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(Revised on February 25, 2008) 

Dear Journalists,

To those who have never heard of MY story behind all Barenboim’s news,

For your convenience, those are the ones who used to play games with ME.

Berlin Folks: Berliner Morgenpost, Die Welt, and their friends. (There are two more, but I soon gave up following their German articles.)

British Folks: Guardian & Friends (Perhaps the Times, the Independent, the Financial Times, and so on… But in du Pre’s country, it was basically up to the reporters rather than the newspapers.)

American Folks: The New York Times & Friends. (Nowadays, I don’t read the Chicago Tribune and they know it. In Chicago, some pro-writers intentionally joined “Bashkirova & Co.,” perhaps for purely musical reason. You’d better ask them why.)

Canadian: La Scena Musicale (They look like, but I didn’t actually invite them. Too busy…)

Jewish Pigs: The Haaretz, the Jerusalem Post, and their friends (Whoever says whatever about the Haaretz, I don’t know how to trust this Jewish media, which Barenboim article was based on their filthy relationship with Mehta’s Bashkirova. It looks like they advocate peace after stealing all Palestinian fortune. A perfect Mehta-version of peaceful solution. Those were pigs, honestly speaking, at least to me.)

P.S.: If you guys really want to know about German Journalism, please ask them to allow you to read their old articles. In those days, during which Bashkirova’s real(?) friends used to insult Barenboim, there were a lot to read; such as that there is no difference between the music of Bashkirova and Barenboim, that Jewish dwarf should stay away from their Angelic Diva Waltraud Meier, that it was none but Barenboim who should leave their poor city, Berlin, and that… I worked so hard to protect Barenboim from all the comical attacks. Then, those Berlin folks up-graded Elena Bashkirova into the BPO-level, and hired Barenboim as the cheapest conductor to work for their dying Berlin after the BPO laughed at my work… and so on… Then what about Barenboim’s bath-scene with Kremer’s wife in Paris? Or what kind of dress Barenboim buys for their Berlin-Queen, Bashkirova… It has been German professionalism whenever I asked them to print exact words directly from Barenboim so that I could give up. JUST SICK OF IT. Barenboim said two things; that Germany never keeps its promise and that the city of Berlin has anyway too many ensembles to support. Is there something wrong with it? Though he never said that Unter den Linden, which may be valuable only for the Museum for Zombies, is anyway too small for Wagner-Performance, too expensive to save… If you ever want to criticize Barenboim in front of his eyes pick up the right stuff. That’s the real professionalism.


Though behind the scenes, folks have been busy at this issue for more than 10 years. If you want to write about ME in whatever articles dealing with Daniel Barenboim, please do so. However, you should read all the stuffs I posted here, and then write the facts only. Or I will find a legal way to handle my problems with you.

If I ask you one thing, please think of your own kids before scrawling a few lines about Barenboim’s sons, especially when Zubin Mehta, Elena Bashkirova, and Gidon Kremer want to use them to make their professional life thrive. Do you want your immature kids to draw unnecessary public attention before they are ready? So does Barenboim… You can write whatever about whoever or me, though facts only. But those youngsters? Only those who has been interested in Barenboim or Music will visit this place, I just hope the real music-lovers could lead Barenboim’s sons in a better way, whenever I mention those youngsters. But what about your whatsoever Barenboim-articles? Anyone can read and misinterprete those younsters’ private life. Please… unless they themselves ask you to do so. Please, if you really want to be the most qualified reporters to write the right stuff at the right moment…


If you read everything here but still need something more from ME, why don’t you contact those human beings first? Then, you’re welcome to contact ME. When The-Day-Called-Just-In-Case comes, I will create Frequently Asked Questions so that you can leave your message in case you need more help. It will also help Maestro Barenboim, who is tired of answering the same inquisitive minds again and again if this place is used in an effective way. Please, musicians really need a rest before and after the performance. I’ve never seen any performer play marvelously after talking too much, and performer’s music-muscles usually work the other way daily routine requires. Could you please understand our musicians’ tired life?

Bless you for your generosity and for your ultimate professionalism.

1. Please contact Gidon Kremer to ask why Google Search Engine didn’t work for some months until the READERs have sneaked into this place since January 14, 2008 .

2. Dale Clevenger, the Principal Horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra: By the time I left America, his horn maker told me. “I can’t make it for you. I have to serve Dale Clevenger.” What does it mean? I really feel sorry for his Alice, whose man had to hurry to appoint “another” female Assistant/Utility after checking that I might reappear. What made Matthias Glander believe that his inviting Clevenger’s CSO to Bashkirova’s Jerusalem-Festival would make me give up? It eventually helped my work, for whenever Clevenger has power, animosity is the only thing prevailing in his group and Barenboim had to finish his directorship in disgrace. I still thank him for accepting me as his student, but I don’t know why this famed name always fails to receive mutual respect, even after I made him recapture his musical strength. Does he know why?

3. Alice Clevenger, a Shit: Which fax-machine had this Shit used when it returned my letter-to-Chicago back to the UM-KC so that both Prof. Bloch and I fell into trouble? I had to directly make my own report after realizing that all the spies just took advantage of my poor situation. Did Clevenger order IT to do so? Or did this Shit steal it? Clevenger was even not the owner of those letters. How can I forget this jubilant voice ringing on the phone after checking that I was dying in an isolated cell far away from Chicago? This Shit started all the games, so I had to re-use that fucking fax-machine and have to finish it. Clevenger was a famous flirter, so this shit is nothing special. I was even advised to be very careful if I want to study with this famed name. But Clevenger was a plain normal guy while teaching me, perhaps due to my ugliness. But then, this Shit is also not a beauty nor sexy. I just felt funny whenever this Shit took her kids hostage whenever their father was giving me a very-private(?) lesson. How old Clevenger’s (old) kids were when this Shit succeeded in fucking a married teacher? This Shit used to insist that this is Alice Clevenger. Why this now wants to be called Alice Render? Even if Ms. Gail Williams finally accepts this thick skin, I can’t.

4. Nancy Cochran Bloch, Ex-President of International Horn Society: 1. What was her exact words when Dale Clevenger asked her confession that day? The CSO’s member was not the only one behind her fucking teaching. Part of Northwestern faculty was also the one. So was her own American mind. Then why only Clevenger’s rival took all the responsibility for her teaching? I still want to know the exact names on her American List, who wanted to wash away so-called Chicago style from my performance. 2. One day, she got a phone-call during my lesson. She rushed to her daughter, who broke her arms. What was in her mind when she returned to confront my miserable face and ordered a psychiatrist to train me in her favorite way? I want to know, because thanks to my life with her, I promised to have no descendant, and I still want to see her daughter experience the same teacher as mine. 3. Prof. Bloch taught me not only her favorite American sound but also a desire to slay the human beings. What was the exact sentence when she discussed me with her new Korean friend in Japan? I need the exact sentence from both sides, which enjoyed more successful professional life in both countries after their meeting in Japan.

5. American female horn professors: Why were they waiting for my insulting Prof. Bloch with their green eyes, so that I couldn’t express what was really in my dying heart? Thanks to their happy faces, I was able to openly mention her name only after I gave up everything and prepared to make my farewells to New York Folks. I did it, anyway, and I still feel…

6. Henry Fogel, Ex-President of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra: 1. Besides my English errors, what specific was wrong with my B*tch-writings? Please ask him to pick up all his recordings and listen to them. What is Furtwangler’s favorite voice, especially in Wagner repertoire, and WHY? Please ask him to prove why his favorite Waltraud Meier should dwell in Furtwangler’s Utopia. 2. Does his wife know his ultimate love of Waltraud Meier? One should direct contact Mrs. Fogel for this.

7. Korean Wagner Society: Who was behind his lecture on Barenboim’s sex life? In those days, everybody was busy at finding any chance of snatching the leadership of Gudrun Wagner’s Bayreuth. So, I know his reason WHY, but WHO?

8. Mehta’s Korean…: (I still need to gather more detailed information for this.)

9. Hansjörg Schellenberger, a leader of “NEW” Ensemble Wien-Berlin, the co-founder of Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival, and the founder of Campanella Musica: What was the most shimmering wind instrument whenever Herbert von Karajan made the worst string section sound? The same question should go to his Flute in Mehta’s VPO. Why his company no more supports Kremer’s second ex, who desperately needs real friends? When is his new Clarinet member, who couldn’t prove his ensemble-technique in his working place after their Bashkirova-concerts, going to resign from his VPO job? His Bassoon, who achieved the most comical VIBRATO during their Bashkirova-concerts, is already out of the VPO. Then why these fucking members still keep using this holy name, Ensemble Wien-Berlin, which youngest member wants to stay away from Bashkirova-Gang after his BPO appointed another new Solo Horn?

10. Matthias Glander, a REAL Artistic Director of Bashkirova’s Jerusalem-Festival after Schellenberger’s departure, a REAL Music Director of Meier’s Unter den Linden, a REAL Maestro of Barenboim’s Divan-Ensemble, and so on…; one of the Masterminds behind All Barenboim-Projects whenever it deals with Chamber Music or Wagner: 1. What is the worst instrument, which NEVER listens to his ensemble partners and NEVER follows Barenboim’s baton either in Bayreuth or in Berlin? It will be interesting if he could lecture on this issue and compare his INTERPRETATION with his counterpart’s in Furtwangler’s or even in Gunter Wand’s ensemble. 2. How did he feel whenever he succeeded in his plan to hire Barenboim as his cheapest employee? What was his exact word when he ordered Barenboim to conduct Bashkirova’s wind ensemble in Jerusalem? Had he threatened that Barenboim could do nothing without his involvement in Said’s Divan-Project? Or had he advised Barenboim that it was the best way to cure my mental illness? 3. As a matter of fact, he succeeded in ALL his Barenboim-Projects, even inviting Barenboim’s enemies to Bashkriova’s Jerusalem. Then why he suddenly persuades his toy, Barenboim, to send me an invitation to Bashkirova’s very private life? WHY? Is he now threatening me that Barenboim could do nothing without his fame among whoever’s Divans? 4. Has this drunken-workaholic ever fallen in love with a real human being; either woman or even a gay? Does he know what means life? 5. If he cares for his professional dream so much, why doesn’t he enjoy his solo career outside the small-orchestra, which is the worst place for his profound (sic!), brilliant Clarinet sound, which is in fact the perfect music to go and do the Solo thing?

11. Zubin Mehta: When is he going to die? Concerning his GENEROUS manners toward the Jewish beggers, he is supposed to go to Heaven. What is he going to say when he meets Barenboim’s Smiley in the same place? By now, du Pre knows the reaon of her physical failing and therefore who caused her tragic death. When is he going to die?

12. Mehta’s Vienna Philharmoinc Orchestra: Are they going to resign from their VPO job, if they fail to prove the Art of Moment in their coming Mehta-concerts in New York? What’s the reason of their constant showing-up trying to teach me something about their sincere relationship with their favorite showmanship? I understand their poor financial situation, but then are Mehta’s favorite members going to resign, if they still fail to prove their improvement no matter what? Isn’t that enough for them to prove the poorest Brahms in front of me? Mehta even didn’t know why I couldn’t approve his showmanship that moment, either Brahms or Mahler.

13. Keep Working…

14. Elena Bashkirova-Kremer-Barenboim: 1. How did her very-first-sex with du Pre’s husband happen? Where and when? Was Jackie’s man drunken? Was she fucking or fucked? She was Kremer’s pro accompanist, then what did she pick up from du Pre’s music; a very unique music, in which a female musician revealed all her desires; her desire to love, her desire to be happy, her desire to make life with her lover and her babies…? It has been years that I asked an open answer from this big mouth and thick skin, which enjoyed my miserable life to realize her professional dream. This Shit never answered me. Nor did this Saint sue me for libel over my abusive remarks. Only Kremer’s manager answered me what a great lady and musician Kremer’s second ex had been so that I’d better shut up. 2. Barenboim still interviews that he did love his late wife and the loss of his love has been affected the rest of his life. Has Barenboim’s son, who looks like really(?) wanting to join the world of “Danny & Smiley,” picked up du Pre’s recordings to learn something about his father’s life? What is she going to teach Barenboim’s son, if he really(?) wants to know what means music and who is his best partner in his life? 3. Let’s forget about “Danny & Smiley.” Bashkirova herself was subject to humiliation as Kremer’s inferior accompanist, and now she herself wants to make her son another Kremer. Who does she think is the best accompanist for her son? 3. Is this really a mother, who should exist for her son’s future? Or is this simply stupid as Kremer and Barenboim used to evaluate? Who made Barenboim take care of his sons after all? Whenever I think of this B*tch’s disgusting behaviors, whenever this young musician just reminds me of his mother, I want to cancel my writings that day. I will omit this part only after Bashkirova stops selling Barenboim’s son in a flea-market to accomplish her professional dream. Sic! But then, coming into the spotlight to prepare her future pro-career is what this Angel only concerns, so what do I do? Should I write again all those omitted parts here? 4. How Maxim Vengerov was able to save his dying music in those days? When is he going to play FOR Bashkirova again, this time to teach his youngsters the best way to live as a cursed zombie? 5. When is this legendary accompanist going to play for Waltraud Meier, Barenboim’s formost Wagnerian Prima-Donna/B*tch, whose every each note she can support the best?

To Berlin Folks, whose choice was Elena Bashkirova even after The-Day-I-Survived,

I don’t think I should mention this specific German name, because the writer knows himself the best. I just want to know. Was his reason political or purely musical? If the latter was his answer, I don’t think he deserves his job. If his reason was purely political, what was the reason of his brainless choice? When he surely knows that supporting the smaller opera house, which has no hope for the Wagner performance but will only contributes to National Bankruptcy, is there his another reason? He should answer me in this open place.

To the members of the New York Times, who wanted to play games with me until…,

Honestly speaking, I don’t know why I have to waste my valuable time to write this. I don’t read their articles and don’t plan to read them in my future. I just hope them to stay away from certain musicians, especially young shots, whose future performance I want to imagine. For me, the most disgusting human species are those who enjoy taking advantage of their toy’s miserable situation. Whether to draw a public attention or just for fun, it was disgusting especially when those political writings were contributing to the future of Barenboim’s Jewish youngsters. Perhaps, I may be able to be moved to admiration by my own generosity if those pigs cry as many nights as I did and then write something again to hook my attention. I wish their good luck in their future, because so many youngsters have better ears to be able to write better articles than those pros.


To those who used to TRUMPET all the details of Daniel Barenboim’s whatsoever private life in their very favorite way, 

For more than ten years, my foremost wish was to stand in court to figure out WHO and WHY. If those pigs ever want to spread anything rumor about me in Barenboim-News, they should first TRUMPET all the details of lifelong love-story of “Elena & Gidon.” This time, we’ll see. Who will be my first victim? I heartily recommend that they’d better shut up.

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