(Revised on February 10, 2008)

If anyone knows how to answer the questions in this place, please don’t hesitate to leave your message. (Just-In-Case, each winner will be rewarded… just-in-case… and I will block the comments if I fail in my present work.) Thanks♥

Q-1: What is it? And WHY? Barenboim the conductor has suffered his fundamental problem whenever he conducted for the celli and double basses. It’s been his unique problem since his falling in love with Jacqueline du Pre. I started pondering upon this comical happening while watching Barenboim’s weirdest CSO concert, whenever I insulted Barenboim’s B*tch-Sound, and Barenboim tried to prove that he was out of it, and then forumites lavished praise on Barenboim’s Jackie-like Celli section, which CSO performance however failed to dwell in Furtwangler’s Utopia. I had to ponder… There were more than one reason. Nowadays, Italian Corriere reported that “the conductor had managed to give the orchestra ‘an entirely new sound identity’ by bringing to the fore its cellos and double basses.” Very funny… I was supposed to finish my writing on Barenboim-Part with this, but I changed my mind and created this section. I will fail anyway, then why should I let Barenboim steal my everything? This is what Barenboim should figure out by himself. Since I’ve never read this kind of comments from any forum, I hope to find the same answer as mine someday… Of course, I left quite a clue in my previous messages. What is it? And WHY?

Q-2: What is my Question and Answer? I will give you clues: 1. Compare and Contrast. 2. Furtwangler and Solti. I was supposed to finish my writing on America-Part with this, but I just couldn’t control my temper due to my hatred of Barenboim’s Mehta. Now, I feel no need to finish it. I’ve followed forumites’ intelligent comments for years, and learned a lot. Then I couldn’t understand why it’s impossible to find this opinion or the same kind of analysis as mine. They deserve it. Do you need more clues? Solti’s band was notorious for the hellish relationship between the members. They insulted each other, spat on their enemies’ names even in public places, and picked up their instrument with the same hatred dwelling in their heart. Yet that thorny musicianship was what contributed to all Solti’s Grammy Awards, which real owner I believe should be Fritz Reiner. Does Barenboim boast that the West Eastern Divan Orchestra is a group of musicians “not for peace, but against ignorance?” Those Middle-East Pigs were supposed to play for peace, and when I reported their trashy behaviors after joining Barenboim’s Divan-workshop, Barenboim had to change his public words that it is not for peace, but against ignorance. Whether those pigs play for peace or against ignorance, or even for late Edward Said, pigs are pigs, whose only concern is their future pro-carrier as Barenboim protégés, and they believe that Barenboim’s Nobel-Prize will give them a permanent job elsewhere they go, in Berlin, Vienna, Chicago, or at least New York. Working in Milan will hurt their Nobel-pride… and this is exactly why they sound hopeless like what you hear. Now… What is my Question and Answer?

Q-3: HOW and WHY? A History of Western Music by Donald Jay Grout… Mozart… Need more work…

Q-4: What is it? I wrote in My-Latest-Message, “This orchestra (La Scala) has the same problem as the one that Toscanini was supposed to conduct in America. When the American officials considered it a hopeless case and wanted to report it to Toscanini before his first rehearsal with this American ensemble, he answered that there was nothing to worry about. Of course, Maestro Toscanini did a terrific job.” (I read it many years ago, and don’t remember where I got this article. In fact, I am looking for the exact source. I hope to find it soon…) I wrote this, because in these days, no one knows how to pick up and how to answer the same problem. And then, I am sick of being treated as a wacko, so I am not going to answer it. So… What is it?

Below are not for Quiz. They’re rather my… (Need more time… too tired…) 

Help-1: Furtwangler… List of Jewish Pigs…

Help-2: Cleveland… Eye Doctor…

Help-3: WordPress… blackskin with the same format…

Help-4: MIT… mouthpiece…




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