at it all the way back when he was Inter. When i went to Milan vs Roma last season, Seedorf was the worst player on the pitch, it was great when seedorf got the ball, he lost it with some stupid pass, and he kept holding it all the time, and lost it within seconds each time. Why he isn’t at a team like Bolton by now is beyond me, his “wonder goals” and “high wage” is the only reason why he isn’t playing for Siena or watever team you think. Anyways its great he is still playing for Milan, more advantage for LaRoma! Forza Roma!

Comment-#552-Passion_for_*9* / 21-10-2006, 14:43: If we argue we don’t have alternatives to Seedorf, the same would apply to our strikeforce. (…) So what is the solution? Xmas tree disregarding Berlusconi’s orders + X + Y + Z? You can’t seriously criticize our strikeforce while at the same time defending our midfield which looks out of sorts in more than one position. (…)

(JIWON: Seedorf, who seemed to be sure that Rookie Gourcuff’s injuries couldn’t threaten his Milan career for a while, now lost his motivation to WORK for Milan… in spite of Uncle Fester’s painful decision to put #10 on his jersey. Then, here goes the EXACTLY SAME happening that is happening FOUR/FIVE years later or during 2010-2011… regarding Mr. Allergy… ooops sorry… Coach SLOWdorf’s dying strikeforce… despite Sir Berlusconi’s massive investment in strikeforce only. 😉 )

06 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-7: Seedorf’s Teammates Collapse. Therefore, Milan’s #10 Starts Working On His Image In Holland… And Worldwide.

(Updated on MAY 2, 2011)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#572-AC_Wesley / 13-11-2006, 16:59: Clarence Seedorf has been named in the Holland squad for the friendly with England after a two-year absence. The Milan midfielder will replace Wesley Sneijder of Ajax, who picked up an injury (…)
Comment-#581-gahanthegod / 18-11-2006, 08:36: @#573-Rybalchenko. He deserves it? His last decent match was in about September, mate. And as far as I know, players are being called up for National Teams according to their club performances. LOL.
Comment-#583-AC_Wesley / 21-11-2006, 16:49: In Holland several media say that (…) Seedorf is now working on his image to Holland. for a example (…)

(JIWON: And then, according to Holland media, he started working on his image to Holland.)

Comment-#593-Beemer / 29-12-2006, 23:59: Seedorf Shines In Zico Charity Match (…) When he found out about the game he bought a pair of football boots at a local mall and asked if he could join in. (…) “bla-bla-bla,” explained the Milan midfielder. Deco and Ronaldo were both unable to make the event for undisclosed reasons. Considering that the game was held in order to provide food for the needy, perhaps it’s a good thing Ronnie didn’t show up.
Comment-#597-Passion_for_*9* / 30-12-2006, 11:07: So he was vacationing in Sth America + got his hands on Gazzetta to learn about the possibility of disciplinary action against him for ‘unsporting’ post-match comments he made about Farina, + image-obsessed as he is, thought positive headlines are imperative + so he trotted on the nearest pitch + ‘shone’, making sure the ‘good deed’ gets ample publicity.

Comment-#623-Giallorossi / 02-01-2007, 22:25: @#622-Passion_for_*9*. Yea NEWS flash. Seedorf is going to continue playing for another 5 years and then will become coach of Milan. Man its a thing of dreams. On a personal note i hate him, käsekopf!
Comment-#626-GreatKalu / 04-01-2007, 20:11 : Clarence is quite the spokesperson nowadays…

(JIWON: Interestingly, it is during the same period that part of Rossoneri got sick of Seedorf starting to be involved in Something-Charity that they believe only exists for his image. They are also talking about the cases of Womanizer Seedorf. Is this a rumor or what?)

05 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-8: #10 Jersey Seemed Not Enough. Therefore, Seedorf Is Honored With “Contract Extension Until 2011.” Seedorf’s Behaviors Under Rookie Coach Allegri Are Already Announced.

(Updated on MAY 2, 2011)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#642-Passion_for_*9* / 09-01-2007, 13:30: (…) Ancelotti’s new tactical modifications (4-4-1-1) (…) The rudder will be in the hands of Seedorf. (…)
Comment-#655-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 10-01-2007, 23:23: (…) It’s about time Ancelotti let him play in his favorite position, as a proper #10!
Comment-#662-GreatKalu / 11-01-2007, 21:58: Darn it … 4-4-1-1. Really losing my touch. Actually, I think it’d be better of being labeled 4-3-2-1, since Clarence wont really be in the middle. Three more words added to Clarence-speak. Keep it up! since we know he doesn’t have ‘those’ problems.

Comment-#664-Passion_for_*9* / 23-01-2007, 19:07: Contract extension for Slowmotion… till 2011. This shit is too much to take today. Out.
Comment-#668-ORIGINAL / 23-01-2007, 19:27: I hate us. (…) Why we extend seedorf’s contract and not to sell him + some cash and buy a good player, or to get start playing Gourcuff who didn’t play even 1 minute at Lazio-Milan where seedorf was a shit! Why we bought the best young french talented player Gourcuff??? To bench him at milan???? We sucks!

(JIWON: Ooops… this, “Contract Extension,” was exactly what I wanted to find when I started this thread…)

Comment-#670-TheGrinch / 23-01-2007, 20:31: Maybe he’ll become faster when he turns 34… After he signed a new contract he hasn’t to do anything anymore and as long as there is ancelotti he’ll play nearly every game but as soon as there is a new manager he’ll become the new ibrahim ba!
Comment-#673-thismisery / 23-01-2007, 22:24: goood. one excellent game in the last 3 games and snap! we are giving him a 4year contract. “milan sunshine home”
Comment-#677-Wild / 23-01-2007, 22:46: Every team that have self respect will start stalling over contract extension as soon as the player hit 30+ & they start year by year extension but I guess we r not considered as a RESPECTED club no more.

(JIWON: Then, people have just predicted LEGEND SLOWDORF’s disgusting performance under Rookie Coach Allegri. Now, I promise that Rookie Coach Allegri is the first one to remember hilarious or QUITE EXPECTED happening between “GALLIANI’s poor COACH” and “GALLIANI’s arrogant #10 or BERLUSCONI’s confident SEEDORF,” who has learned how to behave while BOSS was (not) watching the game… after realizing Milan’s limited budget not enough to go for his younger rivals…)

Comment-#678/683-GreatKalu / 23-01-2007, 23:03: Well what can I say … I like the guy, but this is disappointing. Hope he doesn’t hinder Gourcuff’s progress. Just out of curiosity, what do the posters in the Italian forum think of Clarence?
Comment-#689-censorthiis / 24-01-2007, 01:07: @#678-GreatKalu. That’s what I’m most worried about with this contract extension. (…) that(Gourcuff) isn’t too likely to happen with Seedorf around.
Comment-#700-RATM / 24-01-2007, 06:01: This is a fuckin disgrace!! (…) Kaka and Gourcuff-find another club-you won’t be winning anything over here the next couple of seasons.
Comment-#709-zZ[-_-]Zz / 24-01-2007, 11:21: Clarence Forever: Rossoneri fans across the world will be happy to know (…)
Comment-#725-anitafranc / 24-01-2007, 20:24: Evidently they have not been reading this forum

(JIWON: Therefore, Seedorf’s young rival, Gourcuff, left Milan, as planned, and his IMMATURE mentality is only to be blamed.)

Comment-#733-thismisery / 25-01-2007, 00:09: you are from italy PUPO(SEEDORF)? anyway, you’re not the only one who defends seedorf, I know some others too. ^^ In my opinion Milan deserves a better #10, and so on.
Comment-#736-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 25-01-2007, 07:49: @#733-thismisery. Yes, I’m an italian an Milan fanatic living out in England!
Comment-#737-Yuchen_Li / 25-01-2007, 08:45: @#736-PUPO(SEEDORF). That will make me even more confused and strange. First, you are not from Holland so that means you support Seedorf don’t have any national reason. Second, i saw your picture and you don’t share any extrinsic common resemblance with him. Third, we just signed him since 2002 and i believed you were a Milan fan when you were young must be much more years ago than 2002 and there are a lot of players have much more contribution than Seedorf. The only reason i could guess is your paly style is similar with Seedorf when you play football with your friends, but, i don’t think you are as lazy as him when you play football, right?
Comment-#742-newyorker / 25-01-2007, 19:08: @#737-Yuchen_Li. This is the REAL CLOWN of this forum. I may understand thta English may not be a first choice language for Yuchen, but neverthelezz I find this boy hilarious for the ideas he brings to this forum. You have to apply for **************.com stuff – your wierd ideas and their utter belief and willingness to post any, I repeat any outrageous idea will make a star writer for this Aussie outfit. Good luck.

(JIWON: An American who happens to misspell his native language? Please imagine PUPO(SEEDORF)’s reaction before/after this weirdest posting and a series of FANBOYS.)

Comment-#750-Yuchen_Li / 26-01-2007, 09:26: @#739-PUPO(SEEDORF). Yes, i agree with you that he has superb class (…) His technique is very good is true, (…) But, how do you think he has incredible vision? In fact, Seedorf’s worst weakness was neither his lazy random attribute nor slow acceleration in my opinion. The worst in my opinion was his long-time ball control delayed the best chance to pass the ball to the strikers who had better position + i always found once Seedorf controlled the ball on the left flank, he almost didn’t pass it to the right side even the RB or RM was free to wait for the ball, this case also happened when he controlled the ball on the right flank, too.
Comment-#757-Yuchen_Li / 26-01-2007, 09:26: @#751-PUPO(SEEDORF). (…) You also said Seedorf had to play out of position that means you admitted Seedorf doesn’t fit in the AM position, right?!

(JIWON: What I feel funny is that this guy used to be Seedorf’s sincere/honest fan, and now, he doesn’t mind mentioning something very basic.)

04 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-9: Is This Why Legend Seedorf Had To Leave “Glorious Real Madrid”? Only His First 2 Seasons In Milan Were Said To Be Good.

(Updated on MAY 2, 2011)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#759-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 26-01-2007, 20:13: @#752-pussycat_doll. That was just an example of course, Seedorf produces wonderful passes (short, long reverse) every match! You bunch of idiots!! How can you deny it???? Once again i’m starting to think of racism here…there’s no other explanation…San Paolo, do you agree?
Comment-#762-Passion_for_*9* / 26-01-2007, 20:39: @#759-PUPO(SEEDORF). Shove your unsubstantiated bullcrap up yours, dude. I begin to think your exaggerated + completely irrational adulation for everything Seedorf is an act because nobody with a somewhat functioning brain would be so in denial of reality. Seedorf is a notorious underperformer + lazybutt which is why Real got rid of him + Inter got rid of him. To call him streaky would be an understatement, as he has a maximum of 5 or 6 good matches per season + the rest is unwatchable.
Comment-#763-RedBlackSoul / 26-01-2007, 21:22: @#762-Passion_for_*9*. it is you who exaggerates (…) If Seedorf played Kakas position, i believe he would have more, but this tactic is up to Carlo.

Comment-#786-zZ[-_-]Zz / 02-03-2007, 16:58: Clarence Seedorf talks about (…) His (HONEST, NATURAL & LOYAL) relationship with Carlo Ancelotti (…)
Comment-#789-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 03-03-2007, 21:41: Yeah man, Seedorf taught Pirlo how is done. Fantastic goal, what a man. Seedorf for president i say, Italy, Holland, whatever….
Comment-#792-teis / 17-03-2007, 10:22: Football Italia: Clarence Seedorf denies he is at loggerheads with Carlo Ancelotti and gave a mixed reception to the potential arrival of Ronaldinho. (…) Seedorf has repeatedly been caught having a touchline argument with his tactician, but assures there is nothing rebellious about it. “I always put the team first. (…) when I hear people say I am a ‘slow midfielder’ I tell them to ask my opponents what they think about my pace. I take praise and criticism equally, as I know I act in service of Milan.” Nonetheless, there is still some tension between the two men in terms of tactics (…) Kaka (…) Ronaldinho (…)

Comment-#803-Edi / 02-04-2007, 10:04: (…) His first two seasons in Milan were good. (…) and after that he vanished. (…)
Comment-#834/836-Passion_for_*9* / 13-04-2007, 01:39: @#833-Marcus&#835-Axl. Let’s say he’s picking his games, or so it seems, + that’s annoying for s.o., me in this case, who really appreciates commitment, a positive work attitude, a willingness to perform. People who take paychecks + privileges for granted are so not my kind, hence the problem I have with Seedorf. I used to be more fond of him.. until he refused that dope test.. He’s still OK in my books, it’s just that I would prefer a more versatile midfielder altogether. (…)
Comment-#837-Marcus / 13-04-2007, 02:13: @#834-Passion_for_*9*. (…) And liked it or not, though Seedorf isn’t among the best midfielders in history, is a world class midfielder, and many teams would love to have him.
Comment-#854/856-Passion_for_*9* / 14-04-2007, 11:51: @#837/855-Marcus. Throw him on the market + see what happens. I tell you in advance : We won’t find a sucker who will waste money on him. (…) Good luck making him consent to a wage cut. … as he’s one of the main culprits when the team as a whole underperforms in at least 15 out of those 30-some other games.

Comment-#872-motormouth / 02-05-2007, 22:06: Whoa, Seedorf had an absolutely brilliant game against Man U today. (…) I haven’t seen Seedorf play this well in a looooooong time.
Comment-#890-Wild / 04-05-2007, 16:40: I was never wrong about Seedorf. And lately he has shown how he should play & that’s another proof that he wasn’t giving us what we deserve b4 this winter break. He performed good as soon as the fans start whistling him + Ancelotti benching him + Gourcuff settling in. (…)

Comment-#802-PUPO(SEEDORF) / 01-04-2007, 13:37: Seedorf with us forever. … Seedorf should also remain after he retires and become Milan ambassador in the world like Leonardo and be a dutch scout.
Comment-#808-teis / 02-04-2007, 16:45: @#802-PUPO(SEEDORF)&#807-мιℓαηєℓℓσ. I’m not too sure he’ll be welcome everywhere in Holland.
Comment-#809-мιℓαηєℓℓσ / 03-04-2007, 01:29: @#808-teis. Perhaps not to MVB.
Comment-#812-teis / 03-04-2007, 21:40: @#809-мιℓαηєℓℓσ. And 99% of the Dutch fans.

(JIWON: Finally, I now know why Legend Seedorf had to leave Real Madrid. When I first started this computer work, I’ve read that “WIFE-scandal” caused him to be kicked off Inter, but then, this information suddenly disappeared from the internet sources. But now… no matter what… I start to believe that his professionally (TALKATIVE+DISTRUCTIVE+ UNDISCIPLINED) character was a main factor to force him to warm Inter’s bench rather than his STYLE, according to Rossoneri’s fanatic praise, fit Milan’s Starting-XI better.

Nowadays, I seriously think that this Anti-Italian Physique was in fact among the wish-list for the Inter’s management officials. Then, it is more than easy to imagine how “Inter and their Italian Comrades in Italian Battle Serie-A” behaved… behind the scenes, of course… after this Milan player lost his physical strength but was diligently building arrogant professionalism only to bother poor Coach Ancelotti, who had to work for Milan’s limited budget but had already/frequently suffered Politician Berlusconi’s football campaign with Star-Players.)

03 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-10: Seedorf Wants To End His Career At AC-Milan And Becomes Political. A Politician Should Know Not “How To Behave,” But “When To Speak”.

(Updated on MAY 3, 2011)

Official: Clarence Seedorf Thread Since Apr 1, 2005 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#895-AC-Wesley / 15-05-2007, 17:12: Channel 4: Milan’s Clarence Seedorf wants to end his career at AC-Milan. “I don’t think I will move again,” he underlined. … “A player like me finds new stimuli every year and this is very exciting,” stated the Dutchman. (…)
Comment-#937-zZ[-_-]Zz / 22-06-2007, 14:49: ESPNsoccernet: Seedorf fulfulling his destiny
Comment-#938-GreatKalu / 24-06-2007, 14:35: Clarence the spokesperson reemerges (especially that last paragraph praising BERLUSCONI.) … lets hope he + the other regulars find other causes for motivation … cause they seem to be running out of them

Comment-#967-Sasha / 30-08-2007, 17:38: UEFA’s best midfielder… Forza Clarence!
Comment-#968-Tsar / 30-08-2007, 17:53: Rino was better.
Comment-#969-Sasha / 30-08-2007, 17:58: Agree, but IMO it makes no difference…
Comment-#970-crazymilangirl / 30-08-2007, 18:30: Rino was better but seedorf had some awesome games too
Comment-#980-gahanthegod / 31-08-2007, 14:29: LOL, thank god we had a few CL matches between November – March when Seedorf literally sucked. Rino deserved it with his consistency IMO.

(JIWON: Seedorf wants to end his career at AC-Milan. Bla-bla-bla. Seedorf becomes media’s darling again. Bla-bla-bla. What kind of stupid Italian professional would want to work hard at SLOWdorf’s Milan?)

Comment-#1016-Beemer / 15-11-2007, 07:17: Seedorf On The Attack: Italian Government To Blame For Violence
Milan star Clarence Seedorf has blamed the Italian Government for football violence and says that the hostility and bloodshed shows how the Italian people are unhappy with how the country is being run. In a sensational attack, Seedorf says that the problems, which saw Lazio fan Gabriele Sandri tragically shot dead by a policeman on Sunday, are being covered by the government, who are using football as a scapegoat for their own shortcomings. “The Government is using football for the problems in Italian society,” said the Dutch midfielder. “They should think about shutting down the Government for a couple of weeks.” Seedorf also referred to the death of policeman Filippo Raciti, who was killed by a hooligan during riots in the Sicilian derby between Catania and Palermo in February of this year. “The situation following the Catania riots has not changed,” he added. “They [the Government] cannot blame football every time. “The people are not happy. They are coming to the stadiums to express their feelings and their feelings are not positive. “They don’t come to express their disappointment at the team. “The whole country is lacking leadership.”

(JIWON: Now, this is what literally made me sick of this ****. This is during Prodi’s government. Does this Milan footballer or Politician Berlusconi’s toy-politician want to polarize public opinion or what?)

Comment-#1027-Az. / 14-01-2008, 13:55: Great now he starts to bitch again… hope it wont impact on his performances. (…) TREQUARTISTA (…) Carlo Ancelotti was full of praise for Seedorf after the game, and he admitted himself that the ex-Ajax star was indeed making a sacrifice for the team. “I would always like to see Seedorf play with this spirit and he was probably Man of the Match for me,” Carletto stated. (…)

Comment-#1042-shaj / 04-02-2008, 05:35: Seedorf NEVER looks happy when he’s subbed… that’s probably coz he thinks everyone in the squad EXCEPT him deserve to be subbed… He’s the guy who shouted back at our coach when asked to do his job. We should have bought sneijder and benched him… He may have his moments of brilliance, but more times than not he’s slow and has not much of a work rate… His attitude after being subbed was pathetic!
Comment-#1046-zZ[-_-]Zz / 04-02-2008, 18:16: as a senior player in the squad… he really needs to set a good example… i hope Ancelotti doesn’t let him get away with it… such things must never be displayed in public… and definitely cannot be tolerated at a club such as ours

Comment-#1047-Beemer / 04-02-2008, 18:29: Carlo on “Seedorf? The coaches are used to these reactions. There are no problems.”
Comment-#1048-diTa / 04-02-2008, 18:42: ^^ The coaches may be used, but someone like Seedorf with all his experience shouldn’t do such a thing. He must regocnize that he’s not a 20 something year old anymore and he needs rest in order to perform better when needed. I was really disappointed with his reaction, its quite a bad thing for fans to see. But hey, Seedorf know his shit, even though i still think that he should contain himself from putting such a public display of unsatifaction.
Comment-#1059-Madridista / 06-02-2008, 18:00: It would have been amazing if instead of Seedorf, X played for Milan. Seedorf has never fulfilled his potential, never been a truly great player or a WPOY candidate. In the current midfield, there are no better players in Kaka, Rino or Pirlo’s position, but there are plenty in Seedorf’s. I didn’t think much of a big deal should be made over his reaction, but he was a whiner at Madrid and Inter as well to be honest. He doesn’t have the character to be consistent unfortunately.
Prime Minister of Italy: 17 May 2006 – 8 May 2008

(JIWON: Merely couple of months later, this comical incident happened. And I find that it is still during Prodi’s government. Then, please imagine Politician Seedorf’s behaviors “on/off the pitch & in the dressing room” after Berlusconi won the general election. No wonder Coach Ancelotti found a BETTER club and left for EPL. Now, I can imagine his GRIN while bidding farewell to SLOWdorf’s Milan.

Anyway, this is the end of my reading of Seedorf’s thread during this computer work. Since I started from “Comment-#2441 on OCTOBER 2010” during the previous work, there are two and a half years of gap. Sooner or later, I will have time to read them all.)

02 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-11: In Netherlands, Seedorf’s “All-That-Talk & Media-Play” Are Not Considered To Be Dutch Speciality.

(Updated on APRIL 30, 2011) – written during “PART-5: The Most Undisciplined Seedorf To Become Milan’s #10. Unlike His Predecessor, However, SLOWdorf Becomes A Bigger Mouth, More Grumbler.”


(JIWON: By the way, this old article, Seedorf didn’t even hide things about Kaka, didn’t work, and I didn’t want to misunderstand anything. I could smell THIS after checking other members’ reaction, but I needed a poof. I failed, of course, and instead…)

Kaka: Seedorf is my football brother Jan 23, 2008 / By
(…) Kaka loved the Ajax of the 90s. (…) But, the best of the best for Kaka is Dennis Bergkamp. (…)

Kaka: Seedorf is my football brother Jan 23, 2008 / By
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Comment-Rosado / Jan 23, 2008: Van Basten must read this kind of articles and realize he’s been an idiot by treating Clarence the way he has.
Comment-Author / Jan 23, 2008: Marco will say (as he did earlier on tv in Holland: If I had Kaka and Pirlo and Gattuso and Nesta…yeah…then I’d play Seedorf in the same way… But I don’t.

Seedorf quits Oranje: “Marco doesn’t like me…” May 13, 2008 / By
Totally out of the blue, Clarence Seedorf yesterday called Marco van Basten to tell him he won’t be traveling to the EC this summer. (…) Willem van Hanegem recently explained his experiences with Seedorf in the EC 2004, when De Kromme was Dick Advocaat’s assistant. “Clarence said to me that Dick had promised him the play-maker position. I was shocked. You can’t promise players things like that. I explained Clarence that he needed to show that on the training pitch. I had long talks with him. The thing is, he is a very nice guy, a great player and a very intelligent and committed professional. But sometimes, all that talk…you just have to sometimes say: enough. Get your shoes on and play ball, you know?”
Later Van Hanegem said, that if Van Basten doesn’t want to use Seedorf in his starting line up, he should leave him at home. “Seedorf is not good as a sub. Some players can do it, bite away their frustration and come on to the pitch to help the team out. Others can’t. Seedorf is the type of player that becomes a liability more than an asset, when benched.” It seems Seedorf took notice from Van Hanegem’s remarks and kept the honor at his side.

Seedorf quits Oranje: “Marco doesn’t like me…” May 13, 2008 / By
Talkbacks for this article 45
Comment-Lerkot / May 13, 2008: Seedorf has been really bad this season, just like the rest of his team. He might have played 80+ caps for Holland but only a handful have been really good. He brings controversies and makes the squad structure and hierarchy quite strange. I wouldn’t have picked him at all if I was MvB.
Comment-Caleb / May 13, 2008: I agree with Lerkot. Seedorf’s performances in Oranje have been mixed at best. Also, I don’t think he can handle being a sub, so it’s better for everyone this way. The last thing we need is another controversy at a major tournament.
Comment-Author / May 13, 2008: I’m with Lerkot. Seedorf hasn’t been crucial to Oranje, ever. Not just under Marco. Guus and even Frankie couldn’t make Seedorf be Oranje’s leader. Seedorf is great in a team that’s designed around him. In any other situation, he is a liability. At the 2004 EC we had the same thing with him. Marco won’t allow that behavior, which is good, albeit risky.
Comment-Author / May 14, 2008: I tend to agree with Rob here. Although Marco has his flaws, for sure, he is much more human and accessible than Z or Y were, to name two former Dutch team managers. There are much more foreign examples to name. Seedorf’s decision to drop out is the right one, as his decision proves. He can’t motivate himself to be part of the team, is basically what he says. It’s about Seedorf being important. It’s his ego. An experienced player like him, with all that silverware, should be more than happy to support his younger team mates, even if the coach has tagged you “sub no. 3″. And all that “warmth” stuff… Seedorf should enlist in the army. Or work a normal job for a day. I think Van Basten is honest in his approach. Maybe too honest. In Holland we have an expression: “making someone feel important”. Smells like manipulation, almost. (…)
Comment-Author / May 14, 2008: BTW, when Seedorf came back in Oranje, Van Basten immediately said he would be behind Vaart and Sneijder in the hierarchy. He never accepted Seedorf back as the Long Lost Son or something. Seedorf thought he could handle the competition, but he didn’t manage to impress the technical staff.
Comment-Rosado / May 14, 2008: Marco is a bit like Ferguson. They both can’t handle experimented players who give their opinions. Ferguson fought with X, Y, Z. let’s hope Marco can do it with his young players like Ferguson has done this year.
Comment-Author / May 15, 2008: Interesting, coz Marco likes to think of himself as an “Arsene Wenger” type.

Comment-Author / May 17, 2008: Mark van Bommel said in the AD that Clarence decision was “top class”. “I know Clarence, he really wanted to go to the EC. That his principles are more important shows what a top guy he is. He said Marco didn’t like him, well…that’s almost literally how I put it. The reason I didn’t play was surely not on the basis of my qualities. There’s something personal but I don’t know what. I wish he just told me.” Nice soundbites, but we shouldn’t forget that “qualities” alone is not good enough, Mark. One also needs to “fit in”. But then again, Mark is right with his last remark. Marco should be open about his reasons.
Comment-Rob / May 17, 2008: Van Bommel’s comments really do make me sick. Does he think Marco Van Basten is the be all and end all of Oranje? Do his principals not include accepting the prestige of representing your nation and the millions of people therein, above and beyond whatever guy’s selecting the team? Absolutely pathetic, babyish, rattle out of the pram behaviour. Maybe the personal thing, Mark and Clarence, could just possibly be that Van Basten got sick of your half arsed performances at the World Cup and thought he’d give some of the youngsters who don’t act like arrogant, half-arsed tossers all the time, a chance? But no, it must be that he just “doesn’t like you”. Urgh. The blame is not on Marco Van Basten. He hasn’t frozen these guys out of the team. He’s been professional enough to look at their form and recall them when they started playing well. The blame is on the egos who won’t forgive and forget, or accept a bench place. In England, David Bentley refused to go to the U21 competition because of fatigue. He got vilanised and roundly booed for half a season or so by England fans across the country. Hell, he still hasn’t been forgiven. If Van Bommel and Seedorf pulled this crap in England, they’d probably be lynched.

(Updated on MAY 5, 2011)

(JIWON: I used to call Mark van Bommel “MvB”. Now, I realize that “MvB” also means Marco van Basten. To my surprise, Mark van Bommel was also a big part of their debate, and I frequently got lost whenever they mention MvB. What a headache! Everybody knows what a professionalism Mark van Bommel has proved since his arrival in January. So, I tried not to post the comments related to his name. But then… the last SENTENCE got me burst into laughter. 😉 I now know how he looks. I could imagine how MvB got lynched. 😦 Then, I realize that this professional, unlike Seedorf, is fully appreciated when he proves enough professionalism… such as in this article, MvB: from zero to hero! (May 30, 2010) So… here goes the comments above.)


Seedorf wants Van Basten to change tactics!!! Sep 21, 2007 / By
At last!!! It’s in the media. Seedorf, maybe very smart and slick or maybe a bit naive, started the campaign… Well, someone had to do it. Ruud couldn’t, after his long absence, Sar should have (and maybe he actually did, who knows)… But Seedorf has shown how well his media-blitzes work. That’s how he got back in Oranje in the first place. So, objective one is achieved. Clarence is back. Now, he starts working at the second objective: get Seedorf in the starting line up and play some FOOTBALL!!!! Go Clarence. Just hope that San Marco doesn’t see this as “an attack” on him and kicks Clarence out again. 🙂

Seedorf wants Van Basten to change tactics!!! Sep 21, 2007 / By
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Comment-goose / Sep 22, 2007: saw the interview too; Seedorf is turning into the Oranje boss, even without playing!! he sounds so very calm, professional and wise…he really had found some sort of peace within himself. Jan, i think Clarence is reading this blog.. this is what you asked for a few weeks ago; players who step up the plate! very smart of Clarence to say that hes sure vanBasten is not gonna change systems now… that way he leaves room for vanBasten.. smart strategy. (…)
Comment-Lerkot / Sep 22, 2007: He might be right but Im not sure he wants it for the right reason. But he is an intelligent and outspoken man, this Seedorf, and clearly he has matured from the 90s.
Comment-Author / Sep 22, 2007: Do you know what irritates me? No journalist dares to ask Van Basten upfront about this. “Why don’t you try 4-4-2 as you played with AC Milan and Oranje?” Just ask! Remember how De Haan changed to 4-4-2 with the U21s? And they – Van Basten and De Haan – would discuss this after the U21 tournament. Well, have you heard anything about it? When does the press pick this up? DAMMIT!

(JIWON: Therefore… was this criticism made not by a sportsman but by a politician? I am confused. According to their debate, it seemed that EVERYBODY thought so and Seedorf, known as a outspoken person, just started this media campaign. But then, it just took no more than eight months for Seedorf to quit Oranje: “Marco doesn’t like me…” (May 13, 2008). And the reason was not MvB’s tactics but the fact that Seedorf couldn’t handle the competition and failed to manage to impress the technical staff.)


Seedorf wants the EC and the Olympics Oct 5, 2007 / By
The Coach of “Netherlands national under-21 football team (Jong Oranje)” announced that Clarence Seedorf has called him. “Seedorf called to say that he wants to go to the EC 2008 with Marco van Basten’s Oranje and he wants to come to the Olympics with my team as dispensation player. I will wait till May 2008 with announcing the selection and the dispensation players, but hey…it’s good to know.” Seedorf must have thought: sitting on the bench for Oranje is that tiring, so I can easily play some games with the youngsters… 😛

Seedorf wants the EC and the Olympics Oct 5, 2007 / By
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Comment-ferenc / Oct 5, 2007: usually football at the olympic games is not too interesting, but with clarence it would be totally different!
Comment-Lerkot / Oct 5, 2007: I think Milan forbid Dario Simic to play in the Olympics last time. I can see them doing that again.
Comment-Author / Oct 6, 2007: Just read a comment from Marco van Basten: he was totally surprised about the Olympics phone-call Clarence had made to YoungOrange’s Coach. A journalist asked San Marco about it and he was flabbergasted. He said that the deal between players and him is that players who play the EC cannot play for the Olympic team. He also said that he didn’t expect AC Milan to be happy with an important player playing two major tournaments in the off-season. To be continued?
Comment-goose / Oct 6, 2007: aha; Clarence is trying to force something here… this is some sort of power struggle in the making. (…)
Comment-ferenc / Oct 6, 2007: clarence should win this power struggle – his more diplomatic, he use more subtly the media than marco.

(JIWON: Then, merely two weeks later, this ridiculous happening happened. How should I interpret this happening? Can Seedorf do this even if Milan don’t allow him to play? Somehow, it reminds me of his Charity Match in Brazil, where other professionals, such as Deco and Ronaldo, couldn’t show up for undisclosed reasons or probably weren’t allowed to participate.)


Ancelotti: Seedorf an example for Ronaldinho! May 7, 2009 / By
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Comment-Jeroen / Mar 8, 2009: (…) “Then again, the Dutch are notorious when it comes to in-fighting.” What the rest of the world calls fighting, Dutch people call discussion. I grew up in the USA most of my life, and people there never understood why I was so “intense” during debates. That’s just how we do it back home. It’s a cultural difference. But you should not get confused and think our players are pissed off at each other all the time, because this is definitely not the case. (…)

(JIWON: Here goes one more Dutch opinion to support Seedorf’s definition of “An Intelligent Dutch Living/Working In Stupid Italy”. But then, Seedorf’s “ALL THAT TALK” is NOT considered to be a Dutch Speciality. What does it mean?)

Comment-Author / Mar 8, 2009: (…) Clarence would need a 4-4-2 to shine and Bert would need to sacrifice a creative player for a destroyer in midfield, to cover for Clarence. Did you ever see Clarence make a sliding tackle??? Seedorf is perfect in a counter attacking team, that plays tight when not in possession, like AC Milan. I’d love to see Seedorf have a go in England. Chelsea? (…)
Comment-Carlos / Mar 8, 2009: @Author. True about Seedorf. have observed him many times and was (is) one of the highest “Lose possession” players and least “gain possession” mids in our history. When he and Davids played together it was always Seedorf loses it – Davids gets it back (not Seedorf gets it back.) Also didn’t like his parents telling Guus that “Clarence MUST be included” no matter what position he plays. (…)

(JIWON: I think it was the best analysis from Dutch professional. Still, there seems to be a problem, though. I used to think that his brothers/cousins and company-employees are involved in WATCHDOG SEEDORF in Milan forum elsewhere. Are there more members involved in?)

01 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
PART-12: Time Has Come Rossoneri Don’t Want To See [Seedorf+Pirlo] Both Together On The Field. When Pirlo’s Italian Talent For Manager/Coach Is Much More Appreciated Than Seedorf’s Dutch/Brazilian One…

(Updated on MAY 3-6, 2011)

Official: Andrea Pirlo Thread Since Jul 3, 2004 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#2079-Australiano1980 / 10-09-2009, 04:28: in the past Pirlo play some games like he play today with Italy. (…)
Comment-#2083-Az. / 10-09-2009, 10:00: He was awesome, he would be for Milan too but our midfield sucks compared the italy one.
Comment-#2176-DSM / 13-09-2009, 16:34: True, and Pirlo moaned about this last year or before (not remember). Our squad overall is too passive, mostly wait for the ball without much movement.

Comment-#2244-x_player / 11-10-2009, 09:51: Once more he played a great game for Italian NT. I just wish he could play like this for Milan, but I am starting to have a feeling he really needs better players around himself. Just look at his passes to Grosso on the left side, who was a constant threat yesterday – marvelous. And not just that, he also played a lot quicker, ran a lot and was involved quite a lot in Italian play.
Comment-#2263-Senatore_M84 / 11-10-2009, 22:06: the national team is just a much better unit. When a team works for each other, the playmaker will succeed. (…) Milan lacks most of these elements. I dont see an attitude problems with Milan, if anything this year Pirlo has been 1 of our hardest workers. I see little support. Pato look lost. Huntelaar is literally nonexistant) and the midfield is a joke..
Comment-#2267-Senatore_M84 / 11-10-2009, 22:19: @Pedro. I love seedorf too. My heart has enough love for both andrea and clarence. But the time has come I don’t want to see them both together on the field… I still think pirlo is much better, though seedorf might be better in the current construction of the squad if that makes sense.
Comment-#2270-hdcantona / 11-10-2009, 22:19: #2269-Senatore_M84. agreed. Even if we replaced Pirlo with any similar type of CM (Xavi, Fabregas etc) they would barely do any better with our current team.
Comment-#2273-DSM / 11-10-2009, 23:32: #2269-Senatore_M84. The funny thing is that Milan & Italy have both been pretty average from August 2006 to the present.

Comment-#2274-Sage / 11-10-2009, 23:40: What he does for italy doesn’t concern me, if you watch milan games you would know that most of his plays are useless long balls or impossible chips.
Comment-#2270-hdcantona / 11-10-2009, 23:32: @#2274-Sage. it’s funny though, how those “useless long balls” would and do work, when not with the Milan players.

(JIWON: Please ask…)
1. Please ask Italy National Football Team why they forced Milan to pay Azzurri member Pirlo higher wages while Rossoneri always had to watch exhausted Pirlo playing for his club before/during/after his international duty.

2. Please ask Uncle Fester what Pirlo exactly moaned about during THAT period.

3. Please ask LEO why he couldn’t change Pirlo’s role. Who knows? His answers might be more than TWO.

4. Please ask Coach Allegri which version he prefers. A revolutionary midfield led by Azzurri’s Pirlo or even younger one. Or SLOWdorf’s midfield filled with Seedorf’s young players. According to their debate, there is a clear difference. Pirlo is heavily marked by the opponents and Milan has nothing, so get rid of him, and then complete the midfield with [mediocre+mediocre]. Milan will finally get a balanced squad. Next season, there will be no one marked by the opponents.

5. Finally… please ask any Italian ticket holders which club they would want to support in case Milan play with SLOWdorf’s midfield next season. Perhaps, it will be better to start an international survey, since there is a clear reason why they still want to watch Italian club, AC-Milan… despite all these and those flaws in recent years. Their simple reason was… as far as I know… “Inter play better, but Milan look more attractive.” This comment was while Inter were dominating, and more interestingly, it was from Korean Interista. Another simple reason was, is and will be… “It’s like wanting to buy an Italian brand. An irresistible charm.” It was from ORIGINAL Rossoneri, who spent their youth with Milan performance and now want to support other GLORIOUS teams but still feel that those teams lack something fundamental. Therefore, it’s impossible to hide their delight when they hear [B]’s financial plan. Perhaps, I should post their comments in my next posting. It was exactly the same reason why Report: Italian Magnate Michele Ferrero Wants Milan (Feb 27, 2009).

(JIWON: However…)

Official: Andrea Pirlo Thread Since Jul 3, 2004 / By The Red & Black Forums
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Comment-#7669-Mrk / 06-05-2009, 21:09: If Allegri thinks Pirlo is still good enough and lets him stay, then thats good enough for me, if Allegri lets him leave, then thank you for everything.
Comment-#7671-LoLInter / 06-05-2009, 23:25: Stop hating on Maestro, his heart is with this club and in this club he will stay. If he however doesn’t accept a pay cut I will be extremely disappointed..
Comment-#7668-rabbit / 06-05-2009, 20:57: The pink away Juve kit from next year will look fabulous on Pirlo.

(JIWON: Report says that Pirlo, who won’t accept a pay cut at Milan, will gladly accept “a pay-cut PLUS a bench role” at Juve. Therefore… This whole incident has rather something to do with Allegri or Seedorf’s Milan. I say so.

Do Rossoneri still believe that Italian Pirlo should be kicked off Milan only to support Dutch Footballer Seedorf’s Contract Extension for couple of years more or until Seedorf could play into his fifties, says Berlusconi (Apr 28, 2011)? It was days ago that I was surprised to learn that Pirlo’s Italian ability as a brilliant Manager(!) or Coach(?) in his future was MUCH MORE appreciated than Seedorf’s Dutch/Brazilian ability was. And then, the rest of story is a history.)

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