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(Revised on February 18, 2008)

To those who happened to visit this place,

This is basically where I expect to find no one except the Pro-Critics, who still… (sic!), or those who intend to have a professional meeting with Maestro Barenboim, or the Intelligent-Reporters, who used to poke into anything Barenboim in order to trumpet something more and then pass the information to the bigger mouths.

Well, you are anyway here to find something, and this is only a tiny part of what I’ve been doing since the mid-1990’s.

Honestly speaking, I don’t think you will find something new from my writings, nor will you learn something from this place, for what I call my work is merely a collection of your already-written-opinions. Rather, it was I who used to learn many things about Music, or even Human Nature, while reading your valuable comments. Without those, I must have given up long time ago. I just organized what I found from your places and asked my READERs to read them if they really care for their professionalism. More stuff is still in my old computers, though.

I just wanted to prove my sanity.

When did I leave Chicago? Since then, I’ve literally stuck to the radio to listen to music, imagine its real sound to analyze, and then stuck to the computer to read articles, imagine their music to analyze, and compare my analysis with what I read. I hardly went outside or met anyone, just taking care of all the kids around me.

Playing alone is OK. It was difficult for a while, and a lonely Friday was worse than the empty weekend, which meant I-Gave-Up. But soon, I learned how to spend my time with my privacy never-violated, and how to play alone. Now, I really need 25 hours a day, and prefer to be alone. 

Where do you think is the best place to cry alone? On you bed? In your car? It’s while sitting on the toilet… Please imagine that you have the same ears as mine. Please imagine that you’re forced to listen to all those “quantity-recordings” of Zubin Mehta, Gidon Kremer, Pinchas Zukerman, Waltraud Meier, Bashkirov-family, and then all Solti’s ugly bands and their American friends, all those fucking Eurotrashes and their Asian followers, and so on. Who could be more miserable than I? Can you really understand how miserable I’ve been? I bet only those Holocaust survivors, whose sensitive ears were forced to listen to Furtwangler’s Wagner, which never gave up telling something to their heart…

I promise. Adolf Hitler (b. in Austria) will be heavenly pleased with the Wagner performance by Barenboim’s Divans, which will prove that there was nothing wrong with his Patriotism, which German ears couldn’t simply accept better ears, skills, and hearts of the Jewish than those of the German. Presently, according to Barenboim’s interview, it is none but Jewish pigs among the Divans, who can never pass the qualified audition in major orchestras, are teasing their lowest-paid-conductor, Barenboim, to boast their Wagner-techniques at Hitler’s gravestone. They will get what they want; a huge public attention to realize their professional dream.

If I fail to receive what I want from La Scala and Bayreuth, I feel no need to keep this work. My least favorite is to dream an impossible dream and all I need is to retrieve my money from those who used to steal my work. I just hope you to keep going no matter what…

Perhaps, my insulting Barenboim’s Angels would rather evoke your sympathy and you would want to start supporting their future careers now and forever, as all the pros had been doing for last ten years. I don’t care. My only concern has been and will be talented youngsters, who want to join the professional world and should be trained in a right way after picking up something about MUSIC from Daniel Barenboim. Hence, I seriously recommend that you’d be more careful not to spoil young, naive spirits while supporting those b*tches. I promise. They will never give up.

Please leave your message;

1. if you want to make my sentence into more proper English. (If you ever want to refer my writing on your blog-or-whatever, I strictly ask you to do this.)

2. if you know how to fix my problem… (Not a good time for this.)

3. if you want to participate in Quiz .

4. If… if you really want to help me. If you do, please follow the dates, on which my messages were sent to the READERs, then try to recall public appearances of Barenboim’s Angels, especially of Kremer’s second ex. Those were not natural happenings; Barenboim in Said-Memorial-Concert by Bashkirova in Chicago, Barenboim’s concert in Bashkirova’s son’s Ramallah, Barenboim in Mehta’s Birthday-Party, Barenboim in Bashkirova’s CNN, Barenboim in Divans’ Berlin-Party, Barenboim’s visit to Meier’s Ghana, Mehta in Barenboim’s Birthday-Party. (Including the World-Cup thing…, including Meier’s Divan Concert in Oslo, Norway in 20080820.) All the events were carefully planned and those Angels appear in their special dress-code. (Barenboim is color-blind…) I hope you to be able to send me more information about the b*tches in those/these days. Since I can explain all the reasons WHY, I only need the exact information to figure out WHO was a mastermind behind their Barenboim-project in each case. Since all the comments are moderated, no one has to worry about revealing himself/herself. I promise. I would rather prefer, however, to find your open debate on this subject in public places, for your issue will be anyway changed into music whenever you compare those music with the real one. This will eventually become the best way to train Barenboim’s son in a right way, if he really wants to grow into the real professional musician.


1. I don’t join the public place called a forum. I only read them. If anyone wants to play games with me or intends to mess up my work, I heartily recommend them to prepare themselves for Just-In-Case. Whether they work for “Meier & Co.” or not, whether they work for money or just for fun, I don’t care. No matter how much it costs, I will solve my problem with those with the help of LAW.

2. Wanna-Be-Pro-Musicians will never be allowed to say their hello to this place. PERIOD



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