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July 26, 2008 (10:40) My LEGAL business with Yeheskell Beinisch

Dear Israeli Supreme Court and FOLKS as usual, including Knesset,


Yeheskell Beinisch upgraded website of Jerusalem Festival after Dorit Beinisch received my official mail to Israeli Supreme Court, Dear Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel (Apr 22 – May 15, 2008).
1. Jerusalem players strike familial note – Chicago Tribune: (English/05/2008)

I might not able to access the Internet until August 2. (Hadn’t they remembered my promise not to fix my original computer after receiving computer virus from the VOA?) Anyway, I need loads of computer work to be done without Internet.

1. I still need more work to finish Dear-Arab-Readers.
2. When time comes, I will only contact Government officials, including Justice Ministers elsewhere, and Professional Musicians. I will also join Forums all over the world. I don’t contact Bashkirova’s Media. If any of them report FALSE or ILLEGAL information about Daniel Barenboim, Elena Bashkirova, Bashkirova’s WEDO 2008, and Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival 2008, the first thing I will do when I arrive in Barenboim’s Israel will be to start my legal business with Yeheskell Beinisch.
3. Only after finishing all this dirty business, I will contact Barenboim’s Media. This LEGAL request will appear in a section, Court both in my Music-blog and Knesset-blog. (There may be some change after reviewing my errors. I’m just too tired to write everything in a right way. I will let you know.)

Dear Palestinians,
I know more information are needed to upgrade my Knesset-blog. But I kept wondering:
1. When are you going to form Palestinian Unity Government?
2. There was something weird while organizing articles. Who is Palestinian ambassador to UN? I only read one name and his title; Riyad Mansour as Palestinian observer at the UN.

Sincerely yours,

Performance schedule of members of Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival

My Requests to Barenboim
Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003)
Talkbacks: Beinisch Politics has nothing to do with LAW
Selected Articles P.S.: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003) (Collection Keeps Going.)
Selected Articles P.P.S.: Beinisch’s Secret Society Can’t Accept Olmert/Friedmann (Collection Keeps Going.)
Beinisch: Media to blame for public’s loss of faith in courts (Jul 21, 2008).
Hello, Is Dorit Beinisch talking about ME? Public Slander? (Regarding Ruth Gavison) (From Jun 24 to Present)

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Part of Dear Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel (Apr 22 – May 15, 2008).

Could you please read My Requests to Barenboim? (Please visit my Music-blog to find it in the section of My-Previous-Messages.) I want to receive a moral and legal endorsement from the President of Supreme Court of Israel. Could you please take this legal case just as you did your husband’s and daughter’s? Could you please read ALL of my previous writings in my Music-blog and think of my human rights just as you did in your previous cases? I read people appreciating your achievement on this area. As I already said, this is in fact a tiny part of my more-than-ten-year-long work. If you want, I will show you everything. I still didn’t throw away all my broken computers.

Honestly speaking, the first thing I want to do is to find a legal way to put Bashkirova into jail. Why… how come this b*tch is born to destroy Barenboim’s everything, especially his Jewish patriotism?

Please… I have other requests, too.

1. (July 2007) The Strad: Beinisch recalls: Elena and I decided that since we both have so many friends who are musicians we should try to merge them. We asked our friends to come to Israel to play, just for fun, for ourselves ?private concerts. She brought her friends and I brought my friends. It was a very nice bunch of people that liked each other and it took off from the first concert.?Those friends include Gidon Kremer…
2. Program 2005-2007

I totally lost my words while reading this big mouth. Who are their friends? Most of them came to Jerusalem to make fool of Barenboim. Why is there no program before 2005? Those so-called real friends appeared during the early period and never returned to Jerusalem. This is why I was supposed to spread my Barenboim-message all over the world so that Bashkirova’s real friends should hurry to join Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival for another decade. I promised everyone that I will take care of Bashkirova’s professional career until and even after her death. Hence, it would be better if you give me the list of exact members, who are Bashkirova’s friends and who are Beinisch’s friends.

Secondly, could you help me to create a certain law to rule the music society?

It was originally from one American orchestra member, who, after being fed up with his colleagues’ sickish performance which existed only to destroy his ensemble life, openly wrote that there ought to be a law. Couple of decades passed, (if my memory is right about the date of his article,) but there is still no change in his kind of ensemble situation; here, there and everywhere. Rather, it’s becoming more and more serious, and then Bashkirova’s Jerusalem has become headquarter of this sickish performance. The more prominent the participants are in Bashkirova’s Chamber Music Festival, the more cancerous role they play when they return to their original place. I want to create a law to handle this. (I have to listen to the performances of Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center 2006-2007 to check if all the string chamber ensembles play like Bashkirova’s. Speechless…) Help me please. (Apr 18, 2008). Mussbach and Barenboim: Anonymous said… “you have missed the point of this opera, you don’t know your luck. You have never seen a cast like this one, everyone… and the performance can only benefit from Asher Fisch’s interesting and energetic leadership. Pape has fellow singers who are worthy of him here, and Baremboim may be fantastic, but he’s not the only conductor who is.

This is perhaps the last request in this mailing. I may add more in my next one, please. The comment above is what appeared in the world of Internet. The employees resumed their job as I did my computer work, and in recent days, their appearances are regular in various forms. As Berlin politics is in progress, there will be more, the dirtier things. Please… let’s make it simple. Whether Matthias Glander or Asher Fischer or Bashkirova herself, it is definitely from the participants in Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival. Could you please figure out who’s who? Bashkirova will pay you, if her love of Barenboim has been the only thing that caused her betrayal of Kremer. Beinisch will pay you, if his respect of Barenboim has been the only thing in his professional mind while inviting Barenboim’s only-enemies into his Jerusalem Festival. I’ve been wondering… Bashkirova used to boast that all the participants come to Jerusalem for nothing, and then why so many sponsors are needed in this two-week-long event?

Anyways, no matter what Bashkirova does and will do in Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival is none of my business. I just want to fire all the members of “Bashkirova & Co.” and take care of my musicians. This is the only way to protect the real pros. (…)

Finally… Dear Herr Wowereit,

(…) Could you please forward my open letter to the president of banana republic to all your European friends, all the members of EU? I still can’t believe what I read. I want to know what’s wrong with my senses, including common sense. I will anyway contact each of them. They will come up with the better Mideast policy whenever they receive and forward my further report.

(…) Could you please read my posting, Mussbach-Barenboim, in my Music-blog? Don’t you think I did a terrific job with the president of Supreme Court of Israel? Mussbach-scandal? It is only starting. As a matter of fact, it already started with a forumite called ‘Beth’ in Google-group or Wagner-forum. This time, more things will appear in various forms. They will become much dirtier.

Hence, I created a section called Court in my Music-blog to collect suspected criminals, who usually appear as anonymous. I am also collecting forumites’ praise of Waltraud Meier. So far, Spain is the first place, where she could scatter her ashes after enjoying another Wagner-Festival to act all the possible Heroines. Curiously, it was after Mussbach-scandal that Meier stole another Isolde in Berlin, where Beinisch’s Bashkirova coincidently interviewed about her desire to direct a theater. More curiously, Bashkirova’s conductor, Asher Fisch, was also among the host’s guests.

However… we’re done. Please don’t worry about further happenings and just go ahead in your favorite way in order to rebuild the city of Berlin as a hub of international society. Just give me a legal right to fire ALL the members of Bashkirova-Gang, please. (…)

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Suspected Criminal
The best place where Waltraud Meier should scatter her ashes


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